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7-26 8am More Outdoors with Don Dubuc

Jul 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome into my fourth and final hour 401 outdoor program 32 degrees Saturday morning. Which we just wrapped up with anonymous on them covering the full population rodeo one Dennis. On this now is that we do in the last Saturday remark that -- talk in. Goal post in weapons into the Mike Minor. Century from the Jefferson gone out chips shoes clubs beat John Austin. Talking about today on product -- the -- answering your questions and calls -- -- bombs raining in particular wanted to direct you to win page. On the out those guys that come and impressive video product that is now -- company calls its. How it pronounces the body -- -- shot. And now silences but Barry's weapons -- legislation his recent session -- new laws which -- Unknowns on -- owners to use deals and we'll talk about the process to make sure east on the right side walls. Before that. And it -- especially mr. investment grade he has with the wall its power sports. Thank you for joining us appreciate it. -- Added -- -- going to be avenue on now for several weeks and giving little tidbits that nugget of information on to sports products. You guys have been around somewhere around thirty years now that the people that -- that the enemy with -- -- exports to us about that. -- restarted on the street server and New Orleans we were. Murdoch can now back in the early seventies and both bill and never and then in -- final location which is now when -- -- in Iran and memorial or drugs. We we enter a motorcycle. Eight EB. You keep you vote and our personal -- dealer so we're sort of single all areas. Our sports industry. You got a pretty wide array of it's different brands to. Kind here apparently when we have the yeah. Here are palace sports which most listeners are going to be accidentally airport brands have been impeached. We have four brands of -- EU countries utility vehicle side -- sides seem to be vehicles. We are. The largest. Orca killer in the statement personal war critical to Seton wave runners in jet skis. And -- this year is clear. Martin Lawrence. Hurt apparently by our partners and speed and what would go pro votes. Perhaps. Scared to the votes quiet strong. Iran. And I go ski boat. Well the marine crafts and certainly it's still going to be in use for a while but a lot of folks. Going to be going out there and now getting radical ought to go hunting leases probably in the next thirty days -- -- work and food plots and movement stands ran during setup that some of them. Actually use that to transport them so. -- honest to either the outlines of the mountain. Rice -- country on May be -- -- woods did you running and I know a lot of people are gonna have a problem when they turn Nazi. And so that we had on yesterday as a matter of fact -- by the name of -- Landry was Vilma. A mission to so to combat the ethanol increase on the gasoline outlined some of the problems. That the gas that's available at most polyps now days is really cause a lot of corporate problems I'm sure. You've had a lot of xmas with them I'm -- of people Levinson about that stuff is not conducive to small engines. Let's talk about it what usually happens is somewhere around September. 18 the spiritual without that Russia. Well on mobile oh -- -- and the sort itself with corporate bill and currently student complete -- system. Replacements all the -- ethanol is. You know it is not -- product in the only thing from so -- is going to sort products. And what it tends to news. I -- more moisture. Into the he'll also. Are you -- compensation. -- and separation. Of the experts. On back I was in the marine industry. Quite hard years ago and -- -- you'll. David Siegel has been stabilized then. And held without chemicals and now that the interest in ethanol has caused. Everything from rape or separation within two weeks. And that's a lot of cuts result here produced at. A glance -- that -- 10% -- -- During the garage about three weeks and go back yet. Typically looks excellent story -- story trees. And career as a cup later that separation creates more towards her critics more corrosion. And a lot of cases will be great. The fuel lines. In an actual robbery and Ukraine which used to be impervious to -- and -- and then also in one Marine Products. Some of the older votes. Caused in degrading the fuel tank which is related problem can't access certain they'll thank you so but we are typically palm quarters -- Corporate build street duties. So that would be great turbulence minister. There and think yeah. -- the batteries. Percent. It Jakarta and running lyrics or -- no word yet on this start could easily be degrading. Causes things to come apart -- running for an hour. So it exists in a Honda Motor truck driver into the boards and it's -- that. About 34 miles from you or transport vehicle so let's eat eat eat eat it tested and drug war. Our -- and I'll think -- But unsure -- where their for precinct in check ups so are in their electric barrier listeners are what are. Very important they say they've got the problem up pretty much taking care of the new automotive industry in the ability Saturday -- but I guess they were prepared for. -- there any thing other than additives that is gonna happen with the industry as far as a team needs another small gasoline engines deal with that stuff. -- -- our problems -- in twenty years without recommending editors. Now it's imperative. That you have a in an extra in every tankers and you never know you know leave the current three weeks but news -- -- Actual article and an example. -- that you are burned out every ounce of fuel. In our own or rent stabilized in order. Because next. Next time I