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7-24 7:10am Tommy, smoke-free Louisiana?

Jul 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Tonia Moore, Associate Director for the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco Free Living, about efforts to make the state smoke-free

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know Jordan's -- been on top of this missing airliner floor well I guess couple hours now CIO's. Was flying from when -- it is straight from Burkina paso to Algeria and means that it would have flown there -- flown. Over the in the route. Al-Qaeda Islamic Maghreb. In the no al-Qaeda any in the Islamic -- relegated Audi Q I am based on Molly in southern Algeria the missing plane would -- to fly over that area. Now on its flight from Burkina paso to Algeria I would not be an advisable flight all hell because there has been notice issued that multinational military efforts in -- Euro ongoing insurgent activity in the north and -- civil aircraft operating in two out of with him over -- are at risk of encountering insurgents small fires etc. Rocket propelled grenades. Rocket mortar fire and anti aircraft fired include shoulder fired manned portable air defense systems those. Man -- I don't know if they can go to an altitude of thirty something thousand feet. Be interesting to see if this is in fact -- -- Qaeda attack when we come back. We'll talk about its operations smoke free in some bars new Holland's a hundred bars yet. -- agreed to it did not let people light up inside for. A week in their open and it'll extend beyond that the anti smoking people are and. You're saying one of the bar owners that I talked to when we did that story. Mentioned the same thing that you did because he apparently has very. Irish background. And he said always -- he says this is commonplace Ireland he says no no smokers spend our way for 1015 years. Prize -- restaurants everything else inside in Ireland you can't and even in the NORTHERN IRELAND part which is actually the -- are pretty -- where opinion polls should bars and casinos be smoke free. 59%. Of viewers saying yes. Sold talk about that when we come back and would it really keep you from O'Neal local Hussein yeah or bar if you couldn't. It's not forward you've got McCain. Stumble through that terrorists actually. Moderately. And she -- yeah. Basically they were flying over in areas that. Had a lot of al-Qaeda activities. Are yet -- and the in the people that fly aircraft were warned not to fly over that area. I'd -- got the story Dave Cohen was talking about on our website at WW weld dot com about. The guy that met. The woman had met a man. To date on social media any wound up being carjacked. -- was so we're excited she was so good looking they they corresponded online sawed up the date and then boom. He was in the car whether it was today right this morning -- now early on -- it was in the vehicle with the female for approximately five minutes then. Willing got out of the car went inside for a short while lends you guys heal up allegedly and carjacking. No -- might -- and what's against -- with what's up with this right. What's up with dad yeah -- and I'm asking well if you look at the pictures -- Debbie WL dot com and we've had a spirited discussion here among the stance. I don't think that's a woman. Watch -- I don't I don't think. And long. Taken -- light load and let me knowing at WW -- dot com and sign this story but gave going cops moment at me and for. For -- quote date to carjacked him I've had people approach me in the news Germans that I beat it beat Jason not girl. Really yes. And might be wrong but I think you need to look. I use it will be closer before you make that disease does squabble and I don't know. On saying I don't know that allowed just from what I'm looking at. -- Maybe we'll never kind but yet -- -- -- -- on line -- to medium with the picture looks like Tommy Tucker back in a -- talking about. No smoking in bars and maybe even casinos let you let us on this Thursday morning and evidently well. There is an effort under way in in new loans smoke. Three -- we'll talk about -- in in a moment with the associate director of the Louisiana public health institute. Tonya more but first go to Julian West Bank it was nice enough to call in hey Julie. I tell me what's on your mind about this smoking and dollars and casinos. Well I have made -- smoker quit smoking about four years ago. But is it. Time it could not vote -- -- you know I would not. Why would have to linked. What -- that who were linked apparently in the year. In behavior in your mind where he couldn't do one you would money do the other. Which -- I'd like smoking and delegate I'd get that water. My relaxing and it bit I'd freak that you. Com but but I am just wondering if you had to choose at the casino had been -- -- casinos in Louisiana had been on smoking and I'm presuming you're going to local casinos in Mississippi. Am you'd. Like -- and -- would you have chosen to gamblers smoke if you can only do one or the other awarding gambling go outside and smoke. