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7-27-14 4:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie on Saints Training Camp - Hour 2

Jul 27, 2014|

Bobby, Deke, and Hokie report on Saints training camp in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk. A lot of sound to get to from over the week he's here he's back -- quarterback Luke McCown addressing the media. Losers do much more than five years. Yeah absolutely. This is my. Outside of Cleveland would you still guys here the next little I don't know the rookie this is my first school with a -- Whatsoever -- that I ever experienced what the hundred degree weather. And there's this this makes you feel like young man again he. -- and it's just. Change of scenery and and then what. Mr. justice in the Greenbrier in Medicare former Sammy is you can't ask for -- -- seven. You having been franchising awhile now and Brian Young guy it's been sort of walk us through that battle that. Competitive battle to. Well it's it's competitive and as competitive frame Andruzzi made the right to Logan and it's certainly not singled out for any. You know once but. But they great thing about it is. We've all been there you know I've. I had Kelly Holcomb Jeff Garcia in my rookie year and then. And Brian Griese and and just let -- more times in in Tampa and saw I had -- a long way you know come true. Lean heavily on the Doug Flutie early in his career so we've all been there and it's kind of hard -- Your veteran duty you know it's a pass on your understanding. To Ryan and the Logan helped them be better players why not up I wanted somebody do that for me. And it's old. They're asking for the same thing just an opportunity to get better and wanna help. Nobody evaluate. We'll look at the film your particular rare. No other they got held on the ball too long -- I'll do that clocking yeah. I should evaluate yourself look each played. It's hard decision making him how vision how -- we got to get better. Oh yeah absolutely hi -- chart every throw that I make and I Jordan completion. Decision. -- work. And then location of the ball even if it's complete -- there with the location the ball six inches so left. You know might help him well and listen to turn that way away from defenders and the like dead so. And I chart every throw and and take no song that. And because I think that's healthy Joseph do you have to be a reporter who's -- -- handled as far as a negative sack the quarterback. But as quarterback you watch it like Psycho boy you're would have been -- -- not exactly a really -- -- you know where Florida today. And back get OTAs -- -- -- distance for. Different types of throws we're making and just hasn't hasn't -- -- played it as if you're in the game so if there was a second guy and -- free -- you didn't count that. And so sometimes yeah. You know let's. What -- did yesterday with the bootlegs yeah -- here since no not a big deal sometimes those things happen. -- -- again if you -- still nothing -- It's cost me on the forefront of your mind. You're gonna do whatever you candidates of hasten that process whether because you're reader didn't do it set down -- you know didn't put out there real quick. Us so let's say look like club in your -- talk about how yesterday yeah I'll definitely give parents obviously you know what you guys have accomplished. I've kind of describe yellows kind of a poor man's Manning's record head to head and anytime you get the double digits though would you judge of -- right off. Yeah we down. Look kids there's no question that we've had a lot of God's given us a lot of grace we have throughout our careers we had ups and downs. Now -- on a lot of different scenes there are a lot of different systems but. Tom Harvick does give us. Around and backhand and the work ethic that was instilled by our parents kept us motivated. That to keep pushing and keep going -- enjoyed for so long has played plenty games. And it's also leave. The way we look at it is we had a beer and young guys like Logan and Ryan and we need to be around great players like Jay Cutler Drew Brees. And and how we can. Yeah maybe just leave little bit of our mark on on somebody some way ahead and and it's at the end of the day and makes. Drew more Logan Iran a better player. Then Massa does all our city the last eleven years I guess and -- house Louisville -- is an innocent exile. -- just go to Tampa Bay and it is great opportunity there and. Bryan Wright and they just pulled my -- Jersey I get it sorted itself. But the other was going to be a fun opportunity to have the one of the time. Back in 2000. Eight when he was in Carolina. And we got to play each other. Both sides they're still just a unique opportunity hated it doesn't come along and then you don't see it very often. But manage this club for our family and and we enjoy it really easy on the touchdown hazy. As motivated as I've seen him throughout his career and he's had. You know different than me he's head. Over forty or fifty some odd starts throughout his career. And sold us. Yeah you know he's had opportunities got -- coming go and I'd never seen him more focused and more ready for an opportunity as he is for this. And -- -- -- Saints quarterback back a quarterback in town -- guy who is. You