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7-25 Sports Talk 6pm, Live from Saints Camp

Jul 25, 2014|

Today on SportsTalk with Bobby Hebert, Deke Bellavia & Hokie Gajan…LIVE from Saints Training Camp in West Virginia: Sean Payton’s take on the 1st day of practice. PLUS: Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, Cam Jordan & more! ALSO: how concerned are you about Jairus Byrd’s health? AND: Drew Brees says he could play another 10 years…age is just a number. Is it?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our number three of auto All Saints coveted you can continue to need to fix all the things Kristi gave team by a -- -- -- -- sports team peaks and can't take. You taking care practical style that is at WWL. Dot com you have heard from -- coach company we have heard. From Drew Brees coming notebook they that we are going to be hearing from -- to -- Graham we are also going to be hearing. From -- the Cairo and Cameron Jordan -- -- -- that you know little long that's why we've been -- and try to -- -- mean. Whose team game and now with -- -- -- that before wicket between equate money from him during Q car. Later in this hour and the TV Korea and of course our resident probed it with each and every day. He guys and by the eight -- about the with a decent note interesting bit he became arguably the best offensive linemen in the National Football League. With the New Orleans Saints got a huge payday if 47 million dollar deal with Tampa Bay Buccaneers including good big game at the UF. A Tampa in the North -- Tampa. And Carl Nicks and itself parting ways with the Tampa Bay -- and -- -- -- mutual agreement on both sides of reporting now. That they had some type of book. Agreement amongst those the financial settlement -- -- was supposed to make seven million dollars in base -- these years six with -- that was guaranteed. A caller and release a statement this is adequate so careful consideration. He's made this -- the step away from the game with an easy decision but it was best for him. And famine Disco on Bobby it's called excellence only able to play whom -- all but two games last season. And don't play in the rankings over the past two seasons now. And I don't think he was who got no call when he was here think that this -- -- -- taken the money and -- and if anything it. I mean what call got. With not his fault. And you know it it wasn't as this was a -- -- the campaign locker room with nobody thickness of that Olympics now. If it does come to something disliking eating type of of legal settlement on lawsuit down -- but if called -- can't play football anymore and he's he's got to be yet. This is the reason why Dan book common question once I was it. What happen. What was done to help call get better and happy Carl take care of him. -- Well the whole thing is. How serious -- staff -- -- -- is is that. You part of -- Not only being able to to walk and out of their cubic having a limb amputated and trying. And so I mean it's a shame got that point because I think. If Carl Nicks is healthy you can't tell me. You -- 32 teams times to. That they have. You know sixty warlords to better than him there is no way he is not only. A Pro Bowl over at all pro when he was at his peak so he just bad luck and I don't know what occurred in tandem -- it I think he wasn't all that was dealing with a staph infection. And you know. He would have a guaranteed contract with the money that was promised him. Talk about the settlement when you look at upfront money is signing bonus. You got the save that he was compensated. Even though he wasn't able to play when he was dealing with it out we Anderson is he going forward. How Carl -- handles that he's still relatively. Young man I don't know if he's still dealing with the staff. Infection. If it's often on him. And I don't know the ins and outs of -- in your body does it stay there ever you know I'm not a doctor but of at all on those of Carl Nicks is healthy. What you do know this year's most of the minutes so yes yes he's extremely odd time he gets that protecting you go to the hospital I mean come on. And you know when antibiotics -- not doing anything for you in that's with the case called the with the Jets offensive that was given to them wasn't wasn't acting correctly you have. You know players go win Sam mills the simple a knee surgery. And all of a sudden. You know it gets complicated and unity talk -- loved ones well we hope we can save his leg like what what he was thought this guy beat -- who would be talking about you know so it gets complicated and just is this almost -- modern day like black play. When you look back in the college it devastates people and you don't have a cure for because you think he has been named. You're able to handle anything that even the progression. How you deal with -- and everything that that's a series especially. And from sports perspective. How serious that fact is that infection has come about. And how -- try to definitely jump on that whenever even have a hint of that in a professional locker room or even a college or even high school locker room that -- of having. I'm hopeful we can you take albeit Hokies -- caucus au people we will welcome him to the adjustment within -- yet -- on a ticker. And I hope you know it's. -- is just insane because called -- was really. I don't know if you say that Pete but he was on inclined in a career eighth inning where he was a descending player in this is basically -- -- on what happens. Is is that the pin pointed that your ball -- you know if he'd -- playable -- the -- exit Corey. Yeah and the typical thing. It like Bobby talk about you know