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7-26 7am More Outdoors with Don Dubuc

Jul 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- three WL. Almost -- food and fun. It's more outdoor whip Don Dubuque. The talk about hunting and fishing and all the things we love about the great outdoors. Call 260. 6368. That's 2606368. To board toll free at 855. 395. To 6368. Now fears euros Bora Bora pillars. -- -- Now walked him into another addition of more outdoors we start off this because specs with Todd masks on who joins us now Tommy is still down in -- made -- home. Note of that and it's absolutely covering the folk rock rodeo down here obviously it's a big weekend of the summer or local anger got the -- are you on that agreement and down here then it's the full power rodeo and that's what -- on the that recovered the old -- on -- candidate. It's a the president that -- and some really really nice citizen bank -- of the the scales despite. Some fairly adverse conditions. Let's -- first competition day it was Thursday. Probably the best conditions Libya of that that the entire term because today it's it's it's windy as well what. Per day up at the the most impressive -- they fell off considerably yesterday. Yesterday the wind was blowing well below previous night as well Gekko in the morning. Northwest wind which is you know course sunscreen for July but that but what in but not limited. Where we go -- Limited their access no matter where they -- went from blowing probably twelve. Meet even as -- sixteen miles an hour which is a pretty significant kicked out of that direction. So -- -- -- -- -- look at respect throughout ran over to the upper -- pat great site at. The ground are here without both yours and as much as it was won't get bounced around over there so. First day of the opted not Thursday. The team doctor Mike -- -- -- many people know these Syria. A picture on local rodeo boards. They went collectively. Announces the end of the list. -- elected. Well it. You'd. And so on even. Development at least this until Google and yet -- yet on why so. You know these rockets. At them side and be out yet like this small. Today or is that while we were down on it and we didn't seem. You looked upon you knew that it may yet today where there's certainly it but anyway -- -- -- it -- that back them -- stringer. On on Thursday -- almost won it by now cockpit. So it'll spot on -- anchored by six point 15 round. Speckled Trout that even caught. The competition. -- water -- Lot strip onslaught in court -- you know optical Cleo pollute the the dot org as. The property. I think that's going to be -- Oh when he string. -- -- that's gonna beat that. -- -- cheaper during it that's an -- not like. -- conditions where yesterday it looked like beat today I'll -- history -- beaten by goes straight to think about it a lot of beauty really equality. This year -- we haven't heard from yet. And wore a -- it back. -- looking for me today it you know a lot of guys. You know units at all day -- so it might it it -- on Thursday and you know a couple -- Friday. And try and -- -- -- -- well they bring it this year and so it will -- -- -- But some other architect has it yesterday. I mean I jailed for Matt and bill. And at 32 point two pound it snapped the -- -- keynote. Really really need -- remember on. This via. They record now for many many years they -- not out there. On and its immediate decades or so. But -- and -- caught just absolutely obliterated they were at a fifty pounder now media. I get the world records -- like thirty topic that really is also. Thirteen point four sat down mangrove. Snapper which is and rights -- leader on the latter category is at what point nine announced it which they won't hear that but. In Iraq that it on rodeo today that's going to be. Not think that stands as well but there's a lot. The and in fact there's not yet. Anyone who calls the equality -- your life a lot yet so that's a little bit. Well I'll tell you that. A kick in but content of the results and on the grand isle rodeo as far as the quality of efficient means is simply blown away and all those categories and wait she gave out. I don't remember being in the the full -- back in its early days when it first broke away as a satellite -- station for the grand isle rodeo and back then it was held at. You know and basically down at the new -- -- big game fishing club house which was down Newport needs where's it all headquartered right now. Not at all headquartered at Venice marina and I really big crowds and -- shall. You know both fishing and inspect saying. Both days. Competition Thursday and Friday and as a -- she looked at our own road. And that many posts on here shall I get here early and optical. Let the word about that but he typically -- apartment -- on the road. So really it turns out some of course great news good good entertainment they've have peaked and that night or he's going to be out there and I've been getting out out of marina 8 o'clock each night when skills we'll come back for the -- let out slot where -- if you let me get some writing done out stories but. Until a lot of well thought out here certainly but it got like -- stay open and corral a little bit but that's