need to -- suspect Becker. I don't spend two hours on the court there on. It really here hasn't been solved them in the automotive automotive future training. Every couple weeks now -- you're always refilling. Where's the products and ourselves like and -- these motorcycles. Boats. You can -- -- sit on her you know three weeks green monster who in some cases for years. And by the time we get it back there there won't be any thing. Are usable so would -- you'll and to pull the courtroom. So the corps overnight won't do a thorough cleaning. In the case -- products fuel injection systems. They're close to air. So they don't mean that currently have risen as quickly but they still be worried and you'll you'll feel on this -- searching. Of the vehicle. One of the Korean directors and got sent cleaning crops such usually a lot easier in the courtroom but. Stosur passover Europe -- You know can be a lot of expense -- you've had a lot of experience with this what is the best attitude you can suggest in Vietnam what do you have -- -- the -- -- people Mike Lupica. Well we do we have reported from Koreans are I would say. -- any. You can get with your ticket. And the it's it's you it's -- this now. The right you go on the Internet search -- you're you're going to be or confused. So an additive that says that a little birdies. Is going to do way better than anything that doesn't. Horry and not using it can grow so a war recommend any particular product they all -- better war. More expensive. Here and better tested. So. Where you pick up. He figures between -- supplies are aware of could get feel you can typically more concerned inclined. Well based -- but we also -- the Koreans should testing. -- on the important. Kind of your view of war ration books you know basically sort of bottle. And use one extra kind. Becoming. Eleven ounce bottles so you've got to hold your supplies -- ten. Alison great to Atlanta to someone wants to harm come talk to you more about it. See what's out -- -- or their interest that in bringing new active their product in to get that service. One of the hours and the story. -- Tuesday and Saturday during the six. Aren't. Store hours. Are typical power sports industry quote certainly close on Monday the that the sizeable parts scattered in the Atlantic series and media. Recommendations. Are service support and as our appointment. Most. Pre season there shortly to carry it off and impact it within. It varies depending on what we have to do that can call in advance -- -- check out. We do we do you have some special -- different return vehicle. -- Linear listeners on their apartments houses. Were hit outdoors customers we will give. X sixteen point four inspection. And them and go will be proved to produce great for the workers. So political. And it your listeners senators to it was cultivate. Good scope this week and and our next week and get prepared for the people over. Definitely New Orleans power sports. 3011 -- look -- -- against phone number and website woodland. Well phone numbers article war. Which 61. 0011. Errol -- so it is New Orleans powered sports car. We're right on the corner of Loyola cars and -- and then tenor. In cross street from sands and in between McDonald's and it's. I'm -- Atlanta next week of the chat with you from Alaska election with our sports on demand is OK -- or another -- -- in certain though Larry -- satellite locates. I don't and they I don't have many recommendations -- -- but I'm going that players -- meeting this weekend so I'll have all the new 2000. In order choose to discuss. Sounds good thanks accretion in Munich. Current work. On in the morning program we're talking with. Gavin century and also off element in France captain of the talk about among other products anything really to deal with our -- And long that's been passed in Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal signed into law. A bill that will allow people to -- -- presses on our all time legal money. Louisiana residents have been allowed to use -- when nuisance species like while all -- Beavers but have not until now been able to use of recreational money -- will take effect on next Thursday August for. And now that that's legal and of people will be using them is going to be people looking for them without a little inflammation knowledge about how to use them what -- -- -- that what weapons. So -- would be a good idea to have these guys -- now we have Gavin Grant joining us thank you for joining us this morning guys appreciate it. -- -- -- -- -- Very good before we get into the the application -- process in the legality part of it haven't Telus wants out there and you're there at the Jefferson gone out and understand you've got about 45 different ones. One displays there aren't a lot of people totally unfamiliar with is going to be. New product of them what's available out there in -- what sites are on -- they were. Just about everything is available. Just about anything that you can legally old if Hugo -- the hoops and -- And the barrels credit right and put -- that. You know hop Puerto a little video clip problem website I want invite people take a look at the -- suppressor and it's -- down the outdoors guy dot com it's made by company. In my saying that right so lancet -- is that the main legal buy houses -- company will. And -- elliptical at Oregon now. So let's call that sort of thought. -- come in and watch in this one thing came to mind the wait that would add to the gun. Imagine it would take an awful lot of practice you've got to go on the Cuban used -- -- several years and you've gotten used to it. You put a net and -- wait what are those things the way it's got to affect Europe each year mute news citing in use firing. It. In the big twelve and went to the war in that