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07-25 8pm Scoot show/ self defense shooting/ kids in cars

Jul 25, 2014|

Scoot talks about: parents forgetting their children in locked cars;also, when is it justified for you to shoot someone, if they break into your house?

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It's a Friday nights -- beginning of the weekend in New Orleans assists entering training camp team WWL is there and or remind you that you can listen to double coverage live from Greenbrier West Virginia. Every weekday mornings from six to nine on our sister station three WL thirteen fifty and AM dial. And then join us for sports talk 48 and a weekend saints' training camp special Saturday and Sunday from three till six. Nobody covers the saints better than your flagship station you're you're listening station every WL. -- graduate this on this Friday night there's a possibility of some storms and of course it's going to be hot -- this is what we expect this time of year when icy storms I mean typical. A thunderstorm type activity which tends to pop up occasionally but that shouldn't affect any of your plans over the weekend. Here's our double to -- a pretty -- opinion -- it's one of the things will be talking about tonight the NFL is wrong to treat pot more harshly than violence. This involves the case with. Running back for. The Baltimore Ravens who was suspended for two games after an alleged domestic violence a situation. And the player was. Were suspended for I think four games. For testing positive for for marijuana. So again bola will will will talk about that publishers like here's our Debbie if -- a pretty -- -- this is a -- will talk about tonight do you act your age. Excuse me do you act your age. Or are you still doing things you do when you were younger. And I mean I guess when I say that I'm talking about do you do you really can't act like here you're younger and I guess the big question is do you accurate age. I give a sure thing by going to our web site at W dot com it's time for tonight's top rated nature of the topic things we'd like you to know which we begin our show tonight on -- WL. Number eight. It is officially called the grand I'll heart and rodeo boy it's not just for sports anglers it's described as the -- draw of grand -- And on people have pictures to prove that this is more than just a fishing rodeo bands a lot of -- -- recess for kids craft vendors merchandise booths. It's really gonna be nonstop tonight's tomorrow and Sunday give yourself extra time to get there because there's one -- one way to get to grand -- -- get a highway one. The only road that goes there. Traffic tends to to back up this is also described as the oldest fishing rodeo in the country. And again it is more than a fishing rodeo in supporting. And the locals get into it as well if you would if you do go down there you've and other you know -- locals have parties in their front yards and you know you see a lot of you see a lot of very attractive females. One very big votes. It's almost as if the big boats. Attract the attractive females. Can learn that it life. Number seven at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A forty year old Minnesota man shot a seventeen year old girl after the girl asked him to stop writing his long war. Across her yard. Chad Pickering forty years old admitted to shooting the girl and faces attempted first degree murder charges -- mean this is a bizarre story. This guy -- according to this teenager. He would occasionally. Mow his lawn and is riding lawnmower. While he was carrying a gun. And I'm not saying that's illegal and just thinking what kind of a neighborhood is that. Where you got to carry a gun. To mowing your lawn unless it's somebody who just wants to to show off. And then I -- you wonder what neighbors have. Pistol and -- if they see this guy with -- news you know his pistol out I don't know do the seventeen or girls simply -- -- You know don't keep writing across -- law. She was shot in the chest. The right side and the left ankle washing -- standing our deck. Now she was able to describe what happened she wasn't killed but she couldn't walk and she -- she was able to pull herself to the phone to call 911 in in the house. Now this -- Pickering said that he didn't do it and then he later admitted to doing it. And I just you know once again I'm gonna say and -- I realize this is a controversial statement but it shouldn't be. Isn't this another case. That. Proves that everybody should not own again. I mean it is forty year old guy is shooting a seventeen year old girl because she's mad that he's trespassing on on her property. I mean this is totally. Second Amendment notwithstanding this is totally inappropriate use. Of a firearm. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It has happened again. A young girl died after being left in a hot car this time in Wichita Kansas how many times is this going to happen. No charges have been filed against the 29 year old Foster parent. He went inside. And after about two hours something on television made him remember he left his daughter in the car. She's -- The case will be sent to the prosecutors. Next week. The investigation. Determined that this young girl was picked up from a baby -- 4 o'clock in the afternoon as -- yesterday afternoon. She was taken home and using it for some reason he forgot that she was in the backseat of the car. Temperatures got to about ninety degrees that day which was yesterday. The Foster pair -- in the house with his five year old who was with him at the time. But he left the baby strapped in the car seat parked in -- car outside the house. The Foster parent when in the house is 26 year old partner was in the backyard of charges are expected to be filed against the partner. A