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7-24 Scoot Show 9p, Being Numb to Violence

Jul 24, 2014|

Gallup Poll shows that 22% of Americans believe the best way to fix Congress is the fire everyone. Do you agree? If every incumbent across the country was voted out of office - do you think that would be a step toward convincing politicians that "we" are demanding action? AND: A young boy is told he is not allowed in a donut shop after asking a women in the shop if she "had a baby in her belly." The woman was not pregnant. When the child returned with his parents - the manager told him he was not allowed. Overreaction? Have we been desensitized by graphic violence from Hollywood? We are compelled to watch real-world violence - even though it is not graphic - because we know it's real. Can you think of a real event that you watched and still think about - even thought the visual of the event is tame compared to the violence you see from Hollywood? The grainy video of the recent Bourbon Street shooting shows very little and nothing graphic - but we watched it over and over because we knew it was real. Does this mean we have not been desensitized to graphic violence from Hollywood?

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Saints hit the field tomorrow. West Virginia. Saturday Greenbrier resort. It's gonna be sixty degrees at the field and it -- the -- on -- talking today about how. Believe this cooler weather is gonna help that some of the soft tissue injuries. That occur early in training him. I I think it's great and apparently -- that the small town. Where the saints or treating him as he -- the saints and they have a small range that I don't think they were throwing anything. Mickey Loomis it's really really good things in the press conference today. That we -- that are for your station earlier got all the from the tour website at W if you don't like come. Mickey Loomis said all the pieces are in place but a lot can happen during the season and that is true. I -- like the idea of going to a different place having a different place to to begin the process of getting ready for the season. And I think that's an excellent idea and it's a lot more sense going to a place like that that's a place like Vero Beach which was wow that was just that was hot -- its. Key and Monty and I can understand going to a place like that and it for a while they went to a lacrosse Wisconsin didn't. As so going to -- place like that is it's really nice but we've got all the information you need on our web -- constantly updating it it's a very exciting time for saints fans. And if you want if you get -- -- updates every time something happens. Will be -- the information and not only during training camp during the entire season. All you have to do is text the word sports. To -- 7870. And you'll sign up for the -- WL sports text alert get information on the saints L issue. And the pelicans she'll be the first to know and you might be sitting in your office to get a text -- be it would tell everybody you work with. A some news about the saints because you're getting at first. Text the -- sports. -- -- -- Here's an update on our -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll there's a survey that shows that 22% of Americans believe the only way to fix congress justify your everybody. That means -- have all of the incumbents. Do you agree with -- 81% say yes. And 90% say no. It was your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. Also we're talking about something that they came to mind last night I -- out of the year I was watching the weather channel's it channel surfing and watching the weather channel. There was a series of specials on titled why planes crash. And what are the hourlong specials with subtitled brace for impact. And it was a show that that featured nature plane crashes the cause is what happened that showed. On old video film or animation to explain when it happened but there was nothing graphic. And I thought compared to the graphics that we see in Hollywood. This is nothing. But yet I am watching this with great interest because I know which real. And for for the people who say we -- desensitized to real violence. I I I challenge that idea because. If you think about how you react to something that you know which Rio. Can you really say that you've been to sensitized by graphic violence from Hollywood. The -- blog tonight is titled have we become desensitized to real violence. And that's a -- and we're excited to be W dot com if you want Georges for the comic tonight about -- they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which 78. 