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7-24 9:10am Tommy, kids cursing & respect for adults

Jul 24, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Josh Coleman, a psychologist & co-chair of the Council on Contemporary Families, about kids cursing & respect for adults

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I go one quick tanks here David I'll read CNN I'll get on with the topic here in and says. Isn't that David Blake on that those -- keys commercial David Blake it. International man of mystery is that you yeah. I just think in you know David league doesn't do news often but when he does. He does it from me. Yeah. -- yes. I -- like oh yeah when I go down for pearl and I'm pearl diving. I usually bring out a whole string. Yeah and it's all put together our putter right on the girls and they did -- Listen when you are growing up back in the day like. You know when you're when you're child for example once and you Parsons would come in a in the town of maybe a new school my arm or something along those lines of parson via our new school -- army you know maybe new sheriff in town. And and you'd get no wagon and you parents who drive unit. As an excuse me and they integrity to the one. One room school hours old farmers here are from whatever would you column by their first name would you column. Mr. first name from his first name or would you just say mr. last name and his last name. And popular around about the school -- but yeah I think it goes to kids in the respecting adults. I would prefer to have a child I don't care what age they are just coming by an author's name would you really yes I kind of like the -- -- mr. Blake nervous to date I could do was mr. David which would you prefer. Uggla yeah I'll take the first night mr. -- Agassi meet I would rather. On the head have a child just call me by my first name -- -- just I guess all your personal preference -- we're gonna have a conversation now. About kids and respecting elders and punishment if they don't and it all stems from a New York case where a yeah. Arab state appeals court New York. Says that a Long Island father used reasonable force when he spanked his eight year old son for cursing and an adult mothers and does not just respect in terms of mr. mrs. Tom Carson cursing at an adult so. Which Sacramento that right now in him when it comes a cousin. Would you cursed an adult when you're a kid might know samples -- -- -- the sheriff for whom and -- wouldn't even answer. My money to the Barbara slash undertaker at that the town when you know Cayman. I don't know but you -- dude I had award shared went down and I would be taken to the woodshed. You know it and -- but what about cursing and -- parents at what point did that. All of. Soon. Huh. Late teens. And eight and Israel lightly -- was in the -- is on the well let them and I just -- he -- You know be uses salty language that is now now not in Montgomery and I'll sonong and it was an officer to. Don't know but I would say late teens probably it was okay. You know we'll but not every FirstEnergy did you know what I back up on that I don't really wanna say it's OK. Because to be honest review all through my adult life I never felt comfortable. For example using an afterward. -- -- just you know around the parents mom more debt it has -- didn't feel good about it so I didn't. While thank you David appreciate I appreciate your insight on that I really do and again I think you know some people curse in front of the families sometimes you hear the word come flying out of their mouth like it's. You know just a regular gadget Josh -- psychologist co chair of the council on contemporary family joins us right now at a morning -- I presume it's doctor Coleman. It is indeed but you can copy gesture. Now I'd like you were -- that Ph.D. You deserve the recognition. A -- generally speaking you know on a -- in even quantify this are qualified that are the kids as polite as they used to be to their elders. Like it was definitely position after an election has to do with the 1960s. But certainly become the to a democratic become much where it fisted. You know they've marketed the funds with it could have been a -- -- Kind of content you're on the part of parents. Between parents and their children which sort of kind of into the center you do what used to be even heard that really the senate and the life. So. In many ways there has been an erosion but it's because parents have wanted to close -- more immediate more and relationship with their children. K -- you do that or does that happen at the cost of being a parent and and I don't mean to reduce it to this but. You know you can't if reasonably be trying to train and dog you can't. I'll -- her house with the dog and and play rough -- and get. -- -- -- rough houses that you and I think that same thing applies sometimes a parenting you can't be your kid's body and then all of a sudden. When they when you get angry or when you get tired or maybe something happens and all of a sudden go to -- parent because I would think it would confuse the -- I think it's confusing but I think they both parents and children confused about what the proper backup. Approval authority and I think a lot of parents -- needlessly over. Setting appropriate level appropriately. Termed -- Using the very kind of discipline that it would we could talk about. And then Qatar and he is about. You know that point apparently -- a ravine and at -- -- I