both realize about the same time that something on television made them realize that child was left in the car. Urgency emergency dispatchers came out at 641 again she was picked up from the babysitters for clock. Emergency dispatchers got a call at 641. They came out the girl was pronounced dead at the scene a few minutes later. I just don't understand it's why there would be any excuse to leave your child and -- -- this has been a controversial topic on the show this. This year and they are people who do I justify doing this and I guess it can happen. But is there any legitimate excuse for leaving your child in a car. And will follow these cases are. I'm surprised that it's just not automatic. That charges are filed. Because how could that be anything less than gross trailed negligence. You -- that you leave an innocent child in the car a child can't do anything for him or herself. They're strapped into a seat. And I heard on the news earlier today that. -- at a 104. -- children are when when when the temperature reaches a 104. -- kids are are starting to experience problems and then by a 107. When the body temperature gets 207. Organs start to shut down. As -- possible. They would die. You know I know we're busy I know you've got your phone I know you've got things on your mind. That was a time in this country when I don't think this sort of thing would be tolerated I don't think -- excuses would have been made for parents who let their kids in the car. Years ago. So it's interesting that so many people today. Find excuses to justify. People who were just busy forgot lest -- get in the car. Well if we as a society don't demand. That adults protect and take care of their kids. Then what kind of society -- If you and enjoyed our show with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here -- seventy and a text number is 877. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Should President Obama be impeached. Well this is a question note this is that the first time a question has come up the body president being impeached I mean there there were calls to impeach George W. Bush. There were calls to impeach Ronald Reagan there -- calls to impeach Bill Clinton and that the Bill Clinton was but he was impeached but he wasn't actually removed from office. I want you to listen to too. The wording of two different polls one from CNN. And went for Fox News. Here's the wording from the CNN poll. Based on what you've read. Or heard do you believe that President Obama should be impeached and removed from office. Or don't you feel that way. Listen to how the Fox News poll which weren't. Do you favor or oppose impeaching President Obama for exceeding his authority under the constitution. By failing to enforce some laws and changing other laws on his own. Or for some other recent. Do you think that polish just a little bit leading in one direction. But here's what's interesting. -- results were not that different the CNN poll with a much. More objective question -- Showed that 33%. Of Americans said the president should be impeached the Fox News poll which was very very -- Only show that 36% of the voters said that the president should be impeached. And it was a Huffington Post if you golf poll last year that showed 35% of Americans supported impeaching President Obama. So it's not even. Not even near a majority but it's really interesting when you think about how these two polls were. We're -- one objective went very very slighted. -- and it does go to show you that you can sometimes. Direct results of a poll by wording things in a certain -- but in this case. It was only 3% percentage difference from the CNN poll on the fox poll to those who thought the president should be impeached if you -- George thank you your comment there are numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- -- what's happening at tech's number 87870. We'll get to your calls your -- coming up number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. In the 1960s the subculture was the hippies. In 1990s it was the grunge crowd the alternative music of the grunge look that went along with that. Today's subculture I guess it's called Hastert's. If there's a primary millennium goals in their twenties and thirties living in urban areas they where non mainstream fashion and they have very independent political views. If you're a parent. Are you not sure if your kids becoming hipster. We've got a list from Huffington Post we'll talk about this -- throughout the show tonight we've got a list of thirty things to look for. If you are concerned that maybe your kid is becoming a hipster. And and again this is describing the new. I'm subculture in our society today. One of the reasons that to your kid might be -- is if he or she starts wearing sunglasses inside. Another reason and the signing is just that they only drink milk out of Mason jars. Another sign if you offer than chicken nuggets. They'll act as if you're trying to poison them. A few signs that your kids. Might be answers. Are you the parent of hipster. With talk about this of the shooter like number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies are investigating whether an early morning shooting was self defense to neighbors were arguing that a 54 year old man started kicking in the door. A ticking on the door under 61 year old neighbor frank Stewart. Deputies believe that Stewart opened the door briefly fired one shot killing the neighbor. And so the question is is this self defense. Now if you open the -- war. Then could you argue that your life which threatened and we do have an article on our website at WW -- -- -- it -- quotes him. Quote set a legal analyst saying that. You have to demonstrate and and I think this is a good thing for every every everybody to remember mean if you