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Jul 25, 2014|

Deke, Bobby, and Hokie live from Saints training camp. Interviews with coach peyton and Jimmy Graham.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- -- the final now of sports they'll come -- a -- -- -- green -- beautiful west thinking here side of things training camp 2014. Way Kenny one he's in the books. Our resident -- okay guys and Buddy Baker -- -- -- Jimmy Graham leader in this outlaw the -- of the Saints coach. Sean Payton had to say after the day's practice you just a few. Moments Blanco in the world today practicing with -- scared to go from eighteen to 1140. However they -- -- practice first practice stop. At the -- the seats in 58 hour time. And coach Peyton the team go through what you -- assistant gasses him running at the addition conditioning. Mean you know players and coaches with the media before -- take here is ankle -- opening statement following -- first practice at the green. Just one roster note so today jurors heard we've put on TUP. And -- Or day to day with him enough I think the good news is it's going to be sooner than later I think I don't wanna put a time on it but. -- progress as I would -- ahead of schedule. And until we take a -- that you -- -- participate obviously the team drills era practice drills so. Still just hit it to where we feel like it's under percent and then. Clearly before week. We leave here he'll be back on the Oscar's just a matter of us making sure we you'll. That that he's ready to go 1% Childress. An injury. As -- -- Bobby and of course an update on the Saints beat them free agent acquisition this off season near Pittsburgh. Yeah and big when you look at it obviously I think Harrisburg. We -- ready to roll when it comes back at the Jonathan -- in when is that gonna come about that you know he's big and the rookies hit rotation -- Brodrick Bunkley at the with a tackle. I think the only concern right now reports and so for. You look at different teams in dealing with injuries remember last year we beat -- Butler. -- expectations we had there where I would say right now obviously -- Kenny stills. Considering. You know the top three receiver. Kind of like Atlanta or passing the torch to him when you look at mark his goals and -- Kenny stills and Brendan cook so would you look at. He's still as you have been to Tennessee. A completely ours Bruener. And you know you could speculate whether it's a quad or hamstring. That definitely affects how you can run and obviously stretch -- -- -- -- -- deep threat. But I just look at it now all we Kenny stills you know being out there branding coach really is starting to price with the team. And and I said that earlier. Will Raphael bush and -- -- -- to take -- approach to challenge the Saints all this light note deep balls today. And I think that's going to be -- my for a day in and day out. Then I think it's a great opportunity. Obviously. Not only for Brandon cooks but -- the Joseph Morgan. The open market -- they come back in and -- would have big you know 4550 at that a sixty yard reception. In practice a lot of times as a player when you're competing. It's a matter of taken advantage of the opportunity. You don't really want to get hurt you wanna beat him -- fair and square. Of the let's say I'm not just speculating here we don't know what's going to be just status of Kenny stills because that this that they calculate though it is still knows what he's still in. You want him to ready to roll against the Falcons -- again with that being said when you look at training camp a great opportunity. And at Tennessee guys that we proceed. To stretch the defense just as far as the in the forefront would be. Branding coach or Joseph Morgan so a great opportunity for them even though. You know Kenny stills you know we can do that -- Alexei. That as fast as Kenny stills is. He's still not on the level. Of a branding coach who ran the fastest party at the combine and also -- -- market. But I think one thing go back to 2006. That's one area that Devery Henderson. A truly help the team -- erotic coach paid as acknowledged that. As far as you look average per reception. Anytime you are you around eighteen yards or more. That that that's truly amazing -- Which Jimmy Graham back in a -- and -- trying to attack the pins you always have to have that vertical threat. And I think a great opportunity like I said about it going Kenny -- -- it back -- great opportunity. For the young branding coach and -- one draft pick and more focused guys saint pines it was and now hope -- your thoughts on what you thought if they want -- What -- count it that you know what about. These deals can still is up and only second year. It -- like he can afford to miss a whole lot of training camp even though he got a lot of playing time last year because of the injury. That to Lance Moore I mean did everything for him got accelerated a little bit more. In year one appeared in -- Sean Payton probably would've liked but they keep you still came on last year with. They're very good receiver any rookie year for the Saito he can't spend a whole lot of time get him so well. And as Houston and Bobby did he would go Morgan. And well. Red coats mean you can you can see him when you go out -- mean they'd be kid's got a lot going point. And yesterday that one play that he made that he went over the top of the tournament I mean that was pretty impressive. Right there but -- on on they wanted you know it's part Corey can't go at me you really look at it is Bobby. Unite we gave we understand we've seen evolution of football where is less and less contact right out there. It really all you can do you sit down write a few notes on the place that do happen. -- Publicity. Could you don't know