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Jul 25, 2014|

Today on SportsTalk with Bobby Hebert, Deke Bellavia & Hokie Gajan…LIVE from Saints Training Camp in West Virginia: Sean Payton’s take on the 1st day of practice. PLUS: Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, Cam Jordan & more! ALSO: how concerned are you about Jairus Byrd’s health? AND: Drew Brees says he could play another 10 years…age is just a number. Is it?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to another day of Saints camp coverage from the beautiful Greenbrier where -- Slammin' Sammy and the clubhouse for the saints' first practice today. Coming up we will hear from Saints coach Sean Payton quarterback Drew Brees Jimmy Graham -- -- -- Karros linebacker Curtis thought the defensive lineman cam Jordan offensive lineman. Zach -- among others plus all pros keep you dictate. All the today's practice Bible for 2601 its seventieth in the American -- -- -- -- this. At 87870. A lock on all hit on the other training camps the big news in the National Football League is training camps across and they all beginning to. Stall but it is our pleasure -- to welcome gentlemen who is. A big reason why the New Orleans Saints are at the green -- For the time and I can imagine a lot of excitement here isn't happening in a busy last month month and a half point to say the least -- the Greenbrier classic and now the New Orleans Saints -- now. Because -- -- that's very good years ago we love the size we have here in your system. It's just an unbelievable thing for West Virginia and a question of people you've got lots -- -- -- -- there -- everything -- I think I think really true what you'll see is. Who are two people are a lot like the normally -- than -- normally normally Cleveland I'm you know it. We've had some tough flicks -- some hard -- -- and everything in and you got surely it is the hardest of all walks with Katrina and everything it. All of us film -- surely do the -- at that time but so but anyway it's it's great to have you here and Henman or go make the best list. I'm like what you say because barking now like and kind of an analogy. You know in the -- do good you know you don't have to like football hall or you know he could be a good part of the state but they have impact on this entire state. And I like what you were talking about most recently is that this is big for the whole state it was between not just in. Isaiah Lewis broke it up to me about this issue to this entire state well it is really uses beyond keep coming to have an NFL team and West Virginia. It's just off the chart and and I love our state a lot of real good sense of maybe somebody at -- is much is -- it is surely dog will be by of the more. And and I can't let this be back on the map -- I've got to have this to be good because. You know now we're in the spotlight in Indian in in the Indy in the way I would measure good news is just this this. We want to players and we want to coaches here -- to Dolly and get better. Use the the the advantage of a good climate in and all the things that we have offered all that kind of stuff and let that worked to their advantage. And it the end of the right but what we wondered when the Super Bowl. The owner of the green right Jim justice is a special guest -- -- broadcast live in the clubhouse Eric inside -- Sammy these things with. Bob. Jim be that amazing and I guess you got to get things done because I'll look at. He knows significant in that it is in Louisiana I was today ending meet Buick be missed the with the union. Which you can get done and I look at over a short time span and you basically moved them well. Now I'm not good at describing as a biblical character what you felt wouldn't go there about mu would amount men and look at the grass feel in the condition. I think this is truly unbelievable which you've built in his short time. And it just talk about those Preston issues. It's got I don't know -- that ninety day period is that like. A four month period it's amazing to meet a quality of the field when eyewitness this morning practice. It is overall a facility. The climate speaks for itself which as the infrastructure. To -- truly amazing. Well about it it's very candid and and how I've got to say is a big testament aspect -- -- We got some great people -- Achilles you might on the grass you know he handles the golf courses here and everything. Kelly you know I'm articulate my whole life almost threw me Kelly just he's a wonderful talent. He's got a great job with the fields you know Bruce would give -- kind of headed up building the building and everything. Outstanding background in it and I keep -- -- just isn't about that Russa. So if you can't get it done in 24 hours day Uga were not -- and we worked a lot and I believe that it and