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7-25 8:10am Tommy, do you feel safe in the Quarter?

Jul 25, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about crime in the French Quarter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David and have to tell you about dead calm promotion at the minor league ballpark to a bit later 'cause we we had a story from -- -- to religious now about a savage beating -- -- Not son and even make the news on a -- there was even in the police reports of the police tried to covered up. I I don't -- year I was captivated I couldn't stop listening. Just -- it breaks my -- it does -- -- friends go to Terry in old Jefferson right now. He says he has a son that was attacked his blog morning Terry. More telling would happen. Well you know I call. In number of social network -- yeah -- shop down there. And actually -- had a quick chart up shooting well. No I'm not sure what three weeks our month out from that use downtown. And we can our shop. You know -- -- Right off canal and the ministry really right up the street -- You all got broken jaws was also was -- ripped off -- On not covered -- the point is that. It's not just who we should you know -- we have more police from the state police going in on the weekend. But I of these kids and what I mean by accusing -- use. Who warms. You know work hard and people. Kept bothering him or him we shall make sure they're there on wall angles of the quarter. We lose -- quarter. Revenue I mean just. -- -- real quick is their local colts. Should be tax. You hate war. Security patrol that typically wore the court. And you know Terry that -- first -- -- -- -- son Dylan. Well I mean. It will carries a rough and tumble here. You know it's just a matter of I mean he could have been Q and you see on that we're here. Yeah you know I'm -- the elementary cannot go back to work there and you know they're important for twenty year old chocolate yeah you know. What you're okay. Electorate that he's been brought before. By -- but she got organized and why aren't they just be ma you know and not. Smart enough when useful article that crop walk court documents and you you'll. Like he can handle himself -- it. More than anything what would -- it out and shooting and we're gonna happen. More of these incidences should be legal. It does sort of goes away you know -- like we all complain about it. And there are three clear what is involved. You know we over the mayor is really. Taking part look at. Announcement point about. Hum with -- about her son it's the Annie you know your son now is gonna have to look for another job lenders on. Is deadly for different place to live because is awaiting the Bakken. And lived there and you mentioned move on in no way we move on because of the story is out of the news if it ever gets in the news and a first place and then. You know that the damage the carnage you families and people have to deal with when your retirement security and taxes and and we try to have this conversation a while ago it's almost and I'm not trying to be. The flippant here or make fun of a bit of someone like I think you're talking about the police services. Like cable TV where they're tears up but -- okay for your basic taxes you get basic police coverage but if you willing to put a bomb attacks on yourself and make yourself a special security district. Well and you get more officers and I don't think it's a way it's supposed to work. You know you're not supposed to work or equity in America today with what is being what they are being in trouble. This from the product sector should because we really look. Quarter it is it -- rearming marketing. And the fact is is that all these big hotel want the French Quarter being. You know. Did we dangerous and on and on but also fell in both convention local. What not a handicap but more important is -- the pick a week. Troll is used for the French Quarter and pay by the hotel in some sort of revenue that would -- -- -- Say we and hours Rome. Put on security. But then there are the police who -- designated. A private security firm for the hotel ductwork and local. In order where blocks of the quarter -- I don't think it is Syrians are about dishonor really Yemen. And god bless you all and I'll be -- something even better. Are to where you're Clinton. -- -- you call please spending like Dan Evans a matter of fact thank you Terry and if anybody out there as a story. Of the in mind -- some violence or crime doesn't be violence and crime and have been in the French Quarter that. You want everybody to know about. Did this -- chances to six 1870 till 38668890. -- at any sweeping a problem under the rug that never fixes it solid Gaza's. In a lot of ways allow it to either trip somebody up or color getting even bigger. And a pretty -- my opinion poll do you feel comfortable going into the French Quarter this weekend would you. As it stands now 52% saying no 48% saying yes and the gentleman that is stalled I think he's right. At French quarter's cash register of the city's so we better find something to do. Today at least make people know that they're saying back in a flash Tommy Tucker -- W Tommy Tucker talking about the French Quarter and Sunday had a meeting the other -- and saying there's an epidemic of crime there and they're not gonna feel safe until they have more street police patrols. Superintendent LTD Ronald -- has sold and they're gonna have -- any additional law forces officers. On and LTD by the end of the year. And and how in the world you can really think that's going to be true when they had trouble filling one recruiting class here we are. More than half way through the year and I think 28. Are in the day in the academy class right now out of an original 32 and had a hard time filling the thirty twos so. I think you are extremely optimistic to think you can have ninety new offices on job. By the end of this year. And a pretty jaguar opinion poll is asking you would you feel safe going into the quarter this weekend. 