you can go in. For particular surgery -- that. What I weigh in day -- -- in 1980 that would with my knee injury to complete -- reconstruction. Newt it was a very good can't that would never really in. You get that back. Now that's a -- going in and you in an infection you know now whether this was calls. From the Tampa locker room. Maybe it's announcers department at the hospital facilities at the hospital that nobody really knows where the action. First they -- contact with it. But that would be typical thing to do as a player news that the walk away. Because it wasn't an injury or say that. That may go Bobby ME you do -- you you don't meet several. He last appeared in Atlanta you can only throw the ball so argued your elbow which got it right like it is not that much. Carl mixes. It -- be he still on the rise to he was I mean because I ought to be the best lap and football even you know -- -- go down immediately in the likes of John -- you know in those type of people. It being one of the best guards ever lately. -- you get sidetracked by anything. It it's obviously without the Bears serious because me. A game he actually play against the sites because we were they aren't evident on our -- the first -- Yeah I was there were talking about how like my. -- got spinners respond they didn't. Yeah that big. Bulldozer man -- -- allowed him because -- they always want exactly when he was healthy dominant no question that he REM and written two best guard combo guard in the league no doubt about it. At the Saints in turn picked up. Former all pro in non big grub yeah for me in big growth it got right one of the third I think numbers. -- we are -- -- -- at now it's amazing to show you now you know from a national perspective being Grubbs. Is ranked now this is not being a homer. Now we try to be objective from a national perspective that we can -- given Ben Grubbs. A hard time because he really responded. I think on the latter part of last season and a whole lot better 2013. The when he initially came but right now if you look amongst the guards. Easy there in the top five or top ten. And right now Jahri Evans in the top fifteen or top twenty now we all know it jar it was -- realize you were as the entry. That's just the perception around the league -- Ingram right now. So. We've had a good guards yes here and Carl Nicks was one of those in might even did at his career be it did a little bit longer. -- regarded as one of the best ever yet though for him to say that he's definitely from the game. It again I don't know I'd go there but keep it for practice that the injury is keeping you at the end some level and he says that he comes down there. It would not just taken its out of that feeling of them like that we talked about remove an occasionally -- -- though. It's a sad day keeper for football with a guy that you all have missed him when he. But I don't think he's that young but -- imitate the only thing is one thing of what I feel at ease about. Is that the one thing -- on the eighth. Well you know -- maybe it was competency. You get a good candidate so you don't know about yeah you know like we gave us today he taught him yet it's also that. I think have a -- did not -- when this started as big as part. The right wideout and I think Lovie Smith ticket from the standpoint and I don't we've got to move on you know what -- -- it but I. Right right I think he had anything gets Carlo I'm not I don't know -- -- we just got to keep it all we got a -- -- Must all coming up this out take some calls plus -- -- -- -- had to say easy it is due to a National Football League cam Jordan is our. He would become QB great Venezuela and all pros break down practice and don't forget you can go for the latest on the black gold. Go to WWL. Dot com all right at the end of these -- he used to be -- still yet becoming cam Jordan here inning his second season finished third in NFL rookie of the year defensive balloting a year ago. On the year two he's rewarded ready here's former UT's politics -- -- and then New Orleans Saints safety can -- -- Yeah good question everybody asks whether it's. Great and I know all the -- so yeah. I'm glad they get a chance to come out here abilities it's. Your -- you're second you can't do ordinary things you can window here's. You never rolling right now. I mean yeah I meant he would get a lot of leaders on the team and a champion one of them but comes -- -- -- local law and I think when you're passionate about football I kind of rubs off on all the guys. Hardly necessary mobile back into -- actions. We talked about it a little bit and -- season meetings and driver's seat got perhaps -- fans and even more athleticism to be here you can CNN -- -- starting every game. We definitely need depth and he's been -- so long. I need to get hurt last year -- -- guys like. You're gonna make a long run you need guys does that thing and there's no drop off. How much -- are you lose four more knowledgeable argue. Because it's like night and day. This doesn't mean it's coordinator for the -- you're same defense I think it's as a whole everybody spot around everybody's faster. Everybody understands what we're trying to do we're trying to get. You can even let you kind of stepped up over the physical guy. It you feel the need to do. Same thing this New York -- -- a little more and I mean that's not seen me play out. I'm always gonna play like -- -- -- -- when -- grow as a leader I want to be a guy on this team that people love the Cubs news and looking. You're like yeah veterans like James -- and when you probably watch Wheeler got. Oh yeah we talk about all the time champs a first ballot hall