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7-24 Scoot Show 10p, Being Numb to Violence

Jul 25, 2014|

Have we been desensitized by graphic violence from Hollywood. We are compelled to watch real-world violence - even though it is not graphic - because we know it's real. Can you think of a real event that you watched and still think about - even thought the visual of the event is tame compared to the violence you see from Hollywood? The grainy video of the recent Bourbon Street shooting shows very little and nothing graphic - but we watched it over and over because we knew it was real. Does this mean we have not been desensitized to graphic violence from Hollywood?

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Saints already training camp they hit the field tomorrow in West Virginia. -- up in West Virginia about West Virginia it's going to be at least sixty degrees with a hit the field as a chance system. Scattered showers while they're going to be getting to be there for the next three weeks. And I hope nobody is upset that they're not able to watch them. On airline airline drive but I think this is over the -- movement I've listened to the press conference where Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton was WW real. Earlier today -- just so excited to -- the confidence that these guys have I love Mickey -- talking about how they wanted to go to. They wanted to go to which is a new a new place and just get a fresh start that there might be less. If there might be less distraction at a place like this resort in West Virginia. And it just seems like a great artists of the feels really great about it. The saints put Jimmy Graham in the princess weeks. And Pierre Thomas posted pictures of Jimmy Graham going into the -- this week. I just thought for the first time during the news. And honestly I thought we -- probably look like my apartment. I conflict -- right now. And oh my gosh it is very. Very fruit through very feminine I mean I'd. Honestly I don't. I don't know what to stay in that room I've read it's if you haven't seen it yet take a look at the video with. We've got her underwear cited of -- you'll -- this a lot of pink flowers. Of the room it's. Well it's it just did it it doesn't. It doesn't suggest a rough and tough football player but it we put that on our website. At WW dot com here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight a survey shows that 22% of Americans believe that the only way to fix congress is to fire everybody. I -- -- at all incumbents. Do you agree give an update on that are coming appear to -- it's give your opinion by going to our website WW dot com. And a -- -- a moment ago suggested that -- 78%. Approve of congress -- the poll shows that 15% of Americans approve of congress. That's really really low only 15% approve of the job congress is doing. But 22% are willing to vote every body outs who was an incumbent. And if there was a way for review -- for me. As the American people for us to send a message to politicians who were fed up with that we should use talk media. We should use the resources that we have now most importantly we should vote. In a way that lets him know we're not going to tolerate. Just the the bipartisan divide that continues. If you can go back and look at some of our our great presidency in modern times and they had moments when they they compromise. But this this blame game goes on in Washington as we approach the mid term elections in November and then right after that we're gonna be really getting into. The presidential election season a 2016. But it's gonna start way before that in a short after the mid term elections. And I just don't get a sense that anybody wants to work with anybody that this idea at this time this. This idea of protecting the image of our party and what they're really doing by -- by protecting the image of the party is there really catering to. The base or that the I think not just based but the extremes. On both sides and and both parties are part perfectly willing to do this if you wanna join -- show the comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening at Texas -- 77. There's a Texan reads I'm just getting off work any news from Monica from last night now where's Monica you know used to be where's Waldo where's Monica. I don't know hope she's okay. I'm sure she Savard the site and maybe she had such a good time but she's just not even awake yet. And of if you just joined us at last night early in the show this woman called and she was driving from Connecticut. She was in Mississippi and she was listened to the show where she was driving an -- was coming to new -- for the very first time. And that she called us when she got here at the and she says she is a friend visiting her from I think she said Baton Rouge and I think they were gonna hook up but tonight. And she said that this is the first time -- just to know what to do we have some suggestions -- -- what are called the shooting night but maybe she's having such a good time which just. Can't even call us. From uptown -- L when your WWL. Yet think every -- incumbents. Elected senators and governors. Should -- -- turn them there because what. It's Bobby Jindal has done for this study. And would have beat incumbents -- -- done for this state I think this should be you know one term and one term only and then -- tomorrow. And that's a pretty drastic. Plant. -- -- -- -- -- -- But you can't you can't blame that's strictly on the area that the government I mean you can't -- a -- city government maybe you could blame it on the -- -- An analyst on the -- to the city government and from the law. Well got -- -- in history he took a crime in the street just took. -- -- -- like on the streets probably think -- light on mysteries. And and as interest acceptable then did you know all of that will be -- -- what is that it would where the money's. Well I don't know -- when it's really discouraging when you keep hearing the city brag about how many visitors are coming and how much money pours into this city. And yet I guess the city doesn't get as much as it should in May be fetched maybe that should change because. A lot of the money goes to the state and yet the city of New Orleans is responsible for taking care of this cash cow for the state of Louisiana. You know that we all feel over the -- on this security yeah I think somebody -- there. -- -- Now what I'm glad to caller show -- thanks listening to WW relic night. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series semi tech's number is 87870. Wake up but feel good tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker always a good time in the morning on -- to be -- coming up on the show tomorrow what Tommy Tucker had a VW offers news. The saints hitting the training field. Going to be training camp Greenbrier in West Virginia. Apparently it's a wonderful place to be this time -- -- what should the slogan be for this year's team. Think about it talk to -- about tomorrow morning and is it time for croak. Ago. Or do we keep -- as seems to be a debate. Also residents say there's an epidemic of crime in the French Quarter and they say they don't feel safe because there are not enough street police on the street. Would you feel safe going to the French Quarter this weekend. And if so how late would you stay these are two of the things Tony we'll talk about tomorrow morning to wake up and feel good with Tony Tucker tomorrow morning six to ten and to be WL first news. If you -- join us for the comic tonight numbers 26018720386680. -- early seventy. -- Amber's -- 77. We take a look at this video one more time. Video of a posted by Peter Thomas. Of Jimmy Graham checking into the princess sweet. Now I would have their -- of what if they punished him -- -- like punishment for -- so -- to come to an agreement. Oh my gosh look at that look at the curtains. Dulles yeah I could do it -- I don't know -- like it. I -- yeah oh my gosh the wallpaper is even on the ceiling. All flowery and there it's a very floral on the odds. ER. -- it Richard Simmons would be happy in that room. I'm -- we'll be right back into VW we always have something fresh and new on our website at WWL dot com and our resident pros Bobby Hebert -- guys John give the key things that you should be watching the saints training camp. They hit the field tomorrow the took physicals today. Now we take this physicals it was a lot of coughing that was going on I guess they've assessed. And -- haven't done that since I was in areas where high school grammar school. Jimmy Graham got his money but he also got the princess room. At Greenbrier you could take a look at it it's very floral I guess that's the best way to describe it it's on our website if you revealed that count. A Deke Bellavia breaks down the a wide receivers also DK is it just posted a blog on our website at you're coming to the saints training camp here's what you need to know. And I I think it would sell I think it was Steve Bobby -- Talking abouts the southern charm. -- West Virginia. Now when -- as far south as we are you don't think about West Virginia is being south. But the south was really defined by an attitude and mentality. And I guess technically when you think about the thirteen colonies -- West Virginia really work. The southern part of the country is as it began. Now this country was beginning a lot to bit of this city the city was beginning actually before the country's -- or is older than America. But he knows those those early years West Virginia was considered the self and it to me it's just it's so hard to conceive that it would be southern charm in West Virginia. I've I believe in West Virginia once. And I I traveled through West Virginia. Up my car and it was beautiful but I can tell you there are so many parts of West Virginia they're so isolated you'll get to -- itself full service. And but it was it was kind it was at the charming place that you really felt like you were any remote part of the country. And apparently. There are part and I I saw a beautiful parts of the mountains and hills and -- there's a beautiful parts of West Virginia. And the saints are really good spotted at one love Mickey -- talking about why