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7-28 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jul 28, 2014|

Dave talks about the best fast food, messing with someone's Facebook, and brains over brawn

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers news on this the 28. July 2014. Here's monetary last Monday of July guests. And will be in August slide right into dogs again never close to the football all. Man -- sent up. We said man at the same dynamic in -- here and I am really in the last night I was so jealous. Our guys up in West Virginia. I was down the French quarters for -- awhile and a event to -- and and just parked in the car and walking and half a block. I was soul. Miserably sweaty our god knows by the time I got where I was going I was kind of embarrassed to -- them like kitty you couldn't breathe I -- that's held. -- it was just walking half a block it wasn't like I was we ended it. It was just it was so humid. That it was like I was you know swimming yeah that distance now. So thick you could cut it with a knife and I never tried but I -- -- if it's -- felt like get it's. Yet they're waking up with temperatures in the upper fifties tonight get that in the seventies most days and now they have at some grain to deal of them of these in the videos -- web WW count. But our guys get furious ousting not a soccer out there I practiced everything looked -- that is the bottom problem and you're. And they read it being at the Greenbrier they really were giving. Did and they may as well up to this poll out -- take. And private -- of the night out law and that apple -- yeah exactly and I'm jealous of the mountains -- everytime I see another shot and I looked up from those problems in the background will air in the paint the saints. It would -- the big picnic. Or all the fans. I didn't say that says -- cannot practice wherever a picnic. A free food. The fans the players and the coaches -- -- an idea and yeah just right there on the field in the mountains. Or they're gonna want them back over and over again yeah. And throwing and welfare but the good news is that. Just two more weeks then I'll be back here. And now hold a week's worth camp in Metairie where fans here that stands and watch him and little warmer these little less mountainous. But at least he did not hit since there rebuilt. If fight American Iran for some fast -- You have a go to view place you generally go more than progress. Now. Because I go through that. The battle in my mind and this happens a lot I know I need to go get something. And then I start running down on the list in -- running down on the list in the mind over and over again and sometimes I just. I almost give up in frustration. Like I'm gonna go to the store and buy some some may not vote for Brad and economic -- and it yeah. But if it's a you know you'd you'd -- do you bounce around yeah I do. -- -- really do burger king and mcdonalds. I'll do the Taco Bell want to do that when the IEA IE in a mall. And subway and oh yeah well in this latest consumer reports magazine may have a report a decline in America's best and worst. Fast food on. And there are also took -- taking a look at people's favorites. And this headline is. Our national love affair with Burger King KFC and McDonald's is far from over but -- chains of compatible catapulted consumers' fancy. -- over the results and our latest reader's ha ha ha. Well I will chew it over and share with listeners I wanna hear some others have made the new up and comers maybe. Well part of it bothers me because a lot of mark. Yeah I hate that. You see an ad on TV. And you know we don't have one and looks real good it's like I'd go try that. And when I go on vacation the last thing Hamdoon has got a fast food restaurant usually eats at them like in -- in other parts of the country and trying there. Regional fast food pleasant or the national pleasant we just don't have yet now. Well I'll share some of that coming up here at W I'm anxious to hear him them and that's 515. We're gonna get fuel or weather the next few -- -- discreet the heat and humidity. As more rain -- and and then go to West Virginia for Steve Geller and WWL sports right here at WWL on this Monday morning come on. Let's -- arms grab hands and get through together. -- it's Angela hill inviting you to join me every weekday at 1 o'clock. For what's trending on WWL. 5:19 good morning I'm -- -- thanks for being a part of the early edition of WWL first news on this Monday July the 28 2014. Hot and muggy and man -- I thought I was just I walked just half a block last night from my car. To an event I was attending in the French Quarter and by the time I got there -- really was horribly. Sweaty and this can -- Annan talked about it but it is to make the point that. You can't go anywhere right now. Now with that that humidity really get -- how much -- much has got to change in the forecast. Highs around 93. And still feeling like low triple digit. Take it easy out there and heat today we do a 30% chance for some spotty showers and storms this afternoon as a re air cooled front approaches the area. Tonight will drop into the low to middle seventies for lows. And early tomorrow morning at 20% chance for a little bit spotty left over rain. The front then moved south a bar area delivers some slightly less humid