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07-26 - 3:10pm - Saints Camp Coverage with Deke, Bobby and Hokie

Jul 26, 2014|

Deke, Bobby, and Hokie live from Saints training camp. Interviews with Coach Sean Payton and discussion of today’s practice.

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And needing a little to a Saturday edition -- Saints -- -- from Slammin' Sammy at the Greenbrier beautiful West Virginia it is a beautiful Saturday afternoon -- the Saints went through their practice this morning. Although with two out two and a half hour workout and name several players and coaches addressed the media who -- -- from -- coach -- I mean just a few moments also. -- -- A tournament ahead double digit sacks a year ago defensive -- a -- takes. Running back more in Britain that Pierre Thomas defensive -- -- linebacker David Hall on offense that -- being groves. Rob Ryan and Sean Payton who have all of those interviews for you commitment quarterback who account as well. All today's program -- we'll break out and practice with our resident -- hope you guys out. And be a bad at first that that's -- straight to the sound from the -- -- -- some of the things that Saints coach Sean Penn State who have is pressed -- isn't parity. But musical chomping hitting on some highlights talking about. What are some of the expectations for Saints running back walking. No different than they would be for the rest of the team I mean you he's one of our. Starters on offense he's a guy that we felt played very well the last half of the season. You know it's a position where we obviously carry -- because its position that gets nicked up and do anarchy. But he's Smart he's tough. He runs good pad level and do so it's it's going to be here. To have success both in the running game in the passing game and he's ready for that you know so far he's doing well. That is Saints coach Sean Payton on Mark Ingram now you Saints coach Sean Payton talk about it defensive back get -- some feel me -- need a good camp but on back to back plays they he had good. Presence in pass breakups complaint was asked to comment on Iraq Patrick Robinson before. Yeah they probably beat sentinel physician I think I think for him it's. The mental challenge is is there. The routine of that can be. That can be quiet and it only it were. Yourself ready to go and try to make progress I think that's the big hurdle -- with. With an injury. Like that. I know first and you know there's appeared more her first -- Yours -- the training room -- practice field so. Bounced back and note that. You're going to be back in the in the in the mix Thursday. It's gonna take a while I think that's that mental. Don't well guys moved around well. Pleased with. Amount of time he spent. You know every day but there are a handful of guys that you saw in the offseason program I mean just. That that were almost like fixtures in the building he was one. Facing -- chomping talking about defensive back. And it being that -- club that he is a coach Sean Payton asked about the would increase that yes they went through bruised Drew Brees says he plans on playing and there's that he simply put. Awful long time I feel third you know coach me. Yeah. I I said this I mean this. When I see every one of you. Or one of our players and we all will experience this -- you see old friends on vacation. We don't see aged. That we see the children you know and then you've seen them kick it over now. How old so. Someone is or how much they've grown so I I don't see that this play I really don't and his preparation. You know it's a credit to say not only his mental preparation but how it takes care so you know I've said this time and time again he's. -- a very routine driven person with regards to exercise diet. If you just wanna get his attention these. That got -- it's going to be where you know he's he pays attention all that. And and looked at that means a lot more when -- when you talk about yours in this league. More from Saints coach Sean Payton hitting on the highlights of what. Talking about different things today also was talking about Rob Ryan and now Rob -- on being a head coach one day. It all depends on the owner and it all depends on the situation in hinted that it's not a simple as. -- you finish this on offense you finish this on defense. You get five interviews it it it doesn't work there like that and having been through that success in New York. And then. Coming to Dallas and and experience some success there -- first year and then have an opportunity but waiting. It it just. It find you. And I think when you can prepare. And and focus on. The main test the other stuff just handles itself so. That all handle itself and he's. Clearly going to be someone who was ready for a position like that. That'll that'll happen in in its something that. No plan or no calendar can can really predict. So that is -- -- on some of the highlights we'll have coach Peyton impact person coming up later in the program also we hear from defense quality -- Pierre Thomas. Sean Payton and Luke McCown a