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07-25 11pm Scoot/Dancing music/Acting your age

Jul 26, 2014|

What music makes you want get up on the floor and dance? What things do you still do when you were younger?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome -- George showing this Friday night we are heading into the weekend together here is an update on what we're talking about tonight. Forty year old Minnesota man shot a seventeen year old girl after the girl asked him to stop writing his -- more across her -- and Chad Pickering admitted to shooting the girl faces attempted first degree murder charges. Summary tells you to stop writing your -- more on their law and and you shoot. Certainly proving my point that not everybody. Should own a gun don't they may have a right to Oregon. We're also talking today about whether you factory each and really honestly I hope you don't and I mean that for those of you who -- younger is well because there are people who are younger. Who act far too old for their age mean. I've seen people throughout my life who were young and just soul. Strict and stern and sold matured it my county got to enjoy life so do you factory each. And one of the things you're still doing now that you do when you were younger and one of those things might be going to a concert. Here's a WVU a project an opinion poll do you factory trees still doing stuff you do when you were younger. 44% say I act my age 56% say I still do things I did when I was younger. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com -- feature -- -- just few minutes if you majorities for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening. At a tax receipts are pretty Saturday I noticed a lot of people to baby boomer generation. Have started to go out again if there are a lot of people whose kids are or grown up their their out of the house or their grown up and can be left home alone. Yeah I mean -- you kids get to a point where you can't leave them alone not when they're young but at some point you know it's that your kid even though your kids twenty years old and still living at all. You could go out. You see a lot of people knew there are so many baby boomers Seward divorced. And guess there are few who never ever got married. And their all out and they're out tonight's they're going to be out this weekend. And when you're when you're finished raising kids that's another opportunity to go out and and do fun things to me I don't think you have to go out to feel young. You have to go out and do crazy things to feel young but I would hope it's you don't. Accurate age whether you're younger and acting too old when you're older. And -- goals. Here's a Texas is about a marijuana affecting performance. It didn't really affect Michael Phelps. Eight or nine medal gold medals. At the Olympic champion. Here is attacks -- a domestic violence is a product of an unhealthy relationship. Men or women as perpetrators. Here is a text. If she hits she takes a ride to. And I'm a cop yeah I think what the caller was supporting -- -- if you just orders were also talking about. The NFL suspending Baltimore Ravens running back -- -- offered for two games. After he was arrested for allegedly knocking his then fiancee now his wife Judy power unconscious and if you haven't seen video. Look at the video -- check and see if it's. With the the -- blog tonight to preside. Thought that they might put its with the blog but it's it's. This is an amazing video yeah right -- yes it is. The at the video of -- Ray Rice dragging his. Unconscious girlfriend. Out of the elevator. Is with the scoop blog which is on our web site. I'd -- if you open accounts or take a look at that you can redeploy and also this year with others. But a lot of people hit social media and just reacted with outrage at these different kinds of penalties meaning that essentially the NFL seems to treat. Those who are. On using marijuana. More seriously. And more partially and those that somebody like this who. Abuses -- -- here's a really interesting text. He should not be suspended for hitting his girlfriend. It had nothing to do with the NFL. Does that scare you just a little bit. There are those who think that you can do whatever you -- outside of work. But we have constantly talked about things that people do. Things that people say things that are posted on web sites. At people's postings on FaceBook. And their held accountable. You know we talk recently about -- news editor. For a newspaper in Iowa. He was fired from his job because she posted something on his personal FaceBook page. And dollars a person the personal blog -- or personable like. And the company -- on the newspaper. They interpreted as a very homophobic. A block. He was -- -- critical the queen James version of the Bible which she is the Bible with a gay slant. I've ever heard of that haven't read it apparently it's I don't know if it's printed but it's it's it's on a website. And it was critical of that. And he was fired because the company felt like that she had a negative light on the company. Now he might not like this by it is true that in most people now there are exceptions. But most people are held accountable. For their private actions