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07-25 10pm Scoot/ Acting your age/ Dance music

Jul 26, 2014|

What song makes you want to "bust a move"? Do you act your age or do you still do things you did when you were younger?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do you. Act your age what are things that you still do that indicate the issue really don't act your age. -- one of the -- talking about on the show tonight here's a quick update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Director age or you still doing things you do when you were younger 38% say they act of rage and 62%. Say they still do things they did when they were younger. Give us your opinion by going to our web -- -- if you -- dot com want to -- on that coming up in just a few -- also we've been talking about that that song that makes you wanna dance. You might be sitting down and awaiting near the club somewhere party and you haven't dance but then there's that one song that comes on the just. Get you right up and you gotta dance. There's a text -- use spin me round. By general life got to be real by Cheryl Lynn. And I will survive by Gloria Gaynor bizarre love triangle by new quarter I can relate to that got -- just a moment ago. It says hello guys I'm a white woman in America. And I like to pretend that I -- Kevin Bacon. Here's a Texas says while I'm a black woman and I love me some bacon. A shout out to the white -- I. Here's the text of my guys -- you're going to get me in trouble -- well one of my friends from church heard me on the air. -- calling me up now. And two she says sassy Cassie laughed so hard I just hope the priest was it listening. Well you know you never know because your priest might actually be listening. To our show if you wanna join us tonight to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Parents here it's every text. Is a 77 and also tonight we're talking about how it has happened again a ten month old girl left the car. -- Wichita Kansas and she is dead. Assume it has happened again also there's. Just bizarre story of a forty year old Minnesota guy. Who shot a seventeen year old girl shutter in three different places. She's not dead. Shot her because she told him to stop writing his writing a lot more on her long. And she told police that the sky quite frequently writes is sliding riding -- more. Police packing a gun. I don't know if I understand it should President Obama be impeached. Coming up in a few minutes I want to share to polls with you are a lot has to do with with how polls or are worded. But it's interesting that there were two poles that were worded very very differently. One in my opinion was much more one sided and critical of it but it's it's much more one -- But what's interesting is that both of the polls yields at about the same results. One of the polls is from CNN. And one of the polls is a Fox News so I'll read the wording of both those polls coming up here just few minutes and you decide if -- from what's slated. What do you think is more serious. Smoking potter hitting a woman. The NFL suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games after he. Was arrested for allegedly knocking his then fiancee. Judy Palmer unconscious during an altercation at a casino hotel in Atlantic City. And as a video I've I saw the video earlier in the video shows that rice is holdings unconscious fiance spotty from the elevator. As she's totally limp. However the NFL suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Jordan. Josh Gordon. Off for the season for testing positive for marijuana during the off season. And Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon was arrested Wednesday night in Oklahoma for marijuana possession and driving violation. And faces indefinite suspension by the NFL. Now that was his third offense. But does this mean that the NFL record smoking pot. As a more serious offense than hitting a woman. Social media reaction reflected the outrage over these different penalties. ESPN's Stephen A Smith fanned the flames. When he said that abusing a woman is wrong. But women need to be aware of the things that provoke man. Seriously. I -- I have to admit he did say that abusing a woman is wrong. But he added. We may need to be aware of the things to provoke men. To me that somehow. As an excuse. Michelle -- a female ESPN host a tweeted about Smith's statement. She said that was equal to a rapists claiming the woman asked to be raped. Because she was wearing provocative clothes. Raiders coach Jim Harbaugh said that he stands by every right cities a heck of a guy he made a mistake. And he's done everything right since then he said he's gonna have to pay a consequence for mistake but he's done everything right since his mistake. Whether it's justified or not professional athletes have this image of being overly macho. And prone to mystery women of course this doesn't apply to all professional athletes. But the image has been formed by numerous cases of the news over the years. And when you think about marijuana. Not being decriminalized but across the country and now be legalized in two states and I'm sure those are not the only two states have legalized marijuana. I it does seem like the NFL is making a statement that pot smoking is more serious than domestic violence. Are even -- was the second offense for Gordon and thirty cents for -- Many fans are still condemning the NFL for treating a marijuana offense more seriously. That a charge of abuse. And a realist Georgia abuse is just that but there's another interesting aspect of the story. Rice is then fiance. Is now his wife. Judy former married him. He