WWL>Topics>>7-25-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: with St. Tammany president Pat Brister

7-25-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: with St. Tammany president Pat Brister

Jul 25, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and gets an update on St. Tammany with parish president Pat Brister.

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And on Friday's NC Friday addition of the think tank down the view in -- -- and up and I think he's succeeding in this morning we appreciate you listening if you get ready for a big weekend and now international profit rodeo one of the highlights will be. Talking more about fishing and fishing game report. This hour though those of you regular listeners know the last Friday of each month it's called the saint Tammany parish. Update those of you who live or work on even just traveled through saint Tammany parish on the parish president had -- -- Gives us an hour of part time to discuss the goings on there and we've got a lot of things to talk about this morning and we'll get your calls and text and don't forget the Texas City 787 if you got a question for that she also has. A web address where you can send an individual question a comment to her. If you can't get through on my text or -- telephone lines which -- 260187. New York 866889. Zero -- says good morning pat thanks for joining us again we appreciate it. Morning. Got a lot of issues to discuss and serve some time for the listeners but before we do any of that I congratulate -- Campo. The new chief administrative officer of got me up to work with gene on a couple of projects like at a -- The only she's very pleasant to work for but she is an ultimate professional and a great choice for that position. Thank you very much yes she she really brings an energy and excitement to the office now we -- we've. Went about it CEO -- -- year and just income. Explore what we needed him where we needed him the perfect person right here and we just could not be happier about Gina and take -- -- them. That position and Caribbean but who will be -- -- that is just justice get a job there today. And what are the responsibilities of that office. Hit generally. That. General administrative officer and -- -- that -- overseeing everything that goes on in this bearish. -- -- reports directly to me. And if she is pretty. The person -- in touch with every department. He's what every department has going on and how that's progressing and and make ensure that work gets done G administrate. Very good. Pat the the update on fracking we just spent and now with Rick friends -- discussing -- and citizens of saint Tammany. I've gotten some requests more than 12. To want me to ask him about meeting reported meeting ahead with Allison a normal sense and asking you on as few. Did you fact have a recent meeting with tells all and was it with the without Telecom council members of what was that the result. You know. -- tell you all about the media had to actually -- tell -- a lot. And this this this is what has been that has been one of the reasons we can't have a reasonable conversation about tracking. Is because misinformation. Is spread. The way this information is spread we have been getting in the day after Casey institute has been meeting. We started getting the form letter. That -- would I had a secret meeting. Eight violated sunshine laws. That I made concessions to them that that is just so far from the truth I'm meet with. Every one that I can hand it is still in business or wants to do business in this parish. It was nothing secret about it it was a meeting in my office. To talk about what they wanted to do what -- project lies that my responsibility that's what you did that's what I should know. And at that meeting was the letter that you know public letter. Detailing an eight point that we wanted. To make sure we get across that would help protect our environment if the an -- that permits. -- them to drill. That meeting was to go overseas in and tell him that we really would expect these things to be done by any company that comes to an end. I think what started controversy is on. I -- -- -- great interview enacted during the meeting they were very agreeable to what I ask them. That's all that line and there was no counsel me remember there. Because this was a meeting that I needed to have council members have met with them on their as -- -- But there's -- I just don't understand. Is that this outcry. About two. A secret meetings have meetings every day it's less helpless and don't know that inaction. Well did -- -- and it's always going to be -- All right -- move and on on that issue counsel I guess is meeting next week are there any plans for -- next step what what's going on as far as government. In relation to the fracking issue in the tells what's. There's nothing on the agenda next week. Specifically. I think everything is just going port all the process these are going forward and she -- the council hands. Put dates home suit and for declaratory judgment on any issue that's going forward. Com Betty. Permitting process is going -- out about our -- that's Indian aren't the corps of engineers so there's nothing new to. Going on. That. That I know about and I have not seen anything come through on the agenda it hasn't been. Completed yet but as at this point I think nothing on the agenda about that says the processes to school in port as it has been. Okay let's move on to all Walter Reed another high profile issue in saint Tammany parish he is decided not to. Run for reelection. There's going to be election what's the latest on the district attorney spot and -- in in saint Tammany. Well I've and I noted that three people that are running out for that record running and that race. I'm -- contacted me to let me know that they're running which is perfectly. Home. Normal on all. And pat I think. Did his announcement was a timely. Announcement. So it would take a shadow -- this election let the