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7-27-14 5:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints Training Camp - Hour 3

Jul 27, 2014|

Bobby, Deke and Hokie report on Saints training camp in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It could even go to the final out of this the first weekend of -- -- -- 2014. If we -- up at the first week in its thorn tomorrow with or practices. Practice tomorrow morning and Tuesday pointed us to get a hypocrite they all. All of a Wednesday and you know who he would say it's up with the violence Zach -- spoke to the media earlier this week and also the pace. Thought saint coach on pace after wrapping up the first three practices has always had them the game all the 504260170. 03866889087. -- passed out. On recapping the day's practices as well but keep the game and then as we can -- it a week he -- kind of -- around -- National Football League it's interesting things. Taking police obviously you know with thought and now all of them division and one of the things that going on right now that we became one of the -- The peninsula and the National Football League great party and of course that he hit some off field issues and not reading on line -- interesting piece right there. And he says that he hates being a distraction for he's -- Obviously he is a distraction. Yeah because that that that's the guided dominant. You know. Mean if he doesn't get a sack or he's not a close to the quarterback -- kind of shocked to -- he knew the -- -- -- so yes I mean he's like cam Jordan he's up there ten or eleven or twelve sacks so. -- -- normally have to deal with you look along also in the NFC south. Thought that this was critical in. You know you got to have luck and entries you know we lost at the Butler over the Falcons. That they lost linebacker Sean Weatherspoon for the season. Kind of the same time frame is that the Butler he tore his Achilles in June. -- the -- to win out and sign pat anger or proper announced that it right he's a forma. You know called starter at that depth and experience. Four Atlanta into the second round pick with the Colts in 2010 he's made nine starts. In 2013. -- near 63 times and interception. But yet finished last season on injured reserve with a knee injury. He made only three starts in 2012 because they'll put it abusers of players. That he's available and healthy he's been legit starter. Of the he's been having it below wood at number of injuries. And now along those lines of looking -- NFL news we are kind of in I guess. Maybe a little more you look Mercury in Redskins country via. You know depending who you who you speak to. A considering the proximity where we had -- that the West Virginia. -- -- closer -- Virginia book but a lot of steeler fans not necessarily Pittsburgh fans that they did not like. The Pitt Panthers. When you cause we talk about the bracket the backyard brawl between them West Virginia but they like the Steelers and obviously like Louisiana people like -- feel for the tradition. And then being a winning program of looking at the Redskins human -- at I don't instant. And you don't RG three. You look he's coming into camp and -- look at that that dreadful sophomore slump that he had a silly because of the knee injury. Of the -- did against them kind of camaraderie. For the team. And he and he said this that called for him it's called -- again. Ending game. He wore a white and black if the in the cities it's called -- -- being a white and black. Working together. We on the all The Who dat nation at the Matty is game color are you background. It's all about coming together when he says it's called the yin and Yang to wide invite working together we're all Brothers. We're doing it together now what was he -- talking about what kind of statement that he may well. He wore a black -- And a black -- on his right leg. At a YQ. In a white sock on his left leg. During the latter part of practice though last week. And that's where he got the yin Yang. Black and white people working together. Because we're all Brothers and now we're gonna do this thing together at turning. The Redskins around now also in use. And out because that is a winning organization. And what they've establish pat bowl. I missed the bowl and they they'll owner. The Denver Broncos. You commit their press conference this past week. He's dealing with Alzheimer. That disease the -- Jim. And John Elway in his press -- -- kind of broke down because. Would miss the bullets meant to him. And that partnership. Pal eagle was greeted Sean Payton and John always that this place. -- will never be the same. Not you look at John Elway played -- -- the bullet from 1984 to 98. They would -- who doubles together and after the first title. Missed the ball and shot John Elway when he handed him the Lombardi trophy. With the words are remember what this -- -- -- talent. Dealing with the Benton. You know pick it up the trophy it's against the -- that you drew. So -- so meetings yes. I let that get there and about the candidate though they got crushed and kind of hit -- -- like Broxton threw what