WWL>Topics>>7-28-14 10:10am Garland: on flood protection

7-28-14 10:10am Garland: on flood protection

Jul 28, 2014|

Garland talks with Steve Estopinal of Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection and Dr. Bob Thomas of Loyola University about the lack of maintenance to the protective flood wall around New Orleans.

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Welcome Banco. -- I have some blunt. -- appear reboot wired. Web site. I do a regular basis shall so. -- dot com. A web sites that true innovation creativity and do things that are coming. And there was so long articles about boarded the runners decided to. Go to counseling give -- their electric powered cars in ten week 11100. Mile cross. And is really introducing what we have to go through and the good parts and bad parts. And -- -- -- to look edited we -- could be and I emphasized. Could be the future. A logo and ovation love Newt that in. A bribe. Hybrid. -- powered core -- it's huge terrific automobile. But all electorate to mean he looks like we're gonna lead so much infrastructure. -- that -- we're gonna get -- but it -- talked to and an expert. Associate editor at wired that took the trip. End. We're gonna talk about Israel. Big debate of course from what's going on between Israel and Gaza and -- laws. But there was of our re introducing or released I thought so and their Spiegel. On the big German web site. And ended the the former head. Of Israel's. Internal -- terror. Game and he. View. On what he sees in this conflict. Think we're hearing if you read that you would assume it's only liberal. Out. Doing an opinion please. But it's the former head of the military Peruvian true and military operations and who -- So we'll talk to an expert to on Asia and the Middle East. And more at 11 o'clock. Our own and do something as a follow. The one of -- -- many things wrong with the media today. Is that we go for the fire -- crowded auditorium. In order to get should -- -- -- three. And seldom do we have we'll go back. In -- insists he actually won. And I keep on file and things like businesses. 2013. Well article from the Libyans. And his talks about -- looming financial crisis for a new fourteen billion dollar system. And I had forgotten things 220 Michael Long. Three parishes and ball. So one dual follow up report. And we have missed the first two efforts to upon -- stupid. And you're gonna get that wrong and try and sort implement and use the got a big shot at -- and your crowd and told -- Thrown from his -- -- rumors and and you're the president felt the review upload protection. Entity in. Order cancellations is there's still a Clinton crisis looming as have been. There's been no answer renders the funding crisis won't mean. A lot of it has to do with -- incredibly high. Future. Operation and maintenance costs. Somebody has to do with where is gonna have to be done to bring them. Level protection not to a satisfactory. Level. We already. Underfunded. Four. Just simple one Campbell what we have now so it's going to be it's a little mean. It's a looming problem. And I don't serious solution to it. Did did you say bring it up to grade. And then. Bring it up to acceptable standard in the lead to well of for insurance purposes date date user what it calls a hundred year of the 1% storm. Ball. It -- our opinion by our means that members of our party. That the protection system we have right now does not meet the hundred year our requirement. All the corps of engineers has certified it for insurance purposes for FEMA. That's a different situation. We don't think it gets to that stage yet we would like to improve the system. -- 500. Our year event which is still pretty pork for metropolitan area for the major cities in the world. That's still fairly pork. Although. It -- that's the goal would like to get to but right now. Our is our opinion that we don't quite meet the hundred year. -- -- remember correctly and balloons with where their structures at silica a thousand year. I did back 101000 -- and about something like that all of the date and they are. They are faced with a different. Dynamic. All stalled surge changes for the Netherlands are minuscule compared to storm's surge potentials. That we have -- in the metropolitan -- Config -- what I would like -- go through this news story. Piece by piece set of the repugnant these updating a few jokes going to and the region and I'm fascinated by this huge reason I'd do some of these shows -- Whether we're talking about broken drinkable water pipes the money we need for the policeman only windy with the -- money would be for the road money money money. You seldom hear OK here's where we money. And in it would seem to leave the business community the political communities sooner or later. As to save two laws. You're not protected. Or you don't even have basic infrastructure. Because we can order -- and now we're gonna have to -- Are -- right back. We got the expert from B of selfish and we've got to plug protection the authority of the president. If you have questions about this news 200 mile plus ball. We have -- to -- average is now gives call 26018. Somebody told free. And we're in the country -- that it stated no and zero who says. A problem Israel not making fun of everybody. It's funeral were making -- were period bills. -- boring about life in general on the block time to think about of the things. But we have -- for at least one of -- 220 mile. They're the call that chain of mud ball on through walls few balls around New Orleans basically fourteen billion dollars worth. When I mention a little step be anger over their bone bruise during on this the -- ball. That's -- the border while we've got no. Wanted labor do our governor of Leo pretty -- -- opinion -- -- peace in any portion of the wall protecting New Orleans. 