they're they're at it the winter school worst enemy have lasts soft tissue injuries. And it's just. It's just a great way to get -- this team started they'll be back in three weeks it. I mean we're less than a month away from the first pre season game right. At this and this is really an exciting time we've got all the information on our website at WW real dot com. In fact if you want to get sports text alerts you can sign up for exports to -- get the latest information on the saints' training camp and throughout the saints season. Also L issue and the pelicans if you text the word sports. To reach 7870. You'll sign up for the W of -- to extort text the word sports. To reach 7870. And our our -- we don't charge for attacks by its your individual planning data rates may apply. Really tragic. News that where we're seeing from them at least sixteen dead in over 200 injured. Win and Israeli missile hit two the United Nations school. In Gaza and I believe it was about a mile and half away from the Gaza Israel. Border line. You know if if Hamas is hiding weapons. In places like this. They shouldn't do that -- you know this is just again this is just another example of a tragic situation isn't it just doesn't seem like there's any. Doesn't seem like there's really any. Any end in sight. And no Hamas. Hamas -- anyone -- recognize. The existence of Israel's so you know that's an innate problem. And then on another front to Russia. Which blaming the western media and relieve the United States in fact I think at some point Russia blamed a CNN. For everything it's. Everything it's it's gone on in terms of the Russians being accused of shooting down. The Malaysian airlines flight out. Technically we don't know if they dated but it seems. It seems obvious based on what we're hearing from intelligence. Bad it was Russian separatist. But they got the rush they got the weapons from the Russians. And the Russians may have been training them and Russians may have been -- -- the buttons when the missile was fired to shoot a Malaysian flight seventy. -- to -- -- in -- to -- WL. I. Expect it to Greg tell you did at the time it's a beautiful. It to template. And so am -- definitely that can. And we couldn't. And we didn't do. That. And continue to. Dick. Cheney. Don't go out. And United States. And it. Didn't count -- didn't -- -- While I did know it was I I I I've heard about that being so we're West Virginia I didn't realize it was at the Greenbrier hotel. -- underneath the hotel. We couldn't. Tell on. -- regular -- in Pakistan but yeah. They would do and put into congress admin and it states that president. In the government that can account and edit. Everything. Donald you know for the at large. But didn't have been in the -- hotel. I had no idea actually interest. That's wonderful. -- don't think about it detect cancer got the greenback. -- can't communicate don't go in just struggling to expect. Now what's the closest city where did everybody fly into where did the W Tina say Clinton and where. Actress was at the airport was there what was the question. -- myself as more and it certainly. It's not wanting to get. -- -- and I'm. Just not a handicap. Of course everything is on them that. Particularly the way to get. All right I'm sure it's beautiful the fallen leaves are changing. Bitumen arguing that the attack -- and. It. I -- I've heard about that I've heard about that can't read about that come out and -- including. The -- of what it. On the green. And into. The president. -- I appreciate it -- information it's interesting. All right thanks a lot for calling and have a great night. A tonight on CNN I've known to delicious secret ceremony here ride the dvds to that are even off my -- television world we will do it and but any event I missed the sixties -- the series on CNN tonight was about the space race. And you'll think back in the Cold War. Think about the space race in the Russians were really ahead of us in the space race it was truly a race to space. And I remember as a kid I remember I was really frightened it was really -- as a kid I remember being specifically we we had relatives in -- And I remember being in open fields. In -- Looking up at the sky. And sputnik. The first I believe this was the first satellite that the Russians put in the year. You could see you you knew when it was coming and we saw sputnik and we tracked sputnik was like a little star there was just moving across the sky. Mean every once -- while you you see the space shuttle there if you know when to look -- -- if the weather's right but think about this when I was a kid I guess this was -- the late fifties. And the Cold War which was going on. And there was this idea that the Russians had put something up in space. That was orbiting the earth and and covering the United States and it was it was sputnik. And that was a really really scary time. So even though we're going through a lot of things now we've been through some scary times in this country. But at the US Dudley caught up that we did we did -- the Russians are very recently we celebrated the big anniversary of the landing