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07-26 - 4:10pm Saints Camp Coverage with Deke, Bobby and Hokie

Jul 26, 2014|

Deke, Bobby, and Hokie live from Saints training camp. Interviews with Saints players Akiem Hicks, Keenan Lewis, Mark Ingram as well discussion of today’s practice.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to our number two was special edition of saint sandy if the Greenbrier its name Sammy -- whereas if you yet. Coming up will continue to hear from Rob Ryan Giggs -- Paul Ingram. Among others that spoke to the media day at the podium after the day's practice -- going into tomorrow. They keep it Lou beat them -- entry into this but I still look back and run it with the fans don't think you can and so now the Blanco look at that look before we -- to some more sound. Your take on -- Well a big lumbering get -- Reagan now with the -- team especially teams the whole ordeal. Well obviously you know the one area the Saints struggled there in the returning game when you look at the kickoff return. And I think Sean Payton addressed this I think is going to be two guys. I don't think it's going to be one guy is the tricky part returner. I think obviously. We don't know by Tarvaris did that I think you'll read it kick returner. I'd be disappointed. If he doesn't live up to those expectations. You know he had that speaks every yard -- is -- -- -- -- yard kick return against the 49ers that helped us when they gained. And -- five with speculating I think branding cooks. Would be a part returner if you look at -- -- the Saints were last year. The punt return unit we basically stuck I mean you can sugarcoat it we've looked thirtieth or one before last even with Darren Sproles. So you've got to block people. And you gotta give Randy -- to Derrick Rose. You have to give him that will that one block and that you gotta make the next defender. This -- -- to be at Tennessee with gonna transpire. But right now they'll work you know kick return. As far as the -- return units have to part today with -- one. And Brandon -- was number two. When you break down. But the whole special teams or another area you working on -- from team a special teams drills was also. And I'm never seen this. Working on double team in that -- We all know the Gunner outside when you -- around and you gotta get to the punt returner. As quickly you can. Those guys are initially a double team. We yet you guys against one they will make it never feed his coach McMahon. The drill we had -- hole will roll. Mean one -- that they -- can't become one. Even those two individuals. As forest. Packet that Garner. And not let him let you but -- particular per return that that was basically everywhere as far as the special teams. Now it all started down you know with a seven on seven drills. The first play of -- to give Ingram. -- -- -- -- the end of our opportunities QB probably had four -- five catches without his big catch. You know that blessed wanting and we all know winning at the big touchdown. Oh when in -- of slam dunking over a -- polls. With Jimmy Graham I thought this would be. Even though is I didn't OTA's and mini camp. He has been unbelievable. His connection -- Drew Brees. Now when I'll look at Nicklaus when he yard gain. Curtis Lofton had outstanding coverage. If your team it to coordinator. What more -- you do it with -- seam route on the ice coverage but at that ball window. Drew Brees -- in there and -- Jimmy Graham a couple of twenty yard gain when I was seeded number of times. Not market schools who dressed in the field threats in the field questions -- Brees. Circle that left seven. Plus nine. Plus well what the Mac plus snakes. Mark is -- to be a big body UT out through Reed. You realize is that the average very similar. To how I utilize Aaron Morton with that body position -- those quick slant. He is getting -- pop -- positive yardage. Whereas anywhere from like -- seven. The fifty yard range. Now -- rise -- becomes they -- on TV he'll redeem. That individual a number of times in OT in mini -- He had a nice -- yard gains from Brian Griffin. Now did -- thought they'd definitely be oracle forward. It would not be -- The offense that they had they had loaded the fifth even Rob Ryan address is that the -- that it didn't make a play. I'm now at the and it the the practice progress. 01 individual but what you look at amok Powell not now column knocks them a 58. I don't need to make the team. -- the one you have bettered -- Fresno state. Tebow would have big play because. We look at it Randy coax. Him at the end of one draft pick. Will come out not so Brandon Jacobs had a chance to carry the ball come knock knock on everything -- I was real. If -- that now there's one thing. But you can make it in the National Football League you got to know what the hell you do in that overtime. But all of the time. Now this individual. It's open it was all over him they want to coach him up because physically. There's no reason he should not be an NFL player. Six foot 3000037. Pound gorilla like it here. The rookie linebacker out of Florida -- the number one player in the invasion. Driven out of California. And he goes to Florida. That you bite -- -- His cat. Physically get it done now it's all the middle challenge. With their of the plate today coaches -- it was all over them with good -- home. But the Jacobs. And you look at the tide in Dick Jacobs who died LSU. It in other babies that big like this -- week too