have a -- this is something you have to remember. You have to demonstrate. That you were in fear of your life and it was necessary to shoot to prevent harm to you or somebody else. Now if you open the door. Can you argue that that was self defense last night on the show we talked about police in Southern California trying to decide whether to arrest an eighty year old man. Who shot an unarmed burglary in the back. Despite the fact that she told him she was pregnant I don't know whether they determine whether or not usually pregnant. But if you shoot somebody in the back. Can you really claim that your life was threatened. Again I think this is another example of what we have a right to own a gun in this country you have a right to regard. Ports if you shoot somebody and you're not really threatened the media just. There are some people seem to have this attitude that what I can shoot you because I I have Second Amendment Rights I can shoot you because well I thought my life -- -- If you do shoot somebody. There's a possibility that you can end up in court having to prove that your life was really threatened. Number two in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. NFL seems to regard smoking pot and some more serious crime or offense than domestic violence. Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended for two games but the NFL. For punching his then fiancee. Video shows him dragging her limp body out of the elevator. But Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was given a season long suspension after testing positive for marijuana during the off season. Should smoking -- -- more serious. Then domestic violence. Astute blog tonight is titled NFL is wrong to treat pot more harshly than. Of violence and you can read about it on our website at WW dot com and will be talking about that throughout the show. And I social media reaction instantly reflected the outrage of these these ranging penalties and only two games for. -- -- He did plead not guilty I also think it's interesting that his then fiancee. Jimmy poker. Again I saw the video sent -- I mean her body is what she looks like he's debt. So she's obviously I don't know what happened the elevator. But he's he's dragging her totally limp body out of the elevator and coming drops are on their on the floor they had this happen in -- a casino hotel in in Atlantic City. -- she's now married to him. And I guess this is in another case where and sometimes were surprised that a woman we'll stand. By government. But according to his coach John Harbaugh Ray Rice is a heck of ago. And he made a mistake. And he's done everything right since then. And he says that he did make a mistake in -- -- to pay consequence. But he's a heck of a guy. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- number is 878 -- And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. Of the top rated eight. Do you accurate age. What are the things that you still do that you do when you're much younger also tonight I have a list of warning signs you're getting older. If you're a member of a generation -- For example. If you if you go -- recover band. Counting Crows. If you have all of your favorite bands that are doing reunion shows. If you tell your kids to set up the DVR to tape. -- -- -- You're getting older your -- and extra features. And you've also replaced slam dancing with the Grand Slam. And Danny's. -- accurate age what is it that you still do now that you did when you were you know whatever might be going to concerts. So last concert you went to. And you go to concerts just because you're taking your kids what do go to concerts. To have -- Do you act your age what is it that you are still doing and you might be doing it tonight this weekend. Which you do when you -- on. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And protects a receipt -- seventy. Your calls and your text are next on the -- show on WWL. If you just orders tonight it's a party night we are heading into the weekend we're talking about whether or not your kids are Napster's. -- are the people who ordinance non mainstream. Young citizens in many of them normal meals in their twenties and authorities back in the sixties this subculture was -- hippies in the in the nineties it was the -- -- now it's the answers. Can you think it's something that you do when you were young. It made you. Not mainstream. We'll talk about that on the show tonight also -- happened again a young girl died the car and Foster. Parents left his child car. And the child is dead this happened yesterday in Kansas here's an update on -- -- pretty -- -- people you act your age or are you still doing things you did when you were young. 17% act the rage 83% are still doing things they did it when they -- Which makes me very proud because that's a reflection of our audience. And there are two pulls out two that are very close weren't very differently but the polls are very close went from CNN went for fox. Both asked the question should President Obama be impeached. And fox who polls showed news poll shows 36% say yes and the CNN poll. Wouldn't quite differently more objectively shows that 33%. Believe the president should be impeached. From Venice Leo -- and a BW out the leading. Pettiness of scoot -- talks is all consistency shall want to patiently and thinks. The comment. I want that so we're addresses -- box child left them a call. Street kids two boys in the military want to audible to gradually strengthen. A local. And I could not she's not so not pretty much now that. When they were you. And to me like it's apparent. You know between if you child McCartney's. You should get your children's. Way. Leo are you amazed that -- so many people at times like this seem to find excuses while they were busy it's understandable. It's