of Famer and you think he says he showed like this bunch is so good he's he's seen every defense it's got to get every. Coordinator mini series quarterbacks out of you -- yeah. Last year -- -- for me. Now. Doesn't -- good break. Yeah definitely lower in the media room and everybody's talking everybody's listening to their body knows how to put the ball so. There's no way -- no -- at all and yeah plus one. Now Seve madam I don't get in the salary cap -- all week and all that stuff little leg highly. But exciting but I'm not get to have a man out wholesale less Shell's watch this tape and know -- -- just trying to trying to be against those surprised but that I'm ready here. And yeah it was hard there wasn't a playoff game with the lady Eagles hard but I. You know work hard in the offseason I want to give me my opportunity now. They had a blue waves a lot of questions at the -- the walls but it's fun and everybody -- -- -- -- it's a lot of obviously. Great season a very good round feel. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah it was that I LaRoche though we live together we. We should give -- under me but I'm yeah I mean there's no trouble was great player and now I'm glad we got a -- man can't let up against. I've seen in college don't -- my last game because in the Alamo Bowl and but -- -- -- watches highlights. It is -- he is going to be a big you should do. Can you look narrow Bobby a guy who finished third in the NFL defensive rookie of the year batting a year ago with bank of toward that -- guys that. But we see it through when he was drafted that there was some question of you know with the Saints have all the linebacker position somewhere a lot of guys up on the board but. I don't know if you could have been a production -- anyone like he got to count I shouldn't Percy. Well if you look after the first season. Potentially look and you think he's gonna progress then and I think you'll come -- like kind of Cameron Jordan like -- during get better every year every year. And I truly believe the upside. With him is not only Pro Bowl but all pro. You get to be all pro then you the best that are best a lot like. Has come Padres his -- allow him from University of Texas Terrell Thomas. That I think right now. You look at cam chancellor and Earl Thomas an impact if that was the Seahawks. And how dominant they are. I got a good dude on the field when I think if they're truly helpless in helping along with a combination. Rob Ryan would use him Raphael -- That I think winter conversation and as far as having to -- duels safeties we talked about early. -- -- -- dual guards though we had Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks but I think we truly can have that with Jerry is -- bird and document Cairo. All right much -- coming out of money here from eight another promising young -- the National Football League who could become. It's that you take is that they -- more even the players that is the of the defense that well cam Jordan he spoke to the media that -- Okay guys -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- deputies time. It is 631% of the first thing is that -- -- at all to him and so. And welcome back our resident pros look at guys' -- and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia he would. Jimmy Graham had to say just -- -- is an -- along we spoke about fourteen minutes to have that than the 7 o'clock now but a -- of -- few moments we'll hear from cam Jordan. -- -- but they go to Q part of Jimmy Graham. It's amazing. Howell sometimes. If you play good arm and -- if you play great. Then obviously expectations rise. And then as the fans is human nature when you used to greatness. If a player -- and achieve greatness. It -- that you want to -- them. Right and I think that was the case Jimmy Graham obviously big gains against you know the Patriots to keep -- leaving you here in the interview are brought it up and also. Against the the Seattle Seahawks. But if you look at what Jimmy Graham is the time. And the combination urgency of Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham. Is truly astounding. To me. Where animals -- remarkable you got to see largely overlooked. I -- aspects that Drew Brees is unbelievable career in New Orleans. Has been having what you look at it. Only one Pro Bowl or at any skill position there's not exactly. You look at Drew Brees is throwing to Calvin Johnson Larry FitzGerald. Audrey Johnson whoever you think is like the -- that are best wide receivers so we look at it. That and that at. You took only one pro bowler at any skill position. That's currently able. Despite you look at. We had -- first four years the -- having the number one all it's an NFL you look at all the yards all the records that proves that. If you look at actually Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham is the only one -- -- all our weapons. You can truly say is not a Pro -- but all pro. Now you look at Jimmy Graham he's only Saints tight end. Wide receiver. Running back that played a global. In the Drew Brees era I think about that we always -- -- where top five all make that not noble one. That shows you how good wins but I think. Does this -- through have a guy like Jimmy Graham could not only you probable but being all broken theater the best idea now. But only used only. State's tight end or receiver -- running back the plate and in the Pro Bowl reasons they're so that innocent of speaks for itself now. We don't though. -- NFL with the production business. And and obviously I talked about this from one to reflect that Jimmy Graham performance obviously in the big games against the Patriots. And as