if those private actions. On reflect negatively. On the company. Tennis was a topic of discussion that came up -- talking about and Donald certainly owner of the clippers. Private conversation with his girlfriend so -- he said it reflected negatively on the NBA. And some argued that well he shouldn't be he should be held accountable for that because it was a private conversation. -- You know you you are. We're all held accountable. If you do something in your private life. Where you're not at work. And it's something that does reflect negatively on the company you work for there is a possibility that you're going to be fired. And a lot of people. Don't understand that and others totally disagree I'm really surprised that somebody would say he should not be suspended for hitting his girlfriend. It had nothing to do with the NFL if you wanna join Russia with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy and a text number is 877. A from New Orleans Nancy you're on the -- show -- Debbie WL. Okay can you hear me as a team. RK. I don't I've been trying to continue to treat very expensive. I haven't -- there and I'm doing is going to universities for a degree. Great what do you study. I ME DT an -- I'm picking a sociology nature right now many KK biology. Ticket on the court just like French and art appreciation. And I think looking to go back to school because you know like you'll -- a lot of people. -- kinda keep up a little bit like what's going on in the world. How how did they part they do they look at you strangely when you're in the classroom. You know when you -- -- in because I mean you're you are. Indeed. And when you aren't. Looking like you know and it there are -- -- didn't get another shoot it and you. -- -- and very helpful. That's going to -- and it kind like. Fine because your whole new ball game. That's that's that's a good idea that something you could do that would make you feel like here -- go back to school -- -- you could even do continuing education courses demeanor to go back to get a degree you -- take college courses. In my life and -- a lot of -- and everything and I never went for a degree. How regular recommended. And I care. Are you an -- degree and it should determine his account you can take. Court is different on your -- You know and -- -- -- people you know people aren't getting home watching television and sitting in Iraq current. -- like game agreeing to get out and regular life. And I love that attitude Nancy -- I appreciate you sharing -- -- I want it to another -- that doing Euro European or go to school yet you don't have to go on point political you don't have to go out and party. Mean I go out. -- -- -- when you talk about party -- we think about the concept of going out and party. I'm really not a party year. I go out I have fallen short of a good time but I would do I would never describe myself as a party year. I'm around many people -- Party yours but I don't consider myself to be real party what what do you do that indicates that you're really not acting your age. And also we've been talking about subculture today. Big hitters in the sixties it was a hippies in the nineties it was stated that crunch movement the grunge kids. By the way I love that I love that scene as well I mean I've -- I I do I guess I tend to appreciate. Things that are. A little bit different sometimes. What is it that you did do you remember doing anything when you were young that was an indication that you were not. Part of the mainstream that maybe you were part of some. Subculture. When you were young if you wanna join us for the -- light on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And -- tech's number twos and 77. It's football time the saints -- training camp Kenny stills goes off the field limping and apparently has something to do with a quad injury but Sean Payton said he doesn't appear to be real serious. But RW WL team is there. In Greenbrier West Virginia with the saints are resident pros Bobby -- -- guy show on the voice of the saints Jim Henderson. Big chief Deke Bellavia saints' sideline reporter Kristian garic. T Bobby -- in Jersey Steve Geller they're all working hard to bring you the best coverage of the black control. Listen for double coverage live from Greenbrier West Virginia every weekday morning from six to nine on our sister station three WL thirteen fifty and uranium -- And then join us here in sports talk and WWL. Afternoons from four to eight and we've got a special saints' training camps special Saturday and Sunday afternoons from three to six while listening turn West Virginia and training camp. Nobody covers the saints better than the flagship station of your New Orleans Saints. WWL and we've got always constantly new information. I Deke is written a couple of new blogs that are trending on our web -- we've always got new updates on our website W if you don't like concerts are great source of the latest information on the saints. And did it seems like -- the pieces are in place and is Mickey Loomis said. You know a lot can happen during a season but he feels very confident about the way the pieces have all fallen into place. Everybody seems to have really happy to be -- with Jimmy Graham and I don't know