air and fortunately not all that much cooler though -- tomorrow and Wednesday still. Around 92. From the pinpoint forecast cents or I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramp her. Partly cloudy 79 degrees at the airport in -- clear and 81 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell. Man he won. On the -- or shortest start the day relative humidity by the way at the -- is 90%. One person -- mediate 7870. The movement from announced another. The weekend was unbelievably hot and enterprises of view it moving it's pure torture yeah. It's no fun out there votes but. I don't raise it any worse than it was last year in fact I think it's cooler this year than it was last year we just have short memories that we forget. From year to year how hot it is. Maybe it's just as something he never really kind of get accustomed to. A -- Steve Geller has gotten accustomed this. The weather up in West Virginia about that's coming up expert Steve tells what's gone on with the saints in WWL sports. Good morning David and happy Monday everyone. Day three of -- training -- so a another wide receiver not participating -- on the field work Robert Meachem join Kenny -- on the sidelines as coach Sean -- filled us in on the latest -- play here we came off his -- was -- up a little -- of the seven come down and -- -- meanwhile -- is still nursing a quad injury that he -- game one sticking with the receiver -- -- -- -- is getting acclimated to life in the NFL he was asked about Drew -- saying -- young players like himself -- -- 35 year old -- feel rejuvenated. -- alive is because come from a guy like you know deliveries. Great quarterback -- the same time he's giving me knowledge so it's just back of course being the occupant of young he's giving me them and denial. Some progress for former LSU tiger -- Beckham junior he was fielding -- yesterday at New York Giants camp it was the first round draft picks first practice back after missing the last three due to a hamstring issues Panthers rookie running back Tyler -- suffered a torn lateral meniscus in his left knee and he's gone for the year the good news is that he doesn't have damage to his ACL. It should be available for the start of next year's training camp he was a sixth round pick for Carolina LeBron James has not only decided on a return to Cleveland but also the number 23 he announced the news on instant Graham -- rob Moore 23 during his first stint with the cats but then switched to the number six when he made the decision to join Miami. Did that yep full on sports talk alive from the Greenbrier here from head coach Sean Payton plus Jonathan Goodwin travellers -- dead rock -- bush and more from saints camp in West Virginia Steve Geller WW wells. Lag from West Virginia how you feel about the injuries sustained to dealing -- -- there's reason for concern at this point. Who has the best burger in fast food well according to a consumer survey by consumer reports of the top five will -- get. To a vote here number one is that habit burger agree on the part of it. They went in and out burger -- know a lot of the same club to get them on the west campus five guys. Comes in third on the list. Tied with some effort actually for third we have a smash -- one of them and then number five -- -- rockers the bottom of the list McDonald's. Is at the very bottom second from the bottom Jack in the Box third from the bottom burgeoning forth on the bottom Kristol who's your favorite fast food burger. Coming next meeting seven needs them back with Steve after. I'm 26 Dave Conan or on Steve gallery in West Virginia and Steve. Thank you dried out he -- not let. Our rain water that -- over the weekend sop up and community yelled trying yet. Definitely -- now Dave but it was were watching training camp page three of first at a practice yesterday everyone's excited the pats are popping. And that certainly kind of feel this. You know this change in temperature out your back in the wind coming in. If you look behind you use all these huge menacing dark cloud just coming -- towards our way. And we knew what we're fortunate that no way to shorten up when coach and players hit the podium that's what it really started to come down. Your phone was so -- go get a new one clothes were soaked everything back. And I guess that's the price you pay its mother nature's way of saying nasty it's not perfect here. In what -- Virginia. -- come back to new worlds out about two weeks that that first week camping in the books. And their first few days I guess first. Partial week mounting injuries a little bit -- -- seeing Kenny stills got hurt in day one. Running around and they say had a tight quad but still. Come in now -- three campus yesterday he was still on the stationary bike and Robert Meachem joined him. And he's -- he just joined Twitter so he's all anxious I don't know of coaches go like this between doubt and let. Everyone though his back locked up before he took the field yesterday so he did not participate in -- practice either. We'll see if he comes back at all today maybe still look BB back as well see what what's up with that hike while the two. Our receivers that are thought to be a big part of this offense. Kind of on the sidelines right now which is giving chances for. A guy rookies like since -- Jones and also -- in the -- to make