think I think it is confusing territory. For both parents in order and that it is. At a speed of in our field would make -- distinction between authoritative. And authoritarian and authoritative president for the comfortably and deliberate step up to particularly. Guilty but they used -- authority to -- it to do that they want but at the same time their care for the third. Will be the child psychologically seeing -- -- it -- predicted physically different between that and the secretary of predicting that there actually. Potentially using authorities and told my experience toward its constructive -- destructive fashion. Ellis thing that often times parents disagree with is. I guess adults and children and questioning authority when it comes to other adults and well I'm of the mindset that if you teach -- child to follow. Blindly whatever adult. An adult tells them to -- -- any adult that's a good way to. Either wind up with a child it's kidnapped -- wind up with a child it's being sexually abused and -- it doesn't say anything about it your thoughts on that. What a great and I think that's. That is kind of as you apparently with the ball back into the sixties into the Pentagon in 1920. We want their children to leave victory. Obedient and that sort of forming indefinite and really since the 1960 that it began to -- Summit early and at that particular denied it completely really begin to question the use of authority and destructive decisions -- the -- -- -- didn't have much interest. In their children being sort of and the appeal so look what a difference if you look at -- -- difference between being the working class and the middle and upper class credits quick baskets are often more concerned about the kids being much more. Respectfully but with authority whereas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- War kind of pushing backs -- -- its authority -- -- defensive. Entitlements and so open that this and that kind of thing. -- sometimes the old saws. Are accurate and and become old sayings because they work on if you don't do it -- if you don't you kids to do it. I don't do and in front of them accurate. And yet that particular they -- great imitator is animal models and also drinking -- says it's started to kind of hypocrisy. So the right thing to do that. And then. They're doing it themselves to it brilliant -- the -- authority. So do as I say not as I do might make you feel better but it did seem right you teaching you -- to do it. Exactly and that's what they care about they care about usable probable what you say I mean you can intimidate them not to do it but if they grow up. Watching you do that's what they're they're -- the computer. You are not do it and Ronnie do one more single bullet to go doctor komen when it comes to. Discipline corporal punishment. In this case in New York where guys thanked his kids for being disrespectful to adults. -- -- the latest thinking on on spanking in corporal punishment end. I guess when it comes to children getting confused with the relationship with other adults. -- first name basis location they're always be mr. Mears in front of it jump in every feel comfortable 'cause I tend to ask long questions. The precedent that like look after the what -- -- -- spanking is that it that it is problematic that it hasn't. It doesn't really change their behavior it -- model. Aggression is no evidence that spanking. The Portugal optimistic sure you know that it that it. Stopped and what you have to do in that moment for many parents that. I MVP. Didn't have been looking at a long term -- A group that development at its commitment that it can and scuttled or -- -- begin the relationship between the Mitchell. Increased aggression in regard to is that the earth and that is. You're such a personal thing -- as a part of me that actually likes. That you know -- -- probably could you have -- my adult children prince took on the mr. -- -- -- in the -- doctor -- consists -- -- But there -- -- about. I talked about generational differences I think has been a lot. But I think. It's something sad about that but not about to release her immediately completely -- Doctor appreciate your time I really deal though -- quickly as far as -- -- -- is. Our personal last name DDD have to be consistent with that is apparent where everybody is either mr. that is certain is that it will elect confusing kids -- -- imminent. As persons fifty -- column George in the Sutherland is only 25 and -- miss Helen. At the well we do that kept it. I got a ticket just a consistency it's helpful to young children get older children that if we can let you can duplicate what subtle terms that. The sanctions Iran and I think. Well thank you doctor mr. giants Coleman. Psychologist notes -- the Council on Contemporary Families been a pleasure though we talk to you again. I think there's so phone lines county 60187. Neitzel 386 X. 89087. Haven't -- roundtable. With you all the audience about. Parenting and and you yourself do you make you kids call adults. Ministers it is it is that the gophers last name and you yourself as the doctors -- now he likes it he slices. Even though is kids friends are adults and ground Steele likes to be referred to as mr. Josh. Tell me how it is in our house what do you prefer him what was it like for you growing up. And when it comes to cursing did you the -- in front your kids did they pick it up from you or any other bad habits. And you feel comfortable