53% saying no 47%. Saying yes and the follow up question is if you would. -- would just stay. And we had a response buddy -- go about five leave at 830 I'd probably say until midnight. But I don't know that I'd stay any later than that and and Wiggins and stories about people have been attacked there relatives savagely beaten. In the quarter that. Nobody really heard about until now and now a lot of police attention towards that. Follow up video available in in one case and not a lot of follow up as it relates to the interview lawyers communication goes with the the victim's mother. So whereas in new way have you seen something in the quarter when you've been there. That made you nervous are on easier -- just say OK that's it time to -- elected gentleman called right before the top of the hour news. And so state troopers take a guy down outside of a club and take a loaded handgun. Out of his pocket number one under the collar. Identity protection program good morning -- on -- WL. Good Tommy Tommy it was snowing on and in what you think. Com I'm I'm I'm very guarded about for our product and figure it out -- deficit that the but I gotta get this. Also a family member. I don't look when he -- beautiful he's recovered now what our current street block double bird and was beaten back and teenagers maybe -- Six of seventeen days. And he was -- temperature about two weeks one. Now it is that they. The booing -- second number when you -- is better. But I would think some like that sticks with the mentally rusty are. It this is what you mentally. -- physically Lieber com. So on and so that in any event good right now souls so that was the it is that they called out there and says something about. Our own Ford the world go in court firstly. Oh we are parties there. Number one. It's it's awful for you to attacks. Where you're a bit or. So -- -- in -- and and then. If you ought to. Police -- -- to better use. In that terrible. Number -- In which air. Bush could keep that in the cities were beard were out here are they need to put. Some think that it -- slap in the article in one and eight we don't have enough money for the police -- -- ordered an -- NC. A program we're going to build street and chrome. The -- apart who. Between Israel and the fifteen million well aware. A slap in the street. We are party are all well -- -- certainly could be pretty if you want quality officer. Gay and you'll have to play our quality obliterated in that stretch its orbiters should be what the break. And we don't is -- issue but that being the everything did you find it if it at all. Creature are so against everything. Then in addition itself and it it doesn't make any sense. Did disagree with the number one I'm glad you called in years ago Leon remember what administration it was -- And I know it's not easy being an elected official but -- at Berman part in Algiers they had erected some. Art work that they've contracted for and it was I think celebrate fire stations is someone that. And grant the grass was about a foot and a half high. At the entire part because it and have the money the cut the grass but they had the money to these 80000 dollar pieces of Marquardt and I think that's exactly kind of thing you talk about. Yeah -- -- would like rock idol personally look at some people on certain mode and stop the war and I don't know bit by. There are always programs that even probably people are probably people on -- open and OPE. But they get shot. And it all comes back to one thing in a challenging time in -- -- -- great. -- all -- in any way. Are you owe money to go correctly or it needs to go into medical Turkish general on. And so it can be adequate. -- -- the girl on it ever comes out about it. Number one a casino money was supposed to go for education in the state guess what went in general fund. So without. -- any Tibet that they think we. The question saying it's kind of you know -- Leo or you know his. And I think the problem that is like the tracks folder that debris is a city connection would probably in attacks. If it's actually within a couple. But. One and oh because the opposite and sort -- get there. -- general -- or anything they certificate there. I think the problem there -- number one would be you would have to you would have people not from Orleans parish pain. To use some outraged. -- to fund an LP Dina you made it for all law enforcement and and maybe somehow proportionately race there work it out but I think what happens is people like yourself I was so tired. You know with the money that's supposed to be dedicated here are dedicated -- -- -- general fund nothing changes. You know about the votes wouldn't a year absolutely guaranteed. To note that it's going to be used for the purpose that you voted for four if you. Thank you number one political thanks listen that'd -- appreciated ID 27. Time related traffic more calls won't come back -- hang on please right now though. Terror Robinson's. Let you know what's going on and -- David Blake I don't know if you've ever had situations in your life are known friends where he had this problem while and you look at Nina -- flow chart or organizational -- you do list. To solve it but then ninety and that. And let's do -- neck and announcer right actually get a circular issue on my list -- on right on the line and it taxes down 300 arsenal PD officers should at least nine million dollars to. Ten million dollars should be at least that surplus budget why didn't it used its target. Hotspots at specific times and those types of crimes are being committed well. I guess I would say targeted with through. Because there are only so many details while I was an officer can work. In terms of I don't know if that's part of the consent decree lord always was like that. You can't get officers now you use lose and in my get a text that says. Time in the third district -- Jefferson Parish sheriff's office has five and LP deed transfers since January. So you lose and officers and an alarming rate. Monies available you can Hiram Retief says Ronald service is what Nicole -- -- written any new officers by the end of the year not announcing any -- that happens because they had a hard time -- in the regarding class sit on on right now. And it sounds like. And reduces it could be a small segment but it could represent a lot more than we know. The collar if you proud about these beatings and rob things. That are awful as sounds like -- this stuff what would you say between like midnight 5 AM seems like that seems to be the target zone. And seems like a lot of gains. Kids are people on I want to find kids but. Get a text here that says that he's an experience officers she is an experienced officer post certified. I'm asking about and obedient residency requirement on residency requirement was waived a while back in and look at -- off any of this is true or not but just going by the surface of the text if they are experienced officers out there. Who don't know who who -- thing about NO PD. And don't know about. The residency requirement it's better than it seems like. Maybe recruiting needs to be focused in a different direction I don't I don't know. If that text is right I don't know anything about recruiting