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7-25-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do this weekend in NOLA

Jul 25, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what to do this weekend in New Orleans. They talk with Anna Zetzman of Metairie Lakeview Premier Jazzercise about National Dance Day, Jude Borque about what to see at the movies, and Diane Angelico and Anna Zorilla of the Louisiana SPCA about the Molly Pony Foundation Benefit at Rock 'N' Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well from trending to what's happening. And who do we have here. Our glorious. You know mr. wonderful he is mr. wonderful ideas mr. happening mr. happened because he and -- -- yes. I hope that's actually -- my business card. -- -- Bottom line -- happen Ian working like a dog -- on all this training camp stuff the volume of stuff this I mean. We have I think maybe half a dozen guys up to seven people want to and they are just cranking now. Videos and articles and recaps and interviews with the players -- the stories about the hotel just a tremendous amount of -- the coverages incredible. But for those of us who are on the back and trying very hard and diligently to get at all on the web -- is its client load so. I'm busy this week but I knew it would be that's what I signed up for. And I think that's why -- hired. You are a soldier yet -- soldier and WW well yeah but you also like to have fun and when you know what you're going to be doing this week OK it's pretty simple you know I do -- -- -- -- -- there is in prosecutor then here called the new movement and once a year they have an event they -- -- megaphone -- Where. They're they have a sort sister theory and Austin. And so everybody goes to Austin for one weekend in May have. You note -- like. I don't know six hours of improper socialist back back back to back to back to back they do that frightening for five days in a row. And then everybody from Austin comes to New Orleans the next weekend so this is the second weekend and all these great comedians and improvising from Austin are in town with me. And I am just looking forward to seeing a bunch of their shows tonight I'm going to be performing myself on Sunday night. In an improvised silent movie. Well -- -- rewrite that maybe that's what we do we commodities like new and exciting forms to present. In -- of people absolutely gets pretty out there are so we're gonna improvise -- silent movie with. You know that Nickelodeon player all that's pretty fun com. Saturday -- and it would attack Greek festival we talked a little as he did last week in Pakistan the parade. Now the actual festival this year it's going to be right and a 548 Mary any street in the mayor and he of course. And there's a lot of great bands -- in the bank as they're going to be -- hot eight brass band cardinal signs like all the kind of new hot young bands are going to be here. And of course tons of factories. Which silence on looking for that and then you know and it in the swing by the bucket brigade to Louisiana bucket yes -- -- fallen this year. Where for twelve hours. They have dancing. And they've gotten dance instructors that come and give special lessons they've got dancing for kids and we're financing it's that -- -- Istanbul and healing center right there on saint Claude avenue. And I actually emcee that event last year. And you know that's that's that's work to -- -- of six hours they split in half thankfully so you'd like to -- the entire twelve hour event but. You still want to you know alright everybody keep dances of his pupils -- these pledges and it's you gotta kinda keep people. We'll never see the movie they shoot horses don't thing. No you must ran -- hope it's it was a breathtaking Olympic OK but it was about a dance with on girl -- -- all and I actually very very sad. But this is a happy I know yet as a happy -- is not on the Internet or is it isn't all our good cause the bucket brigade let me say something else when you about dance. You'll talk about staying in shape. And this is such a great idea. We have and that's been on and -- you with us. And is out with jazz -- size. And just -- size has joined hands with the Louisiana SP CA and you'll or doing something to keep the solid shape for good caucus. We sure are for the pop into thank you so much I'm so appreciative to have this opportunity to speak is -- as the captain. But yes we are hosting an action against that tomorrow. -- that initiative and it was actually starting by the producers of the TV shows that you think you can dance. -- encourage his act nation people of all ages and fitness levels to live today. And that is the third year it's always held the last Saturday in July that -- tomorrow. Locally the battery -- -- decide on the patient is hosting today and where he's had the link you. -- to get it -- -- 21 that. Right between Gordon and Metairie and how. The content -- Very Whitley registry agencies and where it