just one of those things that happens do you find it interesting that people find those excuses. May I note that day committees that need because are you sit -- -- about a Smart phone and you know we we it would Russia try cheap nowadays. Guess what. We don't rush without chill. Honcho at our children are more important to an -- -- holes all callers are -- It -- -- a part of us that that's -- legacy. And yeah Leo when when parents when when parents hear excuses given. Then I guess somewhere deep in the recess of their mind has this idea well if I do it out I'll be forgiven it's it's no big deal because people think it just happens. It is what kills me about this situation here with which made me call and call. Is there yet but it's how we -- yes all with her. I don't know who is on your agenda way to put it -- another child what you mean you've got children should know better than here. Yeah he had a five year old boy he picked up the girl at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon and went home he had -- -- year old boy in the car took the boy in the house but left. Less than the young child at a ten month old girl in the car. And she died concede they've realized about two hours later that day laughter in the car. That at best quotes that very gross -- that very gross I mean there's no excuse and when I had -- market to grow it is you should -- dollars still watch parts what it. Act voted my children were well in outlook sole property shall my children are all like usual -- apparently. All all Rolex watch it on science. I was proud to have my chosen the sodomy it's -- -- on the barrels. In the -- out and hit pretzel with my whole life. So beautiful thing that -- and we keep lea and I our children our car. I don't understand -- and if somebody does I believe they should be charged. You know you know what it is followed which is Wichita. -- -- Wichita Kansas who followed in district attorney in deplete Teixeira -- there opting not connected door I'll I'll be put handcuffs on. And dragons jail because guess what you need out of the channel. I don't care what the situation that I don't get. You know maybe it would get our resurrect that I think it was said president George W. Bush you had that to a slogan No Child Left Behind was it was -- bush. Maybe we should bring back that slogan No Child Left Behind. And then get bit -- and left behind I mean it is. Maybe our whole fashionable it's 44 may be humble fashion -- out very different but guess what you know. -- parent star eight you have children that you responsibilities. There. You know in I can't -- the generation that missed that I don't know I mean it is just saw it on the Internet at its brick in my whole. The -- children being you know being killed -- -- our body -- You know. Leo I appreciate you calling and I'm glad that you and people like you. Our parents. They -- it is wonderful talk that you don't love you shall man. But listen to you were without the key thing movement up or you don't appreciate -- tight man and and it's a pleasure to talk to say. Is this I stuck -- you to have a great night. I'd done you know all the stewardship of anything. I'd call it like I like that cut up like a child. At the child caller her an. All lecture at Jack are you looking at a poll results are up. At that job in the car. They absolutely should be -- I'll. I can't understand that. It quite a bit and -- -- pitched it up the situation a lot of what happened -- a lot -- jobs that people nowadays. -- and admirable. Or edit and both are people nowadays. A corpus -- -- -- that they're not so much about it but I bet that we had. But that that call that call up there ain't -- Stopping you you or. I'll order one hour. Your -- your thought. -- -- -- -- -- -- in the same way done that there might be an excuse OK while I understand why that guy shot that guy but he should have shot that got me like OK will he was. He was tired he was frustrated he saw his. I've girlfriend are flirting with a guy I understand why he did it but that doesn't mean he should have done. -- -- We don't know we don't know all of the argument that -- -- A -- you know. We call with carpet capital doctorate at. That. But it but prosecutors. Beyond a simple -- reasonable doubt -- but he -- so -- -- that the doctor said. That it's somewhat is trying to break and you're all. To us. Bet they go -- -- papers on (%expletive) that. -- that -- -- view -- all our view all your house review and there or. Bet people. To protect those out there now and wrote it your all -- and your well. And -- I clearly understand that argument I guess if I was in court Monday and they're presenting the case of the other side that I would argue that. Wait a minute in his life wasn't threatened if he opened the door. And I think that's going to be an interesting argument also. And the door. Opened and out and shop. If you all know we -- or what trying to kick the door protected -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's it's -- -- just another interesting case involving guns and and I guess that the real point is if you if you have a gun which you have a right to have. You really have to be mindful about to win and how you use it. And then I get the story tonight at this forty year old Minnesota man who shot a seventeen year old girl he was on his riding lawnmower. And she asked him to not continue to ride on his property. And he shot -- three times. -- that you can't. By shock and shock that not right or get caught his collapse but you know. Offshore oil and she's set up a -- I don't know at all. Well and the other. The other part of the story is that he didn't shooter right then and there. He. He he positioned himself I think behind a tree and waiting for to come out and they she shot eight. Did he shot her so I get there. He