apparently. Hitter knocked her unconscious. You still married. In -- were all surprised we hear these stories about women who were victims of abuse and they stand by their man. Now. What happens in the context of her relationship. Is determined by how two people react to each other. And not everybody understands. When somebody forgive somebody for negative behavior. At a fair or. Abuse or anything that people do forgive people and and and people. You know people should be forgiven. However I don't think there's ever a legitimate excuse. For a man especially professional athlete. To hit a woman. I mean even if a man and woman but people shouldn't hate each other and I know there are cases where primitive man. And that's -- right I'm not defending that. But in most cases. Men have the physical ability. To dominate a woman. And to take advantage of that in any way is wrong. Whether it's abuse or. Or rape. Just don't think it's a legitimate excuse for man especially professional athlete in the world. But people do make mistakes. And there's definite change of behavior as a result of the mistake. It is it wrong to forget. I do think the NFL was wrong to impose a tougher -- smoking pot. -- for hitting a woman. If you rejoice with comic tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. What's happening. And -- -- Amber's age 7870 stood blog tonight is titled NFL wrong to treat pot more harshly than violence and that is trending on our web site. At WW dot com you can read it -- others. Here's a -- reads their Ray Rice must have had a case of Roy -- rage. Testing positive fourth positive test forthcoming and that's obviously a reference to steroids. There's no -- sort. Guys shouldn't it went when she added then the guys should not in women. And professional athletes you sometimes get the impression whether this is they're not get the impression that they often take advantage of who they think they are. This is Disco show have gotten a number of text from people who have said assortment makes me wanna dance is this sought. Footloose. From the movie footloose. And this is one of those really popular. Gang dance on purpose -- -- -- that. People want to get up to dance to this is the sketch show it's Friday nights will be right back into the WL. Let's go crazy by prince is a song that makes this so one texture wanna dance. Cisco and I'm 47 years old loved to dance to twist and shout by The Beatles let's go crazy by prince would love to be a hipster. I guess you can say I don't act by age. -- -- and -- you really ever tool to via hipster. And what song makes you wanna dance difficulties were talking about tonight. Do you act your age and as for example do you still go to concerts. Do you go to concerts by any any new groups or do you just coated the reunion concerts. Of groups are you familiar with from the past. What was the last concert you went to. And what is it that you do the eighties an indication you really don't accurate age. I would like to think. That I don't act my age. I guess that's enough for me to determine largest just doing and if you wanna join a show with a comic tonight -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text Auburn is 87 -- 870. On the back toward your text or just a moment but I want to remind you that weekdays you can win a thousand dollars nationwide here and to be WL. We wanna help you beat the heat with a thousand dollars it's our nationwide summer splash cash contest just listen weekdays right for the top -- news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM five. And text the code worked seven to 81 to your chance to him without a reporting phoned him. That's seven to eighty point. Was it weekdays four lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each so don't miss out on the money and you -- sign up for the WWL cash club. Which will give you an alert to what you know the text word is said the code words coming up for you to text. Now to join the WTO cash club to get a reminder fifteen months minutes before the code words announced. Text the word cash. To wait 77. Text the word cash to -- 77 he will alert chief fifteen minutes before each code -- is announced so you won't forget to tune it. The 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash contest -- WQL don't forget the times to listen 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM. And good luck for sport radio. Intercom and all of us at WW well. We never charge for Tex but individual plan text and data rates may apply if you and joyous light on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your taxes 877. Here's the text of response to whip or we talked about just a moment ago the -- blog tonight which is titled NFL is wrong to treat pot more harshly than violence. Detects reads my daddy told me never lay a hand on a woman what doesn't the NFL. Why it is that the NFL get that. Here's -- -- very harshly says most NFL players are animals. And belong in prison. But -- we surely to watch -- play here's -- texted Ray Rice suffer any legal consequences I don't think so. But that could still be -- Here is a text. Did Harbaugh. Ray Rice is coach with the Baltimore Ravens mentioned that he also. Watch him on the field. Did the fiance mention that she was marrying a millionaire. We evolve we all have our reasons. And our opinions for and and actions as seldom. Seldom -- they morally defensible. When examined closely. And here's a text millions of dollars makes some people forgive anything. And you know you do have to wonder. But there are a lot of women who are not married to millionaires. And yet today. They put up with being abused. I don't understand