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7-28 7:10am Tommy, dog attack

Jul 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jeff Hogan, the Editor of the County Press in Michigan, about a fatal dog attack

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- for he would talk about this morning outrage and my opinion poll would drug related violence really disappear if drugs were legalized 59% are saying no. 41% are saying yes and talk about that in 9 o'clock -- if are only two choices are violence. Or drugs which you gotta pick. Because I don't see either problem going away now -- a vial houses are gonna stop the money is too much money. So log on -- WL dot com let us know what you think and of course will world. Get the discussion on. In an -- like. -- -- And this. Yeah. The unit. David ever been out at night. And you stayed out longer than your wife or significant other would have liked and you realized it and you knew there'd be hell to pay when you got on me yes the answer is yes -- ending -- -- in home on. Side that I can remember one time stand out. Too late. And the sun was coming up. Lauren and bullet did not kind of -- -- -- get us on hand like the media up yet it is certain eternal light parties and I thought if I could just get home before the sun rose like a vampire would be okay -- did you do a check and call I know now -- and I should've been and then maybe around 730 saying. Maybe a little late. And I remember looking in the front door -- seen as they drove up -- summit going on the couch for news that it -- going to be happy in our club maybe your bags might have been on the from the -- reports are and you know me I just love to make Smart comments and and the person there may have said we have to -- trees -- -- a lot of people on fishing this morning. Because you know wouldn't -- taste yeah and grow on YouTube that was little sharp comments -- Australia has I'm a fool. Listen to this and homo. Cure -- Dupree 21. In jail. -- at least -- -- bonded out by now on account of second degree battery carries a penalty of five years in jail upon conviction. And what happened here allegedly. Is that. Her boyfriend came home a little bit too late on Saturday night or early on Sunday morning. And she she adamantly. ID -- in return home at a reasonable hour and a the guy I was bleeding profusely from the knife attack a young guy from out yet but he's respect expected to recover. And the only positive I would give to this is that. He had time to make up his story. -- as they say now with -- violence because when you get caught in no man's land or no woman's land. And the question comes up we're -- in. And use a well. You're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did -- we would -- these you're in no man's land that. I would take a break we'll come back we'll talk about a horrible story out of Michigan. A dog killed a guy fatally mauled a man and the second time the dog attacked the human beings. And it could be a twist that you don't expect and know what you think in. But it's probably not would you expect we'll talk about it when we come back Tommy Tucker definitely well 713 glad you -- on this Monday. 7:18 Tommy Tucker Monday morning July 28 partly cloudy hot. Humid 30% chance for a spotty showers or thunderstorms highs around 93. To feel like a 10206. We have already broken 80 degrees this morning. And as a dog attack in Michigan that. When I first heard of -- I thought a year -- another pit -- but can find out. It was not a pit bull at all but the result was very very tragic and for that we go to Jeff Hogan editor of the county press -- morning Jeff Martin. -- -- tell me what happened here and had there been any pretty curses I guess this kind of thing. Was it -- -- there was there was that mean that the that the story can mean actually Nancy the last Wednesday evening -- on. Men and shocked. What happened was there was. Government was. A routine jog after work -- running up this world wrote. And two loose. Dogs. Took off after the story and attacked him in any need to right from his injuries. That is in our reporting turned out to -- 2000. Twelve and thirteen there were previous don't by the tax. From the homes from the residence. So. -- administrator. Lisa dot -- being secure and attacks as well so. But I this is the physical gruesome. -- -- -- -- And no John Jeff rather and everybody hears this immediately say aha more pimples but it wasn't. No these were. These were you know the code -- leaders -- a religion from Italy the peace McCain course he's there -- They can be a two -- 150 pounds and accomplish. Very similar in the way of a palpable very huge competitive large jaws -- -- senator. More -- your more lean body. But to. In doing our own research -- -- say American Kennel Club. Read on the website you know bowl -- is incidences. Aggressive breed. Movements in prospers. You know. Can can lead to attacks are very. So it was. It's it's it it it said you know this about a dog for definitely. Should be you know don't meet a lot of attention on exercise like them one on one supervision and so. You that that popular since you know it's it's not a not a breed dog it's recommended for you to be certainly. Looked a little problem and in this case it would appear postal -- Napster subsidies need brand on the -- long drive and talk after this man. -- -- So. It gives ourselves -- say this I saw a dog in one of these big bucks pet stores where he's supposed to bring your pants. And it was leading. Controlling. Totally a guy that was like I don't know. A hundred to 130 pounds and I thought in this trouble -- -- happen because these dogs are really terrifying to look at if you look at the size of the head. And the size of the neck and an upper body I guess you'd call looked like you. Talking about arm so are there any criminal charges pending here for that the person that failed to control dogs especially considering the dogs that a tax money -- Exactly what that that's that's