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07-26 - 5:10pm - Saints Camp Coverage with Deke, Bobby and Hokie

Jul 26, 2014|

Deke, Bobby, and Hokie live from Saints training camp. Interviews with Saints Head Coach Sean Payton, Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan and Saints player Pierre Thomas as well discussion of today’s practice.

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All right a final hour of the day Saints savvy sports talking to use from the green brackets and Sammy here in beautiful was -- we've got a lot meat and potatoes the -- to put them -- the -- Sean Payton. It -- if the defense wanted to Rob Ryan is not real happy with the -- performed today. Running back Pierre Thomas and it would if backup quarterback Luke McCown operate jaguar opinion poll is online it got you got you out dot com. Who do you think will win the race that the battle of the at wide receiver Robert Meachem Joseph Morgan on -- soon Castro vote online at WW dot com. Check out also to recap of the day's practice our resident pro by the game will be guys on this field as audio there's involves. And copy and video and everything else you need to know about that. Saints and green -- is at WWL. Dot com without further adieu after today's practice at the Greenbrier you Saints coach Sean -- addressing the media. I'm just real quick so. We're and a beer in your second really cold day. Of course without pads still. This afternoon will be or walk through again for an hour and now. Gonna get indoor or fourteen tomorrow will put pads on for the AM practice in the thin in the PM practice will be much like he saw. Yesterday and today though that that'll say constant big questions but I think I'll really be coming home. I had a lot easier here. -- yeah are they could probably be defend an old position I think I think for him it's it's. The mental challenge is is there -- the routine of rehab that can be. How good that can be quiet of doing that can be lonely at times where. You know you've got to get yourself each day ready to go and didn't try to make just a little bit of progress I think that's the big the bigger hurdle and mentally -- With -- -- injury that he said it's set back like that. And I know firsthand and know there's a period of time where when you first get hurt. And then -- -- within a week you're sitting in the training room and everyone else on the practice fielder so. Big and tough enough to handle that and then bounced back and know that. You're going to be back in the in the -- in the -- her say it's just gonna take a while I think that's the big -- mental challenge. He's doing well guys moved around well I'm pleased with the the amount of time he spent. You know and every day. They're a handful of guys that you saw for -- at the offseason program I -- just. -- there were almost like fixtures in the building he was one but the bad weather today. We don't get bad weather you're Jackson. Did you guys and hurt -- and that's I mean we do we don't get bad weather -- and we're supposed to win. Know -- so we'll be flexible. There's two element Stewart who you know was there lightning with the or or is there not been obviously if there's lightning we're not gonna be outside forward and hopefully let the storm clear. So we gotta be flexible enough what's. Start times. We got a lower level field turf where it fits. Just more sloppy but no lightning we've got that option but -- be flexible in there. You know I don't envision us getting on buses traveling anywhere it's right here. You know the upper deck in that balcony area you can have a walk through. Did you need if you needed to. Much like we did in Jackson in the small gym so -- won't just be Smart didn't didn't. Really gonna handle it like -- golf tournament you'll be Smart pay attention to words that may be move back or move up start time but we did that -- What did you learn things here with the -- time that you maybe didn't know you obviously interview. If you wouldn't well. Yeah the biggest thing is is. Just not -- work was -- before it is. You did. Get a better idea who the person personality and then. His passion -- football. So it's more that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When they were hired. It was also recommendation and interviews. It's just it's mix so well with rob did did did really was a lot of what I heard from. Other coaches that had worked with him when I spoke with him prior to interview room -- defense -- a -- -- overall big picture as good as they were last year -- got -- got. This year well there's. Listen there's there's there's there's a seven flow always to training camp there's. You know there's days where were periods in practice where one side of the ball goes well the other side doesn't I think the more important. Big pictures. We're just constantly looking to get better each day. Statistic believe. The comparisons from last year to this year though those aren't as important is the results. And so it might mean week two we've got to play -- game a certain way in week six it might be an entirely different way. The key is to win -- I think that's the main objective in him each week that can -- -- how to do that aren't so. All of us more improved from a year ago when you -- -- to. To really do that during our time here and do. During the precision -- terrific things. No different than they would be for the rest of the team I