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Jul 24, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome George showing this Thursday night weekend is almost here and it is official now the grand -- TARP and rodeo is now underway. Goes into full swing tomorrow and over the weekend and it appears as if it's going to be warm but the weather's going to be really nice for that. And as I -- a couple of times this week. Actually. Some people go to the TARP and fishing rodeo. To actually finish. And isn't it interesting that you know here's this great fish that is such a majestic fish to catch. I never caught one but I seen people catch him in the way that TARP and jumped in and it looks like it before and fish to catch. It's a shame that they're just not -- and apparently their bony and orderly that's what what I've heard it. You can think that somebody would've figured out awaiting eagerly we think the figure a -- almost anything you figured -- -- we would. You think we -- figure out a way to eat the Tarver last night on the show very early in the show a woman named Monica called she's from Connecticut. And she was driving to New Orleans she calls last night from in Mississippi and listen to the show she was driving it into worlds she was coming to new worlds for the first time effort. And -- called us later in the show which you got to her bed and breakfast uptown. And I told her after her first night in New Orleans the calls on the showed rights -- -- hope Monica gives us a call tonight. And we had fun talking to her about some of the things that she should do and when you when you talk about some of the things that somebody new to New Orleans should do and -- the city. It just reminds you of all the things that we take for granted some of the things that we don't do it what -- gesture was take the canal street Algiers here. Just take the ferry across the river and back. And I -- for pedestrians it's free and when you're out on the ferry and especially for big ship comes five. That's really exciting moment and it and it's -- it's a degree view of the city you're over the water. Usually you have to pay for that kind of stuff and cities but you can take their canal street Dodgers -- And just enjoy a nice trip across the river. And back and it's a great view of the city of north and that's something that you think about telling somebody who's coming to the city for the first time to do. But something that we remind ourselves that maybe we should do -- time for tonight's top 88 -- the top -- things we'd like you to know -- -- to get our show tonight. On WW well number eight. The sabres opened training camp today they hit the field tomorrow in the cool mountains of West Virginia. And you disregard our newscasters now with your hands so. That the temperatures going to be about sixty degrees. With a get on the field you know what I found really interesting I think it was -- -- -- here. Who wrote something on our website at WW dot com and he was talking about. Southern hospitality. In West Virginia. Southern charm in West Virginia. Now from where we are West Virginia seemed so far north but technically it's part of the self. So the south really had more to do with mentality and attitude. But it had to do with geographical location and I guess the country which you are so small in the beginning with a thirteen colonies that. That was considered. To be the south 'cause I guess at that point they don't know very much about what was going on down here. But the saints have opened up their training camp what aspect of the saints are you most excited about this year. Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton had a press conference today -- talk about it here and to VW we've got all the details of that on our website at WWL dot com. And I like what Mickey Loomis said. He said we've got all the pieces in place and we Jimmy Graham signed. That was another piece of the policy. All the pieces are in place. But Mickey Loomis also said anything could happen during the season and that's true. And their saints fans who think they just because all the pieces are place. We're entitled to win the Super Bowl. And we're not in a lot can happen and just because the pieces are placed doesn't mean we're gonna win but it sure seems like everything is is in place. For us to be a -- very serious contender. Especially with the changes that have been made on defense and I have to say as impressed as I am with the Alfred Steele. I would say it's the -- the defense is the aspect of the -- that I'm most excited about. This year if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. At a text numbers 878 -- here's a Texan Reid says scoot the ferry is two dollars each way now okay so it's almost for four box. It's still want a fun thing to do that's a -- last -- said it was reform pedestrians but the charge for -- -- -- it if you know more -- this and I -- haven't been on the -- since they changed that but a tape just talking about it last night to being reminded about again tonight. I'm gonna take a right on the -- this weekend. Number seven -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Southern California are deciding whether to arrest and charge an eighty year old man. Who shot an unarmed burglar in the back. Despite telling him that she was pregnant. The guy's name he's eighty years old -- -- -- -- recent Long Beach, California the police chief said that he is cooperating with the investigation and wouldn't say whether charges will be recommended to the prosecutors. Also said that he wouldn't it wouldn't answer questions about whether or not the 28 year old Andrea Miller was actually pregnant. Now her accomplice I believe flow was. The guy who was with her. Says said the police chief says that he's got a merger chart murder charge against -- -- sort of six year old -- Adams. And it's possible that he was involved in the felony that led to to a death. But you know here's here's one of the problems with. This particular case from I'm sure this guy felt threatened. But if you shoot somebody in the back. Can you really claim that your life was threatened. If you shoot somebody in the back. Are they retreating. And running away from you. At that point could the argument be well at this point it was just for revenge it was just to administer punishment. That's not what we're supposed to do with guns were supposed to use them to protect ourselves so this is going to be an interest in case and we'll we'll follow it give you an update we hear more about it. