WWL>Topics>>7-25-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on ethanol gas

7-25-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on ethanol gas

Jul 25, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with fuel blend specialist Pete Landry about the status of ethanol-free gas in the area.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome into the third and final hour of the think -- I'm -- you can for the Friday edition glad to have you with us -- -- with the next Friday LB in the -- -- now. Alaska. Right annual -- invasion in and a little bit. TV will be broadcast an outdoor show live there of with a bunch of fellow cajun who got together and decided they wanted to go make a trip. To Alaska is a little bit deficient escapes from a by heat and humidity soul will be. -- at least giving your official reports from Alaska next week anyway this final hour we're gonna talk about ethanol. Gasoline ethanol free gasoline a lot of you're familiar with some of you unfortunately firsthand what this can do. Some of the products that burn fuel. Get the word out on the dangers of using -- behind ethanol content fuel. And also about the possibility of keep being non ethanol fuel going. And he joins us now Pete thanks for being windows are dark -- Eight at the risk of -- of aggravating some of our amateur program directors who keep tell me that -- talk too much about the issues. They have to understand that a lot of people who are tuning in -- not familiar with this whole situation it's kind of like coming -- in the middle of a conversation and you lost. And I don't want to alienate those people so if you could. Bring us up to date if you cut his concise -- it's a pretty involved issue but the dangers of using high ethanol fuel the reasons why we're being forced to use it by the government. And then we'll get into the issue of the shell met refining companies not making it available as you say they had promised to do. What else on the back in 2005. When the first capital was passed by congress. -- have -- in 2007. At the renewable fuel standard which are called putting capital is called steroids. That's what record the keys to read yours too. That. The community that are refiners usually in the book in the January how much capital is that going to be record the -- and advocate for the year. And it is increasing use of each and every year the amount record the bundles. Well opened up. And you know it is reaching a point now words make it very difficult defying conventional about it that'll be. Because according to multiple goals and equipment the form of what refinery. Portrait of an old video supplied with call -- I would do identification number. Desperately peace track. Who's selling Beers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- rented two thirteen which used to be about a pin to pin is -- -- skyrocketed with some. There are corrupt politicians in and lost big gamble that Wall Street to do it the jackpot with this that portrait all available Reagan's. And stopped parliament control and so when -- do that the price of the region's refineries need to buy them. Went up from a couple of says that it is the height and reach a technology dropped back down to elect. Stories and so republic that the that the -- show that refining indicated what it would discontinue industrial commission on capitol this. What we thought -- global is that there were two of the replies to a settlement Baton Rouge in port bella should say. Andy Phillip at its refinery in Wesley Connally children -- human manufacture capital frequently. If they wanted equality but I mean. Like Wesley to supply also talked with resent animal was in the -- appliances like everything around east and west -- -- surrounding -- Schaub at replying with the largest supplier of conventional game as just about -- -- all the -- from Reitman and think -- normally chip and principles I contaminated -- apparent from the food terrible albeit applied. -- -- -- The last time united spoke on this or -- optional it was midnight. Albeit one bird but don't call was made from chairman replied the supplies there to one of their distributed. Bubble machine name. Anyway -- want to note that. One of these talks to all with some perspective in the created -- it is true. All of these -- Muqtada funnel give plant in Puerto. And did did did did you show it mentioned there is by the way on the Q where -- be here at -- refining. And it was decided that we resume the operative for six weeks. He told -- presume that would make him at a truck wreck again okay it would distribute -- -- the reason for the change of mind. He provided public outcry. Well on June 23 track it is fortunately period and to -- point. There has not topic distributed yet on third thing. And he was of the opinion this is how difficult position which government -- that they would not going to resume the capital projects. I contacted the training camp after trading in their public relations manager job -- -- July 3. And you. They keep the ship some light on the situation and as he has been involved. You know what if anything broke up basically is private company does they would take on the table for two companies in my life. But anyway it's on Norton Pardo our readers of battle broke -- web site region has sportsman rod Rio's board dot com. And what are readers suggest this is what we installed petition. So we did them on July and nine at South -- and sol -- a web site. We begin a petition which is basically. And the related when he's on the side requests government -- depleted reasonable. The manufacturers do not have albeit -- from the refinery shell met. It would still go with that petition now. -- So basically the -- does it stand now on -- matte