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7-27-14 3:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie at Saints Training Camp - Hour 1

Jul 27, 2014|

Bobby, Deke, and Hokie break down today's action at Saints training camp in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In a very good Sunday evening to you welcome to our things coverage you were going to six in the evenings that champion if you're up here with us that the -- green -- And is a 4 PM we're expanding its enemies on the Greenburg and -- the clubhouse today with the black and gold on it the first time. These training camp sees it we were. Sorted to the word extreme it was extreme government is more than that it just a few moments plus they take. On today's practice -- guys announcing violence and the Kasey -- By the apron there coming up we will hear from Brian cooks on today's program. Also coming you know what also on the year from campaign. Sean Payton and Shayne Graham -- of those that you by now from our players. Also coming appeared in just the as always under the involvement 26017. B or 203866889. 087. You know first -- of it's here's some things from Saints coach Sean Payton. And so they -- -- bit about. The defense today and how they responded and how they played it will pay. Felt it was -- The regular computer right there on -- way. Well because reluctantly ready a lot while I'm adjusting myself the last I refer to about extreme hatred that was the bit about how we got a little -- screen not coverage today. Well we've battling. -- thunderstorm and obviously we have with on this story out lightning out of golf and it is that the level of Cleveland lightning the lightning is undefeated. And then he went at the end of the is McCarthy yeah I mean if you don't get it you don't die at the -- affected side if they ever got struck with. You know just what Connecticut did it it was rain but it's not Louisiana rain because it's rain and and you are wet that you cold. So love it was extreme coverage your -- wall to wall coverage in the states and but all the media had -- lifted -- and in the hype we have -- ideally going to work out you know -- -- capitalized on -- listing shape. You can't stay in shape -- -- from the media parking lot. To where we cover in this thing to the fans are with the start for us that it was that he needs to do something. You know they got stuck it out so that's kind of a scenario where we're at. But today it was also during practice. Not dealing with any sign. Overcast the clouds and and -- and our -- this I'll look it up in the mountains. And I'm looking at the -- and two things they came to mind you look at Tennessee that smoky mountains. You've seen how they got that nickname that -- talk about what you -- given that appellation. You know -- a trail war going all the way up to me. And I don't think it is all. Because some Led Zeppelin thing in misty mountain top. As the at bat that limits the mound this morning so it out reflected on that looked like it was -- all around us. That if John Bateman had practice by half an hour. -- it they would start it would have been affected by the rain at all right and so alive on the back end of the rain came at once it comes in the mount the kind of trap the clouds. And in the water. The precipitation starts falling in the pool and you and I -- T -- is that I want to go to local super Wal-Mart. I don't care its a universal West Virginia podshow. But a public -- via a poncho has been here through August 14 maybe a little -- them that because. Bottom line is we all got pretty went -- Yes and unfortunately the way things are they you know they don't really have anyplace to put the media out there you're right they get that job -- -- would visit him out there you know -- -- that would watched the interviews that the players and coaches do after practice facilities they can't what where they eat yet. -- for the media to go into so I mean you got on your own -- can say about it pretty good hike and you know firm. Both of the media heavily we're not that good shape so coming up makes it flow going down that rain kind of be kind of careful because no resist you. Well especially okay guys a number of that ward knee surgeries. Hope you gotta score that that's almost about a country mile and a -- exact ratings but alls who before -- -- surgery. That only ever had knee problems and keep going you okay. But the pressure of going downhill is worse -- -- yeah that the political and more taxing only muscle on up it's -- -- you join Villanova down at goodness that event are on easier if you put before we can Hokies take on today's practice coach Sean Payton talking about the the next day. Yeah hopefully it's. Something I know that we're making a big ups so. They're Creighton turnovers. Is one of the most important statistics. Of one of the most important points for for us as a team. And you know if you start a game with the idea each team's gonna get somewhere between ten to fourteen possessions and all of a sudden there's a turnover. It's really double because it adds possession the other team takes one way so it's something forums. I wouldn't coach how painful present just a few moments we will be talking to give us his take hokey. Thought your thoughts on today's practice as that the pay a two on in you can tell them to the most -- in this part I had absolutely that's one thing that the players -- wait for Andy you know look at that -- felt that -- Rob -- that yes it is that. -- it's really handed to them yesterday. -- today have the defense certainly. They didn't dominate the Pro -- a big advantage drone didn't finish strong and mean they had a couple of turnovers in a couple play. Now my notebook is but in my room because it soaking wet and I've got to limit that Fran and now I don't know that I can rebuild -- to anyway but. I don't have that with me but no that a couple of turnovers wanna think. They're -- had turned over to -- gonna -- pop a right handed Champ Bailey was part of that in the thick rough you know bush. But yeah. You're gonna have that given take during training camp in that on some days -- options they'll look better on the -- the Patriots to look better. But generally speak and it was always. Kind of my opinion that. Especially the first -- advance the defense usually has the better date because those guys. Just final round in in. -- their ratings it was offered to Brady hit too but it's a little bit more controlled aggression on the opposite decide to write the creatively -- go -- For whatever. The defense -- yet the evening made -- sport today in all all in the first day of the when you sit up there in the stanza. Back where I sit. And updated Dolphins yield pads -- and well you know it's all right we're not win. Touch football anymore it's. But there is no pattern exactly and all they did did you pick it hit the ball to right -- and you got to figure itself nobody has come and if you didn't go so. It it all in all a good day Indian. The the rain held off to a very I think he probably had a few more plays set for that team period but it's it's ordering. He ran the players that I had to practice and then let -- -- yet if he cut it short the only coach you're about five minutes. And then peak along those lies and -- talking about the defense that is drones. You know rob Bryan how you know love Rob -- that's right time. And in the Eagles well you know I'm glad we're able to bounce back that he because and I thought Al's gonna give. -- after yes right the bum out fifth seeded San Antonio he just exaggerating. In -- and -- what the the -- -- lap salute you don't have just exist. It's at all visit -- had a better ragged in the offense. Like got off to a good start for the -- responded obviously a creating turnovers. -- the -- I think that's and I know. And then I'm doing extreme stuff. Actually. You know -- this and LB fifty for an August day when I'm 64 I don't give a crap and in higher than my notes go down the got to grow whatever. I'm out room I used to blow dry. Does that act as that I had that -- But back in the seventies and eighties I blow dry my notes and and it's a pick -- read it that does that -- use of blood drug -- -- I'll probably Pinto having great itself -- -- it's here I have tried my notes and it -- it work out. Above it's still a statement now I am actually being trees nobody can accuse me and I think -- -- and at the tail then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the rain it forces everybody in dole isn't it was a little difficult task but we've got it down -- -- gonna break practiced -- -- -- close with your coach Sean Payton. But he in the programs where we laugh from the green right Slammin' Sammy is allow our resident pro -- guys Johnny and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia what the latest -- -- -- coverage. Visit on line did you do -- you realize that. -- competition there but. Is his. As efficiency and his percentage. Numbers are very good and I thought it performed very well for us last year you know that. The last game of the season those were I mean awful conditions. He's someone that. Certainly is god it is in the mix and it's going to be itself up got to beat out and yet there is competition there. It is Saints coach Tom paint off kicker Shayne Graham welcome back to sports talk resident both of you guys time Bobby -- here we're at the Greenbrier eight Slammin' Sammy -- At committal when we -- the Saints coach Sean Payton later in the program all the guys on -- given you his take. All today you felt about the offensive line of defense of Atlanta going against each other during the inside drew are now. Oh he sits for years and look forward to putting on the pain at that level of excitement and of course he thought it was a good day although practices -- of Mitchell the Saints got -- Some good work now dictating -- gives us his take -- threes -- The big how many minutes human -- Oh so I can't go out to a unit immune going OK okay well Iraq known as would you. Talk can't be long when you're going. Well today it was the first drill 101 and only one is like the with the bags. They get the receivers know past Russell. If you're a legit offense at that -- huge win 80% of the time. Because it is 11 the quarterback don't have a a Russian its base. And the bits of backs are basically or an island. Well obviously the our quarterback you gotta cover receiver yet you don't have any help. So I thought this is really impressive. And I'm glad we signed him within -- -- Atlanta Falcons. Raphael bush. Now because -- time I think -- the Bob and Hokies use your watch and inside drill with today the open via when they were in the running game with that through drills going on that one. You got it's called inside drill -- game -- vs the -- that you got the skill people quarterback. Receivers vs the it to bags. As sport to see who's gonna win. Feel I'll watch it a little