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7-26 5am Outdoors with Don Dubuc

Jul 26, 2014|

Hear the latest places where the fish are biting in Southeast Louisiana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then you get down the kick off your shoes and the home -- the world stands in the kitchen do them all and the front yards didn't know I don't know. And it can't come -- In the moment. And a Saturday night. Fans in the. And ladies and gentlemen that is on melnick Daniel you know how long he's been singing that song for us on Saturday mornings effective today it will be 25. Years -- it's the anniversary. Of the -- doors -- down to -- radio program and thank you for being part of it that many many of those years on July 29 1989. -- one network I don't care. And has quit saying it's not can't get rid of as we still hanging around point five years later in this want to take a look at some other things that took place. Back in July of nineteen. Also want to wish good luck to those of -- or participating in the events going on today in the great outdoors. Talking about the -- about international talk the rodeo -- three is underway -- -- all later on tonight partying on on. Bands appearances in the we're gonna run down some of the highlights that some nice fish caught in the -- -- and rodeo. Any usual it's been a mixed bag for web of them will get that it's also good luck to those -- fishing in -- -- out of the full pot rodeo taken place -- medal longstanding traditionally meant. And we also have the slammed me down and opulence on all talk to a -- crew about that one and also hope -- -- I'm passed on a benefit tournament going Norman north past landing in -- -- -- -- flight 0:3 o'clock -- and in it in the area got a great jump on him only five bells -- it's all ought to raise funds to help happy Wallace. And other things we're going to be covering. A lot of reports from a feel -- we've been doing man now 25 years. The Okie you know the places to go what do the techniques what is work for them this week in what looks like it might work this week -- He put that information to good use. Also gonna have an answer to that question who is that typical of US Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a poll and they found out who it is you fit the image will find out you can be -- Next week programming note we will be on this program from -- dot Alaska. It's finally here the Asian invasion. Asylum by occasions RD it and they arrived that he arrived in today. And now beginning there next week and staying week. I'm looking at the forecast. So not as high temperature today is going to be 64. The -- 45. Cents. Pretty inviting me. I would also have a another instance of where our radio total on my website is connected directly to this week's bad quality outdoors. In fact it's another bad couple of the outdoors man and wife by the tried and sentenced separately. One is going to jail. And receiving what I call that the death penalty honors. And both have gotten heavy -- to use their story of crime in time -- bad boys at the outdoors. Also a long time Louisiana sportsman real well known name Louisiana circles conservationist. -- -- -- The appointment in the talks on limited. National board of directors will tell you who that is and also remind you this is the last week to vote opinion poll. We have a recreational angling with one of my form a bad boys who was caught selling game patient. But walk calls for the judge -- imposed the death penalty loses licensed out should it -- that story of punishment. Cast your vote on the Al those guys that come and go to our opinion poll will be wrapping this one up in union new poll to work on next month. Obstacles marine forecast from the National Weather Service will be back to give you that information New York in and out this morning that look and -- call technicals on time report also -- Sanchez he was aboard that make the trip on a double BO fish and game report. One of most fun trips every hand in all the years I've been doing TV a couple of real -- does and a lands on job with them along. Great trip lot of fun and are productive by the way aren't you had about intuit today uses which expects southwest. The steady diet of west. Dominated winds from the south west northwest late season. Musical with a call you know hopefully. In the continue to keep models tropical storms and depressions. -- does that southwest winds 1015 Nazis want to start off with. And of course a slight chance showers comes on throughout the day. That will continue through tonight. Tomorrow pretty much repeat sunny forecast southwest in the fifteen -- 12. And again chance of rain in that really changes until later in the middle -- wins become would directly west which the past and -- care west winds. Affects some areas more than others anyway not a bad forecasts for a July day it's going to be out there. Good thing we go arrange Jones cools off that we had more models down and Breton sound -- with. Lansing says Johnson a couple of guys from double BO TV -- political and