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7-25 6:10am Tommy, should Saints keep Stand Up & Get Crunk?

Jul 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ron Oswalt, the CEO of Sports Marketing Experts, about how teams market themselves with slogans and songs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Training camp begins for the rookies and veterans they hit the field 12 hours staff. There are -- had I like about these guys that. For their whole life had been hoping for a shot at the NFL. I thought about that night goes back the playground right. Are -- getting guys that said. Seems to have some -- some way above the other kids and parents get to think in Manila may be. May be just as it could play the next leveling as a high school when he seems like a man among boys. It seems as though you know what we have something special on its. -- goes -- college level of competition it's even -- any doesn't stand out as much but still. Better than the other players yeah I'm not head and shoulders none out but there's something special time. And then he finally did you shot to go to an NFL training camp. And then you realize you know what. Everybody's there especially. Everybody there has exceptional ability exceptional talents and -- neighbors we make in the team and not an -- those dreams come to fruition. -- razor thin margin media dropped pants here missed tackle there before you know it out those dreams are all. -- does it kind of stuff that makes coaches. Flip and flop all night long. Now razor thin difference not to mention the families of the players and the players themselves because they've had this green from the time they were five or six years old. Could come through. It could all come crashing down at the end of training camp and you back to reality and and education or have an education to fall back on so -- -- something with your life but I think. So many times we focus on the stars we don't realize all the little different dramas that are going. Are -- and then there's it is and sometimes if they don't make it there's a possibility another team could call -- and they might have one more chance to make that dream come true. -- have their heartbroken. Beyond saying it all depends but I just thought about that these guys it. Their whole life job dedicated toward playing in the NFL and what their bank and as they hit the field today. They imagined and getting called down to the coach's office. He minority and you you don't know -- it's -- golf and sometimes they do know if it's you know he -- ignited the -- that it you know head coach when you bring your playbook. And it means. In my travel arrangement the old -- gives you an exact sort of talked. -- -- had a pretty jaguar opinion people talking about on -- actually is it time for ground to stay. -- ago. And yeah if you gonna recommend a different song will be what would make for great stadium and then -- tecumseh. The bright promises and then unlimited potential is that stands -- right now will would you slowed NB for the 2014 cents. I mean something like. And let's not lose any. But another good right now and must not lose -- slogan. Let's beat the other guys. You know it doesn't carry enough. I think if you ran up the flag -- nobody would salute. Sixteen and now sixteen and all that that could be one Larry you know. -- -- maybe let's let's make sure we won more games so that we can win the division and try to win so many that. Weekend I had the best record in the conference them locked up home field advantage. And anybody could repeat that in on -- hands and and repeal that lets go you know it's a lot of words -- you think O line downward. We'll also talk about an epidemic of dime in the French Quarter this GPS's deputy that was caught on camera sleeping in a text comes and I get a couple about sleeping network. We've all done and I've never fallen asleep at work in fact I can't think of anybody that's ever fallen asleep at work. Well if you look at the picture you'd see this Jefferson Parish deputy that's sound asleep and scars he won at least. A text comes -- already fulfilled that dream auto racing season IA I knew it was gonna come. And then we'll play some of these songs that Sheldon can now find them turned down for what a suggestion comes to play that come and that Tommy Tucker David Blake. Shelden Williams conducting the orchestra and Manning master control Jordan -- On the payroll was well back in a flash and -- -- anyway but my favorite songs of all time turned down the life turned down 41. Are down 41 name right. And that was a suggestion that the saints play instead of crop because I'm ready to add in people asking you should stand up and -- Stay -- ago. -- -- -- -- -- station keeps in and shoots it down but that been like that anyways at. Look at this as I told Dave Cohen that the polls are not close 67%. Same time ago time for something and annals. And if you think it's time for something else what do you think it's time for maybe maybe it's time for turn down pro life. That's DJ snake and look John. Let me get -- -- and second Iran all's well let -- let me if I can -- -- in Springfield very -- Hey did you on -- a beloved morning. I get more calories I'd be united -- -- stay or go. Wait worn out actually last year ran it were briefed on which side -- like it here. Has the Green Day you do