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7-25-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on fracking

Jul 25, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Rick Franzo of Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany about the ongoing debate over oil fracking on the northshore.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's Friday a think tank Friday -- me Don Dubuque filling in for Garland Robinette thank you for tuning in got a great program lined up for -- I guess we can almost -- this follow up Friday. On a number of topics that have been discussed on this program on actually more than once on all of them. We'll tell you what those all the -- so I'll wanna send the thank you out of the listening audience all of those have you attended last Monday evening's. It has long book signing in presentation on it being the author of doctor Mary's monkey. The numbers would just staggering. You know they basically and and sorry to those unit turned away at the door finally it was over 300 people male body in it was fear that the fire Marshal might shouted down the -- parish public library and some people were not able to get in an attendant. And really thank you for coming up to me and introducing themselves it's always great to him to meet those -- you listen to a seat in every week. But more importantly thank you on behalf of and has -- the man is definitely on to something. And he's made that mission in his life to try to sound that. The murder of doctor Mary Sherman from his dad -- -- -- and also. A something that would lead to the explosion of cancer in this country and Todd actually to the JFK's assassination. QA and was very very appreciative deceive the turnout and support. He's beginning and now well look forward to the movie coming out you know maybe one day it will. Throw this question now who do you think will play it in the movie I would say Anthony Hopkins would be -- great. Activists tend to be -- has flown in the movie -- Mary's monkey are. You know whichever of the title and ends up being the anyway we'll probably get an on again and next time anything new develop and hopefully he'll get some more response to each and every time he comes to New Orleans and puts the world body it's more clues. In answers in the sometimes it raises more questions anyway I'm very fascinating and intriguing. Story. But today coming up a bit later on as we mentioned follow up Friday. We gonna have a special guest on. Was going to be joined by EO the man who is also on a mission this one is too. Tried to keep ethanol free fuel available to citizens were talking about -- landry's a few blends specialist in. Came on the program awhile back. And I told us that -- refinery it was one of the big suppliers of law ethanol free. Gas to locals service stations. Had decided that they were not going to make that product available. Which was gonna put another burden on the uses here in the area well Patrick -- and who was a spokesperson for -- fiery came on here. And said that they weren't fact going to continue to make it available. Stated it here on the air on now Pete says that that promise has been broken. And they will not -- making ethanol free fuel available so we've we've invited Patrick -- in from. German refinery come on we have not had a response from him the world will be talking to people Landry and phone lines will be open for your comments and thoughts on that. In the 11 o'clock hour up till noon saint Tammany parish president had -- -- more usual saint Tammany parish update. Now we're going to be talking about the Walter Reed the issue gone there with the district attorney also on the palace sell oil company in the fracking update Levy district update. Saint Tammany parish department's culture recreation and tourism is introducing a strategic plan actually formulating one that you being asked to be involved -- So will be talking about all of those things and also whatever else is on your mind going in by Richard texting your phone calls form his -- This hour though Rick -- -- another familiar voice and of follow up program. President of concerned citizens of saint Tammany fracking no bigger issue facing saint Tammany parish. -- the issue of fracking to Franklin not to frank in the parish it's been an on going debate. We have invited in fact we have an open invitation analysts oil to Jonas on this program to explain. That process their intentions how they gonna make this -- follow what -- plans for the future to expand it what. The scope of the project is going to be. They have promised but not delivered and about who would say maybe two months ago. I sent them all a list of ten pretty simple questions -- anybody in the oil business would be able -- probably in in fifteen to twenty minutes. I have not got an answer back from the moment ten questions of whether or not well we will get them on remains to be seen but that doesn't mean we don't discuss it. So let me introduce Rick friends of president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany and organization has taken the lead role. In helping the citizens of saint Tammany make a determination of when the ranking is good. Or bad for the Rick thanks for being with us as always we appreciate it. Our Rick I wanna get into the zoning issue in now with the council of saint Tammany parish did