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7-26 6am Outdoors with Don Dubuc

Jul 26, 2014|

Hear the latest places where the fish are biting in Southeast Louisiana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We on this full -- Can throw out. The economy. -- in my. -- -- And down old. But you know. -- winning. -- -- -- You bring up. -- it's. Go. Dylan there. Now it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did they. Don't we do in the third. Win. Head of brain. -- in the blue red and I'll let me. It's all -- -- I didn't know. He really. And that is missed -- -- Alleman now with -- outdoor show theme song singing music and on our 25. Anniversary show July in 1989. Network edition of the program and on air. And some of the other things that we're going on -- if you recall fox TV. They finally topped AB CNBC. And CBS for the very first time what program wasn't. America's most one which is also sharing its 25 anniversary or five years in the broadcast industry radio TV programs. You can probably count them on one hand the ones that lasted that long I'm very fortunate to be part of this woman you the listeners and responses are. In in most point -- responsible for that thank all of you also gone and 99 and I'm in July Mike Tyson and he knocked out call Williams in a minute and 33 seconds and won the heavyweight boxing title of the world. While that was before he went cuckoo's spotted by people's -- stuff like that. Anyway July 1980 it was a great time this is a great time in July -- -- fourteenth. Are coming up this our second now the program with a mortician reports captain Jim -- going to be joining -- filling in for Mike Gallo. It was a fishing -- do when he goes on vacation Eagles Acosta -- Eagles vision for -- -- -- that Mike's got some sightseeing plans that was to moving this week about his trip and a well deserved vacation. Some time off and hopefully -- get some pictures of those -- deficient he successfully in that. Also gonna tell you about the radio photograph -- web -- if you haven't seen on the outdoors guy that counts. Check it out it's a pickup truck full of antlers in and stuff paraphernalia schemes and -- -- you know what that means bad ball in the Al it was time will tell you about -- -- that was sent -- this week. Four illegal gaining mind a lot of different charges will get -- that will be it also long time sportsmen and conservationist. -- in -- -- the Ducks Unlimited national board of direct quite an honor it's well deserved out to you who years. And will be also got some more of those reports coming up from -- while on the field reporters and don't forget about our opinion poll asking music cast that vote. The question is and this was one about former bad boys he was. Are caught selling among other species -- which is Louisiana's taking fish. Of the law provides that the judge sees fit to ban him from where ever purchasing a recreational missing license for the rest of his life. If he's convicted should be banned for life that's the question we've been asking -- and is now almost a month. And we go into the final week and it's been close -- -- -- have a lot of peoples -- and sympathy at the point. Saying enough 55%. Say no achievement be a lifetime ban the sale on -- finished. 45%. See up noble mission in Louisiana. Life long banned what do you say. Go to -- updates on the outdoors guy dot com and look on their outdoor opinion poll cast that vote. Take a look at that radio photograph of that though pile of Hitler's and hide in the back of pickup truck. Will have that story coming up we also something interest in masala Mexico. It's got a new shotgun suppress later we're going to be talking about. It's now legal we have legislation passed -- illegal is legal now. To use silences. New weapons but does a little bit of work gotten permits will in all that also one other tip. You have not yet renewed -- fishing license that this coming year. Do let -- thwart next Thursday. Because the price increases in goal from fifteen dollars to 2250. Takes effect on August the first. So forget that licensee to sell the few books that money in the by the way is going to generated additional -- and a quarter million dollars. And that will be used to fund the Louisiana real world. And only this time we hear from captain Mike -- -- adventures of Louisiana Mike is on vacation technicals the -- in search of -- of the issue be back with us next week -- reports are brought to you -- dioxide bait and tackle -- -- -- shrimp. Also the home of the matrix -- and now located at the mouth of the mouse off highway eleven that not long. Some interesting information coming out later and talk in the -- champagne the owner. I bought a new location and he will be moving to so you've been launching new Bolton get shrimp there. Some changes coming about will tell you more about that but right now let's talk the captain Jim Milwaukee's felony of the captain Mike Gallo MI donors more. -- I'm great -- about a spots in that