know. I don't know if you eat the guy that you think you wanna go to a whole season with but got to -- something happens I think people how confident if he can go out there anything he could run the ball. -- That will that mean the main thing is that Sean -- thinks that he's capable of of doing that I mean I like the guy like the way that he handles himself with the press conference to -- you watch him out there practiced here a good -- great army doesn't have great scrambling ability. -- like that but when you have been the backup quarterback can play for a little while do you kind of earned respect -- teammates mean those guys believing they. You know they'll all say that you know that -- can make it where we need to go they know that -- -- the guy but. But yet -- -- is kind of stopgap measures that might be in the air for 45 ballgame yesterday in middle season -- season something like that. I mean he would have the full support of everybody on opposite player body on the team obviously Andy particularly. I mean I think today it went. That would -- back up quarterback has yet to be ready to go. At any moment. But yet he still has to have the following of the club and now think is any doubt that Luke -- has that he has that -- immediately to him talking down to earth guy. He probably -- today. But he doesn't get an opportunity you really talk right the course of the season so it. It but you know he knows that playbook and and and again I mean I think that would be like to play and I'd be I'd be quite confident -- -- -- -- be put in it for short term basis. Pokey with everything it it's gone on of course that the guys that they've been -- for quite happy that they would dispute last year. I would think. This from a from a mental standpoint. A lot of it he -- repetitive you know. A year rule in his meeting room like for us this morning I got back to hold -- -- is attractive to you it's easy easy easy. We gave -- made the difference for ages but you know if it's it's directed -- -- -- the routine your backpack it through Q you know you got to focus on it. But would only -- it just from a from a physical standpoint. I would think these guys physically the way to the you have to have been some mentally on that board anything a year ago. At the very least they don't feel -- strange because I hope you week county. Fifteen degrees that we did not talk about temperature we backed -- by eating it just fifteen degrees difference in if we took the -- -- They're having made it it's got a -- got a -- make a difference. I am now I'm playing at reading you know this if you'd walk up that hill. Who I mean the first deal that you have to go out there. It just did it down it in in south Louisiana I mean you would be so wet by the time you got halfway up the idea. And as a player it's it's the same thing I mean those guys look they -- tough. They know what's do what's in store but they do not enjoy going out there practice and and it's -- it is it's very difficult week. It because as -- if you walk out the door facility amicus it hit you right in the face and it would make a big difference it is being played outdoors. But you played in domed stadium right so you don't get that advantage to -- if anything you're the one worn down when you go in there so. I can see where. Hobbled players as saying yeah I feel a whole lot better you in your only accompanied today was the first state to your pads so there was no reason to be sore -- thing. The days prior to this because you were just out there in your helmet but you make that that. That first padded practice in south Louisiana and it takes so much out you'd guess from the inside idiom just completely during. The number of IVs that they had to you about them their players who's fallen now. On the field. It's been without question it is that this is a better environment. For the team to be entering training camp the way that they don't do it especially practice they're going to be up here for two and a half weeks and -- home. The tail -- of training camp but I could see while those guys are saying and that they feel. Better they don't feel as old as they are because -- that just you with the weather in the conditions -- dragging you down. Yeah Bobby. What about the you know on them all the right. On -- -- He has not so physically during the idea that the pain. While the same thing. You know I just from a personal experience in. And look at what occurred when I played him lime if vs Q positions that obviously. That I hit the quarterback you practice. You know it is being in Hammond Louisiana vs lacrosse Wisconsin. It's a matter of one practice. Number of times going from like 260 pounds to 201. In a matter -- about two and a half hours. Vs though when you have -- lacrosse Wisconsin. Eagle -- to sixteen at that by 212 maybe lose. You know three -- four -- of practice yet coaches. And in we. Jim Mora the big name was Mancow. Because I've never seen -- guys so. Hyperactive bar. Are winnable with his condition with. We always joke and everything like for a shower of the day. He'd go before practice to put the ball -- himself. What he was go to like -- and nine pounds. So you look at those adverse situations but the difference. You look at today's football compared to in