mean you know he's one of our. Starters on offense he's a guy that it's just we've all played very well the last half of the season. You know it's a position where we obviously carry death because it's a position that gets nicked up and didn't in our game. But he's Smart he's tough. He runs good pad level and you know so it's it's going to be here. -- to have success both in the running game in the passing game and he's ready for the challenge so far he's doing well. You talked about needing to rhythm there in the ball game. Game. How to make that happen and -- next week it just depends on the game you know I think it really depends on that we challenge in and look. Make no mistake about it when you wore in the midst of a gain. Your mind -- how someone's run -- or or how someone's hot or cold enough for protection too so there's certain games that all the sudden. Go a certain direction because you feel like you're having success. With that mean there's weeks we go in with a plan to do X. And sometimes you know early in that game you're changing their you know. That happened a couple times last season where we play the game and we were anticipating. Maybe opportunity it is to do a few things Arizona was a good example we had to throw off more because of the Frandsen in the looks we were getting. And then there's other weeks where it's different bless same thing exists. With the personnel that somebody's having success. Give him go and so it's all part of paying attention soon enough it just locked into a game plan and have some flexibility but some of the best programs in it. That beat me like he's talking it's yeah it's done very very -- from an x.s and knows he's really football savvy. He's really. Really sharp he's got good instincts. Obviously he's powerful and so. We've seen big. The big skip from you won't -- -- to -- it and he was -- awfully Carlo always got injured last year and so is his offseason has been. Fantastic can do. He's moving around he carried himself like a veteran. Yeah. I feel thirty and our coach told me hey. I. I I said this I mean this in the when I see every one of you. For one of our players who we all will experience this or you see old friends on vacation. We don't see -- Until we see their children you know then you see -- man I can't get over how. How old -- someone is or how much they've grown so I I don't see that in his play I really don't and his preparation in. You know it's a credit to day not only his mental preparation but how he takes care of himself you know I've said this time and time again he's. Very he's very routine driven person with regards to exercise diet. If you just wanna get his attention you say -- they they got blue country pancakes this morning revealed where you know he's keep pace tents and all that. And didn't put that that means a lot when -- when you talk about years in this wouldn't build on that yeah young guys yeah. Yeah. They do they do the same for all of us know. Parcells said of all the time he -- surrounding himself with with -- young coaches and young players that we just you know what. I think that it's true. Yeah -- think the best that I do permanent third. Who got better crack yeah tonight it was and I think it's it's early it's hard to turn it down there. Yeah right. I think it -- these guys commander in didn't there's something there that flashes. I think. Early on very good pitcher the trick for us is he is looking at the tape and them. Looking at the skill set didn't do we feel like all of a sudden there's a fit whether it's in the kicking game and that they can with the and I said this before. We'll bust out front of big ones are our special teams -- that's how you make the team so I think that's his first to its first opportunity. So I'm looking. The quarterback meeting room all of course Carmichael -- You bring in -- the Phillies who have -- -- They got ravaged the city I'm like clock quarterbacks that is -- you've got to get rid of the ball. And just observing Mosul a couple of practice in the column vs Griffin thing like -- Griffin has been more precise -- get rid of the ball quick. Yeah important things you -- look at that changes that in that there's no question there's a clock. Heard her play someplace or or longer developing others aren't but. Defensively. We will play some -- deep. Six under where we drop bait -- when we're dropped an eight you're gonna see that immediately the Smart quarterback. Pinch -- home on the ball because he's got a three man rush vs a four man rush. So hopefully the plays where were holding onto the ball longer it's because this scene that's a three man surface and now. Playing that defensively means quarterbacks gonna have another hit she's going to be a step forward or move so we try to create those those drills. Boy have horn -- computer we bought the offseason that'll that'll kind of blast after two seconds on a three step drop for after. Three seconds or five step drop and we hope we wanted to create really a scramble drill. Because if you -- game and you watch it. 3540%. Of both -- of your passing game happens spontaneously. Not on purpose but a -- pocket. Then you've got to be able to teach the receivers tight ends are eligible players to move in a certain fashion defensively you've got to be able to move. With the integrity of a little quarterback movement and understand the rules changed with -- contact and out of bounds. So