right -- it was mr. com. I'll nation will be an issue mentioned the BBC. -- It's how. It's gonna come -- And -- Can class and that it will be actually teaching. A routine that was choreographed. The Korea -- their property condition that you think you can. You know that you making it fun and that's the bottom line. And I should've said and you were the owner of the only few jazz -- size. Yes and and very committed to keeping people in shape but at any age. But but this makes it fun so. Again you check in at 130 gonna have -- beach body boot camp at 2 and then 3 o'clock you can dance. -- just I think that's you know really line -- to you know people say -- the -- what's the secret because we felt it was. It was founded in 1969 it was a wrote. -- and eighties and -- Angeles sometimes that. It's funny what people come to take their first class I think they're they walked in -- and it still looked as blank one recently talked. We. Did it wrong if we did -- I'll. Com and create new programs -- -- got a quite a few new programs. That we just -- this year. We still have into the believe that a class called issue which is the circuit board but got extra forty and that's the class. A strike last -- -- The packet into -- -- class. You know we have all these other classes today at one offering. Well I don't want to embarrass myself was I was in -- -- in the eighties but I still Wear headbands. So humiliate but this is a great idea. And you know we just to show this week with a really one of the leading authorities on childhood obesity. Doctor southern here in New Orleans. And she was saying that with her work with girls in particular. That's how you get him to move dance. Right yeah look at everybody likes to dance and you know we if it's a bit on. We can't but feel good factor in -- at you know we can't take your problem and a bit of them. That we can help cue ball gear in on that dance floor just kind of put that into the back of your mind. And I think that especially for women and girls you know we're so -- -- multitasking. That sometimes some of the regular exercise activities was still concerned with the duke and be chatting with what to pop up throughout the day. But when you have to worry about what you're -- dealing. And and doing that can't base that it's a great stress release besides helping helping people lose weight. Absolutely -- -- congratulate you I -- it'll -- a beautiful day tomorrow and again that is set to 721 veterans boulevard. Thank you and -- Staying happy dance today while my little dancing feet are gonna say we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna come back. Because if you don't wanna go outside don't forget there's movies and are moving guys going to be here. We'll be right back and Angel under the W well. And room. And men and men. Well welcome back to run our what's happening this weekend at the beautiful Ian -- -- happen and -- he has happening Coke and he is just singing and if they have begun yeah I think the -- but yes it's and one. And you know -- Friday also means it means the beginning of and a movie on if you so choose to do and that's why we have our expert the great Jude Bork Jude. Hey being paid -- movies and Cox are here. All of our band and -- it. I have seen big issue. Court. Directors. Yes. Oscar goes to court where are both follow it to -- are looking very dark. But. We grew up -- -- it would -- gritty and I think and been there. But. -- all. But. -- -- But they're pretty. They're coming out this -- and very exciting. -- -- -- -- -- -- order book and are there. Just actions. -- Hunger. And all -- Thursday. -- Oh. Yeah. Oh record. Let me tell you I listen to an interview that Dwayne Johnson game and his -- flawless. But he wouldn't work out twice a day in preparation of this movie and during the -- Twice today very intense and then I saw in newspaper article on what he would consume every day. And it was nine meals and he sort of challenge of the -- -- tried to eat this much protein asparagus is set. But his body is Hercules. Imagine been directors did c.'s Dwayne Johnson in the rock going to run -- -- might not pick it accurate that you -- -- rock you're not up greatly in what a professional acutely. It. Critics said. Input Hercules. Which an alt twenty -- the -- question but rather more in ways that. Struggled struggled to go -- that you're. While. I'm out there. I think. You know the first time I saw the preview I was kind of thrown for a loop because I couldn't figure out an actor was at first and I thought it was Kevin sorbo. Who did -- -- TPC is Hercules back in the day and -- it was a figured out what the movie was they brought Kevin -- back. Two he looks great. He looks thirty years younger it would help him and so rule but -- is is bald bald and beautiful -- and but it took him to a -- powers and freaky. Beard and -- This is more information anybody needs. -- they're all so -- All the people. Should. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Is that there could. Gain green. -- the rule. Change. -- -- -- -- -- A little about. -- a couple of toward that goes out there. Awful. Or. Doubles. -- -- In a more open to target that you want to we're gonna come out in the regular. Cold. War. Grateful to our country. -- -- -- -- -- -- It will be -- that what in the idea of that chart are in. Trouble. And thrillers. And now. There'll. Be -- -- -- -- -- One. So. We don't blame it could. What sort of. They also great I choose then they talent I think that sounds like light sweet big Scarlett Johansson fan council lyrics. You know I think. You know they were still filming the Hunger Games part two when he passed so I'm not sure. If that'll be his actual his final film appearance or non. So that the people look at. It that -- the former but that's. All. It burn that. It was a wonderful actor. Either. Afterward. -- we have a caller -- Jude don't hang up because we got a caller for you. When you're calling for Jews Quinn. So I would wonder if by chance -- -- a movie coming out from Sony called one hand. LE NTH. -- it's actually about. A retired high copper from Slidell. -- retired and moved to Kentucky. And it's sort of like a bucket list type movie too old guys. XY and Iceland and party. Are all that's cool I'm looking at I am DB page right here this looks awesome. -- have you heard event. I Alberta. But it's coming here. And there. Is. But there are no doubt she. -- there are -- little -- but it was. It's possible and I really appreciate you calling it -- Lindstrom recently and I. Oh I archer an -- and no one of the guys and it it but it means that I'm sure there was no script for the movie that you know all of them. -- -- to get to watch the trailer spot. Absolutely thank you very much thanks to land ho -- Jude. Mr. general we love you -- thank -- I don't. We've been there. -- it out but right away. And we will do that you're gonna watch movies and report back to next week. I get you to everyone stay with us let's go to the newsroom will be right back. So we talked about an hour earlier showed it. New Orleans is one of the top sixty happy -- places in the in the country I think we should be much higher but besides that one of the reasons is is because we're giving people. Always help in fund raisers for all kinds of organizations. And we'd like to have fun so when you mix those two it works. And this is what we're gonna talk about in the next few minutes a spectacular fund raiser at rock Campbell. It's called rock ride and rescue. I love lists. And two great women are with this now to talk about it. Diane Angelica. Who I happened to see another event she's going to know all about as a -- that call us because we want to talk about it. And and is a real with the Louisiana SP CA Diane is a volunteer with the SP CA she -- all kinds of stuff. With the offside adoption. Senators and the just edging out both two very good people talked to me ladies about rock ride in rescue. Okay well rock try to rescue this is Diane and thank you for happiness on rock slide in rescue. Is. A a fund raisers that was started -- -- lady named -- Mitchell quite a few years ago and it originally it was for the greater New Orleans therapeutic riding center. And other parts related charities -- the pony. Is another one. Last year she invited our group to come because -- also happens to do talks fostering for the Louisiana SP CA. So she invited likely to come to help raise money for our apartment treatment program. We had a wonderful time we did very well and she invited us back again this year. So there's three groups in this fund raiser on Sunday. Greater New Orleans therapeutic riding center which is nonprofit. Far people with disabilities that provides those individuals with these. Opportunity to relate to park isn't live seeded. -- the police foundation. Mali is so pony who was abandoned after Katrina hit and while she was. Being taken care of on the -- she was attacked by a dogged who almost died. Almost lost it she did lose the lake and she has the prosthetics. Have you never seen this in Molly isn't a phenomenal. Phenomenal him. She did and he's going to be there Sunday the plant on behalf are locked in poll shall be outside -- -- the covered area with our owner. And while we're real excited to have her there again because people can visit with -- As they walking in but Molly the pony foundation. Provides homes for ponies and horses that have earned their best and it helps them. Continue to be useful in therapeutic educational opportunity for me. Yes so we're happy to have that she's going to be there and an -- groups the off site adoption crew. Which you believe belong to the will be -- SP CA and we work on their behalf. To bring atop the ball animals dogs cats rabbits whatever. Out into the communities had different bands like Saturday were going to be a clear view from eleven tree with the adoption events. And that is that is what we do because some people just