one you know we spread out team out as besides the Saints though we have the -- members out here to -- cover a lot of ground but. I'm looking at the little one and Raphael bush like is that we cannot let him. Go to Falcons even though the guy hitting the Cairo. You know who wouldn't he's gonna meet and obviously a terrorist group when he gets in the field. But on Brendan cook he had recovered select -- cornerback. Covered branding coax him it would that they're friendly coaches doing and they get a break down film but great coverage by Raphael bush. You know and obviously depending. In the past they not given up a reception. Now if you look at young players who we expected to excel. Damage on that piece. The traffic got in Nebraska. Haitian warrior he is. And hopefully he gets it done. -- because we need him he's like lean. In -- the one thing now Steve well rookie out of Illinois if -- had a number of free agent rookie from Illinois try to make you -- team. That he beat Stanley Agile that the so you gotta be with the secondary coaches basically. It was a simple out cut. When they talk in his -- that he's the kind of help him out because he is -- again. You got EQ -- you gotta be lowly got to have more then. The obviously -- -- break on the football. Now more physical than. I don't care who you going -- that you think 101 -- -- help that he should win on this he'd be Champ Bailey on a slant right. This is a leverage and his size. You would expect that to happen. I'm an elaborate on this individual and -- the -- and it's 11 in continued throughout the team periods. As Sean Payton is still. A rookie from Valdosta State in its partners. The big receiver. If you look at and peak and and if you can remember statement if you watch -- Octavia Jones. It is not Courtney Roby. Who scored -- from the fifteen based on TV channel six foot three. Look or pounds and any additional pain it's about this team now and knowledge -- young receivers -- he talked about it David Jones. You know winning and -- there was a particular play that Drew Brees threw the ball. And it's all about making it touches on the ball of the reason that bomb. But nice pitch he came back. And he would have caught it like a party five that the art tightly. Also caught a simple slant -- Every -- of the more physical than. But it was his move after he caught the ball hit the 78 yard gain. But then Hollis and the -- with a back with covered him he did -- kind of joke. And in needy and it was one hand touch he didn't even in his hands on -- slow. -- go out this update please don't try to make the team now law looking at one don't want it the continues. -- breeze. Now this is something. That fans don't realize how precise reason is that how demanding he has no matter who your who would expect. It looks like Drew Brees threw the ball on the ground like water out of that passed all of a sudden you look at what the route and in what had occur. All of that reaches the -- they can do. We expect in -- had a big camp so far. It Drew Brees says look look out the New York a -- says he looked at -- you to look at the yard. And nick who was sixteen yards from recent you have to be fourteen. Is it a cup because it's anticipation. Of that route that ball coming out. And and and it didn't matter were kind of coverage. If they Q does Drew Brees wanted to do you could have great coverage and Duke it out it's pats play. If you lose that fourteen. Residents sixteen this board read released the ball so I thought that was interest in. And to show you Whitney who released him. A complete Drew Brees and obviously to get on the field now -- cooked. The only receiver. There was opportunity. To redeem himself Raphael was cut the best of them pretty -- hero. Up a bit of a -- he makes plays. But Brandon cooks. You know got past few rob it would have been -- long touchdown so that -- with the offense. Could we expect Bradley coached the special things. Going back that victim. He had a negative way we Drew Brees got old room what did he do he beat Raphael bush. On at the brow and the count on the ball out of Providence this long ball that they. Ninth -- over the -- -- -- Movement now that nick -- have been about a 45. Fifty yard touchdown so that's just 101 before him and got that he -- especially teams. -- work on different areas they were doing kick off. A coverage ghetto. Ads for you know that first you need. At the ghetto when you're covering kicks it in also a kick off coverage delaying -- they immediately. That and live in them of freelancing over here couldn't set up blocking schemes that you're in that Pittsburgh. They give Bubba big kick off return to that they'll work it on that's for kickoff coverage getting off. The timing and and also staying -- -- Now before with the team you know you look at 707. -- what a great start. -- the market schools that plus forty down the middle. Great -- Saints fans have seen that a number gains we've deep bruise a breeze the -- that connection. Plus -- That you got right after that there's slumps they've always got -- -- -- a great start that the pits redeem himself. Basically breezed they tuned back shoulder throw. BQ -- -- great coverage but a plus that the our team that thinking he could do it was just a great throw by crew. And it technique that they use to make that play. Now this does to me. We talked about a -- trying to put the ball out get an interception. This system and needed to -- of and it volley a cart today