was it 23 point parting note that -- him they like 78 in a row at the -- all know that the Broncos that previously got embarrassed and is doable Bradley -- -- -- -- it with -- -- -- -- like about with the -- about it now I. We talk about -- put it in the correct it now be you know. Where certain things that political correct but during that time we'll championship week here which is -- it -- -- They always had infield Theo -- recently. Right you go back in Europe in 87. AFC championship game. That dropped. Was considered it and it is that there were Rocco it was damp feel it in the ground you know and went on base in -- -- game loss to the Giants. In the latter part of it gain. All of the Denver Broncos. At boat and you stand it all the -- opium though Cleveland State you know fools in. You should look -- got a guy you don't you know Michael seat yet nowadays they got we figured -- got to be fit -- overlap out he's been August. If -- -- -- notes that would've fooled in suits your local well gamblers is going to be you know you do that with the it. Well at this value at tackle and thinks that John Elway. And you look at almost like passing the torch and the trust within the organization. When he when he finally won this Ruble and he held them Warrick over he said this of the giant. That you look at the progression of that and the Broncos a look at -- and John Elway to Miami don't look at that and accept them arena well you look at 2011. Pat Poland he addressed the John Elway with the football operations. A that they were Bronco you look. Whatever department lately which John Elway has been able to do isn't as an administrator. The Broncos have won the AFC west that he didn't three seasons -- Obviously on the last -- what happened. Everything it's it's personable that Elway retired. And it kind of like deja Vu all the Seattle Seahawks make Peyton Manning and the Broncos but. If you look at what -- said my job with the run the football outside that we pat Poland. Wanted to be run of being around him for thirty years. I know what he wants. So when you look at it at the bottom line is John Elway. Even though comfortable and is dealing with alzheimer's and dementia that he knows how -- bowl with a run things in a very emotional. -- week last week the John Elway in the Bronco fans and an owner pat Poland. Now peca if you look at it. And with Anderson and you look at his day and age. What happened in New York that being in New York Jets. That it just shows you. With the Internet and you know look at everything being a global society in. Trying to basically -- paperless. When I mean that. You know how technology continues to grow like the Jets are eliminating a paper. With their season tickets. And now like you have a -- season -- in -- -- York Jets are -- are doing away with paper ticket. For this season ticket holders while offering -- and rewards plan for showing up regularly and behaving properly. There's always tell you Jets fans that wanted to worth a lot different in that. The Giants fan base how they basically dog 'cause the players of extra. Late one year old men. You know hanging out and it the united prison -- think it should be -- they how they. -- you still. The ticket holders you know they have with the driver reward plant the showing up a consistently because the -- -- -- spirit is so good watching TV. And how to get up and he's in his seat especially. Maybe -- team in the teeth out of an up to expectations -- they have -- planet usual regularly. -- you behave properly you look at the high in a reward to include approval a -- third trip. A road game with the Jets on the team plane. Also while creating a simplified way to get the MetLife stadium for the -- religious schools with -- suitable now. The pro who would also provide incentives for -- didn't -- it goes to keep coming. With bonus points accumulating throughout the season. Now what the fan has been the seven of the ten home games the reward of point lead groups within any -- did not the first one. To do that -- Jets eliminating paper on their season tickets at Denver Broncos. And Kansas City Chiefs are -- have gone paperless. Access -- patrol's system so they can't do that nation eventually not only that they -- a Broncos Kansas City Chiefs and Jets. Eliminate paper I think all 32 teams will I don't know when that's gonna come to New Orleans. But you can you can keep the future technology talent progress and -- -- -- and -- But you know you kind of Eli cabinet -- in hand the you know -- that they. There let him in the paper you know read it right right all. I don't know will be some caller. Credit partner -- -- and it just take it now as of recently you know if you go to the with so somebody. I've been about you after this. You know you go to the way we go with your regular guys and it goes against you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know some bogus figure out those dealing with that with the scalpers in. That a real particular night I think -- think like that would help if you eliminated. That the particular why you talk about New York is interesting -- when we