the past. With that reaches that are the regular reason why you had two days. With -- good players good shape. Because what you're doing and all season I think you're always you know home. We because you know the money involved he might have had offseason job. Or even. College you had a summer job and you weren't trading with the team gear -- you look at -- and now you go to summer school whatever. Your training. You're riled so you got the training -- rating -- So be counterproductive even practice. -- one. Part practicing his beat yourself because. You should be stormy -- to see some -- obviously when you put on the pads. Because you're hitting. But as for your muscle conditioning. The way the train year round and you you ready to roll from day one they don't ease into it. That's four what they expect to use you do spores. Usually your Carty you conditioning. You know that they think you're ready bear. Now that Cubs -- the play. You know Q we talked and joked about this would -- brought. Made the statement I think it's changed so wide and then I've heard Zach -- -- number alignment now because they hit. All the time with that put the pads that. You never feel this good again. It -- like apt that a twelfth after the through rubles because what you start hitting. Truly. Because the number of days involved you don't truly get back to a 100%. Scores that aspect but it. No right now they are doing the right thing when you look at the -- it's -- The only concussions. And I think it's not only when you look at what occurs in actual football game. But what are you doing -- the out of practices -- of banging your head. And down in a lot of times that's pretty much -- -- in the trenches. The court can attest that that. And I'm sure when. You're going to get that nose tackle him and you -- Kamal the ball and even though you stayed high. You know trying to cut one another. As for taking your legs out from a beneath the if you feel banged heads in. And Dallas -- -- -- even knows the lead blocker we talked about is back on backer of the full black. Our running back going against a linebacker. You know as a lot of Eagles evolving and you don't wanna get embarrassed so you gotta bring it to you you basically hit they hit us. -- contacted on to have a bye after awhile it starts to Wear on you and what I like and this thing it much thought -- it was day before yesterday rough and -- because it's that -- -- the monotony of everything training camp and made it. But it's what you gotta do you rate -- -- But for anybody that you know that says it practices on out there. It's not really -- they gave their opponent on that game as you know the only thing on everything else is is work. But. I think training camp is. Because of the way that it -- it up now that he is -- -- -- on -- you probably don't have as much to complain about but yet. Like fascinated to go out there and start to hit but would you pot in his right brigade guy's got a locker right across it. And you got to see every day anyway and they needed just can't get it close and personally and -- legion. After a while it did the newness wears off like man. The same time wanna play a game. The other great game aren't as pricey as a favorite of all he had noticed about a lot like you know might happen next year -- will be here this or three years of not or. The Redskins look on the down the Steelers. That -- get the double that of someone else. Is that -- that's always an added it's and a vote. Because you know you humorous show that you are better than your opponent. So I could see the Saints doing now speculating here. But I could see the statement when they did against -- in the Houston Texans. Will wind out the Houston Texas gave airline highway. And they have policy like you know basically two and a half days of practice -- about five practices. It it we also went out there reliant you know Houston you and their facilities like -- see them. A could approximate dollar. One training camp that is close. That beat the Carolina Panthers that that they NFC south. Now I don't see them having those kind of sessions. Against them because you are ready playing them twice. And -- you know you film every tip -- yet you film everything that you look individual talent and you might get that kind of -- -- attack with certain. Individual could gavel this film on him. But you know the feel of -- in the AFC. And Redskins. And it sees so I can feed him. Conducting practices. Against a team like the Steelers. Are the Redskins at the next couple years or even. The Patriots. Because the relationship there's a -- has a coach Belichick. It has been candidate to Latvia today -- -- can't vote Monday Morning Quarterback it's part of the most follow. Column on line column on in sports today Peter Keane was in town and leader Tennessee is that you not all get out as much as I used to -- -- -- -- -- it's also done he would at least -- 44 I don't know thirty to 32 teams he has already visited including the Baltimore Ravens the Philadelphia Eagles the Buffalo behoove the New York Times today the New Orleans Saints. He -- go to Carolina tomorrow MR he says he would take he's -- 44 of the 32 teams in training camps and that's that's because -- -- is that we're about it in the -- -- of the