it. I've heard somebody things habits of briefings about it it's it's a form of attention even though it's it's negative reinforcement it's a form of attention and and reinforcement from the spouse and some women are trapped in that situation and it seems easy for most of us to think about just well leave. I get out of that there are places for years ago but it's and it's not always easy for for people that actually do that. Here's a text a mistake. Forgetting to carry the one on a math problem is a mistake. Knocking a woman unconscious. Is his choice. Drives me nuts when people. Called deliberately chosen actions. Mistakes. Own up to your choices and make amends but don't explain it away by calling it a mistake. That's a text from Alex in Covington. I agree. Here's a text that read it's. Maybe you should let Bobby Boucher. Handled the woman beaters. On an open a can of of like Bobby Boucher to character Adam Sandler played and that was it water board. If you -- and -- -- -- on numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 877. Here's a Texan -- a -- that makes a body wanna dance the wobble. 43 year old professional white woman -- well. Yeah I see a lot of the mature. Sophisticated looking women. And some men. Actually get up to do the wobble whenever that's -- place. Should President Obama being impeached. There were two different polls that yield about the same result but I want to hear how birth the publishing the wording of both of these polls. One of the polls was from CNN. The other poll was from Fox News now I'm not criticizing Fox News for -- the poll. They certainly -- right to do that. But to me the -- is -- -- that you make up your mind. The CNN poll is worded this way. Based on what you have read or hurt. Do you believe President Obama should be impeached and removed from office or do you feel or do you feel that way. The Fox News poll is worded this way. Do you favor or oppose impeaching President Obama for exceeding his authority under the constitution. By failing to enforce some laws and changing others. On his -- Or for any other recent. Worded very differently. -- and -- I believe in my opinion is much more objective in the Fox News poll but what's interesting is the CNN poll. Showed that 33% of Americans. Said that Obama should be impeached. And a Fox News poll boarded you know very slanted void in my opinion a 36%. Only 3% more to the president should be impeached. Now these are very similar to questions that CNN asked about Bill Clinton. And George W. Bush. This is not the first president where there have been widespread calls for impeachment. Infected try to remember exactly what happened. Bill Clinton was impeached for -- -- through it piece by one. Correct me if I'm wrong I think he was impeached by. Maybe -- it's been done impeached. And removed from office by both houses of of of congress is kind of -- confusing time because. The big headline read Bill Clinton's impeached but he wasn't really impeached. To the point where he was removed from office that's -- recollection of that. -- last year the Huffington Post EU gov poll. A showed that only 35% of Americans initially supported a President Obama being impeached but that this is nothing new. I mean after the war Iraq. Especially after it was determined that did that weapons of mass destruction were not the immediate threat that we were told. That they -- They were too rushed on there were many many calls for President Bush to be impeached. There were calls for Clinton -- I mean I think he can -- go back to Ronald Reagan people wondered Ronald Reagan impeached. So this is not a new thing I just think it's interesting differently these polls are worried and yet. The result of the poll is essentially the same. 33% for CNN 36%. For Fox News. If you -- a joyous light on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is 87870. A Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies are investigating whether an early morning shooting was self defense to neighbors were arguing. A 54 year old man started kicking at the door. Under 61 year old neighbor frank Stewart. Deputies believe that Stewart opened the door briefly fired one shot. At the neighbors growing. And he died at the scene. What's that self defense. And the question is. Guys kicking kicking your door. Is your life threatened. Mean that's obviously one argument. But if you open the door. If -- what if he didn't enter your house if you open the door. And wouldn't they be a question about whether or not your life was threatened. There's also a case of an eighty year old man we talked about this on the show last night and eighty year old man who shot an intruder in the back. Even after she told him she was pregnant I I don't know whether it's been determined whether or not she was telling the truth. But he shot -- in the back. And she was retreating. Then. Would the argument be his life wasn't really threatened and I guess that I guess the point is if you have a gun and you have a right to have gone. And if you. If you take advantage of that right to have a -- and there's a lot of responsibility that goes along with that. Here is a -- breeze I -- 72 years young and still Wear the same size seven jeans I wore at age thirty. Love might make up and won't date men with gray hair. Now there's a cougar waiting for somebody. 