much terrorism. Is about six. 5 o'clock to seven me and -- you play. I don't know we've got to make the team. But Macau Vietnam on a plus 45 yard gain in this scene. And -- -- blinded when you look at it. That Ronald Powell we just not a position that Joseph Vick got all over room and that was the 25 yard gain. They've yet different breaks in this in any manner. We've talked about him a number of times you do and team drill. Drew Brees and the manner. Blasting yards. Now that is one area that that he'd been fit excelled. It's safe -- might be like except -- Devery Henderson. Why the hell we ever writing it a reaper of a reverse thing work. There's Devery Henderson -- against the Falcons. In debut by you know Google Wave back although that they're referred I think it Josh -- that yet. Well it at Tripoli -- we tricked out fail. While Volvo you know -- -- -- that. Who ran a reverse the Robert Meachem. Minus seven yards to and you know it eight dad maybe it was going nowhere -- -- -- Larry Robinson. I don't know. -- around with an out of him that I've been a fan of him always. I'm like Bill Parcells I don't know it was Curtis Martin who have well -- -- -- even in the conversation. Not a Robinson. Used he would make it nice cut. His vision plus eight. In -- Doug about being pads on and -- eight yard gain for anybody would hit him plus eight plus four whatever. Well thanks always positive belief. They know -- 220 pounds I would like to go see curry Robert bitterness field. He looks lean and mean Huard at what is nice. Looks more like 205 pounds and that if you want and I'll might be pulling -- you go to horrible and actually wait. And people out there and you win a prize. I mean I don't know but with that guy gets in the way. And in him at car around with a with it's more evolved and then Allen -- that stuff he would be better. Our zone because you look forward to a five to me is that now. Look at it like they do. Hello we want to make it to work now and I think you'll use -- every every time or eight minutes at -- -- OK. Mean he can't. For two days of practice right. They can you go to guy. And he probably got either and I'm reception. He looks -- you don't let Nellie and now. Would you reflect on -- all the pressure is that about it being in his stance is that the great Al -- with it yet. The worst game ever have a as the Jets. In the dropped that long ball better on movement like that all we got -- that and but I think -- and out of Wisconsin. Can't play it both Horry can't he definitely. Looked legit now the first. That then I don't him. Breeze and they moved. What a five yard touchdown -- both attack and vetoed middle of the field. Yeah they've been Hawthorne. And it would have been a 25 yard touchdown. So -- president. Now going back through the fifth he dropped back to Robinson. Nice bat at the end of the day by Jackie Robinson. I think Pat Robertson. It don't matter what he did in the past. He was the last -- from make an accurate Robinson. Can't be it is starting cornerback object either lose. But it what do you do in a real game situation. I think back to -- fitted up for the challenge. It looks like he's the only back -- the -- About I don't know the worst thing that happened. The magic rob did the first game he played. With -- green big -- Aaron Rodgers. Well you'd like game I think I thought about 200 yards and he's big in his NFL this hard -- -- like this -- Florida State. Billy got the NFL but Pat Robertson looked like he accepted the challenge he. Told me he thinks. Patrick Robinson. Got a great opportunity beat number two corner it and start alongside him so nice bat -- at the end about you rob. Now wouldn't get a new company sees this time against -- the ring and I'm dispose of the -- game against the guy. He's gonna have every opportunity. I think he robbed -- pressure that they'll attack you Robinson. -- keep gold considering his salary. I think it's around two million he he golfer being that starting cornerback. The flat out they just I don't and he he's gone. -- because we're trying to work out without that they'd -- he would play. I think rob -- -- -- him as a starter if he's Smart -- I think he'll go to different direction. Now -- on. Now about the that this individual. On them with 67. Brandon. I think the five year guy. Unrestricted free united Jack's -- Jaguars fibers got Alabama. You know coach Rob Ryan and Bill Johnson got really excited about it even up but it big ball in -- and he batted a -- that. He wrote that kind of -- ticket that a quarterback. I make that throw me in that that you -- -- in the tree and now all -- look at that. Again Mark Ingram used -- it flashes. Him make those 45 or run you looked more confident. But Paula back you know offensively. I'd -- talked about would you be able to do that being big news with 25 yard third down team -- reception. Yet another third down reception. Party five yards. -- agree that big Hyun he'd be tied him. Now look if I talked about this. The departed on ties everything. I mean he's hard pressed to make the team the rookie out of Kansas State. You know thank frank why -- you know look at you know the -- -- the bag there is like totally break want it to be. Relative -- him as he got beat yesterday -- -- coach with that he gets the might be -- -- 45 yard a touchdown. -- would you look at it at the witness -- team that talked about the gutter it was good on the double team now went back to team. You know like that they can't