on that also -- the letters that came from non DEQ. In US Army Corps of Engineers and also about the ban that your organization is is pushing the council to do the fully given any of that. Amid receipt of that letter that that you sent to to governor Jindal. I'm very well written you explain the issue mine in detail and extending an invitation in his invitation said that you be most grateful if he could spare one hour. At a place date and time -- -- choosing to visit with a small group to discuss it if you would tell us what the response has been from the governor's. Well -- response came. I guess few days later and -- was certain -- based police. That unfortunately the governor had a tight schedule. But they wanted to note that it's on it read. And did -- they look at it as a great opportunity. However they said we direct you to -- the the secretary issues so it's -- contact them to make an appointment and and discussed for. So I was a little disappointing obviously from the reply. And some of the politicians in saint Tammany parish in September state rep also sent a letter to. -- -- Requesting a meeting on they have. Some elected officials and on behalf successes saint Tammany. And he I believe at this point I'm still has not gotten a response back from the -- well. I heard that senator -- you did the same but again I have no verification on and the response that come back with the -- and I think got a response back. By the response basically saying that you know he's got a tight schedule -- he's doing. Fund raises in life and the meanwhile have a problem with the fact this is an important issues linked him to Paris an important issue and state of Louisiana. This is where his focus should be and not to worry about somebody else's election at this point. Yeah his response. You can only beat two answers one he doesn't understand understand this the severity of this issue. And the importance of what it means to his constituents or. He's just simply too busy and it's a low priority after him because there's no doubt about it he's not may be out fund raising is now making speeches all across the country. Yes correct codec and we went back to it we got that response back from the governor's office. -- I respect they -- pact for it to them explaining that we would hope they would reconsider we would contacted -- which I have. And but we hope that the government -- may be defined some room and is scheduled to meet because it's a time sensitive issue. And and he has to realize that and that to saint Tammany parishes -- -- parish in Louisiana and I would hope that he would. Even more concerning to the issue and and take a few you know not much time give -- a couple -- it was and now. You're gonna have it's not just to services saint Tammany do we have a coalition of elected officials. That we would bring. With those to meet with the governor and talk to about it. Rick. You know I always thought that there were admitted to. Two arguments -- against of people being opposed to -- won it it would change that defaced image the culture of the cactus saint Tammany parish forever. As an end oil producing parish with everything that goes along with that that's number one number two. Is this some serious questions and concerns about it being hazardous to the health of the people the environment. On the water -- I'm. Looking at it from that standpoint what progress has been made through saint Tammany parish government I -- you sent a letter to them and many other people alone with regard to the zoning issues in and basically stating and that that. It just doesn't meet the requirement of zoning where they wanna put it. And that that zoning will withstand constitutional -- from the state that it you know that it actually has the parish has the right to. -- not a lot of things that are in conflict with the the current don't. Well -- that's that's contagious thing we know a letter was sent from. Louisiana department environment quality to Alex. Oh which -- as stated basically that they have to contend it is zoning in hand in the decision. Two lead and took dead at a and we sent it to the parish council. The letter that did the -- sent to -- And we sent into the parish council we sent to a of -- many other elected issues as well. Consulate is that Allah the one -- attorneys drifted and we sent back to India on that -- in the DQ CNET that you have to consider. That they have to consider before they get into any. Certificate a permit. They have to consider that the zoning. The local zoning plan in the local zoning ordinances for. Two for the can actually -- anything and it said that itself says to me that the zoning must have some bite in this in this an entire a process. As an argument. And so -- went back to the parish council with copies of all the darkness came from the DQ. With a letter that we said all of the Indian army -- with that response. Saying that listen this is what did the cutest thing in there and you need to look at this before you make a decision that could zoning has relevance and it is important this is looking it. Propagated zone a theory. When that which is residential and then you wanna put it a trillion and certainly -- At this point time has no classification. Fortunately in this in his zoning. So that would that would have to be develop a forty in -- would have to get approved by. Zoning board an ankle foot parish council. And enacted some type of zoning classification. To accepted -- So in essence basically concerned citizens of saint Tammany sent the council all quotes from Louisiana statute saying that because we Hamlet. Master plan and a comprehensive zoning ordinance that their pupils and unity unity is not zoned industrial its residential. Therefore it doesn't fit. We come back from his break tell me what the response was on the saint Tammany parish council in responding once they got -- -- left. Pataki was -- friends so concerned citizens of saint Tammany about fracking in the parish. 