could -- point. I'd wanna make sure that there's some watching David has he gotten him all these drop big coverages because when they see drop -- they're gonna hold on the bawling really stress the defense. Talk to -- last night. In the old it's. The guys -- it but. Well look. And I I don't say this week with the. With any. Bias although we'd prefer bigger players and so just as there's some shorter players we talk about Brandon. You know there's some tall receivers. That look a lot like Marcus couple guys we signed in free agency and didn't so. Did the employer shorter than there there's got to be something that he does exceptionally different well that's runner. Or get in and out of discussed so. We're getting good football players. -- -- about her second highest single game with a little bit surprising it's. Making jobless here knowing you can ask. -- -- -- -- -- Well I think this golf. Look from my experience he's gonna have that opportunity. And you just can't put. -- clock gonna you know we have success there's times were. I think it all depends on the owner earn it all depends on the situation in the hinted that it's not a syphilis. Hey you finish this on offense you finish this on defense. You get five interviews it did it doesn't work -- like that in didn't having been through that success in New York. And then. Come in the Dallas and in doing experiencing some success there our first year and then have an opportunity -- -- Did it just. Did find you. And I think when you can prepare. And him and focus -- The main test the other stuff just handles itself so. That all handle itself and in peace. Clearly going to be someone who -- ready for local position like that. But that'll that'll happen in didn't it's something that. No plan or no calendar -- can really predict. It was made -- -- New England put a quarterback Jimmy -- last year and had a lot of success and I came out to Seattle. Doesn't -- make him -- offenses. Two different scenarios right regiments and I definitely didn't do anything -- overblown and he's figured out a way to think you've got to do -- work. -- are also some good views are I think this year's number one New England put one of their. Bigger best defensive backs on credit bill and know Ricky is bigger than their safeties in and so. He was able to play. Effectively and then -- halfway through the game Jimmie was injured and I think he went through a stretch there -- where he was battling an injury. Each week it varies but what teams are doing so I would say. We see different plans to handle him obviously. When when you sit in our meeting Tuesday night and you're beginning to defend. A player like Kim you're gonna count for him and -- have. Some thoughts when you're in base some thoughts when you're in nickel and in red zone. Some of whom are similar to what we saw -- do we saw that happened with Gonzalez -- well it is at an Atlanta. In Seattle -- It was a different -- So Thomas and have a he's he's a middle safety -- plane is covered so did it just depends on the look here and it's. It's part of it's yeah it's just it's just -- your your. It's been really good this spring and fall and net and chipped it to his credit I thought his training camp last year in the pre season. He really did some good things you know and we will wonder having their -- at that position and it was tough to -- to find a way to get him. Not to the rubber to the game their rosters much is too good to get him the touches but I think she's. That much further along -- him dammit I definitely expect to see him. Doing a lot of good things for us usual real well I must want. He looks over -- off put more trust in the players and anybody that played for does that really speak to the trust that you have it's -- that would player. Listen to them and there's good. Yeah I mean I I think looked. As coaches we wanted to always pay attention to pay what they're seeing now we're not just out there freelancing. And so there's a call we make sure we play -- personal adjustments and come off event. But as you prepare for game number one important thing we have to do is this quickly. Gather wood would czar. What do -- players U mass where they're most comfortable winning as when you get in those big spots. You know you wanna give them calls defensively and offensively in the kicking game that they know my -- You wanna give you calls that they don't have room. -- no one -- the player that knows what he's doing is gonna ask you mass thanks. Any Saints coach Sean -- addressing the media found the -- practice at the -- coming up next we'll take them out they'll come back if the Saints defense coordinator Rob Ryan all the hope you guys on about the -- and the ability of this is what's stopping -- listening to WW operate jaguar -- -- it WW dot com or do you think will win the battle for the fifth wide receiver -- him that -- all mall in case should vote online -- did you get -- Dot com well he's always again it's as if from the heart that day he says basically Dolphins kicked -- defense -- -- He is saints' defense quite Iraq Brian talking after the saints' second practice of the green priority here was -- Dad stayed today well and our best that was cool. Now that officers Rolen but does not think we know what we're doing more we looked at a few things today that -- Didn't look real good there were a little bit new goods our guys are working hard this they're Smart