go that read about it from Brees to Jimmy Graham -- well. A reprieve to Robert Meachem plus the it's unbelievable that the agency of the off in there and you throw back to back -- got to plug our team -- yard gain. It Drew Brees hit it better fifty yard touchdown that there rob bridle like what the hell I don't care. That -- good to say to operatives. But that on that fifty yard touchdown that. Where we had -- busted coverage. By King David Karros down the side line. Where'd you -- like that never happened that day right now with that never happens it Jared Burton is in there. Harrisburg. That does not happen hotline at this -- line when he Roman. That does not happen. The guys very similar. Helped me out here the the safety. And a great part -- from Seattle with Texas -- -- Thomas. That that's one thing -- like this hotline they don't give up those big lately Pittsburgh. He hit -- apparel that's why we did we need Jered Weaver back. Good though probably did not happen when -- of the Cairo in breezing in the manner. On that fifty yard touchdown now. -- one hears Brees hits Jimmy Graham play as well. Then you get that touchdown that -- outfit your guard down right after that that you get they put another quarterback right grip completely. Hit Jimmy Graham was 45. The Vinny sits there at them Alabama safety. At least 45 yards I think you would have taken it -- house and he didn't back down. And he took it over the goal poles and -- -- crazy. He would have scored because our people at the -- yeah up and it and nobody could beat they'll be once he got past him with -- like religion that would be giving it their -- -- If only that but -- have been like if you know what he was that he would -- make a real about though he was trying -- -- trip but by Jimmy kept running game Enron went with -- about that -- I go anyway -- -- and Atlanta over the old -- anywhere on the -- -- -- line -- -- -- and -- West Virginia. Late great. Now. When you look at last. -- its say yet that we had three sacks right. We had one activity in an I'll write it down but they. You know whether a quarterback is mobile what you UD -- -- and I think that my objective about it. But yeah there was once that it's the fourth guy though gore. A quarterback. For a minute that middle Tennessee. In that that guy. He -- it diamond drop them a 59. Threes Jonathan junior all the -- you know. He would have -- that right there -- or you're that youthful yet yet it ain't no way it always Q where would it not been able ball law. But I ever heard in my notes it's constant. Brees to Colston. Plus days. Plus eight plus the -- you buy tickets scoring with vague about a positively. Plus six plus eight plus -- -- and of reliability it's all about body position. Whether it's a quick hook as slant. Only her -- Bates got back shoulder throw it to -- -- that relationship between -- Embark musicals then along with Jimmy Graham David Graham delegate along with Julian if anything. That's why I said all that's -- an animal league Hewitt is okay the kind of been a long way that's alright it's open it. In talking about the people -- year old and a half I'll be there -- be as I love this school I'd love this quote because it is cold all of a football live witness. Because this is like really humiliating. We can't be room without being too hard -- that makes him. He's getting on the deep into it now telling them because when you get beat. Against somebody and not that's not bobbled you know I mean -- you can become. He kind of -- done. Are or lower the ticket back what -- bit held them. Note that the interrupted the game you played terrible but. Terrible on line. He said. -- -- -- -- -- I don't give it -- I'll look at it your guy right now. And and Rockets value. That that day you know I -- that you game will leave and I felt used to using Adrian do you think you beautiful hopefully you know like -- expected. You know I rope would go in and expansive running multiple pieces -- -- yet UK now news now. Because their opponent can always had a funny because of the day at the whole thing. When you knock -- opponent down -- it down. Put the nail in the coffin article but it juggle. You don't what are the other. That's where he got an opponent down you know to be a good sport. You get good sport when the game's over you shake your hand -- -- got it down between last week and got it down you wanna keep them down. He let down and keep them this very that they don't wanna play and that's not get up but we'll open in his face -- Florida third down at the cowboys'. All right the -- time in his net and we got -- -- -- a complete Saints now a coach paced around Brian. Hugo -- that he hates Duke now we got a lot of the opposite all coming up the rest of the way. The Saints picks all here for the players the coaches that this is saint radio at UW are right -- -- the players and the coaches that -- -- the gauntlet of abuse here. Earlier today at the Saints practice at the -- brown West Virginia if it's of land -- big deficit to six a EX addressed the media. Big picture goals. Seven feet past year. Well -- win though you know he knew right then that we definitely -- things we need to improve all of that's part of the process breaded some. Rose executed ball in one day bug over the summer we can't we should before we leave here have a great hold on what was most of doing and make sure affected this season. The real fun time. And told them let's let's Rudolph doesn't -- the Marlins