2601878668890878. To get a Texas please do it responsibly no texting and driving simply 878 -- -- be right back this is the Friday edition. Of the thanked. Well what would you do with 1000 dollars WW almost help you find out every weekday you have a chance to win a thousand dollars and a nationwide summer splash cash contest with some weekdays ripe for the top our news at 7-Eleven. Two and five for the Cold War and text that code words to 72881. For your chance to win without ever putting down your phone 72881. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win -- thousand dollars each don't miss out on the money -- now front WW all cash club. You'll get reminded text just text the word to cash. 2870870. -- cash at 870870. Dan Wheeler chief fifteen minutes before the cold word is announced so you don't forget the listen. Thousand dollars nationwide summer splash -- contest don't forget the time 7-Eleven. Two and five. Good luck for smaller radio an account all of us at WWL. And remember we never charged protects an individual plan text and data rates apply. Dana and -- and they'll stay with me will get to your call than the others were talking with Rick friends so concerned citizens of saint Tammany parish about a recurring issue -- the biggest issue affecting saint Tammany right now fracturing to practice not to frank. Our Rick well we talked about. The zoning issue and you get a lot of homework union legal representation and quote of the statutes that say the saint -- has the right to enforce and or prevent something that's in conflict with their zoning. Ordinances to prevent it from taking place. You brought that up you presented that to the saint Tammany parish council the government what was their response. Well let me I I really would like to just be open and on its spot everything that would talk about now and now everything's on record that this there. I idol -- so much misinformation on this. And I just want you to know exactly where -- where do -- -- including and this issue. The two biggest things that we've been taught to believe that working trying to work with the. Did Paris hired attorneys blue latency and we met with him on many occasions now attorneys with them. The economy is it is Tuesday. -- who was the zoning issue these -- that they it is now he's become a big issue we we felt that had by. Like it said that the Louisiana -- environment quality as they noted. Two talented as he is required to considerable power short municipal planning commission man appliance. Before undertaking any action that would effect. He adopted elements of the massive plan as for -- quietly leave and a revised statue 33. One down nine point one -- until the weekend upon an environment quality -- quiet -- -- -- The proposed project will not expect any get opted element to the same parameters only commissions and then Paris counsell meant the play. So he's being accused dating to -- That they have. That fit into the zone inclined to thank him apparently OK let's take a step back. We have been trying to two full. What are -- -- has been with the parish council is just sitting on political qualified immunity. Qualified immunity. For those departments and means basically whether or not the opera protected. By. Parish. Insurance. If effect they got sued personally. So what we did two week we have -- attorneys put together all the capabilities. All the information and the lawyers in the constitution. This has never been the case in in Louisiana. With qualified immunity did not hold for elected official so they're all protected. And what's been going on. One -- on that is and it's frustrating. You have the two attorneys one. The -- hand who works actually float out the day. Although he's the parish council attorney but he actually works for the district attorney's office and he -- nail holes who's used to be -- position who was a consultant. Four at a parish on legal matters now they have been. -- And that it it's carrying the council that qualified immunity would not hold true house decides to salute them. This is what they did say. We've been in this special believes in this. Blue aliens agrees with. And and and we have the documentation. Showing that they are protected. Put the other side these two gentlemen are on -- the other side of the point. We then put together the package presented the qualified immunity information. To the parent council. Everyone receive the copy. This same thing with this on the zone. Everybody on the Paris council has received copies. Public indeed if you -- on their position on home notre. So where in the position right now is where it would try to again. The council. To bring. Up on the agenda for next Thursday. Ordinance that we provided to Lou