is that the most significant. Interception of camp. I think it was the second interception it was in the first with the media's got everyone's attention. -- -- article down the middle. Now it was not a bad throw talk about athletic interception Ramon Humber and -- -- -- about that great interception. Down the middle. And that's why he's gonna get NFL are not only is special teams contributions to the waiting game has changed. That's -- pats are worth -- he remote number. I'm -- in that role in that role he had a great. -- I guess at the first truly significant. Interception of camp at that would be a highlight real a Ramon Humber -- it is that that ball down the middle. Now -- wideout but Corey white. A struggle that they beat definitely. You're proper line Morrissey. Not a handful went through three plays -- -- you know he was being picked on. In the -- did not take advantage of his opportunity and even Rob -- telling them all glory. And then that they'll cut them. Musical -- you gotta do better in that it's still -- it's amazing how they hit it to -- you know now on going back that. A team period that he took that 101707. And now look at it team. Now -- -- say what Joseph Morgan and talk to him -- lead or in practice in the rain was coming down and we're trying to interview him. Joseph Morgan and -- like -- -- -- -- any day he got the middle he would like wide open. And it's amazing -- -- being -- -- after -- on the ball in his day and -- very seldom told all the rules. Of receivers but he overthrew overthrew Joseph Morgan that particular play slightly overthrow. Aren't out of it about a sixty yard touchdown but the more ridiculous that is the good day Meachem. Two weeks dumping. It goes so -- -- look toward the advantage. That opportunity in Maricopa and just it right now on boats only not -- a handful of practices. You look at -- fighting the re rod that spot. Policy that nick too has the edge over Gil Morgan and Robert Meachem and I think Robert Meachem and Joseph Morgan it's it is like that that. A final spot -- having the team U -- I order top receivers of day in day out but slightly overthrown. But polite would have like that in that -- yeah because yeah yeah yeah because when you think about it okay market goes then. And you got branding coach skating skills. -- report -- guy the reason why not get a kick -- I think a six receiver ego wise I Courtney Roby. You do remember Courtney -- not only as a kick or punt returner with like you know 12 with three I say water to. In a kick all but put Carter he was -- leading tackler. That's why I think -- can keep five receivers vs six. And those so that's why when a break it down and they would look at the competition. I think tune a great start in game two Morgan -- we get a continued. To watch it -- that trance pars. Would you look at that long bomb that'd been great comments Miller. But that's -- named alternates got all that great start and now. Now the -- you look at from a negative perspective. It's like you know -- the -- you know all the time. Middle what you can add that mental -- now a young player can make -- mistake but they'll make a mistake two times in a row. Don't think -- -- Robinson that's -- -- next Saturday and other words what kind of regional to handle all the ball. And the Eagles the wrong way. -- -- you that UK. Because the NFL's so competitive competitive we cannot have a middle bustle of joint pain keeps track of that. And it's OK rob another that's unity cannot have that. Now here's an individual you know always look at the dark horses -- -- all of it to -- at the cited ball. Watch out for our normal 42. He -- wore it. He's six foot 2200. Pound safety from Jacksonville's they -- Jackson they. The Jacksonville State that's where I think Ryan Parent -- -- -- went to school in Alabama thinking -- Pierre warrant -- see him work it would Hughes at safety. And nice pass defense that was. A tournament those two times. That he had to impress the coaches. When you look at it film so -- award and obviously when you gonna do with -- teams. And in the pre season game and now lucky enough according wideout brought him up McCallum the branding coach noticeable out route. A plus twelve yard gain in the beaten him and looking at. Continued -- process doctor -- cadet. It's not practical joke but when you talk about those receivers that are remembered as the maybe I'm -- -- ordering you peaking with him right there yet. And uncle who was quarterback in when Jones caught that ball because Kane -- asked you that it would have beaten the Yankees -- the -- he asked about us and we will. Yet yet because -- its physical presence. -- these fans out on this -- it brought those seats -- that don't with -- okay the. It like you fit at that place that you look -- on -- is Jill and to me. And OTAs the mini camp -- in from the football see 63. To a group now. And now Brandon Coleman from Rutgers is 66. To 25. Now branding coach Colvin with a lot smoother right now beneath the in this in the old team and he can't receiver dropped a couple balls and -- two big receivers. When you look at 63. And 66. I think you look at imitate is that that you -- I think it -- this process. Marcus Colston. I mean worries that no one receiver. Who's going to be in next -- Colston who already development will they -- -- big receiver that's why when you look at that height. Six foot 36. Foot six who's gonna step up and Jimmy beacon developed so that's why you