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I'll bet that when. The smoke anymore now. Now four years ago that -- I act and act in all the different the next day. In my breathing -- -- And. Associate the employees of a casino him the consideration that. That you're feeling right now you're choosing to go there but they don't have a choice -- they work at the casino do you think that is goes with the territory of work -- -- -- at a casino and IR. RR. -- Julian edgy cult thank you remains on this witness in ninety you know this in casinos. I don't know if -- behavior I don't know it is we gambling in smoking seemed to be. Partners Tanya Moore associate director of the Louisiana campaign for tobacco free living for the Louisiana public health institute a morning. Yeah. Very well thank you want to start with a call from. That lady because it goes to you know lot of ways the essence of what it is you trying to do although I guess -- specifically not talking about casinos. What. Would you do. -- are back in -- and indoor. We talk. All -- would rather have our march. Stopped work all we -- want indoor. -- so what's going on in terms of this weekend I guess over a hundred bars. Our week -- appeared in the -- and unique. I expansion in the front that are a great week here in the world. Well out they are cold or a hundred hard at all ready -- -- however it would -- that. A week to bring attention and we here -- the these environments in each and -- you know very well. Applications. Online application and let him go. I'll. Make sure that there are the big hit -- eight and currently allow smoking now. -- We have our act are currently allow smoking but bear the paving battle and -- see where they may well I'll read. And we are actually they're popular but in our church and I think -- -- The end relaxed out there may be right. -- -- -- You know if there hadn't been the -- Orton went. One thing that surprises me -- surprise me I was out of the country recently and in Ireland and in pubs I touch -- they're to be heavy with cigarette smoke and I was not looking forward to visiting. And they're gonna find out you can't smoke anywhere inside in Ireland door I believe the U Katie thank. The United States is behind door or some states are behind when it comes. We believe that we hear what you -- -- -- and by the end and what they. -- Law a hot bat you know I include I've played well in art and even -- action. Hi back rent you Mac break while we work in -- -- Odd that you wouldn't it be active in our people on it it. -- -- -- -- an active. And actually hit the worker. Right now -- and you're remembered bad. Spot and then you know re air at. All right. -- -- were shot at the time -- a lot of people who are. There are people with Mac you know Mac the year. But. Actually conducted. Partly in the public and the -- and it -- that there was -- Our audit and why it went into and how our industry. We. People want. -- -- And back -- Your older. And a year -- Actually there. And we are. Mom I I appreciate your time I really do and I know your concern is with the employees we asked the collar Greg before you came on if she cared about that and she said uses smoke. Doesn't anymore she can feel it in her lungs or the next day but yet as -- -- workers go she said you know what that's part. Part of the environment if you wanna be ideally had to deal with that. Well. There. Are poor and being out in the date back. Now art in there because -- work. And well back in court we want people eight. And you know -- -- Year. -- people are currently protect it it may point out -- thank you all. A bit more outlook. All that -- figured. The actually I've -- Thank you thank you -- appreciate that you have a great -- on him or associate director Louisiana campaign for tobacco free living. The Louisiana public health institute so. Well let me -- only pitches identity casinos goes smoke free. Near the lady before or 69 and ago she wouldn't go when she smoked. And what about your favorite bar because I'm sure in Ireland in the UK when he said you can't smoke in a -- I'll bet you all hell broke lose now pubs in the and the bars. Packed full of people they go outside and smoke you really think you would have an impact on the business of a casino. Or a bar and would you not do either either gamble or go and drink if you couldn't smoke there. All lines are open when talking when we come back 725 now though it's time for debit WL traffic with Harold Robinson is now old. David it's somewhere it's it's July 20 full -- Again into the same home grind here right no lol if you on him saying -- doldrums bananas summer and the -- -- it was 730 stretch here you -- Well stretching down. A phone. Now fired. Realize that even though. All the doldrums -- -- the winds will be blowing when they mighty wars you have a mighty Brunette -- and -- I -- get the good pronounces -- work to do could. It's not a big penalty -- next hour about. West Virginia. And training camp as the players began duo arrived and they got