it oppression and coach Payton made a comment about that -- they like and what he's seen. At those who told receivers. Right Steve Geller thing couple receivers banged up a couple show enough. More from Steve -- a 25 minutes I'm from in here WW AM at them and -- -- -- new consumer reports readers at the best burgers are listeners of Texas sonic crystal -- buds broiler. -- the ago. From our listeners texting activity that would about chicken. According to consumer reports the best tasting chicken is it a full followed by el -- logo. And -- -- at the bottom of the list KFC. And churches 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WW well offers -- on the twentieth of July 2014. Monday and the last Monday. Of the month. Of the month to line them will be and a arteries that's always a -- months yeah. And I get that now yeah it it just wait and in the tropics can heat up as well. -- will be keeping an. Sorry to inform him. That you're wrong I am. It was a gal named Lucy -- the guy named Hercules local multiplexes. And and brains beat -- I'll be -- bluesy opens at number 144. Million dollars as Scarlett Johansson. The one. Not more money out of pig muscle man statements to harness. Growing percentages of her brain yeah I think the average human is about 10%. To get to a point. And that's a scary thought and Dwayne Johnson's Hercules was only able flex -- box office muscle when he nine million dollars weeks. A couple of people Texas and coffee maker prediction on Friday. And say that I was wrong you're wrong and abuse arm well congratulations to them for our wish they would have let me know before our -- -- and now. Africa dawn of the -- the commitment that are. Look at that we retirement bastard. We said that of the best tasting burgers. And most places we don't have number one -- an avid bird grill. And in Albert. And number three and four we do you have. Five guys in its -- numbers there you go running up top -- but rockers had fun. -- two that's where they have the side of beef hanging in the rest then. And actually cut the meat off the meeting grind it while you're watching in the cook -- These targets fractures is pretty impressive. -- at the bottom of the board list McDonald's is dead last out of the box second the last. And Burger King third the last crystal fourth the last. Is best tasting burgers now. Chickens we just told folks chick -- best tasting according consumer reports survey. Now -- Loko we have both. Is the second we have and I'm loyal local where I think the government. Oh my goodness -- -- -- down and there's somewhat on some iGoogle okay are not compromises that are. The finalist KFC in churches. -- -- it's sandwiches. We don't have -- -- hot. Or Portillo says. That's number one firehouse subs. Number -- shall I skis that -- that to read Jason's deli for. McAllister -- -- five. The bottom of the list. All bond. That is now subway second the last thing Arby's third they'll. Coach. -- the big guys that so well -- consumer reports. That some people are taxing and Anthony Tony burger king's -- is the best. What -- burgers -- Brothers fried chicken and a bunch of people -- that. -- I get the pop as valiant Brothers the gas station. Fills drills my fear -- -- looked -- -- and best burger port call while. With the best fast food articles you know I -- -- there's -- -- I gotta throw vote in for Brothers yeah because yeah. They have that the biggest chicken breasts I've ever seen their like breasts on steroids and went and they're huge national like huge breasts while I age yeah out. Gotta do it. Us of what's actually out raising Cain is their hatred -- -- -- a five guys is an author of the Bergen about that it is folks text mediate seventy if you favorite easy -- it did. Stopped panel discussion. -- -- these massive -- I know the complete document chicken breasts that requests. A pleasure like them like got those other good yeah and -- others in the event thank you David will not yet. In about twenty minutes more first news here and to beat him -- Chris Miller joins us with more. On the investigation into this carjacking a mother and daughter carjacked on abominable and battery. With the latest on the here on WWL am FM and -- account. -- -- -- let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast and as they get. -- game in this year outages Alexandra -- Curtis. We're already to wish -- happy birthday. -- interpret -- I think it may have been over the weekend. -- 78 amended which are happy belated -- on that. Is -- only gone baby she's taken a week out yeah element her birthday. -- a couple of days. You know I know a lot of women who do you do happy birthday month or birthday week. I I only do one day. -- -- -- knew you know I had my birthday at odds. No money yet everyday -- hit me in the previous celebrate and money to them everyday. -- that look it's a secret yet made the and it. I was down folks that I was had to walk half a block last night after parking my car to go to an event that was attending. And I was drenched in sweat just walking apple blocked it was so humid. I now and that that that's going to be the rule for the foreseeable future. I know I know I've ever when talking about it right now I feel like you to block outside it's too hot to do you know it's it's way too high today is going to be the same story highs around 