wrong. Saints are kind yet recovered and that if they'd read in the the -- that repeat it well. So. You think to that is still viable considering it's been known nine of four or five years. Eight year. Candidate yet now I get a -- ago is an idiot to that even if you if you did it five years away. Yeah we haven't done it yet nine. I know we haven't done an insanity though repeat five years apart do you think the phrase -- like. Like you know repeat whatever would still be there like -- repeat whatever you want to do them on the team. Second. No the -- it would do me a second went that Libya Judah. And I looked -- I'm -- -- and -- just ask and I didn't know that it still fit and I'm sort wacky cult and have a good day all right our thank you to rod Oswald -- week goes CEO sports marketing experts. In Austin I don't run. Great -- -- -- I don't think you have a pretty fun job in sports marketing war is it like everything else eventually it turns to work. Never or -- there are. Our actual it will never become war. Dang it's good for you tell me about -- When it -- -- -- in them sports slogans -- what is -- that -- were really good went into and you create wondered do they had just. Just have to sometimes naturally evolved. You can actually create one I mean when powering the arena football team in -- we had a song that didn't -- our marketing name of the past this game -- -- but if you look back at me and yet he has links to hit a pop in outlet that -- happened in round -- ball in recent years only to import country music and I interpret common eased more current finger like -- are like first even just like which I'm not -- -- Which brings in another question how old is too old how young is too young how hip hop is too hip hop largest yet been. ID. Is about the team was all about here you wanna fire the team up for the kick off viewing the fans fired up both and is -- common ground. There at the Tom brown and I think one of the best things you're just trying to -- it will go back to our little opportunity you can also go back in -- People in the tiny and -- sites like songs to the culture. To of people and I am currently ranked at least a tie and all of the. Now you grew up in Mississippi and -- saints fan right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So tell me -- when he comes to this year if you model which it'll work for free hear anything give up anything you make money on that. What could you give us possible theme may be for this year seasonal hours song to replace -- These are -- -- needs to be replaced it does point out that needs to be doing something that's more in between the cultures. One of the things is that sank happens because they've been around for so long you can play well but the team that's -- -- would you personally I'll eagle local artist. Local music guitar into that the team doctors crop is something that someone else on. Does it have to be a mom. Of recognizable tune or does it become recognizable because you play it now all of a sudden people embrace. But it needs to be something that the people embraced -- also really -- down the local culture and helped and we -- things. Are they preparing for the -- I really believe that it needs to be. The other about local media. Follow up a sports marketing department of the sanction and being able to be able to reach out local media. I when it comes to us slogan I'm guests and like 1820 words might be too much. Very much I mean you look back to go on and on the back in beyond a lot and we -- a block -- projects burst but. You know even so as simple as the old -- India that you see you Michael Jackson and some of the things. You can even look back at a on what order eighties when hand that I agree and stop and a sort of that 1983 India Arnold. -- cowering in two different things there in the eighty the India bottles also rated their -- -- into the overtime home. I'll buy a brawl nearly these reluctantly clutched. -- quickly before we let you go I get a text here that says -- about happy happy happy by a thorough would that be a good song -- to play after a touchdown. Play an -- video content to the local community which would be more important at all. Included too upbeat and not not nasty enough not aggressive enough thank you -- appreciate that the time. Not a problem got the right direction overnight from we will soon run Oswald CEO of sports marketing experts in Austin and a big saints fans. Sign announcing -- -- touched down you know that trailer in the falcons they scored touchdowns. I didn't TV commercial break crowds standing up all excited here this. I don't know maybe it would work. Tell me is strongly. He plays is it time to do something governor should we stick with -- your senators on when it comes in if not -- like. And when it comes to us slogans you go into the issues team saints their training camp and about an hour and a -- I hit the field back in a flash Tommy Tucker evident. Well -- the UK beat these things political career. The bullet and things that clip bush that I had to -- And -- -- from the best of all time saints songs. -- it doubled. This was in the greens get to this moment -- Saddam. Local -- and -- presume most of. The roster is still in place where that's now on another they mention in there. With free agency got to watch a song mail from year to year especially if it's local because. You