Albion today and then tomorrow. Course practice began yeah. Colonel light sweet error in the morning and got to feel good August -- I think it's the first priest pre season games and we're very very close Arnett. I it would take a break and come back we'll continue our conversation about smoking in bars and casinos would you really. Stop on the casino if you couldn't smoke inside -- would you stop go on your favorite bar. As some attacks that are coming and -- they banned smoking from restaurants public places and planes everybody went on with life I was smoke or seventeen years to tax day. I quit over ten years ago I hit him and I would love to see him banned in bars it's not my decision when you're -- service industry you have to -- smoking that's allies see it. Doesn't make it right the other one says a casino would kill my bank account long before the smoke would kill me. Another one says Louisiana is a right to work state you have a right to work elsewhere while it's it'll clamored to doing their. -- announces -- the palace casino in Biloxi is totally smoke free hasn't seemed to hurt the business there. Audio on a restaurant. And doesn't know smoking thing since 2007 is hurt you I would love to hear from him. And if you go to that -- -- would you be more likely you're less likely to go if there was no smoking would make a difference to get to six 18720366. 889087. He when he comes secondhand smoke to people go to bars -- go to casinos and workers that. That are employed there -- do they assume the risk. And had no right to gripe about not a dummy when we come back Tommy Tucker -- WL. I so it is smoke free week in new all islands and then -- -- hundred local bars there. Trying to go smoke free for the entire week. And of course back in 2007. Smoke free air act was passed that. You may remember they were some. Question -- a -- much of your business came from bar homage came from the restaurant as to whether or not smoking would be allowed bit. Have you lost any businesses as a result of that and I had to -- gone back to Ireland and how surprised I was that the pubs were smoke free. And as everything is really you can't smoke anywhere other than outside. Andy it is that surprising is that you know Europe would be a little a little more liberal and anything goes if you traveled into other places in Europe I'd love to -- -- fires. -- France Kenya smoke in a restaurant in France Spain Italy or what have you I would presume you could. But I'd love to hear from you so they're saying it's about secondhand smoke and it's heartening bars but of course casinos -- the other exception. That's smoke free air act. And you think it's about lobbying do you think it's about the concerned effort about losing customers and can you imagine now that has got a text here and -- must've been in the radio business it's a do you remember when people were allowed to smoke and control rooms and it was. And is nasty I guess is that in smoke another -- says. From another -- says. We used to leave restaurants because of the smoke it couldn't take it. And now you know a lot more hours on and of -- hurt businesses and the thing give bars or casinos today everything was made smoke free. Would it help or hurt business or would it make no difference at all would there be a lot of a lot of opera about a but it turned out to -- A whole lot of smoke that's all it is a day which is clear up. And our workers casino workers who are you willing to -- -- dice on your establishment being smoke free because. If your workers a casino I guess it both ways if your dealer that doesn't smoke you go home back in your lungs up reeking of smoke and you'll like it. But then on the other hand if people decide on the casino. -- have a job. Support of the phone let me know it's 601878203866889087. -- should bars and casinos be smoke free. Two thirds of you right now are saying yes they should 13 saying now. And did FaceBook comment here from David T don't smoke don't go where they do and any individual freedoms are being taken away. Text here Tommy -- people continue to go to casinos restaurants and wherever they go regardless of the band. Just like people don't smoke continued to go. Smoking businesses another tax says get my money when I have my choice Tommy how many people do you know they died from secondhand smoke I don't know but I tell you local. Probably does -- Last I heard is that. No deaths as I understand it have ever been directly approved -- attributed to secondhand smoke but I am probably wrong on net. Bars in Austin, Texas or smoke free it is not heard business wants everyone goes smoke free businesses. Are uneven footing. Balances this is terrible. Smokers are like roaches they just learn to adjust and move to another little corner where they're allowed to survive. This tax by should smokers get a five to ten minutes smoke break like and I just operative for five to ten minutes to do what I want. It's preferential treatment. It against you good news say the same for. Others that had digestive issues but I don't think you