video was 32 while. And it totaled twelve -- law so it's going to be significantly different atmosphere between the girl. It can be significant difference in the used to. -- that they're orbit more practice than anybody four. What are some of the advantages suppresses whether the only shotgun and rifle. Well. The event actually. For most people that will be upon back there -- that typical back there. It actually brings in -- now that the -- so move. You don't always at you protection of the regular winners protection market. In particular you do it. You don't disturb -- much wildlife neighbors. Friends family -- satellite opinion. Could it beyond something that will. Reduces sound enough to where it'll actually safety here in -- was some guys that have been on a long time and look like and they have they have lost a lot of -- you know from being so much explosion to. The noise that comes from chuck -- It's it's supposed to it's supposed to go home -- -- a couple of things to meet him and clear. Our. And and things like that Nicaragua and the burgers quickly you know memorable indeed be re going to be. A little bit -- -- Almost approaches are supposed to. Reduced level although OSHA standard. Which several hundred or indeed be true in damage. Most of them than acting and have been rated at 13734. So yes no -- so. -- you know that was part of the that the sales pitch and getting it through that it was gonna you know -- senate some some problems with hearing. I guess that jury's still going to be out on that. Typically what is the cost of these both the price approaches and is a much installations. No mostly detect this group on your barrel on the current correctly. The partnered repair terrible twelve Rico what. They look anywhere but he if you unity. It's a little bit more than one for a pistol but it turned out there and -- it completed the month. That's what to purchase warming. I can go anywhere from 2990 absolutely the thing about the panel for the Eiffel. So. Could be twice that cost you fly out. And suppress it. Oh. Our record. There there. Are actually really want. -- -- Yeah on your experience -- -- -- you've fired on usable. Take away from the -- is seen. And you know -- shoots a lot I would guess -- yeah actually really you know. Be worth the price when it saves on. -- -- I haven't -- and the senate senate -- -- obviously. The wander that shot it goes I think it culture Agassi who bit speakers the words or -- works the kind of crosstown -- beat -- again exiting the model. -- you know a bit less smuggle rise and like that. There's a cute little bit more stable I think I think it -- You know that that's what -- English your experience may very good to meet he would. Which you do that you used to receiving no matter which whether. A couple of hours ago obviously -- -- the move to the barrel and beat here which is standing position that you don't drop. Got broke out sideways upwards you know things like that. One. Of the ballistics. I guess you Salem on May be hearing aspect the sound aspects of Hollywood some guys next to me -- -- -- -- on such as death and and I awarded is when some guns is that while loud sound and another ones don't seem to be that problem. Like -- awarding of the barrel does not have anything to do you know some of the panel 48. Net or create what lessons. It is continue to coordinate more senators. -- -- at the gate close -- creates. The order that -- they'll come where child who works. Would winning here and around the barrel when it would break the elders let things that noise. When it's coming -- struggled to one really small spot that the word though -- -- want that makes sense. And -- -- dependable in -- the opinion balloon that's kinda. You allow pop. If you that the air balloon and the opinion that the -- -- billion any noise there's your record straight in and more over a much wider area. And we put that to pressure on an increasing -- at the end of the month to get their skate and Bible slowed it down and dropped shallow. -- all use those for any reason at the shooting range. We have 122. As a rental right now. -- an enjoyment factor. This into perspective right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As well as some -- gotti's attorney with a New Orleans district attorney's office specializing in firearms laws in this morning we're talking about. Silences. Governor Bobby Jindal signed -- law in an effective August 1 allow people use -- of presses on firearms used to hunt. In the past you've been allowed to use for nuisance species only. But for recreational hunting and shooting now it is legal legislation not surprisingly -- an overwhelming support I guess we're going to be. Prince's size again. It all but certain. Parties around the country is being gun crazy here in Louisiana with some of the probably most liberal laws for our own children anywhere in the country which. I'm pretty proud of -- opposition -- representative Cameron Henry was the author of the bill. It is now going to allow people to shoot out with sound suppresses on any of the firearms however. They are not easy to acquire enough here to talk with -- it's more about what you have to go through to get one. Is Brad Scott with the -- district attorney's office our -- How difficult is it going to be. To get a permit to put us announced -- -- far on the is that it is involved is getting a firearm itself -- maybe even more so because I know. You would think that would have been a lot of argument people always wanna say what. The negative aspects of something is not with the good it -- again one of privacy well. This is gonna allow criminals to use silences on their weapons and that type of thing -- how difficult is it to get us -- suppress it. Do you want it really not not that much. More