on the moon it was July it would -- ninety don't July 20 1969. And I remember where was when -- -- that and that was just such an amazing -- you know I wonder if we need something like that to happen again to -- rally all the Americans. I mean it's it's a shame to say that we need something to rally as we should just rally ourselves. But that was a time when Americans really came together. And -- this country was was divided in 1969. Lot of protest the Vietnam War winners which very controversial. There were students rebelling on to college campuses but that was a moment that the Americans kind of just took a deep breath and and as sort of emotionally and held hands and and and came together it was really. Additionally are a great great moment and it would be nice if we get another one of those those moments now but you know what it -- -- artists if we had -- those moments now a -- both political parties were probably reflect. They were blaming each other. Well you know -- Neil Armstrong except on the -- first -- should've been Buzz Aldrin. You know we're about the guy who were circling the -- he even get a chance to get the eldest blaming or you know we we we could've done April we should have done it better. It instead of just in enjoying the moment I really think honestly if if something like that happened today I think both sides would find ways to blame each other. And it would really take all the the fun out of -- -- I often hear this argument that we as a society have become desensitized. To violence because of the prevalence of graphic violence in movies and television and in video games. It's our human nature to instinctively. Try to figure out who was responsible for brutal senseless violence that we see in society that. In the finals we often see it is beyond explanation. And most of us who are sane rational loving people. We don't get it. So we look for reasons to try to explain it. But the desire to try to define who or what is responsible for tragedies in violent acts you know I don't think always focuses on the right answer. So the question is have we become desensitized to violence in the real world. Because of graphic violence and entertainment. It's tempting to believe that a lot of people wonder belief that. But I really don't know that that's that's true. Last night when I got off the year. I was watching television and I came across the weather channel and there were airing a series of specials title White -- crash. What are the features had to subtitled brace for impact. It's all about planes crash. There's a very well produced series explores why these planes crash high profile plane crashes. Each plane crash is explained it there's actionable film or video of the plane crash some -- -- water some of them on land. They also used detailed graphics and animation. But nothing is graphic compared to what we see from Hollywood. Now I don't know if the weather channel planned to air this particular series or if it was a last minute decision because of the crash of Malaysian flight seventeen. And then yesterday there was. An airline from war Ty Warren. It crashed in bad weather whether associated with the cyclone and then it was a plane went down over -- and it was flying to. To Algiers. And this plane apparently was in really rough weather to. But since Bali is a nation that is not necessarily a peaceful nation and they've got fighting in -- there was some speculation that maybe the plane was that was shot down. Either on purpose or or accidentally. But you know that's a part of vice -- is on the news earlier that's a part of of Africa. Where hurricanes begin. This is where all the storms that enter the Atlantic this is where they begin. And then they get into the -- of this was a really powerful thunderstorm and I guess this can. You know obviously that can happen so again I don't know whether the weather channel you know planned -- assorted it was a last minute decision. But any that we've had three major plane crashes but I just inside of a week. Now we've all seen endless videos of the smoldering wreckage of -- the Malaysian airlines flight seventeen the Boeing 777. We see these items on the ground we've also seen little items on the ground confirmed that men women and children were on board that flight. But yet the horror we feel from that tragedy. Comes. Not from any graphic visuals of bodies. It comes from the idea that what we see represents reality. A movie from Hollywood would never be able to invoke that feeling that we get simply by showing. White smoke coming from an airplane engine -- on the ground or a Childs who ripped traveled back. So. If we are so touched. By something that's not graphic but we're so touched by it because we know which real. Then doesn't that demonstrate that we clearly understand the difference between real violence and entertainment violence. And wouldn't that mean that we as people have really not become desensitized. To real violence. -- generations have watched footage of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy in Dallas Texas and we deeply affected by net. We don't see