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Jul 25, 2014|

Friendly tips to our friend Monica that is visiting from Connecticut. Plus ... Conservative Rocker Ted Nugent says that a "liberal army is assigned to destroy Ted Nugent." Nugent's concern was cancelled at a casino in northwest Idaho. Do you think there's a liberal army out to destroy Ted Nugent - or is Ted Nugent destroying himself? Is Ted Nugent's free of speech being infringed upon?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Saints hit the field in training camp tomorrow Tommy Tucker's go talk about that tomorrow morning on WWL. And of course a sports talk you'll have all the information you need the WB will team is they're with the saints a training camp. In day at Greenbrier this is in West Virginia. And apparently it's just going to be a beautiful -- spot the weather's going to be nice tomorrow and there should be a great opportunity for the saints to start to come together. For this new season we've got all the latest information on our website at WW real dot com. -- let's go back to Monica and if you just joined us of Monica has called in tonight she was calling us yesterday she'll see the show called issues driving -- New Orleans. Monica's from Connecticut she's never been to new worlds before and she called us when she arrived and we had a couple of suggestions for. And Monica is saying is she is on the show with a -- or are you going out tonight or you pretty much done for the day. I'm done for the day at being admired her being my -- -- -- So if you what to mothers for lunch what else did you do today. I wrote Charlie and then on did that carry a car. And probably. The city from the very. That was a suggestion that came up on the show last thing did you enjoy that. Yeah it was very quiet -- sure that yeah. You know. It's it's not like a cruise or the love voter anything. Now. Now we live. That there and then there -- back so. He knew that. We don't buy into. I you know I mentioned this earlier and last night in talking to you about things that you can do a New Orleans is in your for the first time it reminds us of things that. We don't do a regular basis and and those of us who live here we should do the ferry more often I haven't done it in months that they are people haven't done in years and I guess or some people who live here who have never done it and it's an -- right across the river get a great perspective of the city and it's really cool is a big ship going by when your -- -- Yeah now what do you haven't modesty Jim Colborn. He and it would never heard. -- remember it Kolb it was a big -- one and would GE. With the -- brought yeah. -- -- ladder system being. Remember what it was called. But one. That there are known sport. Holloway literally. I don't I'm -- you know what we -- didn't have been. Had her -- Yeah. And it was kind has. It's almost like if you. Florida repeatedly could have been shrimp creole. Know what we all there's something out that they upstairs very. I hit earlier. So so so tell me tell me about just your first impression of New Orleans. A lot of fun and it is very beautiful city. Needs a little intimidating. It is very different. Eight year pretty firm on. I totally differently. So what in what -- find New Orleans intimidating. I think because. The -- is different. And it it's totally different culture than New York he means -- -- -- you know. I've never been part of the -- It very in -- and I have seen very much for that either. -- you get on that you he had yet to get to the French Quarter. -- -- -- -- -- Well you know I kind of -- -- issues like yourself find find the right place you know pretty decent a friend who's visiting you from Baton Rouge. -- well you guys -- to I mean I would spent some time during the day in the quarter and royal street is blocked off to pedestrians and there are a lot of shots on royal street. Decatur street by the keys is fun walk along the the -- the -- walked the river. And you know I would just you know it depends on what you wanna do I mean there's so many different clubs I would make time to go to Frenchman street in America but yet. Go to Frenchman. That's a let me be careful walking around their make sure you're in a populated area or take I can't be here. A Frenchman is just on the other side of esplanade it's in fact I think the Mary was the the first officials suburb in America. Because it was a quarter and then there was a suburb so Barry is on the other side of of the French Quarter just by one street and in some ways it's a little bit more like. What New Orleans would herb street was like. Okay wait I'm getting a couple of text here this say you they think you had crawfish 82 things. Well it. It was actually is -- was crawfish and a trip. I. Might have been -- to me siblings and they type thing. I think actually like the combination and you know. Either I did wrong weekend. The mission and it they're -- -- -- By John Q we put -- may go on with food with