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07-26 - 1:10pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 26, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870. -- cycles medium wave fifty quadrillion -- watts of power. Making the ground ripples slightly if you look you can see his. It's not a wind blowing the new grass leaves it's it's it's our signal. Yeah yeah it sure is. Since 1922. WWL New Orleans first radio station. And WWL 105 point three FM New Orleans first FM frequency. This is Tom the Taurus with a second course of the food show New Orleans longest running program of any kind. And it's night nice to be here with -- -- every day talking about food and restaurant and cooking him. And wind and all that usually we do it during the week on Monday through Friday. On thirteen -- that way goof that up a second ago I apologize success. Thoughts on my -- come out. But we make it here on Saturdays as long as we can and I'm given to understand we have a show next week but after that it really start getting sketchy once they start doing -- football games. You'll food shows pushed into. Strange little corners of the schedule oblivion to a certain amount of -- well we we're in -- oblivion just about all the time. 260187. Or use our number 2601870. Our program today is sponsored by and one's. And the reason I'm rushing to get that you. Is that you can go to and ones right now have -- They are open on Saturday they always have. And they have a deal. That is so hard to beat. That if you never been and once in your life you might have gotten away with the with the explanation. That its do you think it's expensive and -- pants Ian and all that and if the dress up. Well you have none of those excuses when it comes to their lunch for. Twenty dollars and fourteen cents which is the common you'd spend in the chain restaurants somewhere of them really mediocre meal. You're in the oldest restaurant in America. Three courses. And three choices in each course including some of their best things oysters Rockefeller oysters -- bill. -- species laws that because the best -- -- to a nice field dish right now they have a fish always. And the choice of -- twenty dollars and fourteen cents and get this. They have the featured cocktail of the day for 25 cents and you have more than one have as -- news would be prudent. And it's every Saturday infect its everyday Monday through Saturday and then once and you don't have to dress up and you obviously Americans spend a lot of money but you will love the place it's my favorite restaurant. Not the best restaurant you didn't hear me say that my favorite restaurants and 1713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter and all the world there is only one. And ones. Due due to do you do you do that it going with this hour -- JJ. Welcome. More -- on -- -- I'm doing well thanks for being here. Look at your -- dog rubble is to generate. Get good OK it is ever I don't upbringing of a -- Well no kidding I didn't know that thank you for telling me. In. It would get out -- you know anywhere. -- They've they've been gone since. Oh gotcha wanna say the 1980s. Delegates and all the lake there. They did did that was a complete failure and that's because wall at the time that they did. The North Shore population was really it really hadn't started booming big time yet. And you know the North Shore is still -- or even now is the kind of rustic and it wasn't the kind of place for a for a restaurant like that which as you remember it was very exotic in a lot of ways. Exotic -- believe that -- about him. Everybody everybody. Is looking for that I -- -- into Tom the Terry junior. At and -- young steak house a few months ago. And I asked if you we give me the recipe and he said he would although I haven't pressed them on it so much. I think it is. What if you had a recipe for lobster. Four lobster. -- -- It seems to me that it was close to that. Because I remember the sauce was kind of the golden yellow it almost looked like and here's our. And crabmeat and lump crab -- that it was in the stuffing in the you know of course lobster that was held dish. And it had Greg Christian cross hairs and also -- -- it oh yeah. OK well it's it was quite a -- it's certainly we are remembered for it but that finding the recipe for that -- been very difficult I've never been able come up with one. All right well thank. You it's the food show that's over at that people Terry's. Longo. -- what killed a TP Terry's. Was flooding. In that part of the city another Claiborne avenue. Between. On Napoleon avenue in Louisiana. They got flooded by the you know 34 feet deep. Mason although they went in and they fixed everything and they change it in new court it's new paint job to new equipment new everything. About a year later they had -- -- remain it was a may thirteenth and then that was the April 3 bullet. I remember both of those well I didn't I was flooded