end. Training camp would -- -- where at in that battery. Now if you today's -- -- a variety in in worldwide at the UNC state but nobody that we both got caught off. Piece of paper out I got here -- me in the hole in this team he saw the statement about a week now. You move the feet on the bookmobile they would not you know how good defense with -- -- but. Vehicle on that was all -- out there it's. Tough to deal with that thing right up Buffalo it's been excited about. But they were talking about they -- now. But event in thank you expected. And walk year you know I am who look for and note that although it is that they don't have a -- -- anything I thought he's used grant in it would. -- -- -- -- And wac where it went in any children of America has good for us would have happened but they say -- -- different about him not -- -- -- While that there was Sammy Watkins and our branding coach is his size yeah I mean Sammy Watkins though I don't know if this thing in common. Look at this 30 what they've accomplished that Calvin Johnson -- -- job with that -- Larry FitzGerald. While how can Matthew Stafford and shame on you you don't. You know have success and Calvin Johnson with the same thing we EJ Manuel. And -- and opportunities gonna have a vocal I don't necessarily think he's and to put a Buffalo Bills when you have those kind of weapons. You would think you have success and at the speaking of weapons and I think -- -- I talked about this well deserving. A Jamaal Charles. The running back and Kansas City Chiefs. We all know what he's done throughout his career and and then the keystone state -- of said the Saints in the superdome but it -- 929394. Yard run. Whatever might be but with unbelievably well explosive. What he's done year in your route not to duplicate. Jamaal Charles got a new contract and a and you look at his raise them. Accommodation with 303 point nine million in raised to eight point three million in 2000 fourteen. And that includes eighteen point one million new money. So that I think Jamaal Charles deserves that he 47 years -- -- You know notre about it that HO 3031 that more. You know he's he's not close today yet -- 27 years of age. Has two had three years and nine point 9/11 result deal. But he's now signed through 2017. And he's due a twenty million total that makes him you look the Minnesota vikings' Adrian Peterson is only running back. That earned more and it's all the 2014. Adrian Peterson is still. At twelve million. And that Jamaal Charles though will be now at eight point three million you -- stealing -- campaign. And that much money but I think -- bedecked running back Q you have to be pleased. Would Jamaal Charles and agent Peterson being rewarded because they have been. That consistent you look tells me three million last season and look at his production. He had 1980. Yards from scrimmage. A right on the 2000. And he scored nineteen touchdowns and this is one. Is that the meter speaks for itself and it was the first time that it's ever happen in NFL history. Jamaal Charles on his first 1000. In FL carries that 1000. Parents in high school or University of Texas. Whatever it is is NFL carries after his first 1000 NFL carries he's averaging five. Point five yards a carry and four yards -- -- is getting it done and you think four and a half that at a high level. Five and a half hole grow when I look at that when I seen that per thousand NFL carries. Five point five yards but you need to reward a guy like emotional. Yet handed hitters all the -- -- he's getting the ball and happened yet and Bobby that does that make sure that they're ready and that's not my point. I've yards per touch. Mil per carry running you know that I don't know that's running the football right exactly yet so I mean that's phenomenal average right there and and -- is what you get stronger and it at a young -- Yet 47 years of age and that's the Chiefs have -- you don't because they paid him the next two years like he still has a lot left in the tank. And I guess said a well deserved row right behind Adrian Peterson. 2601878668. You hates him he's but he called he -- a veteran for the New Orleans Saints here in the class of 2006. Since it. He's been a staple on the -- -- the line or they contract. And of course he -- the -- coming off season as a pro right. Think -- that's exactly spoke to the media this week he would talk about the training camp. Up here at the Greenbrier in west but it. It's a little different than tiger hurt your game six Jackson makes it clear Tuesday after -- say it's a lot different. You know it's a that's a different settings beautiful -- the weather obviously is another big. The big difference than that I think honestly -- reflect on the field and thank. And then soils -- Sharapova first practices we've ever had mom was -- is just have a slow season goes on. Thank you -- you know. A lot of normal. -- Jackson. You know I think again. But this so I'll probably welcome. On the back room where to start out here in the. The phrase keeps coming out starter from the bottom now we're here. Not come up a bunch. Yeah look up first