can't go to the shelter is it hurts too much for some people because they can't get through that door. So so we bring animals that. And one of our -- main mission besides that is to provide heart worm treatment for the dogs. That get adopted from the shelter that apartment positive. This helps the owner. In that they get a nice wonderful dog and they don't have to pay for treatment because sometimes. Payment for that treatment can be of value for some people in the community. And you'll make it so easy you really do. We -- it day by air and you know heart worm treatment is them very expensive treatment attribute volunteers. Where it's our that they Gator -- -- -- little they do is just incredible we're so fortunate to travel on the team. And the event on Sunday it opens the public so anyone can now it's only ten dollars a ticket. And you can buy your tickets in advance church tomorrow and and says they'll be at your view from eleven to eat. He can always -- Louisiana has PGA all weekend and perhaps beautiful animal that you can buy tickets for the event. As well as tomorrow morning -- -- that really there's another event going on. And we'll have tickets available for sale there and that's going to be going out from 7 in the morning about four in the afternoon. But only ten dollars to get an amazing auction of these volunteers have worked. Incredibly hard ticket. Just so many fantastic items. Related -- Beautiful art stained glass shot some really fantastic thing will be available option. A raffle is a 5050. Music's so of course you know what a funny and Portland and country music is -- -- aren't playing and of course front and plastics. We're hoping that you know don't have much this weekend at 69 PM. On Sunday if you don't buy your tickets in advance you can just come and buy tickets at the door and helped support from really important. And it tactful I worked at -- In the entertainment dollars and what a great way to wrap up your weekend again rock -- -- I think we need to give great tribute to -- ball. Last year you aren't talking about the great party they gain for the the phenomenal. Police he's now has -- -- they raced 45000 cease fire it really is. Actually break any cars behind us and -- -- very generous -- very generous man with his space and time. But Sunday night and again six to 910 dollars wonderful food wonderful auction and you get to meet Molly who is you know Molly's. Being to me is inspiration. You know not this is this is a beautiful animal that lived. And now shares her life and we all can be inspired. So sweetie I can't thank you two for joining us much success with Sunday night again this Sunday rock and bowl six to nine helped some tremendous organizations. And have fun. And I ask you real quick if people want to go online to get more information about the event in the organization. There -- and I might be some information online. To put at the created plenty of information on line for you can't itself. That might have been pulled down because we quit selling tickets on line and that's stopped Wednesday. All right okay yeah I got to do niners to sneak into the show law broken bones -- Barack has got a -- bowl on Sunday. Right bringing. Diane Anjelica an and is it real always thank you stinky. Great one. I stay with us everybody -- other things to talk about what's happening in our beautiful area I'm Angela with Ian under the W. Earlier here in the -- up up up up. We are doing very well you largest inning singing mood and that is you know I think yeah. Let me tell you we have a -- going before we talk about some some -- I just like to mention we did a wonderful interview a couple of months ago with a great lady who started. A veterans' housing outreach. And she's all in like 45 different parishes and they are starting -- thing in this is a great thing. It's tough times -- times for a lot of people but she's she's really -- starting this Saturday. For the whole month until October 26. From 1030 until five the veterans' housing outreach ministries grassroots volunteers. Are going to be hosting veggie for vets disabled -- and senior canned food dry so it's a food drive -- vegetables. And you can drop stuff off at the New Orleans Harley-Davidson. Which is located on airline drive or the saint rose community center in saint rose Louisiana. And from the boat TU which is on south Carol and in New Orleans. It's just a very thoughtful thing if you have some extra food your pantry when a nice thing to capsule. Also wanted to we love our Big Easy roller girls. So this is important because this is their last big deal before they go into the finals. This is the roller girl crescent wrenches take on the hub city derby games. Followed by the -- all stars who. Vs the windy city a roller second wind I know how awful these women are great what it's all done that you Leno in it's in their human -- center and opens this is I believe Saturday -- 430. Action starts at 5 o'clock it's ten dollars