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7-28-14 12:10pm Garland: on electric cars

Jul 28, 2014|

Garland talks with Wired associate editor Alex Davies about the viability of electric cars.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right enough for the middle used to bomb things and -- the cost of protecting New Orleans that -- and board. That several blunt. A -- embryos and it is deliberate car or things -- -- about it. You get into a big traffic jam like Jones and to whom were running from hurricane didn't birdie again and you sit there -- -- -- them. Listening to radios -- very well constructed car. Always that little pins to be able to own and fraud that tells. You and one that is very expensive all about robbery call. And watching the older of -- of fluent -- Stephen and Stevens Stevens. -- in our. The comedians. The moon. Titan. In -- way a -- to Jon Stewart and the cervical -- a new something. But over watching the owner of Tesla. And he was talking about job there improving the scars and that they can turn the technology over to the general public. But in the -- die and I've always fantasize about getting in one thriving in the pilot. -- Gary would be if you've got in the for a little distant. And and found out that the gauge was getting towards. Battery debt. Follow what you wrote in joy that is that -- well. Every you do wired web site on almost a daily basis. And -- an article by I think -- a real assemblage. Who. Went over a thousand. In the council and recount story. And we asked to go wired to -- to join news today and talk about we've got Alex babies. Associate editor -- electoral and show appreciated stock. Craft operated web site -- -- and a -- and slumping often and surprising everybody. Now Oreo is he -- -- -- riders through the senate in have been. Aerial is actually one of our photographers I was the editor who took the temperature. Okay you actually US actually broke that yes but it over our hybrid go and we're definitely person. All right one particular story right on down through in in sequence. Turned about it. Number one I'm surprised that the Tesla has a lot of power. It doesn't sound that at these huge battery package and the real advantage. Of electric car in that. You get all of the torque. Of the intranet for the right word of the motor. Right off the line so potential -- a pretty big -- to have eco arc but can get it here at this sixty faster than a lot of -- up there. Well and in your Drobo model Ellis. I took the model which is the only card templates currently got on the market a few years ago the first -- they put out it's called the roadster is little. To keep our little convertible and the idea behind that car was not volume sales. But actually just to prove that there battered tech now -- worked. Another telling the model and -- -- they're gonna start -- their second car called the model actor and that's KM. That's an -- Soon juror a member of the media and you make tons of money. Number Africa how much did you pay for marvel the. So I didn't pay for the model and the public needs a car and Tom because -- told -- -- was sticking -- and that I'd like to do it and it has. The car was -- thing I don't have the exact number. But I made this trip and their cards before in the press currency usually give out -- about a 1101000 dollars. Do you work for wired you can for the benefit and I need to -- there. Awhile that a and end orbit -- -- Headquartered in Los Angeles and okay. An and -- Britain here. When a -- chance skipped town for weekend in Los Angeles. They're super chargers stations all over the -- him -- reading that correctly. There are so they've got a decent number. Especially on the West Coast. But -- pretty much all over the country but this -- and -- even have some in Europe already. And that's already. Don't tell -- what that looks like would you do local -- will do and how does that plugin but how do you. It's pretty simple first of -- you don't pay for and it's completely free unit three for life. Which has been nice perk that the public gives to its owners just that we -- plunk down that 100000 dollars for the car and you can get them -- and -- can no less powerful version for less money. But after that not only can not have to -- for gasoline you're using a super -- network you don't have to take the electricity. They're usually located. Along the highway they just find spots that kind of gas stations that usually use -- get a few restaurants. And they're trustees of little played charging stations and people and you put in your car it's pretty easy it meant it takes. Roughly half an hour to charge up about 80% of the -- Are obligatory code of bring Cuba and come back -- album will compute. We're telling talking to Alex debuts and in I think. -- -- it could be the future. He's associate editor of wired. Everybody did Diaw drove a marvelous council would -- and totally battery powered very virtually. Byrd -- luxury is score from -- -- and and what we wanna him about he drove I think a little over thousand files and and the U -- counted that true what you think you fallen faster. -- -- Come and ride back on rob and with whom we call the thing. Figured about a veteran powered car the model list council Edwards speaking with the coach Dave b.'s. Associate editor for wired to who drove one. Over for dorm for a date period more than thousand law will get back to Olympics let's bring -- listener. Judy a Euro with a college it is appreciated. Okay ask a question about the fate he has battery operated cars and batteries thicker than a regular battery in. The -- as dangerous situations for people I mean does that create an electromagnetic. Field. That would affect -- -- -- You know I haven't heard anything about the electric -- that. Any kind of magnetic fields. The batteries are much bigger than what you get in conventional cars for example me. -- Tesla battery except basically the whole point of the car. Half and really quite large. Side in terms of general safety there's nothing indicating that these cars are any less safe than others. I got same exact questions years ago when -- -- -- -- and buy a Prius you -- and die and rendering collusion and so forth and so -- How long did they Warren to lead the battle report in the. You know I'm not sure -- the top of my head for the Tesla but usually means they're more and -- for at least a few years. And so wanted to shoot that are going to start looking at -- now but several EP model have been on the market Dirk for years that if how they work as he starts and that's something that hasn't really been addressed yet. And that the battery in my core is I think they're routed somewhere. 