you know. The folk art really all about the fishing it's it's it's very very competitive fish. You know I actually to -- whether a couple of grand outdoor rodeo opine you know is difficult situation obviously is in the history of the -- -- rodeo. Up -- this is the rodeo that that the more competitive bankers and you have to clock you now and yet you conduct which he would India in the weeks that we are tremendously better than the ones that are common and by the Crennel already mentioned. Red. They keep standing her ground properly yesterday I was really surprised that some of the first place this is substantially smaller. Under the first place finish. Horry here's a full pot of leading yellow fin tuna. Years 117 and it took him believe it's it's -- Yes yes so quite quite a marked difference there but. Trout speckled Trout you know blown them away just about every category and I mean and obviously this is in Venice menaces the paradise and I guess you know you've been covered road -- long Tom like I have and how would venture to say faux -- a rodeo. As far as quality of fish in the competition is number one -- no other rodeos is highly competitive that produces that a finished in that room. Yet to agree on you know it's fine is that the folk art early real Democrat -- -- is the other sixteen year old pot. -- -- blue. You know the first year at about thirty votes -- impressed with our first year. This beautiful -- Arctic before so it's its stock or that average turnout is 13250. So this is you know the bigger. Figured that he didn't know whether it was the biggest ever. Look ensured that -- say that but but -- is too big when it's bigger than -- that's sure. And you -- you know and it's obviously you know very very storied. Destination for -- but it's not. -- right now it's you know the Mississippi River. Is seven -- and -- and capping gauge it is all packet to the story this week interview with -- perhaps -- yet National Weather Service. Got a really really -- all on the it's going to be nights he expects to get a little rocky Carroll and it sometime within the next week and Japanese said there is no sign that it's gonna jump back up about spot again he says it's it's going to be doubtful Spock for awhile. They -- the reason is is as great weather pattern and you know get knocked COLT broke up this week at another geological. Ever -- the three logical part of my life but anyway you know coming this week he's set that's kinda -- that you get that those that -- pushing down. Into the gulf of the brain can't sit anywhere for very long and so it is kind of screeched through. And that's what a lot of rivers of all that when you when you have. River rises that are. You know on partly on seasonal he -- speak that you get a blocking situation -- in the rain collects -- one area maybe over the midwest and it just can't move it rains for days. That's when the -- -- he said he doesn't see that and yet on the forecast so the replica ball. The whole lot easier down here at those -- this -- movement the ripper. -- Or yesterday or -- via a wait and the passes are still be there really really there Ian yeah go out Cuba and -- -- that talkback Ian. It is protected water and a pot -- I -- very very efficient you can colony oh wayward. Bennett struck her you know obviously it out -- now -- -- check out in your part. Greg suspicion about the music yet we got to travel on late in the clean water and be crucial. He got it out of it. Even that that it that that is water and it's a little bit dirty on top big creek on the spot and we couldn't get any fish in Napoli got back in Cuba. Bit more protected areas that are away from you know protect him from the river and target number practice so. You know but what what's the outlook that room all those basic movement for the red -- on -- in the river that's -- basic -- and easy and parliament has no better place and then this one would -- well. Yeah no doubt those Grand -- full -- both have two elements to the fishing in aspect in the party got to give the party -- -- grand -- not that little party hard down at folk pop. But as far as the position in his hands down full -- got. If you would mention to Cleo and Johnny blows -- -- may be in those -- in the showdown ethnic and you know we can set it up logistically. The great thing you know you're already down and welcome them and -- do the -- four hour show on location. I hope definitely that typically and that he would know it would lock that down here I know it would so like -- that when that that you -- that there or else seen. Johnny has been doing quite that efficient that grew at Polaris -- and -- -- year. And not the other big -- big -- but he's likely to build more work but you out a popular blood that. Suddenly get -- and it won't. Well actually keep running keep -- courses at the -- and we're very very successful one. He's out today are not sure exactly where I think it down and there now -- that will pocket a final on -- -- also got a little short on that. Port commission down by smush on a black people out of the mark is down and so are we keep keep these certain thing about that. Well we -- we had reports comment last week and this week it sent real popular everywhere a lot of people