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7-24 8:15am Tommy, start of Saints training camp

Jul 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to the Big Chief Deke Bellavia about Saints camp starting up

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tummy tuck a big day saints can't the saints I don't think we have all arrived yet let's go to West Virginia and find out with. The big chief Deke Bellavia coasts of sports talk and one of our good friends they dig. Court has everything in West Virginia. Where little bouncy and very long -- At a local -- -- it -- in strategic agrees now. Now people to do it again. He had the you know and all and plans. -- -- -- back up to a Kennedy G network being. -- the lighter. Hair sample of. In I would -- -- bit -- one deal and approximately two. Our current 10210 pounds. They tell me about the players are softly at first things first and they -- arrive they'll be filtering in today. Well the whole. -- eighteen. All alike agree to a welcome here but the end of the start of the year a magic about it date to be engaged in the so law you know some people com on girl who depend on what India OP. Candidate -- orbit. -- -- -- -- -- country. They may have -- -- alone in you know Malcolm body but again you've heard it department report in the pretty much all of. Yeah back in a day these they had this mile and a half run whatever and we talk about who made it who didn't which. May never made a lot of sense vision ever run a mile and a half on football field -- embodies. You know tasty about a bet you didn't pay -- -- so we do what they do now -- there is there any kinda. A minimum requirement tests that they go through because of the OT gazing conditioning year round ever well everybody pretty well knows what kind of shape the players are and. Where they'd be -- -- all true Jodi trichet began conditioning -- -- Hokies are in or out. How overdid ma and the e-book all week between beauty. International. A date that those guys which were out of the Japan now beat me in there and do things this standard. Pretty much -- -- -- about -- You have -- -- -- -- or did go to do an amateur or like. Some Albany team oriented market the that are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They come -- shuttle runs about forty yard dash is what. Like Mitchell on a -- -- pretty the goal -- it can't come back ago in -- point -- come back into gold mine in the thirty American gold mine are bad people act like. Do you -- the wrong. Back in. To a school legal theory and Outback Bowl is like is here it's like audio. And -- plan and it shall moratorium in between and and and conditioning coach you know you'll see people treated during -- We're an indoor air in the practice of -- and -- to other people back or. And it in India and -- you seem to watch and neutral in the twenty or so. Haven't been structured in between were it will it will make a great out -- ethnic district and articles -- To. Figure out you know -- didn't figure that -- Sounds like work had to do before and the work every morning to take a break all -- -- -- exactly. Take a break and I don't come back to elect to update us on. Knowing about it AP power rankings and who got themselves better. Denver Broncos signing it keyed to believe bin the markets where one of the defense of player helped Payton now Antonio's the book. Let's talk about the saints give us the saints update on how does seems going to be different why so many people are saying this could be the best saints team in terms of talent. Ever being chief Deke Bellavia against those sports talk in West Virginia where it is a comfortable. 65 degrees on and the fifty's -- and tonight eight when he -- time in traffic but that would -- Robinson. -- chief Deke Bellavia. Co host of sports -- 200 -- and pounds lighter. And we're talking about the amazing Deke Bellavia weight loss plan Sydney if people order these capsules. To skating around. From. Earth. It. He. Could hear us on Saturday morning and -- been here. -- so let me talk about the saints what they've done upgrade because -- -- for a lot of of casual fans they -- a little bit about is a bit about that mean this saints team is different than the one -- chewed up. Last year in training camp annual. Well tough on the -- Days them. Totally different not only here but ultimately mean it -- Leo this thing -- and emotional and that there is good but. It gives you idea they had been war they would have skirted that could be demand probably. Probably thirty or afraid it will go out memorial and he he would figure was able to any -- -- -- -- in now. Yet here we go from 32. Of all. Welcome to order players to -- pay out. -- -- Great pride as she got like Clint -- -- and actually -- in order to. He hit three issue and a couple of being so begin production and a place that you know he does. People look or god would be it about comes in. Here like -- It's hobbled. Ronald equated the equally as -- confidence. When. Comparable to those who regulated now or what name made the law will be like okay what people modeled on the screw what BK you try to be educated -- here. Portugal before and I'll read proved -- ball and coach what made you producing coach. The call it neutral. -- is expected to be called pork or -- war on site you. Double digit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Jordan -- about the double BD technology that nobody tracked a scene naked -- -- break -- -- -- it is look as good as well. Capital that it degrees. Talk about these. And child thing we have Ed talk about he's been at most and altered and you'll go onto -- on. A completely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know more expectation on the team and then about -- team -- to -- -- OJ. The thing that scares me about training camp as you know we've had people already hurt themselves stretching we've had people in. Freaky injuries missiles season come starting now at least everybody is healthy. He -- -- sink -- the guys that don't you know if you're healthy. The Joseph Walker Cup arrive at all so people and injured bird they have been able to was well. Help -- property and they call will be on taken from where you work it into the -- to everybody expected to be revived talk to when he reached a goal. A -- being able to be in the mix and -- defeat in Atlanta. I would like -- again a lot and ally your West Virginia but -- How about how they -- they create your -- I'll take you the. I'll be due admitted no alternate but the Deke Bellavia weight loss program -- capsules that people water. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By about marriage should target problem with this. Public issue medical volatile so back to. It that we fortune global and they did doc called Google account federal would you -- at all BJ being outlet. But I weigh about two and 35 or. Our scale it again in the weekly that we want eight and what we're calling you or shall be ridiculous gallbladder -- term I think -- -- -- so. Articulate and it is is not really about lately he's about BP's count on the far right. You're teach and about victory and in or winter frighteningly close to each -- nation -- HDL BS have a great time we'll talk -- I don't like.