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WWL>Topics>>7-28 8:10am Tommy, do guns make you safer?

7-28 8:10am Tommy, do guns make you safer?

Jul 28, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether more guns make us safer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David it is football time saints' training camp here's an easier and -- teamed evidently you know all up in there resonant pros Bobby Hebert hokey guys John. The voice of the saints Jim Henderson. Plus big chief Deke Bellavia who is nowhere near as Big -- use to -- job. 210 pounds says -- amazing. Sainz a reporter Christine Garrett whom I believe is putting on weight to buy gas there. In Jersey Steve Geller working hard to bring you the best coverage of the black and gold breaking saints news. Live training camp updates coach on -- daily take on practice exclusive. Saints player interviews plus daily training camp recaps and videos of any regatta -- our people up there and of answers are Wallace's only our resident grows India. And over at the shows listen double coverage live from Greenbrier West Virginia every weekday morning from. Six until nine honors this decision three WL thirteen fifty. On the AM dialed in join us here for sports talk for Italy PM. In over -- saints' training camp specials Saturday and Sunday three till six concert covered like a blanket well we are the hub for Arizona saints football. Your -- you got a TV station you know maybe from somewhere in the state got one guy honor and a camera guy if we've got like ten people it's like. Lot of times TV guy -- -- self -- -- on -- I've seen that ended the easily in my hands and -- on Wednesday moved to the left isn't my left the left and it just the mass. Com we had a conversation before talking about dogs and dangerous dogs. At a FaceBook question do you blame the dog in the owner and Qaeda has said anybody who blames dog's pretty stupid it's the owner's fault. And I get another text here that says. The problem is you put the blame and went to outlaw or put the dog down -- all it is doing is what is it the it is bred to do. Hello to put blame on the owner of that neither of these dogs in any training such -- -- stay in heels. Think these dogs were also bred to bring down some -- deem as well as being -- on so I don't know. If that makes the point that. You know the dog was brought Brad rather to bring down a bowl line -- one -- do you think bear. And I saw Rhodesian Ridgeback the other day and -- human -- immigrants born. Anyway announces timing my German shepherd mauled a burglar in my garage holy ground after an expense of legal battle. We managed to save him from being put down now in that case I think it's. A tragedy to put a dog down talk about too -- sort of grow -- homefront that is just nuts and everything that's wrong with gum. -- are you said it many times today when we get a story whether it's or shooting or whatever and the victim does that one go on record hey I got hurt. I broke him I got hurt its. Making of that David you let me nicely into were gonna talk about this hour as well no guests just phone calls on this one. Com it happened last week in in the Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania and then a suburb from a psychiatric patient went in. -- his gun and bomb kills a caseworker. And a psychiatrist 52 years old veteran doctors had agrees moon today ahead. So form but what millimeters. Did tenths of inches he would be dead yeah. But that's when. The doctors sprang into action because despite being -- they had the doctor pulled his weapon. And put three bullets in the attack here in a police as saying without doubt. This saved a whole bunch of lives while that's score that's an incredible story so I think in the and then when you talk about this carjacking. At this area that all of us go to hunt all of persons. Or go to that place on Bobble 600 block abominable and -- if you wondering where that is its right. Where you get on the inner state -- heading south and -- I don't mean. Attention and already there twice last three they got -- and it's again it's a big LHU fans if you know about the big truck and everything he's got in front of his house. Right that same area 39 year old woman fourteen year old daughter. Pulled behind a green Ford Explorer or now they -- in the explorer pulled in front ever. Like I would tattoos wearing complex nature but about a semiautomatic -- told -- garnered get out of the car. Not a person and for description descriptive purposes a black man -- dreads a semiautomatic rifle approach the daughter on the passenger's side of the vehicle. At the same time now in that case. And does it now get about this is why they were there and lying. What we're very up to write in my with the jacket -- -- -- nature of exact points and ticker a cobalt lead and make any sense not there might be another story beyond the story I don't know. I think they're having a press conference at 10 o'clock Jordan's -- John fortune -- and chair of Newman norm norm Norman at 10 o'clock so. We'll talk about all of that do you carry a weapon Tom do you think if more people carried a weapon. At work the workplace shootings would go away where anybody contemplating it would think you know what and I gonna make. Much of an impact here because chances are some guys can take it now. So basically the psychiatric patient. Shoots -- takes the assailant down after he killed one