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7-25-14 3:10pm Angela: with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 25, 2014|

Angela talks with 3WL Food Show host Tom Fitzmorris about romantic places to eat in the summer.

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I'll tell you there's no more perfect way to wrap up my week and this hour with our next guest. Mr. food or mister Weiner how about mr. romance. Yes our Tom Fitzmorris posted his own show on three WL thirteen fifty noon to three. Today he is ours and you know what he walked in this room. He did he walked in this room bearing gifts to beautiful bottles of wine he's gonna talk about via because it's romantic. And what he didn't recognize that the beautiful tie he is on is the color red line. It is say I didn't give us -- you pointed -- I think that this was all meant to be okay. Thank you for doing this time and for anybody out there this is your chance as always. To pick his brain on anything you wanna know about food restaurants and 2601870. But -- comment gonna talk about romantic places to go and romantic meal it's. And I'll tell you why. I don't know if you remember this I suspect you do. That there was a time when the beach bunnies in the Beach Boys where rambling around on the beach you'd have playing Alex entry the and and James. What was his last hour and James Darren and they would they would all be in their bathing suits and they all looked fabulous on the beach. And they would then they would make these movies of these these people who were just having a great fun time and realize there's sixteen years old and -- And just really enjoying themselves. And then. It gets to be the middle of summer which we are approximately at right now and you know what happens that. I'm dying to get what you don't know. Oh you'd you'll never had the pieces subjected to -- to hear it's the mid summer. No no it's the mid summer split. And this is where your boyfriend. Or you or you your you you go to your girlfriend and you say honey. I loved it. I really love you but. It's the middle of summer and we've got to do the mid summer split or else something horrible happened that's wrong and so. On the issue but could buy. An end an and you had to do this. And as far as I know they haven't repealed that law so I figured. We better talk about that. I think this is a great idea that -- because happening it's happening all over our community as we speak I think -- and you have to -- -- to arrest on. And and with your girlfriend to tell -- the bad news that summer split up or. You go to a restaurant with the new girl. Or the new boyfriend and get it started again so it's or surgical time to talk about romantic rest I think or. You're making up. Are all making yet know how better to do isn't it L express is going against the curve on that but well right if you wanna give -- a shot. Okay so we're thinking of romantic you have brought in -- beautiful lines so tell me about this first. We I have an odd ball wine and I hope you like it because this a chance you might not. This is this is an experiment that have been doing at home with great success. And eight in the what I do is say my wife doesn't drink very much wind at all and it at home country much myself. And and I will open up a bottle wine and we will finish. And it'll go in the refrigerator nettles sit there for a long time. Sometimes before I finally get around to it but what I find is that especially for big. Full bodied wines. That approximates. A both the same thing that happens. When you each winds were say 101520. Years. And I found this in my collection here and in my studio next door it's a bottle of me your heels Merlo. I'm very familiar with this one this is the house wine -- Muriel son Jack asked where just -- there and that and the man who who owns the place. Oh by the way. Greece that it deserves our prayers right now because he's got a major problem announced fighting. But anyway but he -- this -- winery make up a special wine and there were only able. And the Merrill oh I thought. The first time -- taste of us that this is an incredible wind here -- -- that we we real limited deal and it well here ahead of Bob Lewis but the two thirds full. And I thought to let me open this up and see what it takes and I poured it in and I saw immediately that the color. Was sort of a little on the browns' side do you see that. -- say it's I think it's that a match and to date they've they've both bar. And but this is the look you get from a very well aged wine and even though this is only 2007. It's been sitting there with a -- you know it's been on Bork and open and so there is some oxygen in there that is aging this one and accelerated. Pace. And I took one sip -- this and I said this is actually pretty good I think it is anyway. I'm a tribe both just -- -- and I the other -- I brought is a brand new wind that is not been open and then you can tell me what you one of them humane what. Really love in the other when you might absolutely hate. Now or vice Versa I actually like them both. To -- I do. I like them both and I like Muriel -- and it's and his name is Doug -- -- and our Rick. It's because I'm trying to think of it OK you got that's okay. But I feel very very badly about that guy -- to he's a super nice guy he's been in the restaurant business along time and now we get through it world -- over cheering. Before we get going into the you know the romance of the of the hour we do have a -- Steven Rollins and he had a question for states. -- I'm the baton route actually exists somebody. -- they gave me a recommendation on my -- -- him say Charles admirably. To -- meg C out to dinner tonight there are called for instance on a truck just sort of what you thought about that you have rhetoric. I I do. I I have yes to all of those questions. Vincent's. Is a small local chain of two and enough that even qualifies as a team. But it is. A restaurant that has about a two or three star atmosphere. But but four star and maybe even Haitian five star