refinery. Being able to continues some of those that retail locations with with non ethanol fuel because -- still. There's a lot of people and until they're not supply any. -- -- -- that the stations that choose to wanna keep. Capital prudently in all of our position is all -- -- of platinum -- well. But plant that is a much more on that area the size. Oak summit refinery in -- manufactured tennis spoke of their children 10% of their motive means sales as conviction on capitol media. So they cannot supply everything that -- show but reply in the work rules that so there's a lot of patience that already have received. You -- from readers you know that is fictional and does the convert the -- does not call it. Sort of a lot of pieces of the fifty do more on the -- culture knows all of the department they. But capital regale us with some web site one -- judgment upon broke the news and so optical format but there's no question in my mind. That between independent well parachute that will be supplied and -- area with supplements have been. That that are converted two of the death penalty is acoustic music. You know dignity -- -- -- do -- on one of these price again common plant that. Is approximately 25 cents a gallon the third as a gallon higher. Then it was about a shipment of that is because. -- does not manufacture these when. Opting in conventional via the big manufacture. And 84 which is when debate when it hit the capital -- one -- -- haven't capital yeah. India and 92 -- which -- they would have to make the united directly and so did Tuesday -- for which there. To make these eleven dimensional. Not a little bit but that because it downgrading their premium it raised the price of the points -- ago. Then the distributed to go to a producer spoke with him from down instead of shot that. And on the forefront of the gallant. Transportation -- so. The spaces are still getting getting it from Latin well. And it's about point but at the Pentagon and we will pay out of jail before. Well I'm curious shall matte refinery is in business to make money and if they could produce -- date they sent me in fact Patrick -- him was invited on the program in -- -- come on but he did send me some information. And basically what that don't as the saying that they have to comply with renewable fuel standards which is set by the government so basically it's not there. Fall that they can't provide addict is if they could. They certainly -- is there any reason to hold them as part of the problem more doing so and moved to drop the prices up -- not make the fuel available to local people. Did did you addresses. In his message to you Donna why platinum refining and build the particular fondness still make it. No he did not open that's the point they choose not to. Because -- it's better packages both the north on the west side last week. And business there's. In Nebraska there's still supplying capital forget all the Nebraska. With that you go service station in Nebraska you can buy. At at the same station and admit this is branded stations okay. You know Exxon -- in the shales in the BP's leadership brought you have -- choice between convention on capitol. And a albeit they agree is all the way from you pin that you fifteen these thirty that you 85. And doing that Nebraska. So -- -- -- state if all the reporters across the country can manufacture and -- right here platinum and and at -- because they've been -- Wesley. Why can't shall -- Have you asked either of those two of both of those refineries why it's not a problem for them to continue to produce it. They're -- and yet they've businesses we we manufactured. -- -- that -- that it did not produce and a lot of that won't well the people and -- positive for -- as well we did indicate. There there certainly has the idea as commercial about it okay. The people that we think the lord required it would have been that would -- and -- just like that tree and wouldn't. Or routed to its supplies and -- amazing how much -- yet it was selling it at all. But -- You know whether or not you know there were -- To intervene in and problem communicating and do not model but. That he backtracked on that you could double that. But but the but the is that it's been done on what you did you is being done across the country states stoop so whatever reason -- view view. It doesn't seem to advocate at this that would go to accept like you what -- -- -- supposedly told they're still doing. I'm all will be right back the talk it was Pete Landry it's like to get in the conversation Bruce and Jefferson we'll get to Europe call next run after this time this is a think tank on WW. And we're talking with fuel -- specialists -- Landry -- talking about the ethanol gas non ethanol gasses availability or lack thereof in the metro area. Up -- if elected get Patrick ran away Maxwell someone with -- -- refinery on I'd like to ask them what is the reason they quote. It's government regulations that are preventing them from continue to provide whatever amount they can of conventional gas. I don't know whether it's bad -- it's a cost cutting measures to save money. But is it fairly criticized and their private business and certainly you know they wanna make money and they want to provide a product that the public is happy with them like me I'm willing to pay more for the stuff. Oh what do you think is the underlying reason for not being available through. I have nor do -- go to they have been -- because so. It over the went went at August perch in the Asia and and in the federal government to taxpayers were supply refineries. Four iPods and video on the -- -- little -- from 2007. Until January 1 2012. Discontinued the biggest region that five refineries. That were blending. The evidence