know we talked -- jolt. Randy Coleman. -- right Darren makes I don't know what's gonna have what they gonna do against the Rams were they gonna do in the black Eagles game scrimmage that the continuous. Process there now. That they get also president -- -- TV look at the running drills and and to a criminal aspect ironic that he got a note to all the time -- middle bus. I don't know Mark Ingram. He doesn't look bad they don't -- it looked great looks that he looked like an NFL player. That's why they passed they care the united bet any money in him but Tarvaris -- that would as he can do. If the -- Darren Sproles type place. I mean I'll look it -- a cutback ability hope he can elaborate on that hit a plus seven yard run but it's like there was nowhere article. It -- they were tackling him or buttoned him up. And -- got seven yard that a particular moment that -- impressive. Now. You look at the best that a bad. Luck in the -- we love Jimmy Graham. -- knows when they went head to head on this play. He and the Carroll was right there briefly Jimmy Graham plus thirty yards. And all I'm saying is that. Yeah David Carroll was right there it looked like -- -- back coverage. And and Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham got the best of apparel kind of like. What we've seen went Jimmy Graham we've played the Cardinals the lead architect -- it was last year you beat -- Peterson. Now though he has the height advantage you've beaten honey badger. So that that was it's been on -- the brief Jimmy -- they got the best that Katie McCarron. Now on the Q it always shows up a great time and Roderick Drew Brees does Bruce of breeze that they cute. But fifteen yards and out -- a visibly and the defense kind of turned the corner and a fun thing in the fittest girl in you know coaches are getting on -- kept failing. Camp Dalian and run Rafael bush they they -- they're behind all. We're here -- the situation. Where Champ Bailey. The flame -- to -- just put the effort popped the ball up. Raphael bush kept it alive. And it was like old Bulls like -- from. Inside the field outside batted the ball back in it comes back the Champ Bailey we talked about him that the press conference and he recovers the fumble. But that's on the biggest show that the that the players this is what we demand this will mean the they're trying great turnover. So I know rob Bryant all the -- with the coach -- -- Champ Bailey. And Raphael -- an effort to hopefully a win in the meeting room. Cornerback -- babies jolt. Nice pitch. Double movie -- -- up. Make Corey -- he does -- line and sinker hoping he bit on that. And that they got a big guy don't glory a -- the regional double move a touchdown the only -- you know we had. Opponents 83 if not sports maximize your opportunity. Army of yesterday. Or three of sports activity. Tyrone walker again. Uh oh would end up having is that number 75 B we talked about that play yeah. That he was real low he's been real aggressive but you -- -- with the Tulsa. He's in the mix but I think the coaches were excited because you want it to kind of be a 5050 team thing Moshe. A team sport often with the times that the commitment and time all of it got off to a great start. But that the kids that it is prone compared to yesterday. Where the offense dominated the. I would take a -- comeback over the notes the cage he can't get anything else and it was going here -- sound with the things off with Saints coach Sean Payton. It's a sports talk Saints can't -- it's a slam at Sammy at the Greenbrier on Saints radio debuted at Buick. And welcome back to sports talk about what our resident pro -- guys and -- by the eight bear I've beat that will be lucky to on today's program where he was the saints' top draft pick in the 2014 NFL draft that he spoke to the media. Is Brandon cooks. Players. You're out. How many a and M is alive is because comes from a guy like him as a breeze. A great quarterback Matt Saints are. He's giving me knowledge Sosa's. Back to force things got even a young he's given me -- independent knowledge. Read everyone knows but just -- -- what I did at present is how well you hit the -- we take pride in that. -- would -- and didn't really deserve this technique is good it was good football field. No definitely not take pride in it doesn't bother this you know what I mean that was just the volume came to life you know us to be status as I wanna be blessed. One of the things that work hard day in and day out is this just -- boss saw him badly to Cincinnati since. Not ready you itself it's -- -- doesn't look -- -- team it's more the return of the big kick -- guard you -- did you react to baby blue. Also I doubt be asked to do both Saddam may rapid can return after a return so it's just a maritime above what what they wanted to let you know what I feel most comfortable for me to play at. It's. Not and not just easier that way yeah I mean the good thing is out there wouldn't. Does this time San Diego -- drew. On our little breaks that I call me up right Theres -- when I came out here out a little up to par is this game and day by day. Great ABC game. Overall they've preferred bigger leagues where he'll take the Smart guys -- let's give it everything is smaller guy he does have his best he's got it back out there. I definitely. I take pride that -- you know me. Obviously like you big guys let's -- cousins -- a -- -- things tell us smaller guys that some big guys can do are everywhere. Through -- videos. But I'll stop there for about a week and a half extra you know working every day. You know get those reps in -- reps -- training Ramon what do you think -- There's a couple days of practice. I'm learning that everyone smarter on the field you know in the pace is not let's fast they -- but. You know the best out there you know this or Livan had a flair for many years now. It's. You know gain more knowledge on watching film things like that after doing it on Denmark on our guy on the I mean that but he also -- -- ball I mean yeah. -- like they're like zero says associates got to go get it and that's all we take pride in -- Alou are again. And guys or make him look good. And everybody. -- -- did not know me and I'm Corvallis I thought -- out I had one already but. I guess not -- good enough. Rendell winner -- get -- -- you're Venus or Oregon State did video -- greens. -- these weeks you think when you gotta get the reds maybe. Yeah I mean who knows that set us up the coast designed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Please speak for itself in yet because you're at the Corvallis Oregon are about that Oregon Oregon State you know Corvallis and Eugene we universe organism that would've been an interview before the rain. But you can hear it done in the background pocono I was talking about that. Yeah I had a radio helps our hope is that maybe he's Smart I think head out of her. Back to focus on tonight with Owens obviously it's been Mario is that maybe just got to get out of the -- yeah. So fill out what you look at it that ask him. Because I could see that beats sweet. That play that bubble screen with a lot of his highlights at Oregon State in the I know earlier what was -- -- we try to runner reversed that would Robert Meachem and -- an -- at eight that out. But I could see them. I don't know eat you practice and obviously that though when -- -- utilized in the game plan. You know that bubble screen obviously yep -- the skill -- that make -- Spurs defender miss then it's 89 yard gain or even more. -- just because of his speed. You know just to get outside in and beat the leverage but I think you know he's playing very confident right now you know I tell. That -- coach -- OTA tour. And with the limited amount of time that we were able to witness him his plate because he was in school finish -- -- That quarter you know -- that they have out at Oregon State but he looks like he's ready to roll. I think he looks at the film and evaluate the competition out but Raphael bush. And a 101 got the best them -- all all of a sudden. You don't eat turn to go right around the heat of the action go Robertson. The touchdown. So he made a great catch that first practice. Over the top from getting the ball. -- of 45 yard play that just jumped up to me to play on the ball and he said it was a great paso. He said the right thing but I think it was more of a great play a branding coach that throw by true reason that. That's top pros all the guys on him by the Hebert and Deke Bellavia with the get them out come back many more sports to come here on a Saints Sunday on Saints radio that we did yeah. Well he's explosive. It is early and you know he's made some plays and I think as the installation continues we're still what we typically do on the first two days because we are we'll go. The one installed first day. Second install and then we come right back today the woman's ball. So. They'll be a handful of things that we have to do that and and to get him touches. Whether it's. Through the passing game whether it's through and also bubble screens you know he's got some versatility so. He's picking things up the time he spent the offseason. It's kind of behind it but -- Help. And any Saints coach Sean Payton talking about wide receiver Brandon -- welcome back to Fort -- 260 point 7866889. You rate simply is the -- to be involved talk about the black and go practice -- Obama DeVito Buick dot com also pitches fields and so much more. As -- kind of got caught in the rain they've had some interesting pitches that takes Christie Garrett was able to. Take out phones and have a little fun with it -- you know this eight game Atlanta at them in the loving and have a good tan so. You know it got a little note to Eleanor rain -- it was -- now once they started raining cut of the seven degrees is about six if bat. When you see that in all parts. And in the same access that they repeat the majority of practice and they'll practice again tomorrow. With the a morning practice and a walk through they'll practice again on Tuesday with a morning practice and a walk through and they are scheduled to be off on Wednesday it will be their first day off. And get back in the practice Thursday Friday with the -- discriminate in the in the off in the game to game week about a week from now -- that is in anticipation of their first pre season game. Which will be a game it's the Saint Louis right sort my ticket to next now coming up with money if the Saints coach Tom they. Also could you Shayne Graham but taveras could -- Wellesley from -- we Robinson and so what's more a lot of sound -- to. On today's program -- more of today's practice breakout -- pros. Pokey guys and Bobby ate there aren't peak ability and I've concentrated from the green -- Excellent and Sammy and West Virginia the site of saint training camp 2004 team. Right here on a home of the black ago WW -- 70 AM FM 1053 and on the -- at UW real dot com.