what the you've senior or not. We've got the video on our web site. Have you seen the the princess suite that they put Jimmy Graham and he had to put it in the princess suite. At the resort. And I'm going to be honest with you is way too feminine to me I mean I. Very floral. Very paint. And appear Tom is a good video. Five Jimmy Graham. Checking into the princess -- I don't know whether this was any kind of a slam of Jimmy Graham or not but. By I think it's interesting if you haven't seen the video take a look at -- -- -- -- others that's also returning on our web site. At WWL dot com if you rejoiced I would comment about any of the stuff we are talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- your -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. A lot going on this weekend to huge event to a grand -- TARP and rodeo it's not just for sports anglers and it's described as the morning draw of grand style. And believe me people have pictures to prove that it's the morning draw of grand I'll one thing that you will notice and I I guess. I guess this is something that we just should nobody you don't notice it appears this. Again this is not scientific evidence. But it appears -- if large boats. Attract really attractive women. So you might notice that if you're in grand while we're going to the grand -- fishing rodeo plus by the way. Give yourself. Give yourself some extra time to get there because there's only one road. It goes in one road that goes out and it's Louisiana highway one needless to say it gets backed up. From Carrollton Mary you're on this -- show. Yeah that's how -- got to talk about. Alex before that it be accurate to picnic there. That's right the. Brown at the picnic and I about it that there is Obama -- what happened is not collect taken on a lot on and -- to blame. And now we will -- black. But all of the picnic you know -- wore black. You for what you thought -- war but like these. But it might well in the two man okay and black checked out they -- been up in this. In the mountains. You don't want to be -- in -- award. Mark would be at night and after the people went in motion and don't want to be different. And -- platform and -- -- black. I'm going home now and then and -- pack. And I think -- well we're not any different mail all the mania. -- Now what that both speak differently than they would now like. I. Are you are doing different once you left the group that she were width. But with the group he will -- a -- overall -- Yeah -- -- happen you know I don't need to be. I am not being individual into Canada. I want to be an individual patent on an individual because I am now thinking alike railway and the bank -- and I'm glad amber -- call on. And get -- -- a lot of -- might be out. They had. I'm gonna go -- again a big -- And I'm not aware what I want to Wear it but there's all the way up and it's going to be an individual but in and think my belt I have -- -- and pick and I cannot beat me there can't be an individual. It's interesting Mary did people do follow trends and people would say that even though they're different from the mainstream there's still following people within their group. So there really are few people who are really true individuals. A blazing new trails and doing stuff that nobody's done before it's become even popular in the subculture. At Papa Malick is where leg and both pat and -- individual and a. But not a debate. If I would have been if I would have been young at that time I think it would have been beat nick had a little goatee. And Wear black turtleneck. And a coffee house Snedeker might -- fingers. Really need you now. The beginning at compatible and I couldn't stop it but something about it if they were saying they were on the bank. Mary I'm glad to toll showing have a great weekend so there was beat -- were talking about subculture groups beat knicks. And then hippies. And then the next group that I remember it would have been grunge. So that would have gone from the 1960s. Hippies and into the seventies to grunge. In the nineties so was their notes. You know I guess you could say that there was a subculture in the eighties. And it might have been the punk rock crowd. It might have been those people who were. Considered themselves goth. In the eighties I guess that would be a subculture in the eighties and then today it seems like the best way to describe a subculture is is it yours. If you and enjoys type with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. A -- there was a 7870 what song makes you wanna get up and dance if you're sitting there at a wedding and you know nobody stance yet. What's the song or maybe other people -- that beat you have a dance yet if you're at a nightclub. A party. A wedding what's the song to you'll hear that makes you wanna get a printer that's this was a little ones it was mentioned in a text earlier bug issues KC and the sunshine band. That these guys did a lot of very danceable stuff. So what song makes you wanna get up and dance on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. -- numbers 87870. This is the -- show is Friday night's. And we'll be right back on WW well here's a sudden makes me wanna get evidence. In fact -- little studio dancing right