officers but I do know. That at this point it's taken a long time and an uneven match in the offices of relief and Timmons -- -- a good morning and -- WL. Tommy I think that. Frankly -- -- take an approach for no particular approach similar to of the large cities Detroit Chicago where we use -- court broke. That is and it does it does inhibit some civil liberties. They would simply put all this surge at the end of urban teaching him. And everyone would come in and be checked. And and then you could move this and you could move it to different I'll war and it has worked in other cities. And we don't have the manpower majority. Explain that big thing. Therefore you could use perhaps even -- parachutes. Personnel and rotate them in an -- until the problem -- now. If that popped up again do it again put it at the other hand lettered on the paperwork. But just make it known that will be checked. When you're entering -- and that's that's it. But checks of one to him. Just tell them you know. You're going and we need you to. We need to go look for flights or something like that you know. Thank you thank you Tim I'm glad you called I'm sorry I hit the buttons and I mean do you that we both were randomly latent. I don't know if that would work now one thing -- do you have a question of is if you don't have enough NO PD officers were DTL. And it works bringing in state. Police officers well maybe there might be some kind of legislative act it's needed to our office council ordinance is something I don't know but you would think. That maybe -- their officers from other areas via GPS soul war. Orleans parish sheriff's office that you could pay them. To work indeed tail until you get an -- media to stamp on just trying to find solutions I don't know 260187. He told three. 86 exit 89087. Mailing your what your experience. Has been in the French Quarter and look if you had a good experience we would love to hear from me as well. And apparently half of you have because the ready jaguar opinion apple would you feel safe going in the French Quarter this weekend. 51% saying yes 49%. Golan saying no we'll talk to you when we come back and evidently well. I Tommy Tucker another WL talking about the French Quarter and safety in next to talk about these so called. Botched executions. A very passionate. Discussion yesterday any office between. Jordan -- and myself I I don't think these executions have been botched. Because the goal was reached and I think that just a -- that those that are against capital punishment a term our our phrase that they're trying to coin. So that all of a sudden as I. Oh -- a minute you put a guide asleep when he snores or gas a couple of times and all of a sudden. It's cruel and unusual punishment and I'm not trying to be. Funny when I say this I think a lot of people do that when they sleep a night with apnea. So they were talking about different execution methods when. You know nothing was perfect -- to tried two or electric keep people sometimes people caught on fire. That's not funny. But the only point I'm making is if I had a choice of of -- and electric chair or being Hong. -- facing the fires in firing squad please put the needle in my arm. And if while I'm unconscious and if it's like -- surgery you gasp rare you don't know -- home -- -- and got a W out thanks to call. I mean you know you despite -- -- -- look at an -- now. Okay and Oklahoma. -- But it didn't do I think she began Wednesday and -- in the some survey some -- I congress. Under them well yeah attributed -- a -- job and watched -- okay. Yeah did an achievement users can. Importantly. They want to retreat to. Here. I agree -- -- confused. There who you fire and I'm confused as well as that term limits on me and only run for two terms of pushing the flop and go to councilor at large if you like. Right right yeah and then you know the -- and its people. I'm not get bogey. Let me let me Asus -- a -- and quick Glenn how how can you blame. The council when the money is allocated for the police officers and people just don't wanna work brown TD I get text from. -- -- -- -- -- Are down on you guys yeah Brady is not a dollar opportunity. Of these -- you want to. Encourage. And then you don't you want take two million other important in the yeah OK. All right. I think which she was saying isn't you have to talk to her I think which use and is. Because you can't get the officers take it out of their for now but you know enable talk to Stacy had about that I'm glad you called -- I think it's would use an 853. More calls when we come back and a an interesting. -- conversation about capital punishment coming up and -- 9 o'clock hour that you do not want to miss right now though. Time to take a look at that Friday morning traffic and for that we go to Terrell Robinson. Tommy Tucker WWL talk about crime and a French Quarter end and LP Deanna. -- Texans and go the French Quarter several times a month on the weekends I have never had a problem however. It is not very hard to ascertain who is there to spend money in who's there to find an unsuspecting victim. The -- should be given a green light to do what they do a New York stop and frisk. That would eliminate the majority of crime and a French Quarter within one month and I'm only laughing because. -- auto correct change that to stop in fresco. Which is an old Coca-Cola product that I never did really care for Marion a new wall inside -- and other W -- the morning. -- -- what -- thank you. And the -- look at the trend with NO PD tells me that I -- PD can't protect the city. I mean that the trend in numbers is down numbers alone but the trend inexperience. Is way down. Let me just clear this sub Mariane you're not saying they don't want to -- you're saying that. They're doing that the men and women are doing the best they can and a bad situation. Tour. -- -- it apart and you've got a ball. Who I would say is questionable. But that's another top. Well -- well in a way it is in a way it is and we now have enough time for it now but I would love to do exit surveys and -- -- the detective -- -- -- -- -- Monday -- last -- I think it was. A detective that left after seven years and he's now -- fitness trainer because he can make more money and the thing that we never to get an answer to. Is well when you said you leave and that anybody try to key. At retaining officers the experience one's as a recruiting them and he said. Not know my -- and an answer those quickness and okay come on -- talking about the death penalty and executions and lethal injections. Tommy Tucker -- WL.

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