person and did his best to shoot the guy that pulled his weapon. So you think it makes the argument for more or less guns. And would it have made a difference with this woman and her daughter. In the event of this carjacking. An -- and abominable and I tanning and 600 block abominable and area. That world that hundreds of times a year maybe a month at least dozens of times each month. And you arm and he knew collar. And would you hesitate to shoot at some money tried -- Tommy Tucker give me -- will talk when we come back under the W. Nineteen Tommy Tucker talking about guns. And it carjacking that happened at bottom baloney I 109451. Saturday night -- what did you think. When you heard that did did you think my lord in heaven we're not safe anywhere. And put yourself in that position it's 945 Saturday night and sells on bond -- -- on the interstate. Where maybe go all the way through and Metairie road and around the ultimate destination ones. And somebody jumps out in front of you with a gun. At that point. Now put yourself in that situation at that point. You want a gun and a car. Or not. And do you have anywhere with all the coach Holland has the courage. Shoot and hope that you get the person. Hope that you. Inflicted wound where they can't kill him so that they can't shoot back. Element the other guy. So in that situation I don't know of a gun would have made them safer or not I do know this. That I may be dead right now but I would have tried. He shoot whoever it was it was carjacking me once I -- weapons person to be to drive away. Presuming that they're not -- -- -- -- as though it's some kind of action movie years and kind of mob hitters on the net they're just trying to get the car. And and I set a Chevy cobalt no disrespect to Chevy cobalt. But he got a text that said it's not about the -- about the right victim. And I said that the right victim to accomplish like get a vehicle and -- and of carjackers care about. What kind of card is I was always under the presumption and I could be wrong. That it was after a high end cars -- be taken to chop shops etc. but. Maybe I'm wrong. And other taxes -- the logic of having more guns would stop crime. Isn't it also logical to think that if there were less guns crime wouldn't happen. Honestly think the real problem is that there's just too many useless people on the planet. So would you talk about his I get rid of guns you're -- I get rid of people. Saw Heidi you define him as useless and boy you think you got a discussion on your hands and I get -- guns. Let's just get rid of people. And then there's this text that says. In the state of Louisiana those with mental disorders cannot by law owning -- Both banks for that but this is Pennsylvania. And -- think his guns legally obtained I don't think most of the crime that happens in this country. Is obtained. Or is. Happens -- is committed with legally obtained guns. Make LT 601878038668890878. Another text comes in and says Tommy I was so by an attorney if you use deadly force on -- person it's better if you kill them. And I would things alone measure in the right but if you look at what Mary Landry went through in these political times. I don't know you tell me 822 time we get traffic that we had a terrible. Robbins yeah. Tommy Tucker talking about guns and a Pennsylvania doctors that. Was able to stop a psychiatric patient that went on -- -- attempted to go on a shooting spree. He shoots the assistant Danny tries to shoot the doctor the bullet -- is as head at this point. The doctor has the presence of mind to draw his weapon put three into the guy that money did the psychiatric patient in the police say he saved a -- -- lives by deal and is. So would you would you feel better if people around you workplace were armed. And you news that okay if somebody comes in here and tries to issued and tan -- brand or bowler. Fiona. Are gonna put him down. I would. And I I wouldn't have a problem with people and we're pleased -- arms along as they were. I guess certified in the use of the weapon which brings a suit concealed carry permit. And Jordan was asked in his during the break and I think it's a good question. And that is do you drive around with your doors -- you make sure their locked the the door locks on Mike junker or so are so broke in. Half the time -- liked have to time they're not. Now nonstop that try to be very aware of what's going on around me and every now and and so -- vehicle market up whatever reason I didn't see him and it it angers me that. I try to be aware. At any stops on any light and sometimes. People get through. Sun and -- awareness is enough to protect yourself. Any other thing is that when you go to gas station. Or you're just -- inside and some reason McCarty leave the keys. Is I never do I always take them with me. They get -- is no way this car's gonna get stolen which brings us to. -- some research that they've done at Wayne state university in Michigan. Center for urban studies. And they say one of the reasons -- carjackings are up is because it's harder and just steal a car. All it -- years ago was a brick -- screwdriver or maybe a -- jam. And punch up a lot breakout being nations switched with a couple of wires together and they're gone. They -- with the new cars though not as easy to steal. And the other one is quick easy cash. The lure of quick easy cash. For parts where the cars. Chopped up as soon as they still would