now. Treasure Bruno Mars. You know we've been talking about the songs that we remember. From the past that make us wanna get a big dance you know as a whole young generation today that is going to think back and you know sometime in the future will be playing a -- What song going to be young generations grownup. And to be calling in and saying Scott wrote that song treasure by Bruno Mars that's the song makes me get up and wanna dance. I hear is attacks that -- no parking on the dance floor by midnight star. The text is. -- best dance song windows to the wall. Here a couple of text about subcultures. The store owners in the late seventies and early eighties that's from -- Big hair white suits in the eighties. Yeah actually I had big here in the eighties. I'd be here and torn jeans. It was a really. Cool thing torn. Ripped jeans her popular today that ripped jeans were very very popular. When. Anybody -- growing up in the fighting -- mr. -- up and anybody went through the eighties and was it to what it was going to be speaking your ripped jeans. Here's an update on -- champion Cuba pretty -- opinion poll. -- do you act your age or are you still doing things you did when you were younger. 40% say act my age 60% say I'm still doing things I did when I was younger. Give us your opinion by going to our web site to -- dot com here's a Texan -- don't forget hip hop in neo soul groups of color subcultures. Really good point. What is it that you do. Dance. Makes it seem as if they repeat but usually just to put accused of not acting your rage. What is it that you do. And again if you're younger I hope you're not acting. Will -- you accurate when you're younger you're not acting like the rules if you're older you don't have to act like year. Year old -- can act like you're younger -- you can mature but nobody has to the audience actually -- -- -- and -- barely -- WWL. Yet how it meant to that front man and I'll. And that that topic again on property and he hasn't let that go up the middle. And -- and the unpopularity. Withheld. You -- the -- Yeah -- years ago and I tell you. People make a mistake when he and they don't let -- there. Yeah -- you missed the cut you wind up its act accurate and it. You pack -- again and again I don't make sure that you don't you you rented out. Because otherwise you're my. You know. No there there are a lot of people who go there they don't even finish. Tell you one couple that went and ethnic they had all these big gigantic. Sail boats lined up along the -- did you occupy your. Pick him. And that you don't vote upon garlic on it that big -- enhancement and poet. And when you're out there and young couple she would go away and he sent an attack that. I've made drastic bridesmaid out there and -- -- an -- it. And if there instead then -- -- did quite a palpable. How in the talks in the wedding dress and did -- -- hours. Without scoring and it was absolutely. A grain they don't count on that added I think about -- that's. -- I love things that are just. Out of the ordinary like that right well. And they are and an Arabic at epidemics in -- -- to Tokyo and jumping in the water is out of you and I I love you're in a story. -- go -- -- investigation because they hit by the economy and I would get hit on them. -- -- -- And -- I've noticed that if you have a big bode tends to attract very attractive young females. That. I don't know if that's been scientifically proven but that's my observation. A there are -- began you'd be. -- like that. And -- double double but thank you -- -- Esther. And -- -- could be in the past in. Both he and I hit college degrees Saturday. Find out how to get water to grant act and he said he researched all. And they. And -- walk on the kind of hand. Met my heart is his name and Nene and now they're kind of making it Belmont -- won a couple of backed. And he figured out how to get running water to grand -- He did you study that he got all -- from the state of Louisiana and accurately and he got water from -- from Latvia somewhere down there. And I -- having a lot in Africa that camp. I appreciate you sharing a story. And I can't make anybody. Tell that he should write a book. I bring -- now because nobody knows the truth about where and how do you know and out came to be known. -- in the Gulf of Mexico. I don't think about how big the big -- And people turn out to beat Mississippi but domestic and that kept going and it ended at Iran and Bahrain. So is covered by pirates who didn't have a GPS and they miss the -- is over. Actor -- -- -- right in Grand Island and summit. People and victories in -- out. There on demand and to this day. Some about it and you know I think that that would. They're immediately there are people living -- grand -- that have never left grand -- Yeah. Actually it's why and and talent. -- Detection. And treatment and treatment. Period. -- -- -- And trees that came you know against. Wonderful treat -- treatment at. 1 o'clock and and it broke right right independent did not -- -- right now because don't. Get them. That. Meant to this -- not step up on him. You know I can't help but think that if if if that was your life -- you would be really happy and not stressed out like the rest of us are. I'm telling