150000. Miles and Albert -- to where they -- Breed breed do the battery use them through and win big can fix it and use it again. And tell me about the core itself fewer you're talking about a seventeen. Inch touch screen there was a little distracting. Tell me what is it like inside one. The color -- actually -- the model that -- as the fantastic conference sort of my favorite part that's on the market these statements. And so inside the interiors very sleek it's a very simple design. And it the main teacher you'd get inside the car is -- seventeen inch touch screen that's about the size two ipads. The -- on top before and up there. And that's what you control just about everything -- -- car that they control. The radio that -- opened the sunroof. Open and close the windows you lock the doors to an application. Some of those controls can also be done through the steering wheel with buttons on the -- -- you don't have to look at this at the touch screen. But for the most part if you want a decent in the car's going to be using it. With the screen that's next. If if I'm gonna pay a 100000. Or seven titles and being American. The most important thing would be coupled. I agree it has. That's sort of like fifty of the -- In upfront is that you do that to two cup holders which is at least in my opinion barely enough. For one person -- -- driving for several hours but there -- now entered a couple different from the backseat which is something that it would surprise me. And this is the car that's -- -- they can hold descent and people because they eat and you can have an option for two rehear it I think it's seats so the -- And the ideally you're gonna travel around with a bunch of kids -- not give them couple streets an at all that this. Strikes me as silly. That they're bigger pictures. Than this what are won't talk to about more than anything because. As a -- about -- -- learned a little bit more. I have always thought about would you apparently went through range. Anxiety. Tell me about that board -- what happened. The and so ranging noticed that. You know I'm very general term for the idea that you can't stop decapitation. -- exactly panicked. So -- attempt to discount headed to LA and I knew that there are several super characters -- -- and that I had more than enough. Battery mileage to get to -- But the balance between how many miles the cart that you contrived and how many -- actually driving and watch net number deplete. -- and don't match up perfectly because that's that's very optimistic estimate usually. So if you're using the accelerator are a lot more than usual here try to get Hillary running the air conditioner really high all the things deplete. The battery and I get to a point almost immediately or within an hour athletes accept Gupta. Where it started to think that -- might not get to the next to -- and and I began to panic because. At that point there's nothing you can do like to sort of pulled over on the side of the road waiting for pickup truck -- took. But Richard -- at a good it would you have like four miles was there. The first and the first fuel and made it with more than that at one point -- and I think only thirteen models left and -- -- super -- that was that the end of this. Long have the last ten miles so that was the whole appeal perfect so turn not battery friendly conditions. And I pulled into the super charger -- than a minute later and other tablet tractor pulled an experience he told me that he would nod -- flat range. I think we'll hear both -- it out. -- your your driving along. Is there a big sign in -- of filling station that says super charger and putting your notes there in mortgage you know. Tell us the regiment of what you do when you -- -- read charts and. Chart so they're actually there's very little financial -- and once you get there you kind of have to poke around to find that. But we need to cars touch screen you can go into the navigation. Area. And what I did was I just typed in super charger station the way you would on Google -- -- the nearest one of them happen. And actually that's tied to my navigating now opened on the code has had to. The super -- it's not wanted to get to an April -- directly there with general navigation so that party thing. People and you turn off the car and then basically what you're looking at is a cable. They -- people off the hook and then -- What's the cable is near that charging port which actually critically needed in the light near the back of the car. That'll. Having the cable near that. Near the church in port will pop open a little door and you just put it. And that all you have to do is way usually about half an hour so that's the point where -- way down I stopped and waited and chipped up. And how long does that take. So it took it -- roughly half an hour purposes. You know thirty minutes is enough to get used to 80% of the battery but -- -- that was generally true maybe a little bit optimistic. I would end up sometimes -- for closer to forty or 45 minutes. Trying to get a little bit more that charge. That number is pretty accurate it is quite quick. And in the Euro 1000 mile plush crypt. How many time do do that saw. I believe I stopped for the sixth time. But the times over the course of a few days. Now that's a little out of character that's not what -- afloat as will be dealing because to return to network is really meant for. Want to -- strides it's not. I tried to work every day and have retreated to stop the super charger the idea is generally they -- it in your process the home