the dog that you won -- question his toughness that nobody who truly plays the game. With the question is up and now you wanna have a little more swagger. And maybe I mean this in him with them by trying to get that he's more aggressive. But if you look at the NFL being a production did -- note -- in. As Britain's like Jimmy Graham that he became a starter 2011. If you look at the past three seasons. That's like a big part of we're doing and I'm glad he's on board. He caught more passes that the 274. More yards over 3005 record and touchdown -- the 36. Unity citing -- team in fact that's why would you be prepared to receivers. He is average. You that they like OK if you around seventy you get everyone's attention it got eighty receptions. Know you look the best. Once back Jimmy Graham and averaged ninety catches over three season. Right on the twelve yard. And twelve touchdowns for the past three seasons. That compares favorably. The top receivers. That you're okay who has been the top into -- in the top five maybe not. Calvin Johnson Larry -- there and I FitzGerald. But he's compared favorably. The top wide receivers like Dez Bryant. Whose average 83 catches. Right and it's 12100 yards and eleven touchdowns and each agreeing. Well nobody's been bandied -- at the -- he's averaged 87 receptions. Raanan at thirteen hundred yard run and -- Hitler's down the season over last three years which Jimmy Graham is right there with that. So low can you know you arrogance and idiocy kicked out a few names and receivers that are getting paid more than him. Which it who would you rather have yes that receiver or Jimmy Graham when we gave it unanimous conclusion -- -- -- Ingram. And that's why when I look at. Whereas offensively. And talk about spreading the ball around -- double team every one I think having Randy -- And his vertical ability. Work -- that that is the and his career. And out through -- in a realm. That that OK if you have ball with a truly. Stopping Jimmy Graham. Because if you look of the past three seasons he's averaged ninety catches. -- -- twelve yards twelve touchdowns. While. At times we've seen reports that the Borg Jimmy Graham like a rebound and he still makes it but then other times. He's going to be going to brand -- -- he's going to be pulling a Marcus Colston hopefully two bars could get out the back feel like. Ran it well it's going to be a guy early on he had it team they're gonna pay it because they know that David -- he was that the combat he ran offense that become my favorite nightly -- What he'd bring it to the table so he they'd better have a safety over without -- I hit Everett might be keeping -- out -- That's -- guys on he's Bobby gave Bethea become -- Jones Jimmy Graham about a sound -- to give you what the players say today to meet and potatoes of the saints' practice plus a break down each and every hour from -- -- Okay guys on him Bobby Witt his his sports blog -- the green right Slammin' Sammy on century you WW. Always something for everyone it did you get you county want the latest news takes the -- news that he simply -- -- the -- sports. That the words with a 787. Theres a text from. John says got so what about an ingredient in agreement -- -- -- an extra -- He spoke. For the long was it was a little with thirteen minutes and positioned just right but we are -- have to be an expert. Speaking addressed the media. In training camp and of course pretends -- the media Saints and sang it for you forty million dollar deal where he has been nothing but on the incline. And he beat them playing for the New Orleans Saints even in 2012. With -- any baggage defensively there was one bright spot it with a lay a hand George. Since 2000 than he's been on the rise in many expect it because he would make another step forward. It being in the mired in the National Football League at today's practice can -- -- was actually the first player that spoke to the media but. You like it is good. I can't complain about this weather. I'm here right now we'd be in Louisiana it's obvious just plain and we just didn't feel so I'm happy witness this wonderful. Kind of that -- energy. This is senior for the girls out there. Yet another way Elissa bass and I didn't I may just have to be getting food and us are the first day off can't. Doesn't -- -- -- a little bit you know kind of you got -- We'll bring you know like players are more kind of refreshing is going to. This whole experience is definitely does something up ordinary domain. I'd like semi regular Sox look girly vision. Those cool. How many years I like the five already know everything so inclusive hotels and so he's -- -- some things away. I like being here and how -- of fortune just become a better team. And Obama won't -- have a pretty good look at. Yeah I think is a pretty productive conditions exist today come -- a -- guys and suggestions and your stuff on those Munson and then. First practice since he's so much forward to being more cohesive unit this year and really explain themselves and we will gone. -- -- It's our -- doesn't know we have a good group with Corey does the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He really -- DC CO QB people are coming back dentures very instinctive -- sixteen and then. Get Keenan Lewis you know every sort of got their big guys and I mean should -- line is just anybody and everybody looks up. -- the Pacific and they're being here wanting to. Tom I think his. Proved to be immense advantage for us. That being said I've got to set your. Is -- to look more policing decency yet. You -- -- -- and the second is a little bit more sickening isn't it I mean with all -- does