they really -- be great. -- from a broken feet and had a right well I think you know he's one of our smarter players and he's one of our leaders so. He's a great roles that you don't. Coming back from that injury is awesome to get him back out there. He looks great to me you know tomorrow obviously I've today you know gets ahead Johnny loves to play so -- He'll be excited in any -- and routed through some things good and I say OJ he knows every position so -- You know what with a guy like -- are valuable to your defense doesn't have drugs and medical pleased today. We've -- Well he's he's looking great he's he's competing with champ and end up Cory white so. I'm going to be great competition all Kampman and you were blessed us really good football players and end up Patrick looked great. -- -- -- -- Yeah you know he's always looked -- -- he's. Unique guys a tall guy that can bend. In those guys are really rare so. You know what he's been great shape he's he's worked hard all offseason so. You know we're excited about him and I think she's gonna break force -- -- thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- no question and and you know I guess he's been to a couple of those before so but he looks great to me like he's never any trouble. Any big problems at all how much better I guess as a coach when your one year Q do you feel like you can be. But they got half a mile better -- they give us. The nice thing is you know what our staff it's it's easy to be really good so. But we got to be better we got to learn our team as fast as we can think that's the biggest thing in and pre season is the making sure you keep the right players and then. You know evaluating them get their strengths and find out exactly. You know our identity on defense and every year's different how we got a lot to prove this year and so we'll just sort of challenge you. How excited you are. Big development. You know destroy their children at the -- -- opportunities now obviously the -- Denver's game action -- know your background with him. And I know fans and the parks in the evening. Yeah I think I think Joseph would definitely want to see him out there were -- Again there's a guy coming off injury that we got to see how he's gonna do when and how you know how he's gonna progress and things like that so. We're excited about that can't wait to see him play in and you'll -- in -- -- does things that we always capable bizarre Byrd Oregon you can see programs record. Yeah I think so I think guys he's seen really excelled sources an inside player. -- serious very you know start about six games floors. Then that outside corner and end up. Again again he's another Smart guys got a lot of talent so well he can play multiple spots forced three turnovers. Are obviously trying to hammer home. But absolutely I think the you know we're doing everything we can't we we got to be better at it coming when I was a weakness horse last year. How we digest cited were words you were trying to coach who's better than we did last year or try to play better we did last year and us. The glass of payoffs or should we need to improve in that area we want to be great things. You never really Dole's been deserving it'll bring your -- get this cult hero in New Orleans. Not a big hero to -- -- Zola. You know hell I wanna make sure we do the right thing and and I love New Orleans and just happens to be an awesome city and and they appreciate you know. -- a good guy he really feels like we're slowly goes flying disabling your hair's gotten a little longer I'm gonna get it got a good it's too long and they end. Played a little too long this year but del beginning go wanna get back when you putters aren't you guys like. And better. But I think because he's he's it's all player he's got he's played knows she's way to end and tackle. So he's -- good football player and we're excited about. You know what he's got to make -- strides. In our system but I think -- -- Smart guy he's got -- -- and looking forward to see him out there would have pads on tomorrow concerning yeah. Well I know he's working hard he's doing everything. He can't you know in the end I'm sure every day -- got. You know so it's it's not a concern to me I know he's in great hands and there and you know we're gonna. Do the right thing we're doing you know always doing the right thing here was to sink so. You know it would take in our time with the goods. You know we. Can't you must -- your brother you don't mark Gingrich. Read the judge did last year you I think you'll hear. That chip on your shoulder you've done so much it's still motivates them -- -- -- Not me they did it. Now they goes a long time so and I've been assistant logs on the nerves that -- Joseph -- You know when people wanna give me now that you have these great until then no. Know -- best be great assist. The right. He -- OK okay. Couple pit Bulls -- -- -- yet to see those dog hunt I don't know I'm not actually know there's probably one good it's. And it is saints' defense coordinator rob Bryan addressing the media would take the time out in the we'll come back and we. Have to -- To Pierre Thomas and quarterback Luke McCown and operating -- or people on line. It -- that you -- dot com which player do you think will win the wide receiver battle for the fifth spot Robert Meachem Joseph Morgan on the team. He's 60178668890. Rates and the that you can take this it 8787. Rob