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WWL>Topics>>07-26 12:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

07-26 12:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 26, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And this is the big 870 WWL. Pool. And it's time now for the food show every Saturday that we can get away with that. And you know what I don't know what's happening next weekend or not. Did his due to the saints start their training season or whatever that is pre season. Only am still going to be here. In it's disposed of the middle of and the beginning of summer. I didn't show up every week and we do three hours of the show but then move the football starts and then we get chopped up and and so it paid in stretched out in and moved around and all those things. But it's radio and that's why that happens and and that's that. Our number over here is 260. 1870260187. We have a toll free number it's 866889087. And use that went to. If you are really -- And you just you have something you really wanna say to me and everybody else to. About some great -- you've been to lately or about some dish that you're making that there is coming out almost perfect but not. Quite he just needs a little something -- you don't know why. Anyway you can call us that's the best way to do it is to get this on the year because that way we can ask each other. Questions and I know exactly which are talking about and it just works better. And it's more congenial to. But if you must you can send me a text message. 87870. Is what you dial into your Smartphone to and by the way I learned this week that you don't need a Smartphone into an annual phone will be when fuel cell phone anyway. 87087087870. And today that's the address. And you know he's I puree your message to me and I will look these things over as they come in and and announce them on the air and we can talk about them but I'd rather you call. Two weeks ago. 1870. To do you do last night. I went to a restaurant that have been too. More often than usual. Law at which is funny because it's only a block and a half away from the radio station easy walk. And I love the place -- love the food the guy who owns the place is one of my. Favorite people in the restaurant business I've always. Hold him in the highest respect -- One of the last remaining. Restaurateurs of the old school he's he does. Beautiful restaurants with beautiful food and nice environment great service tablecloths. Instead of none. And I really like it anyway he has two restaurants one -- -- Tommy's cuisine. It's on choppered to a street. But half a block away from admirals and his other restaurant. Which I actually like a little bit better I think the food is better at Tommy's but I like the place. Better at. Told mosque the -- TO NAS Spanish fort Thomas Tommy that guy's name -- Roddy. My name to -- think of it -- -- Tomas bistro. And it's diagonally across the intersection of chop the -- and Julia street from -- so it's you know in the middle of the quite a neighborhood there for restaurants. And I've -- in -- more than usual lately because of one reason we were thinking about possibly doing a party there for. My son who's getting married this this winter. And I would love to do with their -- they have votes really great party rooms but that they have a new chef who might only recently met. And I hadn't had is food and all and his his menu is entirely installed now at least he's got -- on that where he's been doing it enough that he. All the birds have been. Wiped out and last night a friend of mine and I and our our wives and no -- daughter. Showed up. And we have a wonderful dinner in this place -- it's incredible food. And I'll tell you more about it later but we -- -- much people on hold and I and I I -- people on holder or a what I want to and B the people like. I go to first so here is Mike Mike welcome to the food show I think it's the -- is not pumping probably use will put -- put it up there for me which you. And -- rockets were. Hello -- one. If I can hear you perfectly doable out -- -- Report -- expert at the order. Out -- play I'll bet you heard about. No we. It's our armed India -- one hour battery. That there -- all. Yeah is this wet west esplanade. Awful clear view. Number. -- -- -- okay. Go ahead and here I know you talking about. That. Report for an -- that. -- -- -- Where it has not built on ever play all short story -- Yeah. I I stripper where. I'll sort that out yeah. I regret that. What what. Better which. Do it. They audit. Our holidays are it really good. But approach at -- that all sorts. On that with our shop our verdict while. We're really. Don't. The -- block walk part. -- are. Really spared. So. Are so it's on its on. West esplanade. Don't talk -- You. And never took that picture all book. Oh OK all right yeah I was -- I was gonna say I never