come back -- played together but then again you know on defense we we. We've lost a few guys and so yeah young guys have enough I think it's -- maybe before. -- you guys. I'm here and play so automated ticket sales. And I'm. Sure it's. With the book I don't know it on the fence and it's a nice it would be nice but you must. I get my -- sudden I was sleepy. -- input of my dad's place so look. -- -- We know better now. -- You know I Jimmie gets who's just coming up the reins over here I mean I had other veterans ahead of me 'cause a tease me that way and -- really just progressed every year. So it got still a -- god how are you not only become a better athlete but just they had better you can sixteen games where it's. You know how -- he's just like yeah. The kids are still out put everything out there if you get injured he played very. You know you don't really know how to -- anybody and that's a big difference -- we -- -- -- -- -- as -- break down film and get ready -- -- -- the next week. Can't hear you sort of embraced and a great. At a high -- Some people like. And out here and -- -- I mean if every area not payment for the Super Bowl what do you look forward. Was aiming points. When it's football season -- bring home the championship and I mean honestly -- certainly here to do tonight it'll be good defense really the best. And I had a good opportunity to be the best we are here to be the best of candy is the highest GD -- it was a simple. Certainly back. Ryan turner -- I was over. Rob Ryan love. From from the judges came in and eighth innings Utley and he's he's he's -- to -- to get everybody's best talents in their defense so. I think I think he just brings out the best a lot of different people and pass game. It's the easiest that you work for every. Now any and made us. Yeah I mean again it's Jason digital jam but -- next week. Greens are a little higher level club competition and with the -- and then of course on the line. -- Gene Simmons was there you are pretty excited about that he had junior get ready. Over the first you guys showed major talent Johnson gets into. And and also mean there's -- be six years you know that's where the sort of jump patents and for the defense. It's really it's really exciting because that just seems -- never gonna make the next three -- isn't what we're here for. What's the view O'Neal has been and everyone is. Come the base that's Joseph Morgan looks rested and healthy and that's good for us because nobody nobody can do when he's healthy. You know. As far as offense goes on the battle I mean in the bag still there -- some CNN running back everybody -- -- that he nice and then never met. You know without the spring and bring him make your points bringing major offensive weapons in his happy teams hit balls. It's going to be exciting world of icy road and how -- when I still. Come out and it. And that is Cameron Jordan addressed the media and now hope he you know like that's Zetterberg in 2000 Toledo defense they there was much that. Bragg golf -- coaches today -- pac -- bill Johnson's thing in. Can't Joni eve of 2012 you can see immortal when you. -- and have been a main thing about that -- it gets to watch him at practice the motor never stops the QV one of those methodology -- -- -- ball. Downfield any -- here decade he would he's talking about his deep into but he directed a name for it roll off the he has stunk. Not a household names around the NFL but this is the Saints -- -- the line. That it's finally got some depth on it both on the interior. And they and the outside so you'll good Russian do -- they -- the union to let them and you get those guys in the middle to clog things up. That. I mean I think we all know that. A good defense of line are you need good defense start from the good people at the line thank you got one of the better defense -- one out and I think very under rated. The pitch and I mean nobody really knows they -- yet they know cam Gordon but. -- those guys that they can probably give him to death they have sorely lacked in the past. He's Saints kind of hope you guys on the Philippines is sports they'll call -- did you. And welcome back to sports talk now coming up next -- rookie -- you guys on him by the -- bit to recap today's practice. And we'll hear from Saints -- need to be going to Saints training camp you see you need to prove it all the instant messages like that day when. He's fumes the left field they that we found -- as quickly addressed -- -- -- that now. Now you can get on line you get on board at the words with 87071. Of all the information for LSU prior practice just about called. You wanna be in tune to everything is going on we can't have made the sports food and fun. Tomorrow if the outdoors show with Dunn but -- you don't wanna make upset tomorrow or outlets that the man who knows more about whether the popular line. Been done at Duke it would be traded for trips the great outdoors and I -- update this report he has also to get out there called the comments from you. Outdoors that's an outdoor showed off of five with seven -- because you know. And more out sort of done it be from 79 on 3 February 13 if the Indians in the -- Afternoon from noon to three is Tom Fitzmorris with -- -- show. If your foudy beautiful place to go it -- matter where you're thinking about eating away you being you got a question for Tom. He knows about it in the way it was special -- this the Saints can't -- Saturday. On -- Greenbrier from three to six being so -- -- we can do yet become more analysis from the Katie came Bobby Hebert. Okay guys and a recap practice and we'll hear from the Jimmy Graham point that you WL.