Monica. -- -- is set it up so Monica's on hold them to put call -- for your. And to meg from the West Bank -- with Monica on WWL. You can't be dependant on the -- came out and act. Like a let me. Look like okay. And I love the way you sing it I am Canadian. Internet. Any suggestions -- Monica. I NE yeah I think that it. We didn't go to -- habits that car. Well that's -- the art museum. It did and beautiful things you did that bad -- it. And end it is blocked it and I don't think can now. -- That amount for certain. He'd never actually being carried out on it is. But he picked Monica again -- I can't. Got picked on I thank you and apple happened down pat and called upon it. -- a lot of that around the picnic and it daddy -- I'm glad you called thanks for the thanks for the suggestion. And money you know there are some some beautiful things of honesty I will warn you securely here till Sunday don't try to do everything. Because you'll end up feeling like you rushed through everything he didn't believe appreciates. Anything. So you know the things that you wanted to against go to city parking go to the carousel. I've spent some time during the day in the French Quarter where there's you know I take Sunday afternoon in the French Quarter is a lot of fun. And especially when you get down by the gay bars. Like Sunday afternoon like 34 clock great great videos and and music and I needed it's it's. It's it's always been a fun time at the quarter to be Randy and gave -- pervert insane -- On a Sunday afternoon. And then just you don't just kind of walk around and I. And there's just there's so many places in the quarter would even know where to tell you to go with their places to to dancer places to hang out and as a as we told you last night the bars some bars don't ever close. I thought on that it is not going to be. All right. Have a great -- was well we're we're you gonna be Monday night. I need and not sure I think I might be in Atlanta. All right well in fact if you get a chance to give us an update tomorrow night will be on the air tomorrow night for me to midnight to give us callable for John right away. -- Monica. All right thanks for sharing your little story -- -- and that's. It's it's fun to welcome somebody to your city and it's funded. And tell somebody about it the things to do and and by doing that it just reminds us of about all the things the authority do here. Here's a text Monica goat to. Go to men are used to this Monica. OK go to La Mesa on. On Frenchman. I'm great life and music and you could only find that in new worlds I've been near a number of times that's an open ice and the French market is what it's fun to -- program. -- Have a great day call. Call us tomorrow night. On integrate YouTube and get your coffee and doughnuts it cafe Dumont. Because that's when spot as well. There is attacks that says it's Jackson square. They have a dog park Bible -- launch America you know. I mean the by probable or just really nice and there is a dog park their but I mean Odyssey is somebody's who's just come to New Orleans and Connecticut for the first time. And they're only going to be here until Sunday. There are some things to do when your first visit to New Orleans that. You know without insulting anybody in Jefferson Parish shores saying anything negative about the bubble ball watch because I love all of that Malcolm -- -- the -- mountain that we had -- -- mountain right there. The middle of the the do little jetty that it goes out there. -- so it's it's funnier take kids to see the only mountain we have been in New Orleans. And so I mean I've I've spent a lot of time with the Bible porch lights again I wouldn't you know I wouldn't have made that a priority on this for -- to new world. Here's attacks. Florida call for lunch oh my god Monica you're still listening esplanade. Port called. If you like hamburgers. And they dictators. On salad with blue cheese dressing oh my gosh and they have a drink called the monsoon. And -- you don't wanna drink more than three -- four of those. Just kidding you might -- maybe drink one and you might -- even sure it was somebody. And just make sure you're not a driving here's another Texas to World War II museum for Monica again that's I I love the World War II museum and and just everything about it. And recently the the World War II museum welcomed its four million visitors since it opened up in the year 2000 so it's just another crown jewel in the city of New Orleans. A survey shows the 22% of Americans believe the only way to fix congress is to fire every one. Meaning vote out all the incumbents. Do you agree that's -- WW well pretty -- opinion poll. And here's an update 77%. Say yes and 43%. Say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site -- W dot com what are thinks having this weekend it actually it's it's tomorrow what's the big block party the street party around the tap room in Covington. Steve Arsenault. And that the band sold jets I'd sold -- called the show they