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07-25 9pm Scoot/ Dancing Music/Children left in cars

Jul 25, 2014|

Scoot talks about: What songs will get you up on the dance floor? Another parent forgets their child in a hot car to die.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I love having this conversation about whether or not you act your age. What are the things that you still do or what are the things that you're doing right now in your life may be tonight or this weekend or just in your life in general. Advocates seem like you're not really acting your age. Here's a text is good I'm 41 years old a successful businessman I'm an avid gamer -- 740. In the world. In halo four. Here's a text Lotta people say that I'm a seven year old in a grown woman's body LOL. I can have fun doing all those things because I'm single. And knowing me. I'm still doing those things whenever -- get into a relationship. Here's attacks of one of the things that you might want to do when York. What -- year when year altered -- might determines if you're still acting young is going to concerts that are not just reunion concerts but here's attacks last concert was. Asha -- house of blues Sunday night they put on an awesome show. And I didn't want them to stop pulling us from Justin in Canada. Here's a text of Reid's. I'm a cool hipster who listen to the -- show it tomorrow morning. I'm getting I hairdo like. The scoot. And got to buy a new outfit and hot topic. Somehow I think that might be sarcastic he's -- -- -- On our WW yanked out and tell you the concert and I'm going to my next concert my last concert was American authors and I just I wanted to go CP different. And The Doobie Brothers but it just it didn't didn't work out so couldn't go and that was so last Sunday night but there's a concert coming up this Sunday and house of blues and there are going to be a lot of lot of people they're with their. -- they're teenagers. But I'm looking forward to the show and I like this like this new band here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll do you accurate age or do you still do things that you do when you were younger. 53% say they act their age 47% saying I still do things I did when I was younger. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. On the short right we're talking about the NFL. I think the NFL was wrong to treats up -- more harshly than violence when it came to a suspension. And we're talking about the NFL suspending a Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games after he was arrested for allegedly knocking his then fiancee. Judy Palmer unconscious. During an altercation at a casino hotel in Atlantic City video shows this is running back Ray Rice pulling her unconscious body from the elevator. And I mean she is absolutely. Totally -- And he even got a drop serve on the floor being not not to hurt but he just kind of what traditions just lying there on the floor totally -- What's interesting is that the suspension for testing positive for marijuana. At a time when marijuana is being decriminalized and even legalized in some places across the country. That's the trend the penalty in the NFL for doing pot seems to be. Stricter than for committing an active. Domestic violence that was one of the things are talking about and that's the -- blog tonight it's on our website at WW dot com. You can read that and share with others -- the BWL dot com also tonight if you just joined us we're talking about. Another young child dead. Left in a hot car Wichita Kansas ten month old baby left in the -- no charges right now have been filed against the Tony on year old Foster parent. He went inside and about two hours later realized that. He he left his daughter in the car. There's so many things that are very disturbing about this case the case will go to the prosecutors early next week and will will follow this case but again this is just another one of those. Situations that just to most of us just seems so unbelievable that you leave your child. In a car. Between nine year old man according to the investigation picked up the daughter from the baby sitter. At 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Broader home. And somehow had forgotten that she was in the backseat temperatures were around ninety degrees in Wichita yesterday. The Foster parent winning inside with his five year old child he also had with it so he remembered five year old but didn't remember the ten month old. Who was strapped in the car seat. Parked in the driveway. The other Foster parent. The 26 year old is very secure partner was in the backyard then came in and apparently something came on television and about the same time both of them realized. At the ten month -- have been left in the car. It was too late she was picked up and about 4 o'clock in the afternoon from a baby sitter. Emergency dispatchers were called about 641 yesterday the -- was pronounced dead at the scene a few minutes later. And yet there are people who excuse this behavior it -- it can happen people -- people their human net. I I just have a very difficult time. Accepting. Any excuse for leaving a child in the car that's that's -- A -- -- join us with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven. And a -- a receipt sanity seventy here's a text that read it's. I'm 29 and still play with Legos and matchbox cars see that's cool I love this idea that we don't have to act or age. I don't think I act my age I don't know that I ever really did and I I think that's a positive thing. You know we can get older. But we don't have to default. Now -- in some