candidates out there that want to run for the senate composition run. And I answer questions from the public. But the public decide. Who they want to see and that's spot and we go forward I think it was a timely announcement that. He he made that. Well there's an ongoing investigation so there's not a lot we can say mom about it at this point but. Does this type of things do you find that it hurts the reputation of the past just the fact that it's being investigated nor does -- actually help saying that. If it is going on and we know about it it's going to be dealt. I've heard I think it's the latter I want to see if there's something going on I wanted to see it brought to the public and I wanted to see it investigated. So I think that there's something about us that. And if we have we if we have coming out there then let's let's show it. -- and and move on -- find a solution or whatever investigated. And and get to a conclusion. And move on don't think it's healthy for those things not to happen and so obviously to some people it it. We are all -- him with the same brush when one person. Is accused of doing something else wrong at the corner did and now the investigation of the we -- -- painted with the same brush and there's so many dedicated public servants out here that that that's the unfortunate part but. I don't I'm not upset that these. Investigations go forward because I think we need to know what's going on. I'm I think it's -- worth clarifying that was the forma. There's quality aren't -- a threat to our crack. I. Bandit still bypass road this is some and then everyone's really looking forward to Staubach called -- two birds with the old one stone the southeast hospital property has come into the parish -- in him in the cooperative agreement. That back door road that is so badly -- because as some congestion yet in -- 19 -- special weekends and whenever there's a function at the castings -- Sure -- we needed this for very long time we just haven't had the wherewithal to do it but now that we have purchase agreement in place. For the property as you said it'd it'd. It killed -- to one's done it it allows us we about it property we will have the property to use for the back pass. And we ought to keep -- the services of the hospital going. We won't run -- but some private company will but that aside we have an agreement with down. The city of Vanderbilt and direct recreation district one pelican park. We're all going to participate because we all will benefit from that one branch and it will open up the backup and ten 88 to. I'm getting to track how we should put. Always say the wrong rabbit is in 88. In man -- And give an entirely new entrance to that whole area and your right to traffic backed up so badly on. 190. Gear and during school years particulate -- that's when all the sports. Teams play in practice at all this constant bad debt recreation district is. Is so well used and the able table but part of the property into the and large -- -- facility also timeframe. Well we com have. Started process we have a binding purchase agreement. We're doing our due to process of making sure everything is as its. Presented to be so we should have that by the end of the year. And if that's the case. You know the first of next year probably. I would -- saint Tammany parish president at Bristol we come back we give you an update on the Levy district progress and also talk about the creation of a strategic plan for saint Tammany department of culture recreation and tourism it used as a community member. Invited to participate -- will be right back also Austin on the line rob we'll get to your call if you wanna talk to. -- -- -- -- Please text responsibly to us if you wanna shoes attacks at 87870. This is the Friday edition. Of the think tank in -- listening to it on WWL 870 AM FM 105 point three. Worldwide at WW well dot com. And welcome into our saint Tammany parish after it was parish president pat restaurant Don -- we do this once a month the last Friday of each month. Pat -- -- skipped into the Levy district update this has become more heightened issues than ever before considering what we saw on Lance storm and put some water in places where it was found before. Probably creating more of a threat to saint Tammany parish is particularly low lying areas and have before where are we on getting it levee district created. Well that we had that legislation passed there -- delegation worked with us to get legislation passed land concession. On the agenda. This coming. Council meeting we will have been nominees for the board to it is populated that board. And those nominees we believe each. Home -- administration. Mayors. -- legislators. Couple other agencies within three names to the governor's office and from those names he -- the people that will populate that. That -- I think there will be nine members. On that town board I think it's nine. So we're well underway and it then as we get that done and send those to him we will. Have the first meeting. Of that board and they will determine. There com. Officers and elected officer and hire whatever. Executive director whatever they need to start their work and we have some excellent names and -- did it resonate in that are willing to. Sit on this sport and and help us get. Our our protection in place that we need with our parents need -- different from those on the -- -- understand why they. Needed the big facilities they built over there but our needs are different and we need to look at it -- different light to. And what would be the the ultimate goal once that board is set up office has selected what is what are they gonna be charged with. Well -- they will be charged with looking at the entire. Flood plain. Area they coastal area. And coming out with a plan to protect. Our. That it wouldn't doubt it may be long range plans are short range plans that the funding it needed and how we might go about. Yet finding that funding to do the work and then just go forward