they -- to show it was an all time. And this is abandoned dies it's a cover band. But they do current stuff they do so on security here on the radio like like this sought a so they'll be out there tomorrow ports the big Covington block party around the temperament is so big event tomorrow afternoon which I could be there -- be here working. If you -- a site with a comment about -- they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text -- is -- 7870 will be right back on WWL I always enjoy talking about things to do a New Orleans because again it reminds those of us who live here about some of the things that we don't do on a regular basis here's a text that reads. Big cross that party at Manning's Friday and Saturday. From noon to seven lots of fun. That could be fine. Here's a text about what Monica should do -- I did mention this last night but I -- mission to get tonight. She needs to Troy -- -- -- ice cream shop. A forty eight's -- -- up to a street have been open for 75 years -- many people up north know about that. New Orleans still -- I did mention to her last night I think the column in most parts of the country called snow cones. But there's nothing like a snowball from New Orleans. Did the way the ice is is so -- shaved and it the way we mixed doubles here you just don't get that anywhere else it was snowball is truly a treat. A from Alabama -- you're on the -- Want to -- W going to be leading say hey Ricky. This and either and I'm gonna -- work in the that he -- talk about law. Call -- work got to place -- near -- from my problem although it. If you go to an all -- -- -- Physical and yeah. Say all this -- you in the law and told cubicle in the fairy. Local rule -- that you should call it is good news is good about it law. Yeah you're right I mean Bergen street is it's fun it's not for everybody but it is it is a fun time but I'm glad she -- the ferry that was a suggestion that we had on the show last night. And you know they're just there are in -- walking along the river you know it's New Orleans is such -- a viable port and they're so much river traffic. Debts. I if you don't realize it just stand on the river or sit they earned the moonwalk maybe stay in that area for any period of time you just see how much ship ship traffic areas. On the river and New Orleans. You know this city is older than this country. We're getting close to celebrating -- 303 anniversary. In my blog and purpose and mission that was in 91. Of these. Well but the move could month which will be gone using secret ballot. If you -- awards -- there. I didn't commit -- all the pain that would be -- normal week. -- -- Get it that you build things that people take a graphic. And walk out with a note on the national debt so are all good -- applause from the tours you sort of brought them -- lot of people look at mr. Ricky I'm glad you're sure there was a story thanks for calling. I went to listening and Alabama if you enjoy -- site in the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. There were seven at Texas a 77. Here's a text. Is in New Orleans so I would be on Bourbon Street drinking or somewhere in the French Quarter listening some to some good blues. Much love here is a Texan reads and no offense. Taken -- and intends rural parish anyway. I was just thinking that Monica -- I guess this is about the bottom bullet yet Monica came to town with her dog she's traveling with their dogs. And yeah I know I didn't take that is an offensive office thing at all and I didn't mean to insult anybody enjoys the Bible bowl large but. Obviously if this is your first trip to New Orleans I don't know that the bubble but clearly going to be here told now to Sunday I don't know that the probable launch is nice as it is for those of us who live here. I don't know that that's it a priority. I mean with all due respect I just can't imagine her going back to a Connecticut -- -- I saw the Bible -- watch. I mean look it's really nice and there's a as a playground here there's a dog park and I love the jedi that goes out with the mountain. We don't have any mountains here but there's -- -- the bottom bowl myself not being critical of the bottom -- large but it. Maybe a few other things that moniker should do upper Mississippi. WWL. -- -- -- -- I agree with that they've ever. -- -- Eight. Yeah I think that would really send. A strong message to politicians that you know we we -- so disgusted that we need them to do something. -- the American people you know it. -- -- -- but you know. -- JR I agree I agree I appreciate that he spent time in New Orleans. I I deliberately and it -- yelled out now. So what are -- what's what are your favorite thing to do when you come here. Is there to do all the rebel walked down there and you know. Which you do -- order. Why. -- you ago out at night you know just stroll down tree there that are now learning now. It is a fun city and it usually is for somebody who's ever been here -- use that lives up to its reputation. Yesterday -- -- you know. -- are about gorgeous don't care forty. Yeah you do and you know you could say that about a lot of cities you know what I did in in I was in San Antonio I guess is stuck a couple of a couple of years ago -- -- is it. And I wanted to go from my downtown hotel on the river walk I wanted to go to a convenience store reported pretzels -- Arab -- when it's something -- forgot what it was a kind of a snack. And the the the bellhop. I -- asking for directions. And he said but you know you should go there alone. So he walked with the -- -- tipped him. And maybe he was just trying to coming -- tip but I really got the impression he was concern about what safeties and no you really shouldn't go to usually should walk around the corner by yourself so I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna walk with you. Yet and -- -- coming -- -- -- was it at all and. -- -- -- -- -- In that's always fun and let that guy that that plays the train with that it via. The idea what is -- the symbols on his that in the middle symbols audience or his fingers. -- place to -- like it's a percussion instrument that's kind of interest. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy -- -- to -- 77 here's -- Texas his behavior cracking me up. Well not really sure about the hate part I'm -- parking -- doughnuts that's means of doing my job. Here's attacks if fleshy Monaco wants to see some awesome volleyball have drinks and meet some people of the community. Coconut beach in Kenner at the party trade center. Would be a fun thing to do. -- mechanic but concede that. Here's the text. -- -- -- -- Oh rock inducing does that a rocket just replace the the noticed on the chest. Yeah -- the washboard. Now this guy at -- -- John Niger where cursory producers put a -- producing a rocket due to place that. But this guy plays a metal tray and he's got on all of his fingers he has of symbols. It's a symbol right I guess I'm saying it right. And he he he plays like it's a percussion instrument and he hits the bottom of the of the metal trite it's really accredited for -- text he's been there for thirty years. And it looks like he looks like he's been their for thirty years. Looks like you have a good time understands that there -- between the two -- any place this Beltre. Bump with his with symbols on his fingers. Here is taxed. That reads the prop shop it's on the ate -- river. Good little place to hang. Only catch is only accessible by boat. Well that would be a catch the project -- -- like a really wonderful place I think I wouldn't enjoy that. And I -- to show last night that and I'm I'm I'm kind of embarrassed to say despite. Even though I grew up here with your most of my life I never been a -- tour. And my son and his girlfriend when they were here a couple months ago. They went on the first -- tour. And since it was great annually he's -- he's not that easily impressed with things but they mean they love disarm I'm gonna have to take time to go to. A -- tour if you wanna join us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text number is 87870. All right tomorrow it's a fun day with Angela hill every Friday as one day with Angela and at 1 o'clock shall talk about some of the of the fun stuff it's trending it's a lot of -- shall talk about. The candid -- in depth discussions about the the week's top stories that are trending. And I -- tomorrow will be Dave Cohen W real news director. Catch from buy -- 95 point seven. And Shauna Dunlap. Who spends a lot of time on three W real thirteen fifty -- a shot road -- a great blog about Tony Dungy. Was talking to me. When he was talking about not wanting to have a guy like Michael Sam. I gave football player -- football teams human would read that that's still -- and we're excited to be of -- -- At 2 o'clock it's let's have fun Friday with Angeles to talk about some of the new movies coming out Hercules with Dwayne Johnson also known as the rock. A most wanted man with the late -- Philip Seymour Hoffman. And also Lucy with Scarlett Johansson so at the latest on some of the new movies coming out -- at 3 o'clock. -- will have Tom Fitzmorris in the studio to talk about some of the most romantic places to eat. I mean there's some great places to eat but honestly there are some places that really are good but they're not that romantic. So he'll have a on a list of the both dramatically Steve all of that tomorrow an open mind with the legendary. Angela hill from one to four here into the W well here's a text the aquarium to cool off hold year. How many times have you -- downtown. It has been so hot and sweaty this time of year date if he did have a chance to go in the query you went in there. And an air conditioning just future. You know I this time of year I suppose I slowed our walk through doorways. Suburban street. Because it's so it is so hot during the day but she walked on the doorway and air conditioning customs blasting out always feels good -- get that little breath