Bryan with a guy that you know implement it punches in the -- he was disappointed but you know if I had it and I don't -- that they they predicted that way -- -- it. But he wasn't have a bad practice with these things he wanted to beat David put a little pains that I won't -- you also -- right demolished -- Well. I think it's as the Galaxy of football. That how he was challenges the that the players. As big and have a I mean. A bad practice session today. It be more because they got beaten. By scheme our finance right in negative -- -- the Galaxy is that thing. He was challenges the fits within the meeting rooms now. With that being said. You know it's it just didn't see you look at Rob Ryan obviously his brother -- him and buddy. Their father of what they meet in -- National Football League source and you know has that been a head coach -- Munich coach. I think Rob Ryan obviously -- ability. You will be a head coach in. But it's amazing. -- you've received think what you would call it political correctness I don't know that the right term. But I you presented itself motors might be comfortable. -- -- Ryan been a head coach for their team because he looks too much I. -- virus and you know -- my -- man was again about a raise the you know of the good guys now they I don't care we got long -- but is there is long now with -- -- and I am not -- -- -- any -- get back in you know dame getting their program you need to -- I was well you know I don't know general elect an eagle hole here. I'm not -- all -- he grew -- in -- -- on the -- now where if he can go to the -- but nobody here and I were back there though the only -- -- he looks like -- -- with the -- he's had to be a football Lewis. -- been great writer for UNC that he owns Johnson's -- okay. Like an article USA today I thought there -- a number of times ride he speak in the saint. The -- in the NFC in -- normal. Now that they've acquired a party united do you know after a righty he's OK he's saying that right now now. And now with -- August and and it's that EPA rod rise to the nickname like New Orleans it -- Rob Ryan. You put it on the bottom melting pot. And different cultures. Rob Brian. Looks like he just -- was ownership. Tilda that is if Rivers not in New Orleans. It is got offers blogs about moaning the principal -- -- -- like a pirate. The second commoners all of the he is here and -- third Italian parents and here he is now at the head that Rob Ryan got -- the -- And -- -- straight that is they lose Q -- you throw Philippines blah whatever and different water and a and a that you wanted to analyze it made club that. Now they love that you got to produce but it view that Connecticut and you produce. They'll build a statue of you that -- -- -- resurrect them at a statue Raddatz at the superdome. Our. Dale embrace rob ride it did the is that he fits your team to progress could -- like Hank Aaron Aaron here. Like Rob Ryan I mean he's not born in arts and -- We Buick thing you might insult me -- channel and how likely guy. Who shows up and all week they'll call bar it's at Detroit drug me hail hail the vehicle on I could you go is that guy. Are you kidding me pocket if he's a kid and he's let. Awful -- what we're all. I will come back and we'll hear from Vietnam until he told you how important -- -- -- offense via spoke to the media at the -- practice this is Debbie that you're. Welcome back to sports on. Ala pros looking guys on him Bobbie Barrett Deke Bellavia what he has become without question the leader of the saints' offensive backfield a Cinderella story. Back in 2007 young man Illinois just impressed depressed in the final game of the season he was the first player. The Russell Mario and received for the world Mario one only needs to keep it in the final game of the season the -- Chicago Bears it's. He's been a staple an irregular in the saints' offensive backfield he spoke to the media that they practice. We -- talking about Vietnam. I don't don't bury your hand but not too bad but they will -- things best enormous. And I didn't call that was beautiful it's. -- -- championship. We just don't know -- bonds and his team the energy you have to come and appeared to new wants. You can feel it's done -- the team history it's that you wanted. See a lot of focus. Focus on their assignments. Doing the right things and be accountable and you know -- free for one another. And see a lot of guys pulling each other up soon. I do this this started -- like -- scene where you know we get new faces a lot of new guys could. Broussard Alou legacy and you start to see that I mean it's not there yet no we wanted to be good I mean is forming that in that direction. -- -- -- -- -- -- Communists called glory goes yeah I mean. He gets he gets here you get in this position. I mean he gave me to just sit continued. Be consistent and so much talent says you know do go for the whole NFL and his organization here. And I mean it's just a blessing to be. On the same team three years because our jobs also say you guys you know little run there for just been in this league for so long in. You know playing different positions and a system president isn't. And I tell you that say you you the average -- -- running back history year isn't isn't aren't. But -- -- my eight years -- this is -- a blessing and I'm just happy. To be where I met you know always stay humble and you know he must still grounded and you know