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07-26 2:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Jul 26, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello. This is the third course of the food show on the brigades have any WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris yet passing is a cultured person. And here every day just about every day and I mean I don't do many shows on Sunday very rare for me to do that -- once in a great while. Monday through Saturday most of that on thirteen -- the fear wondering if you've never heard it over here but though on the weekends on on Saturday. Happy to do the food show for you here on WW -- the -- gates avenue and one of five point three FM. Our number is 260. 1872601870. Anna -- right now you'll get Reagan and what -- -- get right in with you may wonder well. One question I know you have an answer to without your even having to think -- much about it is what is your favorite restaurant. I'd like to hear that. Or I'd like to hear about the any meal you've had in any -- lately that that you thought was exceptionally good or it may be very exceptionally bad. Or is something surprising that you ran into -- a new restaurant that you thought was the pretty interest thing or. Some sort of recipe that you come up with that you like a lot or when it's not quite coming up the way you want. We talk about all of that if it's about food that's good enough we don't tweak this to too much. You can also send -- text message to me at 8787870870. Again. And that's for shy people mostly. Let's see you have arrest be using it. Floyd from Gonzales years ago my mother may indicate using white squash as part of the ingredients and she passed away took the secret with her. Do you have a recipe using an ingredient. Now. Who once again. I I wanna save this for people. For everybody but especially to avoid this problem. If you are. Grandmother your friend your uncle your mother. Or you're the guy down the street who runs a little cafe if any of those people makes some dish that is really good. And really different that you would -- you would not one that think of life without. Call them and say listen I'd like that recipe. And and if you wouldn't mind especially if it's a home Coke could I come over. And don't bring all the ingredients you need I'll buy him and then and I'd like to watch you do it. And watch him do it the old timers. Especially Graham on Graham pollen and the uncles and your mother and you know even they would love to have the company. To have you come over they be delighted to show you their recipe most of whom would just vital real. And then measure everything as they go to make sure you know every temperature of every pot every and every -- being used in right all of this down. And when you get to the end of it you will have captured. Forever. This recipe if you don't do that. It's gone on and no. Way will it ever come back it's a shame really is so do it while they're still alive. Would you. I never heard of vote a vote a cake made using white squash have never heard of that I'm not saying it was good or bad. But this does not this is not in a book somewhere this is something your mother. And here is -- chuck welcome. All packed them up a lot of what -- -- read. If true could outweigh only problem forty years multiple bomb grade B or she artwork. -- you know what they think it. They like keeping things like that to themselves but they got to know that one they can when their heads towards the end there they've got to get that somebody. Yeah worn out. But -- what government remote lot alike act up. Haven't -- stay put and they. -- And that we could that mean he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is this just the bread or is this all with all this stuff -- it. We are in me. You predictable thing leave open trade. And we so weight she's melting and the fact you're coming out of the salami and all that. You may have all of mine done that way. I think the only way to do muffle the is at room temperature. -- melted melted cheese muffle it is not my bag although feel like it. And that we're in and where are you -- who. -- -- under in Delhi on track comment -- them. And then that -- -- well known in her case and keel and don't really quote. Yeah they're very good alike pure land it was a -- there -- before -- -- like they're Italian food to its good. And actually it you know weaker market -- full circle -- and good but I am. Well you know -- be you know it that open space where. Like people. Yeah you remember it that way he'd go ahead. And you and you don't -- Any place we'll do that if you ask them. Yeah our end or boy. You gave me you know he gave me and into our sponsor here. OK well thanks a lot for a for those -- nations and our sponsor is current score points. And I I once asked L horn -- who's the owner. Of about this seafood muffle the that he had it's made with catfish. Fried catfish fried oysters and fried shrimp they put him on the -- them roll. And they said well when you make it's -- does the olive salad come to. And he says if you want and -- of what about the Cheney's and he said if you want you can have anything you want we'll make it anyway you like. Well this is which one here because it means. That they. Don't have a whole bunch sandwich is already know. That they did in advance it needs it they're gonna make it especially the EU because only you would want whatever that was that you won it. And also because it's a service oriented place it's a neighborhood style restaurant a little bigger than most with a bigger menu that's for darn sure. And they are open right now and you can go over there and get that seafood awful -- or regular muffle an -- rose before boy