by either one of them but I remember all cities seem to be in that part of town it was the worst double. And it happened yet a third time and then that's when Tom Terry said OK -- hell with this money and they closed it down he opened up another restaurant. Just off the causeway on causeway boulevard in me and -- but it never went anywhere. And then they -- they even have the big old sign he neon sign they used to have on Claiborne avenue they brought it all the way across the -- In doing good Sherri welcome to the food show. -- believe -- -- I'm trying to find out if you will restaurant in shall I bail. X series quiet street -- do not -- -- the the end. Boy that's a tough one. You know why I think has it is. Fairly new please call sapphire. Moment looking up for. You know house will receive -- can bring up their their web page. Pretty quick -- on I'll -- it's sapphire dot com what's he -- we hear it's an EPH. IE or -- sapphire. In. In Slidell. And here comes. Here it is here's a web site in months if we can find him -- you want at this by the way have you been there. It's you'll you'll like this that the that is it's two guys that run at their partners one of them is the son. Of when an employee English and his wife. Acute because her name hopes could. -- will evaluate the -- they re an. -- let -- and -- a label on. On saint Claude avenue for a million years. And they closed after the hurricane. But everybody keeps talking about it that no one is ever forgotten that was such a good restaurant. Let's see here. What I didn't like to treat that if he can -- Claiborne and Napoleon -- many many -- and they hit that desperation the end of the war. Here. You know that's the only place -- -- -- guest had them but they don't. I'm I'm I'm gonna look at one more place Michael's Michael's might have ever been to Michael's. No I and that can be charming mideast nation contact. You know yes it's how Michaels is a fun. Highway eleven. About a half mile from the old bridge across like punched. Don't tell me that that area -- you -- ish. Set fires and I just looked at their menu they don't have voice is beyond that -- on the menu but it's a good rest and anyway it's on highway eleven. -- on front street not far away from the train station in the old town. It is exactly. Where the old white kitchen used to be although it's a totally new built. If you remember the white kitchen and you you might though -- That's where what that's where it is and what was the what was the other place we were we were looking for here it was. I Michael's Michael -- OK well when I when I'm gonna tell you whether they have oysters -- Villanova. It seems like it you know it's hard to type and talk at the same time. At least it is for me. -- here goes. -- Dean dean it's coming it's here somewhere but they do they do have voice is vehemently. And that's those that's one of his better dish is actually now that look at that is like a little war next yeah. So. 6498055. For a reservation. 0645. I'm sorry 6498055. Michaels yeah very good restaurants Albert actually said hello Michael rhetoric -- no I'm serious -- up. He owns the place he's in nice guys in the -- aero pretty good friends solely you to carry. Are you. Thank you thanks for a thanks for calling the show is all about he -- GO. -- -- on my. Great. Com I don't drink but I not very often anyway and -- wondering. We're just talking about it -- week about it good Marleau and it just caught and what would you recommend. All that so many good ones out there. Let's see -- like clos -- -- clos -- Claude DuBois. CL OSS DE BOY yes and Goodwin. I like the one that they make and Louis martini Lewis. M martini. These -- both California Napa. Mind that when it's pretty easy to. I would think and I just had one yesterday but it was a strange when. If it was from. The restaurant on the corner of -- and and shorter street called Muriel and your -- has its own. Labeled wine. It's made in California it's really good and I just drinks -- yesterday so it's it's short on my mind. But I would. It's your heels murals of -- and if you go to murals which is our place to go anyway. You can you can get a -- I don't think it's on anybody -- -- -- -- that's about the right you know. -- -- -- absolutely going nexus agree please go for one that's that place is like wine store into -- yeah. Great selection great price. -- I'm being handedness best oysters and bill. -- young stay the course thinking. That's. It the lady who called me about that waste is and they'll just goes to show you can't think of everything all the time. -- young steak house in Madison bill. Is they make oysters BN bill that are so good that when he brought him to the table and it was the first time he he had only recently handed it to the menu. And he said I want to try these even though he's in order OK I love the dish. They were great and he says well they ought to be great if you like them because the