was behind a bush he was behind the trio behind a bush or near -- -- where she was on her deck in her house. -- -- That -- what to expect. That our -- of department guy just shot that we get our. Not an acre spot like that at -- -- that. A report and you can -- it up -- the right. Could it ended. This guy and take out oh. That. Have been just action bootleg it. Well done I appreciate your insight as a police officer appreciate you listening and calling her show. You all to not appreciate it thanks from North Dakota Hank you're a discussion good evening. Street but you're -- world. So. What are thought to grow. -- that they have them or are useful yeah. Home wolf you know. Quote her first heard about who worked with data done polling in the but the order. I. That is just amazing. Correct lead you know -- and that our partner. You don't -- and then Wednesday that they don't always believe the post where it. Would you don't. Clinton Obama should Obama should. And any actual work that you put -- there are trying to you know if you would expect a certain way. When you compare these two polls do you really think the CNN poll is is slandered as the Fox News poll. Well. Objective with -- particular portion that applies here if your partner chart in which one is more slanted you know I would agree with. And another and -- are not criticizing. And by the way nick on the criticizing Fox News for slamming the polls they certainly have a right to do that but isn't it really interesting that it in my opinion both of these polls are very very slanted and as you've just joined us coming up after the break I'll I'll I'll read the wording of this CNN poll. And read the wording of the Fox News poll. And you can make up your own mind if if you think that their their worded very very differently. But 33%. It's agreed that the president should be impeached in the CNN poll. And -- I thought was a very one sided wording in the Fox News poll only 36%. Thought he should be -- -- But. You know I don't know on the red -- you're not trying to ago. Say that they're gonna pay -- is correct and proper -- I think you know. Pennant and it does you've all been reversed. Here and then that was the thing that Fox News that -- It is important to you an example. I think. You know people like you would -- in the yard of one the Fox News poll. Don't know -- -- -- I try to be very -- on the show I don't feel the need to be fair because we all have a right to our opinions but I I try to be -- with that -- -- -- I -- get a break I appreciate -- in North -- -- I think -- -- the -- show. Here's a Texas raised -- tell -- -- soft Frampton no I didn't make it to see Peter Frampton and The Doobie Brothers last Sunday. In fact the last concert I saw -- them. Well it was legal status but the last concert from -- but -- touring band that I saw was so it was this concert. At house of blues American authors who had to sit at best in my life. We're talking about whether or not you accurate age and I -- -- read these are two questions from CNN and from Fox News and you determine if you think. What is more slanted and the other will do that we come back under the WL. Yeah I kind of wanted to make is that Frampton a concert effectiveness of France and in The Doobie Brothers -- champions square and beyoncé in -- Mercedes-Benz superdome. So that would have been quite coli each. But two different cultures going concerts last Sunday night. Now last concert amateur as a house of blues and it was so American authors and I'm going to the M -- TO. I show it got -- a big hit called classic year our sister station beyond seven. You seen the video and if you have kids I'm sure that nobody empty TO. Go to that show a Sunday nights at house of blues I hear is attacks to that breeds and listen to your radio talk show. And I'm seventeen. So I guess you could call. -- hipster my girlfriend also hates when I listen to your show but it's my car. So I wouldn't listen to. Well I would admire you for. And expressing your opinion. Doing what you want to do but I -- hope that it at some point there would be some compromise may be it's at some point. Will will -- over. That is from -- in man to feel treatments like that I'm always -- it's underwear -- about -- younger people listening to the show also we -- gonna talk about 20. What you need to look for it -- sure you think your kids might be becoming hipster. Another sign that your child might be hipster is when you bring home new clothes. They ask if the cotton Weaver made fairway each. -- -- -- -- -- they also -- to meet their friends at the thrift store. These -- -- we'll go through this route that I these are signs that you you might be looking for because your child might be it's not that there's anything wrong with being hipster. It pitchers -- I guess you would say the new counterculture. And you see a lot of theaters on. Frenchman to see a lot of tipster saw Andy Dockery. I'm not to agree on them are Decatur street so there are a lot of hitters are ranked CB pitchers in the balls as well. So what are read these two polls did you. These are two poll questions what from CNN. And went for Fox News. Should President Obama be impeached. Listen to the wording of the two questions. I'm not being critical Fox News for wearing it this way but in my opinion the Fox News poll is slated very very strongly one way. Here's the wording of the CNN -- Based on what you have read or hurt. Do you believe that President Obama should be impeached. And removed from office or do you feel or do or don't you feel that way. Here's the Fox News poll. Do you favor or oppose impeaching President Obama for exceeding his authority under the constitution by failing to enforce some laws and changing other -- When -- zone or for any other recent. Do you think that was a little