or please beat meatballs and spaghetti a -- -- red beans rice with Italian sausage. What ever feel like that's what they do it Koreans for voice 3939 veterans we just as Cleary they are open till about 8830 tonight. Lunch every day except Sunday. Dinner Wednesday through Saturday. RR a and apostrophe S -- -- your godfather. And here is Raleigh Raleigh welcome. Margaret and -- its -- -- ruling IE -- -- -- you're in an astute pick up. Only grow. -- -- six yes August 6 we will. -- looking forward seen you can use -- to. Go beyond that know. What you did quite well. So apportioning lobby -- advocates and actually allow. And so we get the -- To. That's after them after the dinner we have the the the post game shows so to speak. I'm here with you as our host. Okay well -- -- a mistake and it to you like it. Almost yeah everything's good I can complain at all would you would you. Need to get it right -- Well actually I call. It dialogue talking with a little speech. I don't it. All but that there actually -- accident that was a pretty good. So we recruit well we'll let you have. The last -- eat well and hit it is -- call. -- Untreated it can't dislike of one sorts over it will put option and it doesn't. I like a barbecue and if I can do which -- itself out so -- culture and he could let you know who is -- is -- person. -- -- Trip Wilma could that would be good at all. That. That shifted Roma -- -- a lot well. Yes and I I had absolutely crazy enough to bring all of it to. I only -- going to Wear it. You know you know what they use this for a motto for awhile I think or maybe it just made it out but. At -- -- the slogan was. Six days after you -- here you're hungry again. That's correct. He's real each. Yeah nobody leaves their. How much in my 23 the pilgrims but then I think three years now. But you don't particularly and I am still mourned -- oh good I got ready to go contrary so it it would everything good excuse. -- We we will we will room and -- over all of this over over us longer to in a couple of weeks thanks. Outlook. -- yeah so yeah. Outside it's Roy a peek who he's the guy who sings in the bar in the style it was easier every night and he sees a super nice guy and he's very list -- Michael welcome to the food show. I Tom by the question about old restaurant and climbed up into -- never quite cold chicken -- She can drop yet for the new it wasn't really -- brush but it was more casual or. -- is where you you put you'd be put down -- he yeah. Yeah and and wherever that the chicken coops yes that that person gets the money. But record and I'm proud to say I've never been in place. That's quite right next story corporate culture -- And yes we -- Torture or abort option of Korea Amber's it was delicious. And I timeframe we talked about here. It was there forever and all since this is a recent. You know the water if you knew where he moved. No I didn't know where he was there you know and so that's human -- can be easily and tell me the name again sheriff -- Shifts were yet. At all and now I don't you know an -- A lot of -- week. Here in -- move over to. Possibly over there. The only other. -- -- I don't know but maybe somebody listening to is does know the answer to this and we can find. Every great. All right well thanks for calling see anybody know 2606368. -- Raymond. Excuse me I said the wrong number yet. IE. I'm just looking it up on the line and I see nothing. 260. 187260170. When we have no 1870. That's -- you know it's like learning how to dial 911 it's 911. Here's pat pat welcome. Thank you. I'm not a question. About -- mistake. Unfortunately -- capital grille that a few days ago and I haven't had a chance to replace its. -- just had an -- one inside he -- grill it up by the girl that Arafat say they're just what do I do. Well here's my thinking about fresh tuna. I think that anything you would use to caucus state and the edit any technique you we used to cocoa beach state including the sauces. In the way you the way it comes out there if you cook it. Will work for a two. And that the thicker the better. And what I would do is you put a little bit of butter or olive oil or a mixed group the two were talking about like a tablespoon or so and then. Let it start bubbling a little bit in season up your tuna and then put it right on top of that it'll stick to the AM in the -- break loose. Pretty much. And then you turn it over to the other side a little more watered down. And then to the other side. And taken out soon is really best when you do that but medium to medium rare so little -- -- in the middle. If you want it done all the way I guess you could but it makes it very dry. OK but I think I can get on top of the I thought Buchanan and saying India. You can and you definitely can and you can also do it under the broiler. And the Disco it in the course. I would do in the -- myself. Yet please you want a real hot heat the heat are actually get a kind of a cross on the outside is what I am. Okay. Matt and I do have a a recipe. Well. -- and I think he and a six and salad. That we like -- plan -- it's a combination of avocado. Black mango. But -- Little little Alipay to happen baby thin red onion. And then with all in limited Houston Danica. Dressing and -- at all. It sounds fantastic -- -- -- -- with all that cannot and and famine. The I'm sure it is of both of those sound really terrific -- make that the heartbeat. Thank you know thanks for sharing that with -- -- -- We will come back with more of our little program in just a moment but first please this by its food show on -- -- seventy WWL. And here is Danny Danny welcome. -- -- -- Our gate you're. Not only do so why is -- in the nonstick. This program. And a -- and went by so what's the best way to do