72 years old young 72 years young still wears the same size -- you were -- authority. Likes to put on makeup it won't statement with -- here I love I love talking about nine acting your rage. And you can get older but you don't have -- adult. And there's a reason why you really have to factory each. Here is -- it -- impeach the NFL. Here's a Texas region where the girls it's raining men. Song that makes somebody wanna get up and dance can have to agree with that. Here's a text that checked the wording of an MSNBC poll. By George W. Bush and compare that to the fox poll and you'll see just the opposite. Based on who the president is be -- -- law. I I believe I'm fair does -- mean that everybody's gonna perceive me as being fair. But I just happen to see these two poles in a Faisal poll that was stunned by MSNBC. George W. Bush as a president right now. So if I was on the ear when George W. Bush for president in southern MSNBC poll I'm certain that I would talk about it. Now there will always be those who will say well if you bring up one thing where you bring up everything else we can possibly bring up everything. And on any given show. And again George w.'s not president and MSNBC is not doing a poll now on on on George W. Bush. So it's -- it's that that's something that's and that's -- for enemy but there. I'm not saying and again in the same way that I wasn't -- criticizing Fox News for wording it that way. Simply saying that Fox News reports it that way. Fox News is is biased and -- -- they have a right to be. But I don't think anybody should I mean it doesn't mean that they don't have. On both sides in effect if you really look at all of the the news cable networks they all show both sides of an issue. -- If it doesn't mean that they're not -- and they they have a right to be in the same way that. Radio talk show host can be ferry slammed it Rush Limbaugh and the national host that are ultraconservative and there are some that are ultra liberal. I mean everybody has a right to do that. This idea that the the medium. Must be fair and objective. I think is is this is a scary assumption. Because the media is not as we talk about quite often on the show. Here is attacks will scoot and it's as you well know with the 33 and 36%. What our president impeached. And a man of the reasons so the poll question doesn't really matter. These are the same people. It when asked about who was the most most to blame for the lack of response to Hurricane Katrina. They said Obama. You know that doesn't really surprise me because there are people who. Are totally into blaming president. And I do remind you that to George W. Bush was much hated. By many people in this country. And so now it's President Obama and at any any sitting president is hated by people mean or people -- Bill Clinton. Ronald Reagan in the list the list goes on here is attacks to -- do love the show what about. The Pennsylvania Doctor Who was able to stop an armed. And arm to mental. From killing many people after an insane gunman opened fire in his office he killed his receptionist. Very under reported story. You know did see the story. I would say when I talk about how some people should -- guns. That should never be misinterpreted as bashing the Second Amendment. And yet there are people who are very sensitive to that kind of conversation. If it's somebody. Is pointed out to be responsible gone -- That is legal gun owners are responsible. If somebody uses a gun in a reckless way -- shoots somebody or kill somebody that is doing gods -- bad. And it doesn't mean that there aren't guns that are used to save many many lives. Now I agreed to waive the media operates. It's a bigger story if a garnish used it and again this is the nature of the media. It's a much bigger story. To. Focus on somebody who had -- used to -- -- inappropriately to kill somebody. -- is to talk about somebody using a gun to save somebody's life. And that's just the nature of the media it's not fair. But it's you know the media response to two trends. The media responds to. Things that that -- or top of mind. And gun control -- one of the heated debated dates in this country. Some people want more gun control some people are promoting gun rights and what less gun control. And I would agree that everybody has a right to own a gun but you have to be responsible with that right to me ever. You don't have a right it's a privilege to to to drive so it's not really fair to save it if you get behind the wheel of a car it is a certain responsibility -- with that. In the same way that there's responsibility that goes along with owning a gun and I don't think it's wrong for us to to point out those people who. Should only -- And -- guy who's forty years old who shoots a seventeen year old neighbor EP sort of riding on more. -- carrying a gun and she says don't write in my lawn stop you know trespassing on my property. And he shoots her. Mean if they got into an argument that would be one thing. If he was justified in. Riding on her lawn and argued that well you know you should get -- and -- that's one thing. But the shooter. Mean to me that's responsible gun owner. And -- a bad light on all the gun owners in America. If you and George for the comets might our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Kinds -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. Is a quick update on our double W a project low opinion poll tonight do you act your age or are you still doing things you did when you were younger. Now 39% say they act their age and 61% say it is still doing things they do but they were younger. And what was the last. What was the last concert you went to. Last concert I went to was American authors the house of blues. I wanted to go see Peter Frampton and Doobie Brothers last sending it to champion square -- I did just did -- out. And going to a concert might surprise you -- a concert. At house of blues since Sunday where there's a relatively a new band -- I like a lot of the new music today. And it's it's one thing to still go to concerts. But I think it's also important to expose yourself to some of the new music I mean again it's not for everybody but it's you know it's for me. And I enjoy doing the things that that I did when I was. When I was younger I hope you do too. And you really don't have to act your H if you -- joyous light on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890878. 