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7-25-14 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Jul 25, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL news director Dave Cohen, WWL sports writer Seth Dunlap, and Bayou 95.7 personality Kat about what's trending on social media.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll welcome to Friday our favorite day of the week. Our three hours this day I call friends fun and -- Our first hour. Trending with WWL's best. Our second hour what's happening in our area with a wonderful Ian hello. And we wrap up our Friday with an hour with the world's greatest Houdini Tom Fitzmorris. And yes I will beg him to -- But we start at WWL's. Finest for an hour of what's trending. From the news department news director Dave Collins happy -- thank you. From. The world of sports debit Honeywell's sports host and writer and director of -- roundup -- Dunlap. And from the world of social media and I may -- on world of her own yes it's a good Catholic. From buy you 95 point thank you Angela and -- this is just this is that the dream team I'm living the during the you know what I -- now normally we start with something having news as it's Friday we're gonna start with fun and I loved. That Louisiana residents were voted happy -- among the happy used in the nation's top five top five well -- -- There are more cities in Louisiana than any other state on this list it's pretty amazing. This is a Harvard professor who took a number of factors we needed things to -- got a complicated how we came to it. But this scoop come up this list. That there are more cities in the poorest and fattest state in the name and why other states as well of course maybe not but that it may. Have the number one happy as. Residents in the nation live in Lafayette Louisiana according to the snickering followed by home at number two Shreveport closure at number three. Baton Rouge at number of course Alexandria at number five to all the top five in the nation are in Louisiana I contained Shreveport. My road is Monroe is seventeen no way. New Orleans is 59 to a -- and New Orleans New York is dead last by the way. I saw I saw tweet from -- the other count on Shreveport and yet it's no way that will meet delusional like I think. Let's tell you think it is a common there's a common thread through all through all of Louisiana and I've lived. Several cities in Louisiana night also. Am ashamed to say so but did live in east Texas for a short time to spend time in transport merger while I was living in east Texas very short time. People of Louisiana. Love to soak up all the light -- -- share they'd love to live to the full list. And it doesn't matter how much money they make it doesn't matter what part of the state they live and they will find ways. To enjoy life more than anywhere else and I've lived. In the west I've lived in Texas I've lived in Missouri I've traveled all over the country. And the common thread is that people Louisiana. While they may be perceived by outsiders as lazy. War now over indulgent. Or problem with Phelps -- whatever their perceptions are they just don't get it to you come here and and -- Damn Yankees you know -- difference any Yankee in a game. The Yankees stays and -- I've been in the south now more than half of my -- -- and found love with it could now leave. So having lived -- reckon Italian that they don't get it but what you are here. And you see that. These people may be poor who live in some of the rulers of Louisiana. But every Sunday there and -- your families. Cousins grandparents. Right everybody gets together to eat a meal. Every night there together with a large group of -- fan every Saturday night they're going out Indians at. They. Make the absolute most of friends in -- And that is called joy. And when you said they enjoy life that is what is here. Exact I'm a little disappointed that won't wasn't hired because I if I see that as well we have urban issues we have problems there are thousands of cities in the US deaths were in the top sixty. -- This is a good thing but interesting you said that New York was dead last dead I think some people find pleasure in misery -- but I hate to think that. -- -- Yeah out west -- come from the West Coast. I'll add add to that as I agree you know I guess I'm kind of a damn -- now Susan little bit not as long as you damn well as heroes they would drag -- -- They call -- easily -- -- it and -- Diego -- East Coast hippies on the West Africa he said it. I think the food has such a big part of you now that he's still one of my favorite parts about here is enough food did you did you realize. How bad the food was doing during up for you can. A lot of mom might feel as I'm -- I woke up when I go back to Chicago. And I go to the places where I thought I was eating great food as a kid. It's bland it's on adventurous and I'm -- I thought this was great before IE Louisiana yeah. And -- girl is like we gets -- We're gonna move on because we all have football brain. And -- the big training camp started and not what a wonderful thing first of all to have Jimmy Graham there yeah everybody happy and pulling each others arms. But you've got. Pumped he didn't get putt which was awesome obviously. It is so he debuted at number one story and WWL -- last few days to talk about press somehow if you've been you know in a hole ditch somewhere for the last week or so he sign new contracts -- -- here. He's -- training camp Britain. It's fellow players may be a little jealous not a Jimmy Lewis -- a hold now thinking of himself may be a little bit too much so they get to the Greenbrier in West Virginia the green is trying to. The items that Lane Bryant talk about that -- that. They