of -- Here's a -- I think the symbol man died. Well you know I saw this guy there I would say. A month or so ago. I mean it was just passengers about that just walked through pat O'Brien's. I'd stay but I I stuck my head in the dueling piano bar and that the guy was there are so I don't know maybe they have a new punitive Immelman. Here's a takes a -- Garden District -- and a tour of Lafayette cemetery number one some great spots for photos yes. That is a great spot for for photos and also the the SE -- cemeteries downtown the the crypt of Marie -- flow and some of those people how they leave weird where's -- -- I was reading an article today. That to Amy Winehouse is mother. Said that she's not offended. That people leave drug paraphernalia and like. The liquor bottles. At her at her grave site or wherever the memorial is because you know she did a lot of drugs and she drank a lot of her mother says that she's really okay with that because unfortunately that's. As -- her daughter did and fortunately it it took her life. Also going on this weekend debate harbor fast grand opening of the bay municipal harbor in Bay Saint Louis. And you know I've said this recently I -- ever we got to get over to -- -- -- that his -- number Leah I'm very charming community really. Really come back after Katrina and a lot going on there and I just haven't been there in years and I'm gonna have to do that that I'd love to do to. Is it -- obese do we for kids were -- by -- -- for drive to the Gulf Coast. I don't guess it was an interstate and so we -- take -- highway ninety. Articles highway ninety along and and I guess when you got to Bay Saint Louis sweet and an area that's when you first realize you were at the at the beach. Because that you return on highway ninety along along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. But -- that's a fun thing and the big event going on this weekend in grand -- the grand isle park in rodeo. Now this is not to be mistaken with just your average fishing rodeo. Because it's my understanding that there are a lot of people who go there and they're not interested in fishing. Here is another text -- -- another suggestion for Monica visit from day. Via Backstreet cultural musical visit back Backstreet cultural museum to learn about the -- -- Indian history. Mean this city is so rich that's a good idea this city is so rich with with history. That we have a chance to talk about this it is -- a brand of -- it started on the show last night. Well we have a chance to talk about. Things to -- a New Orleans it reminds those of us who live here it reminds us of all the great things that there are to do. Anyway if you go to the grand isle TARP and rodeo and all lot of bands in and crafts and and food it's it's a fun time. I'm not everybody goes to fish because it is just a huge huge party it's been years since I've been there but. It's. Oftentimes Angeles at the weather's going to be -- always a chance of some thunderstorms this time of year but it looks as if the winters is going to be nice for that. Earlier in the show we were talking about. What I thought was an unfortunate situation with a four year old boy. A four year old boy was in a donut shop with a mother. And he saw this employee and he said to the employee of the donut shop is that a baby your belly. The problem is. The woman was project. And when that when the mother and the child went back to this donut shop the -- Ian Ian -- Connecticut. When they went back to the donut shop a couple of days later. The mother says that they they screamed at her and told to never come back they were allowed in there because her kid was -- To me this was just kind of inexcusable. Mistake by a four year old would mean he didn't know any better and the woman who he said it to actually accepted the apology the mother. She was an upset. But apparently the manager was so upset that somebody would say that two hour. Now that we call or anything derogatory didn't say anything really ugly about her. But he did. He did saved. Is that a baby in your belly and I just think that was an honest mistake from a from a kid and I mean we've you know we've also -- embarrassing thing I've got a text early for Simonyi said. Yes I -- this woman that I knew which was pregnant and when I saw our I said what are you gonna have that baby. She had a two weeks after India in two weeks before he said that so she guard had the baby and he said whoops that was a big mistake -- avatar and about a four year old kid here. Here's a quick update on had a VW a pretty -- about the new poll tonight to survey shows 22% of Americans believe the only way to fix congress is to fire every one. Vote all the incumbents out. Do you agree 78%. Say yes 22% say -- Now what -- clarified -- this is not to suggest that. That if 22%. Of Americans. Think the best way to fix congress is to fire everybody go to all the incumbents. That's not to suggest that 78% of Americans have faith in congress. Because the poll actually