77. I still waiting to hear from Monica -- Monica you know she's there -- woman who was committed to worlds for the first time ever she calls which you got he called us from the road last night on the show from Connecticut. I hope she had a good time -- I hope she survived the night. She was driving into new -- was achieving cult is what you got to -- and be uptown. First time ever in New Orleans and we had some suggestions for things to do it. I think a friend who's going to be different bad Russo if -- calls in tonight we'll find out how our first nights in New Orleans was. Anthony you're on the -- good evening. And it -- I -- I'm good Anthony. -- -- -- OK good I'm glad to hear. Why. One replaced her with a lot of reasons yeah. -- -- -- Well yeah I guess technically it would be the reason the league is wrong yeah its gravity. Yeah Anthony did you have a comment about -- we're talking about tonight. -- -- People. Congress people -- -- Our goal is that differently. Within in the -- America a lot of Americans agree with you. Article one section one paragraph to it to -- it that -- education. -- -- -- -- Right now. I would agree yeah -- typical treatment. And there are two big agendas the right in the left they ever again. -- Well that has been the goal of of of a lot of Republicans -- in office and we heard stories about Eric handler where as part of a group of Republicans that met the night that Obama was. Inaugurated I guess in the 2004. And their. And their their goal was to to do -- block everything that he did but you know that's kind of the -- of of every party to make the president the opposing party's president look bad and office. Anthony and pledged to turn the caller show thanks for listening. Here's a check the reason I wonder how the lady from our tail is doing into world yet we just I just talked about Monica. From Slidell Mike he earned a VW -- Mean like would go back to being sent. A second. -- for the incumbent you know we need to. On that hole. I've been and that means vote everybody out veteran trying to do you think -- -- -- Start from right. If a new poll shows that only 15% of Americans approve of the job congress is doing and 22% believe the only way to fix congress is devote everybody out. Now that's gonna mean voting everybody's gonna have to vote out the year. They -- representative. Do you think this would send a message that America is uniting behind the idea that we're fed up. It. I -- you think about you think about. What -- war started. To started. Everybody came -- -- We. United. We -- use united. State. Adding. I think right now that's all -- need some some one day you are all well we need to. Mike and later still listening good for the being only seven days and I'm glad I'm still do it nationalist if you -- join -- with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- numbers it's every seven years to exclude I love this guy keep him on please oh soldier tomorrow. The I've never seemed a span but they they play a lot of carte stuff. I uses opera music on the shows that I do. And disband or soldier is going to be part of the big block party tomorrow night around the cap room in Covington and no I've referenced Steve Arsenault is going to be playing their. And that sounds like a really great time and and all these people are inviting me after the show tomorrow night. If I didn't. I would be -- also via bay harbor fest is going on celebrated the grand opening of the Beijing municipal harboring patient at Lewis had. I've seen some things from basic Lewis and the news recently that really make me wanna go I haven't been there since moving back and just seems like it is just on such a great job of becoming a viable community following Petraeus only get over there and then of course it's the -- rodeo in grand dial. It officially started today but really starts to it cranked up tomorrow. And over the weekend and I have never well it's actually he's been a long time since I have been to the TARP and rodeo. And it has really developed into. Well let's just say it's it's quite a party in every once in awhile you actually hear about somebody who says they went fishing. -- tonight we're talking about whether or not we have loosed -- -- whether or not we have lost our. Our sensitivity to real violence and this is -- a common discussion that comes up quite -- -- -- we're so desensitized to real violence. And yet. I don't know that we are. If you would join Russia with a comment on what you think about some of the things that you've seen. That are graphic you see stuff for the news if it's not graphic. Bites. York compelled to watch. Even though it's not graphic you know which real so isn't that an indication that we're really not to sensitized. To violence. Also we are talking about freedom of speech again tonight conservative rocker Ted Nugent. Had some of these upcoming shows canceled -- two in Tacoma Washington south of Seattle and one in court Elaine Idaho. Which is in the very top northwestern corner of -- very conservative -- some kind of surprised -- that show was canceled. I'm Ted Nugent says there is a liberal army that is assigned to destroy Ted Nugent. Instead which it lost his right to freedom of speech. Our numbers 2601870. -- free 86688. -- -- which seventy. Texas a 7870. This is the schoolchildren Thursday nights and we'll be right back and Demi WL. A four year old boy it was a screen dad and told never to come back into a donut shop a couple of days before he was told never to come -- -- and he blurted out to an employee is that a baby in your belly. The woman wasn't pregnant coach. I was at just inexcusable mistake by a four year old here's a -- -- reason when I was a kid there was a lady with a deformed face. And I asked her where her space -- boys my dad punish me for that I thought it was funny. At the time. Here's a text about two throwing everybody out of a congress of voting at all the commas to send a message to congress as as a branch of government. Don't throw the baby with the -- water. A summer percentages are working partly Mary Landrieu and David -- against out