Williams and to the council at ordinance which is basically a note truly ordinance infect them. -- -- And we want that we want and bring it before on Thursday to bring it up and want the parish council to vote on it. Particularly now it would -- DEQ is seeing. And particularly also because it's. Free permit process they have received a permit they haven't got the unionization permit. It is a perfect time for the parish council to act. But in in good -- for the citizens. Good faith and to community and bring this before. Brought put it on the agenda and voted into into law. -- -- with the right now and political back. The health safety and welfare if you want to get. Let's do that after the new tricks they would -- gonna talk about that and also Bob you know that the plans for. Actually and it's an accountant with the US Army Corps of Engineers also -- Ellis and Ellis is response was of the it was even more interesting calling it. When and how they put it is Tuesday routine. Part of the process to go somewhere else well maybe maybe not talk to -- friends so concerned citizens of saint Tammany -- right back after the news. And welcome back to the Friday edition of the think tank -- follow up Friday the ongoing saga of the possibility of fracking in saint Tammany parish concerned citizens of saint Tammany present Eric Frenzel. Joining us to talk about it Rick with regard to those letters that win out from Louisiana DQ and also the US Army Corps of Engineers to palace. Pretty much telling him we think that there may be some of the better places that wouldn't affect habitat the -- they mention the -- zoning violation to. But their response was kind of strange they said -- just routine part of the process to get. You know suggested by the organizations and then -- will rule issue hard to deny you permit that you know go somewhere else. How did you. Is -- you know. I left the that we need is its routine part of the process why did they wanted to delay the process is taking they've gone down this road before so many times as they claim. Why wouldn't they have independent had been when necessary documentation if you look at the list that -- quiet but on the call originated with the essence for. I mean they going to be busy for quite some time getting his information together what trying to satisfy the requested that on the course -- I find it very disingenuous quite honest with. I as far as the possibility of getting a council vote to ban fracking in the -- what -- -- potential for that and now or do you have that on the on the radar yet but it didn't done. We'll push thinks I realize we're pushing so -- and we just looking for a council. A one council person and one guy. To its second hit somebody who want to be leader and take it to the floor and and put on the agenda and bring it to vote and I wanted to and we wanna say who votes. What direction and I wanted to know where it is and I think is I think we might get enough votes to pass it enacted. They are protected on the qualified immunity I don't care what those attorneys available to Iranians say -- full of it it's bogus. And we've proved it and even. Hi it's firm -- -- who should be the lead on this good principles expert on on this and not to be these. Attorneys. So I'd find it -- -- very misleading it and it's not right in the and the and they have put the council in a precarious situation. And then by stating they don't have qualified -- -- so they are afraid to act but we we have. And in my opinion given them enough defamation. To show that they are protected and the qualified immunity. And that they do take the position that none of them can be addressed to anybody that I could simply because I think -- -- tool to show. The Pentagon is not gonna win global. And that's what this is about to -- anybody and they bought it for anything but the truth is. They are protected on the qualified immunity at a parish council needs to be leaders and need to realize that this is citizens think I am parish want and need to back. -- -- And approved ordinance. And stop this and fight fight that was on this is you would you community not palaces committed. You would think that they're using taxpayer money to get legal counsel. And that they would adhere to put that council tells them and from what you -- you know been on Williams's telling them you good to go -- about the community. They'll keep believed I'd believe from Al meetings that our attorneys and attempt is that -- -- on now page today they agree with us however. You have to really -- party I think in the parish government. You'll also have. The parish president and the two attorneys. Who are. Spent name from the beginning about qualified immunity you know -- now we're going to be sued and these two wouldn't be sued to going to be -- And when you put that I was -- I was in the meeting with some of the Paris counts and private meeting with them. And we discussing this with this with the blu ray's attorneys. And one of uncertainty Rick you know I wanna I wanna support this but I'm afraid I can't pull it. I can't afford to be sued and have my stuff taken when I don't have that kind of money. And execute and I said too -- listen. This is not this has not happened to Asia the -- attack and that's what's going on right now. And we have tried to demonstrate that they got the technical from the and