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Debate over the death penalty which are. I what some described as a botched execution has happened -- we were on the air last night so we started talking about it briefly last night. It took a 117. Minutes almost two hours for convicted killer Joseph wood to -- But his son his victim's sister. Had a guy -- he shot this woman's sister and her father. He said she said that he just fell asleep and it looked like a more peaceful death and his that her sister and her husband a suffered from. Now there are lawyers who were saying this was a botched execution and their one story says state. By his attorney I tried to stop the XQ -- and tried to start life saving treatment about an hour Ian. When it didn't appear that he was totally dead because. He appeared to be. Gasping and snoring. In the death chamber. And I saw the victims. Sister -- earlier. And she said what the guy was snoring. He went out right away he went to sleep and they have to deal what they've had to deal with this for 25 years all the paperwork that goes along with the death penalty. And if she said that disburse it really nothing there it was nothing to it. Now an attorney for the attorney general's office and the state of Arizona says that to 55 year old Joseph would. I was already dead. Due to the second dose of lethal drugs and at the sounds in the movements from board were involuntary reaction. They were just bodily actions. That happened after you died you know we hear about I've never seen this but I hear that to chickens sometimes we'll still run around when their heads get cut off. And that led one night actually to a discussion on the show. We actually. We actually talked about how. If it's a -- is is is beheaded. Do I still blank afterwards we need to get back into that -- that was just kind of an interest in. Kind of -- a scenario but you know I think that sometimes there are or involuntary reactions. After people were killed immediately. I'm I'm really ambivalence about the death penalty I I totally sympathize with this this woman. Who says sister was killed when she was eighteen and a father was killed I totally sympathize with her. The only problem that I have with the death penalty is from a moral standpoint. The idea that it in this in this big picture thing beyond crime and everything in the the big picture of life. The moral aspect of its surgically or medically. Killing somebody. They calculated manner. Seems to go against. What should be our deep human morality. But then there's decided -- totally understands that people who commit horrific crimes. Deserve to die so I really I am still very conflicted with the death penalty. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Three airlines crash in one week went there could be blamed for two the other crash was apparently due to a commercial airliner Malaysian airlines flight seventy. Flying over Warsaw. Have you ever been on the plane. And it really concerned. About bad weather. I can think of a few times I have -- my son was a flight into Idaho yes I got tortured him yesterday and he said. We flew into a massive thunderstorm it was a small twin engine prop plane. He said I was a little concerned. And there have been a few times when I've been on planes when I've been concerned although they really can't take quite a beating. And we feel that turbulence we feel these planes bouncing around the they really are prepared to to handle it. Somebody told me once and this was an air traffic controller he said that the the wing of the triple seven. Is capable of -- Eight feet in either direction. Before which snapped. And you'd know that would be that would be quite. That would be quite a ball in the -- to -- -- more than an eight feet in either direction. So the planes are are made to wits withstand these things -- you know I can't help but think about. The decision for Malaysian airlines to fly over the war zone of the Ukraine. Apparently that saved the airline 15100 dollars in fuel rather than go around. So that was a decision they made it may be based on a business decision. Sometimes. I think airlines might actually make decisions to fly in bad weather because it's about business. You get the feeling that business trumps passenger safety and again have you ever been on a flight. In really bad weather where you were concerned. If you wanna join -- shortly but the comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 26 so when he seventy. Toll free 8668890. X seventy and -- ever it's at 77. Never for -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Ted Nugent has been told that his upcoming shows are being canceled. The emerald queen coast casino in Tacoma Washington. Canceled two of Ted Nugent shows scheduled for August 2 and third. They Puyallup tribe assisted the tribe it has lead the casino in