of touch with police and eagle maniacs. There are also already scared of losing their jobs that's why they play politics with their votes. You know I haven't mentioned any specific names and -- I don't need to you but if you step back and just don't think about your specific represented. If this country collectively. Is so disgusted with congress only 15% approve of the job congress is doing. And 22% say the only way to fix congress is the fire everybody. Would this not let politicians know that they're gonna have to start listening to us. Because right now they don't think they have the Los Angeles. And unfortunately they're listening to. In some cases the extremes. On both sides as opposed to listening to. Mainstream America a trouble plus Merck's -- and to be WL. I hate. Pocket at the same -- Old dog all you -- I'm deliberate on the average. And not to Alter good -- -- -- disposal and you produce or whatever it is at all. And and it was the end desensitized. To block. Yeah. You know. And now -- -- -- proposals on and on time line. But that I think that as well let's get -- base do with that right now coming in the way. I mean. Israel. Would -- -- Ukraine. A plane that went to Africa I mean the story for a change. And as many weeks. Don't know there where they were three planes in one week. Because there was -- -- that. Well. But don't let you smoke you want what was it about three weeks ago it was a week ago about a week ago. You know that -- -- And now all of that was a that was -- ago yeah he sent -- That. But. We don't comment. Is it like military. Army in the country. Well some people say that celebrities die in threes I don't I don't really believe that I don't know that there's a real pattern of that. But there's a lot going on in the world there's no doubt about it but you know -- there was a lot going on the world when you and I we're growing up to. -- -- -- you know and then. Back in the really isn't it I was too young for the sixties at all and but in the seventies something a lot -- -- goal of -- -- Watergate and Vietnam the Vietnam War finally ended it was soon. -- the ending that many people wanted but at least it ended and that of course there was of Watergate which way is the I guess the first real well the first real big modern day. Political scandal. If it -- a tumultuous time. Yeah it and we made it through that mercilessly I I think will make it through this tough time that we're living through now I don't think that the the countries on the eve of destruction as some people wanna suggest. Well -- -- that. Actually because we will do well we do good -- be in the United States of America. You know and that the violence it is. The average citizen. -- Who goes to night warrior -- like. Look at Israel. And the Ukraine in -- You know. Well he yeah you do at some point have to kind of letting go if you wanted to stay saying. On murder I'm I'm glad you called -- knew what he calls anytime. Thanks whose parents -- body as the state of one market. I appreciate it's a pleasure to talk to you if you are joint site with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text numbers 877 here's a -- a reads a World War II was a long time before people like Rush Limbaugh and Ted Nugent. People were civil and honorable. Can we really blame Rush Limbaugh and Ted Nugent for. Dividing this country. I think they've reflected divide that already exists in this country from Georgia do a year on the -- show. Picketers -- doing. Scuba Ted Nugent gluten is free speech yet lost freedoms we are all well and that they haven't lost. Yeah any may have lost a couple of jobs but he he didn't lose his freedom of speech but there are people believe that if your people believe that if you're judged for your freedom of speech. Then. You have lost your right to freedom of speech and I think people don't really understand that you do have freedom of speech but your accountable for what you say. Pegged to toward Iraq while much good. Yeah nobody can -- all accountable for your what you can -- -- finalist people -- don't put you under a mountain time last. And you can't like. Adopt a sixteen year old girl so that you could. We'll -- blows over I don't want it and that -- with. It -- -- Nash got emotional war liberal bloggers. -- Do England college I got intentionally firms have I said. I'm glad those -- -- -- were were canceled -- -- to a new to chill in the seventies in my ears are still ringing from -- brought in your and a BWL. Not being -- that thing you know I think that idea would work -- the popular -- educated and not in politics. -- at that think that on the big problem there's a lot of people. They don't understand the issues and they keep voting the same people and that he beat me I'll look at it through an economic perspective. And when I look at the economy goes way back from the com and export days while we're in the match where -- Because if you keep an economic growth in each comic grew more Burton -- complete on the taxpayers more but technically the on the corporate America and the problem is national. And it got so bad and you have eight people don't want fifteen people jobs. And companies that it's gotten that much is great care and he got convoluted. And I in these -- the Department of Education I think as a classy example there's there's so much bureaucracy in government agencies that. If