87870. As somebody mentioned earlier this was the song that makes them wanna get up and dance come on Eileen by taxis midnight runners. This Oslo featured a banjo and American authors the group that does it best days in my life in the song believer. They have a banjo to and I think there a couple of other bands today in advance banjo is kind of like the new -- instrument the new hip instrument to have -- -- in a band. -- -- And what's fun about daddy is a banjo -- at a very happy sounding instrument. This is the -- show is Friday nights and we'll be right back on WL. And this was a song that somebody says it makes -- dance super freak. James slime I can't say at the way Dave Chappelle used to say it -- I -- latest title NFL is wrong to treats pot. More harshly than violence. And that seems to be what the NFL is doing in the suspension of Baltimore Ravens running back. Ray Rice is suspending him for two games after he allegedly. Knocked out he's been fiance Judy Palmer who is now his wife and interesting text about how people will forgive a lot of things for. And millions of dollars. Yet that is true I think that's the sad truth but we've talked about that on the show people who sacrificed their standards. To be with somebody. Male or female just because they have money and you've seen it and I've seen it done and not making it up. I am not criticizing as much as I'm making an observation. Here is a text. That reads. Any three elevenths on. Makes you wanna get up and dance and jump around three positive highly energetic. 311 is the last band that I went to see. For 311 day. In no. Going to see them Wednesday in Houston and going to Jamaica on the 311 cruise in February. Wow that would be -- get on the ship. With the excitable once you here's a text in my opinion Bill Clinton should have been impeached. Long before the Monica Lewinsky incident. He should have been kicked out of the White House for the way he he handled the -- Wanda. Genocide or for the lack of a better term the way he did absolutely nothing sent on his butt. And allowed nearly a million innocent people to be slaughtered. All in the name of because the United States doesn't do business with. Wanda and didn't stand to lose anything. You know there is. There's some truth in that. You know we tend to be more involved. If there's some kind of financial relationship. Between the United States and the country where there's a problem. But they are also a lot of situations where what can we do. And we have to ask ourselves that question a lot as a country what can we do. And as far as Bill Clinton being impatient again -- I remember I was on the air I just talked about it George W. Bush there were calls for George W. Bush to be impeached so this is nothing new this is not something that. It is just targeted at this particular president. Here's an update on -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll do you act your age. Or are you doing things that you still do when you were younger. 43% say act my age and 57% say I still do things they do when I was younger but was the last concert you went to. What's a concert the -- planning on going to. It takes a moment ago from someone who said that they're going to see Sara McLaughlin. August the first. Saw -- a few years ago when she is phenomenal if you -- -- show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Diamonds are we seventy and a text Amber's -- 7870. A -- hill Maryland you're on WWL. Yet friend who -- she and husband lived on the lake front in a desperate for years and years. But now the building that -- -- -- and -- how would you Ali wanna try to talk tomorrow again o'clock. And she kept it up and put up that point is that but it. Keep them down and they built an apartment on the third floor of the -- -- -- -- Emma made he can -- until this thing to do it -- -- and can't run and and squad that -- -- -- -- and they look at. That's I I love your stories like that. It is and and you would you. When you live downtown or not when you live downtown if you work downtown if you if you look around you any day your outing for a stronger rainy day you're out anywhere. You might not be on vacation but you're surrounded by people who were on vacation a throughout the year. Can you block out the front you can Ali and get something and debt debt musicians straightened and then everything just hit batsmen and you're done. Round and I I've met her. And that receiver occasionally backstage at house of blues. And yet it's not like that and keep that -- -- -- -- card apartment on the employment outlook and -- They can pick and they go and and keep and why you didn't take you must have got ten and may get back at the best they met again. -- -- a lot here that story thanks for calling her show what is it that you do that would indicate that you really don't act your age and whatever it is that you do -- presenting your product. Also attributed talking about how in the 1960s a subculture was hippies. Then in 1990s it was the grunge crowd with alternative music. Today's subculture. I don't know maybe there's a new subculture but that the most recent sub culture seems to be dumpsters. And pictures of primary primarily