93 or 94 today. And that means the heat index. With our dew points in the seventies will be in the -- triple digits we've been topping out for so index values. Around 103104. That's kind of what we're looking at this afternoon's. I -- and -- the dangers. And but we're definitely uncalled -- zone for those heat index reading. Yeah out weeks or are -- different today as we do have a slightly higher chance of rain about 3% the it was pretty tribal got a few little isolated downpours. And -- kinda the same story today but again slightly higher -- chance. All right 30%. Over the weekend it's funny you know that the -- Kansas were low but both Saturday and Sunday those. Tiny showers that were out there found -- That flooding I don't think here at different scored Nazis out and they went much rain around it does happen to be where I was and -- 30% today and the rest of the week looking about the thing. Organic and calm cool I don't think that it could make it happen to drop we're gonna. On either of them right now yet know it'll -- through tonight and tomorrow morning also have about 3% chance along the coast. An overnight tonight at 30% chance to the front moves through the night though. And should area by tomorrow morning. Suit tomorrow it'll be a little less. McNamee cooler but I'm a little lets him a little less than one -- that. Exactly and out the highs tomorrow still around 92 yourself but again feeling a little bit that. -- today and does that -- stick around long well it does into Wednesday and in fact on the North Shore we could see some upper sixties by Wednesday warning. Maybe low seventies upper sixties with the the lake for -- exactly for low temperatures in the morning. And south of the lake middle seventies and not too different south of the -- right now right now really in the eighties and yeah. I know it's kind of brutal. But later later on Wednesday highs around 92 again only 10% chance and less humid and then by. Thursday will kind of be back to normal anything on on the tropics and off. There is carried out there it's about 500 miles or so southwest of the Cape and Islands its way out way out and management. Way out yak and still it looks like a really low chance of developing over the next couple days. But we could see a higher chance especially after about 45 days this week have a little system out there. Models do not have been moving car. Okay well that -- look at the development a dancer and even if it does not coming this way. All that sounds pretty good demeanor as we wait for August and things generally cranked up a bit. So I got a question Korea. -- -- -- -- You ever forget and leave your FaceBook open at work -- your computer in the in the weather center yeah I'd and anyone ever come here any whenever I got on your FaceBook and that them and just sillier crazier embarrassing. Then that's never happened only once I do locking in and it was completely and -- the entire night but it's really nice of Carl and David Clark couldn't -- that. Not about me at all well what about him. Our host of all things legal bugs and series left his FaceBook page opened here in the few goals I've been contemplating what I should do. -- just the nice guy and click log off. And be done with it. Or should I you know to teach him a lesson and post something just bizarre crazier lien on his FaceBook page -- advice. It's legal and I now and I don't even allowing doctors leave at that -- on the oh yeah I like. Yes I wouldn't -- you know means. From. And I'm contemplating I don't know you I'd like -- have the two little Angel the -- money only. The -- telling you oppose some thing. Very embarrassing or strange in the days and angels telling mean just log -- in -- equivalent so people -- -- 887878. What should I do with dogs and there is FaceBook page. Yeah he's done this before I've warned him not to him. -- -- more closely with the listeners say thank you Alexander out with doctor tomorrow morning on data transfer my direct Eyewitness News. Pinpoint forecast sent an estimated 7870 about your favorite fast food and what I should do about -- -- We'll be right back from West Virginia with Steve Geller your WWL IMF Amanda. One person -- estimated 78 cents to post something funny and don't -- -- -- -- and don't forget to go comment after you posed the completeness people. Another person does do what Doug would do if you left viewers -- well I don't know what he never left my FaceBook -- don't do that on purpose. -- purposely don't do that because especially around here and -- and is -- shady characters. Who might try to make -- -- and businesses take itself -- all morning grown posted sedated as is profile picture that says think real hard he has a lawyer. Which probably goes to the next one teach double -- get him Dave says another. I'm gonna continue to count contemplate what I should do during sports here at WWL. After that we go on up to west Virginia's Steve Geller thank Allah the saints at the Greenbrier. Morning from the mountain stage and happy Monday everyone before the -- at the practice field yesterday for the first -- -- -- a -- receiver was missing from on the -- participation. Robert -- was on the sidelines as -- later -- blog Twitter -- back locked up before heading out to practice meanwhile fellow receiver Kenny -- remains -- quad injury that defense got a