legal. Analyzing. It none of that on in my and we had a fun trip and that was one of the most month it's -- -- long long time. For more than one reason -- -- I was talking about we head on out. Every remote or orchards and -- lone wolf and what's her. Aren't always going to be special when we first got out there and you told the that the tea that -- that chicks. New bought GQ fishing Colin. -- -- -- -- It in somebody. And everybody at that camera. Or. And if I haven't seen it doesn't just go to my web page done outdoors guide dot com. Go to TV shows in the last WWL fishing game report Jim Moret who -- is -- real serious guy I was an assistant district attorney's political legal analysts and and on the political side Clancy do votes in those commentaries and analyze politics but he he's a good sportsman. -- how efficient are. They didn't surprise as maybe it was well around the. And there's so what we ended up with seventy keep the -- that men how many we caught had to be over -- now all the ones in jail and know that we had to throw. Or. Has that continued that fishermen like that go on. Actually. Yet but they elect thirty lab or -- slump and a -- well you know. Being directly at the right there. Yeah you gotta find a -- them on you got to take advantage of when you do -- like -- talked about. Keep an update in the water -- the most he's gone his social importance. Yes it is really really your careers here that we -- it right there. About you know your. Lap (%expletive) it's issued -- company. On the hook -- -- -- open a restaurant it's they would he liked what. Actor you know there there. Well as as the reports coming in from the fisherman changed as far as -- but he still the platform we go to that we found no wrong. All I. Know you -- traffic cop during a local news and it. Arcade. Where. The -- you deal with JSU. -- are there it's like. But it. I mean economy and a -- number platform you're angry you're like oh yeah. It rocked by liberty rights why are there. Now that's all the men that's you know that's that's that's the key right now -- an -- everywhere but when you -- and there's some good little thing about -- problem. -- Glad about what sedate situation hasn't proved I mean you can only it would mother nature offers and shrimp of them along the small size is that. Operate the little small. -- Let's. -- partner. -- -- -- -- -- People ships go out against the people quotes it then. Using your -- water ice in the water help with air and water so. An -- pick and a war. Yeah that's so is comedy and keep that they alive and keep that cool and oxygenated in the war did you go out there and you lose all east -- I mean you know you're. -- dissident. So. What about brokers Clinton. Panel. -- -- got out a very few growth that the Israeli -- like that on the broke that much issue at all with nearly years. Look at peace order. That the -- -- -- Get at him at the -- People on it guarantees he said Melinda total loans. But the core news. My. -- though. -- Oh yeah that sounds like you got a mess and I are going to -- yet nuclear. Well hopefully a better connection. In a report next week the divisions -- we're glad to get that you've got bait like -- take your advice put you on when this small local one with two little. I Glenn thanks that a report appreciate that -- Sanchez -- the Britons and a very busy Britain's them arena. And we really appreciate him with a phone in one hand and operate always watch him back down economy people date and party. It's what those guys do I think we we will look on and don't they're under appreciated. The job that those guys. I got more -- reports come and update you on what's happened down the grand I'll talk rose important nice catches in the oldest saltwater fishing competition in the country has taken place today is a wrap up day. And that song pretty well describes this guy cap Toefield bourgeois down at the kitchen this -- look the absolutely doing this morning. That. -- -- the plane load a plane and the at a London tonight on -- a couple and then Tom and -- yeah it. Then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Autos Rask is -- -- lessons that phone I'm program under a quote period. Bill. -- They blow it again and Derek even land and so from the as in cheese and at that important and I'm jealous I'm jobs anyway. Yes he has -- next fundraiser. -- -- -- Well you fly and I also if you've been out this week. -- plane and I we've been there right now made a couple of trips that they did agree Monday. -- goes on this kind of bounced around the net that. It can balance -- -- and determined negotiated Brett. So no doubt the revelers currently out there noticed -- -- same water everywhere. And ever master learn about it you kinda -- people trial -- -- and open and then next 24. You -- in yesterday's. Probably cut. I guess maybe they're getting more on the 20/20. Prison in her corner hatred so we move it around and it's it's just. It is definitely challenging at times and everything right earnings -- And I had been moved twenty feet and you aren't rich that -- -- a -- -- -- you