to cursor around your parents today mine are gone but. If they were here I might throw a camera -- in this about it and maybe it be words 922 Tommy Tucker taking your calls and we come back on VW. I Tommy -- 927. Talking about cousin and being polite to a deal of other New York. Is in trouble offers for spank in his he would after the gate cutters and an adult -- And the courts and well within his rights and reason to do that which. Brings up whole bunch of different discussions and want -- -- if you meeting did. Somebody's he would -- in the call you mr. Last name is first name. Urges believers name -- comfortable -- name I don't think there's a right or wrong you know I think it's all with what you're comfortable. -- as an adult with kids how they address issue and as a parent how you want your kids to address adults Brett. Applause valued at W morning. Important are already I'm well thank you knew. And doing geared. I holed into a war and actually curse and a teacher by. And you kind of and I hated it got so involved would. Just happened that deal double. They tell deal doubles that I game and a double play and -- -- -- as a drop of and public and people. -- got there what happened. And particularly you can apologize to every going to Cuba where they're not -- well go and try and -- so it now not -- -- -- -- What grade reunion coordinator. What was it that made you hate disguised so much. He worked very disrespectful. To a lot of people that -- Little bigger -- art because he urged the principle. Of everybody basic. Wow -- when you're dead -- about that Diddy Diddy say anything about your actions at all. Married editorially. -- -- where you want -- forgot about where it would Don we were there. While Whitman was going on deeds you do you regret not apologizing. Now. I admired man and his convictions when it comes zip adults were you taught to call people mr. this -- me is that. Of course you talk columnist there and other name on the left of the columns that are bought. So the informal part of it was mr. Dave or or ms. Gladys. Right and and do what about your kids you require them do the same thing. Yes for their teachers and and then anyone at the school and end all adults utility belt elderly people call me my. My name and I actually prefer being call Obama first name to get impeached. Golf to keep it there in the summertime some time and it's a whole lot easier they ask only bomb outburst. Vietnam you've never been flipped up by a student having. Let's hope they kept their left -- when they did. They give -- end nervous are you had a great day for those that don't golf that's a as a golf geo T 601878. -- 38668890878. What bad habits did you learn from your parents or did date. Learn. Did you kids learn from you. I'd like to know about that a T six 187203866889087. Any I think I probably. I inherited my dad's temper and I don't know if that was genetic or I learned it. And our member of first time I heard him curse me and -- the big when it was I can remember it like it was yesterday. More on talk when we come back right now time for data WL offers news and that was noted mr. -- -- David Blake on your children you instruct them to use sameness to this mr. than two adults yes. And when it comes to bad habits do you think that you've ever pass along any of those inadvertently. New models and so. I'm trying to think about myself and trying to be honest here and I don't like it daughter. Navy is picked up a thing here there. She's kind of -- -- rough and tumble world in what she does for work and so I think she's got to get a little greedy sometimes worth. People she's dealing with were my -- on the other hand as soon darn close I hate -- but what the hell perfect manners. You know he's just up the right stuff. I think mom did not get the bread off here but I think my daughter's name Wayne I think -- -- overcome whatever bad habits that exhibited. All good. So very good CT 601872038668890. Rates at any I don't know if you've ever been a position where. You're trying to teach your child have them address adults like you want them to. With either -- the answer ms. ma'am. Yes man yes error but then the adults says as you know to deal that is Tommy does Tommy Tommy and forget Yasser yes Manley did you know united -- -- do you feel Anderson adult we feel as though they women lead on here. Yeah lol bet and I and your right people will do that I guess just as a way of of flawed making it more casual yet analysts say yeah I'm I'm just call me Jerry. And whatever but now I'd have liked accuse the stick with the with the medicine. Misses him minister and ma'am in all wonders though. Well and and sometimes he gets. Awkward because the parents is no no call him mr. Dave and he says yes sir are necessary like netcams -- are you know us. 2601878. Toll free 866889087. When it comes to disciplining your child. The union spouse -- owners of the constant struggle between the two reviewed to spank not to spank. This language is okay that language is not okay. You curse in front of -- don't want yet occurs in front of -- -- repeal in Metairie Heidi aren't. W morning. Morning -- -- really -- -- my dad. Trumba compromise. 