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7-25 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jul 25, 2014|

Dave talks about Crunk, first Saints practice, and dumb, dumber, and dumbest

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's early edition of WWL first news on this 25 of July 2000 in fourteen fair it's TG I have always gives me so much like -- to welcome you do. Finally. Yeah all. I'm now okay okay okay. -- -- A different problem. Hi everybody they delegate front maybe. To win. And here come Hussein's. You know finally hit the practice field today. In the mountainous. West Virginia apple actions we're gonna get. Reports. -- great passes ring -- And I pastor runs. You know I can't wait to see. Can carry Robinson. Work his way into the running back rotation. Can Joseph Morgan. Get it done and it is a wide receiver and work his -- of that rotation how all these new defensive backs. Now gel together -- To create this new battered teeth out an idea where we're gonna hear stories like teenagers -- given -- true fits all banks. That's like why are OK I did this this so much in three to see how this rosters gonna pork. And if all these new players are going to be able. Stadium and again how we get replace the guys that are on it and you know deal without having. -- Sproles. You know who's gonna fill those rules I'm excited I really am oh -- -- It because I I I expect some really pleasant surprises and things that -- wow that's great you know I'll. As some of these new players that we just we don't know what they're gonna do so this is exciting. This is the time of year where it finally you know we're less than two weeks away from actual football now pre season albeit but I. Playing football games that. Too many of these guys we just talked about count very much because that'll determine if they make the team. And it feels like it's been for ever since we've had football exciting other states have been asking them their website. If the fans still want me here at halftime and after touchdowns because last season they tried to phase of that -- And I'll tell you I was a games and anything else they played after after a touchdown. And -- going out -- doing. And they they can't look disappointed. That. They were accomplice. And some biblical man that's old and I think it's becoming a tradition. And when they do play in the dome people stand up and get -- may do when they play other things people like. That is good -- yeah or an usher. What to do the other -- they know how to move to crack. And and it's funny because already this morning I got three text messages in the last thirty seconds Dave you're the man -- great way to start my morning are okay. Another says please stop with get crop all -- I've been waiting to hear that song for months. Now egg salad and the opinion just. -- -- I don't know if you -- good game. Next -- that would give them in the field with them without well I think it's disappointing -- would help in helping you after the. Goes out right now thanks to David. In about fifteen minutes or first in his next we're gonna West Virginia for Steve Geller and WWL sport is they -- the practice field. But the first full day of training camp today to get your forecast for the weekend here in southeast Louisiana is well on IA game morning. He sexson hit it 7870. And I can Blake broke on Friday's important game to fitness -- playground after touchdown. Hunger critical path but -- an obstacle. -- is overwhelmingly winning. I'll tell you that right now on present -- mediate 7870 synonymous with the saints keep playing it played again and again and again there's another text message to -- 78 and he just played this song it's great says another. As -- that sucks if you'd -- at song at a game. -- -- -- -- -- Play it and play it's a more. I love to stand up -- Crocs and other attacks and instituted -- them when they play it we all stand up another person does have you ask. Get rocked -- play it is reduced here at who'd. So far only one person as upset that we -- -- this. -- will keep getting ground and keep getting your forecast from -- meteorologist Laura but now. A chicken off that weekend it looks like it it's going to be a little bit hotter low ninety's today rain chances around 30%. But beginning tomorrow worked in 93. Both Saturday and Sunday at a few spots could actually get the mid nineties. And it's rain chances going down to just 20% each afternoon. The pinpoint forecast thinner I'm meteorologist Clark Bechtel. Let's waste no more time going on up to West Virginia on this Friday morning and checking in with Steve Geller who's got the task of watching the saints practice for the first time. Wow in just two and a half hours the saints take the practice field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You wanna see him take on a bigger role. Performer on the floor and also understanding what coach Gary wants him to be as far as becoming a young leader on the team. -- on sports talk live from -- training camp in West Virginia short -- take on the first day of practice plus Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham cam Jordan -- more