go off -- we want them and they aren't. Writing tickets some of the by -- calls kayak fishing club members. Have been cited in the land -- made no bones of bodies that you -- property you can get tickets. That very very. Yeah there are a number of reasons but. Yeah out Italy you confirm that and that partner disappointing you know it's really most of the -- we. And it can be considered product that statute so fortunate what well popular indicate he'll get some good news about area where to buy that you can -- All of actress we were coming up Chris Weaver. It -- happen shoreline Pittman you know on the question -- get more than any other street the main question is where Marco -- is about well. I'll Chris Weaver got it's -- east on a really good. Jack about why is it that a lot of people turn at bat -- you if you're short block and he might catch some some big beautiful face and put up -- what you meant by what you could not be -- Jack about apple -- and get the -- -- Also got to accept me happy to report on -- pocket trainers easterly part straighter -- a chance that the look at news bar it's. I've -- apple arena which is going to be moving sometime soon. Seem like their -- opted not only did he just sent a while -- -- eagle but -- really show up. Oh clip art speaks with. I'm a song is live at the Venice marina down there for the full power rodeo taking place -- and -- this weekend and joining us now Stacy brown Casey thanks for being -- -- -- -- -- AKC a excellent dollars. Wars that. Yeah actually not people from you better realize that should -- on them there now. What. -- you clean it is so happy to close -- -- Butler. Yeah you know it's it's definitely not clean. Kind of took a chance today I'll just north of the wagon wheel right now trying to work malware portal what went much and the problem when water. Israel for. I mean. In Europe where the Atlanta wondered just more about reporter the right Casey. You know we've been deal with northwest which situation which is kind of had argued all war. Part of what July is that the blow pretty pretty briskly briskly -- it is -- it. Breaking up -- then it's it's. Here right now you know we're we're. Dotted moved right on track went you know. -- -- Dictate your breaking up as well it's. Retirees that was C that they connection with you. That we get so McCoy right back. I tell you what might happen if thought Sheldon you can work with casing getting to where he's in a position when -- in good need to move could have a lot of Tom says that the promise -- return and you had all. They can move that and distort the signals that will give him back on this assumes we can't. Casey -- of course one of the premier kayak guise of fishing down in nearly area where Todd is which is Venice the location of the annual full power rodeo on going big guns what Tom -- the final weigh in today. Yet on the last few days it's been eight she also sparkly today a little earlier -- six. Which is a good thing because. They like it here at 8 o'clock and go back the right has meant so much late night for me but. You know at 6 o'clock the seat and -- going to be a big party down here he mentioned in the last segment that. Economic report edge Q a lot of ground are -- no doubt about that but -- in south Louisiana and not many people don't according do well. That's certainly -- down here as well -- locker very competitive pitching as well be very interesting to see. Well -- some of those big guns bring it today even despite the conditions you know Casey. I think -- cut the -- that would be saint. Well except that not bad down there by what what what currently yesterday it -- their -- -- or. Let's say what he says because we have him back with a better connection I'll go ahead case. You know. Pretty strong well that's what we're we're -- -- -- and and try new. Drop -- won that -- can look forward extremely dirty it's really really muddy week 11140 torturers. And that's all we have an envelope we haven't we haven't seen anything else. -- -- -- -- Yes and we came out here we're actually decided we do an early precision trip for next week and -- which is you know we need one more credible and more trauma and the one point glad that. Until we get it to seven on the port on the back. Yet eight about that you don't -- forty oriented. Next week no doubt about it. Did not see you went with that would be brought down there and -- -- dirty water. I -- growing more difficult. And any kind of all over to try to jokes to conclude that a diet lowered it just makes a tremendous splash when the -- really or. Yeah actually -- it's almost like the -- handle it really a big city and I demand that board board kidnapping at a peak. Really excited 08 Q what other areas that an -- out for you kayak and that you adopt talk in the intro about. The port commission cracking down on anglers fishing near delusional and you look at involved that your -- -- you know -- this. -- -- -- -- back in it's it's going a lot more public now why he got to the point of the owners of the property several months to go around -- the time. But you know it's it's a couple family you know on the property and reliability parks and different reasons they've chosen to decide he could pull out. You know