overnight or you don't need such hike -- -- I wasn't doing. Sorry to do that when you can do it on one and it'll become a very long time. They usually recommend and I think for a little bit of extra money they'll queue up. With the -- twenty. You can get that spot in your garage. -- -- thing that the only thing concerned it is. Apparently tussle. As in relatively shorter you have these super chargers. All over the country within easy driving distance but there are only -- -- is right -- -- end -- With the battery powered cars were everybody's got a different connector -- But it does seem. To be kind of the way its release tablet is itself apart and their official line is. While other people could theoretically use these but we used different charging ports than most other car stereo. And that's going to be something of a concern. It's not a concern right now because the -- model it is really the only electric cars that can quietly tribes. Several hundred miles. I'm on a single charge so it's not an issue yet a lot of these -- patients that was revealed he can -- get from one to the next. When you get to charging every day in cities it would be nice if the auto makers could get. Playing nice with one another and decide on a common design and that certainly make it a lot easier for the industry as a hole. As soon as wired since you're -- associate editor. -- thing you have million dollars a year you can buy a tough. You know I did that people Internet correctional. Of what kind of car I would -- and I think it's been a 100000 dollars it's almost certainly by a couple of there's really. It's right up there for -- It would bring it -- family and go and or so I think primarily at a young single. No I think it's a good family car. You know it's really comfortable it's pretty spacious. You know it is meant for failing it's not meant to be a sports cards got a lot of performance but. It's very comfortable inside it's great for long highly tribes. If you confined to playing that big carrier commitments -- -- -- that coupled but I think they'll let. If people we're -- do wired web site and read some fascinating. Reports in particular those from old to you Tuesday accused so much I appreciated the talk thank -- are right that. Are coming back this year and they what do you think. Would you behind a battery powered car what would your concerns but he did you believe they're the future. Do you believe. Some Florida hybrid light and who's gonna work better. -- thoughts comments to receive 0187. Over anywhere in the country 866. -- -- Lindsay rule itself. Have a -- -- a few more minutes here. Ringo wired web site couple weeks ago. I have read about all electric cars tussle. And one of writers at wired. With a -- ever decide to take you don't want to. 01019. Mile trip. Over reporting period. And -- save battery powered a lot of people computes it with the record is like a drug Prius. Thinking it's facts about repel or corn or reduces hybrid. To word overtimes set up on the break did it charges the -- -- ring the you'd you'd never have to plug it in is all ways of pole battery. And you alternated between bad review and -- and in those debut. Much better model -- unfortunately it cost of the car and went from a prizes over whatever you -- keep your period. You've got to cupid for quite a long while to make it quotes saving on fuel. But I I think the benefits of all our is that you drive in this city in particular for a really long time. Before you go to again as well I usually. -- little -- of the North Shore. A Philip about once a month. And I drive. And borders between miles were -- alone there in Newport. This riders that we just got through talking to impress upon our. Should he drove the 100000 dollar plus Tesla. Model. Parts. In this thing it is it's almost reached call it's very very powerful. And he boarded up at the average American. Commit it's almost 45 miles of the -- trip when the going to and from work. And and 89% of Americans take at least one long range -- every year. And up until now about repair cartilage those that would that was not part of the quarter most of the slows the troops at all. World owned and very rich places. Some places and California some places New York State. And it's an -- were available these super chargers patients. Where you don't have to worry about running out of power. But I'll always wondered. If you drove one -- I mean these things can the world over a hundred miles an hour -- moons ago. Would you take that chance in driving it fast is range. Would century. City. Here's rhetoric I -- Gore's Porsche 265. Miles at one time would you take that chance. And take a thousand mile trip like the -- And he did animated. Had a couple close calls but human. And another thing I would have what he had he called range. Anxiety. A -- and what she did do. Is before you get that two and 65 mile point. And this all the pins as you're going over the pillow. If you viewed more. Injured using more power or. So the 200 and plus model doesn't work something last. So before you make it true. You literally. Not actually mathematically. Compute. Would you get reduced from -- -- you gotta go to Google -- got a bigger brawl and super chargers are. You've got to figure out is this hilly area mines and Francisco. You have to -- speed limits or him and Brittany and stated where. Usually after gore at least seven miles an hour not too big you know problem probe -- India to put all of that. Into your decision. As to whether or not to go. And at one point. He thought -- miscalculate. And more blows it he had thirteen miles of range left and and he -- you. Simply. On the computer screen and the Tesla. You law didn't. And Google map super tour and it tells you where there are. Should -- -- half -- 45 minutes grab assemblage grab a book. Sugar coffee shops and restaurant because -- chargers are almost always near or at. Eating establishment drinking is from Serbs that. It's it was never big thing. But over a thousand miles imported trip he stopped six times. To recharge. The vehicle. And Tesla. Tussle in adults. They're gonna roll out and network. Of