anything graphic. When we watched -- the grainy film. I guess to some degree it's it's it's raining. It's not high tech detailed film footage but we -- Kennedy being shot since we know what happened. We are deeply affected by that. So I think that that means we're not desensitized. To real violence. -- we see the grainy video of the recent shooting suburban street we don't see anything graphic. But we're compelled to watch because. We know three. When you think about all the bloody violent car crashes. We've seen in movies. And on television. And then you think about a simple fender Bender on the shoulder over broad. Capturing silly people's attention and it will get frustrated -- had a traffic builds up when there's a a minor accident on the side of the road god forbid it's a serious accident Travis even more built up. But it's what we don't see anything nearly as graphic as what we see in movies. So since we're so instinctively prone to slow down to look at a fender Bender or an accident on the side of the road. Doesn't that Saddam doesn't that actually mean that we not to sensitized. The real violence. That we know it's real so -- -- paying attention and it doesn't compare in any -- to putted the graphic violence that we see of the car crashes for example. On the news are now winners on in movies and on television. So you know it's it's really convenient to buy into this premise that Americans have become desensitized to real violence because of graphic violence in entertainment. -- even if you think about our own responses to tragedies. And violent acts. It seems like that suggest that we assume -- has not been desensitized to real violence. And we still know. If something's real. It has an impact on its. Can you think of something. That. And even their recent things that we see of the news. Again there's nothing graphic about the Malaysian airlines flight seventy. You see some smoldering pieces of you -- larger the engine cowling. Or the engine -- term ING you see that on the ground you see indications that that people were on board you -- Artifacts from from human beings saw on the ground. But we know what's re. So isn't this an indication they were not desensitized to violence. And I'm sure you can think of things that you have seen like I did last night. I thought about this before but it really I've really hit me last night when I was watching LB says these pressures on this weather channel special. And thinking about the plane crashes that had been in the news. Recently. And I thought wait -- it you know we really don't see any thing graphic compared to receive a thinking about the movie -- flights with Denzel Washington. -- that movie was just breathtaking. In terms of showing the the the drama of a plane crash. Before crashed and then the plane crash itself. -- -- it was a great movie with the very interesting message as well but when you think about all the violence that we've seen in the plane crashes that we've seen. That hasn't to sensitized us to the fact that we know which -- If you wanna join -- with a comet tonight our numbers 260170. Toll free 86688. Aren't here which seventy and a text number it's a 77. It's a text -- I'm from Virginia and the Greenbrier is off I 64 -- just across the state line approximately 100 miles northwest of Roanoke. The government bunker is there. I heard about that I didn't realize that that's that's where the saints where they're near that big. Bunker and everybody supposed to go to. If something really bad happens. Now we have -- thought about anything like a nuclear war happening any time in recent years because the Cold War is essentially over. But it seems like the Cold War is kind of starting to get to chilled up again. He is a text M Moscow can you tell me your relatives name on the air I'm. It just north of rust and wondering if I would have known him. It was I think was my dad's yet. And her -- would have been Davis. And we were quite often a go visit them in in roster and I remembered as members hamburger stand as a kid. In -- and it did they do something about the mayonnaise that they put on deals -- -- or something like that it was just epic classic hamburger. But I do remember standing in that field and watching my my parents were all pointing up at the sky watching -- The US had had a satellite in the year yet. And during the cold for the Russians beat us to space during -- space race and it was really eerie deceive the Russians during the Cold War had this craft. Circling our planet. And going across United States. This is this coach -- will be right back on -- you'll have we become desensitized to real violence that's the -- blog tonight it's on our website -- -- WL dot com you can read it and share with others. I was just talking -- a moment ago about to get back to your culture in just a moment. Talking about how if if we did something miraculously land on the moon or -- its epic like that today. Did you think both parties would pulling each other here's an interesting text space race if Obama was president. This is what would be said. While cities -- it warned Vietnam hurricane