Washington. They received death threats. From community members. Demanding that the casino cancel -- shows. You know if you're mad at somebody for being a racist and being ugly I don't know that threatening a casino I don't know that that's the right course of action. But also the court -- tribe in nine north western Idaho also canceled Ted -- show for August the fourth. They said they canceled it because of his racist and hate filled remarks they said they book Ted -- to without realizing. That he had made some of these comments without realizing that he had a racist attitude and racist views. Many people believe what Ted Richard says and they're not offended by what he says at all I'm kind of surprised because. -- -- Idaho. Which is -- just up at that the very tip my initiative called the panhandle of Idaho that's a really strong. Conservative area. I would think that they would have welcomed a Ted Nugent such kind of surprised to hear that they they canceled and at Tacoma Washington just south of of Seattle. That's an area that can be. Very blue collar. And so I'm surprised that they've received any kind of threat then demanded to cancel the show. But I guess the ultimate question is has to do which it lost his right to freedom of speech I mean there are those who will argue that what we don't have freedom of speech anymore. What we do we talked about this a little but on the show last night it seems like this is coming up a lot recently we have the right to freedom of speech but we still held accountable for what we said. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- -- -- was -- he is not allowed to go back into a doughnut shop in Connecticut after boarding out to him an employee is that a baby in your belly. The problem is she wasn't pregnant. She says she's heard this before. At a nursery school. And not to be critical but some people to sort of have that. That appearance and I would hope that when you get to be a little older than four years old you realize that it's a prudent not to. Suggest if somebody's pregnant if you don't know for sure that their pregnant but this -- a four year old kid. The mother says she was so embarrassed she said oh my goodness I'm so embarrassed and sorry the woman who he said this to excepted the the apology. But apparently management didn't. They went back in the the -- eaten a donut shop in Monroe Connecticut. A couple of days later and they started screaming -- the front door he's not allowed in here he's rude. Is this a case of just inexcusable mistake by a four year old kid who said something that was seemingly innocent offensive as it might have been. Or is this sub. Is this a root kid that needs to be that needs to be punished if you wanna join -- to my but the -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening. And a text numbers 87870. Number two -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Gallup poll shows that 22% of Americans believe that the. Only way to fix congress. Is to fire everywhere. Vote every incumbent. Out of office. Only 15% according to this poll approve of the way congress is handling its job. And 22% -- taken July 7 through the tenth 22% say that they're ready for a brand new start. And that everybody in congress. Should be fired. We talked about this on the show before. Would you be willing to fire your incumbent. For fresh new start and would that send. Would that send a strong message to politicians in general that we're tired we're fed up and we're not gonna take it anymore. What are the problems with the polls in attitude of this country is it that people are disgusted with congress. But they're never discussed it with their incumbent than ever disgusted. Enough to vote them out of office because they -- incumbent often. Means somebody projects forward their district and for their their state. But if these represented to congress. Are bringing something to our state then you and higher paying for a lot of things that are going to other states that we don't benefit from. So the question is would descend as strong enough message about how disgusted Americans are with the political process on Capitol Hill. If we fired everybody who is up for reelection. And I realize that the good would go with a bad but if the goods were part of this congress that is failing. Part of a congress it only has a 50% approval rating. Then. I guess it could be argued that in some ways the good deserved to go along with the -- we'll talk about the solution -- my numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven in a text number is 877. And finally tonight. Number one and on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Maybe we can answer this question once and for -- Haven't you heard a lot of people say that we have become desensitized. To real tragedies. We have become desensitized to violence because of the graphic violence from Hollywood. Africa out of the year last night the weather channel was hearing a series. The series with says it was titled. Why planes crash. And one of the one of the series they were -- -- -- row one of the one of the features. Was titled. Brace for impact. And it was that was a series about these real plane crashes. Airline plane crashes. And it showed actual film. Or video. A pictures. And then there was animation used to show what happened in midair collisions or what happened to the point how the played. How the plane -- for -- sitting there watching this thinking OK who's watching the Steelers were watching news we're watching this show about planes crashing. I mean I found it very compelling and very interesting. But it wasn't graphic. It was a graphic at all. So. If we are steel. Compelled. To watch