so. So we got it done any it wasn't good enough for me just get it done I mean I mean it's got to be -- that have been on right into. It's I take care of everything came up pretty good you know especially -- to put it altogether and you know hundred days analysts. Now that -- what I've been impressed with because if you look. The surroundings -- -- erratic but people who follow sports -- You look at how household me. Who's associated. You look -- parking spots. You look at holes that I hear AM and I feel like. What Tom Watson Nick Faldo Pete Sampras. -- we got it moving got him Bubba Watson here whereas Jerry West of Jerry West -- they gave mogul. I know the pride of West Virginia but I'll look at that -- big it'd be involved in here. That you know you do it on the right. Well we got -- you -- -- -- -- -- good looking. -- -- they got me you've got a pretty extensive sports background is in just debris. I mean that we talked the -- -- -- that. Quarterback in two no hero not enough movement I was really scrub -- junior try to become a. But what okay would you look at him and like he has less is like Zach -- a big man made this a big man department of oral final animal must -- on them. Thought all in all I was are kind of -- they did say that he really coaches local basketball team -- it. You know we're at our house school and -- now you know we're past level you can go to public school West Virginia. Past our doctors are coached forever and it's -- important goal of the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But now I'm eyeball him it was a but -- not -- -- declaration girls they give -- some of the athletic directors he was coached the boys they do their thing it's. I don't vote today that those last two years of it and won games have it blow days and then. You look at like Roddick that your big man but -- thinking that you turn out the best in golf. Well that was when I was really scared me and a half -- -- -- -- -- the bodies into. -- -- -- -- long. Rather go with Jim justice owner of the green -- you just don't know about golf. Real sport just released the news features and there's this thing reporting in the program on golf and it's all about. Police to get more young people involved golf course in his pocket closes once every 48 hours go by. How struggling in giving people more -- -- What are what are some things that concern you about passing their coach from one generation to another so you don't lose so much history that was field. Well I don't think would really be thankful for me loose golf coast. Golf comes with a lot of a lot of things that -- we've missed a little bit -- sports net he cares with a lot of great principles of Auburn in marriages. On a penalty on yourself obviously in those kind of things that really means soft and you go through later it wrong on. I don't really -- Yeah there's obviously it will make the hole bigger when applies a this soccer at all for would do it in really the other day and I'm. When you try to be stuff that you're not -- -- October -- -- -- -- Don't get the first race them all right good news to me which. You know I'll honestly say that we should be -- -- -- promoting those principles that I'm talking about and just promote the game itself and be happy. With the fact that maybe we can't grove golf today because there's so many other things that we can't do that we can cure for yeah. Is that all of the Greenbrier Jim justice and it's just as it has been a pleasure thank you so much thank you for having -- here this is you know we've been we've been -- -- -- places but like you see you know. Nobody knows what's the team or you may be semi and loves it as much. We've been some places that night -- nothing eyes that this is truly a beautiful thing will all of -- it is to go to break. I'm in love with the heat index here. Yeah. That's OK yesterday and other NFL team get this thing this guy yelled -- yeah I've always -- he's zero. -- because creator Dick if you don't call me here and vote on this now for a I gave it to Sarasota respect and always get cousins are here this is going to be if you're. And welcome back to sports talk alive from the green Bryant's. That's Slammin' Sammy Sammy Sammy is named after that it golf. Sam Snead who came on board it Greenberg in 1936. It became assistant golf pro vote in. 45 -- -- well welcome back to sports talk to 60 points and 8668890. Rates in the coming up later. After our resident -- okay guys on him but even at the bottom -- in right now today's practice will hear from Saints coach Albany. Quarterback Drew Brees did a great camp Georgia -- street. Can you look -- Curtis Lofton and maybe more how concerned are you about here is birds hill and Drew Brees is a totally another -- years -- is a question eight is just the cast a vote and of course the