WWL>Topics>>7-24-14 2:10pm Angela: on military recruitment

7-24-14 2:10pm Angela: on military recruitment

Jul 24, 2014|

Angela talks with Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jerome Morgan and Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Spinelli about what it takes to be in today's military.

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Certainly appreciate not listening to. David talk about the that not only the work of the mission it's about many organization to a working with the homeless. And what needs to be done and I I have a lot of respect for what he was saying this is a man who has devoted to more and more years to it really out of love. And I think that came right through. But we'll do follow ups on that because we don't wanna see these people onto the bridge we don't want to see the panhandling. And here's some methods that perhaps we can help them and help our community. We're gonna move ahead down. This was sort of a shot to a lot of us a recent report by the Pentagon. But says two thirds. Of American young people which failed to qualify for military service. Two thirds. Why. Because of obesity. Lack of high school diploma. Felony convictions. And prescription drug drug use for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. And that doesn't even count large scale tattoos. This is not that. We may be downsizing or military. But America is always looking for the best and the brightest. So let's talk to the people who were on the front line of finding the best and the brightest the recruiters. From the Marine Corps gunnery sergeant Jerome Morgan. And from the army staff sergeant Ryan's been and I think both of you for being here thank you and they. Thank you think okay eureka. I read this report again. I read it to a couple of other people in the station and they -- It really kind of took us only. Only 31%. Of young people that make it. That's that. My first question is you all have done this a couple of years and you more longer. But hasn't always been like this. Yes ma'am. As a time changes to -- like jobs. They don't want people to have tattoos you know they represent the companies. Still -- -- Marine Corps we changed to. Went we we have a heightened we standard. We have a parent standard because we change it to be more of a professional. Military. Core. All of our brands and. The all the -- very similar. It's ever evolving. And standards based organization. So with those standards set -- you know you have. Tattoos that are going to be acceptable. So we -- at Sony just can't have them all over yet -- -- any any below the elbow or the -- you can have four. That's the the number -- your allowed to have. But. I mean that's just part of a standards based organization you know that professionalism that the army wants to create or where you know the Marine -- any of the armed forces. We are very standards based organization. But let's talk about the number one reason. From according to this report is obesity. I mean that that is startling and yes we've done any number of programs on the rising. Number of people who world base especially children but. On and on but I guess I think if somebody walks in two and recruitment office and they are really very sincere about wanting to join military. That would it dawned on them. It just. I agree with two and I feel that every once she had its fair share. Do you know he wouldn't have wanted to do wanted to we should give an opportunity to join. But the policies and -- reason and if someone is obese. And that we go redeploy. And we we on a mission that we yadda. You know be at a certain spot -- time maybe he can keep well. With everybody else. You know and that's why we have by -- certain tests. In a physical fitness test to make sure that we we have -- that's it that's capable. -- -- -- You know capable mission and and that's why they don't have the opportunities. Two do what some -- and shape could do to do it just now. So. Somebody walks into the army recruitment office and says I've dreamed of being in the army. And -- fifty pounds overweight and you know the minute they walk in the door. How do you handle that war we can do there's a couple different things we have a -- shoulder program so all of our. Applicants that -- that already enlisted into the army and we do feature shorter training with them. So what we do you know we'll do physical training with them one runs with them what train amount and prepare them for basic training. And those people that are overweight if they want to they can attend our future soldier training and that will help them and walk -- and get them on a plan. So they can lose that weight so they can eventually -- How we we had to say type -- program through which does not -- -- to soldier you know through to marine from. But on no no we felt we help them -- some I want to know who we we have room for a lot of -- -- -- meaning that. You know you understand that you don't go to some training. And if you if you get hurt you you are responsible for you own. -- medical care beating up on top program. You know and and we -- and we we -- -- got lines -- how to you know help yourself when you're not at the training facilities would and what we would do to help you. And then and try to help them lose that -- And I do do you ever have that experience though when somebody walks in and let's say wait is the issue because -- -- talk about the other issues it isn't the only one. And they -- able what do you mean -- -- Well are who are not shape and sometimes it does it does get a little awkward. But I mean it. At the end of the day we have a job to do in in their standards that they have to -- com and where they're hoping to meet those standards it's just at that time and place there and they're not qualified but we can get them qualified. And that's the big push is to help them solve that problem. -- -- a and we that