with getting the work -- You we have levees and Slidell. As you know bring a lot of these. So -- it then it's not complete and we need that completed. We need other areas and find out protected Mattison -- men -- all along the lake front. We will have the bomb project that need to be looked at and and -- benefit it would bring to the number of people so it'll be their job to determine what's needed. What we can afford and go about having that done. Would that all might dead include a -- retractable gate structure across the relief. You know. And angry the read that stimulus that still is the ultimate goal but we there's no way our saint Tammany. Levy district would be able to afford to do that this has to be a regional thing we would participate and by all means and we will push that every time we. Are involved with any other. I'll let -- district but. But we could not get down around it if it's just too expensive -- two methods that -- still advocates that behind every great recap. And it might be -- mass of even include other parishes but certainly the other parishes all that surround likes more on par to -- would certainly be able. To give support. That's true and it's much it's been proven. The study after study that that that would be the best project for the money that would be the best spent money. To protect more people so we keep pushing that that town home. This would just give us another platform to do that. Arrogant that they would that would not take the news break would come back we'll talk about the strategic plan that's being developed in saint Tammany and how the community can get involved either in person -- on -- and disabled at a time for -- constituents all those who just enjoy visiting playing in saint Tammany active. Did you call will be right back after this time out this is the news brought to you Obama with Chris Chris. Welcome back to the Friday think tank this being the last Friday as a saint Tammany parish update to those of you who live work or play in saint Tammany parish parish president -- -- joins us. To talk about the issues in the parish and also to take your calls and comments we'll get to those in the second that come before you do that. A pat the community meetings are being scheduled now for the parishes strategic plan that will be developed the department culture recreation and tourism. Tell us about this plan itself and then -- citizens can get involved. Sure the plan we want to identify the best -- uses. Medicated or click on properties and how to make this be used to with the existing outdoor recreational and habitat preservation amenities. And the parish. We wanna hear from from -- -- citizens and what they see and what they enjoy doing. That famous explorer enhance and enrich. Mean we want to make sure we use everything and see perished. That we can hand to enhance. The enjoyment part citizens. That is so. How are read our outrage -- will be just to get their ideas and and what they what they see as to better use its. -- and you can do it by if you don't if you aren't able to attend. Any of the three meetings checking -- accused. Our. Room web site to. Ftp GOP dot org. And go to our visit. Explore. -- saint Tammany. Dot mind to make sure dot com but that will be you can go to our best TP web site and find that. A link there also. And go under -- that hamper department culture recreation and tourism and that will give you all the information. That you would need to to get that your ideas and hear your thoughts. There will be three meetings. Public meetings to. August 20. In Slidell. August 21. And -- bill. And another one and August 21 in McComb so would be addresses of those mobile web site and we've had a lot of people to come. Come get us there idea. Tell us what what they want to see pretty property issues or that we didn't really we we should preserve did not build on again just didn't enhance what we have. And sold those. Properties will be identified in a presentation. That. As -- which when they -- and then. Will be eight people be able to comment that was the same comments that they would give in person at these public meeting. Can they do that online also. They can't they can get those comments the only I think the advantage not the only advantage but the advantage of being there person is. You know to have a conversation back and forth 11. Comment -- Lead to another by and other residents of it. If you could get it to the public meetings that would be great but if you just can't make it go to that -- and and which are thought to and they will be. Part of the the process. And who will be facilitating. That plan and the meetings as senator and the department itself. Yes yes it's oh one's -- Conroy is our director. CRT and she will be doing that and she has done a great cat she's been on I guess about a year now well over a year. That department and she's been doing some great things and and she's continuing so she will be there will be facilitating. I'd very good we got a break coming up we come back we'll start off by telephone calls and I'm getting a few text in -- Robert Coleman will be up first he's got a question about those clandestine meetings. Mostly like Kobe back that right after this time out on the front addition to the think tank on WW. I'm walking back into the Friday edition of the think tank come down to duke along with -- -- Bristol as a saint Tammany parish update. Fault lines are open to 60187866889087. If you can't text this it's a 7878. I'm get a lot of text in -- most of them dealing with the same mission that rattled some what is this. I don't know. I don't know about you meetings -- -- -- there. Within minutes take of their available to the public in that I think the lesson -- question -- -- he's on line one Robert thank you for your patience funeral with Sampras. Yeah of the until and a talk shows this week and made that they had. -- means we you know we had these multiple meetings was taken place. Now women robs -- of all you