for the people sit down there to basically the telephone pole pole run toward grand isle and didn't get to the next bridge. And all that property from there alcohol into the beach is is on the property and that's when they're. They're rumored to be right tickets and about actually heard rumors of obscure -- so. Unfortunately. That is don't phenomenal finish and an option for year. Rest assured you'll see much contact anywhere around. Very very help or apple obviously. Really really your area you guys efficient quite regularly aliens that's all property just infuriate me Louisiana the only state in the union. That you call idle water girl and now -- never understood that you on the I don't water there today yields are at war that there tomorrow. It is absurd that anybody and I can block access -- water again it's only state in the union that you -- that. Really really ridiculous. You know what we don't realize what you thought you -- again that. Most of markers are privately owned unit there was only -- reducing -- hood. You would virtually be obligated nowhere in the state of Louisiana. If every. Older said you can -- ship model and you cannot traverse water period it is really really unfortunate. Casey let's well on the options. More when you hear there's -- -- where some hot spots for a per pack English. Well -- you right now in Indy or when you can hear is probably -- to be to the grand power player of the week and a half ago and I think we have right over a hundred trial just. Kneel down. Applied and AM in the Mormon -- -- do with me -- -- trip and you know everything he could keep the normal is cold shoulder in the -- so much. Tom so that would immediately it was they were in the top order they were destroyed in the matrix. In and we started going to spend that premiered on to actually on the slaughter them and we got a little bigger Trout that I'm so. You know any North Atlantic in the Chinese people to -- -- the political -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to put in there and distraught collegiate. Runner on third down run -- a lot. The bell. I guess we'll Rockland he's that a buildup in the -- that are out there it and just just couture and -- -- we're going to -- and work it out. You know it was just add that to -- This -- to sell windows or you know on the Obama. I -- north out of Ireland not a debate side of the -- of history that would they be kept it to really get out of there. Are under grad does that little were set that back toward the ground now. -- the court and that's fairly exposed to the back in the you know it's probably a -- oh. You know they've been doing really well. -- -- -- case you're right you know it north -- -- what -- in the each. You know north or west win this season certainly you -- that. Today and when those speeches get -- it nice and you know I've only. Your answer -- -- because upgrade to a kayak that you'd expect when your there's the -- -- opening giggle but mobility greatly. Increase your chances of that's a -- -- you meant of course the brand now. Not all mayors that the -- And -- but really hot spot but. Really it's not -- what you acted yet in the vision and oh yeah that's more those forty mortgage rate payers. Next week that -- -- -- what the actor. And I say yeah and I think followed by the tournament on Saturday and then I took on the filed on Monday. Finish anywhere within the state. -- really really well it seems that their retirement -- put together brings -- from the top gun from technical support so it's a pretty -- -- While you were in the top I believe there are no doubt about it you always they don't think it's that console as a good luck we copy and it. -- -- -- -- -- I -- to Casey Browning and Todd you know you've never had the pleasure of raising daughters and I've had the pleasure of going through -- in on like what jolt general problem looks like preteen and teenage girls -- -- Different things you find in this stuffed animals and pennants and some of them like mine in gymnastics trophies and horse a competition plaques and things like that. But our next guest can tell you -- to moderate Amy. Our room is full of trophies and plaques from fishing events and also -- writing and photography competition I'm talking about Amy Weaver. And our dad Chris joins us now hey Chris good to hear from. -- -- I'm congratulations on 25 years -- wherever accomplishment. And it's very content to say thanks so much. Yeah and I think that -- join us this morning and you know are not on down here in and then a couple of -- our rodeo know. You probably somewhere on the lake front -- -- to train. May be looking out it says and busting it Jacqueline ballot we've been arguably lead they showed up media week or so ago and potential of those days when the when the conditions are good. It. Get -- -- -- in the back of the truck and I'm getting ready to go to some cardiac LaMont Brothers and a friend. Who wouldn't catch and -- matrix finish. But I would certainly have -- project which school my arrival -- articles. Right in you know credits that that Jack is on a -- -- out shortly ought to train. It is it's panic you know it depending on the -- un -- talk Euro and week out how we you have to go really really strong