Texas 878. Sam and Bob got lucky to about this practice but I'll start off when -- One of the first question I hope -- always I always feel poking it away you know with the Michael -- birthday. -- -- -- Yeah I am this morning and hope you won the -- putter has improved -- -- the first thing I have -- As a -- I don't know a bit short they -- outlook outlook it is okay that's hoping have you ever been. He can camp practice. Oh when you annals with pain and all bleacher. And -- you don't ever. Not not even close it's. I mean almost like -- now there. I mean that's a pretty good that's -- we -- walk from that. -- -- the media trailer yeah that the level where that the field army -- game plan all the way Andy and walk it back at it -- at this point. Probably the hardest thing -- it was come doubt he'll blow when India makes him all the way to the parking lot so. And I mean that was downhill so I mean immediately bit sarcastic here but. I mean I I think it quite a few of the players that were up there pretty well everybody was asked about the weather. Probably heard more of what Curtis Lofton had to say. Anything else but. That's something that is not going to be an issue years. Bobby you and I both know that when you get detonate it athletes in other place was extremely accurately not when your body just eats at the ball fluids. That that win multiple amount -- -- felt -- kind of stuff -- so. And those that think they're really going to be in not if you right here if it got it to pull mostly because he's running an all out it got over extensive so you have. -- foreigners who can't pull muscles. And I get days actually that it has to is that right now. Because with the heat conditions -- the heat index is so high. That you will have middle bus because you're trying to survive practice if you have a middle -- value is flat out don't via I mean that the I utter B -- you know I think it kitchen or if you can't grasp what you do an offense that you differently now and keep -- -- was. And they need probably not ready for the NFL. And a coach became -- -- -- you because right now it's like a ball -- at times in Louisiana. So you can't help but have a pep in his step. He you feel a little like football weather in the fall in Louisiana so -- -- get a lot of. How much of practice all right we'll come back and -- get hokey -- take on today's practice and later we're -- vehicle were in the 1000 dollar. -- -- contest Austin nationwide some misplaced kiss country it's always have do this for the -- were a couple for the top of the outings at 5 o'clock. Andy you get a chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide the first to -- W whose son was 531. Time the first news and we will go to Jim Hansen and welcome back to sports talk our resident -- the Kasey -- about BA BA and okay guys now with as we are at the Greenbrier it slam in San means. Keep very in the 567 o'clock now all the sound you hear from day will be things off now with the Saints coach Tom. Agassi but now we talk about today's practice of the practice was about fifty minutes shorter than it was expect about four -- -- And team that threw about 58 in anyway to conditioning materials dating Kasey Kahne to but I can go out to be -- this morning -- weather was great in a lot of the players talked. Well pink gum at a -- -- they must have some bacon over abundance of note I don't know who showed how all of that it wasn't me. The -- and hang out with the media. I don't win in the fans in that nobody knows and help Bobby there -- of him in a mountain Aire country. Like I got to -- with the fans and the backhand. When they seem human now with all the the doctor Andrew. The come out there and affection all of a sudden a doctor Andrews the operated on -- my youngest son and his shoulder. And him and I go way back in the everyone bills orthopedic surgeon doctor Andrews so all of England -- him in a few fans came up but. I got to witness practice and had a great angle and Q it was unbelievable and actually broke it down and it's been a problem with the before all hope he gets an opportunity. But it all started. Look at that the team period. And and first of making it -- be pass -- run but it was it was strictly rolling game I've seen a nice cut Mark Ingram. Then you look at who's on their office that the pits and along with Keenan Lewis I think I team period with the cornerback Champ Bailey at Jackie Robinson. Makes ended up at that number two quarterback will look at certain to be that guy. Obligated Keenan Lewis and Andy witness there's a team drill. And all the kicks from me. You know 3039. Yard as -- a new goal attempts. But there was no one miss it they've started 707. Now 707 is like skeleton drill or without the line and all of a dispute at the linemen. So you figure about a pass rush. All -- should have success. Now nick toon. We need to step that they keep with the big receivers that really excelled he had three catches. In this period and it all started -- play one. A priest and nick -- Plus forty yards back shall with the roll outstanding covered by Champ Bailey just an outstanding throw and catch a priest that make you. Now what was the first play to Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham being back in the -- it was Brees -- Jimmy Graham a plus nine yards a game. Now the only opportunity to the pits really had make a play that we talked about takeaways and turnovers. He got an idea pronounces name the rookie out of Boston College has seen at the -- Now I don't know these days -- he freaking killing me but he dropped the top pick. And it was to -- Drew Brees against martz or fiscal than them in 91. Well Will Smith number by the end of drop and a cup pick between nickel back. Account now and in the hole and it soon and I slant route eight yard gain. Now the only negative plays that I've seen which could have been a big play among countless -- night when the -- that. And did you watch it dropped a thirty yard kick. After the -- that have been a thirty yard gain in that Ronnie grip and that nick -- -- eyebrow. Eight yards but the yards after the catch that Yankee that are like really. Got bored -- that and really looked impressive. So and they got the putrid NL labored through Reed and Josh McCown but also. A running Griffin. Then I'd have to say. That and -- -- report it Travares did that ominous stick with the team brokers now they're running it passing. And this way to keep -- really excel. Where you know that I've taken the quarterback that a ground but they would -- had three sacks a look at it -- It very personally. Had a great opportunity but the fact I Drew Brees. Along with the team drills a cam Jordan eighteen takes. Had a combination earn it back on the Helm. And then also I'm account out of school like I play at Byron walker at your library kit from Tulsa. -- had a sack and have a three sacks right there now the first negative play and got to have luck -- -- we don't know what's gonna go about. A breeze to Kenny stills. Trying to attack that the -- -- the ball. He pulled out a coach Bates said he was dealing with is that training it's an eagle which is why you don't look a lot hamstring it is lake. Kind of almost like. What happened United States in the World Cup with Jozy Altidore. Almost done -- pulling up and -- he's not available. I think this is nothing more precautionary. Read -- talked and an eagle in the locker room. That being in these -- become -- in these kind of like. The younger version now plants more million of going to excited being in the wind you via available game. Now. You know 1000 press with Mark Ingram. And looking at and get go he looks like he's confident. Yet that nice cuts. Yeah one nice cut it would have been a seven yard gain that. If you don't make the right cut that would have been like that yard Gainesville. I was pleased to see that by -- Marty Robinson -- OK average price thirteen he flat out just runs power. And you can see that effort. Looking at a six yard run that he would've had. Now going back. You know talking about big plays and and Garnett snorted the ball club read this article -- field but. -- unsuccessful and that the ball. We'll look at that this latest is particularly wanted to play -- the right grip in the Randy Coleman a nice corner route Corey white. As bad that even with an office that have been a 25 yard -- but more important that a car record by just that nice throw. But right grip that they hit. Brad Coleman now I now you look at all with a particular -- play. I talked about earlier. Oh what came about recruit Jimmy Graham was nine and now -- getting a problem when -- -- here at the plate that Meachem. -- fully -- -- -- plus fifteen yards nice out -- nice Marbury this is fine. It was unbelievable this wouldn't be any quarterback in the NFL. -- to meet him plus fifteen yards nice out -- now. Breached article and the tenor a nice deep coverage to the pit then not so fast now instead -- standing right by the secondary. And Raphael bush says those people today those people that hate talking trash that we not get any people. -- Drew -- obviously kind of hurt that are deciding and accept that challenge. So he pulls the gold Pittsburgh's -- a nice slant route. -- seven yard gain and lo and -- right after that. -- The branding cooks. Eased slightly under at the world it was a -- five yards -- I think -- Brantley coach put it got in the end the old. Now you'd think in the then number ten remembered number -- That is branding -- now they've beaten a number of 49 guys ever -- the rookie out of Kansas State. And out Randy could just made a nice play on the ball