leveling the Gulf Coast what does Obama do he's playing space cadet sending men to the mood. I think it's very plausible that we'd hear that kind of stuff here's a Texas says I love you -- I love you baby but it was tell stores that you saw. Sputnik was the size of a beach ball. And flat aluminum and color not that reflective and wait too small to see telstar was a large. Inflatable very shiny reflective. And as you said visible to the naked -- and moving fast. It was designed to bounce signals. Off to cross the ocean and overcome. The curvature of the earth we still use that concept only. By a re sending. At the satellite. Not bouncing. It interesting information. Well I -- if I'm not mistaken the the Russians that productive mean they'd they'd be dieters. They did -- With with putting something its space and at that time just to think that there was this thing in the air. We did that we thought the Russians could be looking down nets. It was a frightening thought during the Cold War back in 1950s. For Metairie Cassandra -- -- the W a good evening. I. I mean I'm going to play devil's advocate for a minute. And that -- I am gonna say that we had. Become distant land I in our. I not be more heart. My -- he aware. I yes. When something might happen by email my. And we didn't think of it and ally is forgotten it I can't help it is. The Mitt has the in the isn't happening partly down. You know I think that culture you know you can. Yes it's kind of you know I mean I -- going on there yeah. And when you don't get me. -- I I think that's I think it's a good point I just noticed that I was really paying attention this and I just compared it to the plane crash is that I seen in the news and they're watching this says series on on the weather channel last night about planes crashing. -- so wait a minute you know we really are touched and affected by things that we know that are real but we do develop fatigue when it comes to stories. And viewers -- wanna put bad stuff on their minds as quickly as they can't hit it people -- -- viewers but people wanna. You know put the best of out of their minds as quickly as possible and and move on -- understand this point that you make. Okay -- for example. Apparently. Green some. Recent all. Eighty -- -- -- -- Fine. That's probably why. Nobody out in the crowd in. I know -- We get. It right now. Everything they're all in one big and. But Cassandra in that case since it costs so much to continue to search and I'm sure there are still people asking questions and some people are probably still looking forward but this. You know it's hard for us to believe with all the technology and all the eyes in the sky that we have from space it's hard for us to believe it's a -- just totally disappear. But I think we are reminded that sometimes the the the earth is very vast. -- -- -- and then that. Night. -- from him by. Bad. Don't back. Me up on me that. And I put out by. Now on the -- Nobody now what. Yeah we're so anxious to find out what happened were so anxious for answers especially those who have relatives here -- loved ones who are on board. But sometimes we we don't always we don't always get answers -- never been other cases -- mean think about how long it took for them to find the Titanic went fifty years or something like that means low long time before they found the Titanic they still do about where went down. And proceeded of the technology then that we have now but it's still even with modern technology still to -- for all along time to find the Titanic. I'll bet. My opinion about that one. Well okay I I appreciate it Cassandra and I I do understand your point that we we've become desensitized to the news but people tend to blame. Graphic Hollywood violence for and and graphic violence in video games to desensitize team. Humans to violence and I would do agree that if there is it to since the station to if -- -- becoming desensitized to violence it would be more from the news. That it would be from from Hollywood. Love that. The reason why -- content at the pot on the thing in my opinion it come. Out. No matching what. Well I agree I agree when you think about the millions and millions of people across this country who consistently see violence in entertainment. Past present and video games it is there would be a lot more violence if if violence in entertainment had the power to inspire real violence. Now violet people select the violent entertainment sometimes as they -- choice for entertainment. But I don't think the entertainment made him violent I think they were violent when they tuned in the first place. Actually I I I. Why the act in the -- -- as any other credit and a bus. I am not long ago. Do you think that they do in movies by high -- The argument you know right. Of course of course Cassandra I'm glad to -- showing you have a great night thanks listening to WWL. Here's a Texan Reid said the Greenbrier barker was declassified in the early 1990s the new bunker or bunkers are classified. The general public doesn't know where they are some say. The Denver airport. I've heard that and when I was in Denver I've