whether they got and make it. -- -- the middle. MacKey right yet while others say things like. I don't know I think that's a sack but he's right really I don't know I mean that the little like -- good position. Like the looks like you're at the exact but I avoid the day and I think John Payton had that had the perfect after party and its like a political argument on both sides think they want. So the main thing is nobody is out there heard Sean Payton even brought it up in and -- brought it up to -- after practice because area expert saint ground keeper about the bluegrass that they have an option -- looks really good. But that they're not accustomed to dealing with that stuff and tell you that feel the heat and you know grass grows up to. That grass that they -- out there at the same feel a graphic Candlestick Park. We're growth in San Francisco -- cool climate. Does this mean I don't know how to shoot up that field and give when he gets wet it's wet it's that yeah you always files -- SO so geriatric which is kind of telling me that. You we don't have to give a little because that's that it's nothing starts big divot -- it. All that somebody could easily turned an ankle that you see. His helpfully the other members -- -- -- -- going after you put sand in mostly by giving it out like a golf course. So -- But we can get players -- it slip and slide because the grass is coming out from underneath their feet. And you currently -- players stay on your feet it's it's a little bit of adjustment and that might go to out that he will decide -- every player in the long cleats today at about anyway let's Chicago because yeah but the time a year in the condition and they'll be different. You can do it happened to Friday game that you might have a storm like that happen last year a total of little things that they look at that but it. I guess the main thing is when you get away with any practice with no injuries that not that serious -- he said. Which Victor Butler last year it's already happened when Dallas the issue with the anomaly absolutely yeah I mean I'm it's not an example where he's out for the season so. Every day that goes by the you know it goes injuries for coach that that's a successful day. And I'm sure that they will continued to and into the playbook one thing in -- bit. Really when you go on out there if you here at the -- your helmet and everybody should look good. Yeah. I think did you know because you didn't have the mess up out there today where I get back in the huddle. -- -- Morry is -- -- go to start a boulder area over -- you know. It's that they -- right area organize. Like it really -- does that speak from bullets he's like you you know they've basically been all follow up about 55 and a half weeks. And it did look very organized in the crisp. Obviously with they were able to accomplish. Now. Though Nolan think that is encouraging and you look for the first that. This what Rob Ryan and hope I mean I olive look at down like the two outside linebacker junior -- victim but. I mean that that's promise that right there that you you get to start you know with those guys that so you have to have look -- injuries. And and every team dealing with UK you'd ever used as an excuse. But the one thing is how the Saints have been able to adjust according to the personnel. That's that are really respect about rob right what he's done the instantly. That you you look at OK who's available. QB whether we got to put 34 point do we get -- just to stop though opponent. So then when you have all hands on deck or your weapons -- even that much better gave them. Experience and -- so you may see that tricky two more that traditional. 34 defense this year because a big -- what is a hook everything yet. Even cam Jordan he brought it up and talked to him. -- -- -- brought up to him about how -- -- right he'd like to tinker with it. But probably given his choice he'd like to base everything off of the 34 wins it's because he didn't have any choice last year he had -- to -- -- let it -- that. Let Halladay -- do what you can't you've got to make this work and then but then that is gives them more talent to pull -- -- with the coordinator at the Eagles. Well what are the thing to -- could you can't keep teams off balance and and they'll be Doug about. The way it is now and musicality of practice -- In the past. A good test would be. Nablus city pride and lose track again today OK not this Saturday. But next Saturday at black Eagles scrimmage against the in the trenches and they'll have contact. But it what you really need to be challenged and I think it's awesome first opponent. Is the St. Louis Rams. The first reason exiting against the Rams it might be a pre season game. We don't jet pitcher Greg -- -- -- to be physical we are remembered Gregg Williams Jim our Bulls Spurs game as the head coach you -- 49ers. Gregg Williams -- over on the blitz package that we have like six seconds -- with -- -- game that's for real and try to make your team so. No right quickest sport that there's a -- in that integrate you that's like that could be important trying to make his team. What do you do get that physical team a like Iran have you don't receive. Yet as liked collected 21 thing you know we're talking about Steven -- third and rookie year yeah Alex. I daresay that there was another rookie that was ethically -- mean -- department they should do many different things is keep a correlate because -- he was like. We used to college back -- it like a monster back -- our rover because it's all the places I mean early as a quarterback. At that you -- saying you're -- to point out. The protection. For the offensive line you know who's the inside backer who's the you know -- Even though he's listed in the program as a strong safety