involved -- -- I don't let the DA's office a few years ago. -- War was going well and help people fired the title to. I don't. And now. Really you have -- It's been -- market process after that the Indians. Pictured on it and bank park for the federal government. And you. Don't view. Do you that you owned -- Do. You know. It's only explain what a gun trustees'. Okay gun truck is all it did it to -- vocal living trusts created minor great under the law Louisiana. Because that's the only they are and practiced law in and if you're saying. I'm gonna -- been give bit item in this straw. And it's going to be in the truck and heading out pocket that you back. In order. OK so. I'm typical customer while walking in the Gavin -- -- sitting at one of these sounds suppresses what steps you can take me through again. You can buy it not been illegal about why it on your own. Acquisition purposes and for. Safety purposes in terms of not inadvertently brought out the law. I actively transferring it to an unauthorized person. That you should ever gone through -- and you -- -- me. And then I'll get the basic information along with who you want -- the other trust he's on the trot. If you have children under the age of eighteen they can they can actually gained on the trot has -- this year. They can use the I don't -- guns under adult supervision. And then when they turn eighteen you can make him truck he's on the truck which means -- -- -- -- wherever they want -- wherever they want you owner. I -- normally when someone called me have a corporate the next day and an historic active outdoor copy of their trust. And it is a clerk at a gun store clerk. An eight and everything all that great yet. So basically you have to perform in Nick's background check which is typical friends are on you also have to do it for the suppressor. Yet didn't -- background that was hurt you with that recently actually. And there were some dark war who. Who were whose opinion. Was well equipped truck is by far -- We Iran and in fact he would background check or -- So we wanted to now an eight yet that that at Quantico or letter and that no I don't know you have the wrong. Jet owned a truck the that -- I don't know if you buy -- without trial. Which I would never recommend that you be -- in. Background check it matters because you are -- body -- say yeah or in the background you went through it means you don't. Our convictions -- net protecting you from around the device. I -- I am a bit confused because I didn't hear that you had to have local law enforcement sign off on owner having -- how does that work on an individual purchaser or if you buying it is -- country. So currently. You've if you park. In an individual -- walk or talk at all or what could be -- police this year. He could be earning where you -- -- update in beauty attorney general and in Mercer and it can be beat Corretja. -- don't you don't have that signature called a clear picture -- -- or Alter. That one of the -- that. Don't happen at that. There is. Currently a proposal Friday yeah. You required. To change the law and require -- signature you can -- Their control or corporation. Acquiring the firearm the device. But that won't take effect they hit their whole ball and it won't take effect in the heat up and even if it happens at all. Let me bring Gavin back in here for a second Gavin come from your experience. Have you sold these. Under both circumstances to a trust into an individual what has been experienced on. They're great applicable legal loan majority of people -- your own corporation group -- forum. More often than not the trust that our personal and well let it go through it cheaper local monopoly look at that generally and -- -- Cabrera here. He would Google go longer then up to restrict and shared struggle on the final ball. Do they have to have a justification do they have to show cause for not. Signing off on or is it simply up to their discretion that is elect this -- -- look I don't wanna give it. It's part -- -- -- it's appropriate discretion. -- -- -- they're about to -- of course and Brandon. -- it's usually -- it completely carry -- actually I actually read Madonna's gone -- or. A deputy with the local police department and you graduate Austin today to -- -- -- me and has bought it no -- -- -- not in -- UN special favors just blanket rule do that knows. For anybody period the and armed and well so -- because. All saying what they're citing its. I have no reason to believe. An it person is prohibited under law from all of them hit it right away. That it in and they'll. -- -- -- is not very many stores that that will sell these exit because of the red tape the problem is that because of these investment alone don't wires Jefferson gone out of one of the few movement that has gotten into the wrong business. Our I think our -- you have a significant investment you know corporate negated because I felt. From the ATF. And yet we will keep different you know the answer records people for the people work Victor Trevor. Mike cited that that was something he wanted to do and so -- in the future. Kinda of the industry and what you were kind of on the ground pork and took a chance to win -- Town and you've got don't quite a difference alone variety selection -- what Albers and engages -- just like he said any any young municipal he has one that will -- Oh I get about yeah. Over in the sport. Now we have everything thrown 22 to forty Whipple -- -- recruitment are. -- at forward to during our -- six. 300 black belt I don't believe we have -- twelve yet she can vote for the -- And some of those. Some of them are rated for different different caliber like one of those a couple of points to support those political -- to require Clinton mattered our own children. -- And