last year -- what is so good. This year seems to be you and you're will be earlier last year. What do you think the prospects often this year what -- think it is that drives those Jack in Cuba Italy -- The object additional train and we sure hope most of my friends around with a dual -- can the -- -- that nominee again this year it's been this year and last year it started out slow. But does this week has been a good week I don't know it's because of the side. But. So far this week of course -- -- from issue of course you from the point. And uncle. One down but London has gotten a lot of the -- So that you just sure everybody in the fish administration's been late for all the different species that could be could be happening at the major secondly. And it has a lot to do debate debate slocum and bogeys. And the -- the church really followed bogeys and -- -- And they you know -- -- wide these bogeys and these drainage canals like Orleans canal. London avenue canal let stand bold the left and arbor. Well on malaria while leaders that have these pop stations were these Mexican. Corral -- bogeys and mullets are meant to these so. Areas that's where they sit around their feet on the church and that's where English should talk to them from the -- Cricket said that the and it actually you corral that the that the Hokies will -- back out into the -- every evening. I get that went a little bit more statement Jack we can't seem as well whatever it once that that -- Cracked the the horizon that knows Jack Kevorkian as a bogeys and I and -- -- back the shoreline that. Push him back in it daybreak. Is that from daybreak of Clark and you start in the next. Com Boston and which initiation. Back into the actuaries these canals. And then later in the -- London that the Czechs seemed to hang out there and nobody on the outside of these areas. And when -- finished. And back out into lake in the late afternoons. Reject visually reform and has been quite a few recreation also so far this year. Output to -- spoon position -- -- -- -- court. Wednesday and recognize reg. And the late as useful directors this year out of -- and Leo and from what that's what it's a pleasant surprise. Yet. -- -- I've gotten that similar reports about the number of red lake never never bet nets sure but -- or my qualities that -- all the value AA. Can't read this week that it -- -- big -- probably -- -- Rick Jackson as well but. -- people often say okay why I don't know really what the -- war but those the checks make their presence pretty well known bill that you can seem pretty well -- Or get it well it would like to do is completion an area like a mile of these canals. I use the mullets and pull these satellite radio. And it's not going to be a lot of mullah big wall -- or big block bogeys from you know watch the finish. And when they get nervous but he still especially when he -- in those small rodent like responses. That Jack is right on the minute which one noted that Boone -- let's move out there senator general area. And Jack finish have a tendency actually the human as you live warned that -- -- pharmacy the ones and been. If you see a big finish -- up on -- and I'm talking about when they blow up in the -- Michael cannon ball actual mental and sometimes you'll see them all jump and a blow. You know -- for a life and that Jack -- -- in that -- -- -- there absolutely. So -- can heating and it's really quite slowly it's very exciting to change their element there but I mean -- like. Sometimes like you know more and blow up on -- it really it really show. -- Chris you only do it. It thinking like you get out there -- -- that but the operation not an out there with what our -- right -- that really. These these Jack finish. And the -- boats. They they're big cultural fish on me were caught a few small ones this year at first when I was about shifting problems. Well liked but yet the -- and probably toward the brand out property that features prepare easily thirty pound -- Took 200 yard line not my real. And I've seen people hook them on trial brought the full and all the bureaus left news. They hit it -- they pick my not so fast and it looks like you've got to throw water on the real that would delete it. The real smoke in these finish or bench. Basically she -- their first -- up. And they have nowhere else to go out and if you don't have at least 250 yards -- order to -- you a lot on your real. You its possibilities these traditions who. A little boat we put so with that would power ride this -- you've -- -- and download the boat and the things just do not you vote. Point its amazing in the power of those this year and the stamina that they can fight that law really got beat you're up for -- -- test EU's not. What what's hot rod you have a particular shot as well rotten you like. You know like. The line I usually like to use no less then twelve contest the thirty pound test. Some people have heavier. A line that that I use. Seven and eight -- home. -- cards -- one piece. -- with -- big pilots. And heavy reels and the big. The Big Ten it's a really good -- use. And. Spoon of choices that eighteen. Of their 1819. And 21 those those phones have good wait too long. -- -- -- -- -- pretty good ways and I