know as of right now yet. Aren't there to -- people here and it had which had ticket agent says that it detected -- you know -- In the hippie but again. I like and -- got the whole southeast conference. Email again and -- six groups that any. So in other than make out I I expect you know he would -- he -- and right now on the screen actually. Well it's -- -- vote for a different -- back on the walk back that police and the in my heavyweight committed decreased you know. That men get and think it hasn't -- here in. Packard made things scenarios that the popularity of the and there are. -- about the -- big fish -- situations -- -- and packed every news try. -- -- -- Earlier this scenario -- -- sort of keep in as a lot of little -- around so -- sent turner and his rescissions you know look at the bigger fish in my recommendation though is bigger a bigger issue. And yet apple and -- like me you've got to go out like a little late Saturday the spot where there have been others can grieve. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So and that's kind of not perfect for the beach interviewed -- more utilities similar kind of controversial and changes in honor goes to other than it's been. That's gonna kind of left abruptly ordered be efficient beach and in that regard everywhere the market in -- an -- Trout -- And they're going -- -- think about it flat. Abiola in England back to -- then. China and popcorn and I was will probably get it did -- and report and aren't they have in the urban -- competent this year I'm not seen. Prejudiced and I was in school top and all of the -- and currently -- even on the Breton and just civil there was considering others can't -- You know the net and on the Internet there it is it can't seem to it and Hitler really -- kind of a weird brown you know can attentive. And that. Kind of kissing him and no note properly report the -- in -- -- -- But it is equipped wayward man like its northern side. O plan that goes in the minute strip on the proper can't seem to be a tree brigade and chuck Roberts bungled regret. They can happen. Denies that red most of whom -- Fixing that happened -- morning. But market in the couldn't hear a lot of guys and having them and prettier on -- recession that is kind of the match around with some -- -- -- can do it. And the most competition on partitioned -- a handful -- -- problems so it's yeah right now. Any thing in not in -- watching Salvador open. And Salvador and hit and hit -- got a -- if you -- that -- numbers I mean you got -- in humans but on the -- -- -- -- bogeys that ridge. I -- not violence Saturday. Arnold and I saw -- boats and planes opening and -- -- the -- of Paul O'Donnell. -- that's always the case does it load type that would would not date so. -- and that -- Batman now you know compatible is that minority eat banquet at the world and were known. That's accurate as the -- and just you get cancel out knowingly in cigarettes everywhere. On the and it caught a bit and yet. The car. I don't know that on it it -- I'll get a good recipe well the man and -- Obey and it's not a cop you'd and the testing ground in. It is -- at the school of them ever percent over yet they have known entrepreneur that big. Erica alligator that I got that it's important to. And can you seem pretty easily mean in my -- good both mission daytime both mission trip. Yeah you can you know who scooted just sit and suspended right -- like a big basic and you get around problems -- -- my on the day here at the Trout fisherman. The mile loop and out of the problem officially in the covenant old herbal drink out intimate partner. Bagels car. And I don't know of this is that eight and Corbin is his car. You're not -- Actually wrote boat that -- so does not the line Communists. And now the is what happened and -- a bit but actually as you guys did. And literally Campbell and jump in the boat. About a fifteen calendar intimately. Oh yeah and then you you know but I mean SOB. I don't know we can shoot and get into the credit -- crab -- of Michigan and bill. That is he has great impact on it as -- -- -- origin grants. China actually kind of trying to sustain in -- and make that wouldn't Anthony's quality -- that old eighties -- -- Nodded not about a carp into. It was going to be. You know murder Wheldon in in certain areas I mean -- put them up in non habit basically destroyed that that lake up in the north Louisiana they introduced in the control -- resonate all the grass and and that -- -- used tires in and create Havoc that the vast. The crowd control they take any job aisles yeah -- and supposedly there was Darryl but something in the experiment like that Franken in there went bad like crap and I couldn't Muster and it can't get rid our. Well let's -- same thing and that's having an inning and it could mean there are here I've seen probably when it. Your pretty car you know villains all my. Do a little a lot of people fishing boats and they will take a date now on hand and not a real aggressive even you know could Woolsey discipline them vegetation -- Now