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WWL>Topics>>7-25 7:15am Tommy, epidemic of crime in the Quarter?

7-25 7:15am Tommy, epidemic of crime in the Quarter?

Jul 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to Meg Lousteau, with the VCPORA, about crime in the French Quarter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's it would make a loose thanks in morning -- -- -- -- -- -- well I don't think the emergence of the bar owners in the French Quarter beat too happy with that the U. Tell me what you had to say about crime in the French Quarter and com the in terms of adequate patrol and Phelan -- Obviously the the match eating to get attention and it is a tragic and -- -- on a catch everyone on the problem but there at their academic crime in the quarter of Eddie. I'm. And I think are important because it's not an option that you -- article April start. Early and and and bring about change. Yeah I'll want to talk about primed because aegis arraignments and then big Hamptons or guns involved here about it. What are the things that that are concerning the for orders. The -- -- great property owners residents & Associates. -- Which many people working order and can. Primary on -- snatching you typical yeah. -- armed robbery breaking and people trying to -- and -- a little -- -- last week and it is when you can't deal -- certain basic level each and in your -- on -- -- -- -- -- -- street and -- -- Give me an index if I can and and you know it's going to be skewed view with Katrina but let's say 2000 the year 2000. On an index of one attending the years scale -- year 2000 year 2008. 2009 and the year two point fourteen where would you rate the relative crime problem in the quarter in each of those three sample years and one at ten. Comedic. On the job or six years -- the order should. General and general he'll -- before Katrina and -- are out. We're having major problems but it is from the time and director -- and now. Anecdotally. The my -- and the partner in the -- that much people are much more I think Ty and Q. Actors clearly losing at 30%. The opera certificate in actor. -- -- -- -- up right here we come back with meg Lewis on Melanie from yell as well -- 2601878. Toll free 866. 889087. In very simply would you feels they've gone in the French Quarter this weekend would you take your if failure significant others and if you did. How late would you say now realize you not to bring your. Eight or ten year olds but he could be 5060 years old and when I wanna go have a nice dinner maybe a couple of drinks with your grown. Adult children 722 time only to traffic and for that we go to Terrell Robinson. Tommy Tucker inevitably you already jaguar opinion poll asking you would you feel -- -- of the quarter this weekend and as it stands now 60% of view. Are saying no I guess -- -- so executive director of the duke -- property owners resonance. & Associates and before the break meg you're talking about. Increased patrols and and what a difference that would make or at least on a negative news side of -- -- less polices affecting it adversely and Johnny and Hammond had a good question page not a good morning on. WL. -- -- ethical and good almonds on your mind. What the lead or share. Markets -- but also. Out. Making some sort of contract GDP and to. You know metropolitan -- -- -- combining that -- giving it jurisdiction. New Orleans here as well just kinda combine health issue. -- let's let's see wooden -- says about dead in meg little about that -- date unknown though he SO works allotted details but. That would be something -- would have to to pay for somebody had to foot the bill for. -- Your thought he did come up by. I think there's some issue is personal paying them to contain them and important duty. Literally did just what crowd as saying on the crowd of and residents he lives in their districts they really want more and eighty officers and they're either recruit class and right now and Japan Japan and the derby nineteen hostages by the end of the year. Even pay the approximately 840 Q well -- retirement -- resignation and being -- sitting out the force. And England let's face it money aside -- had a hard time felon that recruiting class and then from there you got some time that goes with. You know training -- -- I -- -- And we I think we don't know no way to get ninety new police office body in the the -- does -- happen and Israelis about into the year. He said that -- for the content created to they have no more than thirty officers in each recruiting class. And that they have one class and are on right now and and McClatchy toward the end of the year of ninety. I had to I hate to say but I take -- that so would the residents be open to any of the monies available the iron no DSL or. -- -- police in there right now or even JP has some like that to get more boots on the ground. I think it. And that the content -- -- that to reading it on the ground and everyone is dairy I'm very happy about the the state police and quarter Labor Day. And they on the first week -- a couple weeks a crime that they've been on the ground and it -- a lot better. Oh in the making different what the perception of the criminal. You know the actual presence and people work. Coming to the quarter and uniformed officers and then decides to not do that thing. -- actor -- its New York. Along as it works one more poorly two go says. I only -- the quarter client company from out of town not concerned about safety. But don't wanna do anything foolish. While -- there and anything foolish to me a lot of things that means. Or she means straying into the in the wrong -- To be a victim of crime and a quarter and and simply by watching where you go what you do stay with the crowd. And you greatly. T -- -- chances of being a victim. Well first of all I mean the French Quarter to hear that from anyone especially -- local because the recorder and you know world first neighborhood just. An amazing place architecturally in culturally. But to the specific question about him I think. It's a common sense and ending it matter where he or whatever city. I don't there's any higher likelihood that spot haven T. I can beat her and I mean it's hard to get the right statistics and obligated to do that kind of analysis and -- data analyst anyway that. I think -- by anybody coming to the quarter filling in there to be aware their surroundings. Anecdotally. You know the color earlier talked about clothes everything at 2 o'clock because. Nothing good happens after 2 o'clock it is there a time that you should say OK it's time to go -- do you think -- crime has nothing to do with. And -- the hours between midnight and 5 AM whatever. There are correct it but it will be able to integrate it happened particularly -- all happened torturing him and keep our past. Indicated. Meeting minutes earlier. So even the region but it it's happening around the clock and I think you know criminals are looking for opportunities and aggregate content and all of well. These might thank you -- I appreciate your time thank you.

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