70% of -- -- you know. When we get better educated we have Steve and stay open all. President of southeast Louisiana plus protection. Of its -- understand. That on one hand we should be thrilled. We've got fourteen billion dollar worth protection. On the other hand am -- right that we're gonna have a 34 million dollar your maintenance. Well if we're lucky it'll only be 34 million dollar and we have you know the protection. The big wall of all it is is wonderful protection but flood protection -- test about -- strong has tested both -- week. Oh we have our problems within the surge barrier which is probably one of the fantastic instruction shall have received but it it has a problem in as much as we have. A barge sector gate that were not allowed to close when we wanna close we have to. Operated according to a manual we would like to have it closed -- and our hurricane season and maybe that'll be adjusted. But that's a weak link that becomes a a Brantley can ash -- chain of protection. What is why is that. A problem musical opened because of pure commerce. You did it yes sir it was at Wrigley it was designed. To only be open win. The sector gates. Were close to repair. And then that got demanded. To where it's open all the time. Except. Within 36 hours -- -- landfall the storm. Or some -- -- number like that of course you've probably enough to know on this compound you don't get 36 hours notice that has gone on strike. And also the -- gate this -- gate is very difficult operate. On under ideal conditions. Variable rates -- tied its its it's very problematic and it has just deeply concerned. And we tried very hard to change regulations to allow us to close throughout the entirety of hurricane season. -- -- -- Do we have the expertise for the maintenance. Are yet that we that we are developing. We have develop the expertise to operate it and we'll have the expertise for the maintenance. Ball near the one of those things or is going to be inexpensive but we have -- development expertise fork ball. The cortege gators. May wind up being in the law entities that operate again a column but we would still have a -- -- vault with that. So it's not like takes the burden -- those financially. But. The fact that it remains open is is very problematic. Two loss. On -- all -- all the maintenance things or while hiding in the weeds and we're we're very very worried about. On the big key wall that they have around. A lot of the area. Was so. Was not designed with operations maintenance and mine has. All well if you just think that inverted T that would be the cross section of the concrete. Barrier wall. You can see it. I guess if you go out to where. A late 46 cuts right through it you couldn't see it. -- home. It looks like a great Google it and agree Google tall wall and and it has a concrete -- Which makes a Petit. But the problem is because it's on -- it has the differential supplied rate. And Eric oblivion and need it and origins can be created underneath that. The real fly in the ointment. Is that the steel pot holes. Often she possibly use to support this wall. Or put in without any treatment for -- So we have the policy animal green environments that absolutely have no treatment for -- And that is a terrible problem because when it comes time to replace these. We essentially have to redo the whole -- Called I don't know how -- that it's it's. It's got -- more than just a little concerned. Bo -- for a loop through again we're doing and follow up report. I'm looking good news report from over in that over Euro. But I -- this sentence if the flood protection authority which were president can't find depicts. The only alternative. Would be bond issues at rates that could be -- news to me in the community. Is is that still true. Well is it if he. If you go with the old -- bombed out who has paid for ourselves. That would be true. There's there's probably going to be some all characters -- a -- disastrous. What does not mean. See in the future. That. Would generate. Internally. Within the protected area the kind of funds we're going to need. Two law. Bring this system up to a five year protection. Maintain. And a hundred year protection and how they were 200 years yet. There's no way that the people in these districts are going to be able -- with that kind of money is just not gonna happen. So would -- turned. I don't know. Addressed in the crowd very hard to figure out one I'd love to somebody could Kumble with one. Of the federal government not -- to to write a check anymore. The state Louisiana doesn't have two Nickels to rub together. It's pretty bleak. Do you do you have in the businesses. Chamber of commerce does -- count. Ever come to you talk to you talked to them and say. They'll do we get past that this is based sick. You're gonna bring the biz -- you're gonna capability and you're good but you -- moved to a home here this is our only protection. Well law. No we haven't at least I haven't been I just came on as president. -- as