so. And -- in -- that I'm gonna I'm also so you'll do well would do well. All -- I don't know answer -- -- Here in tribal. What you have witnessed. Stainless steel pan. I think that's the best all around cook where you can buy today because. The the bottom part of the part that faces the fire underneath is usually made up of several Klan did. Medals. Things like copper. Aluminum and and maybe some other things too. So you get the advantages. Of having those kinds of -- that pass along the heat and also cool back down again very quickly. Which stainless steel would not -- one its own tweets get hot stay. But the other them congratulations for getting off a nonstick because nonstick is good for one thing it's from it's great for making eggs. And where nothing else that I can think because he can't. You don't really get a goods here -- I find enough I like it it's like whatever I'm cooking mystic that the panel. And that's it if you bought it already. Congratulations if you haven't I would use the commercial grade but you it's not particularly more expensive and it's better to better job. Captain -- Well I didn't do major -- I'm I'm just swell -- -- outer space. Grass gasping for oxygen and hoping that the next call will save my life. And it -- to guide them. When it way way way back. It would replace undergo close. -- Angelos. Angelou you can't pick oak tree and you know you to you don't remember that. Hi I am too young to remember that but I know with the restaurant you're talking about and I know well what has happened to -- He had because eight to try to cross but not that would without I was talking to this manager of this restaurant a possible override. Yeah did you sit here. Well not across from ball revised. Its it's it's a cross from the the when witnesses say in government Canadians use these trials. Some anyway arc -- Where it's it's across from a casino in for the last. You may be thirty years it has been a restaurant called -- Els the RE ZEL a wonderful restaurant run by. A -- the news they are all the time he was terrific shift he did. A New Orleans food -- Italian food he did really good assortment of things. But he decided to retire. This is about two or three years ago now and he became a deacon when he already was a deacon in the church but he wanted to do a little bit more. And he said okay my you know my time has come and so he sold it to the casino. And they still do that tree is still there it's a beautiful restaurant really was nice but I don't know anything about it now haven't been there since people. Well this is about 1011 years ago. And to reduce children -- -- -- -- it was fantastic. To go into what I wanted to about it. Those he would call -- and do most thought you'd put it won't stop on trial it was about the basics so that Jill. Not try to duplicate could. Oh and it's one of those things if you don't get -- win the restaurant is still around you'll never -- -- again this unless they left behind a cookbook and I don't think I've ever seen Angelos cookbook and they've been gone a long time so early. How -- suddenly -- was -- evidence and you don't want -- Let's put this out to the crowd maybe somebody has the recipe but I would bet on. Items you have -- will complain about and the you count it out it's not quite bluntly and and tried out over actor and -- -- -- as. Well lauded the move noted that while -- -- -- be a big round of falling over the plate it. Relative thing -- -- to get my hands. Maybe another one that raised the ball aboard a cork his back. And I want to again expected to -- The best -- -- goes on everything out there and don't let him down and put it back and it corrected it. It's that's -- mistakes happen but what restaurants. Well. -- eases a little neighborhood place. And the guy who runs -- he's been in the business for a long long time in fact he used to have a rest and then Wednesday and so -- bits we made that. I have not had any flounders the size of my hand they have a bigger than that but even if you didn't have a fly under the size of your hand that would be a party big round. -- anywhere but here right. -- Okay well at least they took care that's you know if you if you admit you made a mistake and you exit that's. All right. Thanks thanks a lot. He the food show rules right ahead and I think you know next victim here is old LJ. L. -- Brodeur or do you prefer being called LJ or LJ. Holders. A guy who has been a little while ago Coker. Be sole. Bid Puget. You know. You got to move. Well -- ammonia and willfully ago. On the little old. And only weigh in on -- My aunt and uncle -- -- it true. Cho. Being injured and we legal under the old course. You sure could you know all of this. Is straight out of straight out of a book I could write because that we did exactly the same thing we've -- to camp for two weeks every year. We took the boss. We lived in the Germany section and we took the Bucs are two little woods and our camp was. Past the end of the roads -- we at the walk on the railroad tracks. All. But I was born and raised in saint -- And I'll tell. -- and knocking down one of the -- -- a battle. So. Want every year. True we would go there. And we. Shall shall. We were right there. This whole way under the. Yeah yeah that's where they would hide any place where they couldn't be seen you know it was dark down there so they can get away and somebody tried to eat them. One. War basically. And the and the we. Go to. At least. And were you not to yeah. Then you. Went out it was clean. There would then. Number. -- there. Would be in -- -- and oh where. You want to know. Oh they would -- it was. A war and -- go -- What's that. Did you did you get did you get the the eggs on it in the water to underneath the