72 might be it smoke. As long and I can remember without a trial but he is the smoke and altered to all. And put them in early cigarette butts are all get out and an active member of that -- and in Spain. Aching wallet but that most disgusting thing -- ever seen -- I -- I grew up under similar circumstances I know exactly of what you speak. Or. Do you think today you can smoke in front -- your kids not have. He's given so much. Literature that's out there they had these commercials an error on TV programs that appeal to teenagers that are. Just down right discussing about the dangers of smoking and what he can do -- Given all of that if you still smoke in front of your kids do you think that that teaches them and forget -- on TV it's okay because mom and dad do it. -- Night thank you appreciate your call billable -- People's thanks for the rest of the morning here -- six 187203866. It 89087. EDS smoke in front of your kids. Do you drink in front of your kids and how do you think that. They're not gonna pick up that had -- do you explain to them is a very bad thing you shouldn't do it. But mommy and daddy suggest. Blank uploading different NT six -- 1878038668890878. Taking a break coming back Tommy Tucker David W. Tommy Tucker I'm 4218 before -- talking about adults and kids and their relationship and respect in how do you draw the line between. Respect in being disrespectful. To kids and it -- adults and would you prefer to be called minister. Charlie or mrs. Agnes -- by your last name is limited value by -- first thing. Adding -- preference I don't mind that the first name but some parents are very much against that. It's an interesting text here and hang on now come to you next in mid city. One of them says Tommy thing about leading a team when raising a family the best leaders are vocal encouraging. Will call you out and lead by example. And I appreciate that text but I think the most efficient leaders slash managers slash parents of the ones that realize. There is not one approach that fits everybody and you have -- your approach. Teach one but I appreciate -- you're texting and and you'd surpassing your opinion along and his. Kind of disagree with -- this Texas I have three grown children who grow up with spanking. And a corrections certainly worked for them they have grown up to be model mature well balanced polite respectful adults. Who worked at a large company together and I was completed. A compliment and on the wonderful -- adult children we raise. The old fashioned way. Counting about smoking and drinking my in -- in the sixties my parents are both in front of me and I tried smoke and one time found cigarettes didn't like it. And tried drink in and probably like that a whole lot more that I there's underneath how do you smoke or drink in front of your kids and not expect them. To presume that it's okay if you're validating that. -- of validating -- mid city -- here on evidently well good morning. I'll -- and -- tall and about the cigarette. LLO. And when I would like can't. Bob all the little left to go to church should be cigarettes were built felt the and the -- On April life and so -- to wonder. I don't know I don't like it the ball particularly acute with the back. That got in some time away. An army -- part my so I can remember on that answer -- in -- -- -- an. Excellent record in. And that was. That -- What what about you kids did you make them coal. Adults -- -- last name visitors name college -- it. Acts aren't yet they should let someone has met something like that that is that something will someone pay you well -- Column -- first -- but. You're like an excellent someone's -- solid. -- they're sending disrespectful with a child referring to an adult but differs name. -- -- But -- -- actual but it just doesn't. Hit by a bump in the evening rude. -- on man I can't call all -- -- someone that you know well it. Often. Yeah. And then you -- Thank you Val I'm glad you called Dobie have a good day. That you Betsy six 1878 total free 866889087. In. And it attacks hears it says cursing is rude and there is never ever any need forward in the if you. I can't control your language and have no better control over the English vocabulary than that you prove yourself ignorant every time you curse. So did does -- necessarily mean that your ignorant if you curse and then in terms of I guess role models and what happens calling adults by the first -- the six incidences remember -- -- -- Barney. Which he did. Tex here's is my sister lives in Ohio the neighbor's kids don't use mr. or mrs. -- -- -- say sir or ma'am and that's from Melinda. In -- and -- You know they're -- talking about is -- Al degree flight that. They now believe that it crashed they think they have substantial evidence of that. 116 people -- aboard including fifty French citizens. They lost track that around 1 o'clock in the morning fifty minutes less than an hour after take off. And a pilot did the pilot contract contact you rent the air traffic controller. In Niger. To change course because of the storm. And that's winning when they don't know exactly where the plane is but they're pretty sure that it. Crashed that's according CBS is quoting an unidentified Algerian official as saying that. And it's not been confirmed yet there are reports of terror in that region but. Does not being viewed at this time as an al-Qaeda attack it'll just. SO whether event. And in terms of if you think about the frequency of air crashes and what's been happening recently you got. The Malaysian -- jet that disappeared over the Indian Ocean that was never found no remnants of -- ever found. Then you have the the jet that we shut down over the Ukraine. And now there is this one and you think it Molina that's mighty coincidental. That