year well documented the first couple years and not some really tough. Talk for a lot of reasons and I think there was a 45 got turnover from the year before every position was up for grabs. And then obviously it. You know as much we appreciate the hospitality Millsap is ninety degrees with the I don't know what heat index and those tough and brutal come the -- and I there's things that are good out of that I think we learned a lot about the team and obviously jump started. None of those things you know program here with that then yeah this team a little better established. And I think just generally allow us to fine tune mentally. What we're doing scheme wise really understand it because no matter how good a shape you're in when the heat index is one tennis -- thinking. You know and and that's the end of the day we don't necessarily playing them. You know -- knows very usual habit -- but the setting per game. So I think this is gonna serve us really well in terms of keeping guys healthy. In the long run for the season mom and certainly I think mentally we're going season about a place -- got him here. I can't say I think it's certainly more excitement that I can remember. I'm all around I mean I think. I think we feel really good about the team you know the guys that are here. Complete continuity from here before and the coaching staff there's no changes for anybody but certainly from a defensive standpoint those guys that's a welcome bill you know to have some. Some continuity over there. And obviously I just say we started mentally. You know kind of ahead of the game and then we're coming to this beautiful facility and and really has offices -- mr. justice and everyone here. What they've done here in ninety days is remarkable -- anyone that's ever try to build a house. You know to me so imagine building a 50000 square foot one. With the I don't know about a few 100000 yards and escalating to do to put an end pretty incredible to do -- three months so -- up to them you guys don't. Period. Got off the plane hit it very -- and negative guy who recovered the -- -- -- Yeah I mean I think you'll a lot of guys on notice right now with the with the playoffs. Check in what kind of water -- -- -- -- -- practice goes nine under constant practice very hard to replace that and and a dad you know really doesn't mean. Your during into faster replace -- talent. At the end of that the end of -- week that builds up in mid foot square on your muscles and you see a lot more issues -- and that kind of stuff. Come and and you know when you're -- hydrated that practice hurts that much more mean there's not much more there -- your -- and again this is this the marathon. Come you know we're gonna work hard here and and I know -- into a -- just you more than usual because of the weather you know I mean. We don't win usually run it quite that much after a north practice -- you couple lesson yet. I know he's gonna have been up to get to work in Pena. The -- of your body is not going to be as extreme I think it's gonna serve us well plus -- you know kind of work drags on. Then again. As good as he wants to and I honestly I mean from -- -- Off the charts. Mean just did he actually looks strange on tape. He's so much faster than what you're used to. You know as a lot of suspense truly impressive. What's great about Toronto is he's really humble and quiet. He works you know he wants to be good out it works out and listens and takes advice and you know this business. I was a little it's. When you don't tables and a lot of it's. Yeah I need to -- like that that's -- yeah. It's not it's always good running good yeah. Yeah please feel good that it doesn't take the. -- it -- the other Toronto. Let him get back home and this is a haphazard and -- the yeah I'm not -- honestly he can be he could be a great player and I know a lot of it's going to be up to how hard he works and I think if he stays on the top pitching usually is doing. I'll be good player for a long long time. Saints Alfredsson sixth street obvious course lately outing is described it ought India no whoa whoa this would be used as -- as an aerial -- Caldwell with the way it is that would be -- that advocates and what is the man -- -- where the players who is on the Sox that vanity and somebody that media. And now what happens if it's always -- little breeze -- us that there isn't it the extra well background. -- that. That hit me but when the wind blowing so it's only like -- what people Coco somebody. -- -- -- -- Don't know nobody get hurt there in advance -- -- opinion that one point -- Felt like teamwork but what's that street Bobby yeah you know you've you have to look at you know. Where he's at -- right now and he's there right now. I think imitate it is that that no homer. A local perspective this have a national perspective -- that gap but it's been a number of occasions this for a few years but I think he is April he was -- go to about. Of being eligible it was 64 Edmonton now out yet it might have. Third tied into it doesn't go Hokies at Verizon Aaron yeah he was like -- whenever it I mean you know. Treatment