president to look forward to all you know we -- to run around play numbers almost most of the year but. That's someone you -- -- goes on especially you know. The luck. That's right. Then maybe that's too much at quarterback could have no -- sometimes that happens it happens everybody and sometimes just -- and it -- we want to -- Hundred in this Beilein did. Well. I gotta say that that's something that you -- public policy that we would give to us as a unit. -- we wanna get better every day of the world here you know where young -- nobody knows that solo because of that we're gonna have to keep improving on you might yet -- Going to get here and can't Jordan's calling you monster people are talking. Telling some -- -- but -- best Louis goes. They they the big guy other things they do good but I as a player you get focused on that because you're never as good as this -- you are you know it was -- they are not so. He's got to keep working and doing good you know what to do. Until about a Carlson's expectations and expect -- Business here and play hard and be consistent. Consistency that's the -- off the hammered on me. He's a bit because there's some some Torre says that I it's going to be a dominant player in the sometimes. I didn't do better. So from me consistency throughout the year so much more will. Isn't around -- of players -- -- Personality business coaching Solomon I mean you can you can listen million things -- -- the -- takes overruled when it comes in and the way that he delivers his message then and allows us to receive it. And number he makes it does it -- your choice whether you're going to be successful or not when you come out there you have to do what you're supposed to do for the team. And unless -- that he preaches and that's something that we don't we hold onto. I your game bowl. The last few years. But if someone. -- you what do you do better now what did you work on. Everything everything it was good got to go off foot so -- him some more consistency for me that's a little focused on. I am doing it. Book yeah I could do preschooler this Louisiana right but -- this good there's different. A -- when you look at. -- flexible player are you more this affairs -- you more comfortable on the outside and inside and you do whatever the team wants you to do. Obviously it's -- it's Rendell passing obviously past present situation but are you -- will be on the edge. I gotta say I am am pretty comfortable place that it just depends on what we're what defense we're in. Home Premier -- -- always been a big guy who have always been able to move a little this level always -- into the box so. I was looking to get better or that but it really depends on -- -- -- it's going to be more. That. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- I can't tell you what they're gonna do. It's. The life -- label or did you hear about. Have been overrated right. It's. Not really -- harm us this is my first does when you good no because -- no we're guarding Coleman team is respect important. And -- Saints defensive alignment a keen hicks addressed the media following today's practice and team. Expected having another good season and -- when you think about it when you have a defense that is ranked fourth the National Football -- all basically defense thought to. Get a lot of attention to think about him don't you -- Double digit sacks this year I'll -- a guy who could really have the kind of reassert his -- here in the loss to that as Hakeem -- If -- defense continues to be in the top ten among manipulative -- These guys the -- continue to be more more open Hakeem Nicks is. I don't want those guys it's all on one the -- yeah it -- so he's on the verge obviously you know from a national perspective to get recognition. I think he's more suited for the person interior. You know New England area and you play on first down and think he can run riot -- you mean it's hard to hold your ground getting dealt with team. But you gotta be humble. They get dealt with the youth of our linebackers to flow and make plays but I think. Real great opportunity here's a lot obviously on the edge in a different three scheme that Rob Ryan it's good utilize but the one thing. About a team and I think it gives great standard and it's obvious pass rush situation. You can put him on the interior when he knows. I'm not necessarily playing the run that I get after opposing quarterback. He'll play both guards. And then and then Sanders and I think that's sort of big advantage comes when he can be disruptive. All right staying on the defense decide about that reds certainly a Pro Bowl caliber year a year ago we kind of that's loved by many but. Is off to -- -- -- thought this can't cornerback Keenan Lewis addressed the media after today's practice. I'm really happy and enjoy it as well yeah I definitely enjoy it away the book also listen to talk to them it's. Training camp returning now it's Obama this season got to get your. -- we talk about. The secondary. We're the club right now here -- I hope to have a side of the whole off season OK this. Trying to trade turnover. Like both bulldogs a great statistic yesterday we did it pay their wonderful broad by the end of the -- turnover. So that we didn't bag and we got a great. You know I was looking and I'm guessing there's special teams plus a look pretty good. Did you ever burn it in -- bills like -- coach -- it looks like. No -- you don't know obviously overrun by the world