all of these air crashes. Are taken place within a short period of time but. It has happened the floor in December 2 when he twelve on smaller plane. Flying for a Burma. Crash killed one person a person on the ground then on December 29. Of Tony twelve. Four days later. And there was a flight bound for Russia. That overran a runway in Moscow as it landed five of the eight crew members were killed. And on back to when he eleven. A flight bound for the Democratic Republic of the Congo crashed on July 8. In 2011 then on July 11. Another Russian plane. They carrier angering airlines ditch in ditched in a river in Russia after an engine caught fire and some people died then on July 16. I'm Brazilian area. Carrier airline lost a -- after take off so it does happen within days of each -- happened with a lot more frequency. Then in this case but it does kinda make you raise your eyebrows and think well is now the best time to fly because is this it's just. -- you would think. Well as I did happen again now where do you think OK maybe not the best time and all in the world. To fly courses saints reporting to camp today most of cameras there and Debbie WLR team is there whip them resident prose about VA -- there. Cokie guys John standing by to tell you all about everything that happens along with a voice of the saints' Jimmy Anderson. Being chief Deke Bellavia saints' sideline reporter Christine -- team Bob May bear. And Jersey's team gallery get ready for extreme off the -- coverage of saints training camp live from Greenbrier West Virginia. And that's all right here in the flagship WWL. 8 setting on your am dial 1053 in your FM dial -- any time a debit WL dot com and then tonight on sports talk. A very special edition saints general manager Mickey Loomis head coach Sean -- they give their state of the saints pre camp press conference. And we will carry it all for you live here. On WW I'll take a break coming back wrapping up Thursday. At least Thursday morning and Tony -- -- -- scheduled. All day here at Debbie WL. It would and you shouldn't do this obviously but it would probably make more sense not to Wear shirt with your first name on it and drive your own card to the bank for the hold up. Hasn't happened in Denver in entered the police and the FBI am about five hours ago from the -- being robbed again in the guy. In -- I got a couple of text years -- you know -- tell us about the things being fifth. Any AP power rankings. And who was a -- but who's behind them. And this is the order and you hear some of these teams and it just makes you sympathize with the fans and so are now at 32 last places the Oakland Raiders and you've been through god knows how many head coaches since last son had a winning season. But there are dead last at 32 and power rankings and move an -- Jacksonville Cleveland Minnesota Houston. The Tennessee Titans buffalo Dallas at 25 Miami at 24. And the Redskins when he three the jets and the giants. Virtually tied 22 into when he won Tampa Bay twenty Atlanta in nineteen division rivals. Carolina the other division rival at fifteen for the saints. And get back in and it counting down from the bottom up you got Detroit and eighteen the -- seventeen Arizona sixteen. As you said Carolina's fifteen and the chiefs of fourteenth with a Andy Reid as a head coach Pittsburgh thirteen Baltimore twelve. The bears eleven and then in the top ten as far as eap power rankings you're looking at the chargers number ten. -- the Cincinnati Bengals number nine the Eagles colts saints and Packers cited fears. New England at fourth Denver three San Francisco two. And Seattle number one and I think we -- Pretty well believe it will get to find a way to beat Seattle. If -- when he it is the suitable garlands coming up got the think tank for -- he'll be talking about foreigners. Are foreigners shutting Americans out of the real estate market. Foreign buyers scooping up American real estate in record numbers and some Americans are being shut out of the market and there are claims of money laundering he wants an offer free market. Accents of the rest of the world and I remember. -- not too longer ago. There were fears that the Japanese were buying up all of America and it didn't actually come to fruition because they bought the Pebble Beach golf course and then Monday of selling it back they don't talk about obamacare could be in real trouble federal court ruled the president's expansion. The federal subsidies and insurance exchanges run by the feds is improper. -- that rulings upheld some predict millions of low and moderate income people could be without covered her face huge bills. What about state run health programs to those be the answer and then finally. Will a new coal plant designed to catch carbon before it states in the atmosphere slow global warming. Some people are saying yes but the carbon is injected deep ended the earth. So when Evans if it is game so is it an answer another potential problem and of course it sports -- this evening. In July of course in between Garland in sports talk and it's the -- of the saints press conference with GM Mickey Loomis head coach Sean Payton. And it's all to be right here in Europe flagship of the New Orleans Saints double WL thanks you for all of your tax. And calls thanks to Jordan and Sheldon and Diane and David. And we will talk to you tomorrow morning bright nearly 6 o'clock here on WW.

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