can't trust NGU another rate cut -- And get things I heard him. I think the thing I heard this thing. -- radio interview and believe if you go back and listen again that there have been multiple. Meetings. With elected officials not just with me. It's -- multiple meetings with elected official I have met with them twice -- -- in my office. No and to meet with any one -- -- called for a meeting and -- -- it wants to talk about what ever is coming up. End and the payers I do not take a minute of every meeting I -- decided that. And I would have kind of put me mentioned. That there is nothing that is done and those meetings. It has any consequences. To the process they're getting what they need our. Are doing what we need to do that information. It's what I need to be finding out information and that's what lies and and the fact that. It's out there that I made concessions. Had no concessions to make this I don't even have a boat on the council. I can't make that decision. I don't know why people think that I made all these concessions would happen tonight. It was a meeting and I can meet every day Monday is. With people from the community. Are people coming into this community. About what they do I don't know how to explain it any better than that and I think it was a public meeting in secret meetings just ridiculous. I've helped me understand the process -- I don't know why Ellis won't come all of us but I do understand why they won't appear at those public hearings now the most. Relaxed environment where you can discuss things -- in -- can understand that. But. Could there be an official meeting call with you and all the council members together in you know. -- has taken and that results and discussion be available to the public. If that indicate if that happened that would have to be a public meeting. Because that would be he's sunshine law meeting if they're more than seven counseled me members. The meeting it is they has to be a public meeting. And they have -- -- and they have not agreed to then or suggest that. I tell us and a. Hello and as far as I know that is not the case that we -- ask -- council members but when I meet with someone that is not a that is not. Under the sunshine laws that they did that for no reason others just. I meet with people everyday about this parish and -- -- there. And I should. -- good moving along I've got a question here. And you may have to researchers I don't know if you know this off the top you have to someone asking about the W fourteen NW fifteen canals. The brain apportion a slide down -- said that their poorly cleaned and cause a lot of flooding. Allow even with lighted arranged and gone for three years nothing getting done that's Michael and slide. I don't have to -- -- because we talked about it regularly and I have meeting in my office about it. It all they see little cold open meetings. The main meeting with a person in about it it would make an enemy -- the -- But -- fourteen and -- -- they issued air. To do any work -- -- cleaning goes -- to make the -- run better. We have an access issue we can't get to them into private property. We are working with the city of -- because of the fourteen to -- in and out of Slidell and in and out of the the courage and incorporated areas so we do have a project going on right now cleaning parts of it and we did here just yesterday. That there's a grant available that we are working toward getting it would. Repair one of the bridges in the bridges evidence of fourteen is also a problem because say they collect debris and that clog things. So. We're trying to clean those that disturb another -- yesterday to go in and get get that repaired. So we are working on -- daily. But it is huge huge issue and we're restricted in what we can't do some areas because of private property rights and because. Our inability to go in and clean stuff out without certain permits which is a regulatory. But we do work on it and we are working on the project right now. An hour ago and open answers the question we come back Steven -- -- got a question about flooding between Tammany parish president pat -- If you wanna call -- 2601878668890878. Our -- attacks and 878 says you will be right back you listen to the think tank on WW. And wrapping up a conversation with saint Tammany parish president that Bristow we just got a couple of minutes let's get Stephen -- on quick Steve you got a question for pat Christen. Its target on. About the slight problem at all now I should choose the news well. Along the -- -- follow its visitors is also some. This. Year. Okay my will look at the areas that I know we have a drainage project -- going forward in that area. I don't have all the details but -- you just send me alone have to ask pat on WWW. Dot FP PG LB dot pork. How will get all the information to EU can -- where we are what we're doing there and how we hope that'll enable but can't. How we noted it will help the drainage in that area. I'm very good -- that address will be good as anyone else has any questions and they wanna get to you directly. A very quickly before we go pat got a comment in wanna know what does a construction on 434 mile cone next to the crime lab. Who -- the construction import 34 next to the crime. Other north of there. Is going to be the technical school -- that's probably what to talking about the North Shore technical college. They have their breaking ground there now and facility will be there and then we will have some agencies and about there that's next to the park and ride happily they're talking about. That's a property that the Perry Jones and we we are. The home. Putting them home building up to your firm other agencies to do to work problems. Woman's talk more about that her next -- looks forward to it next month we'll see you again thanks and -- what is that bank. And saint Tammany parish president had -- -- coming up next -- Pete Landry joins us we talk about availability of ethanol free gas in the metro area on the thing.