recipe came on -- York cookbook. So it's a genuine -- that's more recipe. But with a few weeks that keep him put him is he's too were the chip to so you want voices beyond bill that's the place. -- Wednesday. Now will come back -- more the food joint the first police. It's the food show it's -- seventy WWL is what it is and so used to -- you know when some do. Well forgive me here it is oh Willard and thank you Willard welcome. -- and -- -- to talk to play. No question about it it hurt revenue. Up pizza outlet on the west bank and Guerrero cola problem -- be taken -- -- it's different concept. A friend of ours whatever happened we'll be put into it they pick him up on the way to the camp on Friday and in thirty minutes they get there every pizza. It's disease you've used so we try to get out -- Illinois -- -- on the west bank and in good about the broader call. They're great -- -- the -- what you want in that you take a big city your convenience and. OK so you you would you place your order instead they do everything but make the pizza. And and it's in a bar -- you can. We found out. It is -- surprises to -- This so you have triple before you hit the local level from very terrible -- Okay. I haven't heard of that is it all take out. Yet talk they gal I have been obvious sides available to -- Is are found out there's something that the beverage area. And we told -- are nieces about it she's said that policy twenty orders. Well. This. It's and civilian written by a putt putt putt putt. This may come as a surprise to you. But any pizza place will do that. Yeah I guess it will only. You -- -- -- gimme you know whatever there's this pizza is then I don't make it just putting in the box any any pizza place will do that so and but okay hundred fair enough what's name of it again. -- Papa Murphy's. -- There you go I would think you. He has the food show and over here is Janet Janet welcome. -- -- -- Hear me. One element that you let -- -- -- -- department report well. Good. About -- -- on the Internet on so many out the top marquis young people are currently. And it was in fact -- we really important that we expect cakes and state and. All logos. I love those crab cakes in 11 of the things -- like about it. Is when when somebody gives me something that I have kind of like. A prejudice against. Like to meet a deep fried crab cake. You just say those words and I'd already have a negative feeling about it before -- even taste. But he is his indeed our deep fraud but there's no way you could say those things aren't great -- for one thing that almost all crab. And just delicious I think those wonderful crab cakes. Who actually interact Clinton out what it was two couples. And that week but. Equipped takes so long without -- try. And we really enjoy it -- It it was they absolutely you know apparently had always err yeah there without first time balance of the great experience and I want to thank you. Oh wonderful glitch at a good time there -- I always do in there are always busy so maker reservation whenever you think of going there. All right well thank -- for replying yeah great it's wonderful to hear. If you ever heard anything on the show whether you called to get the information or somebody else did. 22 Telus. This if you go NTELOS whether we were right or wrong and -- don't be ashamed or afraid. A telling me get your you know Tom your on your mind that places in any good and whatever. It is knows time and -- here is dining rooms with so with the -- Saul of that. But he popped up. Hello hello it's the food show on thirteen 50 excuse me on the big 870 WWL and WWO 105 point three FM. Tommy's. Is the next question and it comes from Debbie. -- welcome. Hi Tom thank you for Michael. We eat you mentioned at the top -- the year should oh the restaurant Tommy and we actually you reservations. To have dinner there for the first time tonight. You know. And I was wondering if you could elaborate program. I sure do all of -- who always so how many people are going. They have an appetizer assortment that they bring out on this rack that they put right in the middle of the table and have things like. In oysters Rockefeller Ambien -- and crab cakes and shrimp room alive and that kind of stuff and and just like a whole bunch of enough for everybody. They're soups are really good their turtle soup is excellent they're dumbo is excellent. My favorite entree over there is this. -- shop but -- they call it it's a roasted half a -- just like in the old days. In on bones in everything's the way it ought to be and they serve it with sauteed spinach and dirty rice it's delicious wallop that. They have all the you know New Orleans seafood dishes with a crab meat on top than you know trump junior and things like that but they also have a certain amount of Italian food on the menu. And that's pretty. The shaft came out -- -- he was here for a million years and then he. He was sort of retired in the