food and in big big big guy really cooks. Like a master its Italian. But a little offbeat little different from what you may be used to I would never hesitate to go there and takes a little. Getting in because it's packed all the time so I would call if you don't have a reservation and tried again. When I want about when you're then you're in business. -- And it's but it's if you -- -- it's your wife. What's up pretty well. A well then this might be the perfect place does the food will be really really good and you couldn't you move up from here. This is Greg good luck and have had wonderful you what you're not a victim of the mid summer's aria. This stymie or you know you -- ditch your present girlfriend get a new one that's that that law. Well this is -- good we've moved into the. I think you're on the right track state. Thank you thank you very much and stay with -- everybody we've just begun. With Tom Fitzmorris I'm Angela under the don't -- And we are back with a great Tom Fitzmorris I'm learning more about the man. It's incredible not only is -- a great food person a great wine person and I do appreciate these both of these efforts. And I'm enjoying both. And I'm very sober and our general manager just walked out so he knows what's happening it's all for the business. Of course I mean you know if you die of cirrhosis of the liver in New Orleans it's considered natural causes anyway. That is a very interesting it is. We started off by you saying that in the summer. As is tradition -- -- is growing up that you had the big break up -- -- permit some member break up. And you think it's because it's just time and it's time to move. All right and I'm just doing what they said to do on the movies okay you know and not just figured I must run my life according to the waste energy censored Internet than a cello and and that's from the -- But sometimes it is about getting back together and that can also be very romantic. Let's talk a little bit about your favorite. Romantic. New -- restaurants. -- I have a list of what do they give you -- my eyes and I have a list of all hundred of them in fact. Under and all hundred we will fight it -- we get to even fifty so I just -- fifty it is interest in which you're choosing for number one because I think many people it might -- well. It's one of those -- usual restaurants. About which my wife tonight completely agree. An early I think it was our third date we went there. And it knew things were clicking who I remember now -- previously fund that night and it's every time we've ever gone there it's been that way too. It's commander's palace of -- it's hard to beat. They have the food that's for sure at the services to reflect the place is beautiful. It's an exciting place -- things going on you see all kinds of people that you recognize. And they have the huge winds -- the best wine cellar in probably solve real is just an incredible collection wind. And how could you not to get a romantic thing. Absolutely and that led to the fourth date. It did it led to the fourth date and then she broke up with because it was mid summer and and we have moved on and that we cut got back together again after a couple of days. Oh my gosh and that was so it was back to commanders because we have to rework it sure well but to this day we always talk about that but the main thing on my wife's mind. When we go to commander's palace. And this really upsets as her for the first half hour to an hour where there. Is how much garlic bread and you meet. As you know they bring that wonderful garlic yes they do it commanders with the deal in the apartment Sunday it's -- and -- once you start eating -- you truly counts like potato chips popcorn or something like that it's on him. What is your favorite dinner is there and that's tough -- -- My favorite dinner there nicest thing that's on though right off one side it's called the chefs playground then. And this is what the chef is a pick from the ingredients that he was able to purchase that day that seemed real interest in him. And most of the dishes are very innovative. Some of them are really far out but I guess when you have something called the -- playground you can expect something like that. And it's it's. A lot of fun it's not for everybody. If your idea going commander's palace is getting you know turtle -- and then having the -- with pecans. And the breads putting souffle. The classic dishes for that restaurant. -- but to meet you you go to a restaurant like that. To experiment and to see what the ship how the ship is moving things forward and that's what that place has been about. Most certainly since the time Paul Prudhomme was there he and he was one of the leaders of that trend. Very very good so let this go now and let me tell to all of our listeners. You can call in 260 -- seventy and tell us your favorite most romantic restaurant. We would love to know that he can add it to the list. Your second is across the lake. Oh which one is it a lot out of -- -- provide a lot provides is wonderful but it's it's. That's it's not a restaurant for everybody because first of all it's kind of French. It's kind of province home real -- what it is and -- -- in the middle of nowhere -- you have to make a commitment to driving out -- if you live on that South Shore anyway. And I think the best time to -- was actually late in the afternoon on Sunday. Because they they open. I think around noon and they go they go straight through with sort of a brunch menu that evolves into a dinner menu. And it's never very busy. In the wintertime. They have the fireplace -- And I happen to know that this is a secret. And I hope he doesn't get mad at me for saying so but. Just about every Sunday Ronnie Cole who I'm sure you know I love him. He shows up and he has dinner he's sort of in the wine business too he's a real one very knowledgeable yes. And -- he brings some wines and they don't mind of course is he such a regular customer. And they sit back there he and his wife and his son in -- I think it is. Which is it is that -- get