team makes Keenan Lewis Mark Ingram among. -- -- as always Jon -- -- profile guys on and Bobby Witt will go to pokey for us. In Tokyo today's practice so. Whether we're still look good but that you load. It's something that the rest of the opposite stance on the fans that it's kind of went back and especially when the kick and punt returns haven't got a different angle and I think Jonas and then we'll come and join him. Well pocono because to my own efforts. One thing about it you know when you give up. -- -- that you can be -- far away from him but you don't have any obstructions in front you know like players walk around the in the a lot of people down there. On the field with the coaching staff the training staff that can't help you got people -- it's always somebody walking in front of your standing in front on. So I've got up there to take a little bit better look at it and today in their special teams they worked on. The kickoff return and in that that it that it they're using quite a few different guys but. They used in Travares -- Bring coats and Charles Hawkins is -- team moves -- -- young man from southern it. Got some pretty good speed -- and it was -- to hear that they're also use in they did Croshere from two line the back there. Thought that all of their points drove what you see -- it's like almost there's pros juniors as far side you know we always joke about you put him in high school game. If you know who it was that they can fit because it is in little. And you know and that -- -- to India you know but in the same thing I mean -- the defense hasn't. Have a hard time picking him out to -- -- he'll find it where he -- knows body but. He is certainly not out of place out there I mean the young man he's got a lot there's speed in that. Originally gave him credit for I think I could see that when I got up well a lot higher -- watch -- covers ground. You yet any -- backe that Pierre Thomas -- mr. stadium Mets kick opportunity when it. They're also when they go into their punt return which they did toward the end of practice. There -- also usage of ours to get branding cooks and Charles Hawkins. Manager and I know Q what do you say to me. That -- did that it is for -- for guess on day yes and then you know we all remember that returning had to -- the party -- is a big influence us winning that game. But I think they can be given the first opportunity after the -- like me. I I don't think it's any doubt about that I think that they. They might eventually won branding coach to win that job because he's probably got a little bit better breakaway speed but. Of -- today it doesn't bother me at all back there watching feel Aponte was feeling pretty securely. Not from a depth. And I kind of say to speak -- me you know in what is young kid Charles Hawkins that that they're put him in that -- he's the number three guy. And -- that it -- you can see where Tarvaris could -- should be back there mean if you think in the number one -- will bring cookies -- -- one pick. And fastest time to come by and all NC street will be back here but -- conceivably be in the -- In. The return game somewhere. You know it is a look it would you say that right now I mean you -- -- developmental squad to develop. But I think in OTAs we will witness in a mini camp looks very promising him that. I don't I don't regulate other receivers -- I don't know if you make it by our roster but that's the guy you wanna develop. But it mean he's back there he's in the fold they've they've given in the reps though it's one of those things that I think that's shown great losses at Tennessee from -- so anyway. Yet speak and I think it where I'm gonna make my seats from now on because I need it and went on won't we can't do it over to saint facility because all the stands are filled up. With fans and a big is actively autograph anyway yet you eat you know -- -- to a lot of conversation. With people but here you can get up there -- -- pro -- what's. Not only low profile when you get up high enough at least as good -- way I like the way out to watch it I can see everything you don't have the distractions of body movement front. -- a lot faster. From field level but when. When I get up prior which is where I want to gain from. It -- -- here's when I was down in a year either in the press box watching game but when you watch the tape you watch it from the view of the press box. Now on the tape so I guess -- gets. Through all the years -- doing it that way have grown accustomed to like. To be up the elevated watching practice and -- -- a saw a lot more of -- today and if you need time be from here now look at the top row. There well it you know -- like -- he was saying at that angle and it truly confident to play on because field level vs. What you look you know higher now. It all goes back to the big guy this guy don't lie that would Hokies view him as a scout this evening the camera is -- So when they breaking down the film when it's eyeliner and film. That that's that the players are looking at the meeting room. The players don't look at that camera. So