and not a little bit and the talks. That was phillips' stick to that and Wesley nearly Charles there was a report on the map on your bill that was -- and show met. And that which on the -- But of course is about. An old and so. Which at plants in the midwest okay. So that this news which -- that'll give us federal workers migrant child met that marathon two years ago -- out -- that this particular. Although you know we we we raised a lot of a lot of concerns and questions about that and they did make concession that they would well and -- To supply not a -- but even. Not a title game has its own distributed -- approval from them. And it's put -- -- that that's efficient use and development one -- -- pacers to -- them from there occasionally. You could still do not -- ample occasion. But but then he didn't show amid drop marathon drop drop at all. So now we have to -- is that opening you know wanna do at some point it is not a total bogus. I -- probably about readers aware of this soaking sent a letter to the region the US delegation US senators from the region over -- it does look like fifty. And also let -- -- July 23 child mailed to the EPA administrator in Washington DC. In one report on these two points and borrow one. About regulating them. All of the bulk fertilizer from corn fields into the wind which are causing. The Gulf of Mexico populate this and so did gold. Oxygen lack of oxygen later in the -- to grow in the torture and torture of the year. And some of environmentalists who work on this project like -- -- you visited the group of village -- these. Whose sole job would -- Lon Kong is to go out there every problem insatiable -- in the bill. And they told me to vote in violence that we've been fortunate when a beautiful presentation -- That if if this is not regulated so. That within the next two decades it is quite possible in part of the ultimate -- digit. -- I I urged that problem in the delegation to try to push -- needed to to -- -- I'll also told that in a letter which doesn't -- -- -- -- court that the court you can you're administrator at war should be equity which mobile -- point -- -- of porno bit in the statement that the bulk of them which -- on web site a promo readers. Checked for these letters to get rid of it sort of digital where Michael Peace Oracle's. And that also it's not as pleased that that the that this continued damage to equipment. Oil equipment. We capital markets continue to cause damage. To -- -- the country not just -- you know. This is marine engines more cycles the ball in court to change so all told generated and emphasized that moment with them. That because -- that is an important and so people depend on the small generated Apollo went forward -- okay. He gave me one minute both of those points very well taken -- very poignant and I'd like to get what responsive and you've got to them we gotta do it right after this news break. Also get Bruce's calling him a lot of text in 870 late seventies a text message board to 601878. 866889087. If you wanna join in the conversation. With Pete Landry. Welcome back into the front edition the think tank on down -- Garland will be back with you next week at the Landry is our guest of fuel blends specialist and beat before we broke you talked about some letters you fired off to elected officials regarding. Improving the regulation of the run off due to the exponential. Explosion of corn grow to meet this need to provide ethanol in the gas. Which is creating gulf off hypoxia problem -- of dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico -- -- and on the Mississippi River. He also expressed to them damaged outboard motors to generators chain saws lawn equipment not just here in Louisiana. But all across the country did you get any response from. Well I have a chip on. You know -- available at a power of the rookie -- you have a delegation on the fifteenth of this month that -- he would just a couple of minutes ago. And eventual big supporter of and -- but in in the left it was two point. That was one of them regulate the before log into the Gulf of Mexico the second war. I have no -- senators and I'll -- that discipline and to do an amendment to the new. Renewable if you stand because unlikely it will be repealed and not in an election year. But simply introduce an amendment to allow -- in the country. To manufacture and -- on minimum 5% of the total vehicle sales a conventional non appropriately and with no penalty. That would support up in Bill Mueller to the EPA administrator and to a Europe that would be patient if -- result did that. We would not have a problem with with with availability of convention about it and focus. He'd -- -- -- -- own letter of correspondence from a mr. Maxwell and -- refinery means basically that they're putting the blame on on the government and you know it's legal concerns of the reason why they cutting back on if not ending the production of unconventional gas. They suggest contacting or going to a news web sites smarter fuel future dot org you familiar with that and is that -- An -- too -- I'll use abuse that web site on occasion it to pick Oracle's support the polls among -- but but capital but they have no they're not. There are they can -- any applause whatsoever in Washington okay market data from the back -- the pulpit -- at the -- about that before. You've -- he would never position. But Mike has said it if we could do the built our home. Likely. Opportunity would be if we can get congress to pass a -- that require refiners. The manufacture of small port from the pole of the capital forgets that felt bad shot because repeal of the standard is not going to happen now. It could happen in years to calm because there is growing concern of -- About