we don't we don't try to disrespect them make them feel embarrassed by how well -- -- week we just we just someone is heightened we've standard and you're just a little past it but we will help you. You know and and affluent and army does that to you know do we we are capacity in a couple of the person that's communion. And now we always will and help everybody some could McCain be help in the and that's understandable but we stated goal beyond what we could do to try to help compete we're gonna do every. That we can to get them into the military and get them to where they wanna be especially if they want it in what is the percentage do you think of people who come hand. -- This is what I wanna do to. I -- know I'm thinking about -- it's kind of hard because the army have. We more people in record and we got its children to what we've if you opera you know look -- I do have to say that our army written to was in the Marines and. Prepare dinner yes so you you can speak from both angles but. But so what what percent do you think -- home I mean it really it's case by case. Yeah I'd say. Probably about. 20% are the ones that actually come in -- actually hey let's do this I want to join the military. About 80% are hey you know I'm wanna get information their more interest in an -- but did they just wanna get that information so they can. At least be having a more informed. Now. Decision. So it's just not of spur of the moment thing. Right and perhaps in those 80% they were unaware. That there was a weight issues and wait. Design or that let's talk about education Morgan had to take a break let's quit and take to break and then we're gonna come back. Because I do want to talk about. You do have to have a high school diploma or ged. Or does it have to be a diploma. I'll staple for the army right now you do have to have a high school diploma you can get into the army reserves with a ged but it's. It's changes so. We would like you to have a high school diploma -- these for right now market. If it -- you have to have a high school diploma and if you have a GB yet they have fifteen college credit hours of hunger levels are higher meaning you can have. Basic beginning -- -- And that's the same thing with the army to OK we're gonna go back to that we need to talk about the education factor stay with this because. Bidding is not to -- join the army and Marines I think I'm a little over 34. Stay with this'll be right back. Marine gunnery sergeant Jerome Morgan an army staff sergeant Ryan's -- -- are very special guest other jobs -- in recruitment. On the -- wonderful careers in the military and both have served in Afghanistan. But now -- in recruitment so Europe. On the Frontline. Of seeing the the young people who want to be in the military. And again we're we're basing this whole show on a pentagon report that was released that said that I I figure that is a crisis Franklin when only a third of the people. Are really eligible to -- To being in any military because of weight because of lack of education because of felonies because of drug use prescription drug use and it was just Iowa and I think to all of us that it had gotten to that point. And actually one of the there was a general. I'm sorry don't general that -- -- is quoted in the article saying the quality of people willing to serve has been declining rapidly. So I'm asking you all what do you think it could stem but could change it. I mean we had to all of a sudden -- got -- what would we do. I would say I mean if we can get in the I mean we'd we'd try -- partner with the schools as much as we can. And getting these schools and teach these kids how important it is to just stay in school whether you join the military or not that high school education that's the foundation for. You know which you growing life. And without that I mean you can still make it places but I mean that's so important to have that and a lot of kids these days. They don't realize how important it is and if we can just give them educated on the bad debts that at least a good stepping. On a star in the right direction. I understand that during the height when we were both in Afghanistan Iraq and there was a tremendous. Need for on service people. That they analysts say lowered but they allowed some to command that didn't have high school diplomas. But I was just wondering has that closed again where you do if you -- Was we took the break you said you do. Yet yes mouse point and add on that pushed back in it namely when. With the -- war was going on and we took. Excess of tattoos. Maybe a couple people had a couple of do you lies. We we we did a waiver of waivers for a whole bunch of different things. -- you know but now. It's a draw down and and that the country is he knows. Money is it is really not there like he used to be so. Would that -- say we we don't have that push anymore. And so the rules change the policy changed so now they want the best and brightest to come in and just like. On a spouse on his say it. He knew pinpoint the -- school open up opportunities for you now only in a military but in life period any job. But the bad thing is if you go to college to get to four year degree. Used in the system experience. You know and -- -- where the army come in at the Marine -- come and we dvd experience and we people you go to school. You know and what won't -- lose so much tattoos. You know. A job don't don't want to represent a company well on these tattoos. You know Andy and you have to have the experience and you have to have -- case right now that's why so it's important for young men and women stay in school. -- -- get attorney and diploma -- degree. And get to experience that he needs to be successful. Absolutely but back on the -- thing not to belabor that. But. I think I remember when it came out people oh my gosh I am with an OPD only got. But it was once it showed. The what you can have flames