my hand held on his shoulder at field level note they look at it angles that are high. Right you could see everything with it's it'll stop me. Alleges sidelined -- like approachable -- stake in award that angle that he -- the second and third. What do resident -- break it down for you from play district today and -- by the hole and just talked about about the angles I would explain to you about that very interesting the though they have not checked it out. How they -- kick the field I would strands effort from one area to the other and it's broken down from the coaches get their offices. They can review it and see what they wanna point out to each position group. -- all that plus a lot of sound will come -- -- -- from West Virginia side of Saints training camp 2014. On Saints radio that you don't -- -- so for years. From an x.s and knows he's really football savvy. He's really. Really sharp he's got good instincts. Obviously powerful. And so. We've seen big big skip from -- won't be -- -- He was quite an awfully gullible we got injured last year and so is his offseason been. Fantastic him. He's moving around carried himself like -- better. That is -- -- welcome back to sports talk a special edition -- Saturday with a residential home because I'm Bobby Hebert of the speaking of the progression. Of keeping the Cairo 260 point seven Texas and say that he got it right that it is the deal at the moment as we went to break we'll talk about. The views from practice and but it was all about you know what the players look at. They are machines that are called higher and they call cheery picked up there to share it with sometimes three on the field. There's quantity in zone and then as a side ankle -- like if you watch it it's already died yet you watch a football game at home that it decide. You can but it's a it's a probable. All chemical used to be Ryu. -- it was the eight it is now it's the BT. And what they knew what they do you feel people of their three feel people sometimes -- And coaches -- these guys what they want what you look awful isn't what outlook for this what I mean he -- company -- -- To take the -- not expected to get through the Atlantic. He feels that that lap everybody it prudent today about it if if I don't take a nearby to go through making sure that everybody's immediately go back and look at it evaluate. All the -- so now what they do. The -- guys once they get through a certain -- because they sell this meaning it when the final points after these coaches walk off the field. They want as much copy -- and all fisheries and make a big game to break down what they wanna bring to the players before -- practice. On a team meeting or position and yet this year position meet. They put the dvd it's out of a CD case and basically at this CD case in -- it would look -- -- matter -- football. The football with him drop onto the ground. Somebody scoops up -- football and they run out of the field department and the immediately start -- adopted -- development and make it cooks cook -- often to. Kind of the defense and I wouldn't CD's do everything in what those coaches gave me it's constant. Every meeting is accounted for -- hoping you don't have been a scout those coaches every meeting. Well that day from the and they showed that facility when they leave at night it's accounted for an account. And that's why it's. A learning process in like you say that particular coach could walk off the field going into his -- there's no way to get Theo paid developed like. Like we -- he used to they don't have to take it in transferred to another date like the the -- cassette tapes that they used to put in me now -- that the eighth inning -- -- there and that -- is on the I mean it's instant feedback form so. Like you say meet the coach wants to watch what -- group did in their individual creating material it. It doesn't make any difference he goat before Eagles a lot she's sitting right here and Vietnamese got a I mean walked that football is dropping around while it's already on that one particularly if they just got to. Like you say putted up and sent it to the operate -- coach to be paid to coach in. It's. Electorate -- world today I mean it's communication it's that. ALQ when you look at that it also and the in case in point. Is that I don't think you have as many complications like you did. It's 830 years ago 2530 years ago where the big guy and that guy don't lie. So both players saying well what about business they hate it film everything. So they break it down and make it still. OK this and that and and what their expectations are bad. Bottom line is though. You know we keep it three afford a position whatever. I think you can't play. That you might beat him a five. You not three -- four and make you break it down as Julia on film. And it's very humbling. Because it is they'll live -- the -- opinion when you got so I think -- -- an -- -- news. When you winning or losing now B Anderson because it's starting that tomorrow -- Full pads and in and that's. When I made to fit in because you look at who's the news