they wield it well -- -- now and then you know I used Christian in Germany you know we've system which -- In market. Yeah you all want to corn opt in and that would attract them -- -- total piece called a tiny eagle thrown out yet like that. I'm very credible you know dependent on what they're eating in the in the habit that a candidate they can be muddy sometimes -- -- our face at a meeting minutes and LO a KG can figure out so much. And I guess we'll -- to figure out right now that it. I hope they load that as a child as -- would bet that in the back and our core gumbo. You know and well figured out yet they yet and do it in. Time because it's big coup so. Policy. And I lol if somebody wants to get down into some caught viewing spot that Jim. Or anything else she got a little and tell them how to find. Yeah an indefinite let's -- nuances in Japan and it's great that the official FaceBook at a it open and her rivals will brief hello Warren 61 important thing though that -- -- it will -- underneath that. Did the government warned that it get a located down -- -- Go in and closes season we're gonna do. Here. Or -- we'll talk about it another day go get -- yet so we'll see you next week. It goes captain talking -- -- and then Altman's which. Think back what were you doing in July of 1989. Or maybe you'll watch in the premiere of James Bond movie called license to kill that came out on me shoot him now remember that Rod Stewart. And I did his head while it was on stage and knocked himself out. Well what I always do that I was beginning took a radio show that have been built for a couple of years and put on to a network basis and extend -- throughout the state Louisiana and into other areas. And it continues today 25 anniversary Chicago. I tell looking at the grand out -- and rodeo. Results from the -- station Nazi where an apartment. The leaders grant Lee Scott from Talladega Alabama got a nice 138 pounds four ounces he's in the lead. A big yellow fin tuna caught by Pete Harmon. 84. To. Ice -- speckled Trout first place -- Adamson from golden -- he's got a 48 and long time speckled -- got one of those speckled -- masters trial -- -- Terry saint -- Lafayette. He's got second and third place with four pounds four -- to. Red fish well -- now apparently forty pounds fourteen ounces that's huge bull. And would welcome back the red snapper category to the grand I'll talk and -- the state waters are open all year they can actually have the rich that the category. Outside of that generous nine -- season we got from the feds anyway -- as -- appear part fourteen pounds six ounces leading red snapper. Mangrove snapper which has been really welcomed surprise -- big numbers they -- finished this year. Terry Massa out of Houston Texas 106. And the leader with one of those big three's she seem to -- on display if you go to on the -- and rodeo at grand out. Brett Bowman Metairie caught 89 -- it was 95. And some change on a group. That's one of the really nice things about that -- that they display that -- really nicely and then climb in the season this year otherwise may never see. -- who is Adolph hunter got the results from the on national. Off flyweight counsel in the US issue Wallace -- was put together a survey came up with who they are. And surveyed more than 121000 of it is what the national -- on a survey said they found out who is actually ago. Well it says to congress are typically white males 45 years of age old. -- in that category they -- well educated with either an average game comes -- might leave me now. Government has answered the survey questions said that that noble thing that stopped them from participating in the audience was surprised. That it was funny. The cost of gas cost shells. Dove hunting year in the cost of running apartments is really surprising. I would think and I know for a fact here in Louisiana it's access. A place aren't good populations of where you. In go we have very few good public areas in merely very few private -- that open and not -- private. Owners landowners who put on some pretty nice -- -- limited number of people. Anyway we're going to be giving you the -- Dog Day Afternoon. Inflammation it's time now where are planning on having me on in Mississippi in -- -- like we did last year was great and so. -- your decision making it though on details hopefully next week. Also the survey showed that mostly but -- on his -- -- most of them less than thirty it's a whole season and that they -- on private land. And also show that they've traveled fifteen miles or more to get them running spot. And the dump on -- it was unclear about. Impacts of late shot on the future of those populations. They said in the majority does not enough scientific information about the effects. They are concerned though that on his nation could be impacted if non -- shot steel shot. Was required at some point in the future. I don't believe that. They keep you got everything else to go the difference in cost between its job -- Steele won the other non toxic lenses not. Only some interest in findings