ways you have to act age appropriate. And there are some things that. For example. Women Wear. And a certain age stated it's just so. In appropriate to Wear that at that age that that might be not a good example of actually. Not acting -- rage here's a text and yes -- still act like a kid. Have a T shirt that says. It says it all cleverly disguised as an adult the only time I ever lost a job which when net. I -- took something to seriously. Do you think about something you do when you're younger. It major part of the I guess you would save the the subculture. You in the sixties I was too much of -- To be hitting mean I want it to be hip I guess somewhere inside of me was I was kind of -- And I was too geeky in dirty game and to insecurity. I'd be that anti establishment actually becoming hip even though that was part of my generation. But I can remember once I worked at a a big supermarket the equivalent of of Rouse is today. -- Winn-Dixie. And I had this big. This is in the sixties had this big flowery tie big wide Tom. And this was like the newest thing that was in I guess it was the hipster thing to do at the time. And I I why I Wear this to to work. And I saw a couple of the managers are pointing at me and they came over to me and they said -- you have to go home and change your time. So I was I guess a case where it was kind of rebelling in in some ways against. Against the establishment -- mainstream and and tonight we're also talking about. Pitchers and if your parents and you if you wonder whether or not your child is becoming hipster you're preteen or young team. Where we're going to a list of things to to look for that might be signs that your child is becoming hipster and that's the new counterculture today. And I hitters are mainly on colonials -- twenties and thirties but it also applies to people who were like younger. A secular dress for the comics like numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And -- -- Amber's age 77 from Okaloosa barrier on the -- show on WW a good evening. A good evening how you feel good. Yes good thing you -- viewed without you know I note that -- -- the ability. I'll read in the -- -- new equipment now that you now you know. I mean you're not out of an apple and have good vehicle -- is now the -- unknown little world and now they're black they're picked fourth. I just -- you say you're still listening to music that you solicitor. Yet but he'll do it and I'm not a doubt there -- -- go to build their full. I'm -- never left the rap music in -- bumpy beyond that. Your -- I know a very big do you listen to mean I think this would be a real sign this year if you're really not acting your rage if you have also picked up on. The new stuff that's doubts that was equivalent to the original rap when you started listening to. Salute and an an apple. My vote on the Albanian. Parliament and I didn't like -- and now -- like on the allotment was a new. Good news on the on the new -- to. -- -- -- them about 20. -- -- that there. They a little bit like a particularly out of Oakland mad at not all been. So sometimes you just go out on the dance floor and and danced by yourself. Yeah it under that in honor of that very coming up in a few minutes are gonna to play that it says Billy Idol song -- -- -- myself. Now you know that's something that I noticed in other cities it was a really popular here in New Orleans but I I think it's more popular with younger generations. My generation would -- never going out on the dance sourcing guide and dance along but I saw that happen in other cities that I lived and so it's actually something that I. I started doing and you know I too want to danced depending on the music but I don't do it too often but I love to do when doing. It to my well being used -- in that regard I don't all the Panama -- implement a certain bond at three years MobileMe every amenable on the I got there on their local hospital or -- -- happier and and do my thing. I would song what song makes you wanted to ask you hear a song what song is it that makes you wanna dance. Oh oh good doesn't that -- debated -- it would be like about I don't. Outlook they know what the light regret on that went global America and -- you know. Trivia game I Albert -- also. Read my when. You don't -- -- and ultimately. Have a look on at that particular already been written in blue book you lot aren't that great of money because. You are holding it I don't want to. Yeah -- I'm glad you called and I'm glad you're not acting your rage at graduates into our show. All right thanks for listening that's something else we could talk about tonight what they're you know -- a few songs. You know we might not be in the -- to dance but there -- few songs that if you hear that song you're out somewhere it's just at that's the songs that make you hit the dance floor. Or maybe -- kind of in the mood to dance with the right song didn't come along. What song. Really kind of inspired you to get out on the dance floor talk about them on the show tonight as well. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- interstate 77. Here's a -- -- acting your age is just a phrase that boring people invented. Here is a text that reads I'm 34 years old and still play video games. Here's the text I'm 39 and still can't get enough potty jokes. Here's a text to hipster equals do office I work in an industry. On its full of them little morons. Say I think that's very judgmental I don't think there's any reason to classify. He -- to people who would describe themselves are people who would be defined as pitchers. As being -- offices or or little morons. If you and join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points early Saturday. Text overstate 7870 write these guys are gonna be -- house of blues Sunday -- and I know this advanced popular with a lot of young people I -- abandoned my girlfriend has. A two teen daughters then we're going with a whole group of people and their. And they're they're causing so we're going to be -- house of blues for MK. TO. I like these guys. And there are other bands as well that I'd I'd love that are out today. So we'll talk about that and also what song really makes you wanna dance and other words you you hear that certain song. And you -- dancing. This is the -- show Friday nights and we'll be right back on WWL. I this is for a very caller we had just a few minutes ago from -- Lucy says sometimes when he hears a song that he wants to dance to. He actually goes out of a dance floor. And dances alone. So I think that's a brave thing for a guided do. Depending on where you live but it seems to be becoming more popular I mean if you noticed that. Are you a guy would you ever go out on the dance floor and you heard a -- elect. Dance so they are talking about -- what song. Makes you wanna dance here's a text desk that I agree with you but some are today's music abut that NK TO sounded like a boy band. Like the Jonas Brothers. Gee I really hadn't thought about it if you wanna join a shank with the content on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- overstate 77 for Metairie Mike you're on -- -- -- BW. Face it -- Good night. Well all of the tell them about acting your age you have got to -- -- -- -- next week in the plate sand volleyball competitively travel like two week. That's great -- your -- in good shape. Yeah same shape and that think basically because I've done it so I've been in my thirties. Yeah -- just never felt any different. Now are that are there are a lot of people who participate in this who were not erase their lot lot younger than you. Most of the people at play with a lot younger than most and it twenties and thirties. To ever get to criticism for for for doing something like this like maybe not acting to rage. Little doubt it was such criticism except maybe my -- Do too much. Well you know if the stay home sometimes. -- Mike what song make she wanted to get up and dance if you're if you're somewhere in the right song has a come on what -- makes you wanna hit the dance floor. -- Ito. Probably. You look and -- heavily. Really get -- slow dance. Now. Mike I'm glad you called and thanks for not acting your age if you wanna join us tonight with your comment to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 877. From Texas Brenda a year and a BW -- -- good evening Brenda. -- Which song makes you wanna get up and dance. Heard. That dot -- since friend and. Move. Or -- smoltz we have smooth and Jack let's do that going into the next break it -- do that going to the next break so it easier if you just sitting there. As rob Thomas and and Internet. You'd -- near the right song as a kimono that song comes on Europe. I want to dance to that. And it's that well to really did -- -- that it. Do you think it's weird for guys to go -- and I mean women have -- Collateral that bet letting things grow our content. Propagated it. -- -- -- I do and that was just such a gross. This form of dance I mean it was a horrible. Horrible frosty Christians. That drop off yeah I I -- -- problem. Yes people still pop that is for those of you were part of the younger generation -- me the establishment day yet. I'll -- The establishment today used to pop the Gator and I really. And not sure. How to describe -- on the year. Well. Not issues like it's some of the sex act with a woman. That's a good way to put it -- sex act Florida yet you yeah you're just you're you're dancing in and somebody would just drop down and I guess in some ways on. Simulate. A very rough awkward push. -- That's the first yeah I enjoy it and that was really tough to break -- -- -- cap that weren't so good. -- and they still are Brandon. Especially as our viewers know I'm just kidding I'm getting out of me down on marriage. And marriage. And political show official a seasonally Texas here's a -- reason I dancing on the ceiling Lionel Richie. Makes me dance always love his music and you play it. Are -- do that coming out of an expert Jackie get you you make a list in their jacares -- studio producer make it'll mr. Assange to play music text of brick house. Here is taxed. A song that I always the song that always no matter where I am. And is I feel for. By Shaka -- idea remember that son. Here is a text to this is about leaving it a child in -- car if you just joined us there's another case of another journalist in the car this time of the ten month old little girl. -- a car for over two hours. Yesterday in Wichita Kansas and she's dead. This text reads to scoot your rights whoever would say that people make mistakes in the early human -- from another planet there's no excuse for that. And and I I agree and there might be reasons but there's really no acceptable excuse in this particular case. Time they haven't decided whether or not to file charges but how can this not be I mean how could this not be considered. Child neglect. That leads. To death. Here's attacks I'm 76 years old. Entered a six hour motorcycle. Race for my seventieth birthday. You're no older than you field. And that's for -- Slidell. Phil you are now one of my new heroes. Do you act your age. Here's a text -- part time lover Steve wonder. Get up and dance a -- here's the text get down on it by cool