a result of some other situations that you may have heard about. All it would Ito would eat -- there's missed the community. The business community when you say well you know are things are real good this year the development did teary. May be and 1520 years. All of the ability to come doom and command line. Parties -- Heidi stock compensation. And not things that ground. Out in the future. Well if proved correct -- you buy them into veteran -- -- Well look at the situation -- your ago and I do follow up report on it. Sounds like it's gotten a little bit worse and we really don't know what's gonna happen. If and when the -- starts sinking. Well it's not that it's gotten worse it's just who began to recognize. Some decisions this situation was there at all. Yes the levees as -- society. The entire Atlanta subsiding. And -- subside at different rates based upon a myriad of factors. Other sponsor it is increased missed on certain risk is increasing because Atlantis subsiding. Because we're losing a lot of the surface features that disrupts storm surge -- -- and so we have an increase in surge and we have a subsiding. Blown -- Protection system. Which means we have to be continuously vigilant. And -- maintaining and improving. All the detection system meant to be very very. Aside about developing the kind of models and help us understand the true threat we face. -- this Smithson an incredible. Incredibly important -- would action and I would submit most people just don't know about it. As this goes long loved to have to come back -- and and get into more detail than. Maybe bring on some officials talked the talk about potential answers. Well -- -- -- -- right across my -- and the it. Without McClellan the -- gives all the agents of mud of the art -- thank you. -- I think that's collapsing to keep. -- -- Of the bill brigade celebrity immoral five the we're doing something good the media seldom goes including me and -- followed report on the road. There review important issues. Bet I would submit -- -- including -- -- dollar jobs. A -- -- bio on wetland losses and all the things they aren't connected. And a pulled -- -- from February 2013. Ball -- rule article in the live and and -- of funding crisis looms for a fourteen billion dollar hurricane protection system. I think I'll -- little interesting anecdote here. -- it was a little staff meeting in the said to him you know. Where Britain dual followup on the great wall of New Orleans have what you talk about that -- these strictly. 200 mile laws bull that's been built ground essentially ignored and or use of -- And that some movement ball and we dual double the bureau project board opinion blow. Have you seen. In the portions of the ball protection round you'll instantly present. Say no and analog mixed -- have been about a world too busy to. To really look at that kind of detail. But what's kind of bright and I just talked to the president and so these -- -- protection. Association authority. That is in charge of maintaining those making sure worlds. Fixing things when they go wrong. And what I said. Born alive when I questioned -- I expected since it was more than a year later. You're ranchers and -- Is itself 34. Million dollars a year. -- an annual maintenance. That we don't. And he said yeah. And then revealed. This -- some which everybody says the 100 year. System. Is -- He said it's still enough to -- that work on. So the professor. That often turn dude still able millions client -- Which I think cast their -- out -- competency. Is back with -- Bob Thomas director of the center for her little communications at two more doctoral welcome back of the -- -- you surprised that that. 34 million dollars -- from maintenance and I think but -- and has been turned over -- And there's nobody in -- Well yeah that's something that weekly news. We we were scared. -- the whole process of rebuilding. All systems -- here who are going to be 12. Maintained. And the course. When you're when your -- protection back. Those are ballot questions but fair and not something that governs your daily work. -- daily work to get those levees back up. Always thinking that there's going to be some ways an -- future. But we're pretty much need to -- down the pike. But a lot of people that are Georgia like to let -- -- like. Here and -- and the city knows it that we can't afford it and they certainly don't have much. And that -- -- -- article you're talking about parceled it John Kerry the market. Everybody thinks like because we're looking at a lot of money in the bank. But that might disappear rapidly and that -- and it's not gonna be replenished. It's a level that we need to take care of these Lebanese. And I that -- I think the number count the number is fourteen. Elliott does our annual. Operation 120 million. Our. Participation in the cost that sort of federal government. And admitted it. Yet for that -- for thirty year so it is at least set 600 billion dollar problem that's -- on the plight. We we can't you know right now you've got people -- it to the -- Large audience of people -- -- seats because so many have been maybe the first and they thought about this. But unfortunately. Here's the way human nature works we each get out the following that we get back to what we have to do. And it kind of slips out of -- even though it may pop back when somebody says that are in the paper are on the new years. But but