coming on your neck you can't have things going down your hands and you have every right to say this is our professional standards. Just like elves come to this with just that the you know with -- -- -- someone brought with the noise. Without -- -- name with a and now with telling her that you know the policies of the -- -- reason and tattoos. Can make you look very unprofessional. Now I'm not saying that the people had to who should not have the opportunity to -- military and that's an and it all. Majority my friends got tattoos all up and down with sales you know with join him offering its smoke marijuana. Majority my friends drop out of high school. You know but. They went back. They all successful. They're not in the military but but be doing the only thing. Com. Aruba -- like a city eventually have an opportunity to join the military goes that would brings to hand. But I do understand policy because with -- -- -- the future in -- for the record not put army we say you know after the bad. You know as -- professionals. On background whole professional look about yourself so you get their job opportunity. That's out there -- you'll get past. Right. I mean that the military is all about you lifestyles and and the education the army's pushing a big. You know they want you to self development they want you to go to school get that secondary degree and stuff so the military whether whatever -- joining. That step then it's a lifestyle that pushes you to to get to success like gonna -- Morgan Hussein. Com in you know part of that. You know you have to have discipline so and part of that you know a lot of -- Unity and standards like that it actually creates discipline a lot of people don't see it that way. But on the big scheme of things when he kind of step back in the back you see -- now these. So that's part of the reason to that a lot of people don't see it and it's just. I wish we can get you more people -- realize that. Actually before it's too -- nothing is -- too late and and I've read the stories where people who did come -- and did have tattoos can get them removed. It's an effort but if if you really wanna do this you get the murmur. It's my PS Pamela diabetic and I understand it costs a lot of money to get removed but. Understand too because a lot of money to get them there have also. So it is neither here -- there you know. He is more of a professional look after the military and that's basically what it is because companies to now want to -- -- -- -- -- if you look like a you know and -- legs I'm born and raised here Lama -- -- -- people. -- -- -- -- -- But but but it's. When we trying to -- -- -- for the future you know are rumored for years thirty years you know at the -- me to do death match you do but. After that then what then that that is correct and look at the god look at the life experience. We're gonna take a break as we go to the news but -- come back I'd really like your thoughts on. Experience as you all have had as a recruiters. When you see somebody who has all kinds of potential that really don't know what they wanted to do how you can help them. Stay with us we'll be right back financial under the WL. So happy to have -- to military recruiters with us. Marine corporal gunnery sponsoring Marine Corps gunnery sergeant -- Morgan. I feel like I should know -- cooking -- I'm sorry about that and don't tell me don't tell me army staff sergeant Ryan's been correct. Gunnery sergeant -- organ. Army staff sergeant Ryan's announcement as you went to the break we were talking about. Once young people coming in and there. They're interested but -- unfocused. That's where you can have the most impact. A lot kids don't know what they wanna do their lives and everybody knows this is an opportunity. Yet it's it's -- probably what the most gratifying part of our job is. -- we have someone comes in there and they don't really know what their looking form my -- and so you know we gathered. You know what they what things they like doing com what kind of hobbies they're interested in but what kind of skills they have. And we will you know we don't push on what was to be you know hey you know here's this option we had -- you can go this -- we'll explain different things -- different jobs that are available. And it's we you know we can see that some of these are very very good and bright kids. And now they can amount to a lot we just gotta narrow that focus and get that focus on him and once we do you know there in a sword they're gonna do whatever they wanna do in life. Are they coming they're coming in before they graduate from high school. You just -- you catch him Lou Lou we can someone on the east Tony some years between B Julian -- -- community is completely drew you're going to see here. Now we'd be in high school is a lot that we go to community college like Delgado. On New Year's college. And most how we -- -- -- -- and high schools. But but. So they finally connect and -- -- this would really interest them and but you're telling me that literally. You're called by the parents -- You just now we we will more like a mentor dialect with some comments or fall defeated big brother and when when the key is young man young woman is back and the Paris called us and we we have would have gone disciplinary. How a person. In the lives. Because it's in the listen more to it's been apparent. Oh boy you know when you literally go to their home we go to their homes go to the schools. Women again we -- find them and and and we take care of them whatever we need to do -- Home will help now a lot of people don't think I don't know that about recruiters but our job is. That takes up probably in you know eighty to 70% of our time is actually you know caring for these people caring for these napkins were not just there to. You know get him in the give him in the military and hey that's hit that note you know lose all contact now