from saints camp in West Virginia Steve Geller WWL sports Steve. -- right there and nestled into the Appalachian Mountains coming up after this timeout we're gonna get back here and find out how excited you want to see the saints take the practice field and two and a half hours. And five point three -- Cohen here in New Orleans Steve -- up in West Virginia man Steve what's the weather like this morning up there. Woke up and check the temperature is 59 degrees sporting. Yeah the air is definitely on a whole lot lighter and where are expected to get this patch of -- that we've been having the last couple days here. Supposed to move out and not see anything till Sunday so should be clear skies for practice this morning. And let me tell you -- partly got to go up to agree -- yesterday per shall -- -- -- -- press conference and -- literally. Carved a football field out of this now in this area. And put her right smack dab in the Greenbrier resort absolutely gorgeous while looking forward to it that stands for the -- seeding is absolutely amazing as well. He couldn't you can bet that the they've spent how much money and shall pay even talked about the people here have been top notch as well everybody's been so com. -- and less than two and a half hours the saints take the practice field for the first time their green -- Why are you looking for you don't expect cares bird on the field but you expect all the other new saints and all the guys are coming back off of -- fighting for roster spots. To all be in that number. Yeah absolutely like a guy obviously rookie Brittany cook is gonna be out there everybody wants CNET speed factor is a big exciting being that. Everyone's been talking about it now -- -- the a lot of fans -- to be able to see this -- as both the media Mora because he was limited. Just one organized team activity practice if he knows there. Yeah and you go back to college all right so you want to that I'm curious to how he and Joseph Morgan compete. On the as our wide receiver spots and you know guys like and there's about -- battle going on there you know who's gonna end up and that running macro today. Yet the big sexy pick right now I say big too is -- Robinson because he's got he's that big bruising back that the fans love to see. Just barrel over the defenders instead of current -- rare. Bill Parcells he commits additional -- in the offseason hey. He's more of this guy so you know Brooke group -- being a mentor to short period will be interesting it's the he follows that advice I expect Robinson to have. Eight definitely a big role this year also. -- something -- -- particularly anxious to look at is the secondary this. Year that some of these new defensive backs and safeties are the night guys are gonna come together and is this going to be a super backfield on the deep. Exactly XX you're looking for a number two quarterback. And it's actually you're replacing Malcolm Jenkins and -- and corporal both guard Kenny look horrible rookie last year steps into a starting role. What's gonna happen now with -- burden. I guess is given that somehow we'll see how much it's going to be after having back surgery from. -- -- An important part of this defense this season because -- -- so we had twelve interceptions all year last year. And we wanna see they can get more of those turnovers takeaways to give the ball back to agrees. I've from West Virginia he Steve god thank you Steve talked in 25 minutes -- more sports here on WW wells were less than three hours away from the first saints training camp practice I'm Dave Cowan at the early edition of WWL first news. And while it's 59 degrees there at seven. Turkey scattered downpours around the area as early as late morning and especially into the afternoon and evening. Highs will be in the low ninety's today rain chances at 30% overnights down just 10%. And for the weekend a little hot air and a little -- 93 both Saturday and Sunday look for 20% chance the afternoon for just a stray thunderstorm. The pinpoint forecast Fenner and urologist -- Test 79 degrees in Ogden park right now 77 at the airport in -- clearance 75 and slide out. And while Steve's got that -- dry air get 90% relative humidity Margaret text messages at 87870. Should we keep getting crowned. And what position battles are you most interested in as the saints start training camp practices today. Off says one text messages late 78 every I got up late and this wrong please played again and again who loves -- And your ship. Well -- allow food that I will play come up out of the neighbors here on WWL. As the saints kick off training camp for the first. Time but the first practice in less than three hours on that what's going on box office this weekend what new movies around a whole lot. -- with -- the story about dumb and dumber and dumbest. And that a guy who probably got what he deserves some great stuff coming up next -- Iowa head back up the West Virginia for another. Now -- report from WW well Steve -- and much more right after the news happy I gave ladies and gentlemen 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL offers is that the 25 of July 24 team Demi OT. Gee