something that is a graphic. Because we know it's real. But I think that's a good sign that we have not become desensitized to violence and it's so easy to say oh well we become desensitized to violence but half we. The scoop what tonight is have we become desensitized to real violence that's on our website at WW real dot com you can read share with others who talk about this on the -- -- Do you think we've become desensitized to violence. Think about something in your life that you've seen. -- Was real it was and graphics. Like the the footage of the assassination of president Kennedy. -- graphic. But think about how we all react to that isn't that because we know which -- This is the -- show ever come right back your comments on WL. A new survey shows that 22% of Americans believe the only way to fix congress is to fire everybody. Vote out all the incumbents. That's a -- to be a pretty general opinion poll tonight Ross are talking about it on the show do you agree. 77%. Say yes they agree. But what you do it 20% say no and this is not a show about criticizing in incumbents. Specifically but this is about this whole process of of the which seems to be. An entitlement mentality once somebody gets into the position of power got a number of text to get to go to those are starting just a few minutes. For Kennard chasing your on this crucial and to -- -- -- well. Hello Jason. I will put Jason on hold and Dutch and I within just a moment let's go uptown -- -- -- WL. And we have volumes up on these calls. Okay are you are all right I don't know under what happened there ice is Jason. Oh yeah hey Jason. Good. Think that we become just -- side that by. I don't I don't either by -- discovered this last night while I was watching. The story to the weather channel -- large the same program. And so you you have to admit that none of that was graphic and yet because we knew it was real it had a tremendous impact Thomas. Correct. -- it's also kind of a two days straight when you start talking that you see the number one girl export more. And don't count -- out there almost bare knuckle rocking each other. -- audit is and that's something that kind of touches this this human fascination with violence that goes back to the Roman gladiators. -- I Jason I'd like to call Flexilis if you wanna dress like with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And it -- ever say 77 it also talked about it Ted Nugent he's had a couple of shows canceled in Tacoma Washington which is just south of Seattle. At a show canceled in court alene Idaho which is in the northwest corner of Idaho because of his racist rants here -- detects it reads at Tennessee performer and the people who booking him run a business. Here's a text good for them for canceling Nugent I saw wanted to shows in the late seventies like -- are still ringing now. I hear is Texas says -- this was about the four year old kid. Who was told. A four year old kid was says it was which told not to go back to a donut shop because he made a mistake he. Ask one of the employees if she had a baby in her belly. And the problem is she was pregnant here's a Texas and I've done the same thing with a woman that I thought was pregnant. You know I think in the case of this for little kids you know it's. It's embarrassing it was inappropriate. But he didn't say you're fat -- he really had a very. Innocent observation. A thinking that she was pregnant and while I understand that that's very. Very degrading to somebody who isn't pregnant I mean I've learned in my life you just don't say that it what you know for sure. But it seems like that's just an innocent mistake -- by a four year old and not something that somebody should be so concerned with -- -- -- just a moment let's go to Alabama Gary you're on the -- -- to be WL. Could argue that Gary. Okay. -- him almost did indeed viewed -- each what's the acronym. There would be to veto it lifeboat -- voter. -- Acronym for vote everybody there route. Would that be Gary do you think that would send a really strong message to politicians that we are fed up. It would be. They really her words are not. I think so often the American people feel like well you know we're victims there's nothing we can do when we really do have the power. Through the media especially the talk media to tell them how we feel and we have the the the power and ability to back them up when it comes to election time. Yeah I just got -- vote and at all. November oh not program with the primary here knighted over in about an altercation virtually -- -- -- Not to Wear a -- -- appropriate about it and -- -- to a -- to do -- you know my opinion after a lot of you know this country Rangel should go to. Gary I appreciate calling a show we're responding to a new Gallup poll showing that 50% of Americans believe that congress is doing a good job. 50%. 