they all in this fancy resort right great rooms and put Jimmy Graham in the princess Sweden to. Decked out in pain you know they're talking about him if it's a little bit like a princess you know those are during your hold up the past couple of months of this is the perfect -- -- with -- beautiful I -- this -- with. And lovely out there are a lot of pink flowers all over the green -- that night yeah my favorite was the reaction from Pierre Thomas. Kids in the video that on the website that stranding so well now he has again -- yet. In -- just look at their wives -- -- -- again -- -- -- these pink flowers in front of the best illustrated -- that just. Candidate in a nutshell characterizes why it was so important for them to go yet because they're gonna have this team bond bonds giants over the next sadly it's going to be. It's going to be great it's going to be great bonding for a couple and then when you know selling unhappy because of their cool air up there I don't know if you heard our news of the new news on channel four today had a couple interviews and they were in essence saying. We could do 200 plays we didn't we shouldn't have to stop the difference it makes and that's what they're. Have you added yeah when I had Steve Geller join me from this morning at 5:15 AM. As of with the -- like you today the stepped outside its 59 nominees. In that mountain there is how they started it. Virginia -- seven. 90% humidity grows 59 and no humidity to speak. Actually I think it was Jimmy Graham who said you know when we replace it in the world we love New Orleans but. We just do the stretch. Just to get through the heat was the effort and then become and one of the lead with just a distraction no place. Tell people that the dry heat saying I come from the eastern -- Washington State it's it's it's hot and the right triple digits in the summer but I was on them. You'll this -- we get temperature hotter than you are us down here animated it's not the heat humidity out only a 100% -- person and want. Everyone to stay with this we are trending and not -- cat when she comes back really has to do some explaining this is a scientific study and it's important and it's meaningful. And it's about something in cats clue now I can't -- -- blow not cats who it was clearly are some -- aren't now. -- cats may help with cancer. And win the right with the right back I'm Angela trending. Trending with Dave Colin with Shep Dunlap and Kent. And this -- this is science this is important audience it is it's it's fabulous. Captain could one day. They are not your cancer but treat it -- real well not my real counts real can't stimulus because it's something in there there -- Yeah it's Kolb. Need I say to hike its daily work and it's a big on word. But the -- testy and these scientists. -- so far so good. So -- -- a little organism that they carry in their intestinal track just -- eighties. Opinion that the thing you hate the most about your cat is that the so in clinic -- save lives. Is it the coup or is that something it's in there and essence of it as I'm Hillary Clinton the device now whatever you gonna start with no intent of going after the no caps -- because they need to be -- As a host the United States in the -- ultimately. There's so little things and -- candidates they have they have real test and lived on this on rats -- and they had rats with tumors melanoma is -- another kind of tumor and shrunk them. So I mean there is this is a positive thing like brownies like medicinal. Or do we inject I don't know that I gonna keep in mind this it has to be properly process. A camera that it's -- nobody to start ingesting it could put their. For the -- yeah you have cancer you know not one for degrees -- that would only come from our news director -- Particular kind of joking about I think that's why your dog will be mentally -- -- slowly but they've got it knew something maybe you know he's all that. That every -- protein. It is approaching wealthy today that's Wednesday have a digest of systemic and human you know what I. I I have there's a lot can happen in the world to go on you know and you don't -- then the bottom line is it will be new respect for -- Yeah as well medical providers little. Dog people become catch people because you know what this could they could now this might happen. More respectful got people with cancer and -- I am crazy cat ladies and myself I have three cats so accurately. To come and how many cats do you have to have to be crazy. Over three and one thing -- and now it's your border yeah I you know they fly it. I think over five idol this Tuesday. And I think that's you man I just have a mother and son but I -- colony. Yeah maybe that puts me on the edge of I did actually that's yeah opened the trunk of my car and I can hear my wonderful deceased mother's voice. Angela it's happened you have become that crazy but I have a dog in south -- to balance only crazy people. And if you more than 55 or more catcher -- eliminated in aliens in your -- -- -- -- Call the collector. In the world -- him. But the doctors -- -- on finding it difficult to transition from this capital. To something that really just -- months and to be honest with you this particular story -- -- Yes the woman who was arrested. And -- -- parish state police and the federal Department of Homeland Security together worked on this investigation. Because they said that they were tipped off that a employee in the public defender's office and -- -- parish was scamming illegal immigrants out of thousands of dollars. They've now made the arrest and they're still trying to figure out just how many victims there are but they say she was an interpreter who is supposed to help. People who were