you if you turn the funds over to a private company to run public schools. I think they would probably do a better job than department of education and there have been a lot of people who -- has said recently during campaigns which you get rid of the Department of Education course that means people get fired. But this idea that that we have government growing. It's not. It's not a good idea. I mean you look at the economy full extent of your government spending and making up your economy -- 70% of the -- to go on social program. Does not apple economy -- -- socialist economy. Excite you determine what kind of economy you. Now and I'm looking forward it was 3% in government spending widget content of the capitalist economy though. It won't let that goes on being world away. That really bad stuff that we don't some -- figure that I mean you cannot keep on all. Well I figured out I think we need to remember that we as individuals we have we have power but we don't use it -- week. We are we are divided and were manipulated by a politicians who do that through the media. And if we realized that wait a minute if we discussed it with congress and we keep putting him back there that we have to look in the mirror and realized that we should be discussed it with ourselves. Right and I get that goes back could be educate and though we know people on the. Oh -- -- -- and then and there are there are so many people in this country bride who don't wanna know the truth they just wanna find what's supports their opinion and and they're not trying to find the truth. They're -- -- kinda -- things that that rally that rallied the group that they believe that their Pardo. So you know it -- if we don't change. We're gonna technical really bad economic collapse and it's not going to be because one administration -- it's good it's going to be because we did it. And we didn't we -- being responsible. With the vote we kept voting in the people who are self adjusted. They have no interest of strength in the government. And that's pretty much every politician so I don't know. I don't know just voting out the economy yeah senate's -- -- -- -- like that it goes back from a personal point -- that -- populace that's really educated on. Okay at risk I'm not gonna vote for this person and why and he can't -- -- he could put. Well and that's and that's what people do that quite often just vote for the candidate of their party because seated today advances what they believe is is there agenda. Bright and I'm glad to call the show thanks listing here's a -- reason when my son was a toddler. He asks my mother. Why she had all these cracks in her face. She still laughingly tells that story today and he's twenty years old. From New Orleans got your on the -- show and -- WL. -- structured. A Little League that we're actually are most people on the pilot that they argued that the a point or are you. Thursday -- group of people in the world that are actually exposed to real while on a regular -- -- that being our soldiers only saw their numbers of workers at G. That is real people people out or -- -- and people like that with the Oki yeah. That's what that's which -- a -- -- out there. It's a good point but were quite often here because I think it's a convenient today it's a convenient thing to blame well it's it's a finalist from Hollywood look at what's going on in America where de sensitized to violence went. It it is really occurred to me last night I was watching these these shows on the weather channel why planes crashed. And use that there was nothing graphic about the video of the film it was something graphic about the animation that showed him some plane collisions in planes crashing. -- but yet but I knew it was real so it it had an impact on. Sure -- educational. It's. Operational Hollywood plot exploding more -- barring a point four hour news service did a or three week gonna -- on the airplane they are formal out now at that the other. Started hearing -- If they were actually exposed to real well real and actually had to -- brought real bodies are up the muddy ditch and they don't go -- I guarantee it. Scott I appreciate you calling I think that's a really good point it really only a small percentage of people and in the world are actually exposed to real violence. From New Orleans trash -- under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- I have one point. Com. A little ones born well. You -- Say he -- In the end of the day to day and you can say it did but when you grow make and stand. In the makeup. And that -- in your hate me that it's called a day for. Me. And that's -- he's a little bit late incompetence. Bait these come from that there may be. And. Apparently repeatedly shows that much. Blood. And well -- -- wish I understand that the -- making me really talking about semantics here and and I realized it technically it might be a mistake in the way you're defining mistake but it was something that. Was it was was deemed inappropriate I mean obviously the -- would rather the Q did not have cents O and -- in that sense it was a mistake but. I understand what you're saying it was a malicious mistake or something corporate because it's four years old. But I mean at least he knew that was a possibility that there was a baby there. The what -- accepted the well accepted the apology from the mother -- the mother