games throughout the season. Well. I appreciate Peter King deputy king is big time. He you know you look at you are you know in the northeast though the Eagles you know go 88 at night part of the -- nation yet but -- that went -- -- called the win from these -- yeah no because you know that you respect hue and you know the conversation you you talked a man to man. -- -- have Monday Morning Quarterback when he goes there and holly riveted those Sports Illustrated he's got all of the media version of John Madden. Because he has his own like motor home and Andy gone under training camp to -- got his name and -- -- but you could talked of and he wants to listen to find out about each individual team because they -- about that you look at rosters. And going camp the camp. We got to the a lot of notes. They'll probably player player that you particularly like talking about. The one thing I appreciated by Peter king of a post-Katrina. He got season tickets starting from 2006. This before that and the Saints would be NFC championship against the Bears he was on that bag away bandwagon. Wondering you are to come back. There's not movements they -- right there. In the Big Easy night bonus and it's not anywhere so Peter -- been a big fan. The Saints and those Saints fans appreciate that always respect don't always agree. But most of the times I agree you its opinion and -- covered from but. If you -- were talking about what's going around. The National Football League. From a broad perspective. Of Peter -- about it as good as the -- He is Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia alone our resident pro -- -- Coming up next we will -- -- to hear from what future hall of fame with Champ -- practicing today. To the media we're knee deep into saint training camp. Wrapping up the Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday this -- right in on Monday Tuesday before taking is scheduled day off. That comes up on Wednesday Saints camp have a -- from Slammin' Sammy at the Greenbrier and West Virginia on -- radio WW. And welcome back the sport saw what our resident pro hockey guys and Bobby -- there I've Deke Bellavia. Well he has a future hall of fame the National Football League commitment with the -- sit there all I've -- that this is plate on the field here is -- maybe address the media for the first time during training him. Like -- it's that it threw itself there are kind of coming and where you. Yeah I think every player plus get out and compete it's a good game isn't what they can. Improve you know is. Did he tell you is this all about finding yourself in the game and being comfortable what you do. Then you may be involved in the play today you can push and it could and -- back. You know how rewarding was that good all the years you've played -- like you pretty fired up until well do you know I didn't. -- that kind of figure personally just the -- face you know also. Each -- -- for me I'm not gonna hurt him I don't know why did that but. So does that make -- play zone and also best -- is get the ball from. And bush said did not expect that from out of zip coming bubbles on the balls back in my face again so it's not just got my head of the college and then got a turnover. When you're such that he's a veteran guy didn't. Okay and a lot of people they are Italian -- -- is meant to him. He was gonna take offense that -- -- package back so it how the cookie you know get a starting job I don't really. Hear about what anybody says does not look it doesn't bother me whatsoever. And I will be a mentor a lot of these guys and that's a fact but. I'm definitely afford just -- it's -- matter -- -- -- there -- spot on the roster as well so. God do what I can't help -- -- also -- independent you know when this job but we feel very very new with -- defense and we didn't. I feel great you know I feel good left -- still better you know everything else is you know this place just OT there was. There's really look at it another ten years through injury usually just. You know. Quarterbacks at different positions so I can't really speak I don't know what he goes through it exactly how his body feels. But he looks like he's a young player looks like even just -- so. If you feel that way probably good and probably good that it's. You've been helping me. Tonight what would -- did everything. I'm glad that the -- so specifically you know just anything you ask me about. Over the reward good you know we're just of these little things like that all the things that make a difference between a good score and a great. I just -- have to just let -- that would make you. Ball hawking everything that player. -- you one thing about corner is. You have the -- take this and then he battled tough and it's a great especially for me did they -- well. I have to -- Soledad and did you learn that as elsewhere it'll help you throughout your career. Good chance figured it'd take me just bring it down obvious that this situation. You know go to be the weakest link to sports and cover -- eleven. Guarding the slot receiver vs being on the edges and almost bigger -- -- we have an extra defender with a -- Vs when -- in the slot receivers birthday we'll we'll get. Cover well it depends on the call you know a very smooth because Logan