penny that they could -- that can happen stories today the local police department were compiling there are the reports too to. -- Kerry were to the prosecutor's office in the -- Olympic that we would suspect so it'll especially the industry. So that it can happen with an excuse not to the next couple days is that it's Donald but the prosecutor's office and with input again from local and control in the local police departments but. We -- we would we suspect there will be some kind of you know more serious charge on the backed -- -- -- here. So the dog was bred originally these mean courses and is it correct to what was it two other holes -- there there. -- and again and they're right in the adult web site is there there were on a it is dark in -- menacing. Very very. Wrong and it very loyal you know so if if you merely. As military police units of Houston. In your poll dot com. -- you know and so. We don't we don't really handle a quick frankly if if these -- just -- first personal pets. I mean -- they've they've worked except the turtles been allegations that it was also. The order was breeding these talks of them and so that's something that an on premise is that this whole. And so that's against the the world looking into. Endemic to our local ordinances and whatnot and still achieve what you can do before becomes a business if you bring your dog is her home. And so that's that's what we know as far as that aspect of the story. Any community has there been any any reaction any call for blow outlawing the dogs are having some kind of fun. Special license -- -- them. No but well what are we we have in our typical child and to just people opponents don't often talk about issues and it just phone just explode and we -- with. Most of mentioned there are people saying com. You know. I mean -- -- of inflection and the tragedy would or could this happen but most are reflecting on the -- like what could be that -- that has. Two -- Two to the doctor. One is who's being litigated once in court. You know these officers that there were serious injuries such -- a little bit before. Hospital reconstructive surgery. So. That's the political -- that I mean I took this option -- Hitler. If you had two -- has talks still lives you know. Can't post -- chocolate what's the process that you know and and political -- and other it is dog -- or even now and saying. Just reflecting what he had been on the road to work or try to drive because -- you know -- -- -- Cox -- hospital he must become an offense and total -- a lot of that. We're out of time just to be clear Jeff this is the third time the dog attacked. While thank you Jeff appreciate -- time and sorry we are out of time have a great day Jeff -- editor of the county press and if you Google. On cane Corso and as the dog that I saw in the pet store and I mentioned this couple weeks ago. This thing looks like a monster and I love dogs but this is this is terrifying it's like something you would see. In a in a cartoon former something or some kind of comic book. So should a dog be put down after the a dangerous -- be put down after the first time attacks or taken away from the owner. And if your pit bull owner does this make you feel in -- way indicated they NC there are other big threatening dogs in a lot of ways. Might be even worse then a -- 716 timely to Traficant for that we go to Terrell Robinson. 739 David Blake so many times when you hear about a fatal dog attack you automatically default. To pit bull but in this case it's not it's. -- course those that got out and third time matter affected the -- has been a human being and it -- does get a death and when you look at a picture of this dog and it really is a big. Mom trying to better about the size of a pit bull -- but what scared me so much about this is the size of their head in the neck. Maybe the fact that it was pulling this guy world -- a buck and maybe but thirty. Around the store and -- and other dogs pulling him or not and yet he had no control of this are all off. And I would imagine with some breeds if you if you train it properly and spent a lot of attention on it then. From. Then used -- people haven't safely and contain an -- We're gonna posters on our website under Tommy's. Recommended reading and our homework -- take up a look at this dog and and I think the question is. It to me why do people handled. These big dangerous dogs and if you have one I'm gonna judge you I just don't understand it. Why you would want something and this dangerous in your home around your family I know and like -- eleven and ever heard word year pact and 24 hours you know but even then you better make sure that. The dog is under control while -- noses itchy -- that you're the master or not it. Texans in bully breed apologist typically misunderstand the argument it's not that bully breeds are more vicious. But that there are more dangerous. And I don't think they mean bully here in terms of kick in sand in your face I think -- -- of people derivative in other words all things being equal would be easier to fight off any other breed. Then it would a bully brie also does say that these dogs require a more attention another bird dogs is to tacitly admit they do behave differently. -- other breeds. So -- gimme a call if you will here let's shoot the -- a -- 60187. Until 3866. 