don't don't look into the in the limelight work you know why am -- where comment on this. They in chaos that's a muscle got to keep grinding no matter what. So gotta go I hear his show everybody what I'm doing -- you know that the coaches know what are you doing. You know every day every so -- -- his field. And you're good running backs. Feel like we'll have a lot of -- -- -- I'm dishonest way from opportunities so you know -- we had a lot of good running backs here and I mean. We will split time I'm unhappy with Datsyuk you know we we got a lot of selling his team. What these guys shot also put odds also sold dome is going to be tough because home make sure is tough. I'm a warrior in a more information got to beat me out. I mean you got to play beyond this -- I -- my closes -- on -- -- he's got so these guys and it has -- the same thing I'm I don't think it's hard they don't take it to heart. They know I mean they always come to me questions about being here the longest in. I know which is a kind of you know -- -- once you know what this court what direction oriented organization wanna go in. They come immediate questions and I mean I'm just try to be a leader nobody's got really good running back and -- -- Little bowl. Like -- what coach. The Bulls put enough I'm not as assistant. Hey I'm his assistant in god -- make sure everything is you know go right to make sure guys listen and then. You know love the coaches do their job to coach did go to the coaches. That shot out to be our friend -- you know they have to do their job they had that siege. And us as clear as we had to be the students we have to learn to listen and then take criticism you know what coaches do they make you miss the point is you -- -- to take that as a player. And as a student he just teaching you and -- You know give you better as a person who you know I love. And us us -- come in as a player still puts guys easily just a case they get pleasure -- they would -- come I don't. Britt out and it all the time it's like -- to -- and it's good to keep your better. I'm just there's some sort of so he's just a Telecom their depth they're nerves downs. They're nerves down and you know -- right right position on the right attitude -- -- Jim -- Here's the five. Okay. We can make it. Oh what the road how was a shot at what they have some also you know since then and now. This take take everything one step at a time though all this field. Norwood everybody messes. My attitude is try to do better and it was you did yesterday. Blog here and how to make. Less mistakes as you did yesterday's he had made five mistakes yesterday but I'm -- here today. I mean -- much -- -- -- -- might -- it gives that number I'm suddenly you don't minimal mistakes possible. So these guys that each and every day. Played takeaway here -- Bess WQ you made three mistakes jumps to doubles mistake she made the correct what you don't make those same mistakes but we have coaches see you improve in. I mean that's the next step they wanted you noticed -- skips -- beat that you wanted to start the player in this league and be in this league as low as possible. Not so these guys every day you know just to stay focused and stay home wood in and listen -- -- -- there when everybody just so you just listen in this moment and play diligent ought to play. Hear you talk about helping the younger guys are you losing like that time plus your card on. Think it's I don't have to worry too much yeah looking good Henry got the. He does I mean you get to see it in his face you know he's passionate about you know his game and how he performs and I -- just ask you wanna see a bullet. Best you wanna see you see you do it a lot and I male nominees I've got to see true you know I need to be so bad pass earlier in the session he gets he gets itself. I mean does he should do -- any any guy out they do the same CNN. You -- -- -- like you gotta stay focused and that's my that's my best -- -- noisier which brings is what they -- just focus. You -- up this what's the next play get better so everybody that you forgot about that play you messed up -- as -- what did you improve and you didn't. Go forward from home state. -- get their running game overall are you optimistic about. Betters special offers from behind them -- it's a lot. But -- -- dean. We talk about this gym this off focusing more on the running game. You know we wanna give back to where we were in the past hello -- nice balanced offense that I have and our run game establish. And I guess what they were folks and on I mean we've we've put more. Chime in on the running game and I've ever -- we did for me and his best years. And I think this is a real. -- -- point and what we try to do this year you know we -- showed -- we can't run the ball this year we have great running backs we have I'll stand in line. You know day next to the job done we just got to go out there and him and put it together so I think our run game this year is gonna be solid and our subs and you know we we will be. Happy about you look at his team overall we think it's fair to say hey you gotta you gotta potential top Nike. Got a potential top five -- topics here and I think since they could either missing element yeah sports. -- -- -- But to say yes and no. I mean up -- late last year we did -- for ourselves but we could have done better -- at this point it's hard to tell. You know we know we got a bunch of new