might be lined up where an outside linebacker I've got my. Back of my beating nickel corner and okay now -- in Tennessee. And and I think -- next collective bargaining agreement between the players an amenity. You get it he would be more specific. And not. I don't know it could be this it could be that because there's nobody hybrid players now. When you look went went if getting the Cairo continues to have success he might challenge the -- that. Right -- caught our analysts say the exactly what you don't -- -- trying to get the big salary and I and I will say this is. I think you'd agree with me that final play in the Carolina game. Last season and they scored it to them if -- -- Karros criminal -- He makes Cam Newton altered that Borough more than and -- Indians. Yeah the opposite he's not gonna get pushed by -- attack they take or that acute in this dollar Troy Polamalu. I'm going airborne air -- on the enemy. And you'd have a typical -- and not be accurate -- get pushed off the quiet. Actually. It -- -- tickets commits got -- in -- of his goal airport and disrupt him. You didn't make it go through his hands at that if you don't beat Corey like that it has done that we have all -- -- it's. Cologne and a lot of it and we don't got to sell -- you going to be like me you wouldn't notice they would in the united sellout if they can eat all YE all of the on the back with the movement he looked well nobody got that that now hopefully now group tickets -- the past like that the Eagles -- -- in the unit that would make me right now death as a -- But but but I could -- you'd think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would you -- -- you gotta be heat seeking missile. And -- a quarterback and you can attack if you don't it don't and if you don't Jackie picking up the throw it throw it your hands up and make him. They keep grocery -- don't give him oh my openly and say that that that they'll let tackle and a blitz. Block the end it -- is chuck what is left hey chuck -- the way out of order through the lord gave up that. I would take time out come back away from Jimmy Graham is whats -- that -- give you. What year forty million dollar deal before Saints camp at the date is the first time he spoke to the media in there about signing -- contract he's being appear at the Greenbrier. With his team the black and go -- Saints I mean Jimmy Graham. And it's a first person you guys are writing -- letter. Well it was unbelievable I mean it's. Cubs until it does. You know those young guys. That they got -- -- you know but personally -- can do is there's gonna for the team. You know your. You wanna give up after stretched so I mean today I think I think enables us to really think more you know and instead of just trying to make his. There's more of you know -- my technique is now doing a phenomenon. -- it's it was unbelievable that was clueless you know what -- there on the field achievements. The end he'll get flustered as an awesome tonight you know. Until it does they don't know. How much you miss it and so you're off of that amount of time unknown everyone else's is. This together and you know Obama's Alonso was the coaches and men who knows him with the guys and you know it's businessmen it was a new person in this Advil well obviously you're able to get -- to work. You always you know. Well another Miami would. I was lazy Vilma. So we do -- work. And you know we have on this year just like we did. The lockout year you know for me that's all a solid and and I -- you know whenever my number was it was called -- whenever some that was figured out that I have to show up -- and prove myself so. You know that was -- this assessment -- that Vilma is lazy don't mind. We're plus his -- I'm really you know it was a it was really. In the could have been easily in there you know look humble us. The last few bullets and hours. You know until they get on the -- -- so it. But you know that's all behind you. -- is not easy and we didn't learn. You hope you didn't want him where. Thursday and next thing. The big plays good that they're. Yeah you know is. He's a tough process it really is especially. You know yeah win. Wind you know when you don't really get in the -- enough to do things like you know you're. You know you never see the business side of it and he never. Experience. About litigation you know things like that. So from -- was coming it was eye opener you know on the play in the same respect you know I'm just happy that the that all of us so it's a night like tonight you know just focus on. On this team in -- season. You've been in this offense -- this quarterback Felix has come up popped back into a run -- yeah you know I mean it's not -- drew. You know. Those are some that we have that we you know suicide and and and you know we've always worked on and so. Ponson is so good let you know there's always see some little things you know I need to work on and that we don't simply running to his agent. Then but nothing all that to be solved the next couple weeks and but refreshing not mean this is this is but you know -- -- extended vacation and a number comeback hungry and ready to go. They'll do individually and we'll see. I'll -- good numbers. And also on the. This field. And dominate. Football player the next. Video and the. He knows. You know. -- the degree of player obviously you know he's been on the in his own mind to actually you know as this you know you want whomever else trying to heal vs zone and it's tough. You know there's not much. You know when I look at it from the moment trying to come back. It's an -- you you know talking with some of pitchers this off season you know they had a good game plan you know and -- -- -- you know push -- and Andrew Palmer. You know big others so they're so good