in the gang the ultimate dance on. And that was very early popular win. The ball. Woods was first starting which you know by the way for today's establishment. For those of you who are who are sometimes criticized for things you do by today's establishment. I consider myself a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation which is now the establishment. So I'll be honest with you tell you we did and a dance called the bumped. And it was done quite often I remember doing it quite often with girls in very very tight hot pants. Which are as short. And defining as any short shorts I've seen Selena Gomez are Miley Cyrus we're today so that that's nothing new. That was part of our generation as well. And the dance on. Where is bumping hips and to -- other. But you just you did the ball and you know you could you could I guess she could buck anywhere. Here's a quick update -- WWL pretty general opinion poll do you act your age or are you still doing things you did when you're younger 48%. Say they still like their age. And 52% say still doing things they did when they were younger. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And do you think it's something that you did when you were young -- it was an indication that you were non mainstream. We've been talking about -- tonight and this is not criticism of pitchers at all. But there -- lot of parents who. Might want. To know with their children are pictures and maybe they're not entirely sure got a list here. Somewhere. It is you can help people determine whether or not their cancer -- pitchers there are pictures in New Orleans and all over the country -- -- in the city in the suburbs. The BC even the malls and human Decatur street and Frenchman. Parts of the French Quarter and 1960s the subculture group was the hippies 1990s it was the -- -- with the alternative music. Subculture today pitchers primarily millennial Los but younger well primarily living in urban areas. Wearing non mainstream fashion. They have very independent political views. Now the Huffington Post has a list of thirty things to look for. Determine if your child. Might be becoming hipster. Here's when suggestion. When you bring her about whoever -- that here's here's one on their skinny jeans. Are two sizes too small. On purpose. -- here's another sign that your child might be becoming -- the temporary tattoo collection is epic. Another when dogs -- too mainstream. So they asked for pet chicken. Here's another sign your child might PO. My BA hipster. They ask for extra allowance to cover their green juice addiction. If you gonna join us that a comment tonight -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And attacks overstates entity separate mortgage text here in just a moment from Picayune Alan you're on his future. No I I didn't ever do it I I've I think I've danced to that song but I don't think I ever did the -- I watched people do it but that was in my dance. That it bill the pop. Back at it that -- operator back let it at the stock up are. -- -- -- I remember that. I mean that was you know if if if if young people were doing that today -- don't you think people would be critical of it and yet we did it. I don't think there's anything wrong with it but I just think if if people were doing the bump. In in. Extremely short shorts and short dresses there would be criticism of the young generation today but that was our -- Yeah. Allen Politico shows nationalistic if you what did you artists like your comments number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Protects a -- 7070. Here's another sign that your child's. Might be. A hipster. Other taking banjo lessons from an old guy at the park. I hope -- just teaching to play the banjo. And I here's a text and you hear the name dropping on the playground. They also listen to bands. They found on. Video. You've probably never heard of so -- will continue this list on the show tonight says the signs that your child may be becoming hipster. Here's a text is reads animal by neon trees -- makes you wanna get up and dance. Here's attacks to how about shake your booty here's attacks might my book issues by KC and the sunshine band. Got to start cut a rug. -- that is a word for term for. For dancing. Here's our daily have you -- general opinion poll tonight do you act your age or are you still doing things you did when you were really young to -- -- -- by going to our web site WW real dot com. Also tonight we're talking about. A forty year old Minnesota man who shot a seventeen year old girl after the girl asked him to stop writing his -- more across from long. Chad Pickering admitted to shouldn't girl and now faces first degree attempted murder charges. Here's what apparently happened. Now the seventeen year old she was shot in the chest the right -- in the left ankle. She was not able to walk but she was able to pull herself in the house to call 911. And according to investigators. Does the girl said that this this guy. Would quite often mow his lawn on his riding lawnmower. Carrying a gun. So I don't know you know maybe he's got to have a cowboy kind of complex or something's something's going on every feels like he needs to have his -- to cut the yard. But the suspects said. And that he he didn't see the gun and about a week but apparently that was -- -- and later admitting to the police that he did shoot the girl now. According to this story I mean this is this is bizarre. She went back apparently she went back and house and he he hid behind a tree or something and she came out. He shot or what she was standing on the deck. Now I don't know how