socket that as the play. Of that they've party five yard gain if not a touchdown now the run of the day. Withdrew bars today. Well we've seen -- -- -- in mini camp with the -- nice cut back. It was for sure before anybody got a hand on again at twelve yards but -- -- twelve yards or more money taken it to the house I'll likely dead heat in -- it. The NE it's special teams. But protection. Worked -- insult to guys returning. Read that coach that you'll look more and look at their particularly being depart returners. Bull told the market commitment Jack won a brand New -- they'll look really steady. Now appear well by Pierre. Brees to Pierre great -- with a line bags -- nice swing route would have gained fifteen yards without regard to break. This is stunning that -- really impressed with. This is on the you don't feel that Japanese veteran Keenan Lewis Champ Bailey Jerry -- He'll work it and all that talk about footwork. Right now Campillo with the coach which he knows that Jared Burton. Talk about the W beaten it that across there and over again EC Champ Bailey as a player coach Noll accused the Jered Weaver what to do. All right more from our resident pro that's -- -- you look at Hokies take -- yet to come Sean Payton Drew Brees Jimmy Graham among others will give it to meat and potatoes of Saints can't hear. A lot of from the green bra on Saints radio WW. And welcome back to sports zone and all of our resident -- Bobby VOK guys John I'm Deke Bellavia and the course. Bobby give you his take on today's practice -- will get hokey guy zones take on today's practice at the Greenbrier very comfortable -- -- just this morning. The whole field of things that I wrote in the resident crow's feet that you kind of talked about that who really know I glaring mistakes out there this morning. Not I think that's probably one of the things that that coaches staff does look for me. The only piece of equipment that he went out there that you Wear on game day. -- -- helmet when I -- -- -- cleats. So -- year. In that it drift mode if you will did to me when you go out there -- a player. Don't give the coaches anything to choose your -- doubt about it go because it's bicycle out there. -- anybody can have a pep in his step no -- Sammy get out there and make things couldn't creeps in I mean that's it that's the thing you don't wanna see. You don't wanna see a pre snap him the you don't see at the center quarterback exchange. A mile. If it's an interception well edges you've got to look at the bright side that it's good for the DP it's bad for the outfit. Didn't see the ball on the ground you didn't see. You know anybody out there. Hunkered over on the sidelines with the trainers so. Whether it for the very first day I thought things early we were pretty sharp out there. -- -- body -- a couple of plays that really stood out in their boots. The big hit -- Brandon Coleman. You know that was just depend a plate where he gets used his body out Mosul court wide and then. The other way around me here -- coached guys their minutes considerably taller than branding coach and -- -- went -- and -- won that battle and all of those two. We're clearly the two best -- to the day. Of the office in. It really the fact I didn't see we're about -- talk about or can still hold up but did not see that. At practice today but the -- and that there were no injury -- shouldn't be any injury it. Add that there were never that one time as an offensive -- -- -- to -- can't get their feet tangled up went down and ground. And it's the first thing you're gonna hear what you guys need to grab everybody at dollar stealing your feet so. All in all good crisp clean practice. All right much more from hokey and bogeyed the -- word -- 1000 dollars some misplaced -- on this this is sport both on WW. And welcome back to sports though Q what do -- information go to WWL dot com. He beat the ladies -- can keep maybe you -- break in each day along with the the other. Analysis and hope you guys and Bobby Hebert will we have at the -- State's camp for you won't awhile -- on line in this week -- have shoes -- Coming appropriate 6 tomorrow evening at the most thing right and then also for six Sunday pristine parents. It's just sports beat from it to do. And now that sound means it is time for the 1000 dollar some splash cash contest. And the -- work this now is -- -- are -- in iron. Think still -- words iron to 728817288. Want for your chance to. Win 1000 dollars nationwide without ever putting down your phone your chance that it easy 1000 dollars a misplaced as it just takes the weight. And as for the next nowhere before the top reality -- -- -- -- at 7 AM during Tommy took Michaud. -- -- -- -- at Texas but individual plan texts and data rates apply. Good luck for Smart radio intercom and everyone here at WW.