whether you like -- like crossing over WB. They did elaborate on that and then and that kind of -- that really. Coaches sometimes values gotta get together you know player to play this. Always -- you have some girl and her guard Derrick accountable I don't movement sort of look. Well you know one of the best ever doing -- there. Close a social. It's always been treated very good cellular -- we always exercise questions let it become a bug game as well. He did a tremendous show what we -- all season is -- you know trying to fix his six and so my my weaknesses so. I'm glad to have. Newly appointed -- tomorrow. Mean it's. Satellite that. Did you know though is great that I was in the -- -- -- book. Yeah I hope they're gonna stay healthy -- in the season aren't. It's him -- -- Robinson Zocor and coming back it's. Just give me doesn't feel. Have very I was so that'd be look at the number one receive no matter what team. When does a great teammate in the last minute because you have an opportunity where Williams as well. It's very hard to get back and I think you be ready to go. We done got. I just do away from my -- it's. And I love you ought to give them a lot in the off so -- room as well but you gotta you know we'll just leave your job. Hopefully we'll learn today that -- -- -- try to go. You've been trying to figure out brave new world and didn't -- -- and availability the whole word. Some you know I really do -- Yeah you have. Did you lose your job. Well you're going to have a lot of -- A lot of -- had a -- being a lot better my dad got Delgado they have I don't know. Billion dollars -- Look at -- your -- was paired it up too many mistakes made daylight and did a great kid me about it described -- as an -- -- You feel maybe then yeah I'd like -- thank you. Maybe get recognized the -- pro bowler -- they've been here before. -- from the match. Very local a lot of mobile. To become a Nomar go does that get there though so we have a lot of good how much needed you know when. Maybe next year it's. Never -- good note forever so we have are the clearly -- address the need for. That's not -- -- alluded. And -- Saints the Saints at that -- and -- to come back get more coming at some -- guys on him by the Cape May oppose any remorse sound serious to comic. And the next I was -- if -- if it wanted to rob Bryant and coach Sean Payton also if we -- -- let mark. Luke McCown walking them among others and Pierre Thomas is a sports talk a Saints Saturday here what did you do you have any hope all things Saints on line is that WWL. Dot com we've got people all over everything every -- to get the breaks down. The new look past the rook that's right the players you might -- know a lot about. The guys that would name -- Robertson -- before it went from being a tryout player to a practice squad player to me. Tryout player to make in the roster Pierre Thomas he gives you the lowdown on all of those players took them well online at WW dot com Christie Garrett with -- -- -- The -- eight million things involved so much that he is going all. If you do you go to comically operatives at war thing people who do you think went the race for the Saints wide receiver they can -- moment a rubber meets. Cast -- vote online at WW dot com. The carousel of Saints in abuse continues here -- Saints running back Mark Ingram addressing the media following today's practice at the green. I feel -- of -- -- -- and he's doing good you know just feel good give a guy here. We'll give -- incident so things are so good -- was talking about the weather in how fresh. The recovery period maybe even it'll it's no different than it was only two days did you get so different I mean Louis lesson yet nice breather here. It's not it's not crazy had a soft. Well -- the way it was definitely a positive. How excited do you think they'll yeah tomorrow being -- -- practice and five start really working the game. Isn't it crazy out there and a defense move forward so I'm looking forward to a sub cultures and do us big collisions. Couple fights himself but the best part -- -- by the reports are different their best. You can you don't know what you think you're losing you didn't -- this season. Because you know it's a pass -- here so horses and every has a big year whether it's this emphasis on this year and this important come out have a great camp and get up so fast cars so. This one left. I'm gonna get better every day. Don't stay healthy. Then. You know every year my -- had a freshman. The USA is pressured you know I'm glad they do what I do -- -- -- -- Who have been to Omaha elected to bat second behind him and oh yeah. Their sales -- -- the -- in the playoffs like -- easy. Street loses Q yeah well of course you know I think we started I think our system lost more -- -- -- -- -- more. Think this. We have a chance to have those opportunities to run -- much has his -- to be effective so. Was it just opportunity presented it was only thing with the running game as a whole fantasy the last four games and postseason it was a learning. Yeah I mean we. No win. Who even had a Jarno yards which everything you know we had. Please Joseph Brennan and that's your do your game us west battle and every yard every game. Right isn't -- ten yards fifteen yards and yet have yet to win -- gift to live -- ERS. Do you miss slash Israelis have to keep -- in the about those forty r.'s those thirty yarders those flawless so this about -- she'd better. You know your hero wanted to