super chargers. That's arguably there's or almost there. Were 98%. Of the country's population. Will be within brings news station. By the end of year. -- would you -- one. Would you take that -- in what do you think is this the future. And a few. -- happened to be driving through right now more happened to be your New Orleans,. Louisiana and are you driving the -- What's it like. This author. Of the seventeen inch touch screen. It was useful. But distracting when you try and -- And he said. It didn't have basic things like cruise control and drinking. So what do you think would you buy and all battery cork. And I do think they're the -- 0187. In Europe via. Are welcome back a little on this hour think about back -- -- court. The website every you know regular basis because it's in a vision creativity and invention. Fascinates me and they all we. Religious in the greater than one of their. After -- associate editor. Convinced Tesla to give them their big powerful marvel asks. -- battery -- -- 100000 dollars plus. And he drove it for 11100 miles and we're just in critical -- We're just asking you would you -- one. Would you even have the price came now. Would you take the chance with the all that -- cork. And the caller dropped all but accuse currency in the at a -- point. That would work well when hurricane evacuations would. Because. The battery hybrid courts like for a works beautifully. And hurricane. Evacuation. Because there and you don't have to worry about running out of fuel news or you'll. When everything you had traffic. About agreed to it so you got its you got easing. Whichever may be yeah you got radio we've got all the electronics everything to score and and you use Nokia. And you would have to be caught in like me. That already work for a LeBron. Fuel was hopeful thing. And this score to me. That the guy that runs tells former businesses and apparently yeah. Real changes listen to Muncie and cold there. A couple of nights or rooms talking about. They're gonna put these super charge stations. All over the country. They think they're gonna cover tiny percent of the country -- we're covering it -- where there. 256. Mile range vehicle. Always has a place. To -- -- And -- said the gonna drop the price. When when I was reading about this cut. Actually. Drove a little and this is bloody yeah. He said every one of the 160000. Solutions. That their for all -- We're completely useless for him. That's when they call that ranging. -- city continually had to calculate. What he called buffers. The difference between how -- the cork and ago. And hope for eons ago. And he drowned by driving it. That the number for brings a lot. When you're in traffic like or her game. Stopping and starting. With a lot of wasteful acceleration. And driving past it remodeled and war. Running NC. Even talked about a guy. That traded in very through two BMW for the marvelous counselor. He developed. A flight plan personal and -- Then uploading be charging locations. Fracking is short. And dissidents in energy use. Minimum of all that he won't promote and through all New Jersey. But I had to Gordon no faster than 62 miles per -- And it kicked it off even though it was forty degrees outside. That would negated from. And don't think I would buy one. If I had to do all that calculating. To make sure you weren't threatened. Taking a break coming right back double -- engaged heavily in one of 53 yeah. Where did tell you what -- were working well and is it we can get. Some expert to coming column -- I don't think we're gonna -- author. With the older shows we -- in the -- Italy's. Economy. Always referenced with the leaders liberal leaders of conservative group or whether the publication. Is there ever. -- the financial types start writing things for. -- Clients not with the general public. And that was sent to me by Brendan. Had that pays to be to do certain -- With Bloomberg. Have left him -- ran. And he he gave me this that you've received did a couple of weeks ago -- this this with the goats -- talking about the Middle East talking about the economy. Talking about the -- these are his words I'm I'm torn and forwards news quoting. Huge stories all over the world. This from shock shall rock. -- -- -- Depth and brought the terrorist activities has markedly increased in recent months. A focus on one activity brings disquiet that consideration all the recent events becomes frightening. Talk about -- laws in the Gaza Strip and through and -- and surgery and rock. And Libya and on and on and on and on. Then he goes to Reuters. That talks about militant islamists with ties to Syria. May be on the way to attack in Norway. And what's happened both in Bradenton or -- and here are huge -- older. Have all given news conferences saying we see things that suggest. And attacked. Could be imminent. And he goes through three page news here. Explaining. All the reasons he even mentioned so Lebanon. That's been fairly -- although. A loss in the from Lebanon or participants. -- Lebanon look at these series of touch accompanied by a slew of rest of suspected suicide bombers. Here's one from season and US intelligence law enforcement. Has dozens of investigations. And we're tracking them Americans who -- sooner. To draw in the plight. Then he gets to. Some of the recommendations. To his clients he says. I'm more brazen -- of caution for no reason Gorham I wavering replied -- -- at the end of the world. What I'm doing our room Vermont -- all the abuse that manage money. That things could change in an instant with a radical act and that you should be more than prepared. For that eventuality. The possibility of some Black Swan event that means from -- 9/11 experience. Is always present but the likelihood of one now approaching has grown considerably in my -- In my opinion. Who's now passed the fifty yard line. And we can expect something quite unpleasant trip happen. The wind where in water my abilities. But the possibility. -- -- now two parts to be. Earning interest that was a Bloomberg report from mr. To go Angela he'll lose next double the BO brigades -- -- immoral plied the --