heard it but I just while you were talking I've. Pulled it up in my restaurant databases and I'm must've heard of it because like evident my list. And I -- -- haven't yet a popular place and everything but. -- and then. Well you covered or are. Well what banks -- so they're open for breakfast every day or just on the week -- So we inter doubted that they are going to be they aren't as vapid but. -- -- -- They do -- the rest of the week and what about dinner do they do. Watch that they had better. At -- and other it will cheeseburger there but. Much about it and watch. Out. The breakfast or are we in part by it but -- -- corporate. That quote a couple of or you. Might. Well. That the humidity so you can -- you -- up through the well thanks for the report appreciated you know are doing breakfast -- minutes -- news thank you. It's the food show I have fix the problem that kept me from putting on that last caller right now thought it did anyway when a minute no I guess I didn't. Punch up number of that is there all okay Roy welcome to the food ago. -- Took it right. Last week about the Muster being known practitioner at midnight -- the. Oh good a little bit. -- haven't really does add some might think. Yeah I would take it step up and try to -- some fried chicken. Good fried chicken recipe like out of there and I know you've talked about Brian being in. Good soaking poultry in Turkey I bet you don't think in the ratchet and. I I absolutely do and that's where I learned it in fact if if I can tell you're slightly long story. Back in my teens I work for a pint super. That you you know the little convenience stores that were all over the place for a long time. And a -- had fried chicken at the store where I worked. Yeah via I was the only one there are so I how's the fried chicken ship as well as the guy punch and cash register. And the people who supplied us the chicken and the seasonings and everything else all we get to do is fry it really. Yeah they said that step one is you take the chicken you put it and -- a plastic bucket. You know brine solution of a cup of salt to a gallon -- water. This was when I was about sixteen years old I learned that trick and it is absolutely. Right on it does it gives you this moist moist chicken. The only thing you have to know about it is personally got to keep it refrigerated. While you're doing this -- Yeah and and the other thing is that when it's finish brining dump the Brian. And rinse the chicken very well to get all that Bryant off if you do not one that they -- it's just it's not for seasoning it's forehead of making the meat juice here which it very well -- Then there is -- there are so many ways to do fried chicken I think the one I've been using lately. On the most starts off with a light flower coding. With some seasonings -- it like. Time. Siege. And creole seasonings you know they do it's standard creole -- everybody uses about a tablespoon of that. Or two to a cop. Of flour and you just dust of the chicken with that then you pass it through an egg and milk watch shake off the excess. And then go into season. On cracker meal. You I don't know if you can by cracker meal. In a box or number used to be able to do it the way I do -- -- -- I just take a pack of crackers. Unsalted crackers and -- in the food processors and her. You know until it's about it will be a rough bland and I code it would bad and that's you put your seasonings in that too. And then I deep fry it as you know but the two inches of oil 375. Degrees seems to be the one that works best for -- Oh absolutely not no. What no indeed. They get my cholesterol type friends. Well you know tell you give -- half of peace. Iowa and a lot of vegetables. As -- -- by the way that nobody -- -- -- Brad didn't question also -- OK. Your operate project in places. In no order. Let's see rookie chase. Mr. -- But both the mr. Ed certainly in Kenner and the one in Metairie and the new the new oyster house which is where bozos used to -- I'd and the let's see who announcement great -- Porter and Luke. There -- a Metairie road in the Metairie shopping center there's the Whitney bank there in this will grocery store and that's been their for a long time it's just off content for. The world is pretty good size restaurant real good food but the -- fair. Everywhere he goes he brings his fried chicken recipe with him and he everywhere he is the this great fried chicken as long as he's there and he's still there. So. -- it's really good day and it's something like 1075. For a half a chicken with the salad and everything. It any bearing on the North Shore. You know this comes up every now and then and we never come up with anything probably the best. Is -- demons. You know there's a man to build branch of me and Dina is on highway 22 it's in. Yeah funny funny strip mall its way in the back if you're not really looking forward carefully