a lot of balls well this slot receivers he's got to be held up the money you sound like a lot back. Or because -- -- sometimes you know. You know be an outside. I mean there's nothing easy about an outside so having allowed grew -- still think that it stated play and outside is probably the hardest job in this in this game. Am happy that he's future hall of fame -- -- -- -- able. Just well. He as a player coach. And I talked about that and they won. You know -- a look back in my notes in. How they're doing specialties are -- that putting. Champ Bailey are two errors or did they learn about with a you do defense that would be an -- -- no punt coverage kickoff coverage. And they wanted to be at the highest level on the defense unit. Now if you look at the years in. Ten more seasons. The jitters bird Keenan Lewis they've writer Ronald Theo well. You know that the roster. Six years. And so when you look at they respect the experience. And I think you know that goes a long way ago when you look at it. A Champ Bailey beat that to be exact you -- sixteen years a Keyon Lewis accusers. You know Jerry is -- -- this that they they want that they hope kicking game. The 1516 years -- for sure double digits though I seen them in a special teams drill. Simply talking about some Butler run technique. That champ Bailey. It's like almost like wax on wax off. You know almost like the goal mentor. The educating the students. You know while a simple thing about the open run and how receivers trying to dictate. What he wants to do where you've got to almost force him to do what you wanted to do -- sports is it technique when he can and him. Sliding your feet rather -- cross him over that went on up within minutes plus so I think when all's said and done. Champ Bailey. Alongside Ian knows that I cannot picture scenario. If he is healthy. That Champ Bailey is not in the top four. Cornerbacks you know and it had a situation -- different scenario when the going nickel. Or you going a dime five DBs. A -- sixty -- you know dime coverage. That whether he's on the slot receivers on the outside. But if he's not the number two guy. That I think for sure when all's said and done. That -- the three or four guys -- you look at besides cumulative we speculate. You got Champ Bailey got -- -- that you -- Corey white. Somebody might come out of nowhere depending what they do in the pre season. But Casey -- scenario if he's healthy. Champ -- -- being in that number. That is the case McCain him by the gave fellow -- yards I'd -- we have a lot of sound like you to -- coming appeared in just a few moments. Who voting for more players and coaches that blow when you would -- coach -- Pete Agassi here in just the people with the Saints continue practicing appear at the queen's for our. And it's. -- campaign team youth and also there's been -- -- Was kicker Shayne Graham and long career and I had a good post season -- -- -- black and go to her coach facing one of -- very early isn't difficult to atypical. Conditions to kick it in Seattle but all -- all he thought he'd wail and seeing Graham you addressed the media today. Now that. Here. Well I think you know. Hello from a small town we never really expect something like that and I don't think anyone ever would have expect a little training camp will be and West Virginia anyways there's there's no franchises here. But I'm. Yeah you can't ask them that opportunity being your surroundings and the scenery here is what I grew up with the slow life and the guys on the team really appreciated too because they're not used to seeing this kind of place so. For me it's nice to be home but it's good to see the other guys appreciated to anybody in your brain about what. I'm there was a lot of say yeah I mean Al and NL seem to think that you know so far up in the mountains -- -- doesn't get hi -- You know so I know -- so it's warm here but it's just not quite going to be the New Orleans humidity and you know you don't want guys thinking gets hot they have to realize that in New Orleans. 85 degrees is really a good day so it's it's been beautiful here and even today the rain I think it feels awesome privilege. Through six -- play another ten years. Series -- What about every week realistically you went after. Well you see a guy that you know. And bread rolls -- is really not very old and NFL terms you know how when -- both there are pretty old according to NFL so. You see a guy like Galloway words and the way he performs. You don't seem slowing down and the work ethic that he has and really. Any guys that -- -- getting up Benes have to work harder because they can't keep up with 218 year olds despite the natural you know ability so. See -- work there's no reason to believe he didn't do it. You noted that in the big twelve. We originally have that dream as a kid to do something and when you start mature and realizing. What that -- takes to get there. You don't set a timeline you just say I get there and do well and then when you get here then you start thinking. I want to do this is -- as I can do it so how has now. I see myself doing it until over forty but you know we'll see how that plays out. They're -- can end your career average right around 85%. That's what the best. It -- history. But then when you