know that they have the team's different. Oh continued taking your calls to six of 172038668890878. Com if you have a song that you think should replace chronicle or fetus wonderfully short. Support for stronger pretty jaguar opinion polls should stand up and get -- stay or go right now David Blake. Dead even 5050. Is it early. Holes were to close right now we would have to have a recount. We might have some hanging chads -- effect. So enough a lot of reaction of the song happy happy happy. People love yeah heatedly captain in the middle bombed and it says no Tommy not happy needs something pastors still talk about that. In the in time that we come back right now time for that WL first news of that was devastated. I don't know if we'd done this before or not but it somebody's persistent and texting me that now that. Training camp is under way in players that are hitting the field we should refer to each other including collars. My last name only because. Indeed which in the mind of the players you know I guess helmets -- gold right now under him and at the politically on him yeah and they get the name on a piece of tape. On top of the helmets and coaches can know who's who although I don't know if Drew Brees and actually have. Brees on a piece of tape as you'd think they know him back out. Experience I gain -- but some of the other guys I don't know writes only when do you wanna make today last named HR. I Blake like doctor Williams the eagle everybody Nichols in you get a last name and if you -- text in -- at any gates at any. On the -- let me -- your last name news. Because that's the way we're gonna -- of people today up ready jaguar opinion polls should stand up and get prompt state or go to dead even -- -- right down on the gold medal and then I edit text here that says the only people that should have a say in the cents a poll tax almost the only people that you have a slayer season ticket holders. I don't NN new rule him. I saints here and -- here -- team even if they might be on a waiting list to get tickets so. I really did gimme gimme your call here -- 26018780386689. Zeros eight -- any. That's right and let me know if bomb if crawled is grounded and I it's time to replace. I sympathize. With those who have already stated that they had -- needs to gold. You know because when you do when you get burned out on some -- your burned out others still love it. And believe it's tradition and so will it is a really went right down the middle things. Nor did -- last year. Try -- to back off on an eye on her as much as ever fairy kind of phrasing it down and it brought it back it seemed like because it minute. Things -- console well it's fixes. You tell me 260187. -- 3866889087. He picked up the phone gimme cull is Kron played. Or is that the perfect song that they should use after the saints Stewart touched down into the crowd on -- maybe it should be something local and traditional. Any other question is if you're gonna. And pick a slogan coined the slogan for this year's team. And the shears campaign what would it be. Some people are saying things like. This is it another one is saying time to go. From. ABC. Should be the song from the Jackson because we're gonna school players take no prisoners. And teaching to the bank. By big cat and daddy -- not a bands on the play and and now's the time where bodies -- play in their own songs again so we'll take calls when we come back it is 641 Tommy Tucker back in a flash on WW. Talk care -- WL we use and last names today because listeners suggested it and the team hits the field for training camp today -- yet you know the big names taped an element in athletic tape with. Now agrees. Graham. And some other players can't think of right now some. Rookies whose names -- other coaches don't really know and we're asking you before we go to west -- to live report. From Steve Geller should -- stay or go and that's on that -- Williams wages now it was a suggestion from a -- another one bites the dust to me I think that's a little. Oldman and not quite hard enough but I appreciate the call planning quick. -- on -- WL played on I don't Martin isn't planning a Fleming. -- -- -- -- the only real my injury I 'cause we also get a guy Fleming -- got -- I don't get them to be confused. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I want to tell you know and see people get tired assaults and and you know hosting its same thing -- thought -- really did an retaliated sol did you bring back such great memories from 2009 you know. And I just can't but think. About I would agree with -- planning I don't think. If they broke don't fix it and I think that is something that is unique to new long -- and has got a great memory associated with that size they keep. And you know it you know tell you what people can negate that and that annual. I guarantee material when -- when that would perspective that you would ominous welcome but it -- it -- it did help. Up Doug did you get yesterday and yet you season tickets and the men couldn't it. Got ready on. The I've route planning banks or call and I. -- united take a lap. -- joins us right now from West Virginia and and Geller you know we're on the west last name -- that right. Up at night good. Tell me we do what happens today in West Virginia into a bit about that Greenbrier facility is as it was then that. -- in body