that the the United States -- -- -- And it. And the best is indeed the territorial fish and we all loved it gets an honest about it -- we talk about each week with Jeff Rowland reports brought to you by Berkeley. Division -- fishing. A leading global -- fishing tackle lures rods -- the brands that include Abu Garcia all star Berkeley Fenwick -- Johnson Mitchell and Lucas appeal Shakespeare despite a -- -- trial -- and ugly -- pure fishing you'll find them in 22 countries. Jeff -- you Jones more. Back to it that bring Britain. Or wherever. These you know it's there because there. -- -- -- that they would tolerate this in the sun that he we think we got very that are and that you will blow anybody. But it certainly gonna go out and on the that was where -- -- -- -- on the war. The -- so awfully bulldozers and in the series and that's where. Really kind of muddy. That -- four by. Now allow was then there was on for a long hopefully it'll bounce back but when you on now at the pearl that. That's a pretty good over -- what you expected today it was enough rain to maybe raise it up the leveled it. Oh we thought there. We know -- as though aren't going to back -- twelve feet that. North editor at them at trying to sit over that now it's around that may be which that it level for the east. Where can be little -- -- that we. In -- -- -- -- -- have fun trip to the fact that you turn on moment that. Want to feel -- so that -- not a good report on the third. But it is with a plastic and UW. At and a lot of small that it wouldn't let out front that day. Yep sounds like a good time and I think if you do -- on their value being in the Yugoslav afternoon thunderstorms that might build up a little bit later. What about some other areas you know. And sort of journal. Reports that there. The river level victory city which go to war toward from the -- report there. Portrait improvement. But you know that they kiddies and ultimately war there are. And that is like any count them. You can -- -- -- important -- in the air conditioner that's where it -- pretty couldn't. Thicker towards pulpit -- that phone -- and they -- at a particular chart because that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty good option does follow up opportunities -- recover her part -- -- -- they make it into the Atlantic City. Jeff you sit down -- get credit test it out what about the dollar rivers to the west you like the chief foreign communal them by you'll Coleman even further out towards. Denham and that way over there and and also took that to the east over there in Mississippi Alabama. Our rivers again back download and clean the the report from you know to thought -- -- start the -- from -- Miller that he felt that way to start. Kind of keeping out -- looking for the state if so milk river. Stood in the late than. -- -- preschool through that you go there at parliament compound that -- and -- that it will not that into the finally get an expert mode ordered. Is that Chad Ron is -- -- -- -- That -- earlier in the -- in the -- may be -- -- -- on the web that targeted a sixty degree degrees again next week but in front he's adamant that it was there anything back. But it is -- to be there on out apartment back down -- that beat down. And then you think -- in September that bit about the -- went -- step program or so it's the ideal that later this year I think like. This report them get on the throughout this is a lot Laker you're. When you see those -- Boston up like -- -- channel top what do you do what Heathrow. -- carried it through a compatible or would prop fall apart later -- Proper thing like that Namibia. Compare that nurture that thing down into the school. And at the very low ball or. Grow up you know what he did he make it fair and from the tight state for truck truck that somewhat cool when they talk politics went through the school. Well I have a really good figured somebody gets momentum. Toward cleanup that that worked well the. -- I -- for you go you gotta tip of the week for. Yeah it's so they she goes door to a wonderful well I think box with the with the bigger big. State which it is they had the -- thank you might need for the and are you he. Immigrant on the Internet for the statement -- -- You know it's book that you areas that keep your own crap and he's been and pick the computers and definitely it's particularly on but it on the couldn't -- they're ready again. Yeah I think the days of the huge big tackle boxes to go on Otto Frank Davis was one worst he'd bring my suitcase full of stuff he would never -- -- like heaven it would -- in you don't see them all on the shelves anymore -- tackles towards those big old several multi -- -- opened up like a side by side -- -- -- But the current where her partner and the alto and they've had to -- a company that there are currently and one. Thing. It's not an event that -- and the school didn't sit there thinking they're. Delicately being -- that met for quite who pitched and being. That they really or and who can't hit that in -- Cameron. It down. Or right to Dana