you could claim. Self defense in in that case and to me this is another example of a gun owner who really shouldn't have had the right to own a -- Mean everybody has a right to own a gun but obviously not everybody understands the responsibility. It goes along we've only got. If you were to join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Year wait seventy. And attacks -- were -- 77 cola just a moment ago said this is the song that gets -- on the dance floor smooth. Rock Thomas from third guidelines. Santana. Mark your -- are coming -- this is this cute show Friday night we are heading into the weekend under the WL. Got to Texas that I said this is the song that makes them wanna dance if they haven't danced the right song hasn't played if this song. Comes on or is played by the cover band this is -- song that makes them wanna dance. To approve. Once again that this is live radio and -- to show that is not scripted. I stand corrected rob thomas' with Matchbox Twenty not Third Eye Blind -- Third Eye Blind and Matchbox Twenty. -- or a few ways in both idiots at the same time. If you wanted to assure to your comment tonight among other things on his front nine heading into the weekend we're talking about that song that makes you wanna dancer Ross were talking about things that. Think that showed that you really don't accurate what is it that you do. The demonstrates that you really don't act your age are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening. And a text number is 877. For Metairie -- you're on the -- she'll and to -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- There's nothing wrong with entrance -- and get -- step and -- -- back in the day at stake with about nineteen ebony five. I think it was called the play in the quarter yes ones. That that the -- -- And I won a -- Well would you agree. That if if young people did that kind of dance with that kind of contact. In the clothes that. Especially that women -- When they were doing the -- do you think the young generation would be criticized for doing that today. He we -- was. A -- And yeah but good. Actually steal data that I don't that they. Yeah. We did that -- -- dated on or anything like that I did the -- I did the back and it. -- look at the -- In and god it was so much. On couldn't believe it was like I guess. RT Koppel. In our. Back there at 100 -- pay -- back and it was like. Range. That's that's a great story you know the -- has turned dancing in the kind of a contact sport. It's like well. -- I'm do you would that. Out and would agree that the start bombed that Syrian -- still apply. You still -- You. Our goal pork lines on each side India where it goes through it and -- -- a call. From god. It would seem that wet expression. A call went in a circle that make college. And the sample that go back and appoint someone that they could be in the -- For some reason this is just slipping my mind I don't know -- know what you're talking about I've seen it but I don't know when -- -- -- -- -- -- -- adopts it sent me it's extraordinary 77 it would what does that what does that -- articles. I don't know that that's where -- get. Old Tom. So I don't remember -- so Julie you're doing things like doing the bump that they show that you're really not acting your rage. -- -- it hit him a hero. Because I was thinking about would be really good for the clots. Good everything you know don't get the better the booty I don't forget -- -- Don't get. Judy -- lately and ugly as you call the show. -- -- -- All right we use to you'd locate somebody dissented at Texas the soul train line. No probably. But I I don't talk about the circle and somebody goes into the middle of the circle soul train line was and people they'll both sides and then. People would come into the middle and go down that the soul train line. Julie and I'm glad to call -- back up and keep on dancing. -- Julie -- join us with comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every Texas a 7870. Here's a quick update on tonight's having to give -- pretty general opinion poll. Directory age or are you still doing things you do when you were younger. 45%. Say I act my age and 55% say they're still doing things they did when they were younger. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WWL dot com. From Metairie Cassandra year on the -- -- Cassandra. Eric Allie and who can't see it. I am I can't attack Iran is saying is they're quickly app I -- debate. I'm. Not you add a couple more at me I'm Leo out -- A five year old child was in the car and they brought the child those of Foster. Pair brought the child inside the five year old child inside the forgot the ten month old in the car. Okay now. Content and what kind of me. Walking -- how you partner QYE. Yeah I his. The Foster parents partner -- in the backyard and apparently they both came to. The realization at some point something happened they saw something on television that made him realize that it. Ten month old have been lots of the car. OK that has actually I made me Karen Abbott and most. Wind. Up. Art and who came in the oil -- the child IPO. Out immediately. Got other camera -- act okay where they. You know I would think -- too. -- I sat back and. Anyway. Armed with sun makes you wanna dance. And yeah. I understand that. And that back. When. -- -- -- -- we are doing what obviously. All of. So it's not just something I'll offer talk about this. I don't think relative to the times that we live -- I really don't think today's younger generations or any wilder than we were when we were yeah. We weren't in it we've heard Fareed you. Bye