camp. There's you know because those seem to know that there -- We gave him. -- Well on top. De -- It's a little clout and -- that you. -- Well that nothing wrong with any of that I mean think of how many dishes of eggs that were -- -- that were essentially the same thing you just described it was -- yeah. Great to play pretty well today against. -- -- -- go for a Sunday brunch. Like if you if you were to go to our nose for example which I think his best Sunday brunch and and you said listen here's what I want some speckled -- the way you usually do. And I want to poached eggs on top of that and whatever -- you want that it would be reason you know like holidays saucer -- article. Yeah and and they would do it for you would even have to twist there were armed. They would they would they would do it right away and now you do and then nice memories of little woods I have almost exactly the same ones. Do we break. On 260187. Or use our number here is. -- -- It. OK it will -- A few years ago wanted to go to restroom on the negative -- capitalists. I've heard of them all of these really great well the menu look great again. On the web site in their leadership look like it was a a fantastic read today. In the study in France have -- -- where that's trouble and okay and out but it. It was a local person but at the restaurant close to. So activity -- and. Just today happened to. Tried again. And upon them that is so that the bill on the weekends. And I was curious as to. Won't know if you knew anything about it and to reopen. I don't it's all I can do to cover New Orleans tonight sort of built on purpose don't get out into the hinterlands too much but there might be somebody listening to a who's been there and we'll find out from the public that. OK that sounds good -- also at the restaurant is Saint Francis Bilko. -- -- -- The ox -- yeah that I've heard of that that. Some who was I think that was Scott. What was his last vornado he was running that for awhile I think. And he was a terrific -- I don't know where he is the states. -- -- I think they they had closed and reopened and close again at this curious system would. -- -- Don't know I don't know if anybody knows the answer to that but but thanks a lot. -- yeah it's it's now we this is the advance may be the disadvantage of having a signal that so good you can hear it weigh that out that far and way beyond that. Is that we get these. These calls about restaurants that are pretty far out of my range here is Mike Mike welcome. Welcome -- on the proper on call and great about welcome. I heard somebody talking about -- well I bought one of the most unique cookbooks and a little garage sale of its -- Should unions -- cents. Do you remember the only five star restaurant in New Orleans remotely execute early seventy. Well he wasn't the only one but you're talking about the roots I'm sure you are. Which he had to cook books one of them was called the front door back door cookbook. And then the other one was a little I mean it was even smaller than that it was like a little almost a brochure. That's the one that I and that's the one yeah. -- at -- barbecue. Wrapped in. Well I I did know that amount. Find I have a copy somewhere here in and adults it's so small that it's hard to find. Keep by my honest that's what did a -- like shots that he made the president. I mean it's just the most. -- you mr. -- what what was what was obvious that he had those two cookbooks. That. And they were the only ones he ever did. And none of the recipes. In either one of these cookbooks with the food that he served at the rest. I have wrote that. The only -- of his recipes get out immediately on purpose at the -- charity for children some years ago. The crap beat Saint Francis he he he put the real recipe for that on in the books so that's out there all the rest of his recipes no one knows. It's well I heard God's. -- -- -- -- -- Wish we had. A that was -- he was the first one -- now everybody. You know in that was just -- would tip my graduation dinner. In my -- we went there and it's something I'll never have yet. -- great great restaurant whenever someone asks. If you could have any one -- struck back that isn't here anymore which one would be I'd only -- -- think -- but that it would be to Ruth's. -- A wonderful guy and I was lucky enough that he and I went on the -- retreat group in recent for a long long time until he died released in 2004. When he died. -- you and I were were pretty good friends and a brilliant man he knew he he just wouldn't have a conversation with the need to sit there and listen goods and he'd do everything. All right yeah. Right stock yeah thanks for call the its Puccio. I'm Tom Morris do have time to talk to Camille here. We do -- by Camille welcome. Yes I am but I think I'm from New Orleans I'm terribly. -- in -- for -- could hopefully. The date is meant my brother. At a place in batteries that I used to frequent a lot of bread was terrible things -- bread. -- better -- bed it was probable. None -- not to mention me and it will. Well above what did you do when you told them this what did they do. Well I didn't count them. One. -- -- -- I don't know line. -- -- could affect. But anyway it shouldn't have been that way to begin with of course. Well I did like an architect of the -- -- elegant or to keep it real French bread. And population should be and they effective seat on the -- Bread which is very similar to. Subway -- and it was. Just terrible. French French -- doesn't have sesame seeds. Two million. Well whatever you like to at least he's not but it was very scary to -- -- -- it saw it at all. With the red dot it was cold and fault all the -- through it. OK what what restaurant -- it would. Do well I didn't I've