Point it that well. Meltdown could tell you late in the day that appeared in the summertime so the graduate knows. Absolutely. And -- this morning we got that Oprah -- Wallace a benefit tournament over north pass and accept an entry about a -- They'll take off console someone's over there they still got some on the consignment with the final position there next week got a couple of tournaments next week in week after. -- -- you prefer he here. The the second and August 19 on the site and it's the they can move -- to the trailer and I think that -- -- thing. And work Amazon complete details. Mark that level apparently that that's coming up. And the development the company -- -- on the list. All right Reynolds good you got Rodney was. -- or so ago have -- They figured out -- extra fitness bill. Hi Jeff thanks so much tell them hello -- -- look at the union next week. -- -- All right Jeff -- best vision new report right they say that the population on -- ala is exceeded by ten times the normal population but they could even on the now when the 94 annual Grand Island national top -- takes place in them one at some nice British colonial 130 pound partly. See that we -- you'd bull -- it will comet dale parity 4014. Big -- 84 to. That'll hold up in the weather conditions ethnic -- of people get out could be in jeopardy nice big group in 95 pound almost 96 -- brand -- And -- fish which have been really good this year Bradley. -- on any of central 51. Fourteen nice nicely let's talk to doubt probably he's down in the middle of all of it -- houses years are the rodeo shaping up -- Big -- smaller but on average. You know gone is more accustomed to at the moment because they're placed them there on that in the -- and they said it looks like probably about average maybe a little bit smaller. I don't have far used to compared to because literally at this elation and the -- -- rules saying that the voters tonight. They did overboard traces of the year like it. Good way to measure. Is a bigger they imagine tons of garbage for -- on the French Quarter that's a good judge of how much beer on grandma. Well not officially been pretty good compared to some of the of the year's -- And really good -- -- and it also been the tale that's that's been much more consistent than in short. On the good thing about the insurers -- -- the Trout had to turn though. And the like that it is true and at that you've got their eye on the buy signal that they'll move -- -- does great regrets. And just putting it kind of packed my my next door neighbor -- became oversight which is that he -- -- without. It's -- battles but what it was all pop Warner. They were really slow and vote for Coleman votes would go to a Volvo would sit in upstate and thirtieth and. Well I tell you that has been. Consistent all cross the goals I experienced -- Thursday all reports on giving the same way. You can find schools of -- -- issue when you find them don't been -- -- -- leaving the thinking you -- -- -- -- when real quick stay with them. Yet and that's what it's been well or been really good to have that it's just like you said the Olympics should just an outstanding. Got to Merkel wore blue beer and somewhat normal visionaries of the -- slowed down a little bit this week. Weaker you know court separates since we talked last week that Leavitt said in order so it's been real body. A lot of raw potential war and you know you -- -- a whole lot about vision you'd be pretty Iran's apart from the light in the -- stood out but. There's been some adversity and it but it closure -- and putting on the pitch. How's the beach in both of voters and to surface when I Wagner. Yet it last week all the south where -- Or been really. Could be. If you do all the little boat the big small or been to. Yeah that's -- enough thought. I guess the passes loaded up would bulls on -- some good results some really big is that -- in obviously came to me than you know who cabello common right. Yeah. That would would doubled that you won't should -- there and do that. Option really -- program. As a pro law. The -- this morning. -- -- and more mobile all of them. Not bad not bad yeah. And you know that they're here. What -- -- But now -- with duke -- I doubt thanks that a report that a satellite over the -- great going to be great rodeo this year and a great place Grand Island you're very fortunate. That's where your offices somebody wants to reach -- float trip inflammation in shore or offshore. -- to do it. Rules. Or two -- Upwards of 6288. All right my friend who will be talking to you next week I'll be in Alaska where we you can. I'll be right -- the RI it. You be careful out there we'll see you next week you have a good. And I thank you doubt carpet real screen does not count on it we come back -- job -- going to be filling in for a captain Mike -- Mike is out there after -- officials companies don't have coast -- lots more reports info all that stuff we love to talk about on the 25 year old outdoors with Don did you radio network.

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