want those either. When you ban something from restaurants is there a text says public places and planes everybody went on with life. Smoke seventeen years -- packs -- -- -- quit. And Allen says don't Everett this taxes on everything that smokers will not smoke. Drinkers moment drink in gamblers won't go to casinos if you can handle it and smoked. They'll find a place find an area to engage in -- habit and stick with what they're doing a -- -- earlier actually incident that she. Com he smoked quit four years ago but she wouldn't go to casino. If she couldn't smoke. So gaming colony in OT six 187 Neitzel 386 exit 89087. Is it just an arms do you think like David T on FaceBook said this your individual freedom this is your right in the government. Has no business in it or do you think there's a filthy habit that people should never have done. Inside and -- -- still allow smoking in your house. Or do you tell guests like no I don't think -- or do you tell your significant other. Now we're not a stain on walls and dynamic difference -- staying we're going to do all this different stuff if you go outside. And -- ever. Their relationship that for whatever reason failed because when he has smoked any other Dayton 750 time -- trapping and for that we got a Terrell Robinson on that -- -- Tommy tiger with an interesting morning talking about an organized. Panhandling at panhandling effort that appears being on not just in. Lake view but all around the city and you know I I think the best way to get rid of this problem in the if you got to hang around your neighborhood I would like to hear from here. Is just not to give anybody on the street and and I and I struggle with this but I think there is enough help available. And enough outreach that happens is that anybody that is really on the street. Can get help if they needed or if they wanted but if you think you're just gonna. Hang out and get my money in and do whatever you want and not have to go through any effort to get the aid -- and again and I and I would. Think that it would be a lot better if people were to give to organizations and not to panhandlers and I thank. If people stop given they'd stop paying it out. And also said like to hear from you would you think about that were also talking about smoke free week in Louisiana and over a hundred bars deciding to go smoke free. And would you before that or against that. In Ireland pubs can't smoke in there and they seem to get along fine. And is this any of the government's business or should the marketplace decide this and would you go to a restaurant where smoking was allowed it just seems foreign to me and when you do go to a state where. You and actually smoke in a restaurant ASU's smoking or nonsmoking it. It is seems weird I guess it you get quickly adjusted to things and then when you get on airplanes hard to believe that. You're actually able to smoke on the tube and they would put human growth 38 which was nonsmoking -- 39 was smoking and a mile at a restaurant that. They -- table here and that would be smoking and in table three feet away now beaten. On smoking. Real. Our also to talk about the saints and we come back we'll go live to West Virginia. And talk to Deke Bellavia about the the saints players arriving today in power ranking in the and FL according to the Associated Press for the saints is number five. And last will list you don't get some input on this what. Teams do you think are better than the saints. And what teams our worst and the saints I did not as good let's put it that -- because saints are not bad. A similar attacks coming in about smoking. Mom out of compassion for my nonsmoking fiance I only smoke in my garage she prefers not smoke and so new line of smokers don't admit they're arming themselves. And others. I think it's selfish. Nolan says I'm tired of taking up the slack for people who irresponsibly quit smoking. Their -- quit who would support the social programs created by smokers. And then there's an interesting text of smokers are allowed to take a break. Every ten to fifty dollar and ten or fifteen minutes every now and then Mikey and people who don't smoke that were in smoking environments have the same break. To breathe clean there. Like -- a lot of AMC TCM. And twilight -- Thomas every movie this to -- -- episode people have a cigarette in their mouth or between their fingers. It's nice letter as people want to vinyl and it's not that it's funny it's just I guess cause and effect so we'll take a break come back talk about. The saints and -- arriving at training camp and just a quick reminder that if you can't catch your favorite WW though she'll live -- listened to podcasts any time. Like a DVR. Go to WW -- that come -- for the big podcast button on the top right hand corner. Of the front paging and just go find your favorite -- go to link -- shows in schedules. Very simple very convenient podcasts. And other WL dot com Tommy Tucker coming back thanks to -- -- -- us on this Thursday morning.

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