bring in over there -- in some text from yell same policy you know use it for another crime they don't care what kind of car it is. But I think they are look in the coordinates research for specific cars now in terms of protecting yourself. The study said the highest risk for carjacking between 10 PM 2 AM on Friday and Saturday. The one it happened. -- in Metairie was about 945 on Saturday night highest risk locations commercial business strips. The armed thieves can hang out with so drawn too much attention. Loitering high note and those places weakness striking -- slam and again right here gas stations party source of the top of the list. And you're likely to be accosted when return and your car. So have you ever been close to being carjacked and you think you know wanna I -- gun in a car a couple of minutes earlier. Then who knows what would happen. Went to his like this lady yet EA EA get a -- about someone -- hitting until we get down then there's the old bump and rob. Where theaters bought the new car from behind when you get out to check for damage they get the drop on. And of course there's this situation where he gets money hanging around outside your house. And they get to just as you head into the car or the driveway. But there are some things that you're supposed to do to prevent it we'll talk about that when we come back. Once archeology 601870. Toll free 866889087. Have you ever felt unsafe in the car like when panhandlers come up to via. And have you ever had to when I got stories like this and people. Sand and a producer weapon pointed at the person and they backed off otherwise they don't know what would've happened. And he carry a gun in your car. I will pass on answering that question but I like to hear from you and we'll give you. An anonymous name or number if you like under the collar identity. Protection program right now time for double W offers news. And I would go to David -- I here's the deal. I think the reasons social media went so crazy -- About this carjacking on Saturday night and was so many of us and so many of our loved ones. Are in that area at that time I don't care if it's shop and I don't care if it's eating dinner. And I could have been my wife and teenage son exactly my point -- another area I think. You're under the impression sometime -- -- as you stay out of a quote bad error a term you're safe from crime arm. And you know. I don't know we we talk to colonel John fortune and I'm not a press conference at 10 o'clock I think they're expected to release more details Jordan is that it not limited -- -- him. At 10 o'clock. And I don't know what you do and that situation. Because I get carrying a gun to protect yourself but if somebody comes at you with a gun to -- car. Do you really wanna get into a Dodge City. Kinda gotten see that's. Harry and have the courage to do it. Where do you think there's a better way. I you know we need police advice on the -- and I'm gonna suspect they're gonna tell you to give him and given the car. I'll -- my -- that is once. Like they made this lady and her daughter according the story lie down now. Once you do that you're right here Emerson you are and there they don't want to cars and they want you or your child then. You're in deep trouble I wanted you really wanna get into -- gunfire body filled a daddy gets in the car next CUW weapon. You lived Nikhil -- before you do yeah. They do you -- It's a tough situation. Have you ever known anybody has been carjacked have you David personally have been robbed no. Armed robbery. I know and any either. So will open a phone lines of that tune of courses are right amount I say that and we remember of course the incident -- scooter that. Where it was moral problem -- But it was a robbery you know I was out of town for that those that doesn't count. Callers are right now -- I say they'll tell you there's Syria out he hurt that's exactly yeah he was roughed up Alba. And I get a taxes I am a little too few blocks and Tommy went there because it's safe wife's freaking out. Nolan says don't stop and help and -- quite know what that means but. You know I don't know what you do I think Patricia in Slidell here might have. The idea when I would do or worse and it would you suggest of people that they do pay Patricia good morning and -- WL. Tammy. I would put the pedal to the metal and let things take their chances. They wouldn't like that might have been damaged that they would have been also if they can gotten out of the way he never embrace that. -- -- -- And this might be movies stuff but you know and now police officer never surrenders is weapons. Because you lose complete control of the situation at that point and boy -- you know that's a tough situation I don't know what you do and and you presume. That they're not an issue today to that they just want the car but if you. Footage you said the panel to the metal then all of a sudden they're thinking you're trying to to run over me and without. Thinking about it maybe just an emotional reaction on their part because let's face -- these aren't the the best adjusted individuals in the world because -- they were they wouldn't be attempt in the Jacqui car. Then they spread a couple of bullets into the back and you're your child take one NA NA header in the back you know. That's right he never. Never never never be quite yet. And that this same thing -- somebody approaches you at gas station -- again