mostly we don't hold people charitable and that and that and have leaders that are thinking so far. That they know how to take care of these positions we also. Not believe they're not still and not. Executed this nation about the economic importance of the -- of new Portland. The entry way in the should be. Carter and and that -- -- congressman Washington where cabinet take care business and their own districts to get reelected. And and so they they can have an open heart and open understanding. Of what's happening down here but they're not gonna struggle might that your perception now. That Hillary. Try to at exactly rocketed and and so that's going to be a chronic problem. We're not the only one I mean the Sacramento valley and follow their levees. There. The northeast now -- there there. Experience and shook her arms and they all of these things now whatever it is attention. And and I our country is just got to get its act together. Or how to handle every single dollar. Third keep the country that's stronger than it has been in the past. Current limit -- to take a breaker would come right back we've got one would believe me the one of them are probably five people. Over the decades that have warned us about his educated -- it is about -- pleaded with the use the period to entrances. We got among faulted you've got a fortune column and 2601. That heavily -- Bob office. From Loyola in more common. Our world -- over doctor Bob Thomas directors and urban viral middle communications Laura old university. Don't follow up on the area a number of news stories over a year ago. Talking about funding crisis looming for fourteen billion dollar looking system at that point Merkel says. And put out some bad information so I'll Euro and a -- bill project. -- -- clear clarify the walls structure. Actual scene and it walls is Nate miles law. OK yeah I'm reading from three different news stories that call it a 220. Miles. Chain. And I went ahead and also said the -- president. Of the Celtics who we gonna -- protection authority. Agree with everything a broad from the U. All the -- structure the scene and walk from the does that though. To win it right there and Daughtry. Puppet stage for -- the -- -- all the way to the border there again driven up the wrong. That -- And our report from -- W. To the other -- where it's at the -- it is currently the boats go through. Coastal waters. Are the only. Since then and it's a good student bureau knew nothing against you personally but this and what. Worries me. About. Is that. I don't follow Oprah story. To show you'd -- we've got a 600 million dollar debt that we're gonna have to hand. And we're gonna play and would pay for that this is looking for ways to do it and inform the public. And you called in to him putting out false information. Because that's of the balls to law. I think our priorities just aren't there. All right back to look and talk. Well that you know badly born surge protector of that it's that's what he was talking about about the concrete wall that ought to ball well. But what you were talking about was in our system. Fourteen billion dollars that's. And and that's my point is that's not the debate. Right left -- may have -- the four allusion. In the article and it's as. If the plug protector and authority can't find depicts and the president of the uproar. They have found a picture that says the only alternative would be bond issues -- reads that would be ruinous. To commute. Still think that's true. Well yeah yes I mean either that or some other form of taxation. And I can hear you're looking at one of the most strategically economic important. Places to the economy and wellbeing of our nation. Being forced. To carry the burden of protecting that value -- that date should. And so that while we can easily just side. National support in this area that we need to do our -- don't get me wrong we absolutely must he do -- what we can do that's reasonable. But in the end we're talking about. -- look at that everybody here could pull up their roots and -- And and then we would be weakened as -- nature has. I think it generates its huge economy. In the central part of our country in the Mississippi River. And everything associated it was including shipping and petrol chemical Carter oil gas and all the things that are here. Would weaken the structure of this country so that country has got -- the part that you know that's a -- The biggest. Challenge in politics. Is learning to prioritize. Did do what you served the people. First. And then go down the priority list away with so wants as opposed to the needs that need to be funded. And you know what I think it was pointed out that article -- -- -- -- that chair of the area southeast Atlantic district. What does it. This law that they have that says that it. This each -- each -- -- to come up with its own. Money from taxes and the like. And that they can't share. Weakens the system that -- It. If -- than you know Saint Bernard repairs here that has at least number taxpayers. At least members citizen that. Professor. -- are important I hate to rub board certain road running out of time. I'm the call you back to -- we barely got help I threw the ball well in the -- mega important. But I get the feeling the chickens you've been warden who's about to come home roots. And all -- -- -- much. About essentially said that. Professor thank you again have -- --