were aware of a very big part of these kids as lives in union that's our that's partly gratification that comes from there it is is not just -- recruited bank is a family thing. You know who will recruit we reported a family you know they put out family. Now that you've done this as long as you have when somebody walks in what isn't about them that you instantly see. Within an hour conversation. These are the qualities this person has that can make it. For me it is on the way to -- themselves. To become and it's opened a professional manner. Respectful manner. I -- -- a time out more and help and we will with a young men and women that we have here that's like. How with the -- school or just graduate opt for remembering your parents into. Because a lot of have questions parents have questions and then you tell a young man young woman something and in my Tommy -- the parent. You know it is a totally different story. But. We. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Love interest that they have don't wanna do some data with them -- who -- with himself even if if you did -- get inflammation already joined and I. It just at the holiday hey you know beating -- with some after high school. Right path yes and and and that's very. Yeah I'm the same way is gonna saw Morgan come if they come in the way they carry themselves you know -- in themselves they actually are respectful -- respectful -- he was saying. A home and hit on the parents thing a lot more two is when we we talk to these kids we always want to make sure that their parents are involved. Com just like you -- in -- sometimes are a lot of disconnect between the family in the actual needle kid that wants to join. Com you know if we can get them involved then there's a lot less. Just. Confusion naming you have -- parents as he said this and you know he misunderstood it. So it's just all around better thing if we if we can get to the top of the parents are who you know they're their grandmother whoever they you know is taken care. And and and most of times. Is not the Paris he anyway. A lot of these kids have bad influence -- You know -- that don't have that going on -- lives and and the influence. Their friend that is so stupid that he decided to two tournaments -- May be -- -- it's you know. So. Sometimes you gotta put him away from the bad influence people. You know says it's a -- to be something better -- what it is. Absolutely. Now there are things that would rule you out if you're if you got a felony conviction you cannot be in the military. No ma'am no -- Especially if you have the likes it could be a misdemeanor. If you have some. Some type and a charge against the female -- toll disqualify a foot from the military period. So say only using you want to ask if if if you with my girlfriend and my wife and I. -- chew -- you -- -- you tell police that gives them to unique charging me for domestic violence I cannot join the military. Well what other things. It's you know looks depending on the assault charge what happened with assault charges armed robberies. Now on drugs insisted there's a whole list there -- one we go through our regular there's a huge regulation that will go through and find out met anyone that comes in the door we're not this can automatically -- dismiss -- we're gonna actually try and help now. Com which the Swiss -- bigger lob violations automatically we know right off the bat and it paid starring in a war you -- I wish I could help you out but I can't. And AJ I say that all the time wrong all the time. It's AGH. Eighty -- eight feet right. You have to be offer that for a full year before you could -- -- yes -- okay and that reason is I'll. Well for. -- Mets purposes and to come out with -- sparks it's when you have to figure analysis and on a year analysis if you take you currently on a medication. You had to choose the pop on -- on it -- has met the enemy. And if the question you. Oh what -- you know you've been to any type would you please take him up that's that's -- hard drug. It's an -- -- disqualifies you anyway. So -- -- trying to cover -- of -- on on it's a medication that you can't take anyways so regards affect you are wrong when it comes to. To -- announces that maps. -- Arab the other part of it. Is if you know we have to expect that. If we're an austere environment are on deployment in you don't have access to those kind of prescriptions with most the time you know we have access prescriptions but just in case. We have to make sure that they're going to be able to be right in the mine and you know that there's gonna be no psychological psychological issues with them during that time frame. Right. We're gonna take another break we're gonna come back and we're gonna pick the brains of these two great man about why they joined the military right after this. Well we are back with the two recruiters. One from the Marines one from the army I've thoroughly enjoyed this. But looking -- again our original thing was. The astounding figure of only 31%. Of young people that could make it in the military today and that's got to change and within this article from the Pentagon. Was that I found very interesting some retired military. Guys have gotten together and started a program to help so it is being addressed. Because we never want to be too low we never wanna get in that position. Now wanna talk about you -- and what was it in your life that said I wanna be a military person. I'll go first. Originally in high school I think is my junior year back in 2003. Com I had no interest that's one I -- one we started to invade Iraq and I was like man that's crazy those guys wanna be out there for thirty days and in. But some happened between my junior and senior year and -- switch and I was like you know what if I'm not gonna do who else is going to. And so that was a big you know I just felt like that was my obligation to this country is you know