not only the equipment damage is called in but also the fact that the research. In recent years social and that is not all -- and as it was -- proposals to be. And the fact that the fact that they did that the the that the the original premise behind the introduction that the focus was to reduce our dependence on -- -- and it was cleaner fuel for the environment okay. This carbon emissions carbon dioxide emissions. You know whenever you talk to any any involvement organization. That it -- -- you know but in recent resort shall we look at the big picture of the power at the process from the plating that is the orbit in the court delivered to the -- -- at the open and so -- should be should have at all. To be too good but for those who he's. It's cold and cannot be transmitted. Transport pipelines could it be transported -- -- real power trucks. So you know it is not made up to be of course in the independent -- -- what did you. Is that because of the reduction in volatile albeit compared to conventional -- You use capital as you get as much a few -- and so did not -- any benefit what so ever in terms of reduction. -- -- -- -- Mean obviously -- -- refinery got a tremendous outcry public outcry but is that really futile exercise should that be directed more to the elected officials because. It doesn't seem like they elected officials are gonna pay attention to the refiners I think the public in the voters who wanted to ultimately gonna answer to. We're trying to do well down. And I try to do -- shot that -- what is producing. They stopped. There with the last man standing and so we have been -- please reconsider your position in Brazil because the visibility. If we can't get in the come back and put themselves. You know it's going to be who we got to go to the great difficulty in finding capital forgive them. While only hope their passing an outcry along. You know to the elected officials that and the regulators that regulate them. Well you know the petition that would corps is doing. And I urge our listeners you know you look at my web site people in this -- dot com on hold it right hand corner as the orange button that says sign petitions now. We're gonna and his petition will rule with the -- open accumulate three to 5000 signatures on it. What we finish with that we not all the analysts the mr. Maxwell at their job refining -- it that solid power Louisiana US delegation in Washington. Well today it has a lot of people that will sign Monica's -- Just scores and scores of Tex one and only you know and additives are supposed to help and wanna do any good -- or of people losing three outboard motors. You know places and getting harder and harder to find it in people have been more and more problems with that. Bruce has been -- long time PD wants to talk with -- let me get him on -- Well and while it is is. It a mechanical engineer when all I used him. When electric car brands and here numerous. Vehicles that he repairs -- were down. 10%. At all they'll run in those cars and lately we go to no. Proudly proudly proclaimed no no intent -- percent. And then we confront the older -- -- and he goes well he does it -- is -- in the state -- sadness and that. So they let. Percent at least in one's called you know so we're still get them which experts what that. -- about a report that to. -- -- -- And and Ball State in the country do which it would accept a table that if you sell gasoline -- the -- -- is that at all. In the region and its soul and the two most polls label on the topic clearly in visible location. Certain that a plausible that regulations on a web site of the page call you regulations. Or capital regulations. And if you adult doesn't visit page that is a problem page -- web site. Call at all facts that -- the name and phone number to call acute vision that should report. They were sent out inspectors. If we respect that bond that is selling capital -- and do not have the label they can be fine they given no there's so when did put the label it did bill. The state law says they can be fine to 500 dollars per well per day. The Republican right -- -- okay. Now op bill on the west side of the page cold links you can find links to mobilize capital pesky. -- there there's not that expensive because there appoint Caroline but not. That's what he does and he knows about it knows how to do it properly and that you know where paint a pretty important ask and yet it's still got percent. Well if it is you should be reported to Baton Rouge and you know markets says it is no good friends wherever is the -- -- is this question. Do check the page call. Capital back in on the bottom of the it has been -- the -- -- -- the director of views and I -- in Baton Rouge former agriculture. But the contact in the report that you suspect someone -- building at that'll give me but does not terribly vulnerable and I've spoken to the gentlemen but it sounds about businesses just tell you read it. The call that we sent our respective familiar and sample and test. And if it turns out -- and elegantly capital and he definitely was given a warning councilman is to put the labels. And we elected tip and does not. They need to be on. He had done you know the link on on -- you know the -- web site European tour web site. No but we can certainly get one on and again it's the landry's real gas dot com earlier but. -- OK Bruce thank you for the call. I would be back after this time -- wanna get on the conversation questioned the -- comment about ethanol alone shall matte refinery to 601878668890878. Are simply shoot -- attacks and 87870. Text responsibly and will be right. And back with fuel -- specialist Pete Landry of -- landry's real gas dot com -- get some text in here one of them comment. Ask a