it to one great place a great place to go and I can't dial and dial in -- -- -- and thank them and it my name -- my job. Let's say department. But at a college -- people really downplay its content in particular. Audience. A grand -- with every single thing about -- that there is that no spectacular. Over the net liberal men. To get him to -- about and then make it could not. Comprehend. Them. The place but yeah. Yeah. Intermittently. Pretty important on. Attention -- have been good friends. Until I'm the -- this. -- Time for. From pat from them and had a different instead -- It. And so they they were married but they had girlfriends. I'm. Shocked and get behind it did. You have a big time life is literally it's the end of the road. It yet that -- -- If you could just Mickey Harris who knows everything. And -- -- He's got the right spot to ride this diagram let me check and that place is unbelievable. Like no -- it happened around well I've been here many times and replaced by a grand house -- -- You have really inspired me to go banks you know I haven't been here since I've moved back a few years ago saga of the Pentagon. And -- on the -- but make sure you tell everybody it's listening to go into the rally and Q what do I pick. They wouldn't let it go and you know went out and not gonna win a prize the cuts -- in -- -- and I enjoyed our conversation about grand dial. You go all right thanks Melissa. It was eleven -- -- spoke about it because it's going to be. My husband has now you know. -- -- And do it but. -- Well I hope your call inspires a way to write a book about grand down I appreciate you calling Maryland. You have a nice weekend I can't make it to the I've got their commitments and I can make it to the -- audio this weekend. But I outside donation -- even even without the charter or. One weekend August and they can drive and go to the grand -- because I remote western went down I just thought it was so. So charming and he's just it's such an isolated spot. I realize that it's more populated that'd be used to be but it's it's such a relaxing isolated spotted -- many areas like -- in Louisiana. If you wanna join -- -- with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text -- -- 7870. From the Huffington Post here are some signs that you're getting older if you remember if you're a member of generation next. You're getting older if you form -- cover band called Counting Crows feet. You're getting older feared gen X or if your husband forms of punk rock band called grumpy old punks in the -- drawing their strung out on. Is ex lax. You're getting older -- -- axe her if your favorite bands are doing reunion shows. And when you go to those reunion shows. You wonder -- all the people are and then you realize they're your rage. I you know you're getting older if you're a member of generation next if you tell your kids to set up the DVR so you can tape the show. 'cause it's not really taping his show. Getting older you're -- an excerpt if you replace the slam dance in your life with the Grand Slam at Denny's. If the if the hot waiter your favorite eatery -- you man. And if you are old enough to be his mother. You're also getting older if you remember did you indexer crowd. If you say things to your kids like I remember back in the day when MTV played music. And then they ask you what do Vijay yes. I remember those early days of empties -- and not to be critical of the shows on TV I personally I'm not into him. I like it when there were teachers and when it was music television. Effect August the first and it's a it's a Friday night August the first is the anniversary. And MTV going on a year in 1981. So August 1 Friday nights on the -- show. Will be talking about the early years of MTV and those songs that to this day you still remember. As one of the their early songs and videos that you saw on MTV so we'll we'll talk about that so on the -- show. On Friday -- August 1 the birthday of MTV first going on the -- A -- blog tonight is titled NFL is wrong to treat its pots more harshly. The violence. And the video of this Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. Dragging the limp body of his unconscious girlfriend out of the elevator at a casino hotel in Atlantic City is with. As with the blog and all that's on our web site it. WW dot com check it out also while you're there check out the video of Jimmy Graham which posted by Peter Thomas Jimmy Graham. Checking into -- princess suites. At the Greenbrier resort. You can imagine how somebody like. -- -- or Bobby -- Deke but reacted to -- -- in his room believe me it's very floral. And the the curtains are just. Way to fruit fruit for me. This is this cute show it's Friday night game we'll be right back on WWL. Somebody mentioned earlier this was a song that makes them wanna get up and dance -- is happy vying for a Williams. From applause -- Euro Disco show on WWL. Papadore created -- talking earlier via early days he yeah. You know I wasn't born in the early days -- -- -- that -- starting catcher to deal could be rampant that -- be quite a bit but he like on board. Becoming aware of new markets and that's where I -- information displayed. It was putting out videos that are new artists and indeed people is