I. App I'll do you one better I'll -- you know welcomed up Friday. With a little bit of cry a grown man -- yet. -- -- Okay okay okay hi. Who feels get path taken -- They're really fit the old saying goes off about. On everybody's family -- ground. If you're driving and the -- it. -- at 8 o'clock. He realized that the saints will be playing their first pre season game exactly two weeks. Their bring in the turf into the superdome that day yes. The team may be up in West Virginia but the -- arrives at the dome today to get ready for pre season action and then the entire season. I put the finishing touches on a few upgrades and improvements at the now. And it's just exciting what are we gonna see. Great put on me just everything screens this team is gonna be great if every one all the new players all the guys come back complimentary. All the veterans that are returning if they -- all the gel together and make this thing work. Could be a very special season I -- you all. Yeah I mean -- they don't play games on paper movement. It on the field -- it will go live to West Virginia discriminate check -- with the yelling at the Greenland if you add them well and -- them. Out now my got a story. We got it definitely belongs in the -- with people file definitely non-GAAP but pretty much got what he deserved at least according to this report. Story comes to us out of Gainesville Florida where a man apparently got a dose of road -- karma when police say he was run over. By his own pickup truck after getting out and banging out another driver's window and a fit of rage hollow man yet Gainesville Florida. Report the Gainesville sun reports that 48 year old Joseph Carl had been drinking. And driving and hit a vehicle stopped at a red light. It and got out of his -- -- -- -- -- To banging on the window of a woman's car Marcus I guess the woman was in his way is this with the we don't know what he was thank him but we know he was angry and drunk she takes off is like San accounting officer as he says banging on the car she just floors and get -- -- -- -- She was the only thing keeping it struck from moving because he didn't take it out of gear so it just continued to roll right over. Right over the use treated for fractures to his hand and foot. Then charged. With two on driving gold property damage and more a year now the fifth I. At Gatwick to play for ladies and gentlemen -- you have to do is no one to blame but no -- What is Robert -- ball. It Wayne Johnston formally known as the -- or they're gonna those on about every couple months and PG thirteen action adventure having entered his legendary twelve labors Hercules Greek debt dot. As his life as a sort for higher tested when they mean. Of the race and his daughters seek his -- in defeating radical war purer. Lucy opens with the sexy Scarlett Johansson. You also Morgan Freeman in this one Johansson -- to use. More than 10% of her brand apparently that's about all we used as human beings but she learns how to use at all and -- is coordinate dark deal. And turns the tables on her captors. Transforming into merciless warrior evolving beyond human logic is rated are very tough loss fi movie. You heard about Gabriel Iglesias and all very funny comedian. And then this this is concerts stand -- comedy and hits theaters this weekend and also kick. With that -- time. And adrenaline junkie walks away from a whirlwind romance and embraces a new life is that the and finds himself pursued by veteran police officer and -- in the turf war. All right you got some left over again that's gone up against the current top five. Which being produced on of the planet of the apes the birds planes sex tape and transformers -- playing. Come Monday morning what will be number one at the box. I am go to go with the muscle man I think Hercules. And expanded gonna rise to the top the former the man formerly known as the rock out. Will drop. He is. Herculean efforts on the box he worked very hard to get himself just right from the success. He had he did that idea you'd think in the I think that's probably pretty state yeah I've and so. That you know the opportunity to our training camp. First practice today I'm excited and we get man lets you give back to first news Chris -- Thomas about the grand out I'll carpet -- he -- the party coming up in less than twenty minutes here on WW well David like -- more offers right now it's time to go live in Iraq. Do they didn't like forecasts that there. -- -- Alone. Good morning -- meteorologist or are -- now. Every Friday. Thank you bear in mind that we made yet together we got through it we have arrived at the weekend and it feels darn good that is -- that field. To talking to Steve -- it's 59 degree. Outside my hotel room up in West Virginia -- he gets ready for the saints at the practice field and about two dollars. And we've got a 79 degrees. I I bet they're wondering why they have it up there for for these practices to -- more now. Quite a while only in the extreme heat now Metairie now that he's much better and better. Spat over those of us not lucky enough to be in the West Virginia mountains right now. Muggy hot in the -- Typical July