in advance fifteen at the door. And their charity is the wounded warrior project so and they have raffles -- all kinds of other things but what a fun group. And really entertaining. So wait are roller girls bless their hearts fight fight fight everywhere I know what you're going to be planning for next we -- because hopefully everybody will be Jimenez. -- 00 yeah. All the wonderful aren't yes and what a brilliant idea whoever did this in twenty years ago the CAC and Whitney bank joined hands. It it and it's a free. Block party in many block party in the warehouse district everybody wears white. And because why it's Scottish you know so we think cool ice cream. We think ice apparently I think they survived scream in some -- hopes. Up high on its long museums and galleries it's fun. It's next weekend. Next Saturday so if you kind of think in hand you might wanna do. I Ellis -- I enjoyed those because you know when you kind of just window shopping those are calories I liked me I mean yeah I don't -- have very much -- you throw like really premium or you know play. It's such a nice experience is to get to go in all those places and really look at everything kind of understand what people are doing. Without any of the pressure that comes along with like -- here I am in this person's gallery. -- -- you know it's it's a wage -- kind of support. Those folks and get out there and see what they're doing without having to it. Feel pressured to spend very much money unless you see something that you love which happens and then you -- do you have -- yes. He might not -- finance that sculpture police. You know you mentioned as a block party there's also I forgot to mention this earlier the magazine street merchants association is throwing the magazine street. Cool down block party. And that's tonight. From five to 92 giant block party from 414300. Magazine street. You have barbecue. And now local music and trunk shows I'm Mozilla trunk shows are instances of having a trunk show. Well that can be couples can be literally a trunk filled with stopped and you and getting great bargains or it is trunk shows. Are the people designers and people who create things bring their stuff in for a special showing. This is what's coming up this is what's going to be -- in the store in the season got so it may be either one of those and get a call saying you know what -- -- -- I thought maybe it's everyone brings out there. And shares their true. If there -- predictable party. That's probably five from. You are font well now that whatever it takes. Now you know we were talking about -- -- They constantly have events but you know. Raise money for com. And it's many causes it's all the work they do like they were talking this time about. Trying to get -- so many animals adopted so we don't have -- high euthanasia rate. But some of those animals have ourselves it is expensive so whether. But they are so creative in what they do a whole listing of what's happening in August -- Yeah happy hour at the patio at fully. It's you know all those kinds of things skull on their website if you know. I don't like week. We see what's going on yet let me agree. There buried -- Off down where you are at the mayor Ernie the merit opera house notes. This is not to not next weekend but the following. They're gonna have some pretty phenomenal. Dance local dance -- audacity dance -- -- -- -- -- about that yet -- -- -- network but people talk about the world and it's it's a -- evening of contemporary dance. And it's going to be August 9 and tenth at the -- an opera house we'll talk about this again we're not sure. Promoted and we have some of the things as well. The idea is everybody loves their weekend where -- just staying home and potter and watch. Television or read a book that poor. If you want -- law that go to the movies that that the wonderful recommendations of our wonderful Jude Bork. And then we have these great fund raisers that are here I tried very hard to participate in the world this week. Started watching house of cards on Netflix again. For the third time instead and I think the problem. Okay this is -- their new season or no this is the 00 you're scaring them just go back and -- you know wait a minute. All my god talked about it on the last week very briefly this wine -- cargo house of cards again this is why there's there. Help me Angela I will help but you know it's a great program and -- Stay with us everybody I'm gonna help Ian right after the so glad that we just -- the assumption in Japan and Tom Fitzmorris because he's going to be our next hour. Whole hour with Tom talking romantic dinner party here is that here's a contest EU. What what happened this day in 1988. When it comes to the saints. Directly -- They had their first. Pancake breakfast at the at Roosevelt hotel. Incorrect I almost started the food at -- the first and -- started and Jim thinks was the founder and who was the first president. Jim thinks Archie Manning up.