slanted. Mean again I'm not criticizing Fox News for for doing that you you can do that they certainly have a right to do that. But right now I think it's really interesting that the two polls yielded about the same results. The Fox News poll showed 33% of those surveyed said that they approved of the president being impeached. And 36%. Are supported impeaching the president. In the Fox News ball if you gonna join us for the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 877. Here's a quick update on our divvied up to a pretty -- opinion poll which has changed dramatically. The question is do you act your age or are you still doing things she did when you were younger. Now I think when I first read the results I -- 17% said they act underage and 83% said. They're still doing things are given they were younger when I say doing things you do when you were younger. Maybe even kind of in the same way will now polls changed 43%. Say they act their age. And 57% say. They're still doing things they do when they were younger. It is your opinion by going to our web sites to -- if you don't know -- -- 4340 so it just changed again 47 -- and now it's even closer 47% at their rage and 53% are still doing what they did. When they were younger. I can -- opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here's a check of the difficulties -- -- before we move on here is attacks that reads. That guy that called and said he remembered. -- to get all the stuff out of his car. But his kids. Starts with what's important. And then you get the arrest at -- start with what's important I understand here's a Czechs about to break him. I've had a break in and come face to face with an intruder in the middle of the night -- I grabbed my shotgun on the way out of the bedroom and had it ready I was in my forties my heart was going so fast I thought I was going to explode. I allowed him to exit. But he had made. But had he may even the slightest wrong move. I was ready to shoot. I understand -- I mean I I I I I do mean this is a case of somebody in your house. I think the question comes up when somebody's not in your house. Where somebody is retreating. And I I believe in the Second Amendment but I also believe in. The responsibility to use guns the way they're supposed to be used and not to look for excuses to shoot people. Now sometimes if I mean obviously any time your life is threatened or. Family member somebody you're with their life is threatened. We certainly Retief you've got. But if you shoot somebody in the back. If you if it does turn out that this case in Jefferson Parish that the guy opened the door somebody's kicking his tour. He and his neighbor had been feuding. The neighbors kick in the door the guy opens the door briefly. And shoots him in the groin. And and it kills. That could be a case of his life really wasn't threatened he was just -- -- the neighbor. Opened the door and shot. And so with the right to keep and bear arms. Comes great responsibility. If you gonna join -- show the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths early seventy. And a text -- estates of the seventy it's Friday nights -- -- superpower right tack -- to be WL. Tonight we're talking about another Childs dead after being left in -- hot -- this was a ten month old child in Wichita Kansas. -- -- charges filed yet against the -- nine year old Foster parent it goes to the prosecutors next week also a Jefferson Parish and they're investigating an early morning shooting. And determining whether or not it was self defense to neighbors arguing it 54 year old man started kicking the door to 61 year old neighbor frank Stewart. Deputies believe that Stewart opened the door and fired one shot and his neighbor the question is was it self defense here's a text today -- I'd shoot shoot first. I've thought about that incident to Mary many times I'm older slower less able to -- intruder if they break in that's when my fear from our life. Well again if somebody enters your house is that different than somebody who was kicking your door now police officer only called our show and said the kicking the door that could mean that your life is threatened so that it's just it's it's another example that you you just can't. Shoots somebody just because she legally own a gun you you have to be Smart about win and how to use the gun. Here is attacks impeachment requires conviction of high crimes and misdemeanors. President Obama's climb to the Republicans. Was that he was born. Here is attacks that reads. Scooped a lot of great bands playing Kenner and Metairie rip tide is playing at hurricanes in Metairie epic as speak easy -- Muster Brothers its mideast in Kenner and I know sold yet and my friend Steve Arsenault -- playing on. Playing on on the the big street party in Covington in front of the -- Mets have a big party and they wanted to go to that -- take on. Among the year. I would love to be there. Here is. And the text that read sick of people saying I don't act my age will be 55 next week it's still placed sand volleyball three nights a week. Now we're in a few accurate age. And that's our Demi give you a pretty general opinion poll do you accurate age or do you still like like Q you know did stuff when you're. When you were younger and I -- going to concerts as one of those things and what was the last concert you went to. And you might be concerned that your children. Your preteens and young teens are becoming ministers. And I want to help you -- get through this shouldn't you know the first thing might be determined if they are hitters. And we got a list of things that you could look forward it might be signs that your child. Is becoming hipster scoop like tonight is NFL is wrong to treat pot or partially that violence will talk about that in the next hour. -- -- --