slot. -- I actually and rightly right now we're not. All we're in it yet crossed the block Jamal. All right you got a good early start house lake -- look in the cross the small. -- I got out yet but it all a couple of media outlets where. Well enough that he's the man -- got a new Bravo. Well that that Biloxi marsh last summer went Mike Shula talked to them it's been a real running all this year on the northern end you've gone out to try to catch a few trial only out -- side or you going deep into retreat run. We get going red -- That's all around here. Let this past month and it's been very very successful. -- has been in now what would honestly she yelled it's in the UK. They've been anywhere from we get a lot of evidence based. And the two weeks which is real good six in seven Israelis. Yeah then -- -- you must be used in Britain looks and -- -- you know good -- It is absolutely. They've been wrong about. Welcome Adam Levin founder a couple of trips -- public campground -- organized. -- You know the other thing besides that the extreme consistency of that Biloxi -- other really nice thing about it is. You know every level of fishermen it has fun if you just the beginning in need of pop and corporate debt shrimp you can do that. But then if you like to -- you know the chat debates the buzz -- Spinner baits and control long in -- and -- you can do that -- L yeah yeah that's that's good advantage of Bono. You know you -- -- -- around regularly like man picked up a view that it felt pretty much guarantee our -- get triple. Jim let's talk Trout fishing for a minute it's been pretty inconsistent all across the coast are things really busted loose over there around -- -- samples outer reaches and I guess that's due to the salinity spiraling rise in over there. It's been real tough stretch around march trying Katherine and even some of the platforms are born what it tells as far as the best prospects of somebody want to kiss and trodden and. Well if you can dispute in the web elect you victory like on it due -- Yeah there again they're -- wind blows excuse topics were. I'm -- -- absolutely not a single lot and Spanish are rolling like ball on an -- -- trip so so it kills me that. We get little bit -- yeah. Obviously and boy it's been tough because you know we -- and variety Weston winds southwest west northwest and you know until you get some salt water surge coming in minutes is going to be struggling like -- what about the bridges are probably the most popular place decision in in in Contra trying his. The twin -- how -- eleven you know Tressel anything at all. That was that speak -- not Trout from the cheap bit volatile border. That's when plan at all soul without sure. After trust. There's a few fish -- caught at. Look CSX bridge both. And not have some -- -- -- and not think there's a group that's going to be. Yeah well that's a good spot you know usually from mixed bag to bring some live -- with you know there -- officials there are tough to. To get him gone on anything artificial a lot of times it depends on the time and rank what do you look and analyze what would you to us. One point two -- but I'm real real low had a -- time get my boat off course this morning. Then -- know it's it's like an October. And Campbell illusion grew to small. Actually gentleman from back through it. -- to travel along the way. Eleven year old. I don't know how old for a -- calling analysts say anyone they are. Asked. Jim I don't know it got you got a good look and forecast for today and your gonna have a great time and thanks so much for filling in for Mike and know he appreciates and got to pick his many roost of Virginia from -- Not yet but yeah. Well you know -- update -- Indian. -- -- he had been on hot days Spain England and then you probably and you saw that he probably -- again right. Yeah we're looking for. Jim know somebody wants to -- economic about the information thing advances in Louisiana and you do a great job I'm -- has the luxury of being able take off and go and let you guys. On the business point back at the store. Yeah -- -- Okay Jim -- today and I got a -- there and you. -- as captain Jim LaMarcus -- the -- of Louisiana by the way those reports are brought to -- -- -- so I don't know Mike and all of his staff members on the member. In if you are not out really strong suggestion is that you peace of mind even if you never need to fuel drops so -- jumpstart the battery. They'll come get you -- wherever 24/7. 