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7-28 6:10am Tommy, Saints update

Jul 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Steve Geller, WWL producer and sports reporter, live in West Virginia about Saints camp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well the planet fitness the other dancing and join the well and and just completely re sculpt my body just gonna pump you not exactly a must start with aluminum will probably start -- and classic -- with aluminum and in -- -- Iron -- and serious -- do an inning Amadeus in new sidekicks machine or something which is like. Elliptical machine but different. And I think it's a whole lot different when you hands when you go to clubs and when you have something that home. Oh -- aired earlier is RA. That the outcome saying I don't know why just doesn't seem to -- it never does not I don't know what it is maybe because you know a cramped up area. And Miami and paid for listening anything for from now they are married guys are actions the size of the place. I'm amazed because you know I got to treadmills and elliptical machine -- open room that there is probably not enough space for either yeah let alone two problems. And I think it's -- it's a completely different feeling you would think it's counter intuitive that if it's in your house she would be more apt to do it than if it was in a club. But I -- facility club -- Bomb did -- heat related. Problems this -- yes I did in fact. Just I'm talking about well it was a fairly decent block but it was at the grocery store and and I had to park a long distance -- Kazaa and when you get the car banged up. And I think by the time I got home I was sick in my stomach. Just like that and 'cause of the prices of -- yes I think that was mainly the whopping 200 dollar grocery. They heed to what was now I -- heat man. -- out Saturday and trimmed about two bushes it needed to be trimmed Bono and I overdid it and it was that kind of thing Williams went through your clothing like 567 times and they say that when -- -- it's too late here out and it affected me for two days and night's yes yeah idea I lost that day and a half. And my neighborhood and it does purple stuff that suppose -- illness. Purple stopped. We're gonna matter -- not think that guy is a breaking batter while out and and and and now let me clear this at some kind of the purple look and flowers something like and it's a combination Ingram and ground coverage elitist -- pieces of this stuff off ya. And you throw it in the ground and an and it plants itself does what she Tony Parker are -- you gonna eat -- now. -- on and on and regular kindergarten some color just. You know. At a recent legal developments houses for sale let's all just. That case Internet and neighbors -- Yeah exactly well I don't mean that and his saints could you know -- her -- for the houses. Hypothetically speaking to be for sale because some legal problems we -- got -- From the pretty -- paying people find is interesting and at 9 o'clock hour we're and I got the thing about this logically not emotionally okay. It would it all in narco violence which is drug related violence in Central America and Mexico. And of people that are now streaming here because there are looking for a better life they -- for safety for their kids and and we can't secure the borders and I just -- are two choices are not. Either increasing violence because. Money you make people do some pretty violent things and that's a lot of money. Maybe I should phrase that differently David you're right on lot of money won't make some people lose their soul and oil is the other side legalization of drugs and what made me think about this is when we're talking about the opinion handlers the other day. As a live giving money to charity -- given money to people on the street there to disappear. It's supply and demand of their -- and money there had to be out there gone. And I wonder if it's the same thing with drugs and if if it's either legalization of drugs or violence which when you -- and because I don't see. How you have anything but there's two choices. I think you're right. Well thank you it's one or the other I mean it's gotten to that point guard are gonna stop -- on the -- absolutely not the stakes get even higher it's like one business by any other by any other by any other and if you try to. To set up shop next to him instead of blowing prices really drive you out of business and start killing you. Until you have -- associates -- your -- and you have. Nobody is now one of somebody told you if you legalize drugs and were all going to hell that the other side habits of would you rather -- the violence over the drugs -- I think there was. The only choices one other thing in terms of Islam. I don't know how I can freezes delicately but. Specialized place -- -- perhaps. It would be that guy that first thought of you know one. We need to keep these ones manicured. We need to keep grass cut we need to collect the grass we need to -- -- -- tootsie canyons in India but we need to sweep the street we need to sweep the driveway or blow it or whatever you do win -- know that. Because at some point somebody had to do this for the first time do you think. -- started the trend yet and any other guys said he had to do any other guys that he had to do Woodson now were allowed they're wasting. Valuable years of our lives and at -- -- shaved off because it's so hot while we we need. And edge and cut every little belated grants to make sure that nothing and is -- -- -- wonderful but I think if everybody. Had just a grass clogged up you know the deal -- clogged up but not and that's not immediately negated. When delegated