little revenge after the unit had -- less than stellar -- on Saturday a few turnovers were -- including an interception by linebacker Ramon -- -- coach Sean -- says -- -- -- -- smaller. -- made moves exceptional he understands. Not only the defense of calls but he also understands offensive formations and tendencies and battle along with his ability to play in the kicking game make him extremely -- First round draft pick branding -- it's fitting in nicely and looks up to speed. Despite missing time this off season to finish school here -- reacts with a cajun cannon Bobby de Beers praise of -- soft hands which seemed to cradle will fall like fluffy pillow. You know what I mean average guess of all you -- -- -- to be status as I wanna be good. One of the things our -- day and day out is this just involves sought to because isn't married to. Giants coach Tom Coughlin referred to first round draft -- -- bill -- juniors continued training -- -- as more than a little -- supporting as the receiver battles a hamstring injury the former LSU Tiger -- at least able to feel tons yesterday the Panthers have -- rookie running back Tyler -- on injured reserve would be torn left lateral -- ending -- sees -- the sixth round pick from Stanford would have been a solid bet to make Carolina's 53 man roster behind Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams will now. -- -- his rookie season LeBron James has announced that it's the grip that he will Wear number 23 with the cavaliers this season save number he wore during his first seven years in Cleveland -- switched his Jersey the number six with the heat but -- 43 it is it's only right I go back today -- four on sports talk a lot from the Greenbrier here from head coach Sean Payton plus -- good -- -- can get -- -- bush and more from saints can't -- West Virginia Steve -- WW wells. Just a moment when Britain text if you want to act like a girl that's that's FaceBook page or be a man even love. Think that that it appeals to me that needs them that just remember payback is now you know. By 54 Dave Cohen in New Orleans Steve Geller. In the mountains the appalachians up in Westwood dynasty which edited -- that are left its FaceBook page and here in the studio should it be something and embarrassing and funny or should it just log. You know a Christian -- is definitely say Tyler Porter is definitely guilty of that all the time at a computer res audio we seem to leave his email or FaceBook know and honestly I I just always close about a never do anything but I -- -- you. Saying -- suggestion that act on elective taking the picture of the morning crew and then making its profile picture that we fought at least not too. Nothing too you know -- it. It's a sign of the presidents have dug explain that he has a huge man crush on Dave talent that market. A lot of people are out of about -- aggression on the saints but that there that the the heart is growing -- from the distance apart from the -- you're lucky enough to be there. How about that picnic they had for the fans of -- that was pretty cool. Yet you know but like I said the before the West Virginia locals have definitely embrace who who dat nation and the hall Bible beating a saints fan. Are going it's just Wal-Mart. There's actually sing next year next to the West Virginia you know college years it's like watt -- I can't believe that there. Actually in full force here -- detonation has really spread. And who knows now that this area might now be saints in this that are really Washington Redskins I -- would be the closest team to a. He gets him put the pads on for the first time yesterday in practice what stood out to you about this saints now that they're running at full speed and Wear their pants. Will coach great mentioned that he you know the first they've had so he he like the pad levels so much he felt like. Players were attacking each other be too high so we'll see you got back gets an adjustment today but it was definitely nice to hear. -- you know it's it's it's actually real football -- that these guys actually adding. Contact instead of just out running around you know kind of like to hand touched on the deal. But come genuine surprise you were standout impression. Well Champ Bailey definitely had the play -- the day I don't know how he pull this all. Drew Brees compete -- a complete the past fullback Eric -- and Warrick oldest form on Billy who would he admitted later he took offense to that Lakewood what are you trying to do here. So barely strips the ball well and it looks like it's go an out of bounds sixty rock -- bush swoops in. Makes eight diving won't hit the -- throws -- back over his shoulder. And Bailey is able to snatch up the air in barrel so turn over saints' defense it was impressive. That is the voted for me here with more sports in fifteen minutes from West Virginia here at WWL. I am map -- a back -- that makes me even more Giles went to see that. Mexican -- Doug's answers FaceBook page up its -- you can decide if you wanna do something with an I'm gonna take the middle ground I don't. You have to open here I know told you try to satellite cities them silly or log -- off nominally that decision -- -- It could be my lawyer subtle but moments with him we're talking about a bunch of stuff would we -- -- it's -- here for the next four -- on everybody.