360. -- that big yellow boat comment. It's like -- 169 dollars for a whole year. A great gift in need to get a gift for someone that's got everything. If they don't have -- membership yet you do a -- on the scene there Astaro dot com or call 800. Portland them before seat to. And angling advances of Louisiana you'll find them on my web page on the fishing guys check -- all -- -- go to a -- of LA dot. And this is the top of the morning what we -- your panelists slash popular report brought -- you -- in the back record at two locations jewels on demand that route right now in Jefferson highway and across from the -- -- Lafayette and main street of ranch. All the top brands of fishing guy next largest selection of -- beat guy -- in the state. In more access -- and you could ever dream if you panel where you finish in conjunction with the BC KFC. That is that by vehicles kayak fishing club. And it's the fastest growing segment of the fishing and boating industry is acting in -- they aren't as one of a few reporters and he's with us this morning and -- I don't he's still in -- you back. -- tuna fish on the way back -- you come straight nonstop. Oh. Yeah I know you that's correct. Well let's say what's going on last week you had the cast of the kids for the palliative care -- -- foundation -- Andrews how did that go. It was great we had a great turnout and -- improved this year. You know we have a lot -- that morning in Florida governor -- completely safe shouldn't wonder a little break in the weather about 11 o'clock or. Are all. And they are still some great courage brought into the skill and a lot of happy -- -- would. There Erica. Good effort there and now a lot of people concerned it -- call shall know was still wants to along and everything went enemy. All you get those all the storms only come April in the morning right before Taylor Townsend move on -- -- went about a couple of -- was -- things slick often get out there and have a good. Yet -- Micah green and now -- and so it was just we were. There's a lightning strike every you know senators' zone it was it was really. It was really kind of couldn't for a ruling will. You know we don't mind the holes right there on the little. You know he often has -- been. Or -- -- -- the collapse like he'd buy it means something but this -- touched down Tuesday and you know. We're -- you know. Well this weekend fact this morning there's another tournament taken place illegal Lafayette clubs slam Kariya on his network. I'll bet the Latvia club at the turn theories similar to -- coats nearly. And they like to travel all over the state accidentally and this is the time -- when they come to come aren't. And they go to populations and they just. Couples lantern where you -- -- slot -- Trout in -- finish. If he is aggregate wait. Went. And and that's the woods in my head on battle further down highway one and take in the big particles down in grandma highway one's going to be a busy busy thoroughfares today. Let's look at the next week IFA come until the feet now they have both they've they've vote and the Thai activists correct. The the -- from Saturday India slot -- tournament and in the next day we you know each day or two group and we have our current current event on Sunday. And that kind of it and it. Two biggest red -- and your biggest. Speckled Trout -- links may give you -- ruler. You take photos you released it shouldn't he submit. And that's -- rejection. You'll have traveled anywhere in the state and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of guys go into those traditional schools are. Because as red fish links point skewed view us so much of an advantage. It's not essential -- is going to be a lot of people. Prescription. Immediately get ready for that. You know that rock me it's gonna come up and you know -- perhaps we -- -- -- a lot of all -- focus group in its current year. Very fun activity to do the -- package all around locate its labor. Yes indeed Brandon. Big -- out west what's going on -- like the rest of the coach you know just no consistency but. Gooden and sometimes little periods of non not so good. Yeah we've got a lot of rain lately. You know whenever there's a lottery continue to stay away ship channel. Interpreted to some of those it's away on the east bank currently on what kind of you know as a pattern right now still patient -- -- and where you know 68 foot range. Now like huge it is a lot of -- couldn't consistency when you get on to those who aren't. You know a lot of -- on top consumer position on -- Getting out about you know -- York banking and even into the middle of the lake. Do a little troll to locate the betrayal and stay in. Until they stop in Edmonton on repeating. The original. You know twelve to sixteen -- finished with a few in the twenties and not many its. You know the little daylight until we get to coal company and positions are getting bigger again but it. It's -- -- -- for this year and it's usually has and a you never know to catch Catholics. Four of those specs or what but -- street war. I'm comfortable out silvers and right now. You know a lot of -- on the bottom plastics. And worms. You know on one of the great -- over there enough and big reckons that kind of -- white with a bit -- tale. You know or more accurate Muddy -- -- -- combo. Lot of well straight until they shouldn't order big -- as they elected as a sort of -- -- -- Cousteau last exit you. You know those middle rescue me dates for Trout a kind of a forgotten thing and when I was a kid. The