in the you'll go right past -- but they they make fried chicken to order there. And it's good. I thought it was gonna mention -- and blew past. -- -- Hades is great but you tell you only gave me three. Sort of get a gimme ten hour five and it would have been. Well listen nice talk and you thank you very much it's the food show -- rolling along -- we need a break yet or should. We do need a break all right everybody everybody hang on here won't be long. It's the food showed 26063. -- 2601872601870. And we will return to more of that in a moment but first please this hello it's the food show on the big 870 WWL. I was just looking over the text messages that have come in. -- he says here best political -- fish red snapper and do you have a recipe for fish soup PSI do. Both of those are long recipes. So I will direct -- instead to my website coach who know menu dot com and OME and you'd dot com. Click on recipes. And then when you do that you will be a pop down and I guess that's what you call that or drop down that's when. And the it series recipe index eighteen Z. Click on that and it might be in the alphabetical order you're thinking but sometimes it's you know like if you have. Shrimp creole it might be on their trip -- might be under creole but then you you'll find it it's there are 750 recipes there. And one of them is whole fish at least I think more than that. And though also have a recipe for fish soup I the one I would go with this the -- days. Or the -- -- either one of those those are great there's soups stews almost real. 2060187. Here. Is -- I come on your recommendation correct on this city pulling him. I Mikhail was involved in last summer and had planned for the very first time I really enjoyed it. So if you can recommend -- There were I to I'll give you a little more than that. There were two categories of lamb who what and I assume we're talking not lamb chops Euro though correct yeah yeah leg of lamb all over the place you know we've been a place like -- they they haven't as a special once a week. But our. That is lamb chops. You find it falls into two categories there's the they were the places that use New Zealand and mostly New Zealand and Australian lamb. They're smaller. On the blame him or smaller that they use in the chops are small but they're also much less expensive. And very good that existed as this is no put down to it. And you find that in every single one. Of the Middle Eastern restaurants. And the Greek restaurants will always have that on the menu and always an agreed price of one particularly good when is Lebanon's cafe. On Carrollton avenue right off with a -- court turns to go to the Barnett though -- street. It's not like twenty bucks and they give you owe like seven shops it's ridiculous in the get all the side issues to and it's its first class relief. All that -- cafe on Carrollton but if you want the key. The -- there is a meat company here. That Serbs. Restaurants that it's a wholesale meat company in makes element the restaurant. And they bring in these Colorado lamb chops. They're bigger they're American all the way. And they're bigger and I would say also better the three restaurants where you can always find it our commanders palace. And ones. And -- tours they and and also -- towards new steak house next door to a gallop towards 33 -- They have been on their menu to these suckers are just gorgeous that melt in your mullah maybe now -- -- but they're very very good. And great sauces and everything so but. American -- is expense -- you'll sometimes see that only two chops on the menu for forty bucks. Right crime but well worth every nickel if you ask me. Okay that's great -- for the recommendations. Thank you nice talking to you today pledged called on this Saturday it's getting to be a lovely your day. Glenn welcome to the Fuzhou. Well doesn't own -- but. Who -- it like that. That's what it that your record but I'll stop -- you guys. No I aren't too unfortunately. All forced to allow all -- -- And of ought to look at 010. Or on the top. Maker yeah. Man and the -- of alternate. History and future. It's really good we have one that we got Christmas for one of by either my son my daughter forget who but we've had it for years. And my daughter makes the flavors now she's she's pretty good at stuff like that. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Right. There's no more quite Q what are -- -- anymore. It'd really came -- great by -- It didn't believe. So but it. My -- one. And you you know everything -- it is really old natural. Men and knock your -- Yeah you can you can make it up as you go along you know you put cherries recalled products -- do anything you want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very and he actually marble. It sounds great -- you -- to Italy my talent even more if they didn't have to go to the news but thanks for that thanks for calling it's the food show. Time now for the news Don -- -- is here and he's ready to go. And in exchange for making you late I do have some ice cream -- hello it's the food show. On the big 870 WWL. -- WWL 105 point three FM and did you know WWL. HD. One on the FM HD one if you haven't heard HD radio. You won't believe how good it -- it's like somebody sitting in the room what you. I have three HD radios that really like to 60. 