dominant like a third of the time do you think. -- -- Will be right but so you -- on the drug narco violence the grass cutting not so much. -- -- Thank you David -- throughout the morning of course and start by. Looking at the saints. People in his most talented team in saints history and if it is their players you would not trade -- -- like a poker game to -- player poker used in that same -- Is the best I can do nor are there positions. That you would trade a player on the saints for somebody else in the league here and talk to Steve. -- when we come back -- from West Virginia Tommy Tucker Monday morning running late already. You notice on WW. I partly cloudy hot humid 30% chance for spotty showers thunderstorms and downpours possible highs around 93 then. Tomorrow their tournament another quote cold front moving through uses 20% chance for showers early. But analysts human highs around 92. And and and head of the league -- -- on the tally of this mean miserably brutally hot as it is in late July early August. Now at the Greenbrier in sulphur springs West Virginia where -- sports team is this announced. It's a it's -- 64 degrees there right now low of 54 and and highs of 73 now tomorrow. It would -- in the 40s49. Highs in the seventies Thursday. High of 81 so let's make sure that the sports guys get plenty of fluids in Gatorade we do that pleased that high of 81 in. Low humidity. And Friday back in the seventies and lows in the fifties at night. With that we welcome in one at what these guys in the world in always Steve Geller the big the Jersey guys when -- -- little. That lake on -- Jersey -- big -- shirt sleeve that's right jerseys Steve okay. Now occasionally he pronounces it patent occasional basis Sean -- It's just the way he was raised so let's all let it go shall we thank you. Tell me about practice what's been going on who's been looking good who's been looking in bed injury bug. -- -- He had the injury bug -- to take a little bit of a poll on the receivers hopefully nothing too serious -- steals and they warned. -- went out with a quad injury we don't know the severity of it but he did also -- yesterday's practice and then Robert Meachem. Oh was was about to come on the field and he tweeted out letting everyone know that before they got on the practice field back just locked up so he wasn't able to the participate in the first day of pads of course we still have. -- bird -- also Jonathan Jenkins on the physically unable to perform list but a lot of work those who were doing a lot of individual work on the side and I gotta say that. Much cash are -- sure how long but it definitely seemed like -- -- back. Soon John -- -- was watching him hitting the tackling -- yesterday with a lot of force. And he's had eight pectoral surgery the offseason so you're able to go. Full out on the -- the got to imagine that will be able strap on the pads with the teams whose. Are looking good got to be real happy about rookie Brandon Coleman are great and that. And it cooks are for the other Branden. Is a rookie out of records that was undrafted the first round draft pick Brandon -- Looking great out there he this -- this offseason because it affects the finish -- school at Oregon State. A book not withdrew this offseason San Diego much was made about that because it looked like he was making its huge commitment to the team which is great. And he doesn't really look like he's behind at all he that we noticed the speed and use your. You want to learn which is what a lot of the coaches and Drew Brees is even mentioning with him. And he just has caught everything his way another great sign and the speed factor definitely a big plus also yes today with the -- coming on the first time. Our coach Sean Payton said that. He did notice that that have level was a bit too high with the players hopefully they can. Real remedies that you wanna be up too high because you're on the losing balance easier tackle that way. And that the defense though also creating some turnovers we got the first interception of camp. Ramon Humber linebacker -- up making one handed amazing grabbed. And then later on it was Champ -- And -- -- bush combining -- a kind of acrobatic play. Have to force turnovers well. I would take a break we come back against so many questions for you about Jerious bird about Champ Bailey about Drew Brees who were talking about this tomorrow talking about Brandon cooks. And branding cooks making -- feel younger energizing him. Branding -- saying it Drew Brees gives him. He shares all the lessons that that he has learned in the experiences that he's in the NFL's. Tomorrow I think we're to talk about in general to younger workers and energize you would make you feel old. And do you look at if you're younger -- older workers as experienced and some people from whom you can learn or old people need to get out of away. Six when he three more with Steve -- when we come back -- any questions about the saints practices to six when he sent Neitzel 386 X. 89087. In Monday morning six point 3 July 28 and a terror Robinson's Cubans and all that traffic point. -- he has New Orleans is really don't know about them in big 87103. FM and WWL dot com. Jerseys Steve Geller basking in what I don't know what lower sixties right now gallery at West Virginia. Yeah about 6768. Right here in -- well let's again make sure you replenishing fluids and it's. Terrible convertible we're going on and on with the they talk about Sean Payton -- at the pad level was a little too I was -- tackling running both. Both -- to the both offense and defense some and they both had to work on a little sloppy and they want but that's to be expected obviously for today. A pads