overnight. You don't let -- Scary you used last you do it and get get a link. But Trish I appreciate you collar really do and stay safe and be aware. You -- 6018780386. Exit 890878. A Texans in the flag down the automobile acting like they needed help -- with the news at one stories and then the other one said that. In essence the explorer pulled in front of them to keep them from movements I guess we'll get the details on that with colonel fortune auto attack -- but. We if this is true what they said it would you know you need help I can't I can't -- -- myopia. See my tail lights is I take off his woman do ms. Jones morning on Devin WL. Ms. Jones. How much in your life if you suffered. From that Billy Paul song. Mean has Jones that you suffered with analyze. It. Nine I just wondering with a name is judgments on me in his Jones. And it. Apparently had scared the color of didn't mean to do it which is kitten. Maybe she's in a bad cells so we're gonna do here. -- all okay we'll tell me about your being carjacked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Can you want to know you can't walk out -- -- -- -- -- And and how many people in the -- And throw. It in the cock. And they took your car that our god it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did they tell you to get -- car. And I'm able and you didn't you ever wonder what would have happened had you gotten into it. Actually look at it and I -- because that you can't even pay back into it in the car he had. When it built to share partly -- We to a trickle back aren't you they probably can't get the right field. Because Al Gore -- dictate attack that. Home -- well. Paul you know rightly and we're happy so you know the -- -- it would. How long did it take you to get back to normal or I do. -- normal I'm not I felt. Being cardinal yeah. And I and then they get. You know back -- back until now I'd get caught. Ms. Jones contagious -- Paranoid -- don't have legitimate enemies and as you well know that there aren't people out there ready to repeal -- lord knows if you got in a car. Eight that the fact is that -- sheer act guarantees term. In state or if you are not being -- -- Well thank you. The good lord was much needed religion -- and yeah. Well thank you so much for Colin albeit a good day. And I wind in his understanding you've been at 84614. Before nine we will continue. -- conversation. When we come back this is no. Disrespect to ms. Jones all like those of you did notice talking about. This is a song. That answers. If she suffered grateful will be back -- that it -- I Johnny Tucker I think it's outrageous that somebody should get carjacked on honorable and expand on Saturday night. 02 Indians -- but it really don't know what I would have done in that situation. If you want somebody spraying bullets at a card that your kid is in. But conversely you don't wanna get out of -- on line now inning of every bit of control Lucy -- -- a good morning your -- WL. How you deal are you angry about this -- contact our inaudible. Because you feel nowhere is safe -- That battle in acts. I mean I have a -- in her concealed weapon when you -- pretty quiet -- they go through all current scenario. Want when you have a right. Usual current. And it right. What would you have done in that case of everything we know from Saturday night. -- you get your gun and a car yet to concealed carry permit you've had the training. What they tell you to do -- would you have done. It bit of content Jacob -- I wouldn't show them and -- and it into it they had a gun I could use it. Now wants but once you show them in the gun. They are armed do you think they suited you -- a -- -- Saying it -- they had a gun coming acne. Did they ever tell -- But did they ever tightening concealed carry permit to show that done unless you're absolutely ready to use it. -- So they said if you show it get ready to drop the hammer. Got you but it ignored that and you showed -- -- Well you know court and I. It can't any qualms about shooting yeah I don't think I. You know after -- -- -- client what they show you. What they do to keep in different people can do the people. I was we have very using. Actually and my children my children. So what he -- like COLT. -- constantly. Quote. Quote automatic and I. Florida times. While a new proficient -- and you can use. -- Night thank you lose in lady called Wednesday's. Check -- -- and children. I have a friend that was the bullet that hit the police. And eco term effect I had kind of -- Claiborne -- talent that's out our. They can -- standing on the corner. He started coming in and that was there health -- -- and he started coming or acts and her logistical. You know it was rhetoric I -- and he told me that any parent you're Indian -- Especially when it's still -- and you feel that area. It's threatening our Q8 everybody gets a loitering. Check if any court apparently you're not old rhetoric right. Got -- elusive bush Libya heavies like you said very very careful and I got to ask you one more question which he has -- made you up for that kind of firepower because as up. Big powerful weapon -- 45 semi auto. And. From my ignorant material. They know what I have why aren't you -- it's not a big big -- can handle my current addiction. Got to Lucy we got to run him I'm glad you are -- -- -- they paid 55. Timely to traffic for that we go to terror.

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