millennial was 20s30s. Living in urban areas they where non mainstream fashion. And they have very independent political views. Now if your parents and you're not sure if your kid is becoming hipster. Huffington Post has a list of thirty things to look for. And here are just a few. Your child might be hipster. If you child starts wearing sunglasses in -- If on Saturday morning you find him watching inspector gadget episode on VHS. Your -- might be hipster if they seek out local handcrafted artisan root beer. If they drink milk only from a Mason jar. If when you bring -- new clothes they ask if the cotton Weaver which paid a fair wage. You know there are a lot of things about hipster that remind me of and subways have the baby boomer generation when the baby boomer generation was really young. Here's another sign that your child might be hipster. If you offer them a chicken nugget and they act like you're trying to poison. They also to meet their friends at the thrift store. They're temporary tattoo collection is epic. Dogs are too mainstream. They ask you for a pet chicken. Suddenly they hate their rainbow room. They're skinny jeans or two sizes too small on purpose. They ask for extra allowance to cover there green juice addiction. Their favorite T shirt has bill Hillary and bill Murray's face on it. They're taking banjo lessons from an old guy in the park. They start requesting obscure French cartoons. For family movie night these are just a couple of the signs that your child. Might be a hipster. And you hit theaters everywhere. I don't think it's clear to relieve. Try to describe them. Hit sisters. And this stuck criticism it's just a general observation. A lot of them Wear hats they Wear. Large classes that many would be considered a key classes oversized. Glasses. They Wear skinny jeans it's. These are just a couple of of examples but then there's definitely. There's differing subculture I guess there always is but -- stiffly as subculture right now. And it's on it's it's yours if you would -- type your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 point 78 and a text amber state 7870 -- -- -- -- going to be -- house of blues on Sunday it's an all ages show was so you know that's going to be crazy. Lot of parents will be there with their kids but I'm looking forward at -- show it's am KT oh in fact I'd Jammer. It's been interviewed them on B 97 our sister station Sunday afternoon about 1 o'clock he might wanna tune into that. NK TO iciness of video it's a really good this is this cute show. It's Friday nights and we'll be right -- Debbie WL the NFL suspends Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games after he was arrested for allegedly knocking out his then fiancee who is now his -- And the NFL suspends Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon for a season for testing positive for marijuana during the off season. In Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon was arrested Wednesday night in Oklahoma for marijuana possession and driving and driving violation. He faces an indefinite suspension. By the NFL because that was his third offense but do you get the impression that we just two game suspension. For Ray Price that the NFL regards smoking pot to be more serious. Than hitting a woman if you and join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- hear what's -- -- a text oversee 77 toward you text -- just a moment EJ you're on the -- show on WWL. I met all. The print different. UK. To two games in -- checkbook. Again check you know they use it is appropriate but it. Mean. It. That they. Had. You know his -- William and or during and that. Import job well done. -- There are no women who you are now in court. -- -- -- -- -- Amid the -- oh -- Leo oh. She's a woman burst. Any say there aren't there are a lot of men who is they were hit by a woman would not hit back. But. All. They bought it back and that. -- -- -- -- -- Don't you. Let it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And all. That that -- You know -- -- get. Back he. -- alert and -- But. It -- Your and you should take. Mean that. It's not well it is a way to anger. And they -- Only you know. You need. It -- But it is only money into. More -- he's aware of that don't. -- -- -- -- -- Oh. You are out a -- What the you mean. You go oh legally or -- -- recreational. Ed. Don't want. -- You can go. It. And it turned back yours. Yet. Well they. Anywhere -- -- Arms you know you can you. PE so. Do it for all -- -- for. OER. -- That. You know as soon as marijuana becomes decriminalized. Medical marijuana becomes more legal and more states in two states Washington State and Colorado have legalized pot you you wonder if the NFL's gonna change their policy about product. You know I wouldn't care if my favorite players smoke pot. If it didn't affect his play and there are a lot of people who smoke recreational link in the same way that people drink socially -- I would want to my favorite player to be a drug court and a hangover before game. And that. Honestly. They're all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they'll be in the art world. However that -- at. All. -- you know -- -- and they'll be our own all read. It. I'm in need chip out on. Oh a barrel on our. Honor we. Or not -- you. You know. Oddly like. All work the only way to do so. -- -- -- -- Ally and as for those who who think that's wrong I think about how people use alcohol to do the same thing. AJ I think are gonna get to a news -- I really appreciate you calling and I appreciate your insight as soon as a social worker. This is this good show and we'll be right back on this Friday night's.