85% don't agree with the job congress is doing. At 22% polled said that they think the only way to fix congress is to fire everybody. Vote every incumbent out of office. Here's a Texan -- for the last three or four elections my goal has been to vote. The incumbent out not to vote someone else and I'm more concerned about getting the trash out and getting something different in. This is the only way this country quote this is the only way this country won't ever turn around. I guess he means if we keep -- same people back in into office. We need a president so who's going to run his campaign based on our -- our constitution says that's the way our founding fathers. Intent it. Here is another text incumbents fired them all. That goes for Louisiana politicians. As well. And you know I I realize that what we're saying here's who we we may end up throwing out some really good. Politicians. But if they have been part of this problem. Then. Every incumbent with that not scare every politician. If every incumbent was voted out. If you enjoyed -- show the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines are we seventy. And a -- amber is a 77. -- open training camp today officially they hit the field tomorrow is gonna be about sixty degrees in West Virginia when they hit the field and apparently in green -- West Virginia that is an unbelievable facility and -- WWL is -- There have a great time but they're also working really hard. And we -- have all the latest updates for you here on WW -- if you want text updates on the latest that comes out of -- training camp the latest that goes over the saints throughout the season. You will be the first to know if you sign up for the WW -- text alerts text the word sports. To -- 77. That simple text the word sports to a 7870. We don't charge for Tex pipes your individual. And data rates may apply. Again to join us for the comet tonight about -- we're talking about our numbers 2601870. -- -- free 866889070. At a text number is a 7870 at slightly may finally answered this question have we become desensitized. To real tragedies because of graphic violence in Hollywood. This is this good show coming back -- WL. A four year old boy is a screen dad and told with his mother never to come back into the donut shop in Connecticut because see a couple of days before that he -- dead mistakenly asked a woman who worked there. If that was a baby in her belly. And she wasn't pregnant. Was that just an innocent comment by kid hears it protects the reads has -- I had a very embarrassing situation a while back ran into someone I knew had been pregnant. And I said girl what are you gonna have that baby. I didn't know that she had a baby two weeks prior to me seeing her talk about hoops. And here's a text about it Ted Nugent shows being canceled couple have been. -- Ted -- has every right to say what he wants to say and businesses have every right to refuse to associate with him. Because of it -- from New Orleans got your on this crucial to be the -- -- -- just to land of year you're -- in the bumper but you -- style will happen if it's all incumbents are not reelected. Well would it send a message to politicians that we're really kind of fed up with the way congress operates as a as a body. Okay well umpire and some thoughts on this a little background added I'll -- local artwork and -- policy you. But. Two things born under -- really great book but I. Carter and -- would settle for -- you talk called America still experiment. Americans -- America's failing experiment. Yes. That deal -- sort of why. We don't get results in our legislature. Which which. There -- that the prime seasons. Politicians have their finger on the pulse of the nation too much. So the years he put forward that. No clear direction ago because every point and urged. And every person actresses and might. -- so. The idea here because polling as such -- part of politician like I'll have you know. What year you know it would to a 21. -- heart -- where there through two senators. Talking to people. -- -- Oh to. Form an error in York. People actor. Which would. Put. -- -- -- Currency. So it's sort all that you know. Don't elect incompetence currency. Kelvin there'll be. Summer and you know opposing party -- -- you put my money. The first thought about it started building it was a column in several countries that. On. Dollar and they don't have any time a bit color support for term. The -- that. You know uh oh I think you were treated them for years. So Europe. Four play and to be formed. Yeah I think that's an interesting it's an interesting points god because I wouldn't suggested that every election we vote out every incumbent but right now there's just such. Such discussed with with congress as a branch of government. That one away and I don't know that this is the most effective way at one way to send a message. To politicians is to say OK as there the American people agree ninety here we're gonna vote every incumbent out and we have a united voice. And I don't think politicians politicians play off the fact that America's divided. Oh absolutely. And and you know put -- important Democratic Party. They're their stock entry to this point -- -- Did it. -- -- Europe or America while I'm abortion and and you know your program on oh I am against drug legalization or credibility. And so. -- the year. Threatening -- factor. It has been for a while it's getting worse I -- a conversation Scott thanks for thanks for calling if you are joint site with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening. In a -- -- receipts have -- -- right back with more vehicles mortar text tomorrow it's going to be another fun day with Angela hill she is part of a radio friendly now. That's the most when you can have on the radio was treading on WWL tomorrow at 1 o'clock a candid -- in depth discussion about the top stories of the week -- what's been trending. On tomorrow's crew is Dave Cohen news director cat from buy -- 95 point seven. And Seth Dunlap who wrote a brilliant a blog that you might -- read on our web site also at 2 o'clock let's have fun Friday talking about new movies like Hercules and a man most wanted. With the -- to Philip Seymour Hoffman. And also while Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson then at 3 o'clock. Look at for romantic placed each -- -- Morse will be in the studio sharing his ideas with you. An open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow and weekdays one to 400 of you real. This is Cisco show and we'll be right back into the WL.