Saints. But when he was negotiating his contract for appears elegantly that was eligible receiver yet elegant looking and that's not a I mean -- -- tackle right now. He had -- and boy look at out Ortiz gauntlet seven -- yeah epic. Yeah and now how he's -- around the nation whoop -- the NFL and why is that not being hold it is what they think in. And actually a number of publications that if you look all the offensive lineman. And you look at the top titles in the lead. He's top ten. Our top one so you figure they look at everyone's right that is his right and left tackle Mike is right tackle they got Zach -- Among the best it's a publication. The mom I -- top ten and all of mob scene and the at least top twenties he -- 32 times too. You dealing with 64 tackles but they have many weary team topped it topped one. As of right now and that kind of speaks for itself to so yup -- I treatments come especially. When you look at what he did last year you could -- their progression where. First the -- reform which is talking about Jamaal Charles. -- human the Chiefs have said in the superdome. Probably one is actually swears gains when he gave up three sacks. But that was like a long time ago 2012. Whatever department lately. Right now after the 2013. Season Zach Strief is consider -- events tackles in the National Football League. 2601878668890. Rates have the easy number to get a vote take a quick time out there we'll come back what you would Saints coach Sean Payton had to say. Following today's practice this is sport stuff you're listening to that UW. And welcome back to sport so what our resident pro smoking guys on -- a bear I have the ability to do yet to come we're -- hear -- Saints coach don't make it to say it of course opponents this season Lotta things about it -- Saints. Every -- of publication just I had the Saints winning the NFC south the majority of them have the same thing they legitimate Super Bowl contender. All of this has gone to the seas Drew Brees talked about how good these teams books going into the seats. We know we look like on paper it looked pretty good on paper but now we got to go out and put together. We have to do. But -- team that we know we this will have to find ways to win this year you know. Archives it's going to be different types of erupted I've had times -- his best game. This is what you put it altogether right now it's going to be competitive out here -- the guys we have on our side of the ball and that doesn't reality as lovable but that's. They would build something that confidence that that championship type of preparation performance. You know Hokies is almost like when you look at this Saints team. You have to be solved then -- you know you just don't know that's why season plays out I mean if anything happens I mean you you've got to go back and Luka. -- One of the years when Atlanta was coming off such a good season expectations -- if Michael -- go down the pre season. -- -- it hard knocks in one of the first use it came south Baltimore Ravens the couple offices who believe everybody expected -- quarterback. And his children affected all Lewis goes down cancer so things happen over the course of the season but. What you know what you think about you know if these teams faith he'll -- Other bit thrown out there you know somebody -- benefit of our division there -- teams it is it is conference that the you know on the season. All vetted this thing so in these particular -- then the Saints but almost have to be like they would have been so that they have them before like may be. Back to what the media say the product is I just don't see these things. Yeah you're right the unity -- -- have -- they waited Bryant you know right in and I think it that's I mean that is the personality this team I mean you'd be football it's politically chase. And one of them is a team takes on the personality that it -- and I happen to agree with that is. Sean Payton I don't think we'll allow them divide that -- you know what you were talking about it land it just -- ago. Everybody right now has that same goal in mind they have that same expectations of the team that they think they're they're pretty good expecting an extra. But I mean he thanked me to doubt would come back to Atlanta last year if he thought they didn't have a shot in order to promote mr. you know game Thursday it will be able -- you and you look starting with the opening game of the season it's -- -- lost all postal on game -- -- sometimes you've got to have. Some luck that goes -- the the year of the -- on super ball. A lot of places there CI a lot of turnover thing we work on my practice we expect to do that that yet that's true. Did anybody expect Robert Meachem to go to steal the ball government but -- -- the back injury in game turnaround. Right for -- and having don't think that's that's luck so you've got to have some of the civil followed. I think you know first and foremost starts with players that this is a good roster. I guess I'm kind of in the fold the people that say on paper that's my -- -- team ever. You know OK you out I'll go along with