two most popular crowd dates with a missed a champ and -- -- call the -- war which will flashing silver spoons. Tough I mean you never swam out you know unless you lose them and hang them up you're not gonna. Have to keep changed him like soft plastics and many people use those anymore but that can be very very effective dates. Yet there a really netbook elective reader want. -- -- -- But Rudy -- -- usual wage picture it back days finished all up and -- the Texas coast it is really settled into its chandelier. And I kind of made it -- them charter it inspected today it was kind of one of the first people to do. And after all the years he tenant says that the silver is by far the most productive anymore. And I think there's a lot of -- to that war. Note -- yeah in fact I'm gonna have Nextel -- on the give me a couple of those and bring them up I guess I still am around not only off by him and in my tackle box still a sidewinder and missed the champ I think. I think it was the champ is definitely around mature about the side war. A little. Then -- went to an effective dates adorable it's too. Rather listen before you go on the last week catch was elements of -- an area that's closed down to fishermen some people in the club we'll get citations. And he described as down in south of highway one around food show on road and they Luoyang and had several people emailed and called acidic comments. Didn't get exactly whether Mary was and they want to be aware that -- can you update us on win that section news. -- oblique area that talking about it is solved. That. Old -- one between the caution line. When you get all elevated. Poll poultry junior -- -- -- about a solution on the road -- right. Right from the from the old body in the room they used to go to the goal. East. Towards. Where the USA eight K it is that that gates. That they're. -- that route goes to that little tower that monitors airplanes. -- that ultimately tried parents and everywhere Mac now we're at Beijing is all the way to buy. -- -- part of that group there. Well everybody needs to be aware of that battle -- he'll have a on the website that maybe if you could. You know just -- of some type of vote on a map in May be demonstrated shall I don't know I think that would be a lot of good information doesn't really concerned about it. And landowner from what I understand he's put the word out going to be writing tickets to people trespassed. Yeah that that don't include that really popular area with -- -- -- always. Variety and I -- side and become. November. Yes well fortunately there's still some other places to go. Brendon thanks so much the report we appreciated as always have a safe trip back. Our. Corner. Thank you very much in the you guys sort of -- I've read here they are you take you coast kayak fishing club BC KFC title lots of good information. Celebrating our 25 year of broadcasting. Back in July 1989. -- on you know what else was going on -- Fuhrman through a baseball -- of -- the Major League all star game was played in July of the united -- -- yes sportscast. Guy by the name of Ronald -- later on became president also -- the first test flight of the US US stealth bomber. Took place. One in five years ago this week we started the program actually -- like shifting it from the little station is -- bill we began. On distributed across state that station was a WS LA. Which was. 1560. Then now we moved over to and have them flagship in Baton Rouge it agent -- -- 3.3. Then after that we went to our current flagship station studios WWL. In WW well FM it's a seventy on the AM and 1053 on the FM. And in recent years we now broadcasts from -- broadcast studio in the woods. Called saint Hubert skip the way we ought today named him on the patron saint honors 25 years in and still known as the first ones fives aren't. Next point five years should be -- Well our story begins up back in October 2012 and an -- state police fish and wildlife -- -- -- anonymous tip about some illegal -- and hunting activities that resulted in. Abandoned Oregon man pleading guilty to taking people -- illegal months for help in buffalo. On another person's ranch without Leona and knowing about it. In the end the investigators arrested some 23 people on more than 200 counts of illegal money. Alan Aronson was charged to a guiding amounts on private land the only problem was he wasn't even license to operate that type of business. What's more he took out -- is regardless of whether or not they had had valid hunting licenses and tags. Between twenty Jan 2012. Hunters with Aaronson killed dozens of L including large trophy L. That was shot and killed by people without tanks meanwhile they killed at least nine buffalo from the neighboring ranch again without the owner's consent. You can see photos of the remnants of that and it was in the high on my web page radio photo. They searched -- different locations there was a lot of evidence implicating a couple. The documents that computer of the -- El -- models of vehicles rifle three buffalo hides. Finally Aaron Aaronson pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor counts of -- to register as an outfitter in guy to felony counts of theft in the first degree. In addition to thirty days in jail and 66050. Dollars in fines. Receiving a lifetime hunting license suspension that's the one I've called the death penalty. In ordered to forfeit his 205. Point 05 Ford pickup. And two ATVs. Is the 43 year old man while wife Emily was sentenced to three year hunting license suspension. And she was ordered to pay her fines and restitution to the total of 151350. Now. Well looks to me like three years from now at least she'll be back to honing. But with out. Alan Aronson her man and our bad boy I'll bill. One -- five years of bad boys and no shortage. Coming up they just the second we're gonna get to captain Rhode Island vacation fishing adventures but we got more chicken it was -- from Lafayette right now mark only Lafayette. They good morning. Yes or over at news talk 965 K fell what are your good affiliates. Wanna rock great affiliate in law stations in the glad to have you guys will this all these years. Indeed you would like -- -- back -- -- 25 years and with due to hold on all of yelled yeah. We gave utility part time in and -- done outdoor dog abused for the full 25 years in Georgia Tech and in fact you -- about a year and on we get a remote. From a Winn-Dixie last year -- promoting some kind of number to call it pocket outdoor food I mean there was -- Oh yes I know just in -- memory. So anyway and look I hear great things from listeners should apparently friends associates. Everybody here at Lafayette it's a regular listener to our station -- -- programs so. Congratulations to keep it up another 45 years. That's very kind of you mark thanks so much that goes up down NC you guys -- stomach on the Latvia. It thank you mark preceded it. All right let's go out to our cajun fishing adventures in -- and it's Paris reports were prominently in the brought you by Graham -- golf club it's a scenic golf course and it's nestled right -- -- majestic -- believe it or not what -- background and backdrop like gulf fifteen minutes from the Huey Long -- and willing. Close to the city check it all out agreeing to reach gulf dot com. -- what's going on down at us. Well it. At. All what else is new -- And alcohol you don't go you gotta remind me blog and count the days that counting them. It difficult to come through -- Cool cool this is there. Any signings yeah -- is still -- It's certainly is certainly wish so that actually and I did they just left it over the -- chances gonna stupid political back the -- That broke the -- or or just. In minutes this little ones which issues you know eight billion -- there. Of blue wings alone and ended it they had giant greens like -- say it Butler as birch probably. Well I'm looking forward to -- always talking about ought to follow let's remind them that the youth Connors and the parents -- -- known as the only got this essay contest going on you very generously going to be. Taking some one the utes how to conduct content some -- maybe for the first time and tell them how to get involved and. You. Don't need to be yet that is what our goal why you should be what -- -- children murdered -- grow in the fifties musical. Why you come -- be orders -- YE -- We're pure circumstance -- work. Like you can you know you wanna comment -- -- -- it's going to be a great thing we can take a look at a break. Mark purple with a trip abroad or shall would win or did because what is the option lanes that they should ski -- be able. -- open record so parents built and operated everything will be big -- In you know so a lot in the heart everything is running out of ten children those and children also and they. Bill will make it great great and mr. right until they like you should be -- Boys and girls fifteen down to ten years of age everybody's eligible. You know I was thinking Ryan you know like we were kids sit down and write that doesn't happen anymore I think emails this is the way to go aren't. There are you -- it can be. Creative up pretty well. While he used about it already. They used to write -- write -- email me and let me know why -- and the little Victorian will have a great. -- -- great and they can send it to -- of course terrorist phony isn't working with a -- paralyzed Louisiana you can send it to Gary. At paradise Louisiana dot com is somebody's drive and they can't remember these. Go to my website when you get a minute -- got an email contact you can send it to me if they wanna send it to you what's the best addressed this -- They consider to keep in Asia. Eight. In it didn't directly. Well great -- people. That. Children and single balm. -- there are. Ordered as though it would it. Wondered what you meant that. So it's very tough about decision what's going on only advantage that -- As you know. Should we can vote for trees and so what is it. -- -- -- -- He