shows that only 15% of Americans. Approve of the job congress is doing. But 22%. Are willing to vote out every incumbent. And I don't know what it's gonna take. But we need to continue to use. -- media. We need to continue to use. Talk shows. To let politicians know. How discussed -- -- And we need to let them know that we're willing to vote him out of office I mean they they. They shouldn't just be begging for votes. They should be demonstrating behavior. -- the news. That is worthy. Of our folks that makes our our our votes. Worthy. And I just see so much fighting and there's so much discussed with congress and yet what happens. We end up sending a lot of the same people back. And could quite often we've got both parties back catering to the extreme base not the base that the extreme base in in their party's. And the vast majority of the American people. That sit back and they allow it to happen because it it's the extremes on both sides that make the most noise. They get the most attention. And there's no doubt that there are a lot of Republicans who had this feeling that. The only way to get elected is to be really conservative and fire erupt the conservative base of the Republican Party in order to get the nomination. But then you've done things along the campaign trail that taints your image in the general election. And I think with everything that's going on in the world today. And I I've said this before I honestly believe that the 2016 presidential election I think daddy's for the Republicans to lose. I would expect them the way things are now an elected change between now 2016. But I can't see how they would lose the White House because there's such discontent. With a Democrat in the White House right now. There whether it's fair or not they're such widespread discontent. Especially among young voters many of them who voted for President Obama. They're not happy. And behold -- going on in the world I really think that this would be a great opportunity for Republicans to take over the White House again however. I don't think they're gonna win if the Republican Party nominates a hard core social conservative. Bringing up issues about. Birth control. Abortion same sex marriage. All those issues I think that will do the Republicans once again and in a way that Democrats might win. Just. By fault. And and I know a lot of people are saying that Hillary and it looks like she's running in 2016. But she is such a part of the political establishment that most of us are so disgusted with us. But I can't see how she would be an easy target. To criticize. And campaign against as being part of the political establishment. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. -- free 866889. Nearly seventy and a text number -- is a 7870. This is the -- shelves Thursday nights we'll be right back on -- of you'll. Conservative rocker Ted Nugent has had some upcoming shows canceled because of his racist image. Ted -- says there is a liberal army. That is a sign to destroy. Ted Nugent. The emerald queen casino which is in -- just south of Seattle. The emerald queen casino is the most recent casino to. Cancel -- -- shows canceled two shows August 2 and August 3. And also the -- late try burger court ruling tribe owns. Casino in this is in the very tip the northwest quarter of of Idaho. They also canceled to due to show for August 4 they said they both Timothy did not know that he espoused. Such racist attitudes. And views. -- Ted -- has been very vocal about a number of things he called President Obama sub human Mungro. And later apologized for -- if he really didn't mean to say that then who are few really meant to say it'd be stays like that he would have apologized for it. He says. That he he would he was using he he didn't mean to use street fight terminology. But did you has sent a lot of just really bizarre outrageous things about about racing and about politics. And I guess I'm surprised because at Tacoma. In south of Seattle. You know that's an area that has they have a lot of a lot of conservatives in that area. Lot of conservatives right outside of Seattle put. You know there's a lot of a blue collar families and got that all blue collar families are our conservative or not at all conservative blue collar families that. You know it's it's -- what is -- a city where I thought Ted -- -- it would really be welcomed but apparently the emerald queen casino said. They were getting threats. From community members demanding that that the show be canceled. And also a court ruling Idaho a flooded northern tip of Idaho that is a fairy fairy strong. Conservative area so I'm surprised that they had that reaction as well. Has Ted Nugent lost his right to freedom of speech or is ten digit being judged for. The way he uses freedom of speech again that's a topic that keeps coming up on the show. A police in southern Californians. Are deciding whether to arrest an eighty year old man. The eighty year old Mahan shot an unarmed burglar. But