usually like using at least the 62 and eighty pound -- -- album chart leader around two foot long which wearable. It's important to have this well because these these spoons and oh will wish to line if you don't have a squabble and there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You've met and the other -- it and you -- that out today on target those what you do differently in your you're trying to get over it. Registration in the lake. We've been using. Gulps -- that work real well forests and etched in the period choice too much so well what does it depend it would show a true scale. And when we get -- -- just about any thing and now we get out and Jerry -- -- Different points. Around Weston has been good. Because what he's been good. Largest -- islands and go with the directions that a lot of -- has been able to read violence and do it almost straight up and down and and and got you loud as the future -- the debenture in the flow between. Richard should be really pick up the slack issues towards the pro -- Trout in the Columbus. No doubt that it directors yearly -- -- and are going to be behind you at the earlier I think you're right uncle will turn out to be really good -- year. And so got what would you say maybe another six to eight weeks of Jack it's not there are gonna laugh about it -- Yeah. Jack fish. Also about the latest of course projector which was October 20. Usually the objects to leave with a -- -- first cold -- we -- -- in the field. Block the deal migrate on the lake is out there you know -- -- subjective -- Well as some friends probably applaud -- you know into November. But it all depends on how cool cool and so when they come true reject these sectors should definitely migrating fish. And they're they're -- he about it on the -- would -- -- turning old yet. -- what -- they -- secured note of course about a Chris really release the report thanks so much -- honest -- not good luck today. Targeting as a threat -- doubly -- period. I hope hopefully they'll bring it Jack -- in the back of Lake Pontchartrain in new -- -- -- it was a bomb unit but hopefully they'll bring a second and start a new -- rodeo for us you know like touch screen with the kind -- Yeah note a lot of fun last year but so popular apartments he would cute they could. They are asking geologists the second Chris we have a call and it has a question for you on long line to believe it saw. Is -- way where you you a -- go ahead your own Chris. Yeah it -- And it caught the and that applies -- factory issue. What's that look back what -- shake. Machine and applaud the actress. -- That and that could not end here. You. Need to. Call. Blow. When we got to get a -- alone when we -- -- project in -- when -- had a good group what was it rejects. -- certainly not to train and whenever somebody. Else. That's not at all you know when you look at the -- when you would you -- -- -- and everybody knows you yeah. But I'll maker in the. Anchor political and Todd we have -- champagne joining us now to talk about some well. To make a little bit of disturbing news say chance. Bag in the mail today. Do -- murder and you ought to talk about I was on the although there are side. Obviously you become a -- over the air right next to the that the did not about -- -- now. But it sounds like that maybe change it will be you Matthew on the location that correct. Yeah -- now. We basically build a business up from from scratches that one and 8000. On his players now. And having much -- in the community and thoughtfully you know about it and -- We had a good thing your league would beat what that -- there and the people -- -- -- at all. Attorneys that are attorneys and the moment that smaller parity right now law there well -- -- multiple an accountant. Grey area what would be sold technicality issue it gave them somewhat -- who have -- that occupied go to court and buy it stand now and now. -- -- On that they'll people ill and they gave the eviction -- the week -- -- wait back it up yesterday and I'll be there a little bit longer run in the matrix -- -- colored dolls are sure thank equipment Saturday then -- -- and it was several other. Opportunities there. Possible marine that we -- do it and I don't really know exactly what we're gonna do completely. Capital gains and definitely not there and next to adopt any now or share. You know it's very very important news obviously it happened very quickly. You birdie are shut them -- the marina. So no idea yet where you where you Mario. What would now. You know and not that it -- All -- I got like three different options and I'm -- is Roland. Make -- -- operation straight out of model and keep them in India than. Market and make your chair and give me a lot more time to focus on my attention on that they need day. On. I'm either and probably your -- and the storefront like many. Patients bill or as dominant need to make sure it worked out could be -- and fail on -- -- Judah walk in customers then. Give it a place to do all look shipment and I'll keep it. Fishermen friendly you know well a lot of these people you know -- camaraderie like that. Our place battle that it would feel like the business whose occupation and country club. -- -- dollar people like you