week. And and then there. Up against a loss. Like that how we really. Wild and why -- he -- and people that Eric thank. Miley and then it and then all of our what we know babies -- and why waive that and why. And and like beat me no way. There. We don't like so wild crazy. Out there. You know you don't have to you don't have to stop that concentric. I'm glad you called the show tonight. -- have a good night in our -- thinking earlier bouts when when people leave their children in the car. We're -- about it wasn't under as George W. Bush -- that to a phrase became famous No Child Left Behind. Maybe we need to bring that line back from New Orleans Billy -- under the WL. How hard it tonight doing. -- -- A number of songs that make me get out of play professionally it makes people -- cottage in Europe that will mark. The meters higher on the you. James Brown's out of sight. And that new song -- Barbara Williams they're happy -- that -- -- -- clear direction and current certificates those are a great song that so many songs out there. That make people they. You have been everybody has like you know just a few that just really make you wanna get out and I mean a lot of great songs and dance to obviously but it. If you're sitting down and use your. Wedding or Europe. A club haven't dance she had the band will play that once saw that one song will come haulers like OK now I'm dance. I'm Billy and alleged -- thanks for listening to WWL if you wanna join us tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 866. -- And a text -- -- every Saturday and I'm gonna admit this is since this is one of the songs that makes me wanna dance. And I have been known to do this and -- night went by -- Thursday night. I hear this song by the cure it I guess I guess sometimes a song fits the way you dance and it's. How do you dance to a song and there's always going to be that song that just really makes you wanna get out and dance and this is one of mine. Here's our W he'll reject -- opinion poll director age or you still doing things that you did when you were younger. Give us your opinion -- to our website WWL -- Just gut check system by a set this song stroke and makes him get up and wanna dance this is just one of the many many line dances that of people want to do and in New Orleans. Don't like dances are not that popular around the country. Not not like they are here. They have all these like dances and misses this is among them. You know I I have to admit it's a guy. -- never been comfortable line dancing so like I don't line dance but if you know if you're out their line -- and in your guy. God bless you for that here's a quick update on -- W if you are pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight do you act your age or you still don't think you do when you were younger. 45% say they act their age and 55% say they're still doing what they did. When they were younger. Here's a text in my wife's favorite at dance song is the Tootsie Roll. Here's a text 25 years ago I saw a five year olds working but back then it was called the people. Here says -- super freak come on Eileen what they're it is. Kenny Chesney summertime takes me back. And I just have to get up and rock. Sheila. There are more than there's more than one but there's really -- that. There are a couple of really specific songs that if you haven't danced up to this point. In a wedding or your -- somewhere when they play this on you get up and dance. -- you're on WWL eight to within about what he done hey remember back in the old days in ladies. We had -- more artists a split second. When they played that it -- -- -- -- our peace now and now it is gone in and arranged by the colts. And and Mahoney Mahoney. Yes that was another good what. Done a good call -- listing tonight. Coming up after the news at 10 o'clock we'll talk about something that's gone on with the NFL and it's good blog tonight is titled the NFL is wrong to treat pot more harshly than violence. There was certain player with the Baltimore Ravens running back crew was. Suspended for two games. Now he is accused of notched not found guilty of but he's accused of punching his then fiancee who is now his wife. And there's video of him. Dragging her. Limp body she -- totally unconscious. Dragging her -- audio out of out of an elevator. And -- players who test positive for marijuana. Are charged. More than I mean -- theirs theirs they're suffering a greater penalties when it comes to suspensions. So we CNN's Phil unfairly treating pot. And I treating violence. Less harshly talk about that coming up in the next -- this -- bloody summer we're excited to be WL. Dot com here's a Texan -- Donna Summer I could get -- could get every one of the dance floor I know that here's a text we can't stop. -- Miley Cyrus. Here's a text hello guys I'm a white woman in America and I like to pretend that I -- Kevin Bacon. That's interesting. You know you might wanna tell your psychiatrist about that. This do you think Roland Kevin Bacon we go back to footloose that guy. Could dance. Also tonight we've talked about this idea of getting out of the dance floor if you're a guy and you know sometimes. Sometimes women -- dance with. And it is a really good so on the council on women have always done it. Is there anything wrong with a guy going out on the dance floor by himself. And dancing. If you and enjoy -- your comment about any they were talking about on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Our text numbers 87870. And the continued talk about things you do that show that you don't act your age I'm scooters Friday nights on -- WL.