at pet ducks -- in the game. And figuring things out you know when someone not just you know someone not. Yeah we got some young receivers on the game we got Colson. Needs to calm he knows you know some of its -- balls and you know on a little closer but don't. For me. You know what -- -- -- -- and helping you know off it was a lot of post season you know just there's so soft look. You know don't focus on you know every other day even on top. It's getting it's. Really you break down cold weather. -- Right now looks like. We'll just we'll probably. Did you mean every season has. -- -- takes -- its -- life what you are seeing sells a tremendous team on game days literally shut down just by everybody played and then you know it. And argue so you can almost every team I don't know I was looking at their film every -- this offseason trying to figure out and he knows he's got special players coming up so many. They're you know I'm an all eleven guys there are some talented. Mom you know you can cover one almost overwhelming numbers as a young team young -- and I know it's worth a lot of money disease. Mom they don't Wear -- the only and I never played them earlier this. It was like you know it felt like we're playing a team that was down. You know like they were we want to where we dilemma you know this. I'm gonna win on. Now I'm not. There -- okay. We'll be it's. You know and all these young receivers. Come -- to see any of oh. You know -- plus all hustle and over there and jump up and it's not so as Mike said yeah. Nobody is you know that was really the first undrafted OK okay. The reason hill ended and you know I think he's on sixteen feet on. The mystics on occasion not just learn from -- guy's -- -- -- -- coming -- here. Six months though and as far as the positive in my shoulder not a song played every game every season it doesn't matter. On some money some ice skater warm or you know what happened is the prior seasons come on come on -- player who. He's highly motivated and I -- you know every game. Mom living in a blue -- How does -- happen you know. You know Aminu and -- is a great deal from both sides you know in the head. Com you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- really everything they. Well not mean the facilities army and obviously. You know there's like 101000 things to do here. -- you know I mean I'm thinking that's like an eagle on your risk. You know all this crazy stuff played at present the ball and -- you know every other rooms little bit more Florida -- you suit. You know I love me and a bunch of guys have -- you know just just like. But Barbara everywhere. Good. And I mean it's amazing I mean you look out -- today and and a facility near this world that's where we are mostly today. And just see what they've got injuries in three months is pretty amazing. Well -- Yeah he knows. What was what was unfortunate was an offseason although all the false information that's out there. And you know -- All the stuff that's been reported that's not true. And you know not. Not mean it was an alert enough. Not saying anything about it you know you know especially when you know what when you know what's going on so I'm yeah I'm in a month. You know coming off of a sudden it's. Like people that -- and did you have somebody that you can -- news. -- express yourself since. Couldn't really say yeah you know I had. My manager back Miami. Finland and and Jonathan Vilma he's -- -- his. I've done that Vilma this summer dedicated but dedicated dedicated Summers and yeah. And I did -- work done every day grind it would mean every day and thank you he was -- -- line. You know he listened every every complaint and everywhere and and every -- does that then hey you know. Analyze it and it's -- that was -- -- you know so he was you know usually if there's an off season it looks good. It was a Cubs fans' emotions that I mean obviously that Vinatieri alone here. He's in the summer side but also some. Yeah you know I mean it's tough you know I mean I said a -- W. But a week ago you know I didn't get -- football. Odds alert litigation. And that's just the truth you know does not. You know just just being an uncomfortable position and I know they don't want to do with the team not just not one of the lawn and play phenomenon just. I saw different and I -- wanna do it. Come on this club and all of -- so we're. It's where you -- coming it's. -- -- that anybody or conversations that are. Tonight and I think -- -- you know we're good -- This -- -- strange you and. You know you know I mean you know Belmont I am a manager family you know I'm always telling me. You -- know won't be ready but because you know it'll be a fast and -- some sun and and you need special surgery was so. Yeah I mean it was expected. You don't deserve to be here and I'm happy I'm not. You know cement -- it's team. Because I have been looking. You're telling me. Mom and I mean I think. Not a novel and in her day really you know silly can you look on you know we have -- -- -- You don't look at someone so young and receivers you know -- -- all the guys this. It's. I mean it's only -- official you know especially this -- -- you know we've got guys. Com you know it's moving these safeties and and they can you say he's clearly Todd you know is just this opens up the middle towards just -- season you know where it. Where is this you know you're a linebacker or you wanna look like the little nickel -- You know so so it's. You know miss encouraging to see him and you know. Mike Haywood says he's more work was you don't really see how we are progressive Nomar as you. Like -- a lot of. That's something that while no one dog you guys know but you know didn't give -- I mean -- you. He goes along. They don't you know numbers laws and you know