is there. Some type of program you have like try before you buy it because ultimately making that kind of investment guess that wanna know what they get into could -- over to the range and actually try I want now with a purchase. Nick in Kabul this quote entry according to -- far. As well. Once the -- and Spencer Christian and editor and a during nuclear. It was my understanding that we're gonna put some you know a couple of different -- in particular trial. It at the regular public water and so that they. -- -- -- Exactly and if they wanna get some more information about the process you can maybe help with that suit talking gonzo once -- month we get together with. Michael -- normally get from the Jefferson gun outlet in Jefferson's shoes club and we talk all aspects of firearms and Kevin century as a pinch hitting for Michael Michaels busy with -- project we'll talk about the little bit later on. Also with this is Brad Scott specialize attorney in our -- long we're talking about. A new law that will go into effect August 1 where. -- now for any type of recreational hunting and shooting a fire on soft settled suppresses will be allowed. We found out from Brandon utilizing. A gun trusts us it was simple -- the process. A -- go on on your own you can do it but does some paperwork to be filled out background checks -- be performed. I'll local law enforcement has discretionary power on signing off whether you can actually have won enough which. -- -- little strange to me but at any rate woo -- we've got who's going on now and -- it's gonna talk about what we normally do on the program we have. A selected product of the month and and keep them without topic down and tell -- what what you've chosen this month. Our our partner mark -- laughter this is optical sparrow -- 22. Lincoln can it be one of the most popular albums to bark principal -- What traditionally not too much anymore but traditionally -- to keep shoot it's it's probably the most. It's appropriate for when -- being ordered such and if an individual baffled when Carter is there one just -- continue as well and that's important because. It. The more Bakalar of these years to clean up like that bird and -- more -- all the required -- The bad apples in the in the sparrow -- -- of the chemical and it's probably. And so you know he couldn't eat it up -- Is currently -- over in. Some some of president bill a couple of cool ring ring circuit in moral regard securely and vibrant. Credit -- and people familiar with the president will understand the president 128. It will -- almost anything that's public record four point two. It's below rated. Important as some people could create more -- and like Eric and this sparrows rated four point two that are willing to -- the but point 717 -- -- And retail. The -- run about 49. For 99 now size wise can be an idea of of the dimensions of an end in his compatible for use with a scope. How does it impact that. It's it's about six into the long. -- I don't read about six and a long it is compatible with a scope and that that is important because some guns here by an earthquake. You know it was suppressed the bicker and argue that the -- technically onsite. That is compatible with the opening -- the right -- -- It's going to be a personal thing here or you're gonna set up which currently on there. Which you know put. I guess to really appreciate what it's doing you know you -- of 41 -- reduction but you know what does that really mean that the average person issued after -- without precedent with a to a comparison but it was an idea. I mean what basically this sounds like his. Well when you get this on what what difference unit noticed. There. Person of color everybody is -- -- like he he not -- them they're not that weird you know it weird cold. Everybody familiar from the Uga is familiar with that strong cracked the one who cares. Including them in the range if you're looking you can even get extra cracked -- them to -- went through an -- -- the depressed that the that we. It's actually louder than I was allowed it backstop -- that little extra early practical. That sent the game on a return to the real mobile. Real firecracker burtless an actual got you. You know I guess it's -- to -- On the -- is gonna edit it by it would all the anti -- people think the American ethnic around anywhere and you're like buyers in the crowd and number. They -- over to go go off. Right in August a -- the thought about it early enough we probably could have done a demonstration that he could brought your phone in the range there and gave us some before and after we couldn't hurt. -- -- You know ordinary if you want to the next level. We can do that. Auto we do that -- plan on that and give people an idea maybe you could even do with a variety elders in a different ones we can kind of idea. I can definitely see an advantage on the 2222. As a planking on people like to shoot them a lot you know because that does little recall to it and it's just a lot of fun to shoot. Also from a hunting aspect I mean you call it a lot it -- still a squirrels with 22 and if you can cut that noise down. You know when you've got a bunch of them their work and in that time in between shots where they may get you know in her shotgun is pretty much over they're gone for the day it. But you know just a little eliminate that that crack sound. Like the storm is -- you can really -- onyx assessed by -- Correct Rick you -- and check in again maddening and Burke or that you'd like you epic beat doubt that they oppose. Well -- one on -- now and it's certainly affordable suit and you know you've got those in stock now. -- -- -- -- -- It our Brad and if you -- that people wanna get in touch with you if they've got questions. About going in forming on trust and -- this article on their own needs some assistance and guidance get through that process what's the best way to -- you should they reach you through the deaths and -- -- that are -- direct. I have I have problems or that you're presented on with my information on it or not on number. -- war. Actually. 