that. How about just think that the you know. We have. The input that Sean Payton hands with this team with his presence on the sidelines he makes so much better in the end. Now that the you've got another. Gunslinger if you -- as a defense -- coordinator Rob Ryan. You know Greg we brought that mentality of this defense in 2000 think Rob Ryan got the same type of the sentimentality. Political actors go give them it's. You know we don't appear hired back -- go go get to speak -- it's a turnover so. In that regard it means to you when you put it altogether coaching and players I mean it looks like there. In position to make it a strong run in the game today -- anybody ultimately conceded right now. As well barring injury and you have to fit perfect in a statement by saying that no doubt about it. 260178668908. Certainly use -- breaking involvement after the day's practice Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media. So we're able to get there -- the first out of practice since. Our plan is stood to have a walk through in the PM he blew down on the lower field. Similar weather is cooperative so many questions. Sullivan led that guy hits stand out to break up on the film and television -- little dark horses. I -- you presidential game is still what does -- look pretty good both are a couple more young receivers. We have made some plays. John Davies out of playoff third today. You know got from Rutgers has done well like -- size and their range their target areas through big for quarterback -- Both of those guys that are there were a couple of just stood out. And this that a little bit this spring as well there are some good for him. He came off his back was flared up a little bit we'll just haven't come down and he should be -- -- high expectations for next week. I think she did I think gay he hasn't for himself. -- and I said this yesterday I thought we get a real good training camp last year and he's that much. Further along right now is healthy. He's really. -- well and it was tough last year with -- just the numbers but didn't. -- to get him into the rotation this year I definitely see him be and someone that. Competes and factors in four not only playing time but for for touches it he's done well these first few days. -- look at it defend their arguments about life back like Ramon Humber. Maybe the beginning. This kind of a special teams guy back up linebacker for the museum and get outstanding interceptions absolutely -- today so I mean. That UCL a get reckless that duchess of special. Yeah I had to look this is the game becomes more -- more space game and I'm and I'm just mean by it opened up offensive sets and formations. That. Really plays into his strengths and played great today was it was exceptional he can run he's -- Smart. You know he he understands. Not only the defense of calls but he also understands offensive formations and tendencies and then that a -- with his ability to play in the kicking game make make him extremely valuable. Militarily and just get in the past and everything -- -- -- What stands out like. Well he's explosive. It is early in. You know he's made some plays them I think as the installation continues we're still what we typically do on the first two days because we -- in pads is we'll go. The one installed the first day. The second install and then we come right back today to the one in -- So he'll be a handful of things we have to do better than them. To get him touches. Whether it's. Through the passing game whether it's through hand -- bubble screens -- he's got some versatility so. He's picking things up the time he spent the offseason it's kind of behind a little bit but catching up itself. Until. Yeah hopefully it's something I know that we're making a big -- so so. Your Creighton turnovers. This. You're one of the most important statistics that. For the most important points for for us is a team and you know you start a game with the idea each team's gonna get somewhere between ten to fourteen possessions and all of a sudden there's a turnover. It's really double because that's possession the other team and takes one way -- so visited some more of sun. What was your first impression. Well putting the pads inside drill and I know it's realigned their moment undivided holly get big hits -- it's -- -- while Selig over until I was blue. Chris I thought it was a good it was good there was there was up and down a little bit offensively and defensively and typically on the first day we were -- So that's that's the impression I had not talked to -- over afterwards. It's it's pretty common on the first day where you're you're you're your your finally have a chance to. Play a little bit more hopeful Steve football game and about to -- Bulls are looking toward the. Yeah because now we're really getting closer to football and there will get a chance really. Gather more information on players. You -- Little League season. I don't know his job it was a -- competition there but. This is. His efficiency and his percentage. Numbers are very good and I thought -- performed very well for us last year you know. The