just things are going on the number of the mother dive into it you know you manage by the -- I'm -- just. With so much that happens you know is this you know people are saying one thing and then -- -- you know that's the complete opposite it was going on and you know sometimes frustrating. You didn't want where you started preparing himself mentally for me not here yeah you know me and I was. There was you know prepare to be here today you know we're prepared to be you know. A lot later so. I was young and I was planning on to Wimbledon. You know I didn't you know moving north and everything so so he knows knows that he does and I'm just. You know I'm not flying and I -- so. Because this month as well as the -- Saint -- addressed the media to -- -- Graham well aware wrapping -- -- getting one -- -- -- from our -- -- -- guys on about eat them alive from the green -- It beautiful West Virginia they what do Saints practice in the books who come back and get on guys I'll votes and get to sit for coming up tonight the scoops -- the Philippine. Along with our approach will be guys on him -- bad off of it for the latest on the black and go continuing coverage 24/7 as the click away WWL -- -- And welcome back this post -- final -- you know winding down at the green right inside a slam and Sammy thinks so much to green brown origin justice for joining us earlier on the program remember. A program you know coming up this week in tomorrow won't walk over to have four from three to 6 PM here on Saints radio bit and give Buehrle and have him dot com. And also -- on Sunday -- -- will be broadcasting it's just sports. The city in the noon to 3 PM to 6 PM. We will have four -- wall -- wall Saints are some guys now as we approach at 9 o'clock now to sun going down a beautiful evening in the both to get down in the and lower fifties at night after -- -- beautiful. -- I'm not complaining I mean lower through these years ago that the Hokies in its like a Paul de Louisiana I mean it is football when. Yeah this week. We just not accustomed to get here there's certainly yet get a got. Get some some -- fan or not and if it of beat up by. You don't look we had a variety. They have the Buddha nature in this morning 7 o'clock in the morning. I meet fans that drove -- from Rochester New York. Yesterday. Right you're doing the show up from Chevy Chase Maryland. At that now some local -- and -- -- local problem -- -- -- from New Orleans. Well look here go for the week in July price is that adding a number of Saints fans who read here. I would think three years plus. I'm gonna end up wanted to get we've that you didn't -- take your Ricky in here and that night and looked good crowd. Supporters out there this morning as -- -- it just wasn't it. Argument weeks ago to look offs that are even. When -- -- it hero bill treatment of a handful of people that would feel I mean they were cute cat on -- it was candlelight. All the NFL team now by the dozen people. Not that was that -- -- -- out again and it was amazing a -- when you look at it could become an end. It's it's 5050 actually more steeler fans in Redskins. I'd say probably yes sixty to 70% stealer the Rams Redskins. Like you said now the -- there. We've -- -- McKinney the Carroll's Jersey. Jimmy Graham obviously everybody wanting to get and -- -- to -- two -- three Jimmy Graham so. Yet -- they detonated -- expanding the way -- day. Get a guy like Bob wants children up at practice today he's the PGA to ever and -- all but there. In him -- achieved but today you know I don't know whether he was saying that fan before not -- doubleheader though it was like -- camping but yet but he has now and is now exactly. Well I think we have wall to wall coverage of the -- things that you don't make it thanked them and I'll ramped up -- got a quote -- scorers off as he spoke to these errors and fact that I with the Hokies now because we did because we -- -- -- you yet but. Because it's that they want some that it -- the Korean. You mean drew a -- -- with the belong on the this week it will it will colors and also executives say Christian has the latest on line -- -- the -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every year it is Lee Curtis Lofton is never a hundred point three pack you the most about he had at poppy. With his first season as a rookie when he paid 93 tackles sixty -- notice that a hundred this is how with 147. It was a tremendous player and he's in year three of his five year deal with this thing he sat -- bought 2012. Quote quote here from Lance you'd be -- coach Ryan's scheme he -- it's easy now the first few I was scrambling going through all that takes him on here and now it's like second. Unable to concentrate more on what the opposing offenses try to do to us in and -- beat -- play a lot faster. You know if somebody better -- who is now that. But to me we got him he was one of those players like how we had -- day I think thinkers all of that. Well -- -- that is so approval will liberty at the pursuers starter. I mean I told them this and when interview today. He reminds me of today's version of London Fletcher look at collected just retired after twenty years and always had a 120 tackles. No if you look at Curtis Lofton. He is the captain of the defense Jonathan Vilma path that starts the Curtis Lofton that's the Curtis Lofton meat and keep it takes a. Most of Dominic Mitchell also Japan has done weeks all of our sports and -- about Christie's the -- are the and everybody back -- and Jack Harris now coming up next it -- mucho Jonas tomorrow for things there was -- at 3 o'clock from the green Bryant what's the game yet. He Saints currently is okay guys -- -- Deke Bellavia knowledge about the cajun cannon Bobby a bad blood that we lady's goal goodnight people. --