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7-25 9:45am Tommy, botched executions?

Jul 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to John McAndrews, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Marquette, about the death penalty

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker back -- the WL talking of low to capital punishment and seems like you know I know -- -- go away bank hear anything that. When it comes into -- details. The phrase they order of corruption gets repeated over and over and over again but that phrase was coined. By disgraced US attorney a former prosecutor. That was in on the consent decree negotiations and I bring that up only because. The eighties argues -- -- term eight order of corruption when it comes NO PDD -- do you remember where it came from. And now it seems like wind. Lethal injections when it comes it to capital punishment. Because it takes awhile because it may be painful for people watch it seems like the phrase botched execution. He's just assumed -- okay it was a botched execution and and -- and my thought is that you never know but if it's like a surgical procedure is a nurse says and it's -- at and some other drugs that you get. Then did I don't think the patient would be feeling anything even though physiology. -- it may take. A physiologically might take longer for that person and I and it's hard on those witnessing John again insurance right now assessor associate professor of political science. And market university in morning -- -- Is is there something to what I said about. That there's a phrase botched execution that those that are against capital punishment Thomas trying to get this on the record and assume that it's true. Well I think some recent executions have been botched it's important to understand why. Lethal injection was working fine until death penalty opponents. Pressured drug companies. To withhold. The drugs that we're working just fine. And lacking those drugs the states have been freshly ground. Trying to find. Proper combination. But to administer. Two to perform -- lethal. Injection. You're right that that in this particular case. Different witnesses said different things it's not at all clear that the fellow actually suffered. The job at the IP team that there was actually -- medical doctor insisted. No he let suffering was actually comatose. Which means that from the standpoint the spectators it. Dragged on and on May have been gruesome spectacle. But. If the I was executed but wasn't suffering medical time that -- Krugman usually. Well and and you know I would have to and I meant trying to Parse words here but I think words carry connotations and before you know what we're botching every execute. Every day or execution it's attempted Willis there's no suffering inning and the condemned person died your feelings on. I'm capital punishment. Aside if you if you forty year against that you would have to admit that it was successful in and so long as there's no suffering I guess I don't see where. Botched would be the word may not be as efficient but I think but certainly carries. A negative connotation and that would make the argument for those against capital punishment or -- I make himself up -- dot. Well -- You could put companies bought it it doesn't work as it was planned and there have been some real botched executions. The fact that an execution is sometimes botched. Doesn't that for example make it on constituted technical procedure unconstitutional. Or cruel and than usual. Because any execution method can be -- that would include soccer squad. Or hanging. Government has an obligation. Two XQ two to kill the person without. Gratuitously intentionally. Oppose imposing undue suffering. But then there is no constitutional obligation of government do it perfectly. Every time. In general I think the state should -- to try to get it right to be honest with you that thinks they can use the power in the domain to exceed. The drugs. That for so long used quite successfully that simply picked them Republicans which is perfectly constitutional. And if the drug companies don't like it at the obstacles like it. What was the drugs that were used and -- effective. Oh gosh I'm not a anesthesiologist. And medical person so so I don't remember -- just simply meant her. That for years and years if drugs were used quite effectively. And then but the source that typically European Asian and European drug companies cut off I don't tax system. At any rate in any points constitution or the eighth amendment guarantee. That there shouldn't be any discomfort at all -- give me when you talk about the death penalty. Now if it it it rejects cruel and unusual. Punishment. The truth is that all punishment cruel and that applies to imprisonment to. The founders intended to outlaw. Innovative forms of cruelty. Dave hum intended to outlaw. Anything -- sadistic. It is not do or is nine to torture person. To -- They knew perfectly well. In the execution method. Can be boxed again that applies to firing squatter -- Put simply imposes on the state obligation. Not too. For example intentionally. Scorcher of a person to death. Did it have an obligation. To. Do the best the state candidates sign procedure but that will. With the person that they put out to suffering. But the founders. Any sensible -- notes. Government matches -- sometimes. Thank you doctor appreciate you time albeit at a weekend. -- --

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