last game of the season those were coming in awful conditions. He's someone that. Certainly is there are guys that is in the mix and there's going to be a tough tough got to beat out and yet there is competition there. And -- Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media followed things practice. At the Greenbrier here it was fatigue you don't repeat everything is a fault line it that you get into a dot com talking about. The black and go get a decent for everything is taken place out here eight training camp now one guy who does that -- day. Was Saints rookie wide receiver Brandon cooks and he's off to a very good stock is -- addressed the media. Okay Brendan they're young receivers like. -- I mean Andy he's alive is because comes from a guy like -- Drew Brees. A great quarterback -- the same time. He's giving -- knowledge so it's just. Back and forth -- not even a young he's giving me them and denial. Granted everyone feels like your speed do what I did it as good as the public because it will be big pride -- that. Actually would -- and it didn't really deserve this new technique -- have been able to do it before. No definitely not take pride in it just involves you know what I mean I would -- of all you came to life. To -- SSI wanna be good. One I think he's our guard -- day out -- -- -- -- boss -- I think that because this and is it. Now branded itself. All contributing in their respective teams here that's more returns and kick returner guard you figure you guessed he maybe. Also I doubt be asked to do both stop being -- it can return man coverage are so it's just a matter of time above what what they wanted to let you know what I feel most comfortable for me to play yet. You like. We want to yeah. Yeah. I'm not I'm not Jessica now -- yeah I mean the good thing is I was evidence does miss time in San Diego withdrew. On our little breaks that I call me up right -- so when I came out here out a little up to par three -- this game and day by day. -- -- -- -- -- -- Overall they've -- bigger plays where he'll take -- Smart guy who's listen it's. Like I've got passed it back to back out there. But definitely. That's -- try to Datsyuk you know me. Obviously like you big guys that stayed constant success -- -- tell us smaller guys that some big guys can do -- are everywhere. I've been here. But I'll go out there for about a week and have extra you know working every day. You know -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- what do -- -- its. -- Palmyra and everyone smarter on the field you know in the pace lap there so much faster the Cubs but. You know those -- out there you know this or live and events left for many years now. It's. You know gain more now let's all watch the film things like that every morning on good form going off. Sky -- the I mean at bat but he also a great ball I mean. They're like they're like he was -- -- a -- got to go get it and that's all we take pride in Massa who -- again and guys or make him look good. Yes it is I'm now being out of Corvallis I -- -- I have one already but. I guess not a good night. -- winner would get his -- your previous -- Oregon State did video mobile greens are speed sweeps you think this -- against the reds. Here -- who knows SS of the coast desire. And these things once he breaks Kooks and hope you guys you know maintenance -- that everything he needs to be super store AME you can hear. Hear the thunder. In the background rain coming down enemy never checked out at all with it's answers to the media. He I never looked at us like we're crazy thing India can we -- I mean it. The young man really seem to have a good you know me shoulders -- The thing about him you know in -- game we've had a chance to watch him cup -- -- now he gets back. He seems to me that. His ability to field punts it pretty natural to me getting kitchen kick off as much he's using -- -- but. I think it's you know he says however they go to Eugene he's gonna get worked in several different roles and -- Sean Payton realizes that would -- coach he's got something that. Anyway that he can get him an open space it -- Area to move the end because I mean it's not just debate the big time speed it is to me he's quick he's quick right off the mark he's not one of those kind of got. And has -- his speed up so. He's he's don't get thrown in the fire pretty quick -- quite -- that it would be just like a special package for him. That there was revenge for older Reggie Bush to be part of the -- that they they know that. It's a weapon out there got to use it and -- beach marked. Do include him as much as you possibly can't but the more that you can get him involved specialties that don't really know. With a he'd get much of that in college but he's going to be called upon to do it in NFL especially early years and and he'll be legitimate threat that there's a punt returner and a kick return to break it all the way he is Saints color analyst being with the Saints organization. -- the player in scout on balance the whole thirty year he's our president pro hockey guys out on the All Saints are you wouldn't have Buick.