that confused anyway and they have they have dinner and then he usually goes into the corner and plays the piano for awhile. So you have. Conceivably. A free concert with -- call which is a heck of a nice thing. And let me tell you -- Nicole is internationally -- absolutely and you know I shall we say we have so many gifts in our life he is one of them. And his wife garner has to be mean they are such a dynamic duo. And I'm sure chronicle were sitting right here he would say. It's all there are a lot of it is her. A whole lot of -- and they are just a wonderful couple but that is in that's a scoop so now we know go on late on Sunday after. -- you never know I mean some -- I wouldn't say he does it every single week I don't know but every every time I've been there lately he's been there. That -- worth the drive -- I honestly isn't that long. Milk and honey get get somebody who doesn't drink much or at all right. That's my life that's it's that's the perfect mentally trillions. Because it. Hit it. Your favorite meal there. -- Again we're talking -- a chef working at the top levels of cooking in New Orleans and for guys like that. You don't want the same thing you've always had every time for you want what has commonly but he has. A great new addition I'd be surprised if this didn't become permanent addition to the menu they call it oysters ooh La -- room. And there may come out on the shells. And eat it it's the first thought is okay this is going to be yet another take on what -- -- as but it isn't it's really different kind of labor leaders. On. Not -- fat. PP it that he uses to make the -- -- Adam -- -- -- -- -- -- And he came up with this thing in this little parmesan cheese and just and they bring in doubt that still bubbling on the show this is you resist. I I will get that every time I'm there until they take -- off the effort to my mouth my -- this. Oh my god stay with -- everyone we're gonna go to news that we're gonna come back. Give us a call 2601870. In your favor romantic experience restaurant. Isn't it romantic. I have to say this may go down in my radio history is my favorite hour. This has been a beautiful get to know Tom PetSmart you better work than most other hours. I am telling you you mentioned the word romance and you mentioned the word food in restaurants. This guy is just so cute and he is also told me so I want everyone to stay -- not right now we're gonna continue to a restaurant. He is gonna sing for us on -- known do you believe that's an -- test taking advantage now and I am taking advantage if you. Because I wouldn't tell anybody that's why I've printed out the winner yes and he's gonna sign it give him but literally the first time I heard him -- I've said this before. He and his wife for an SP CA fund raiser at. That was easy to do -- you just get up there and oh. -- -- I know I couldn't believe. I couldn't believe it was. I don't know like I had -- pigeon -- into. Here you are food critic in the center center and all of a sudden this gorgeous voice. Opened my eyes I will never intentional and let -- talk romantic restaurants. Number three on your list and this is a great. Lot -- grocery. I love that I'd love it did you bet every time I go -- like it more. And it's my my wife. A lot of this has to do with thus my wife funded -- meant it gets if my wife doesn't find it romantic in me -- man. That it ain't going to be no matter how much I like. But she really loves that place we both -- And the food there is terrific it's a neat place it's not it's got enough of a buzz going on but it you can still talked to one -- the bar is very good. Do a lot of style. People lot of style you know a lot of what makes a restaurant romantic is who else goes there. Because if it's full of -- guys that look like they are insurance salesman from Muncie Indiana. You're not from me and or he's from India he okay weapon. But -- anyway. They -- that -- that doesn't get it you have to have this have to sell you a few other really good looking people. And also the people who were you know have so. Go on -- let me tell you what the the owner chef Justin. Just -- billion yes. Who is a super guy who always advocated. Isn't that with a name like that yes. But he and his wife and partner. Opened it up. For the whole night for WR BH radio for the blind and we did a -- called a blind tasting everybody warm masks and we -- as if we were. And it was spectacular he would come out before each course and say this is an area of your plate it is I mean if you don't know. It was so meaningful and so delicious they're doing it again so we'll talk about -- and -- But I am very special place in my heart for that and it is very romantic. -- good and very good restaurant August is another. It sure is and it's so romantic that we just learned to about a day ago. That my son and his. Girlfriend are getting the having their wedding reception there in a few months. On that is great so that's how romantic that is. That is terrific they're going to have it in the downstairs are gonna go upstairs in that room upstairs beautiful -- All more than that double add another layer of romance. Will tell us that -- Now I'm lost they get to be midsummer but you know what we know whether they marrying. In December. -- now and then they're set for life yeah -- there's no break up than ever. And ended December romance yeah wedding. Unless it's a June and December. And even then. I think there's there's starting off on the right -- what I love is is that the bride is not from here and yet wants to get married here yeah. You know that's a beautiful right. -- -- born and grew up in Los Angeles. Which is a rare breed and then she wanted to Iowa. She when the news get married here you know a lot of people wanna get married here because frankly New Orleans -- -- -- -- -- -- We are romantic city sure and a lot of people have fabulous memories here. And then maybe like the great political couple. James Carville and Mary Matalin married here. You know and ultimately live here yeah yes they were some girl he guest -- my show every yes a one note that he's good he calls me all the time. -- that's great he's a gourmet he's -- he's nothing but equipment. The secret himself -- -- and I don't know but they usually calls telling me about what restaurant he's been to lately in he's clearly has good taste. That that's that's what we do every single day. Well this is wonderful for 26 years 26 glorious years yeah most of it. An occasional bad Wednesday we don't talk about it that bad -- -- you know we're gonna do we're gonna take another break we're gonna come back. And not only are we gonna continue our romantic dinners. We are going to hear the beautiful sounds. Don't tell how this too much I -- beginning you know and and -- think it's even a little over on the side of the road if you're driving this important. We're back with Tom Fitzmorris -- talking romantic places. Eats and don't bring up hold on 12 we're gonna get we got a great question here from. And then we're gonna come back and we're going to continue -- -- questioned cookware. Well if you ever. Well go to restaurant like being -- -- ago or try to hide your identity. And number Q could deeply felt -- story. -- you kind of fell into your world now which you've been there were purported watchers is through critic. Well I've I've tried to go Inco agreed to but that was a long time ago. And if and people somehow it what amazes me is I'll go to a brand new Chinese restaurant or Asian restaurant where everybody in the place is clearly just immigrated to this country and and somehow -- in the middle of the meal. With my without my. Giving any clue at all. I don't see conference in the corner and that there won't look at -- and next thing I know I'm getting much better service much. Importance and I don't know -- you're. Well it's it's it's not that it's a -- I feel like I don't know what I can do they always fine me out no matter what I do. So. Anyway. That the quick story on and the second question is that that was the editorial cartoonist at the newspaper went out. And a new editor took over and he said oh look at my friends he's quite tunis and he's going to be the cartoonist from now once feel like fired. And it was at a time on a restaurant in the university's center UN no that was a white table club -- and doing really crummy food the -- come from Brennan's. And I said well what if I write articles to sit in wanna lose my clubhouse privileges in the newspaper office and he said sure with a one. And I wrote an article but it was it came out as a review actually. -- -- that that place whose flam ball. And it was to recruit and he said hey I've got an idea want to write an article about some of the place to eat around campus every. And said sure and I never quit and still doing it not for that paper but I've written -- weekly columns in September 1 nineteen to. Aren't -- great you know governor with the direction electorate you really don't. No you really don't and thank Kevin he chose what he did because we're all benefiting -- -- -- great to call. Thank you are real quickly -- in -- Pat. -- over the place. Yeah I have a suggestion. -- -- new couple trying to really know each other and buffer to do it is. Not foreign -- at night but he. -- -- And deployed. Would fit -- would be well on talk. Absolutely beautiful place -- -- great directly. Young couple. Sunday. Perfect -- -- you can take a walk in the park after that yeah until it's its -- That is a great idea brilliance. Like the idea -- Our. Country. And I think you're one and route. It -- -- market which. Terrible have you been. Absolutely it's a great restaurant but I I love the setting a -- correct and -- that's you know stroll in the park Mara thank you pat very much -- we're not going to let this clock got wind up -- -- Hearing the sounds. Of home fits. Do we really have time yes we do I think you'll like this -- I love this song -- I can't wait and that I can never remember all that's why -- actually printed out but the the boat -- we would pay me. Full moon -- on the way. No way we are understand homes our favorites. All of them. The beings. We -- The last -- Miles remember Lou. Bowl -- and through little. The midway in on the fun. That QB goals we want them. The -- I were saying to prove that guy who is strong. The the names we did last some. And remember. All winter long. The early morning hi. Lure rented tandem buying the lunches that we use to. We never could explain. That sudden summer rains -- looks we got when we need god. Believes begun to fade. Like promise says we made. How could go lol that seemed so -- eight school rule. The news. We did last -- you're. You me -- Food all winter long man. I've tried so -- for. At times I do India. The memory of you lingers -- -- This. And you. Move -- the news. Read. Blasts Obama. Hello room. Into. And. The middle of personal song. Taking us from the start of the show and are split in the summer. To this beautiful song. Tom Fitzmorris you're the best no he's not finished either but if you -- -- -- now there's something else I have to yes clean out the room know. And you have done a marvelous job of I think putting everybody in a romantic mood. Everybody up I'm just thrilled when people called in Newman romances. Your wife is a very lucky moment. All good tell her that I can tell her that stay with us everyone will be right back. You'd. Tom Fitzmorris I cannot thank you enough not only for your insights into into well -- will -- get invited me to come on him again. Some other time limit a permanent open invitation yeah it helps with the wind walking in the door I have to tell you that and these were both beautiful. And I really learned something about the color yeah yeah you get that little brown color that each line. Now so you're going to have a wonderful weekend and you're going to have a romantic dinner with -- after I finish on stopping the pipes. We have work to do they fixed the flat tire earlier this week and now it's a pipes thank -- everyone everyone have a beautiful week in and we'll see you next week thank you.