he shattering the back. Despite the fact that she said she was pregnant. Now if somebody is. In -- your home in their pregnant I guess that really doesn't really matter how Long Beach police say that they haven't decided whether or not to charge eighty year old Tom Greer. He's cooperating with the investigation. And the police also refused to answer questions about it whether the 28 year old Andrea Miller. The the person who went into his home. Whether or not to she was actually pregnant. Now they did say that there are murder charges against apparently her accomplice 46 year old -- Adams. Which possibly involved in a felony that led to to death. So I guess these are really good people but I guess here's my question. If you shoot somebody in the back. Is -- kinda difficult to prove that your life was threatened. If somebody is retreating. If they're leaving. Issued medevac. Usually have to shoot him. If somebody's coming at you use a gun for self defense. Well that's understandable. But shouldn't there be questions about shooting somebody. In the back -- eat at that point. He can't shoot somebody because you think they deserve it. You can't shoot somebody because his. You're seeking revenge or your mad at them. -- year. Just upset that they broke into your house. I believe you're supposed to demonstrate that your life was threatened. And if you shoot somebody in the back it seems like that might be a little difficult. If you wanna join us tonight with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is 877. The debate over the death penalty was sparked again we talked about this a little bit on the show last night because it happened while we were on the year. Is it sparked again because of what's been described as -- botched execution. It took almost two hours to kill convicted killer Joseph would. And the victim's sister I saw her on the news earlier. She said that she was eighteen when her sister when this guy killed her sister and her father in cold -- And she said she was at the execution. This is in the state of Arizona she said the guy went to sleep. And it was a much more peaceful death then the sister. And the father had. A defense attorney said that it took so long to. To execute him to -- -- about an hour into the process. The attorney wanted to try to administer life. Lifesaving treatment. Because it appeared as if his client was was still gasping for a year. And snoring. So he was still line. Now the attorney general's office has said that 55 year old Joseph wood did die he wished he wished brain dead. When the second dose of the lethal drug was administered. And the sounds and the movements that came from -- That was involuntary action. And you know where do you think the cliche comes from running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Because I mean I've never done this exciting group on a farm that are right I understand that if you cut it -- -- off day and sometimes added that chicken will still. Will still -- IRobot running around but not maybe you've maybe you CNET. So I don't I don't doubt that there would be some involuntary. Reaction. After death which really -- -- kind of wonder about people who were beheaded you know -- actually blanket you -- -- they still have a moment to say. Higher buyers or. Our. I I don't know I mean that's that would be weird but I mean I guess you'd really. Essentially be dead but I heard -- people talk about this botched execution but then I heard others like the victim's sister. So it was a bust at all. The guy went to sleep. And many are you so what if it took almost two hours a 117 minutes for him to officially been declared dead. So what. I really and I've expressed this on the air I have ambivalent feelings about the death penalty. I understand. About taking a life. Because it's such a horrific crime that's committed. But from a human moral standpoint I still struggle with this idea that it is a plan to. Calculated. Death. In. Him a medical kind of inform -- morally I have a problem with that but emotionally. I don't have a problem with the death penalty at all. All before I get to this this final break and our show. Our correctional facility show last night. I said on the show last night that there are many more. Heterosexual had a files that homosexuals. And I did research on this for show. A few years back. And I got to the -- except wanted to check this guy out of the year and there -- a lot of information about. There about that the number of a pedophile homosexuals and that they had to file homosexuals in terms of numbers. Might not be as as big a threat as as heterosexuals. -- Percentage wise among the population of homosexuals. Among the population that they make up they might make up a disproportionate number of had a file -- -- what -- I do wanna correct on the shorter nine. Here's an update on -- WW a pretty general opinion polls surveys says that 42% of Americans believe the only way to fix congress -- to fire everybody vote all the