needs to develop like rhythm and ten. You know it's. We're -- around. Well I just whenever I think that's just above all. No Redskins over the my get a feel for a how the defense is play Arizona home office and how offensive line is black -- on the -- mine and how linebackers -- Floyd of their prisoners -- -- saves against the flow of the game. He's -- good. So I think you know he just above. Consistently I think. -- -- very average draft position and you see yourself in a battle led the number one orange shorts it was a battle mean everybody here's a better. But you know. This vessels also buddy you know we all push each other get better plus Lilly's been at Michigan being. Do what you can whether that's doing games so the mayor president battle that's -- -- so yeah. Anything you didn't have the Peterson put it. And you're hard on yourself it's been good. Feel like I -- it's -- to prevent. You know flat tires decisions for myself than anybody. Any coach any. Anybody can have so much. Obviously karma so work my butt off to be the best I can be. And I'm not trying to -- even kill somebody you know you never as good as you say they let you never do this they are never -- -- -- you are so because I keep you killed. Welcome here -- my butt off -- -- if I do everything doesn't Minnesota. That could hear her one finger grip strength throw it anywhere -- the I'm just focus now Cowboys have focused. Patrick here but as everybody else biffle was ever go out their ability to best player I could be but I -- -- -- yourself. That he's he's really hit it did okay this -- room to cut my hair that one day at a time. Focus on the road than a person and when I'm in the fell. Folks on film session so we go city dancing duo -- -- time and that's all you can do you mean there's no need to get anxious about would have been featured. You know he's had -- panel which handled when -- today. And that is saying to him back ball take off on them out this now become -- sit the next now -- that we have for Pierre Thomas. Luke McCown John Payne and around Ryan would keep you all of the interviews that the Saints players and coaches say each and every day on Saints radio home of the black and gold WW. Full recap of video on out of today's practice christianity that you did take. Bobby in my breaking -- today's practice for us our resident pros take everything -- a phone line -- if you do you will. Dot com 2601878668890. Relates in the using them breaking involvement though Bobby. We've -- to hear from Pierre Thomas was here from rob Bryant and Saints coach Sean Payton. All it coming so close quarterback -- account -- a lot of interviews to get out to the subject. Well and -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- in theory. You wanna be a fly on the wall and be in those different position meeting room. That Pierre Thomas got -- you know he's getting old when. Here's Pierre trying to make the team has does that create it and now he has like he had the ball. He's they had not he would admit authorities here and and Howell -- -- trying to make it in NFL as a running back. You like to pattern you career after. Pierre Thomas does an opportunity have a double -- career but with -- need you to beat it every down back. Is now like. You know instincts. Tokyo today it is about running running the ball. But its ability what the hell you doing all the time knocked them at a time right OK it's third down. I've had that situation you mine out leak out Ortiz is that a pass progression. A fort through -- -- you'll -- it might be they get NAFTA to reach you got to block. You know -- do you know what the hell you block it -- like Dominic get right and that's why I've played there. Goes a long way. Because they're thrust back. As a quarterback sneak a better Q what somebody alongside you. That those that they're doing you don't want them guess and ride and I I think on the -- it's a bad -- you would have to -- -- you know. That the league is trying to attack you and that's what I mean you can't put a price tag. It Pierre and that experience -- up tight -- game. And you look at pokey situation it's it's almost each team -- different ways but it's almost like yours Thomas's. In speaking -- to disease well like I wanted to be scared -- -- you've got to have somebody like he did you know -- -- say there did running back -- easiest position to transition. It's hard hit the ball and running it. If one of the hardest positions to learn what the total package is -- you're had produced some that you in a lot of cases -- never -- -- Who they would never given her spot and then -- apart. At the Palin at Bard added LSU I don't I don't care nobody does that develop that the -- goalie to be the greatest runner. But can't the coaches trust him. Pass protect him well and you know I -- -- the quarterback out to dry they'll they'll be you hit it right ahead right in case you could be that complete back. He's okay guys comments -- big coming out the gate we will hear from Saints coach Sean -- it -- going to arrive bracket with the putter today. Dolphins kick it he thinks but we'll see would have as a mildly put on the Giants and -- also hear from Vietnam -- -- veteran leader. On the Saints offensive backfield between 60070. Is the veto of the -- back and backup quarterback. The count all interviews Nextel right here All Saints radio lap of the Greenbrier. It's that Sammy on Saints radio WW ago.

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