that are. Obviously we excelled as a pass rushing unit. But who's winning individually. When you look at Boston -- was a rookie out of Illinois. Our walk Cabrera that you like very Q with the Tulsa. And you look at -- one on one drills are they winning or losing. And it's not like that it's a wild finish that well usually right here where -- not. -- in that and and can evaluate and it's kind of humbling he only had opened him -- know it's -- they can they get you think it shows you that you winning -- losing it's not opinion. It's fact because it's on -- And do that that is that's how the NFL's become. That it is truly the best of the best. And it is no. Now. -- -- have benefited doubt that your first round draft pick. Our early round pick you what you think the but if you have three unit trying to impress the coaches we got to credit the coaches they are. You get a real job you've got to go you know have an opportunity some of the -- route to yet addressed them yet. Well -- it would have been -- making -- candidates see you got to have notes down your thoughts on his. Second day of practice and of course the highlight is that the -- both viewed as the -- -- -- And I cannot talk about how the field broke about -- -- dating -- the coaches but a huge lead today but. Well immigrant immigrant got to -- like Allen Iverson. Practice. And -- are like Aaron mark with the practice and that's an on field. -- -- Yeah program out there looks like he's created every OT -- the -- So I gave it to it and I think David Graham each of the first week at the ballot that I think he would have success. So with that being said obviously not everybody Jimmy Graham or Deion Sanders. -- type of ability. Now it is breaking -- down. The office that could be it that it would you. And -- Rob -- in the post game press numbers acknowledged. That often it's got the better the defense the current active but yet I don't know -- in the bottom line. In a perfect couple without being -- through ours would be open -- a little bit being very helpful. When he made this statement. That. And look at it the treatment of players look at him and they -- or whatever ridiculous definitively. An Eagles terrible body -- Terrible body language you telling yourself. That -- think about that terrible body language you telling yourself -- with the it'd been that like you'd you know you can -- -- dolls. But we -- -- dog or the -- would be today. They're buying kind of being in the field that Victory Lane at times that's where did the -- was that that you ovitz -- terrible body language. Not competent. You telling yourself it was almost like that. That they though I guess that they are I was uncle Johnson's close and in the way we have a view view -- right -- closer and things. Yesterday -- -- beautiful beautiful and all the years I've been here with you need to days that they. -- -- -- individual aspect of it so it became way that you could sit on radio so yes so -- sit knowing what they do it stimulate you want don't want you hear us talk about one don't want them now. Whatever that you pay it so they get ready for in his seemingly immortal one. So it's an offense that I'm a long and even element the defense and -- am a -- a purpose trying to get a good yes so you -- -- defense at bat. It's by cam don't in his position but it is another defense that I am not in it on rotation on the the rotation. He's seemingly all at Atlanta did a good look on snapping a ball -- look laughed about the second third down field done this that he is the only call I've in recent. Well when you've got to say that I got a great field is that it would -- an -- I want to make. An NC. And you hit it on the radio -- -- I mean -- -- He's back to lay out what. He's as I know how to spread Reyes sees it this is an employee Andrea he's got got to give it right. Yeah and we asked him why I was a little bodies in close. We've beaten them look you get IP brother in law like your brother volume -- Thursday are unique group. Etiquette. -- team need a good vote and -- so that's why. Don't think I gave motor ran -- today that you Bruntlett veteran out of the back and have a high school in Monroe Louisiana. And I feel like Novak -- know who has the like that. It's on the radio we really as bad as the Jack has never. But he got the red -- because it will brother in law. That would give it a good look we will have a good load and and adapt and yet the date that you thought that that makes practice those guys because. They monitored up but not when you put it on the fat. Because thing about all the that the that the line in the elite field. Now -- theater. All the time the moral when they do one Rolen pack it in the nickel and lives now they've they've -- up in un -- He gotten. They Dana but they -- that -- saying it now look at you look at rent by -- thought about if we're a team -- but he was all. Look at it wrong way the pain you can mold of a few who want it's bad they -- -- wrecked the -- it's that line. And I've talked to David -- the part about this today. Because we haven't seen it will be interested to see it's called Bob -- that -- -- at times back on back there. Located -- a man at the minute drill in them they give me and it did it. And example. Well why the -- back isn't fullbacks they -- to got to put buckle blow their case threat not one. Because it's like. Elected Discovery Channel and National Geographic when you got Rams. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Any and all that eight politically correct because it would all concussion. But this is the drill you got -- glory. Who date can be compete compete again which Tampa Bay but now you got Curtis well in. And David Hawthorne and they said that when he gets old school would eagle and you wanna win so now you can have David Hawthorne. -- -- -- -- You could have Curtis Lofton and a lead blocker and the linebacker filling a hole and who's gonna win and -- watch the film. And big hitter no wind and out I think it's like but you read. It could be a handful -- reps with bigot and role in the film. Wanted the ball back win -- -- -- -- and hope you can elaborate on that and remember a number drills. We -- in that situation. Before we get all excited about it and see what the weather does tomorrow -- -- -- -- -- -- as a -- if they get terrain. It may just be a walk through if they get the rain where they're able to go on the field at the end if the conditions are too bad at me on it ain't gonna keep them away from that. I arrived but -- the white dog I did at first not to have to throw that that I am looking forward to it that's that's kind of old school. Will we -- like. When you look back -- -- an inning in the let's see if they can -- needed to do it that way. Immediacy you just don't know from year a year. McNulty yeah I think that yeah. Immediately they can't keep those -- -- -- but there's only so mean date that they can't yet you know what it does Sean Payton wanna take it so. It all sounds good right now you know tomorrow we don't see something when they finally get in pads and we've been waiting for the -- -- them but it. We may be sadly disappointed. Because of weather and a it. I mean he addressed that today -- it. He's got a couple of different options but it fits the situation when they can't you know feeling -- it'll work among the top four of them at the cares and yeah Aaron thank you all. I don't know if they've got so -- gotta be flexible because we cover on there tomorrow afternoon but they might you know walk in the morning and the price afternoon we gonna cover wherever we have to do. You wall to wall coverage and covered the things that. You go going back to those drills. As far as when you look at you're gonna have physical contact. Now old school it was every other day our. When you have like live tackling drills where you -- lucky and we get a steal one day. There might be hit at twelve live goal line please and that between the first second third unit before order pre season games. With obviously when it's -- healthy so we always focus on that but -- remembers those -- back it drills. We got the lead blocker in the line back I can remember you figured it don't patrol. And the pain that they had. Not backed out of our -- accident actually because they don't AA. But I thought about by Johnson and Sam mills. Today in the middle not no pain no Willis is they are tough son of a guns. When they would see the rotation and you have a full back line are running back line. He got a linebacker line they would look where -- had was. Admitted it may be third. Then mail and by Jonathan Quick get the young guys it's okay. They would put up front because they said I don't feel like -- haven't had the wrath of practice because they knew what they had on hand. Well like you didn't like the peace. And you're done that you got to heading arrest of practice you feel like crap and this is by Jonathan with them bills. Are awesome and they would get the young rookies free agent. And and it does put a good line and that Cleo does not -- -- in the detail on. Saturday that are. I -- you've got to you gotta take this threat and coaches -- not -- never. And coach him well coached -- in ever met with them invited me. Couple and that's it's real and in its money in your pocket and a real gain. Public. Enemies but if you wanna focus on it. At that -- ran that he had called on it but not in -- it was Craig Heyward. So million -- you know -- -- him a couple of reps because. No -- you practice you feel like crap and you with that line that you would thing now they've been trying to control that now that -- -- right. You do not want it it's -- because. It. -- that we feel like price anymore. He's the case thinking about being bad it took you guys out on the ability that we come with a laugh from the Greenbrier in west the union and its Slammin' Sammy is. Recap of the -- practice yet he comes from a -- X. Keenan Lewis -- now Mark Ingram Pierre Thomas route Bryant and Sean Pate kicked them out got -- back with more. Hope they practice in an analysis from our resident pros. Okay guys on him Bobby a -- right here on the home of the All Saints -- listening. The WW yeah and welcome back to sports talk top pros of the guys on and about EPA it would us. And they -- with each and -- -- would be with you from three to 6 PM as well. -- Christie Garrett will be with -- in the morning what's just sports and tinian into new -- all governments of the Plaxico right here on Saints radio interview real -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Man now with the media in -- you know I liked it or not and I mean something while. For some reason I don't know -- I've been obviously a clocked -- with me to talk to me I know I know I really you do it you can totally. -- and you had to know -- know I didn't hit it well series theaters citronella. That's going between him a catalyst to a a -- it would. You know it was football game in -- pregame. Well we do do water while -- You know about will go to Marvin this you know it the it. -- -- gave me an extra hour to hang out at the Greenbrier yeah I got a lot of extra work done -- -- And now that people are the blue -- mobile look at that in its facility at thought that it it is pro here in. They got. That the junior lawyers association or some. You know and they come up here and in neatly in his. And -- just an observer like out of the end. -- -- are just look at it. And those sports idol who's the best that advance that. I'm look at this like cat. And -- that law does not much at all these phony people and I know that guy is the best I can tell you might -- to -- well well well well. The he's gonna eventually be a pro but he's -- division one college player. And you could -- tells he me Eagles would all -- against -- -- their partner. And so you WT -- -- team if minutes. And -- who's at different levels now as good as this cat was. Division one tennis player Pete Sampras and kick his butt. Now Pete Sampras. Moves part of green -- has a home up here we all know we've accomplished professionally. As at a different level that's all different levels we -- easily it park but today yes I had -- better if well yeah of -- almost like that's right hand he and and how thing -- -- at Daytona -- maybe he might -- is -- out of -- -- -- -- restaurant you don't want to note that you do with -- -- -- -- -- -- Watson was just here but I target date. Above Bubba Watson let me down but he dropped that pass. Because it gently didn't drop it is -- that they had on in Jackson shoulder pads and his helmet in the caught a fade route. I'm meant that I mean nothing -- that dropped the ball and Bubba Watson wanna man that no public -- gently Kamal what he wants the -- well well well well well. Everyone could do resonate elect kiddie kiddie ran a fade route. 3040 yards over his shoulder and he caught it. And it in and he was waiting for the ball Bubba Watson drop its. I don't know I mean he got a new -- -- euphoric about quality. On the football field music so what -- 78668. You rates him. He's the nobody involved in them both but would you -- to break. Five weeks from today. 35 day that they have a few times -- that was not the bad news Saturday August 30 in Reliant Stadium in. To be a big one well let's use the you know in the season when -- got a game like about. It's it's a more difficult green which. It is the main event -- -- -- -- -- -- he would with dead when would have opponent as it sounds they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's a no brainer. You could have. 70000. -- -- -- -- And -- in Wisconsin. Real fan base. -- -- -- -- -- Not that kind of embraced in what you know but this is okay what they have defense they 70000 -- played Minnesota you know all the way up the ladder isn't it means OK if you -- -- okay they'll have that -- thousand. By tiger -- years -- you know Wisconsin. In Madison. Or at Lambeau Field right -- represented. So now -- decade we've been in Minneapolis. Will will with the University of Wisconsin and -- -- 70000 fans all liability elegy tiger fan base what they haven't used in the alumni that they could be rocking. Then August 30 game was not that baggage I don't know what reality is gonna do when they go look -- -- -- -- that the LAQ old game. That is -- home games but it Tigers. They -- Dallas -- -- -- team Bob and I agree laid up with Dallas in that that was that I -- him I think the but it Bears aren't you amazed at the -- you know it's it's a lot easier for have a few things to beat you than it is with constant pain. To keep you in vs -- drives him handle the total field the easier for him to make it out there it is -- -- -- -- they locate the vikings' ability and you stadium. -- only thing that we challenge appeal from a dark. Now all of a sudden looking at it both McKinney. Of the Wisconsin Badgers and LSU Tigers in Minneapolis. And it was not the things like Ellis and David Padgett without the comment I'll tell you right now. No there's no doubt they would show but it Minnesota gophers right -- David -- who has got it back. Literally we have bad days until it no kick off 93 hours and -- But I -- let -- -- -- -- about a -- after 8 AM backyard no you're right it's a lot higher operatic game