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WWL>Topics>>7-24 8:45am Tommy, Saints are up in WV

7-24 8:45am Tommy, Saints are up in WV

Jul 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ruth Miller, the owner of Kitten's Korner in West Virginia, about the arrival of the Saints

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker another W out going to West Virginia and now this side of the saints' training camp. Of course state we're gonna specific part of -- in White Sulphur Springs West Virginia Ruth Miller owner of kittens cornered morning -- Good morning and -- we say here in new Holland's. Way yet. Martin and I -- well. Let's do it the other way around -- greet US Virginia's style and you -- meanwhile once right -- say. Martin where they go -- you did it -- I'd tell me about the White Sulphur Springs a little bit about it and then indeed what. The community's feeling about the saints are good New Orleans Saints haven't training camp over there. Well I handed over a hundred years doll of course they're going to retorted that 100 years old. And we've always been a part of each other. Very crap they have the Greenbrier resort here as part of our home -- There in the fifties and now is the bailout spot for the congress people and so forth and yeah. -- need all of born in the safety. Two I guess that was here. -- what did you hear the old timers the old -- because it was a poorly kept secret data about you know was there. Haven't seen that with there father and -- help. Bill that helped -- the concrete. But people where. Very patriotic. We have. Being very quiet about it yeah and knowing that that was something that he -- -- needed to be kept on the right down. But unless -- need what is the enemy and know that target that's placed blame for -- anything either -- And I'd make up assorted it was in Arizona. People and the bombers over that. But really looks to tell me about would we were hugging a 100000 people use it now. Under new zone coming on Michael Strauss. We're very Smart man populated not flat but the -- let -- match at bat a wonderful sweet people do that. Did where they live and have a passion about. -- their -- -- each other. I think what it became my. Isn't it all down a little. At least we -- And Haskell one college football and and be their favorite. Professional teams. And adults too big halting all big golf -- yet accurate account full got a brief said the incentive. But golf anything's. Sports -- -- -- -- -- And I think Sam Snead was a resident wrote the Greenbrier would do I remember there right now. Yeah I've actually met Sam made them an -- attack prevention and that same beat dad when I worked at the agreement clinic. And of course the clinic is at the top of the bunker that was the cover for the bunker. Incredible. -- You guys gonna have a parade for the saints at some point. Well you know they credit your account yesterday they did you ready he said Wednesday it and we had this -- to the land with people. -- Flags and cheering them on him well in -- had planned it had a little midget football team and their cheerleaders were out. And the right time. And think about some of the media and counting the lady drew very hit local restaurant last night and surprise everybody yet. One at our home got complacent -- -- country kitchen and Stefano. And that we're just said personable and does this week. -- that the balance with the talent within this segment of. Tell me about kittens corner what it would as edit your business. -- -- your twenty when years kitten is -- A lot of people come in looking for can't -- that's not what we have that we started out as a -- recount gift shop. And we've expanded deputy and that is custom framing it well planned. That's like maintaining. -- about my mother and sister. Rabbit. -- full time now. They can become in -- McCants. Yeah that hit me my mother my mother was a transplant. The West Virginia from the valve that half. One that the city handed out educate yourself too cute little nickname. That he would be very popular and that's actually JD skiers -- she still kept everybody. I'd get a yet texted says the being from West Virginia is somebody moved here from West Virginia I can honestly say. The only black and gold we care about his six Super Bowl rings I would presume. They're out of Pittsburgh Steelers is that Pittsburgh steeler territory. Well. Pittsburgh steeler fans because then added that geography at -- my cats. But I tell you I think you're gonna have the neat things going and become an -- of same people are very excited about this team and that they don't have that. Favorite team. They're adopting them or -- -- On the in terms of the people visiting or going out there watch saints' practice it will would you say if they were common. Now for example of failed remembered come and visit you Lou would you advise and I'm praying -- or do while they're there besides saints practices. All my opinion there's so much to date he met this past Sunday to wanna have a -- -- Poll and we went to -- came out. Which is out wrapped in nineteen the -- and guys. It would be independent accounting going NT pat content scanning. Bear camp outs and we -- -- -- give me which -- -- mapping which was decided one of the civil wars. And there's a shot power and we went -- that now that the youth format it was tricky and we ended up at a place called -- -- fall. We we we tracked for about a mile and a half indeed an upper middle one over -- -- the greens were incredible the law that. But that day was just perfect so I would say why you're here being outside -- -- -- doors can step now and are absolutely gorgeous. This morning we -- up. After rain on nights that we look at -- now and -- -- -- -- need to wake up from new warning here to this morning in -- this. Tonight temperatures are probably be weekly definitely doesn't turn out there. While sounds great and if you dare for saints practice and and somebody tells you to go take a hike they're being nice. -- -- that being nice and hopefully I can't wait to offer. And have visited we have wonderful. Little businesses wonderful. Places to eat and advocate and I'd say it. Grant -- the -- and it's great -- I -- don't don't duplicate any cats is -- -- -- Net net we won't begin and a plain -- you've been delightful and hope we get a chance to not Teague and thanks taken time. Do you do it Kentucky mr. packer.

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