arrested and being deported and who were in the system either criminally. Or under the immigration department's. Rules and regulations and she was supposed to interpret Spanish to English. And vice Versa -- work in process again like what is this lawyer saying what are these charges mean explain everything and they say instead which he was doing was -- them well here. Give me. On average 2000 dollars. -- and I will bribe. US federal. Immigration officials and military -- units. Obviously. She wasn't doing that. They have not arrested her for bribery but they say she did extort these illegal immigrants are still trying to figure out how many of the number is growing as they continue the investigation. But she was taken on average 2000 box. And making them think they they gave her this money they can stay if she's gonna bribe the officials. When in truth she was just taking the money they say for herself spending it on herself. And not helping them. Because ultimately. They will indeed be. Support well she'll have her day in court and we will not judge but I I will judge anybody who would pull a stunt like that against people who are so vulnerable shame. Shame shame shame shame it is ignored and then this is. Ending because it is. Is a very interesting story and it's it's heartbreaking for many people so it's been that cutting very well on both RW WL dot com and social media. So that's that means it hits the -- yes now we're gonna have to break for news very very quickly but I know that such -- lots of scope. From not what's happening in green bar and everybody really wants not give us a tip -- them a break -- On that did not so good news subject the two biggest pieces in the news today out of the saints camp. Was one and a Kenny stills you out. Unidentified league injury he limped off. Might not be good we don't know and we talked about this a month ago Horry thought it would be an issue when they first said new safety Gerris bird. It was gonna be out some type of ankle neck surgery that back -- and -- -- Diaz an ankle injury problems do a good -- now he's on the PUP. Which the physically unable to perform list and just just just seems so similar to what Victor Butler went through last year that it really worries. Endorsement as the saints fans. Larry -- I don't know -- I don't think we'll check in the commercial about that everyone stay with this we're gonna go to news but come back and we'll continue to trend. We are back trending with the best with Dave Cullen with -- and with Seth Dunlap talk to me about. Sports were just telling them this is serious sports. Our gonna switch gears of the serious side now the big news yesterday. It explode and Tony Dungy probably be about that because he's no longer and high profile news Ray Rice who was caught on video. Earlier this year. Will be his wife in an elevator I believe in Las Vegas casino. -- punch in the face and knocked her out driver out of the he is Eric Holder. Like votes than the full video is out there if you -- -- -- -- -- I mean it's that's why he was -- couldn't really deny their other people standing there is -- there was a security guard the hotel came up but not right away click on them and you know but. He was convicted but his sentence was deferred community service NFL offices as a -- that the outrage now. From people yesterday the NFL only suspended rice for two games. And the reason people are a little bit outraged because of the precedent that everybody calls. Roger Goodell hammer can be those who released her car I don't tell Roger Goodell well the other -- click here you have another. Hey good -- for record but just in the past few weeks past few months he suspended guys for marijuana use for entire season sixteen games he's been -- -- for how to release first time offenders admiral used for games. And apparently. A guy who beats his wife it's two games and it's interesting the -- that's one per hour news cycle now. The conversation early yesterday which is the outrage -- how do you -- -- two games. Two by tomorrow night and today. It's morbid actually the media's being good about this in the conversations -- is that. What's the NFL's gold here with there. Outreach to women that's why -- your take because the past decade the NFL has been really. Strong in their push to bring in new female fans and of course you've got the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October every year and people are pink and it might be more about the merchandise. And the money they're making off the ball these new female fan yeah. Then anything else because let's be honest and -- some charts out there the Google. On the punishment that they've issued for not only Ray -- -- Ben Roethlisberger when he accused of -- ever -- and others that it's it's a little bits. Perplexing how to punishing these guys who are either convicted or admitted. On with violence against women. I think Goodell just blew -- this time I began this did -- and I think I agree with you I think it's all about money and I think they do want female fans they want more people in the stands. And not and good for them to encourage that but it's very much money oriented. Are we surprised NFL. But this is inexcusable. Inexcusable. And it's not about this guy. Although I would say a whole year suspended for marijuana that's our rights but that's clearly not fair. In the -- it is just the message -- this it's a lot worse to smoke a joint than it is to beat a woman separately and that's not. Should never ever be the -- and you know the reason why this is. Even more odd to everybody's watching it is because this wasn't you know he said she snow -- this is he was caught on beauty and this. It's disturbing video if you watch it. Just