is this. -- been the reason I'm asking is you know -- tackle -- missed. Later in the season it's like we only have so many. Good practices with it would hitting and and contacts so you got to take every advantage did run full speed and and make sure you can do this during the game but yet. Some goes downstairs that. And ACL Orleans out for the season. When that happens during a practice like that minimize and why -- we going full speed you wanna watch and wait until. The regular season high -- yesterday a full speed practice. Yes it was deftly pulls beat these guys are going about it and I mean you heard. The pads -- which is great sign that football is definitely here you know we always come back. Okay they reported. Okay that's the first day there on the field but yes they were the first -- apparent when you hear the guys smacking each other you know it's football season because of that and a little bit high you hear a lot of smack talk to between the offense -- defense right now which is great but yet these guys are going full speed. And I mean injuries happen it's a part of you know getting ready for the season unfortunately. Old wolf fortunately this ain't nothing major right now will to see what happens. With Brandon. So we'll see what happens with Kenny stills. And also Robert Meachem switcher or quad injury and a -- -- series at the moment. I give me just a couple more minutes is when we come back on talk about Jarrius bird miss and work. How much it's in effect in. How is he feeling will will he be ready for the first full. Regular season game winning counts. And -- again you look at that two ways and look at this guy that experience like it doesn't need to work letting you know 100% healthy and you look at it is you know what you know agony and full blow football shape used. -- in the in shells at 630 your calls we come back at T six awaits them needle free 866. 889087. Right now time for debit WL offers news and we go to the guys that played quarterback a lot of people will realize Gloria. In the Arena Football -- exactly and the world football league and of the defunct training related it was a cruel Canada and Canadian and then of course is -- -- -- discovered now with the lingerie football. That we will -- natively. In other talking earlier about total yard work and it being so -- and back in -- -- mantown I would go out in the middle of the day. -- like this and run on the -- for. -- for Clemens and our murderer and come on your endurance run in on the Levy went down. In shelters. You know argued indices up from the ferried down to the naval air station -- beyond that and enactment lose game. Not now -- -- all -- out you know I think it is I think that. That twittered that we heads boy office you're gonna excel because it was cold and it was moderate for so long now. We get Sanders those arena have a summer. We have some are ya. And we you've got the code for coming up in the 1000 dollars commerce blanched cash contest the code -- this hour is. Now on. Italian but it went right for the top DOR news -- I was -- exotic like well yeah probably -- from German -- -- a problem you still have a little bit of an -- about me. But anyways let me tale about -- -- contests and it'll take a break and come back with Steve. We wanted to know every week they have a chance to win 1000 dollars in our nationwide summer splash cash contest. You have to read this exactly -- hot and -- an illegal consists of fact that you get that out without making a mistake. This summer splash idea. You know I'm better at talking their primary are narrowing. I can't talk without stuttering and stammering but if I start to read and -- it goes out and -- Just listen -- days right with a top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And text Edwards 7081. To your chance to win without ever put new phone down. That 7881. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win thousand dollars each. -- miss out on the money sign up right now for -- WL cash club you'll get reminder tax. If you text the word cash to -- 787 Ian. Morgan dollar to fifteen minutes for each code word is announced so you know forget to -- in the 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest. Over get the times listen 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and by opinion. Actually look at 40 maybe about a minute for good like the Smart radio and it common all of us here. At WWL more from saints' training camp. In the sixties on the degree West Virginia atmosphere. With Steve -- when we come back under the W. Hi Tommy Tucker got the code word coming up in the 1000 dollars summer splash. Cash contest here on WWL. We have the entire sports team. In the Greenbrier sulphur springs West Virginia this study to -- cover those saints training camp. Our -- stay in Steve -- green -- plush resort. Now we're just outside of it about ten minutes away. In a van down by the river that they down by the river now -- the quality and very nice accommodations. Like I said I'm glad we're just real close to the airport and also. The Greenbrier efforts some horror stories of other folks. Landing in different airports and driving like 23 hours we gave here when you're traveling it's like I just wanna be there ready so right smack dab in the middle stuff. -- leg near the airport in case you guys you sound and it forces to leave town quickly. No just the fact that you know will we arrived there wasn't that far of a you know right to get to our where we're staying in their when it's time to go home. Let's get out of town. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is VW ready to go is it a lot more serious and people are saying and and what about Champ Bailey an amazing guy to think that he can still play a corner I guess right at thirty sixers he -- safety. No he's playing quarterback Chip Kelly yea a lot of a lot of questions coming into this season where folks were thinking that. Maybe there was not enough that no no portrait left on its higher because he missed most of last year. With a foot injury but even when he first came here with the OTA's and mini camps. He was saying he was fully healed and he looks -- out there like I said earlier he had the play of the day combining rock -- -- there have agreed to take away. And has been involved in a lot of pass breakups that was his first over here yesterday but. I expect him to be a vital part could be. I'll lot Darren Sharper ask that 2009 season creating turnovers and I has ordered to be known -- create some turnovers. Right the problem though is coming we haven't seen him at all he -- all of organized team activities he missed all of mini camp. So the question is is going to be up to speed he's been he's entering -- six year NFL so you know he knows. The game it's not going to be completely. Warranting him but. Rob Ryan and being at rob Bryant scheme obvious he's gonna be a little bit different is what I'm concerned about hopefully for this pre season game one coming up he will be ready. -- patent says that bird will be ready sooner than later obviously it's not giving us anything definite. But watching him. Do off the you know on the side activities. He looks to be a guy that's ready to come back on the field I think you're just being extra cautious with their top prized free agent acquisition. I'd and I don't blame them for that when he comes to a Champ Bailey just indexing -- second the talk about tread on the tires if there's any. Position that you need good tires that it would be out cornerback and it again to think that this guy is coming off an injury into an -- 36. At least looking great in training camp of course the the regular season some Els and I just. I can't believe that he must have been not for conditioning throughout his career I would think. Absolutely -- number were talking about a future hall of Famer here and he definitely. Has the know how the smarts and a guy that takes care of his body I mean it was funny. Just -- yesterday it's pouring rain during a press conferences. And he didn't even -- -- denies that is okay as long as you guys will ask me questions I'll stay out here which of sounds like pros pros and what's on and -- the woods on -- and it. Second if -- looking forward to get out there because though the state address that pad level that -- Payton talked about and you know I just love hearing between the coaches and the players on the field banter it's great you know everyone talked about last season. Peyton Manning constantly say Omaha Omaha Omaha -- do you count Humana times that linebackers coach -- it says on the hop. It it definitely rival that he is wanting to move your -- constantly from activity to activity. And always as young player on the hop on the hop. I get a great blog at WW wealth for a great logs I should say from only you guys. Tom. About the training camp and different things going on -- has a nice bloggers very entertaining about nicknames. Things likes he low West Bank whereas West Bank -- -- you got it. And I'll explain all of that is nicknames. If you go to devil have you held a common read his -- a lot they're from Steve -- nine tires sports team by BA beard. And and -- gambling bills that you know pretty out there Christine -- exactly. So thank you Steve have a great day at practice pay attention -- don't -- rolled up on and we'll talk Umar. Yep between got a bunch of stuff so keep keep a -- -- WWL I am FM on Twitter. I thank you sir appreciate it. Ever break up 9601870. Till 38668890870. And you know I talk about this being the most talented saints team -- that they're just stock dinner ready and and to make a run and another Lombardi but I would ask you if this were poker game in the saints were your cards widget. Keep everything exactly as it is in every position stand pat. Are are their players. And elsewhere in the NFL for room you'd say well. Only you'd probably use a little bit help here or a little bit help there will take you calls when we come back right now time -- and WL traffic into that would go to Terrell Robinson. 657. Tommy Tucker big 878 -- WL. Now it's time for new procedure yeah -- and at the code word coming up in the 1000 dollar summer's list contest but the feature. Just invented it and it's called Tommy explains the game of football. -- to extend. From the need liable floor area code asking what does it mean when you say heads are too high. It's a fashion statement is what it isn't in the hands are too high it makes enough no actually it means is. In football the guy that's blower is gonna win it's all got to do with the -- so you gotta maintain good athletic position. But you have to be lower than the other guys because if you run in with the ball and you're too high you're gonna get knocked down released. If on the other hand your defense of player and you try to tackle with -- heads to -- the running back enhances -- lower. Is running in good football position lowered the ground is gonna not Q when you rear end. If both of you alone you're gonna handy severe collision. That date and ratio in the NFL and that's when they say. Well let's listen this sounds of the game. And you hear any of that classic just -- them like crazy those ads. -- opted Jordan tells me the explanation or Sheldon -- the explanation deserved my -- -- and you're right but it didn't have time to get.

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