I'm gonna go fight -- -- country that's that's part of what I need to do. -- system that's that's my biggest reason right there. And so but you opted to stay because your career now. So it is obviously a good fit all yes very much so I mean I love the military it's I'm I needed I'd love structured the military's very structured. It's. I mean you can't beat it this is one of those jobs that you have fun doing and devastate paycheck and get good benefits I mean one night. Is it's and then after that after the army you know it just sets you -- it's just such a good building block in foundation that just sets you up for the rest. Right. The reason I joined is I like -- -- -- animal relief from the -- -- if you lose call -- the murder capital of the you know of the world what do. And my thing was always wanted to get out and do some better and I felt that I had to get out of new laws that do it so I moved to North Carolina. And study on a college team and didn't didn't have the money to really keep paying for college and my outlook move woman dead and ask them and a the my step mom was an army Jewish character so I was used on a discipline -- -- -- to tie and a half and I am a grown man in the this -- tell me what to do so a moved out into the noon today dorms in college and how how always felt that everybody everybody in the United States. She its survey -- hurt. At least four years and in the military. Because we to have the best country in the world. So we should give back to. You know some people don't have that opportunity but if you do have the opportunity to do we should officer. So -- I I went try to -- army's fifth and that the data recruit it's obvious they come it's so I was outside on the phone you know time and you know this is crazy -- wanna do is I want it and hammering guys that rate there and he gave me opportunity opened with a mean. And don't want to memories are told no he was crazy. And he tickets how much they explain that to -- and when I was ready to go a -- today. And he combing its days theory goes that yes indeed he -- to be -- at 3 o'clock in the morning and so went to my as the physical and they put me on a bus and was streets in South Carolina and I want to boot camp only one day. Oh my gosh yes did your parents and you know nobody knew because I didn't know who put out -- but but. I -- some better I want to some better elected argument wrong I love no longer than all of the big part of me. Even when -- moved. From from from the city. Always brag on -- thanks like they won about thirty civil both. Hey you know always brag about the food always bragged about of people here but I just had to do some bigger -- -- -- myself I had finally. In December and myself. And then once you ran and got through -- Marine Corps. You always hear how difficult it is and when she survived that you think I'll do it. In it he yes ma'am and when when I was. You know receiving letters and that and -- -- with relief found out now with -- Marine Corps boot camp -- -- it and -- believe me. You know and -- Andy's stuck calling you know that the recruiting never recruits. Stations. And just have confirmed dollar really boot camp because you know a win and I was like 130 pound. Soaking wet and I was always in state 'cause I always did Alter its sports -- to now stay off the streets of whatever. I'd like that I just wanna some different with some different and -- refused to -- a refused filling anything I do nothing on the best. But I'm -- I'm close enough. And modest but. But it's it's all about having a winning attitude if it went right. But it which ultimately we'll be right back. Well if you don't wanna join the military after this there. You may never want to because these guys are really. Encouraging and I think that's the word what does it take to join. The army the Marines -- me. -- sleep all branches. -- is discipline. Respect. Courage. Honor. And it just the name a few words. I mean yeah you gotta be you know be down mentally strong. Just make sure that you morally straight you know that you morally physically capable. And you know whether you think your qualified for the military or not I would encourage you to come into a recruiting office. Because there's going to be things that you don't know about that we can actually do to help you get in. So don't just disqualify yourself out off the bat come in and see if you actually disqualify let us be the judge don't judge yourself. And an -- and then hell don't always think that he just could you join -- military that you go to fight in the war. That we we have other jobs out there we have over 300. Different jobs and Marine Corps. I don't know army -- entry level positions we have over a 150 but there's a lot more after that. But only 10% lower our jobs in the army are actually combat related or combat -- oriented jobs. And and and in the US as American people get the pick your own jobs we don't pick it just please you have the opportunity pin and only year high as that tenth if. So you are tested both academically and then. Mentally. You'll deal go through a physical at the processing when they go with the processing and just -- like a sports physical little bit more in depth. But just to make sure that they're physically you know they're not heard already or they don't have any preexisting conditions that's gonna hurt them when they're basic training. And then. What you passed the test in a few. If you have been having you've taken the weight off for me to pass a physical in Europe. Yes you -- what we caught -- the lead you to program and in guys like myself. That's on strayer. Day and we would train you so -- boot camp -- ready before boot camp. -- starts for you so to make sure that you ready for mentally physically. Let me tell you both are wonderful people I've been thoroughly enjoyed this I wanna thank gunnery sergeant. Jeremy Morgan an army staff sergeant Ryan --