do you think because I did not know about this but candidates said. That he met and they got married afterwards they were they where into each day at the time. -- And and she still married him. Well and I don't think I wonder we don't know in this Alcatel were standing right here and we asked was that a factor. I'm sure he did some interviews and in face of well as it's -- mainly men and women do. Backtracked on -- OK and we've worked it out and we just have a disagreement. But lady you're lucky to be alive. Yeah get knocked out what for had to hit. You know we -- that's another culture yet but very very interest interest we're gonna do a major shift here. Two fifty -- to crash. And Taylor is our economy yeah match. I want the trailer yesterday and it meant how many times. And just once I really want -- as a -- -- -- -- that you got to -- no matter. You've got to watch. He got to watch in the I read all the books in time that you can. We need to have a -- because so many of -- accident I picture that girl in MV. Picture her reading the book I think she's gonna be phenomenal. The actors who is Don Johnson's daughter yes and but again I don't know month and so he can get have to watch that movie at least four times on the. And I did not read the books I know this is about. -- sacks and dominating man and eighties at a masochism and all that. And I just know that from pop culture and I didn't read the books but I did watch the trailer yesterday and it vs like this is pretty tame. It was this home Lee young girl for a job interview that -- later that way on purpose. In the beginning and it was the first in -- out what he extended trailer and first like what's the big deal right. And then suddenly you see the reformation hadn't asked her under his wing that. And she becomes is this beautiful. Made up -- that's the problem yes and then it ends with them him revealing to her his. Trust chamber area in where where they perform these. -- rough. It's actually away from point direction it just goes right in the line and I don't know at the end by the end of that trailer I think. Old that's where were OK now I would -- you -- you go see the movie with your life comes up Valentine's Day. I don't think we're gonna valentines to act on them until the day hey honey wanna go good to see a movie about it a massacre that happened that's but I think. And Tennessee this because guaranteed. I thinks you'll have a good night. In such a great date -- and it's okay. This I think. There's some comic actor. Oh this I you know a lot laughing is it is -- phenomenon it is an economic was. Think like this in twenty years ago that does big -- leaving your -- And that nine into this general share. It was not English at the Sharon Stone movie night comes close cruel intent that. Basic and I -- earmark and nine and a half we got there that now maybe this is my second here. Basinger. With the wild things all of our house and the agreements he is indie -- secretary. Now like that part of that movie and but his -- man. -- and this is from kept. Our authority and let the excitement and you will be there with your beautiful husband. On. It out and it is time went by and large to read the book totally I think totally the right isn't it yeah the writer of the books and then these teens compared to. So I don't know but the -- down the estimate. But others who just think that woman lying to you. Now. Or they tied behind their Vogue Magazine guests -- Michael stick it does everybody we're gonna continue our trending right after the well we are backed trending with them with the best WWL's best in Colin. Beautiful cat and south. And it says -- says if you wrote I'm very powerful blog. Which I hope everybody reads because it was one beautifully written. But beautifully from the heart and mind so on the Tony Dungy that kind of take its. The guy in Iowa I wrote it because. I felt like. There was a lot of knee jerk reaction on either side to be honest it was either you instantly heard what dungy said his quote and his quote was. That. He if he was the coach is the next NFL coach now broadcaster he said if you still coaching. He wouldn't have taken Michael stand because it would be too much of a distraction for -- the first ever openly gay player. To be drafted mine and it felt -- yeah so there's a lot of -- -- on both sides right at the right at the outset and you're here. Outraged just because of the -- Tony Dungy -- context or. People have a knee -- defending Tony Dungy because he was in their mind to speaking his mind I had two problems with this. L get -- there's obviously different -- this is -- up front now on this day that. I start the article and I maintain. Vets. Tony Dungy is allowed and should be allowed to have these beliefs like that's what's America's here is founded on delta made it very clear that he has very. Right wing religious belief yes never shied away correct he has donated and spoke out for. Anti gay advocacy organizations. On someone's that are even affiliated with focus on the family who goes as far as promoting gay conversion therapy which is. Pretty extreme but again I just wanna make the point that this is not an article bashing Tony Dungy by all accounts. Tony Dungy is really good fine man he's a lot of really good things in his life and just because I'd strongly disagree with them on this one week of of topic. Doesn't mean and I'm going to assassinate his character however. It bothered me on two levels number one Tony Dungy just. Be frank wasn't being cost. About his motivations -- it's not because and I think anybody is Smart enough to realize with his -- like Dave said and advocating for these anti gay organizations. That he really does have a problem with more