he wound up over there and I love that place it's it the design is a little. Not rough -- exactly but it's it's an old warehouse that they turned into a restaurant. His other restaurant across the street is a nice looking place all the way I would say that Tommy says better. Are also great fun place to go I really love that please. -- enjoy. It's a Tommy's restaurant on -- a -- -- someone called with this piece of information. The as someone called earlier in want to know where to get hold catfish caught your whole fried catfish. And I can only think of a couple of places -- neither one of which. Is close to talent didn't shorts and you equate this fish house in. Picayune but someone called and said and as soon as I read this this and oh yeah that's right they do have that. Another restaurant that had come up earlier high hat on -- to ansari on enough for a street. And they have whole catfish there so there's a place to go in the thread Middletown. 260187. Here is Mike Mike welcome. -- -- Don't talk about want to -- -- we. Put that. Don't portray around my -- hit -- uncle -- -- -- look great. Health reasons that they could not so -- -- Well it. But it's the work well. It's a chain. And that this is the same kind of mentality. That gives you this when you walk in and you say OK -- like my burger medium rare sorry sir we only do well done. In other words stick -- -- we don't care about what you want which is trying to make money here so shut up and. -- MacBook look rotary. Debates we just get it she'd be -- that the court in May -- And -- up much room. Strategy. -- true lead or alcoholics. It'll media and the best speech -- probably. And -- and if you put -- in the oven and bake it. I mean even if it were sprayed with germs. You know the inoculated with germs none of them would survive the -- And hated that they just didn't wanna do with that. Bob interpreted -- -- up -- a -- that you mentioned awhile but sap buys Mike Welch. I had the fire up a couple of weeks go through it really brought. I was great connector to from the old days so let's add it. -- Good stuff though that that's all all of Joseph well I finally remember their name -- well English who did all the -- issues the -- And she gave them all the recipes and taught them how to do it she even hung around here she and her husband though Lloyd. For weeks and weeks and weeks making sure they had an all right I think it's a good restaurant. But it fortified at the rest of PX -- -- -- -- a -- from -- daughter in law. That people late directly gave it to don't -- anybody who knows where else. No huddle up according to mark my -- up. Now well thank you very much are hearing from -- CU it is the food show in over here it is. Is Lee Lee welcome to the Puccio. -- What but it -- collectively own but it should all want. I'm sorry we I only caught the the second half of that which is why seemed confused. Or there might be other reasons but anyway welcome and one. Thank you we're up. Going to be headed about it he. I can do that right now and she didn't -- minute ago and yeah. Real hull can't see -- shortly McCann that are -- let me call one. Oh they hold catfish I mean they don't serve the head. But rather than that it's it's a -- well you know it's obviously got to be cleaned and all that but it's it's the whole catfish at that the -- was on if I remember right. But they definitely do have. Great -- want to he hurt. Room of the ship but he got some programs are. Well we will bear last Sunday. All -- and they did that day but soft shell crabs are -- you know this is a a product that comes and goes however at this time a year we're really pretty much at the peak of the season for soft -- so. Is if they're out of emits only because they sold out of them but they definitely had -- last Sunday when I was there. I want shoot it again it would be intimate and the Scot sellers and you know grant keep young like -- in Madison building. Now this is the time a year and lead but he so well. Oh ya know it's out there just waiting for. Yeah I have a dish and again I tell you since I was there a week ago it's a fresh on my mind. It's an appetizer. Called barbecue oysters -- this is nothing like what they do a Drago is that dish -- been on their menu for a long long time for drug is even started doing. Grilled oysters it's a totally different dish. -- bake them on the shell and they topped that with this sort of righty. Brownish reddish kind of the ethics laws. And I can't figure out what the flavor of it is -- holiday make it. I just know that I love that issue and I get -- everytime I go there and sometimes they get to a borders through just for appetizer. But that they're real good -- -- cut catfish is good and they also do. A very good stuff -- now this is not to be confused with a crab cakes crab cake pretty much solid Grammy. This has other things in it but they serve it in a real -- shale which is unusual. And -- we had some