weather for us were stirring up the upper seventies we -- them -- without their hate this morning. And later today about a 30% chance force -- 40% it's a little better chance that we continue this afternoon shower about thirty for a third yes -- -- -- that forty and it -- It at the 34 but I took credit Friday and I know the difference between it's it's at 30% today 20% over the weekend still expecting the hotter and drier weather. For Saturday and Sunday at 93. But that's the forecast high for New Orleans couple spots north Italy and then Franklin and be about high over the. Focus of the breast cancer ran for the weekend is today than even last rain and even hotter. Saturday in isolated storms batter an inning on on the tropics not a that are fresh profits why well that I like and I love and I want -- Have you heard about dumb dumber and dumbest. As well that's what days southwest Florida waitresses dubbed the trio. Mostly naked hamburgers. Who broke into and Peter -- you. Waited to hear about that the end breakers Nancy -- Mary was laughing after police released surveillance videos -- -- -- -- is like all. Of them. One of them wearing his underwear the other two have not been on their bottom yet have been cheaper to keep them where they go into this restaurant. Docs beat cows and -- Debbie you know they stole. I heard hamburger meat sixty hamburger. At anything else that note it. It is -- they had the lions -- -- -- -- -- Is that a man broke in Sunday and left the trail red peppers on the beach so they've he's got red peppers as well with our camera that they were just hungry and want to make some burgers. And -- Nobody was there to be the first time that the managers says they remember this happening in the 27 years they've been open and it didn't take any money. That's happened before but no one's ever slammed through a door completely naked looking for the. Yes I'm thinking this is what happened here at home they're getting ready for bed -- them to their taking their clothes off -- they cut again you know. -- for -- -- -- now got a good you and they go. Out let's just. Now says they think that it will maybe finish at the places open when they got there naked yeah we're like -- Not over so the next best -- we're not we're not just -- -- -- what we're just gonna give up because the burger -- closed. I know. We're gonna get -- -- in my area definitely hold water because I wouldn't just go through it try to get a burger are meanwhile accused and -- right now. Maybe dumb and dumber and dumbest landed me why would people vial. -- made -- run for the burgers and the and what are they can test those red peppers for DNA if they you know in it maybe that she went I don't want to Cooper is there any. I don't know what is peppers are I don't know what happened. The category that you don't want and it's collateral damage the role well our identity yes speaking of red Wednesday is that larger read your way. Orange and has not hot pink but I think people have a plan TV it looked like you both Wang -- -- light -- funny our cameras are not. As such Al coordinated again and went out coming -- that's what I call that locked him -- let's not. Let. -- and we're on high that even looking at it through the camera doesn't -- I actually exactly eye roll I roll like come on my cause unclear at -- on clearly and it's hot -- on about you both looked fantastic either way whatever color and it's having happy Friday and a wonderful weekend not see it as meteorologist -- about town and -- board. Yes that next act up to West Virginia where the saints again rated take the practice field and Steve Geller will tell about it. -- get a little controversy drawing near to people of -- mediate 7870 disagreeing with David Blake prediction that Hercules will be number one of the box office. And their passionate about bluesy will be Hercules says one person it next mandate that he would detonate Hercules will be a -- and others that. Lucy's going to be number one lake is wrong this time we'll find out. On Monday morning. Donna the way along at a find out what's gone out -- WWL sports. In exactly two hours from this moment the saints take the practice field for the first time training camp. That BWO Steve Geller is in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia to cover at all. Morning -- that's no more build up the day is finally here saints players take the practice field this morning for the start of training camp had coach Sean Payton on one facet of his offense that he wants to improve upon this year. Thus finishing you know offensively in the four minute wait a couple opportunities this past season and close games to win the division even a Carolina or on the road at the wing -- Those were tough losses against good teams. Well Marshawn Lynch will not be in attendance when the Seattle Seahawks opened training -- beast -- is holding out looking for a new deal he signed a four year thirty million dollar contract with the Seahawks in 2012 and is scheduled to -- five and a half million this season which faces a -- 30000 dollar fine for every day he does -- now over to the NBA now over the Cleveland Cavaliers have