now they're popular. Culture -- wondering if you remember what our video one it element. Yeah I do where it's or radio killed the video killed the radio -- by the articles. We'll play that on the show a 49 August the first is talk about it TV. I guess with YouTube in and so many other sources. Fans can get the get the word out to and they can become popular with out in TV even in some ways without radio. I've I've I don't have it now but I have in the past had fuse. Television and a few SE. If -- and that. That seems to be like when MTV was like that. You know there was just something really special about the Vijay is in the presentation and you know I just thought it was the most phenomenal thing is in radio and I was into music and I thought it was phenomenal and it there were people who actually talked about it the time and TV's gonna kill a radio. And and it didn't and the one thing that I don't think it never ever did was take away the imagination that you have when you're listening to a song on the radio. Yeah I think artists in the early days a -- -- for my but people like Michael Jack shall utilize that. That format shouldn't make a statement that -- either deputy he just call it a lot. -- out of your network away what they originally started with like BH want them. Well I think you'd views simply -- whether. I like to get up early on on Sunday morning watch the top twenty countdown. On on VH one in -- what are my favorite concerts was -- -- -- 1984 in Baton Rouge and I was really interested in this concert. Because I wanted to see how -- band. Was going to. Maintain the image. Dead most of the audience in the crowd sold out crowd had from MTV it was a band that was born and MTV how were they gonna make. The people in the stands. Few close to damn that was the first concert warrior for saw big video screens being user with three big video screens. And and every time they showed Simon Le Bon. Nick Rhodes John Taylor any of the guys up close to girl's screen so they figured to manifest that MTV image. -- in concerts of that was one of the really interesting aspects of that concert. Yeah. It really bored be music. -- sure last year. Roberts. -- pleasure amazing. There. I know I saw I was there too and I I thought it was I thought it was great and it's just it's so great to see. Younger people but also you know the younger people who have adopted eighties music as their own an SE peopled by Asian. And and people who are older who remember the cure when they were make it hits. Yeah of course. Are -- -- -- -- -- denied that it. Thanks have a great weekend here's a text ONG that gen X -- thing is off the mark. The youngest actors haven't even made fifty yet it's a generation. That is imminently adaptable. And we -- Going to turn into grumpy old blanks anytime soon. Yeah I agree with that I disagree with this one about sorting the punk band grumpy old -- real parks but I have a lot of admiration for. Generation next in formal and Eagles as well I mean -- a lot of respect for my generation but like quite often talk about how I am a hostile witness. To the baby boomer generation because I don't agree with a lot of the hypocrisy. It seems to be so popular with my generation. We should -- find a couple other things here that if you're gen X or you know you're getting old. If you still. Have hundreds of cassette tapes. And nothing to play them on. Well I'm not -- -- but I gotta have Pletcher cassette tapes I get old cassette tapes of the -- show. And I have nothing to play action with -- I have an older car. And I had a cassette player in my car. The -- some of those old old and I actually have some -- they have a Gin Blossoms. On. CD. And that's CD -- of the Gin Blossoms. Cassette tape. Now also we do. You're getting older -- gen X or if you can't act ironic anymore. Because you all right -- And I love the -- about MTV you remember him TV in your kids wanna know what it Vijay is. You know MTV was a it was a really quite a phenomenon and -- talk about that party nights ago August the first. On issue a super team on TV and I'd I'd try to recognize that every year because it was such a such a phenomenon in in my lifetime and lifetime of Natalie baby boomers but younger generations it. Of their people today who. I don't know music without videos and -- my generation witnessed. This transition from just music on the radio to music on television. And and and videos. And it was quite quite a for novel timetable we'll talk about some of the early teachers as well if you do a joyous time with a comment on numbers 2601878. Chill free 8668890. Point 78. And a -- numbers 87870. Got a text earlier for someone who said this song makes them wanna get up and dance whenever they hear it and they might out of danced up to this point. When the song comes on. They get up and dance. Where the girls. It's raining -- This is the -- show Friday nights and we'll be right back and -- WL. And there's a Texas comes in the reminds me that Paul Shaffer from David Letterman wrote this song it's -- -- Here's a text that -- nothing to do with tonight's topic but the purges a good movie I saw the first purge I thought the purge was excellent. Ethan Hawke was in that I believe I -- see the new and soft