the need to act in accordance with the law. What should be more concerning event. And and I think I've said this before is and the truth is that -- quiet as as elected -- elections. And who. To protect the laws of problem which ought to which has now constitution. That are required to do that by elected as elected officials. And back then decide to turn it -- on this. Opening himself to talk about litigation. You talk about litigation -- should not defending what you -- Took and oath to do protect its citizens health safety -- will fit in well outside -- in the federal constitutions in the state constitution. And -- enough. Doing that. They can open themselves -- -- litigation from a class action lawsuits from the citizens and the Paris. I -- Rick we come back over an open up the phone lines have also got a ton of text messages we'll get to many -- we can you can Texas at 87870. Damon -- you'll -- -- first but first this -- -- to the Friday edition. But the think tank on WW well. I announced they audiences turn to discuss fracking was a -- friends of president of concerned citizens of saint -- couple ways you can do it send me a text of 87870. Call -- 260187. He told -- is 866. 8890. A seventy. -- friends though joins us again and phone number of reasons his organization in which you can read up on if you want a final out more about it CC STP. Dot org. On zoning and various reasons of safety concerns let's see what Dana has to say in man to -- Dana thank you for your patience. No problem thanks for having me am happy to wait was on pace scientists. I'm not an environmentalist. Am not an activist. None of those things okay I'm a resident of saint -- -- single -- operate in a grand time. I just moved here two years ago because it was -- it was clean was the place to be have a kid right. World now. I'm trying very desperately to reach that citizens of saint -- By taking the social media. And it's forming them would you mind. The complacency part here is -- you know more than I can possibly. Handle -- right people or not. Getting it. A bank and not listening ended up paying attention and I'm here at citizens as -- and others think payment actually doesn't do what I did. Take to the Internet go look this stuff find out about fracking because it is in apparently. Dangerous. To any point in -- time there is not an expert one discipline and it this could get. That could today fracking has been way way. It is not possible he cannot go through that old port quote which we ourselves but what what part. Leave a pipe down upon. A bunch of really dangerous chemicals. Not to mention what the danger is that going to be coming. That need to be discarded next to a school. I'm sorry. But he doesn't take a scientist to know that stuff it's bad it doesn't taken expect it takes. Someone with half a brain a good -- now and cute guy. I'm here to say that mine. Saint campaign cash and -- Don't take my way report don't take I think any parent support for you look at now look what's going on again in New York. And Pennsylvania look at what's going on intact. Look at what's going on in Oklahoma. Would just happened in -- -- yeah. Clinton. -- against acting company and it did not. I do. -- I'll leave take money and leave and when they won. There can grow up to read now. We will look like Afghanistan and in no time flat probably -- will be enough. I'll mortgage companies are not that one album mortgages car insurance companies are not gonna want to insure. I bought this house two years ago. I have a disclosure statement that I got in mind in mind closing papers. Right because what's wrong with the house. Went up about acting I panicked. I lifted my house. I got a new disclosure statement. Disclosure statement is that -- the question that I did not file disclosure statements and the question is. Do you within 2640. Feet from an injections really. -- -- -- in. Common here and that in the under the cover of the Dark -- If you've been going on for quite some time what this -- on the and the -- in cash -- okay. How could they possibly this kind of thing that take place it when they could have opted -- Where is the money follow the money. Get data I disparate friends and I really appreciate you coming on and saying to comment and I. You know I've said this to repeat and even -- kinds -- ago when the recall. Apathy is a big problem not just give it around the country you know people need to -- more involved more engaged and -- was going on and and listen it was. You know it and Don made reference to -- it's coming on the show and I hope they do. They apparently were on Indonesia if -- so yesterday in the -- radio which doesn't surprise me but. They were on our show and unfortunately. I was in a business Spain cycling -- on the show but then I listened to podcasts if it was a and it listened to that that the marketing. Discussion that they had at least it would. That Kevin what are those things we compare pot and and it was a lot of faults a lot of disingenuous information that was put out this. Well I hope we get a chance to talk Tom -- they -- got to take a quick break it will be right back to wrap up this hour of the think tank on WW. Unfortunately we're out of time -- Rick friends of what we will be talking more about fracking with saint Tammany parish president had breast the next now. Think tank we'll be right back.