889087. They get the phone lines going to enhance some conversation this morning. About dangerous dogs. Is there a dog that you would not -- and that you would not want your neighbor to owner perhaps. The neighbor did own and it caused some trouble and have you ever been bitten by a dog. 26018780386. Exit 8908 Stephanie and I of their dogs of which you have. Legitimate beard just by looking at them and I -- -- -- these Cain of course those scare the you know what out of me. On pit bulls don't like them at all now I know statistically there are other dogs like. Mass tips and doberman doberman be another when scares me is rose as well as a Rottweiler. You tell mate thing about it you -- cult Tommy Tucker back in a flash on WW. Tommy Tucker another WL talking about a fatal cane Corso attack. And now Michigan is a third time the dog had attacked the human well it finally accomplished I guess its goal. Which is mauling has got to detonate -- only imagine what a terrible death this would be. And we're asking and -- ready jaguar opinion polls should a dangerous dog be put down after it attacks a person just one time. Three quarters of viewers saying yes and get a text that says you sound like a duty. I don't know that means BTW worry how scared of you -- dogs and I'm not is afraid of dogs at all I've had German shepherds as a kid growing up. And now smaller dogs and now I have boxer that I -- -- loves so I'm not afraid of of well behaved dogs at all but if you have ever been. In a neighborhood of a cane Corso. That was pulling its master around if you would levered. You know the text it is about being -- -- I would like to put you next of this dog and see if you turned into a whatever you whatever attitude he has. Especially when this was going on -- there's -- better than they -- on them with you there's a -- of the 911 call. -- urgency couldn't a couple of -- I'm very adamant they act out there I can't act if you can't at. The -- And okay. And then let it heat it -- I can't understand you -- hate. The company. I guess I need any extra -- And I'm OK NME and -- I've got a lot of. Now I know. And that 911 operators have to get the details and and that. Tom Cole it seemed as though. Com the lady because of the the -- in the terror wasn't able to -- for the location. But a lot of times it seems like in and look. I know everybody does the best they -- but it seems like equal. -- they're asking a lot of questions and I know the address was critical here but. I would -- and it would address what kind of dog and gambit dates she. When I laid off what do you mean what kind of dog it is that we -- we sort this out later. Linda in Marrero good morning your debit W well -- IU. Me what's on your -- up. That are currently at. The free. People and they're -- -- But I think the thing that's what -- branch or. For that double. So protection it like at a greatly. Material. The -- By. -- Mean. They. Deal. So should people be able and doesn't get a taxi time. Because it OK I think it. All. That you sent from one is a long answer out by the time. -- -- -- -- The -- was repeated throughout yeah. And as -- pretty short to me that I. Care. I understand of what your wallet but but seriously I mean I think that and no disrespect to you. I think it's kind of foolish to say -- and I hope you -- joke and -- viewers afraid of a two dollars due to Wally you're the cane Corso. -- -- -- OK and I'll and one thing I thought it telling that back well I can get a way you can get old and an attack by people would like it but it you know. A lot on my door right drug agent a little weight that the army. You don't have to happen under control. At -- yet I'll forget it. I get a collection it says I know how to behave around big dogs that would not be scared I go to dog park -- -- ground hasn't dog park last week. But I guarantee if there was a full grown -- we're still running around it would get everybody's attention. Thank you Linden and his suspected text but I think it's but it is never seen one of these notes in person Norman in -- morning -- Devin WL. Hey -- OEU -- doing under the W good morning. I'm Barack town cemetery -- any story. And sharing in the war straight rate. Of great army trained on how to better. Rock or problems -- -- but -- I want him and we directed and it would not train your as you would it will be part. And in the -- you are. There. You have it. People keep coming back because. It on the -- -- -- -- Well. An imprint on my dog -- albeit -- That they were pretty. Our move on me. I yell and I got to a box him -- in the same way that it will actually go when I tell it to go in and I. That it had done everything you know I mean he can't produce but. I'm just saying that if it's time to go out in the yard and you say go whatever word you wanna use the dog will do it and Anna -- sure from the beginning with this boxer. That you know we play and we have fun and sometimes my daughter and I have to talk about this because. She knows to -- -- it's a rough house with a but I I tell you know is to be a seven pound dog with a a big -- jaws and and we need to make sure that it knows what's acceptable and what's not and now's the time to teach it. What I would when we we -- -- -- very proud. You are on her door. You'd -- people are -- or. -- -- Vertigo our -- we attribute for somebody to go. And in -- -- And we never. Well and it and another. -- -- -- larger. Than it is and -- -- an -- hectoring and -- At the wrong. It would lead advances. -- Part -- couldn't or wouldn't or. Well thank him ready cult. -- -- Norman record temporary. Are there ready jaguar painful when a big dog a dangerous dog does attacking human the first time it should be put down. Our. At first. You know. It's a first advocate. In other well it's important that investigations are now what are the dog bit don't go crazy. Wouldn't that brought. Probably need to -- -- that the person in the big court it's a broken now. But it's a good answer actually I guess is yes and is bringing house no but if if the dog just attacked -- thank him so glad you called Norman have a good day. Texans and -- don't get the cane Corso. Massive switcher I think two different dogs -- listen up with pit bulls they do have the same mind set and won before and was just as nice as my boxer I am well this was a cane Corso then attacked. And mall this guy and I think. We what's going on here is the cane Corso course owner I'm guessing is saying and not to pit bulls it's not cane Corso and a pit bull peoples say none Alex Hodges pit -- It's other dogs is well 754 time -- Traficant that -- -- -- Robinson.

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