187 if you call right now -- at some money on hold but the one way. If -- you call right now you get right in in the meantime have a few. Text messages that have been sent you can send me a text message. -- just you know writing it down and then punched -- into your cellphone. And sending it to me at 87087. -- so that's 870. And then the same thing over an 870. Six digits. And remember. -- and message rates apply or message and data rates apply however that goes. That's the few people have asked some questions. Will Lucia effect Chad's open in new restaurants soon I really enjoyed his cooking I did too I don't know what's going on with -- bistro. This a sign on the door that says that they have decided to go into the catering business but they'll be back. But it's apparently closed at the moment unless something has happened in the last few days. And I honestly I don't know where he has gone or if he's going anywhere you might be doing all that catering. Let's see here. Can you sing the time -- jingle. The -- who the hell since that. Actually I can sing the time -- jingle and achieve again uses. When you were in no hurry shop at times say there never have to worry at that time saver drive right up. You arrive at the door of your times they've been shopping place -- save and stop in place you're at your time save restore order. Who work for those guys to go all the way through high school and college paid my way. Nine years working for them I still have dreams about work and -- stores all over the place did you see Tom is another xmas. The newest where one of the gala -- as waiters got a 101000. Dollar -- Did see that and read about it and it's. Now wait a remember is somebody knows who this is it's some company that enhances. Or some guy who has this fund. And once a year oral once and win every feels like it whatever that went over the deal. He'll go to a restaurant usually with a pretty big party for this one this dinner and gala tourist. It was about if I remember about 9200. Dollars and I don't know how many people that was but it had to be a lot. And then he put it 101000. Dollar tip on top of that. So this is clearly a high roller and this is not the first time he has done that nor will it be the last place. Interest. What -- A what do you think of the rest on high hat I've heard some good things yeah it's pretty good to neighborhoods style restaurant its name for. An old bar that used to be on the outskirts of Memphis the guy who owns the restaurant. Will work here for a while I think he's actually from there. And he'd managed by the sign from the old place it's that the police in Memphis is gone now apparently and he. He brought an -- and he liked the name for the rest on high hat and they have they have sandwiches and burgers they have seafood they have the little bit everything it's sort of almost a bistro. And it's also almost a neighborhood joint kind of in between it's in the space that used to be the old bill -- bakery on for a street. Couple blocks from. From -- Napoleon evidence so yeah well worth -- going to hi hat is the name -- -- and here is Marco Marco welcome. Well not when I've -- -- them yet sure which that we practice and outlook web site -- Dakota. -- -- -- you know and what it would have those -- do you like just so much. That you know an -- broken down into that. Those those are both great restaurants by. Cota is very much into -- and I'll rest. The other place you mentioned is an Italian restaurant and it's it's not even New Orleans Italian I loved the place at the -- it's the best Italian restaurant city. But on an -- bring somebody there to wanted to get a taste of of New Orleans food the place I I think you ought to go if you're going to be in that area. He -- What did you week you do in this. Wednesday perfect go to Gallagher is grill. Pat Gallagher runs it it's a nice looking place but not too too nice. He does seafood he does prime steaks he does lamb meat has Quayle he's got a great gumbo always got a great turtle soup is all of that stuff. And first class all the way I would get a reservation though it's very popular. -- -- -- -- -- Gallagher who has run restaurants in the vicinity of Covington for years and years and years starting with a place called the winner's circle back in the seventies I think is when you open that. And he's had other restaurants since then and he comes and goes with that this is a classic example what he does -- just. Lots of seafood lots of first class meets a year you'll have a great time there. Good -- -- Gallagher is real good place. These -- too and here is in that. Hi Tom -- have got two questions for you want it. How is it that you're able to eat. -- -- you do it all the business expense for you or for your enterprise and to a review of Galvin is if you -- there yeah. Well I mean. Booed him on the career. Is a combination of my love for eating writing and doing radio -- and they all come together. And yeah I mean I you know the expenses of dining out which are pretty severe and the people who say boy I wish I have your job. A show my copy of my American Express bill. And they see you know and maybe not maybe maybe in one as much as they thought. But anyway what was the other question. -- -- don't see it it's at -- off folks Spanish restaurant. And in quite good at that if you do the vehicle a Spanish specialties -- a certain amount of New Orleans food on their menu has a lot of people go they are expecting that. Because of the location. It's a brilliant location it's in the second. Floor of a building in the French market but it's right above the flood wall so you can see out into the river and and the boats are going back and forth and it's really lovely place a beautiful dining room to. And but a lot of people wind up there and there when we get gumbo and Beckham stuff and they have that on the menu but the way to go is with the Spanish issues the party a the chicken that they do. And the just all the classics of that -- the lovely place never very busy that's the only funny thing about it and I've never figured that I always have good time. Thank you might think you see the food show on Tom Morris here is -- Gina. -- I have I have a question concerning replaces common offshore. Because of the work schedules we hadn't been able to. But we would go especially on a Saturday morning it was an old content and it was the region of its -- -- called GD -- -- -- They'll open what is the name. Always -- it and -- before it was Judy says it was a place on Nathan's. So it's in this explosion a -- it's an old all building. Anyway that the guy who runs it now is. Vincent rip the -- though we used to manage the pepper mill. For his cousin whose name is also Vince -- Africa Bono which you must've been really confusing -- and but he opened up his own place some years ago he and his wife and his daughters to. They all work there it's a family operation it is the only do his breakfast and lunch for -- money. That's the best breakfast deal anywhere in New Orleans that this guy really can -- it's beautiful. Why didn't they. Oh I'm sorry it's called Martina -- -- ME ITT INA bella BE LL. And you think is still open -- weekend for breakfast. Oh absolutely no idea that we just we go there all the time there egg dishes are incredible their -- and about into. -- -- -- -- And be open seven days a week now maybe it's. Martina ME ITT night and day. Bad -- BE LLE two Italian for beautiful Tuesday. Okay and I'm not a question of content. -- thank sit on 19 but they open you know like one of the young but I don't. Yeah it's it's into the third generation of that family actually is they only do dinner. And yet it's a good place it's it's a nice New Orleans Italian restaurant with you know Sicilian style everything mostly. And and very good. -- Well thank you we will return with more of the food show after first if you will this. Someone asked about the restaurant that an early caller of the -- with the very first caller in fact today. Brought up a place that does breakfast in the battery. Some burden in west esplanade area the name of the place is knuckle heads I know nothing about it. Other than its interest on its. He he loved it and over here on the green phone. -- shock -- welcome. -- stop and pick him call are you. The question of anger and listened. Don't -- the let's stick with yeah you. Get him out -- -- I'm looking for a place in their true anywhere that true that search hole for -- cactus where -- send him some Adams. Out of it and -- so what then I'll most economists. Erratic and -- -- -- -- rooted so besides the fact oh update to get out they're -- It yeah I know -- that seems to be a country thing and we don't see it too much around New Orleans -- quite a few places that -- hole. Fish but very rarely -- catfish for some reason. The first place I would and both of these the two best places I can think of both kind of a drive. Mid endorse. They have all the time. And there's this place on just off highway. 