ever seen that the sesame -- there. So. Well thought that the next time you do this oh this happened years ago. -- you heard that they used and that the C tropical basic. Home right right Melinda here's a guy's name -- horn -- Yeah. L horn -- HOR and BR OOK. Ellen you talk to me. And tell what you just told me. And let's see what he does but the best time to do this is in the restaurant where you take one bite you say this isn't right and you go back to the currency. Listen. Who would you take care -- this and and that they could have done it very easily by just taking wholesale which in putting him in the oven for a couple minutes which I wish every restaurant did. At some home. That really aren't. -- said it was not. French bread -- the lucky that you can take on all of this. Now that they're not they're using lighten timers it really in yeah. But you know friends spread varies from day today. From the same baker I remember I downpours once. I always there for dinner you always on Sunday. And the first local French bread was really great and second and was like totally different and I had what was left of the first -- sitting there in the waiter brought you know the -- -- -- And he says well they both came from the same -- but on different days. That says yeah but it's. Don't write him off elicits a good place I thought what. And I look at what. We don't want -- -- -- you -- -- -- thank you for. If you built it up. Hey listen will I'm sorry we've run out of time here and I got to take a break will be back with more of the food show after first -- this high it's the food show. On the big 87 EW WL and WWO 105 point three FM and here is Gerry Gerry welcome. Thank you. Thank you to take him a call. Calling on if you you know anything who is a restaurant. Excuse me and slide you know balls that aren't. I sure do. It's and it's a pretty good place I think it's on. Front street right next to the railroad tracks highway eleven -- you know. It's in exactly. The same spot where the old. White kitchen used to be if that means anything to you and if that doesn't forget about it -- but it's. It's in in a new L shape strip mall. What's interesting about it is at its two partners who started it one of them is the son of the Koppel that re and rest for a million -- on saint Claude avenue in New Orleans -- ever. And that was a restaurant that was very much liked by its regular season by a lot of people and they didn't come back at the hurricane they figured it was a good time to retire. But their son said hey listen you really can't let that food guy so they came up. And they did all the recipes and Joseph well. English is her name avoid her as her husband they just got in there and got it got going it's also in addition to that it's a full fledged prime steak house. And they have -- music like one or two nights a week two so this is a pretty good place it's. It looks a little Las Vegas to be inside just a little but I like it'll be -- foods to. Appreciate your opinion. Well good let me know if you go out so well thank you -- much -- -- -- See the food show to be cute cute cute cute. We are sponsored. Despite you know -- with great. Intrepid -- We're sponsored by. Parents or boys which someone just called up and complained about okay. Well I go and I go unhappy. And what I mainly like is the fact that they. Roast the -- roast beef in house and that's what makes -- good they also make the gravy from scratch there are a lot of places you might find this hard to believe but it is true. That get their roast beef already cooked already sliced in some cases in the media and the of the great becomes -- McCain him would -- what's that you know that's about it. They do everything from scratch and transport voice. All the time and the way to get a perfect poor boy and I think if that lady had done this it would have been that way. I think all pork or places ought to do this by the way you ought to. It after the sand which is made completely with -- all the dressings and everything sticky and hot oven for about two minutes and then taken out. This. Adds. 2050%. More to this. But their -- which is pretty good start with they also have lots of good platters. Italian platter seafood platters a whole range of -- it's -- New Orleans neighborhood restaurant in Metairie 3939 veterans just has Cleary horrendous horrible ways and now please this. Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello. It's the food show. Who are running out of time here Chris welcome. Doing great come on and. Opera are -- I didn't even very often enough -- -- now. Well thank you. In -- -- to that area. -- -- -- Lots and an eagle. Eager. To -- Ingredient Burma. Where -- is now. Is she still around. You know. I -- time machine is broken. The outlaw. My ability. I can pretty much understand. And really just more about being green and try to hook and get. Around it poorly in the. I'm I'm running real short on time so I'm just gonna run this as fast as I can. If you go if you were to go on line you would find thousands of recipes this by the way -- the -- you know look look -- and did this name. GE ULYA. Yes. We just announced in Hungarian school kids into the Hungarian dish. But anyway you start off with a onions and celery and things like that and in garlic and you sort of caramelized that and then you -- the meat to it then you add carrots to it and you get it to be a thick soup and that's all I have time for me again will figure out or online yeah. WW. L radio New Orleans WWL FM HD one -- New Orleans where the newsroom's next over most of these same frequencies from CBS. He called on the broadcasting's. Talk again next week I hope to have a good weekend.

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