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7-28-14 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Jul 28, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL news director Dave Cohen, B97 program director Jammer, and WWL First Take host Todd Menesses about what news, sports, and entertainment stories are trending.

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Happy Monday everyone -- -- a great weekend it is going to be beautiful week. And really what is truly trending is a cool front coming in late this afternoon yes. We're gonna begin this week with the new began. Each day at 1 o'clock we're going to have a trending show looking at what's happening in the world news sports and social media. It will be handed fund an in depth discussions about the day's top trending stories that my friends from here at WWL. Three WLB 97. Magic by you and channel four and sometimes we'll have a mystery guest. If it's trending it will be in the 1 o'clock hour. Today we start with the regional trend leaders Dave -- news director at WWL radio. Todd Manassas and co host of first take with Steve courts get to go before you cannot -- And our man of social media -- program director being 97. I'm so thrilled that you won't hear -- thrilled that we're doing this because I think that's. I find this fascinating I loved to listen to what what is happening on the day. Or trending on the day and this is the way we can all pick up on it and you all are the guys. We're actually gonna start with them with news because this was such an incredible. When I read -- I went -- no no no no no mother and daughter carjacked in the. Yen this one has been. In the what's trending on WWL dot com because it is so disturbing and it is one of those nightmares I think. That I know I have about my wife and daughters and I think that many people have their driving down the road. And someone is asking for help help their vehicles broken down can you help us help us. Mother slows down to help. Command jump in front of a Khartoum other men approached the vehicle they have guns. Thank goodness all they do is order out of her car. And her daughter is able to get out to and they leave in her car. Obviously. Though do you fear options could have -- a whole lot worse this is in the 600 block of -- mobile park right near bottom ball on the night -- And cops are still looking for these. Suspects these four. Suspects but they -- committed this carjacking. And a place honestly where I think most drivers feel perfectly safe. Driving down bottom ball the I ten. And the good news again nobody injured bad new uses this woman her daughter fourteen year old daughter. Victimized. In a place where they felt they and their own community. And very scary thing to a lot of people who drive through neighborhoods they think are safe and it makes you question is anywhere Tuesday. Well I think you -- at the right question. And I also think it's it's it's going to make us think about helping people that's actually part of our ready poll. After the carjacking on -- would you stop to help the stranded motorist or one who appeared to. The question I would tell my wife and daughters don't do it. Call 911 if you wanna help these people aren't her its a shame it's coming down to -- can't do that our. In addition no it is a shame I actually had a very very dear friend -- was about fifteen years ago. We have had dinner and she was driving home and she ended up on a side street she normally didn't go down. And there was a car with the roof and not the roof but the Clinton and so again kind hearted polls did get out of the car thank heaven. These men rushed torture. I have to say. She always security -- she was single shoot. Work nights at times now all and she just she is terrified held it up to the window and they screamed she's got a gun and ran. Not saying that that is right or wrong -- just think in that particular instance probably saved. A similar thing here in your instinct is to help. Right. And I think that's weather preying on the instinct of a lot of focuses is to help and you always heard about you know. People getting hit from behind. Don't stop and lonely road drive to the police station or somewhere where you see a lot of lights estimate is gonna stop because there's instance of those happening as well. But it's just it's just release that. When people prey on your basic human emotion trying to help someone. Who you think is in distress and take advantage of -- -- level how much can you really -- -- open mature a mechanic and LSU have jumper cables and we'd. Well I I can tell you my -- instance what would happen in an instant the story with that happened with her that someone did stop because she was in trouble and it was it was a good thing on. On the interstate we first moved here back in 2004 it was thirty years -- traveling. Late -- later that you wanted to leaping from Alabama and her car broke the -- flatten and couldn't change it because the dealership didn't give the key to unlock the the despair. And so she was stranded somebody stopped and had a cell phone shouldn't have a cell phone at the time. It was able to call the dealership and -- it. And I even afraid my orphanage stopped to help is not really stopping brought help right what she was about herself that duo -- with the carpets they'll. Currency would be to stop what he says I don't know Michael but to call to maybe use my phone or something like that that's what a lot of people. Would stop trying to do it now. -- now they're just couldn't makes us all think and it's. And as you said David just said that we've gotten to a point like this. But thank goodness they did the right thing they comply they did with the gunman said. And all they lost was the vehicle -- can replace a vehicle obviously can't replace a life if you try to fight or resist and you know enjoy every time I come in here it's like -- it seems like there's more more of these stories are people just in -- nowadays I mean. Help me -- help I don't think I mean he's been asking what is wrong seat isn't getting worse or -- -- I think our -- hearing about it all right I don't know -- -- -- are I think there was there was a study actually done that because -- this point four hour news cycle. That were