announced the signing of number one overall draft -- in -- -- the most notable ramification of that signing is that -- cannot be traded now for thirty days he remains the biggest -- and a potential -- for Kevin Love for now. That hypothetical deal will have to be placed on hold and pelicans head coach at power forward Anthony Davis will start training camp next week for USA basketball Williams says that this year the brow will look to take more of a leadership role on the squall line. Obviously there's other guys on the team does have more experience like Barea and then Kevin Lowe's. And hard and what -- they but they did he can fit on a bigger role this -- Today have four on sports talk live from -- training camp of West Virginia short -- take on the first day of practice plus. Drew Brees Jimmy Graham cam Jordan and more from saints -- in West Virginia Steve Geller WWL sports. Steve stay right there nestled in the Appalachian Mountains when we come back from his brief time -- I wanna find out how concerned you are that the saints -- safety fears -- apparently won't be on the practice field today and do you think will be the running backs of this team in the rotation when they actually -- their -- in the games last Steve that's. Right after -- fact if you scored Dave -- and New Orleans Steve Geller in West Virginia and getting ready to head on over to the saints practice field less than two hours from now. The saints take the practice field Steve not in that number though the new saints safety -- -- supposed to really now. Transform this defense to make it -- only top five but maybe number one how concerned are you that bird is not a 100%. It's definitely unsettling for the other top free agent acquisition not to be on the field they won but I'm gonna say. I'm not gonna get nervous until. Pre season game number one picture Jarrett -- birds not able to get on the field by -- that we should be concerned debate just taking a few. Days off during the start of camp. Not not a huge deal so hopefully he'll be ready to go by pre season game number one. Having that back surgery though definitely concerning we're hearing that was just equal cleanup procedure kind of thing but. You know I always joke with folks saying you know we certainly that's not major is the one that you're not have. Yeah exactly that everything minor surgery in major surgeries other people have minor surgery you put a night in demise -- to cut it open for any reason. To me that's major surgery I'm very interest in the running back position who do you think will be in this running back rotation when the saints do start playing games the camp. Well I think your lead dogs are gonna beat Pierre Thomas Kyra Robinson and Mark Ingram and you can also see a mix of two -- dead -- -- -- he's gonna be a part of the our special teams kick him kick return unit I feel and then look for him to maybe be that pass catching kind of guy out of the backfield. I'll let their -- yes -- right roles are -- call while Stevie get out over the it to the field because there's less than two hours before the saints start practicing today we look forward to your reports all day and how things go on this first day of practice at -- training camp into that 59 degrees yet. I'll definitely do that will be tweeting out pictures and plenty of other stuff on our Twitter account. Ideal seat on Twitter on WW well like come on Debbie to -- off FaceBook page of course you'll hear it right here on WW well I am adamant that count. 59 degrees there for Steve 79 as we start. Today for your Friday partly cloudy skies -- 30% chance for spotty downpours if you start as early as late morning look for highs -- low ninety's later today. The dropping down into the seventies tonight -- back up to that 93 on Saturday with 820% chance for a shower. And -- forecasts on Sunday mostly sunny high of 93 at 820% chance for rain. From the pinpoint forecast Fenner and urologist -- itself. 85%. Actually close to 90% to 85 and 90% of the eutectic an 87870. -- thing should still get wrong. After every touchdown Philippine playing have to stand up to -- -- for the saints got WWL Tommy Tucker I think it's becoming. But tradition and there's no obvious replacement -- crop at this point. Well I don't think the polls have closed yet gave Missouri talk about it and 6 o'clock -- will continue the conversation she'd grown ups a year ago and decides who dead we've yet to come up with a slogan for this year's team -- Move back and better than before. Them -- it was a rhetorical question but -- -- right -- suggested. -- back in -- before. I'll have an epidemic of crime in the French Quarter and -- Jefferson Parish sheriff's office deputy that was. Sleeping in his car -- his arms folded but look we've all done it we've all fallen asleep on on the job been. About napping is an elder then multi about cruel and unusual punishment with the -- they're calling a botched executions. And capital punishment will tummy tuck it and for the next four hours of fun here on WWL. AM and FM. Less than two hours to the saints take the practice field -- act happy Friday.

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