and have to make an appointment to see that and I'll try to see it will talk about it on the show next week. The the purge the the first one I thought made a very strong statement about political and social trends today. And if things continue the way they are today. The purge kind of gives us a prediction of we're America might. End up. Troy -- under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll go to you talk about the grandma. So it appears coal mine. -- from -- legal and Walter. All the Oldsmobile. Much of it at Chrysler and be so appeal which it was called motors. Among -- other -- equipment for. All. They missed all or a trip to what you -- in my used to run for. Well. -- the people responsible marketing program open -- And where we're at -- they get -- -- spent together. All politicians get involved in it. And it would do all year long they would grow from this Stuart Butler an error as people donations. Are much a part. -- tow motors. Motor and trailer one prize. A brand new deal -- -- stability. But it real tackle to tackle shop and all -- unit -- a lot of pride like. For the first four that brought. And our knowledge for the big stretchers that brought in whatever approach that sport. Well we're trying to -- get -- march. She opens People's Court yet. There were -- and I won't name it were true congressman or to. Put the -- to Asia. Where tradition. Every year at 11. -- first corporate every year or years ago at the first. And the actors was always -- -- -- can guy and it was always at church well. -- here they are obvious. -- -- -- And bill -- the road -- at 1 o'clock on Thursday for a break. And then back to our beer Coke which -- back -- or written. But hours. At the inaugural ball where search. Keep well and always keep -- stock and so and first -- -- -- at first at the end you know to bring. There and they came in they took the -- -- out a page too early. And talk on the back in July so -- And -- it at all but. It's -- Are you suggesting that politicians did something less than honest. Should. I let me ask you this what we ask you this is has anybody ever eaten -- I know people tried the paper oldies and they are strong -- Yeah it's it's very must finish Dutch arm. And another thing with the repetition. Stretchers big -- at that occasion and finished like -- -- it would be it virtual. So that opened up the wave at -- at each. They stopped the weight and it's got. We should expect to know what from politicians. So and that is that reason to -- -- -- your -- -- so you should weigh. The British. And chipped it to make sure that. It. Very interesting story appreciate you sharing their awareness. And that that is true and I'm like -- -- involved been. You started many many years. Go. To a appreciate you listening at that you -- an eyewitness. It here's that here's a Texan reads video killed the radio star MTV killed the video star I tune kills iTunes killed the generation of music stars. Well there's still a lot of music stars out there you with with iTunes in fact iTunes. And and YouTube has really given a lot of people an opportunity to be discovered. Without being discovered first by a major record company if I'm not mistaken Justin beeper was discovered on YouTube. Here's a text Steely Dan concert tomorrow night you know. It can't get much better than that yes Steely Dan when they were at the height of their career they really didn't do much tour. And there were rumors about why they knew that the government -- a studio -- but they're going to be at and you anoint a virus or giving tickets away -- 2 in the morning show for Tommy Tucker. Here's a text I scoot a like listening to your shows no matter what time of day. Thanks for your time I'm calling about concerts does anybody remember the date of rock and roll concerts in the dome. The last concert I was that was Leonard Skinner. LS cancer and I went to was -- -- -- -- The Beatles fest. And it's a house of blues with a lot of local bands -- monitoring wells. But the last concert with nine national touring band that I went to -- American authors -- -- does this song the -- of my life. And also believer and I thought they were phenomenal I mean I just -- -- a lot of really great new music out and then no Sunday night looking forward to MK TO. At house of blues here's a final update on -- -- give -- a pretty jaguar opinion poll. Do you act your age or you still doing things you do when you were younger. And the polls started out with only 17%. Saying they act their age 83% said they are still doing things they do when they were younger. Final -- 44% say it. You act their age 56% say they're still doing things the kids. When they were younger. Here is another. Indication that -- Europe gen -- or you might be getting old. You could hardly recognize anybody in People Magazine anymore or Rolling Stone or us weekly. Until you realize that they're the children of the people they used to read about. When you began subscribing to it. Here is. Another and another indication you might be getting old if -- -- an excerpt if you're closer to actual Nevada. And concert you went to a 1981. What I think Jack Harris our studio producer have a safe but had a great weekend. And we're back Monday nights I'm scoots -- --