and and Deke on sports talk last night and they they were saying in a way it's like a country club atmosphere on one side in the fields on the other -- give us little burden mental picture if you will let -- the layout. Yeah absolutely it's it's pretty spectacular to witness we actually drive up in his immediate parking lot. And there's really nothing in there except the budget gravel -- little fence around the area and a golf car. From with one of the saints media reps com's picks us up. We have to go through this trail basically amber on a little home muddy road because it rained we went through a tunnel. Going passing train tracks. I'll go that we have to go up up up this outside. And basically you'll riding you see this resume work. The clubhouse and what we got this there is finally -- show on and -- you were speaking you looked out on the balcony and spectacular. Two fields carved into. This mountain -- it's unbelievable that they were able to pull this off I can I would like to know what was there before and because it really looks like it's been. All along let's open wasn't the driving range another -- helmets but still at all. -- tell -- what's on the slate for today in terms of practice and and you know I try to keep all history but the NFL's is no more two days correct it was part of the -- and. Exactly so they're gonna go through a not had a practice actually today things will be a little slow getting into things for training camp. And then later on today it will be a small walk through which is really nothing more then you know that the players go through emotion not anything. Really excite the fans aren't even minutes ago view that but this morning I expect a lot of the West Virginia faithful to be out there. Talking to folks around town -- pretty excited about having. A Super Bowl contender tapping other football and in this team's good and have legit shot at hosting hoist the Lombardi trophy. And for people letter thing about make in the trip or already have plans were candy insiders. Knowledge would you give them for when they get there what time to get to practice what to look for how many seats are available etc. Well practice begins at. 8:50. AM eastern. So 7:50 AM -- central time there by an hour away from right now. Yet and there there is. A special area for folks to park at -- -- shuttle that you're gonna have to take over and it does hundreds of feet from the shuttle over by. That training camp practice is free to get it -- at the -- would be markets. But the folks here. Are very accommodating and no we always talk about southern hospitality well they've they've got it up here West Virginia from. Going just -- the Wal-Mart to the local bar folks have been very welcoming open arms it when you travel the likes of Bobbie it guaranteed -- everybody wants to talk football. LSU -- and there are quite knowledgeable here yet begun to talk about. And how are the wal marts in West Virginia and I'll stay. A bank. I will thank you Stephen and indeed just run through it it's kind of hard to get a feel for anything they write -- in terms of just. You run through some plays no no contact thrown pass litigation NC. In terms of of defense of coverage. Who's doing well is -- and patterns and his catch a ball and how accurate quarterback is. Yeah mostly the most really seeing. Folks how they're doing if they're coming back from injuries. Making sure that they're running cutting well. If you some of the rookies coming in sepia look like they're shaped. We saw a little bit mini camp and that OTAs but there's going to be a lot a little more tense now Sunday they'll file to be putting on pads that's when the real action. Hey -- we appreciate your time and of course and at All Saints coverage for you hear how how's the weather desk in Africa. This morning's top -- to that you enjoyed it is it is hot and muggy here today thank you sir have a great economic got RE. A day ago Jersey gallery there with the saints training camp begins and about it dollar. At least at the practice and team -- WL as you just heard is there resident pros Bobby Hebert hooking guys John while with the voice of the saints' Jimmy Anderson big chief Deke Bellavia. Kristian garic saints' sideline reporter Tia Bobby Hebert and her friend -- saints' training camp specials live from green brier -- West Virginia. Not only David Saturday and Sunday three until six right here in a flagship WWL where. We have your code word coming up -- 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest. Another time pro at a traffic -- that we go to Tehran Robinson. My tummy -- talking about the saints and training can't get the feel good about it now less than an hour now that they do of course we get all the coverage we -- Under the WL I'm ready January opinion polls should -- stay. Or go is it played. And last time we checked the the results were 5050 and they have not changed still dead even. You can look at it from the same point of look it we've done this. Let's not -- notary public -- from the standpoint of Enola hearkens back to a very successful time. A good time and I think the other question is is about the fans are about the team about both album. We'll continue the conversation also talk about crime and a French Quarter and would you go there this weekend in fields they.

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