of those last weekend they were a lot better than I remember so the unit that's something I would recommend. Yeah and that it knows about credit and years and years and years. And bought a -- of -- now sort of the -- as a proxy for the Yorkers. Stop crying or crab -- Oberto I think you got it right on the -- ahead their turtle soup when I was there too it was okay. But he gets into everything here is bill bill welcome. I don't mind that that we can Cullen and disagree with the political block and abuse that. You know want to talk a problem Merck disputes that we -- on the West Coast we have a for several years. In fifteen years of with a different and goes up all of those for awhile. But it is really do it pizza had been -- the other people can prepared that would -- And sent -- with that but. You know this comes with the trade. That round the crowd it's a disposable. Baking Friday. It's it's really good -- not know it -- chains and I'd have to agree with it but. This is this is something we're trying to. OK fair enough -- Iowa thanks to the food show. 2606. -- we've got to take a break. Angolan air chip is only be a minute or so I knocked him off by mistake I'm sorry my chip call us back. We will continue with more after first please that's someone just called and said to those who who are looking for. Poll catfish that Adams catfish house in Belle chase serves them. However. This whole conversation began. About an hour ago. When a guy called up and said I used to get him and Adams all the time but they didn't have them the last few times I've been there so that's what -- also. Do they have more don't I don't know. 2601872601870. It's food show we love talking but. Eating and drinking. And restaurants and cooking. And we do something. On that is really a little unusual. With our program closest reading the other day that gambit the newspaper. As these what they call. -- numbers. Once a month I think or something like that on a regular basis in the point of it is that although there readers can get together and shoot the reason. And you know just have a good time. And they present this as a brilliant new idea we've been doing the in just about every week and the way it works is this people who listen to this show in the main show that I do during the rest of the week. And who read by my stuff on line in and in various newspapers. They join me for dinner and we have you know winds programmed and usually -- We go to restaurants that we like and we're doing one on the sixth. It's gonna be it in post those in Metairie which may be the champion in the number of times we've been there but mr. -- -- -- loves us and yours I can tell us. And those so he does this five course dinner for us will complete with the winds all the way through. And we'd love to have you join -- if you wanna take a look at the menu or. If you wanna know more about these little gatherings of ours it is totally open to the public you'll make friends immediately. You will not feel like here. An outsider looking in. And I moved around from table with table all night just sort until obscene jokes over and over and over again. I go to no menu dot com and then click on each club and all the info is there maybe we'll see you this coming. A week from Wednesday. -- impose -- 206 so. 187 need to be call right now believe it or not you'll get radian what's he what's over here. And on our message board. Have you heard of upgrades. In Saint Bernard. Noise happened. Or wait I've heard about it but I don't know anything about it I've been there yet. Let's see another thing about high -- this is the third time this restaurants come up today I think the it has never come up before I mean hardly ever. Hi had an -- -- it to not to keep poems say that for a street couple blocks off of Louisiana. No on the -- unit and. And anyway whoever sent this in says hi hat has the best fried chicken on Mondays okay. Let's see have you tried milk fish at their new location and Carrollton and canal I have not milk fish is an interest in new restaurant. Relatively new they specialize in Filipino food. Which is an interest in cuisine because it has aspects. Of southeast Asian cooking but also aspects of Mexican cooking and the reason for that is that historically. When the Philippines where a Spanish colony they were governed by the governor in Mexico. It seems strange but that that's true and so a lot of the culture of Mexico managed to get over to. Over to the Philippines which has a very. Interesting and unique cuisine. As a result. And -- displaced milk fish. Is on not Carrollton avenue about a half block off -- ballots right next door to rule 127 which is another good restaurant that's a great place. To a ago. Someone asks. I had to get out of the truck did you give your thoughts on chimes in Covington yet well not today I haven't. My wife and kids love it go they are all that time wage too much. I like it kind of a love the