know they'll -- -- figured that I am. Even -- -- do it again and it now in the war room and not in the strip business. -- You know -- you know location on the water up Ana Almonte the laws and utilities that he would split and I'll back the gala and a -- there. I'd let that not just sit color now you know consider on. As a couple of different option for me to get back and debate. Be really good deal. And really benefit because that the very -- visit the name -- -- it and doesn't always justify. The income. Back. Yeah there's no question about it trying to stock and so much of it is not an endless nightmare challenged. Constantly. I don't NBA you guys who -- that do it. I'll look at we aptly -- -- about the luck again reestablished. No other -- -- -- -- beat you know and sent a couple of fixtures and lot of people depend on out there panel beatle -- watcher at the London diamond who would you guys that had but there. That decision out there at the bridges and easily pocket train. And you know certainly it's. It's been isn't it you this year let you know it never liked the other the crowd seemed to care always out there and I don't it's that's been the case this year as well all you know obviously. That's sad that or you put that we all sorts you know this report. From new -- on -- -- -- Procter and you're out there most days what you on now water right now. He had to leave -- in the same thing about. Six straight weeks now all the people ago while watcher OpenId. They come back with a mixed bag anywhere from now on the Saturday session in you know depending on the cap and extension. Fifteen point -- so on a regular basis that all the drama and chief medical corporate pension. Payout Belichick got a trumpet right now on the areas like. Well they're being you know not good. Right so it really complicated and fresh water issues issues that really and without -- going to be you know but it just thanks so much on that. Bush at -- back now we've actually been doing a lot of that should last video made. There had not canal and -- that that was it is really good with the best position and canal which I grew up read fiction and trial mission there. Level and -- -- the ban in the option by Yemeni Wanda which I'm nattering on there are built up about a year you know. Yet radio talk and video like it's midnight now. Bullets Albanians so you meet you at a -- they had an error at all areas. Get a lot of self -- -- -- that stuff out my friend Dominique and you would it have an island you know. You know budget. His monologue. It's it's everywhere -- -- -- adult not yet signaled that a message and its although there as well to but that went up like Merlin. The only other thing that has been -- back when you get those smaller circus of media storms that are in chula. You know I get it figured that the good over the bad but Tom. Can't made a trip Sunday due to the pretzels let's stop -- -- -- -- -- so much room. Arctic chill out and in credit is that an attribute success. The -- Bryant's loose moving which it 11 cent a pilot yet -- a report by doctor all prints maybe keep tenure there. And it would dye in downtown Arlington. Didn't repeat which is at Kirkland and that is kind of a pattern you find them there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We needed you gotta be willing alert per year career after the and they share. Brian Lawrence. Certainly -- -- anybody and down there but. Get up not the launch again shirt that day that we earmark bill Largo that you work part though that is so he's done a great job with that there. While -- east -- out -- it's that we go. Former community that the web site that on. -- major shared that doesn't keep -- web site domain dot. The name and dog itself really matter where on the war balance Shura or should the picture of -- Information on this year in Oregon exe file from the video now from people on now. Where fish on it again and do it -- him around more really do a better idea of people play official route and just China. Shell more ago. -- not you know. Right it will Chad good let down a positive note you introduce three new color real quickly what. And the bullet section antley got. One -- or purple days and shrimp cocktail and not start totally on it and that we make some 101000. It's victory days that well -- that -- got a boy I don't know what that's great that news glad that your I can't look opera. Idol. And -- -- sanctity. All right thanks again we appreciate -- that's about it wrapped about enjoy the rest of Utah and down at the ministry at the ballpark. Yet what will still it's not the boat that not look at a little there's a slippery rock audience. Paula -- you make the -- -- Utah. -- -- -- I -- being elected next week thought into it and we can associate now or an association convention. Yeah opening event on good luck in the -- I met you go to at a warmup the child like and -- effort by that point -- for a comment. But I coming up next it'll be talked in gun. We have special a lot of tension gatlin who actually going to be talking from the chapters in a gun outlook we're going to be talking about guns and more importantly this challenge is dispelled -- then and now legal back and all of that after the NBC sports update.