pretty simple questions in sentinels blended and why -- gas simply be sold before the bland. Why is that an oversimplification. Of the process that refineries. Well the reason is this. At all as an opt in reading a 113. So refineries normal manufacture. The system that is despite the over manufacture and 87 octane conventional non capital this. -- -- -- -- -- And then wondered like what when did when did it with 10% capital would would -- appease them and not pay so that'll culture plotted to manufacture. And 87 octane condition not a golden anymore and as a result at all Tuesday. Might mention to -- read at about web site. It just went to two to two typical -- if you do would search. And you therefore capital repairs and Malaysia is breeze whipped Butler it's topical. Can repeat landry's is not on that remember. Landry's a pretty famous name and we -- -- another -- comes in asking about they heard about using. Ethanol from natural gas in Saudi Arabia and that wouldn't be the ultimate fix but that might help the problem with the you know the agricultural runoff on the Mississippi River do you have any experience with -- that might be a big coastal Louisiana is we've got you know natural gas. It's certainly it would Don and it can be manufactured from from. From ethylene and you know in all chemical plants and in refinery is very easily but the EPA it will not approve that. Then in addition to that. Then despite the US is to produce some capital of the world a couple of board is brazile. But -- -- effect is harder but that of their capital from Japan. I've put it without congressman in as incentives in in in Washington to -- -- EPA. To approve and authorize the manufacture of capital he has function -- Now would -- be able to form was the biggest producer of -- gain in the country or region in why. But it would also -- pressure alt support okay which is not only. Opinion in the damage suitable for the Portland Ronald but it won't food prices to skyrocket. It would and -- OK so it would be a big -- we can do that. While Pete obviously this problem is gonna ultimately be solved in Washington. And it's just beyond me why you can't get at least is one. He legislated to take this and make it his baby and her baby and run with this thing -- has so many. Obvious reasons to to get away from the use of ethanol at least provide the alternative -- on fairly regular. Basis and at a cost effective basis for people who don't wanna use the stuff to continue to do that but also. A lot of text about people want a signed that petition you mention I think it's very important is that I accessible on your website to. It's normal web site if you when you when you click on a punitive rupiah dot com portal page you look on the upper right hand corner of his -- -- -- says by petition now. All you have to do -- put in your name your address and email address and and click. Fine and has done. Did any final thoughts for wrap up here. Yet on what you want the readers you indicated earlier. Can stabilize and begin to use if you -- -- -- equipment. Policy at that question about prosecute the -- -- among readers -- the search. Just about at all of the popular fuel additives at that on the market at that time. Some of them -- could be. At all the different because they contain alcohol. In most cases it was isotope alcohol not capital but at the same affected salt water it'll only compound the problem with the use bills. Our civil war and in about a year and have two years ago has an opportunity. To -- out -- -- -- teleconference call with the gentlemen from. Gold eagle. -- the manufacturers of state bill. You edited in outspent. To almost too volatile reform within. In -- took notes and after that are prepared oracle announced that it is important opinion review and comment -- you approved it. And it is Almonte web site is -- -- oracle page in the title of the oracle isn't why marine formula they've built should be -- -- attitude towards. Therefore critical proper is gonna discuss this gentleman dispute. If he would it is and it is an answer is that it's first the fact that -- capital with Michael wanna make make -- -- more. The -- which is detrimental particular -- engines typically. Petrol -- at the port shelf life. You know capital gasoline when used in automobiles and in vehicles performed satisfactorily -- for the polish law. You'll see the problem with the shop like because you refueling your vehicle rare road game. But like in long hours and holding court -- which you -- -- in stores in October -- -- back go when do -- April the following year. The idea that at albeit in oxidize it turns into a jumble pipes up. That's what the problem with -- generated little ignored two's not a good pictures. When I get my appropriate patient have a picture is much larger Mitchell's what corporate looks like they've been pretty -- -- Well I've had some luck with the stable in my ATV which I don't use a whole lot the summit Tom just on on season and also generate -- -- -- a lot of wintertime so anyway that -- that wanted to support. Is that is the -- -- amnesty bill that's what it was specifically designed. For use with capital gasoline and it is opt out on the -- -- in a lot about readers. We've tried it that feature right up in the problems that argues that. You know I I'd never put a little bit in the Baltic but I always put -- -- -- do it and it also. Pete thanks so much vote for the fight in note keep misinformed. All right repeat Landry fuel -- specialist -- that's gonna wrap it up food. Think tank will be back with a few final words right after this time. I'll see you tomorrow morning darkened early we call for the outdoor should be in 5 AM coverage at the top and rodeo let's have fun Friday next with Angela.