place. The selection of Beers is pretty pretty amazing. They have an excellent oyster bar raw on the half -- that really good they do their own version of grilled oysters with this kind of brownish sauce it's different from any of every scene. Those are terrific. And they'll also do fish with that same -- and that's very good and they do a good burger. And men you lost me as most I find their fried seafood not all that good their side -- not all that good in. And mistakes just okay and that's a beautiful place it overlooks the bogus -- river. In historic location at that it's called the chimes it's a branch. Of the place that's near LSU in Baton Rouge. Dude dude dude dude did you do you. Here's another text message sent to us. You are right Tom I used to work for Papa John's we had a customer who would bring his own baking pan fourth -- of the crust pizza. We make is pizza he brings it home yet any any of any pizza place you go to will do. They get they'll make the pizza however you like and you bring it -- YouTube -- at -- which probably would come -- better. The most places now they have a wood burning -- You know one of those 800 degree -- different story you can't do that. You can get close to give a big green -- Here's Woodrow welcome. I don't tumbling to show that the -- I don't. Got a red fish are caught it Heatley and Marc are accurate and -- got a direct open and I'll do whatever it may be slow -- -- -- -- -- Red -- or Gregory. Okay what will come content like TO. On you you can. I don't know if I use a Dutch oven for that purpose but I don't see why not either. What you're making is a -- a classic New Orleans dish called red -- group deal. Sort of and what you do is if you if you still have the the skin in the scales in the bones of that fish do you. The no -- -- -- -- I don't want them naked to draw I mean I'm kind of you know work a lot will just kind of make it kind of quickest -- but I looked like -- like -- at least make that. No and I wouldn't until don't use stuff like that you are our guy there's no need to do let's note listen when I'm about -- Our if you if you don't have the -- next time save them in it's so quick you throw in a pot you bring it up to a boil you'd dump the water you put new watery in. You bring it up to a boil again and thirty minutes later you straightened out you have fish stock. And this makes a big big difference but if you if you didn't don't -- you put the finish in the hand. And then pour some water Oprah bring it up to a simmer not a rolling boil just December and let it cook. For a few minutes and then take the -- out very careful OC you know break it. And then. In -- the stock you have there at some fresh tomatoes you could use canned tomatoes if you want hold tomatoes not rushed or anything like that. Some -- Some onions. -- variety of herbs some fresh -- would be nice and fresh oregano would be nice in the air or you can just use the kind of the under the you know jar. And and some lose some creole seasoning. And if you have some crack meters and shrimping and around you throw some of that in the just at little texture you put you let this cook for about half an hour. You put the finished back in. -- -- a little bit longer in the and you serve it. And it's that's too hard at it the most of the time you're spending it's just in the oven and you and they do something else you work. The -- But that. You don't don't. Make sort -- it'll make this sauce it will make this loss unto itself with all the nice things cooking together. What kind of blend and then you would you have a nice it's a juicy sauce but it's definitely is -- in the classic New Orleans dish. And one that very few restaurants make but it's it's easy to make its real good I if you if you need a recipe go to no -- dot com I have it there. All right we won't be back or more the food show in a moment after first please this. -- its food show on them a couple of minutes here before the news but we're going to be back we have another hour and a half chalk on the phone chuck welcome. -- -- Oh. -- about the rubio and Portland. All and then mom mom mom. Should it been like that. Beautiful that's the way to go absolutely. -- Okay on. The best one in town in in the city proper -- -- actually it's in -- it's called Giorgio imports. And they're right next to the railroad tracks that cross Metairie road and only about half a block all of that it's it's even you get the and they they bring in the imported cheeses imported meets they had they do everything right that's that's the NS one. In this site but if you put in the North Shore. Bosco. And I don't play into one sport. You can't tell me unless you call back as I gotta stop with the news but call me again and we'll -- more on WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM. HD one -- New Orleans. Where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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