goes right back into the into the donut shop when she screamed that said don't bring to kick around anymore because he's proved that. That totally unacceptable. I'd be. And -- -- -- ground ball. Court now options grants that Michael Jackson was. And their ethnic -- story in this. Woman -- on action and then I'll gain in Jack's. You -- because achieved without Karl. In the white light up -- and I -- you want and yet he is. One mean. You know I couldn't say it people were taken -- -- ball. When their children -- -- -- -- child -- their adult. And they elect. But I mean PG. -- like my. Fresh I I agree and it was it was in if I mean he didn't say she was stacked enemies know something that -- in a lot of ways -- was appropriate. Story that somebody would think that she's pregnant she actually told the woman that she heard that the farmer from from other people mean some people. Gain weight in a certain area and you know what I to a four year old kid it it might look like you're pregnant. It got to be careful and have gotten a couple of -- of people who have made that mistake themselves in. You know I've I've I've learned that an -- know for sure if somebody's pregnant you don't ask. Nietzsche. And I'll work well with the public and I'm never at about -- I'm not for years now. And on and people need to get for me that management that's totally -- -- One and forty. -- themselves. Word. That it. Fisher couldn't say. Exactly I agree it was in his that thing to say I appreciate you calling -- -- thanks for listening -- -- don't Norman you're on WWL. Thanks to ignore calls him we just growing now. Earlier you'd get a call girl murdered knew he was trying to. Discuss that he. -- -- worried should nationally with video -- to -- for. I'm 74 years of outrage out there at ground ball low and force but archer -- So for primary terror. But to go about -- However. This white Alps. Is in the worst shape. And there's you -- get around. All of the old adage about Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Sure real life -- -- barbie's about to. We're decent -- and California. And the Middle East is it. So. It's. Just. You -- talk about this talked about this briefly last night occasionally this comes out I'm not in favor of president's. I'm going places for photo opportunities and I I do know that with technology today. President's really can be in touch and do their job from wherever they are however. I just don't think it's a good. Thing to do for -- president when there's so much going on even though it's perception and maybe not reality. I don't think it's good for president to go to fund raising trip because he gives the impression that raising money for politicians. Is more important than anything else and that's not a message to the American people should hear right now. That's correct all of -- have personal wage they're 121000 law enforcement problem that Gator. Own president and general ball protection league table and even back in the seventies. They had world wide communications. At your fingertips is nothing new. And now apparently. Needs -- just not take advantage of it. Now we've got boot then -- -- and try and broker IE you know. Peace between the Palestinians and me and Leo now -- -- it. Who needs to work a little bit harder and maintaining a good relationship with the US. Well. But who receive work. They don't give you know I mentioned at the other night when -- win the win the Malaysian flight went down. And President Obama was criticized for announcing at the White House mentioned that in 1983. When robbery which presidents there was a Korean civilian airline that was shot down by the Russians. And -- -- world Reagan cut his vacation short he recession is -- in California cut his vacation short went back to the White House. And wrote a speech. And it some say he wrote himself his speechwriters didn't write it. And he delivered an address to the American people now that we still during their that was that on the fringe and of the -- wars so we still had a cold we're going on -- We were a little more concerned about Russia mean I think we should be concerned about Russian now but I guess in some ways we were little more concerned about Russia in 1983. And we are today in terms of it being a formidable foe. But again those nuclear weapons are still there Norman I've got to get to break I'm glad to color showing -- thanks for listening to WW Ella thanks for your service to the community. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Early seventy. And our text numbers a 7870. Here's a -- to -- a pretty general opinion poll survey shows that 22% of Americans believe that the only way to fix congress. Is to fire every one. Photo all the incumbents. Do you agree give -- opinion by going to WW dot com and we'll be back I love this August as the band. Am eighteen so yeah because the house of blues. Sunday night. And only show. It'll be a lot of parents and -- -- Visitors -- -- whether it's just a quick update on IW -- -- party general opinion poll survey shows that -- 2% of Americans believe that the only way to fix congress is to fire every one. Vote all incumbents out do you agree. 