incumbents out. 78% say yeah they agree with that. 22%. Disagree. If you would give as your opinion go to our website WW real dot com. And discuss blog tonight is. It is about whether or not we've been desensitized to real violence. Have we become desensitized to real violence that's on our website at WW real dot com. And you -- read it and share with others and we'll be right back aboard this -- show on WWL CNN had breaking news tonight to that. That Russia. And is that they know for sure that Russia plans to deliver powerful rocket launchers to the Russian separatists in Ukraine. And also the US according to this report on CNN has proved. That Russian artillery is being fired across the border in the Ukraine and I really don't like this. Is cooling off of our our relationship with Russia you know we help them a lot when they. I'd -- from communism and it adopted I democracy. Essentially democratic society. They've got a lot of problems financially and -- this is not. A strong nation economically yet. In many people describe Russia a big nation but still a Third World country and in many ways. And you know they -- benefits so much from us by -- you know Putin's seems to have this. And his ego. It doesn't allow him to wanna do anything other than just tried to. Takes center stage. When it comes to global politics always going to be really interesting to see how this. How this plays out and aid to seems quite obvious that the Russians were involved in some way for -- says it might have been. With the shooting down of that civilian Malaysian airlines. -- -- Let's say when I got off the year I was watching a series of the weather channel retirement mr. earlier in the show why planes crash. And one of the hour long specials was titled brace for impact and it would have this show about major plane crashes in. What happened in the used actual film or video of the plane crashes. And it used animation. And I thought about how interesting it was that I was sitting there watching this with all the recent plane crashes -- -- directly relate to. A -- and it's still we still see this on the news every day footage of the the smoldering. Wreckage of the Malaysian airlines flight seventy in the Boeing triple seven. And it made -- realize that. These things that weeks we react to these things that we are passionate about. These things that make us feel something. Are -- graphic. And so this led me to really believe that we're really not desensitized. To real violence. Because of Hollywood violence it -- quite often I've I've heard people say well we're just to sensitized to violence because of all the graphic violence from Hollywood. I don't think we are and think about the things that you see it really don't show anything graphic. But if you know which -- You do pay attention to. And I think the other part of this is say demonstrated when you see people slowdown to look at -- wreck on the side of the road how many graphic car. Crashes have we seen in movies. Graphic. And yet we still slowed down to see is stupid reckon the side of the road. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Big -- helpful we count me you know pedestrians and everybody's. Wrote. In. You know I on opposite how much plan Russia needs. You're not -- Israel ready so what's term -- the world right now -- on you don't know. Like Bob keep the -- CPSC news you're now sixty years ago certainly years ago you know laws. It's Gary and -- you know so you know. You know with -- When I can't get over it and see currency and -- we on Hamas subtle I'm -- and it does double standards. You don't need the tools obviously -- -- it. I mean -- -- -- biggest ally in the Middle East they all you know even organic. I just don't listing and you know it. You know body there the president mr. -- small business ultimate power like not obamacare cut -- Church and I mean no problems with. Are there are a lot of people out there of people that are close to me who benefited tremendously from our. We're on now I mean not you know and and there's you know there's just -- -- -- -- that he gonna get that but let me let. In our ballot opulent life that night -- -- doesn't play as ago I would as -- call in on its sister it's a lot. It's a lot you -- straight you know. He worked we still pretty sharply -- get a chance to go nowhere you do this you Apogee is you don't get everything you just post them. You know you try to lightning you know would not say that's all that girl Monica meant she had a great for a while she beats some interest to people about you as a great -- I don't thinking come to new worlds without meeting interesting people are all I join our conversation meant thanks for a bicycling -- shown negligent listening. When I think John -- art studio producer we're back tomorrow night with the Friday edition of this cute show and Lola. Head into the weekend which you know what's going on over the weekend talk about whatever comes up between now and tomorrow night. Love -- New Orleans.