heard that there's some kind of big government facility. At the Denver airport. Well if disagreed Breyer if this is this bunker. There has only six and he could turn it into a little city I mean why not use it. If it's been declassified. So wait on the west Virginian. Spence and spend a vacation underground. This is -- -- with your calls they were this will be right back on WWL there is a lot going on this weekend we'll talk about some of the some of the fun things going on this weekend coming up after the news at 11 o'clock. There are some breaking news says CNN is reporting that Russia plans to deliver a powerful rocket launchers. To the Russian separatists and also CNN is reporting the US now has proof that Russian artillery is being fired across the border. In Ukraine. A from Harry Joseph you're WWL. Probably -- an apartment was sent. Yes Cassandra is one of the campaign that's one of the historically speaking goes back to the center of the storm. Trojan war -- your name. Prop up most of them. But -- -- it. Well I'm sure that's gonna make -- night. But. -- -- thought that your call is that your phone Cassie Europe cool person right doesn't worry about the history. But I want to talk about you don't. It has violence desensitized. -- our body hit. The greatest example. That's the quieter about it world combats that took place in every. Policy. Late in camp but they're. But where do the wrong really get this for -- personal Romans used for that the editorial combat. That scenario play out to try to go to the people for -- not out there in the arena fighting to adapt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No matter how bad your situation in life as he might be your welfare you know all the welfare state. Which is -- birds circus suspect. But at least you're not going to be dead in the field that you both are actually very cute Jeep line and looked at independent. It was a way to -- Perhaps not a massive. Does not revolt against a role with class structure. But -- sites. Well but -- but that what what drives us to that though is it just human nature. Well an -- of something else to the Romans twisted personal. About editorial compact. The Romans -- took the idea a plan editorial content. From the trust. Internal network of people that the world -- eventually into marriage and it -- as in Tibet society. A sort. But it these trust him. What trying to teach -- -- Above the editorial combat. Ate dinner and then. Contact over the fuel. For a great man just died. They were trying to the people who worked as a part -- -- Here aspect or. In the face of death. So you can people could galore out that this. Big guy apparently is going. You have to find the courage. The face. Because that was a double the rover sport that this whole thing about what your original context. That these trust in this war are very. The mysterious people -- -- -- religious state that mr. related stuff. They took out of context for political reasons and social reasons. Because this sentiment wrong it was a bad welfare states said he what I want to do these they. They while it. The -- at -- combat but it. Was an expression of slaying of an umpire. At empire -- polio slavery and the expansion expansion in our quest of all the people. Just have a feel like I'm in class. Well and I have a tendency to always look back at it. And it's still -- would doorstep you know it -- those who do you cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I don't want -- about the Middle East -- record. What's gonna come out of the total conquest of club bombs. If they're gonna -- demilitarized. And the ability of bombs there ever been -- paramilitary. -- military. Type power again. What he's really about to do -- it's gonna happen next here. They're going to turn -- full military policy in your area and would that happen it's it's probably applied. You know just have you know I hope you're wrong I appreciate you calling her show and thanks for the history lesson is is always guess who's calling it tonight it's Monica Monica how the heck -- We're. On good and I've had people sending text people were wondering how was your first night in New Orleans. -- -- It did I just hung out with all the other dog eat. At my hotel a -- and today I want you modern and had lunch. That's great yeah that's a good players didn't. Our continued hold on I've got to get to a news break but let's continue this conversation right after the news. And our product just hold on were recovered ride back to the this is the woman who called yesterday she was driving into New Orleans she's from Connecticut has never been to New Orleans before she called us on the road while she was listening to show coming in. And called -- when she arrived yesterday. Late last night. And this was going to be her first time in New Orleans so we had some suggestions for and we will continue to. I -- of suggestion we'll talk to Monica and defined a little bit more about her first day in New Orleans. And it also reminds us about how many things aborted -- in new worlds we talked about it this is Cisco show and we'll be right back on WWL.