objective objection to being gay and now ahead more of respect for him if you come down said. And distribute them -- you -- I can't take -- and it is I don't believe in in in being again believe that we elect honest. But when he said was that Sam would be too much of a distraction we -- correct. So and this is something for me. Being gay and growing up on and trying to progress in this business a little bit in the public guy like Michael -- NFL player obviously. But I've run into this this arguments on many times and it's just. I wanted to get the perspective from it from him -- that we hear this arguments and I've heard it before that. We would be too much of a distraction. For the job that we're trying to do and I go into the article. On its on the blog and revealed dot com my experience with a couple different things on the biggest one the most eye opening in my life was my experience when I was ahead basketball coach. And high schools on the -- small and you write at all the so and these these -- people that I I trusted and known my whole life. And -- must point five finally came out and by the way the whole concept coming out of the weird to me -- It's going to be who we are right we want have to come out it's -- weird but it's. When that happens -- and a fire Meehan. Because you're -- thousand because I was game because that was the scoreboard freshen him because I was too big of a distraction right. -- The arguments and it's become really -- -- argument of quote a distraction. Is now becoming a synonym for being -- and we heard the same thing. When Anderson Cooper or Robin Roberts in -- going to be a big quote distraction for the organization. When Jason Collins who was an NBA player was the first professional athlete last year to come out and play. Everybody says he was going to be a quote distraction by the way. We've heard about Jason Collins at the -- is -- -- I don't like the anti distraction. Blips on the radar. And Michael stand everybody's business argument that he would be a distraction that's why he shouldn't. Get the chance to play football and it's. It's really insulting. And if Tony Dungy were in charge of this organization where are look at now. I probably wouldn't get the shot to sit here a few Angela talk because quote I would be too big of a distraction ally and at this and tolerant and it's time here. But. Not only is an insulting but frankly it's not true it's not a big guy who is his coach Jeff Fisher in an article this week he said. This distraction thing is a mess there were two extra cameras in two or three -- reporters in OTAs there's one -- Cameron you one extra reported that were there last year during training camp. And it's not a distraction. -- all and no reports say the players on the team have a problem -- -- -- in the locker however and Michael Sam might not be good enough to play NFL football. And thank goodness it's Jeff Fisher making that call is if he gets cuts. I have every faith that Jeff Fisher will have cut him for the right reasons that's definitely. Now beautiful blonde will fall downs and thank you for your honesty teaching NA -- -- have put a I sat at a felon but give you really nailed it it's it Tony Dungy does have the right to think whenever he wants as painful it is as it is for someone like Q. But let's just be honest. And that's it that's it now. You know probably going to go to the blog we can take it back to the -- dynasty. Dispute also that the may career as a patriarch premiere of the -- dynasty family. Thinks that being gay is -- it. And it was all this controversy when he came out and in English Ellis went -- -- were bad words there but when he was found out to have said these things it's all over YouTube at first he was suspended from the show. Later reinstated. And then there was a big debate does give the First Amendment right to say these things of course is the First Amendment right to say it. But that doesn't guarantee that he as the -- television European. Television think I know I'm nine have and I want as an athlete who really know if he's not. But really quickly it's it's essentially because I wanted to read the piece because people have been talking about it's very abstract way like -- don't know any gay people they're talking to. Talking to the public not really realizing that it affects like what they're saying really. That they're talking about me you know I was out my blog Tony Dungy was talking non -- when he talks about this when everybody's discussing on this show or or wherever else in the media talking -- -- wanted to give a more personal -- to tell our story. Thank you thank you the day is not over you all the best to stay with literally right -- an -- on WW. I can't thank these three enough because trending is going to be your new things -- and well we're going to be starting it next week at 1 o'clock. Every -- at 1 o'clock but you all are yet thank you Seth thank you thank you cats hang in there. The only one more throw throw in trending right now on WWL as the guy who met a woman on line and social media went to meter for a date. There was a set up she into guys and carjacked him and took its -- so -- -- Premium line -- time and all of the best thank you again. All right it is the 1000 dollar summer splashed cash contest. The code word this hour is role RO LL Texaco Woodward rolled the seven to 81. That's 72881. For your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide without ever putting on your phone. Your chance at an easy 1000 dollars summer splash cash. Is just one text -- listen for the next code word for the top our news at 5 PM. We never charge for -- but individual plan text and data rates do apply good luck from Smart radio intercom and -- WL.