9500. Down and probably the best thing to do it go to my website which is correct outlawed dot com and I. I am a little rundown of the review current level of trust that that that a golfer. Along with the black be brightening that -- -- I -- got that now it down among a list Brad Scott -- dot com and also you're number it's viable for five to 89500. In addition to that what other services to you authorize it and -- Populace is becoming a specials nation attorneys in in thought our own flaws that's something we never really. Earlier in the past it was just you know left up to find an attorney who. Was familiar with firearms and the laws or researched them but now I guess that's a new major specials nation. Yeah they'll tell that -- that popular but it probably gonna get. Popular package probably one of college paper on trial. And one thing. Ernie that are going to be jumping on the line so people really. You know bet that these -- outraged at an angle to make sure that they are. Gun people that the reason why I got in and it is good outlook on likable guy on you know. Actually help people acquired. Guns that they ate an apple. What about people who lose. Ronald followed it in conflict with the with the -- -- -- they have they're forced to use five would you be able to represented among at least the on part of a stance that would adding your expertise. Of course idea. From Iraq expert with the district attorney's the that the criminals. Background it is to assist people who -- you know use their. And I'll be available it seems that Athens you know union call. The what you statement to police help either. Helped you get your statement make sure it goes smoothly and work with the vehicle as mentioned it and chart is there a prestigious U. Very good very good yeah I think you're on right track in in specializing in final loss think it's going to be certainly I think this can become when necessary improvement in the future. And to have a -- my work and -- on the on the renovations over the construction project that day airline drop location tell us all what's going -- Here here we re record it YouTube if you've been produced or you're you know what to do. We have no room in the back who would build a court arguably. In order to sort it all on decree. They're about voting period construct can -- it -- still stick to our court pick eight out on. Welcome things like that. But they had vague and get started moving their their Friday pretty -- -- -- That are open being done. In November December. End to what's gonna happen over one nick does remain -- There's -- senator -- If it's -- we'd interpret. In any changes in this in the retails. Now Rick they're currently. In the back. All right very good. And if someone wants to call or go online and find out more about the products not just these suppresses and all the different. Our -- jam in the ammunition no what's the best waited to check him out in addition besides distraught and over that store. Of the website gets in WWW. Well pursued corporate WWW shooters who have dot com or number you know order everything on there probably beat you where. It is good -- the -- it's overwhelming sometimes people call and a question and transparent politics literature. And look at up combine. When it. And and I -- you participate in the permitting process and get people through that and also on the video. The testing part of it -- for concealed carry -- you have opened classes despite every Saturday. Every Saturday Leo from both of renewal -- and and 0001. Article are. You know both of them were different -- consequences and -- now in the middle class thrown about green -- four hours. -- -- need to -- apparently when you come to revoke and and first I'm -- you need to be either the 11 o'clock at the latest to register and then we. -- -- Your property -- of comic renovate -- there. The one thing Obama mentioned here like about their lack. We were cut down on the economy takes issue they have a permit issued through. Yet there's nobody knows yet because it right about green a weak market that they and actually implemented and that kind of a turnaround time yet at least in the you know to actually know that and cut down. Birdied -- the thirty year. They still say they're -- -- like a 200 point -- additional permit I don't know lately in the latter. Eight months that it caught them -- has been run in -- about eight days so. Maybe by next Butler of the road and two months well -- -- -- wouldn't know something a little different but it. As of right now people and that apply online and yet -- That will -- that now. Erica will keep this up to date on that. Progresses and -- -- -- -- -- -- appreciated -- -- European -- the company explaining the -- trust in the situation tells us. All right that guy's night you know have a great weekend are your group thanks so much -- -- will be back again next week this time will be pencil -- Alaska and the low temperature today it was 45. Hi is going to be around sixty. Some beautiful well them be expecting necklace and a cold front government July. Third call from a July incredible -- there. -- that's got to wrap it up thanks for joining us back again next week starting at 5:8 am that's about network program on the big day seven of WL followed by a two hour journey to the great outdoors. Talk in some of those folks that on the -- in Asian trip to Alaska. You'll hear right Euro agreed W you next week.

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