look at it I guess you labelled a completely different team but it's just maybe it might be really -- system -- would be good like seven different teams. Considering we have such a. Just playing for several different teams doesn't make -- consistent and makes the job opportunities inconsistent so. When you play for a team where your fill in for an injury -- that injuries healed. Decide to go and -- -- back that business so I mean good play wasn't good enough because a lot of those teams you don't even mess with the -- -- you know that their starter it's fair for helmet come back and get the job so. Doesn't necessarily mean that team didn't want you anymore just make your opportunity was was what it was you knew it was going to be and -- move on. You know what part. Fit well. Except for a handful of people you got to imagine that saw everyone in the NFL players because you've got to compete at a high level of competition is the best in the world. So you've always got to come out compete against yourself above all and then you've got to do better than your competition. What they did a little bit and we're ready to build okay here competing. One job rather that might be you know that the bag again it might be back to back up. Bullpen for my job it's a competition but it's really not against anyone that's against myself and even Derek thinks the same way he knows that -- I don't go head to head. We perform our best and really that's all we can control. So outside of that it's just a matter of giving your best performance. Kicker Shayne Graham clapping when you -- always -- that careers in the National Football League almost 85% or team Hussein looking and Bobby you look at -- he's -- -- over the course Korea it is phenomenal indicated broken down here. A field goal so obviously from the year in nineteen you know it's by -- career. He's 8286. If you needs and this disinterested and if opposite point point you know. He's over if -- -- third -- -- North -- -- 88 point 40 with anything you think it. But -- -- bowl game you know they communicate well for the -- -- message that we in the vehicle while the Seahawks that there when they can hear it but I think it it hit as good -- -- is very difficult a situation and you made those -- statement that we're different but. He obviously didn't help but to not only beat that team but he's become a Yankee again accomplishment and he wants got to be beat out. Is there any common. When you look at it in theory always 'cause you always look not only this season. As is the ability. You look to a three seasons ahead. Now look follow along more and with a cake so. It's not necessarily. -- that he's here one year but he's there ready. You know fifteen year veteran out of Virginia -- this is his own territory area the weather conditions. And you elaborated on the ice from Dublin Virginia. You looked at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. So he. Told number of players with the expect as far as practice and the conditions how the weather can change has -- you but the mile and -- front coming through it. Pete it's wide open he can be -- -- this year and not I think is going to be based on production. Both kickers they've had to do go to drove the -- the case. It is all thirty Iraq thirty party are isn't it was Derek didn't keep him in other -- and indeed -- -- -- back in you know accuracy as that moment with friends but that was painfully in with that success but you know. You know before the yes. Al Reyes that the club playoff record full full full at the right game went down restricted. For the yup you know we you know those -- will be like when poking him again it was -- most all right there -- -- -- -- -- little -- but you know keeping the -- -- -- it would have -- He -- today going forward. It didn't matter which Ingram did against this field is gonna be what he's done. What are we department lately will we see an all time record follower. That's -- Sean Payton. And you know is gonna evaluate him. And you look at Derek and he solid leg one year guy another guy from the fighting Illini. It's things like you know if Pierre Thomas -- -- political boss the last year when you have free agent. This New Orleans Saints. Probably not all the Big Ten schools beginning element be the ones at the Bulls it most of the most opportunities -- -- -- -- given the players. And so when you look at it. And it's amazing. Because -- than that era how old you are but wary that. Like prince's Derek did he was born in in 1990. And that you -- -- Graham was born in 1977. Yeah so that you think oh OK if it -- he's gonna win this job. You wanted to be definitely around 85% mark he had been written anyway yes yes that it you know boxing analogy ankle a little school or -- out -- win by knockout right let let everything you know Derek MP you don't feel like he's competing -- Grammy -- he's competing. You're trying to be one of 321 at third he's all of a sudden. -- yet he does awesome seeing Graham does awesome in this well. -- -- -- with veteran I don't know how they gonna pick accused is -- another -- might they would shoot. What -- did he or even -- Graham especially young guy like that he's been and -- kicker and you get an opportunity it's all about opportunity. And it is