59 interstate 59 in on the outskirts of Picayune Mississippi call acquaintances fish house seats in all you can eat. Whole catfish place with the best hush puppies I've ever had anywhere. Cuevas CU EV audience. Cuevas fish house it's you who you would turn right on the first highway 43 exit from interstate 59 and you go -- -- there it is. But that this is not something we see very much around town of whole -- fiction and if anybody knows of another place I can't think of one. So it's not imam in question is so Olympic rivalry which in this at all that let them. -- -- and it is important though while I grew up -- and so was. Like you know slip and -- -- -- where stroke it opened our heritage and its -- who are. Yeah Charlie call clues or trial -- aren't quite pollute strongly. It's been a little white ball in a better. And you know -- parallel group were Jerry gesture comment on that yet. As you'd know. As you know Harry hand has always been kind of light on restaurants historically I mean it's only recently that a lot of restaurants have started open. Opening by the way Charlie is back open and it's a different different people. Different owners differently lord do I understand and different menu but I hear nothing but good things about it haven't been there yet. I've been tool. The Euro woke up and several times and my wife and daughter have been there like about fifteen or twenty times they go crazy places that they like. And on the dying in the newspaper. I gave it a tool being rating which I thought was when he way under the quality of what I hit there. By the pizzas are great they have they literally do heavy wood burning oak earning that. -- for the pizzas and only takes them like two minutes to make one. Chris it's so hot. They also do a lot of Italian dishes they all. I think it's three guys all of whom went to jesuit high school -- I don't know what that adds to it but there it is. And they -- their their families are all originally from Sicily and they have plaster the walls with all these classics Sicilian. And Sicilian American -- it's really a cool place it's much too small for the business that they have attracted. It's always packed and have been very good would definitely worth your time. Fine thank you that's. The name of that restaurant use Coke oven. And it's on Jefferson highway pretty much in the middle of -- hand. Right past that Z turned the the highway makes -- coming in from the -- We will return with more of the food show after first please this hello it's the food show hits big 870 WWL. WWO five point three FM -- And here is Kevin Kevin welcome. You know. Well. There -- a couple of questions. Very yeah. Bob yet there must be open and company were on -- boulevard. I heard that I don't think she's gonna be running it it's I think they just license the name. Are -- doesn't mean does it doesn't mean that it's either good or bad. Are probably. You know he -- he says he's a serious eaters alike who probably make it a little better than to some other chain. -- You know for that -- -- like sports bar and you know it's gonna. North -- it's say it's not open yet so who knows. On the -- and end even after it opens you won't see me here for six months because new restaurants you know who knows. -- yeah. And in the meantime there are a lot of other good restaurants. So yes yeah. In that particular location. Irrational and tried. -- didn't succeed so. But being read on -- votes -- or you can you know. Seaport on the outside. But. -- you know -- -- about it. I yeah I don't review restaurants and haven't opened yet and neither should you. I always -- odd yeah well there you go all right it's the food show here is Jeanne -- welcome. Jeanne what women I must not have pushed this hard enough -- There we go it's still lower punch him out there which. They -- gene welcome to the food show. Eight. And thank you a question. Comes over -- -- -- April recommendation. Would -- good bit in practice in the order. As opposed made accommodations. Vote. There there are a bunch of them but there's no way to review them oh you spend enough and a I think the place you wanna go for me if I'm catching your vibe accurate. Is the audobin cottages. There -- one there run off -- street. Moralists across street from Bayonne if you know where that is it that's it's in the 400 block. And they are the -- little. Little townhouses there -- -- very old the -- have been restored. Not renovated but restored. And they surround these little Gordon's. In the middle of that block and a quarter of my wife and I went over there to celebrate -- other a year ago and just thought it was and asked. And remember -- breakfast and everything. A traditional. You know pretty much. Here. Thank you. What that you see you later it's the future. Looking at the time here -- we have any time you're doing and I don't think so. However we have two more hours of the food show so -- comeback and we will get into this. Who with more. Infinity is the word I guess -- And FM but HD on sky wave on line this is WWL radio in New Orleans and WWL one of five point three FM HD one -- -- New Orleans. Where the news is next from CBS.

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