gave back all it would be a lot of bobbled. So I -- you ripped through pretty pretty good deal for this hour. -- -- -- Yeah. The western wind has been the dominant wing and a how do you deal with that down and you you Wesley -- -- Chris heck yeah get that -- elite side. So. We oh the group. And you know like the small community voted flow problem. In the twelve the -- When I cross that river it might be five. Certain group who would regard it is -- the difference in the two sides with the -- -- It's it's an incredible thing to witness the legal today. Now this. They have the drug has -- out -- they -- young distort caper out. And we even though -- probably the big lottery -- -- very few street gators. Could along -- -- solution to this big debate me. Sounds like a great plan Mississippi -- level whereas abandoned Kim you know it's strange here and we look forward to maybe a salt water went smooth and efficient -- Are here illegally owned and look forward to it because it. You know it is historic this -- -- right now. And by the third we didn't all that's what we can all of this sort of -- great -- market in the Arctic helping -- and then it really starts turning green. Then there's the red -- blue beer and great story and more of what you see short subject about what would it involves those. Rose in the October global boom outcome here in the -- still on the reported that. Old school ball. Ukraine Ukraine here notebook that you -- that you looked -- under -- it may increase. And you right. Ryan sounds like fun elected time and remind people get those well at paragraph couple lines wouldn't that you're writing gets elected -- -- -- remind people who kids don't need anything we can provide guns and shells. And when you hope would Ryland that you on ten issues you know it says the down and that it. Acts exactly Erica. Ryan thanks so much befriend you have a good -- them and a fishing with the family in mocha chip in next week I'll be talking to you from Alaska will be win my eight year old. -- -- -- There. All right -- Week all right captain Ryan Lambert cajun fishing advantages brought him back. Grand ridge golf caught it's not the club that she used it it's golf club is of course it's all right there in the cypress swamp. Fifteen minutes from the EU long bridge in little check -- all out it grainy and reach golf dot. I am I happy to tell you some -- Ducks Unlimited you know we have the Louisiana State chapters and its convention last -- in Baton -- will -- -- -- -- at their annual convention in Saint Louis has the best news coming that. One of our own rob park -- coach Reeve who was elected to the national board of directors. Ron and his wife Jacqui well known for everything they've done -- dedication to conservation organizations particularly Safari Club International Ducks Unlimited involved with youth they've been a big big sponsor. For a Louisiana -- writers association. Journalism contest for years. -- Ron was quoted as saying in misses this is typical run -- If you're gonna harvest game you must absolutely give back to the resource that some and he -- out about. In addition to being on the border Ducks Unlimited national sports. He's also in the Louisiana State chairman Ducks Unlimited. He's on the advisory senior vice president chip for membership and the Ducks Unlimited Canada board. Ron and Jackie of impress upon it children and their grandchildren how important conservation is at last count. 35 members from -- generations. Apart -- family. Going forward with a passion for conservation by actively supporting. In being involved in organizations like -- we are proud to congratulate. Ron -- sells now named the national board of directors. The ducks a heck of sports. I celebrating 25 years of doing this network show. Back in 1980 now on the July we started at that time models announcements happened in radio that was a pirate radio stations going on unlicensed agents well. The marshals and the FCC sees a pirate radio station WH OT. In Brooklyn. Glad it'll come looking for Ross you know reasons anyway. There goes that so every element singing it's out of our Sonia food wrapping up the show coming up after. The top of the hour news if you -- be -- on thirteen 50 AM or you can catch it on down on the outdoors guide dot com live broadcast. I'll speak -- -- -- and more toughness -- got a great run out of gas. Kasey running talking about kayaks Chris -- talking about the fighting is finished in Louisiana Jack rebel. And not just champagne dockside marina. Tell us about the future of his operation all of that and then in the second hour. Talking guns Zarko filling in. But Michael Meyer will be Gammons actually can talk about those new silence -- laws and also about the products and lots of other information about. It's what we do you will be doing that again on WW WL thirteen fifty. We called three WL. We say good -- to those affiliate station but we'll see you back to your starting on next 15 -- the -- doors -- down to -- radio and.