guys -- new faces we -- put every piece together at this point we don't know what he's gonna be in the right spot. And right now we're focused so I just getting better as a team come together as a team. I was -- and -- yeah. Yeah you can get them into the -- game -- okay I have to get this the yeah gives you guess that could be the case -- -- for its. And -- Saints running back here Thomas addressed in the media following Tuesday's practice for the black and goal at the Greenbrier and -- and -- he was so -- first. Going into this season they all Sammy Morris and let go history is -- accounts is 6096. Show it. Pierre Thomas came pretty much sympathy if he's there which would be him I -- 8773. Listen. -- hey you know what this season we won that with our third yeah I was raised point eight yards a year if I do order piracy gazillion over a thousand. Come back to albeit fab four man rush and beat it's about scenario address the issue about the he would become the second all the time being -- in Saints history he averages four point 60 the scary. Danny's best in the top five in the history of this franchise he's hit 3523. -- the -- You -- looking -- many different stances but a lot of the best out of the -- when I -- I spoke with LaDainian Tomlinson a few Summers ago future hall of Famer. He says he really pay that -- -- average north of scary EPA four point six -- a career pretty self. Well in first place and I know he was making an example. Hardly believe he -- -- mistakes yesterday Pierre Thomas forming right make my mistakes there and of course the training camp but. 88 he's always been known for that mean you watch the guys and it. Think back in your mind -- -- you ever seen him get pushed backwards I -- time you ever seen him tackled in the back field. Has it happened. I'm quite sure that it has. But he always keep the fans who went taller -- mean never. He never quit she's -- in every yard he can't mean that and that's how good the airplane that he had -- -- the other way -- life and you know he really when you look at it and say in this that it as a compliment to him he really hadn't had that much Wear and -- because. You know he hasn't he has had this year the road yeah and he understands that that is his role on his team and he doesn't. He doesn't gripe and complain about it he doesn't sit around and saw that I need to be touching the ball more. Yeah I mean to him it's all about wins and as a running back -- he won't get every touch with the game but. You know what I think he takes just as much satisfaction in blocking the right guy knock them linebacker. Only three or Ian or stop him for it to Drew Brees as he does it catch a thirty yard pass. Sosa sometimes on the point sometimes it depending on situation and I was throw it in the attic like a pro. It's more difficult on the back it's almost like. -- in the classroom -- teaches it is a students and doing everything is supposed to be doing their work but they feel they have because of other guys like. I'm not to say he's not doing his work with them and that is expectations. And everybody has gone what will what's wrong with this student and you look at -- -- -- like. A lot out of are going to be quiet and I go back to situations some -- now between Robertson and Ingram out you wanna see Robert simply I remember right after bush instead Thomas came here it just the when he was posted two beauties of this game to complete back. It stayed home voter and I hope I hope it -- -- did you know what they're asking should you give more players who Duke beat -- gap more suited Reggie Bush who has. He never have a he's always been playing. I think it is that showed in when he was up for contract in that he got -- take less money to stay here. Because you hear from players all time I want to go somewhere where can win a championship compared Tom knows he can win another championship here. I I think he if he goes somewhere else. Nobody else is gonna count you know -- to -- -- but vaulting he's gonna fill a -- just like you donate today let me fill a role that I'm most comfortable with the nets in New Orleans. Well that it today not every every bag he'd be an every down back. And I hope you know I talked about is I don't think you can support the cut at Pierre Thomas that that are threats back -- when you look at the running back as a group. Because I -- through it puts me date draws Pierre every down. First second third down that if you would do it hasn't evolved. We got to protect Drew Brees -- and try to get athlete Jason your position coach he's head coach and he only want when your quarterback count Hewitt -- nice job. That's when it means -- -- that because I think more than anything else because like -- always said that drugs back the only thing you know it there's gonna be remembered far amid hope it will before Barrett got here. That's great play you up. Look in the playoffs against the Vikings at the -- but -- hair public order greatest. Green runners in NFL history. We will be back with Jim bought it from three to six recapping Saints practice think so what's all the found folksy to green bracket -- Sand tees forward back in studio day product team and though it got me on -- -- and -- -- sports team. He's okay guys and have the ability as always talk about that agent can't and -- the -- day on the -- late dull goodnight people who'd bet.

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