taking advantage. He is the -- he can't by the apparent because of the alone -- because -- pro hockey guys and we are looking to do with Saints camp over here. A level in abuse it -- on WW. You know players like -- What's -- like -- like. So many others. It's just. When you look at my eight years indoors you know so many of those years. We are -- -- -- LaMarcus. Marques Colston Devery Henderson Lance Moore Robert Meachem right because of the Forsberg. For seven years and and now obvious to those -- work on it and now you've got these young guys that are here take their place so you just you know there's that. There's that period of time where does rejuvenate -- that you incited -- to work every day. To work with these guys -- You know try to build that same trust and just yesterday. -- -- -- about -- system where we're trying to take this offense so. That's the fun part of it. Drew Brees talked about the excitement of -- you know but it needed position breakdown is -- they have respect the bounced the ball on -- -- -- -- On three. Of the better receivers and all of the frogs I thought that's the thing and they will be useful and will only help -- somewhere. And you know the things that -- similar games. These is that is that Eaton this is the end of this it is a magnetic that it would have been a lot of competition as it gets out right now at the dispute with. Is that who grew. Well if you look at it that's intriguing. When you look at every position group whose gonna make the team and hell. We have a total roster spots and well when all's said and done how many receivers do you keep that. -- what's actually opened the competition. Based on. What it did last year and obviously. Look at it if you can with -- and contribute more physical than. Achilles -- Brandon -- -- I three right in now. I think the tip toed -- and keep five receivers vs six. So who's been oh win that fourth that fifth spot that you got to stay on the surface. That you got Joseph Morgan. Dictated Robert Meachem. Now you look a becoming receivers. -- eyewitness -- force -- -- -- -- if -- -- make the -- that the practice like -- -- -- excellent snatch him up Brandon Coleman the big six with six -- lot of Rutgers he's getting better. We don't know about Andy Kendrick -- Hawkins. In his speed up from seldom throws a lot of competition but you look at the Saints and their history typically they keep five receivers on the roster. Now an exception if you look at other thing too structured was made for Courtney Roby. Who listed as a wide receiver with primarily played exclusively on special teams he was almost like emergency receiver. But not so much even as the return game if you look at the stats and numbers. Courtney -- with either one or two in tackles with his kickoff coverage punt coverage. But I don't see no scenario any kind of receiver on that level. To be kept the team because his contribution to -- those special teams that being six receivers valued at the last season. They carry five receivers. But usually activated only four and game day. Which usually left they -- -- as the odd man out and particularly at the struggling that game against the New York Jets and a guy and I know you wanted to do good is that an all pro receiver but the Jets. Al -- instilled that to be discouraged him but he looks like he's put that behind him it really bounce back. What he'd done it done and OTA's and mini camps in obviously in his first. You prices -- you look collected a season right now. Like instead Colston building -- The rookie. Three of those roster spots are locked in the you know that is it to me that too active roster spot eight wide receivers. For a home. That is the critical the tight develop receivers of horrible -- still. A practice squad eligible now you look at the progress like we talked about that. For those extra spot that Robert Meachem his experience. That Joseph Morgan coming back up from his entry. And NIC Q. So if you look at Morgan. And me to me it doesn't seem like government authorities the out that it is affected him. In now with you that you don't want to get all the -- Whitney -- Being a third year receiver not his desk over the plate he can keep their progression that development. That age that's covenant. Is a factor. And accusatory five -- Joseph Morgan's Tony sixth. They would seem like more likely choice choices over Robert Meachem was 29. A year as an agent. And I guess at that cousin that plays so I think that right now we're rat. Built to fighting the three realistically. The three spot and as someone that is unbelievable. The made like -- Octavia Jones Brandon Coleman. Come at a pre season game when outlook right now coming out the gate. Now it is the start and now with the -- you finished. You know his training camp -- right now. I'd have to give two. And he -- -- Although Robert Meachem. And mark in that legacy and I think out of that group beginning keep 213. That is the case again about -- so the guys on the going to be able -- fate how will go Saints can't go to hear from Sean -- at street. And what's more most arm you'll keep if you did take it in recapping today's practice. All while All Saints camp carpet -- -- battled and what it's simple. Go to Debbie Debbie did you doubt that you -- UAL Markoff.