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7-25 Sports Talk 510pm, Coach Shawn Payton

Jul 25, 2014|

Safety Jairus Byrd, the Saints’ major free-agent acquisition, was officially put on the PUP list (Physically Unable to Perform)…AND wide receiver Kenny Stills limped of the practice field. We have Coach Payton’s take on the injuries

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports off the meat and potatoes they showed now continue getting analysis from our resident pros -- guys on he's been with the thank -- over thirty years that the -- -- now an analyst. And of course the teaching camp -- the black vote of personal post season. A and -- that these days in the eighties playing for coach Jim -- and the black -- -- -- -- Saints but first let's -- by the end. The man who now leads the New Orleans Saints for the last I see the black and gold have been. To the playoffs double digit points in four of the last Nazis as well this season. Pay the favorite to give back to the post season and in the NFC south well today the first practice with the go to the green Bryant at a care practice facility here upon he'll. And Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media immediately following today's practice. Just one roster note so today jurors heard would put on TV. Bullet hole. Or day to day with him and I think the good uses is going to be sooner than later I think I don't wanna put a time on it but it. His progress is and I was ahead of schedule but then. Until we -- them off the UPD. Shepherd just played obviously in any of the teen girls era practice drills so. We're still just didn't it to where we feel like it's a 100% and then. Clearly before we. We leave here in the he'll be back on the roster is just a matter of us making sure we feel look. -- that he's ready to go to a 100% there's no risk there of any injury any questions and I hear good outcomes of those. -- -- -- -- He had a much like what two weeks ago when he was training. Out of San Diego it's insane. Right quad I don't think it's real serious. I'm so. I'll get some more information there was Scotty but I know it's right quad. Yeah. Can you hear me. They've really come. Back then when the here without -- right now. -- one of those wanna be. One of the items reported -- does a good overall temperatures. Come. There was a lot but a little bit like ducks are. But. But the taxes are -- different social but more favorable than you're glad. Comes. But overall temperature the average temperatures this time of the year hurt significantly less. Or different than than what we're accustomed to win and yet it's going to be important that we transition into that. He didn't -- -- there. -- -- -- doing -- job -- -- on the Internet but the weather obviously the weather this morning's practice was. Fantastic guys I don't -- -- the -- held up well I mean that you don't want whatever your opponent grass field like this and this is a difference -- progressed than we're used to at home which is more for Bermuda. Surface this is a global more than the -- a lot of us grew up on. But I thought it held overwhelming effect that this club had productive at -- they had did you remember did you sense that it. I thought were sharp and no he -- You really look at each day yesterday and I felt really good after the conditioning test. Come -- so we'll be out here again this afternoon but I I thought overall. Does move around well. Come without pads on there's. There's a little bit of a -- learn how to practice with each other without. Taking does the ground until we did a good job -- handling that in -- back there with -- and do more than 110 months when. We've got a couple sudden we're just yeah there's there's a handful not just those two but we got a handful of guys that that if you're all competing there. -- Just show the ability to do that skill consistently and not just you know two out of three times so. It's a it's a position battle that a lot of guys a lot of opportunities that Brendan is certainly in. Oh it's a Morris. Did each had a bit much you guys that we look at them all have snaps. Throughout the pre season he didn't until we get comfortable in the regular season so. That was today's emphasis -- gets kick returners. You know after the match practice because you and your. If -- thirteen yeah I think third. -- Bullets won twelve season injured for thirteen but took the progress. From one we finished in the spring till today is pretty significant. -- we broke its after the mini camp and we kind of went through the injury report on him we talked about -- and Jenkins and Morgan. Hill there there's a handful of guys that. You're anxious to see their progress in the next five weeks prior to the start of camp for him you know fortunately. And all of those guys could have done well they're out there are many setbacks and Joseph what I would say particularly. It really is. He knew he has recovered well and didn't look the knee injury he had was was significant it was much more than just an ACL. And so to see him. Out here to see him with the conditioning test and do all those things and you know it takes a full year with the injury he had and -- summons over its good to see him you know he was run well today. -- generally nice. Catching traffic going -- then yeah it's just freshness small margin was it simply because the the other soon. Different things you see on film and then it's harder for a player or. Of his stature the further down the field you'd go. -- often times it's harder to make plays above your head but it was good played Traficant. There's good to say but Italy -- mobilize. That's they what it's. -- -- under thrown. I like the momentum the team bus to. They're little bootleg but we had regressed so Meachem not to run and he came back recently to at least told me I didn't have to run a full speed posted. So. It's. Big -- How aware were you know limited basis last night it's good question really there's there's so much ado here. In yet. There's not for the players. There's not that time yeah. Now when they get a day off there's there's a lot that they can do but it's. It's kind of opponent in a little bit and saying hey that. -- the -- of the main reason we're here. With any spare time you're hoping their study and arrest -- and so when we get into the schedule and one of the one of them. One of the reasons it's set forth this way -- laid out this way is so there's a more -- in the gap between. These practices that allow them to get off their feet and I think there's Smart enough to understand. What they need to do to prepare it's their bodies recovered so. Although -- but a ton of things and do. Our main emphasis obviously tears in his his football rest recovery and more football then now and I that's one of the things we talked about last night. So what's so great downhill -- You can -- comes. Who actually won and now we're. -- really don't -- the quarterback so. Quarterback it is almost Josh is -- -- of Seattle -- just another Luke's play I'm sorry I just a number of -- -- -- a little bit because. Well sometimes good sometimes. It's like or -- a political race we're both both sides claim that a victory and but I I think. Until you mentioned you get into a live team drills -- skirmishes but it did you know you're hoping guys are in position not I thought he. You know on the on the one -- like play -- I thought the defender. Walker was in position in the blue would tell you there's no way he makes that tackle and so that that's one of those examples. Let's say enough without the -- Really. Understanding your linemen you're Simon and then then then reacting quicker than those things are here we're looking forward to practice like today. Brandon Coleman had a nice grab down. Yeah -- know he's one of the young receivers. That he that we picked up in the offseason obviously after the draft we've got to. Two big rookies that both and made some plays and many can't them do so. That was big play good play to see improve your throat sumo line so. Come. You know it's just always be interesting to see these younger players how they how they. Transition from the spring where they've gotten a taste of what we're doing and then all of a sudden now they hit it install it -- hear the install again then. Hopefully they continue to progress and are you listening got a little bit harder during your recovery -- -- whether they're friends problem. I don't know if it if it's any harder. -- I would say this -- when you're when you're in the extreme heat. Your mindful of where they're at. Then you can -- practice sometimes. So. I think it's the latter really -- you're really paying attention to when you feel like. You know there's no sense in trying to run afterwards but I felt like their legs were in good shape felt like. Obviously you don't have to take as many water breaks you don't have to be as long. -- that's one of the benefits. So it's it's it's really trying to use some common sense that's how you feel they're responded and didn't. Now that being said yeah. The string different than the fall. Know our homework and we're getting ready for football shape which is carrying your pads carrier. And all that equipment and didn't used to complain with the and so there's there's always a little bit more conditioning. That you do in training camp than you might do. -- timeframe in the spring you're -- with how -- -- -- feelings for him. And he Saints coach John Payton addressed the media Anthony's first practice at the Greenbrier and was the genius to become Drew Brees Jimmy Graham Curtis and all the exact street. -- of a car roll all the meat and potato plus our resident pros they've been and done it OK guys on him Bobby -- only on Saints radio at UW.