81%. Say yes. 90% say no this poll should send chills up the spine of every incumbent from New Orleans Elaine year old this -- -- and to be WL. It. Shall I didn't do it every night I. Addressed on the collar that mentioned that there was a very small percentage of people. That actually. Silence. You know on a daily basis and I think what. It was. The large -- People that live in violent community and Thailand. Natalie in an America that -- Across the world and Ellen -- units many children. Living very violent. Situation in the neighborhood where you know that is -- -- Prominent current everyday occurrence and well -- count relatives who have died violently. Yeah I think the point that he was making was it doesn't mean that they've actually. They haven't all seen the debt they haven't all seen the body -- they have all seen the -- And really a date there is a smaller percentage of people that you would think that is -- actually dealt with with that kind of graphic violence in real life on a daily basis. Right well. I'd still disagree. And millennium -- -- that -- explain in the street and people finding and -- out in front children Mitchell that -- Not shell you know. It's all around and -- -- a heart like that action you know IQ what he's saying that I need to. -- Elaine. Do you think that we -- people have become desensitized to real violence because of graphic Hollywood violence. Well I think there's a certain amount population. I think but also people. Who experience violence that are. They content type and saint. It just normal children who are up in that environment. -- it strictly. That's how things. You know there was a moment in a dawn of the planet of the apes early in the movie win a human. Fired a gun. And it just the sound of a gunshot which sold for him to the the eight colony. That they were stunned. And so what you're talking about his people who we hear gunshots on a regular basis and it. Because you hear that you hear gunshots on a regular basis. And sorry that. That actually yeah and then you know and two. T -- -- okay. Firecracker or. On our way. He had guns in real life guns in real life don't sound anything like the sound on TV and in the movies they sell. -- But you know electric you know pilot and cheerleading. In -- We work very hard to make it different here and that at the same time we still get shut. Still seeing you know -- street and the children YouTube and that has. Them. Elaine I'm sorry you see that in be safe lucky door. Machine calling her show if you wanna join us tonight -- your thoughts your comments. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a text number is a series of this is this cute show Thursday nights ever direct competitive duo. They always say it's a reported training camp actually some reported I think can earlier this week but they officially hit the field -- press conference today we've got all the information from Sean Payton and general manager Mickey -- On our website at WW dot com. The saints put Jimmy Graham in the princess suites. At the resort there we've got video of it. Take militants on our website right now Debbie WL. Dot com here's a quick update on our have a W a pretty general opinion poll a survey shows 22% of Americans believe that the only way to fix congress is to fire every one. Vote out all the incumbents do you agree. 82% say yes 18% saying -- Is that text and he screwed if only 22% are saying vote him out. What's the other 78%. As same. Good job guys and gals and -- problem. Well actually. That there are some people who were discussed it with with with congress in fact only 15%. Americans approve. Of the job congress is doing. But they're not willing I guess according to this Gallup polls are not willing to vote out the incumbents. And if you just step back and look at the big picture. If America united. Not talking about the extremes on the right in the left but America united. And set a strong message and I don't know how to do maybe it's the voting out every incumbent. But we have to figure out a way to make politicians. To a better job of listening to us. They need to put Demi armor. Of the political -- at their fight right and left. They need to give us some semblance of -- orders some. Idea that they are willing to work together to do what's in the best interest of the American people and I don't get that impression. I don't get that impression for the president I don't get that impression from congress. I don't get any pressure from Washington at a -- -- politicians. Advancing the party protecting the party's agenda protect the party's image. That's seems to be the most important thing to politicians. And we talked about it with the border crisis and so many other things that the blame game. The president blames the Republicans Republicans blame the president made OK okay fine Seoul's stand up for your side in and blame the other side. But what we really should demand is that they worked together to figure out a solution to the problem okay we know we've got a problem. And maybe it's the president's fault maybe it's the republicans' fault chances are both were involved in creating that problem and and many other problems. So we've got the problem so instead of blaming each other difference assigned -- gonna work together and yet we the American people. Don't to a good enough job telling them that's what we demand. Has America become desensitized. To real violence. I don't think so we'll talk more about that coming up after the news. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Which heavily taxed is -- 7870.