because you've -- media people feel. One of the best if not the bit to turn him back in college football over Gordon and you have salad yard Cary -- -- for nearly seventy Dario it and you got the people who. I'll agree the best high school player in the country and keep learning. In an opponents and that's the whoever wins the game it's a big -- -- -- anything if Gordon off the game thriller Hewitt and about those eight. He threw as far as sixty yards in South Carolina he's so well. But if he does that -- inviting -- right in the house they would not -- okay you'll regard. I have talent analogy right now yeah because we pride ourselves a witty and it stretches yeah I know -- -- spread out -- trickier. With Scott about trying -- -- go to nickel mistreated okay opposite -- -- -- who's gonna win. Who's gonna wait for that gecko. Now they've featured game and I in the -- -- -- -- I think because of what Wisconsin does and then you know just a few years ago local beatable and I mean if -- -- -- itself becomes an offensive rant about citizens of the time. And now the same thing -- day but bad gain. He hasn't -- good running backs and there's no doubt about it. But we talk about moving forward is the as those games like their -- bring -- can bring out some by. And by the big game might get a week in about two and a half hours with and a -- break -- -- new quarterback so wanted to go do. They don't run out a good running game you you know we are lucky if either Ellis who was Johnson throws the ball each quarterback over thirty pound. You -- a -- to percentages. Who controlled the line of scrimmage. And I can tell you -- this game is so important. Finley because MM Ellis Hewitt aren't. You -- expectation would Oregon Ducks ware and Ellis you know and making payroll and a tyrant -- money back to where if you like it or not. You may ultimately meant a couple. Great turnovers takeaways I don't care what level high school. College professional opinion -- speaking take a way to football. We'll look back at Darren Sharper -- when we won its global with 75 attack down the takeaways. No matter. That's a big it looked what are we here Rob Ryan -- -- -- state players say like today you know that whatever was OK we got the fourth ranked even remotely relevant or. Take the ball away or you take the ball away -- you create your percentages especially -- -- like Drew Brees and Sean Payton that's what you hit. Than normal -- the it was 1213. He's been huge -- opening weekend -- weeks that they -- is in Boise State you have Alabama and West Virginia an issue with constant Clinton -- There are some big ones opening week -- we'll -- weeks away 35 days away from the -- of college football knows -- Wisconsin here. On it yet Ethiopia more all of the Saints and today's practice and a lot of sound and the next two house welcome a deal laughed at the Greenbrier -- Saints training camp on saint straight UW did you and welcome back out of squeezing Antonio on Iowa Tony thank you for calling if you don't you're. Are you doing Tony based on what you got. I don't bet on on the -- if you -- He broke cut and I what's his status on Kenny stills knee injury. Well I think -- right now and you kind of speculating. -- -- Pete talked about going -- was trading in then needle after an old age quad injury you look at his foreigner. -- hamstring. I'm not saying it was throw the out the door sports you look at World Cup. And he grabbed his hamstring it. He's feeling a little leg injury whether it's his water and the strength of Italy Kenny stills. You do solid the if you didn't see to be out of that you will be available. To the end of August and that makes it. Yeah as easily be treated for a week yeah yeah exactly. And -- on -- -- that Brian -- he's going to be gone. Well Randy code exactly what operative -- you know he was finished school up and -- they. And when I baited breath so we'll build bodies be human if that is or if they come by where I've been impressed with is how to kick the football. I've seen or that five balls. It is and the big plays whether it's a you know I hit a fifty yard gain or -- 45 yard catch when he went up -- -- he caught the ball. The move. I mean it was a low pitch whether you'd -- exploding it's been replay TV color not. And look at I was talking about this is how well he kicked the ball -- little. I can tell you limping he's number two and and now I got as little as Derek roles. But at least he's not. As partners physical stature he's got a big guy but he surely -- bags. And I -- the balls move. It. -- that league yet long 45 yard ball he went up and went over to safety he caught the ball you know very athletic. I could see him at -- utilized in the running game. Well those. These weeks. All of those -- green QB a big part of that but he director that you are running back like it there it's roles that's more like -- pars today. But -- a big part of the offense. Distracted he gets along with Joseph Morgan like Devery and that's Tony thank you so much the -- -- -- go to guys on him by BA -- a lot of sound the next two hours on WW.