actually noticing it more. There were actually child abductions are actually more child abductions in the thirties well in the twenties and there are now what if you wanna -- this book you think -- every child had been abducted or run away but especially -- -- -- -- everywhere. You know which maybe we need to do remember years ago they talked about. I used to get letters one and -- all talk about good news. And I would always point out we you know we have Frank Davis doing reports selling and Roberts did that. Weekly hero report I did at -- economic we do have good no we're not we're not seeing and hearing it. What we're seeing and hearing is the negative. So maybe we just need to scream a little out of with the goods to. Well -- and get stuff. Okay how about -- that's some good stuff I do you have some good stuff and I will admit that it's a slow air time for entertainment stuff going on. I almost had to go to the well and talk about Jessica Simpson and didn't come to that but -- I well I almost apologize for all that for about William Shatner is make in the news again. Yes yes -- -- felt something there is not very happy with Mark Zuckerberg is a bizarre Zuckerberg -- and his new app that is available to celebrities only. This is -- called mentions in the -- was available to celebs -- notable people so they can keep track of themselves about how often they're mentioned on FaceBook. So he's just called just melting down now he is dissatisfied with mentions the use Tumblr account he was talking about it. Sharing his dislike that they still have a button for dislike. And that you have to share with other celebrities to use this app so he's just -- No -- I'm. You know he's just crying a little bit win -- does anybody really like him in Hollywood. He seemed to be very negative actor like after the start -- A I think you I think universally. Nationally. He's probably like I don't know about Hollywood but I think there's an affection for just because he survived. Well he he's. He's taken something that he. Hated four year he he resented the fact but he was typecast as captain Kirk for years and couldn't get a job. Now he's in the race did that and embrace that -- quirky this and that's why you see him do in the commercial for the Priceline and everything he's everywhere and he's embraced that he's got even as poppy finally. But now realize that doing this is not a going to hurt -- it is what people want from credit laugh at him -- he makes money. I do have to ask though what is the criteria. That your big enough. To even get this and him is he it and -- line of celebrity that ship. Right that is a good luck telling the question how you get verified on Twitter some people are very. Who decides we'll try to decide to get the people make is apple decide -- here. Celebrity enough. We're able to track yourself I mean you'll likely be ruined if you applied to rejected. -- can't get mentioned. And I agree it's topple over you don't like it. We're gonna switch to sports we're gonna take a quick break but we're gonna find out the very latest what's trending. At saint camp right after this. And our crew is -- call one with our news department top Manassas in sports and -- -- 97. OK Todd take -- two West Virginia what is trending. Well I wish I could take us there because from what I understand talking to Deke Bellavia earlier races. He's -- he's real Cold War and I can Wear long sleeves and long pants and I would like. Man just bring some of that back with you what which trending though it at saints camp right now one of the things that a lot of people are talking about. Other than some of the injuries there was apparently another entry today Ben -- got injured and we've got -- Meachem Kenny -- out. Nothing major though Meachem it's seems to be a sore back. Kenny stills it's the squad so these two they're they're riding the bicycle as the cult's other not incapacitated. But they're they're trying to stay limber. It's the quarterback challenge thing that's going on afterwards and everyone keeps talking about I don't know if you heard about this monitors what matters tweeting here where after the practice drew gathers the quarterbacks together and sometimes coach Payton has with the assembly of the coaches and they do these different challenges. One day it was deeds Hayward. You know pull -- and throw line and hit -- DC you can hit the most with the with the with with -- at all. The latest challenge that's on drew actually it's a video on -- and it's on all over it's on the -- website and and everywhere and he's actually now -- it for you what they did was they took a golf cart. And put cones and bags on. And it was about twenty yards away. And someone's driving a golf cart back and forth across the field. And each quarterback takes it turn throwing for football's if they hit the -- it was so many points of -- at that point as -- going across and they show each one of them. -- Well. Ryan Griffin. Won the challenge he got seven points. Drew didn't hit any. Movement down didn't hear any. And the other forget the other -- I think is his name in the images drafted. He didn't get in either so it was kind of so that doesn't sit too well with -- hasn't lost the last of the Gulf Cartel -- to Ryan on that one you know they hit the golf cart but they just didn't hit it. What they had it drew is an amazingly competitive individual deaths heat literally -- Four hours after winning home run derby because -- -- -- game -- nearly lost the year before it was account and even pointed out. That might trophies bigger than the one you got last year and he put it. It in the locker right next to account keeps kids. To show him my trophies bigger than -- poor and a few years ago if you watched when drew was on sixty minutes. They decided to have a little fun. During that piece where they Swansea -- times drew could throw a football and hit the crossbar on the Gulf Coast right. With the nose of the football. And if you watched the on line. Version of the story which was much longer than the one that appeared on CBS television. He kept them. For. What it felt like an eternity because he could not complete this child he couldn't do. And he would not let the camera crew lead until they saw him accomplish this task. So you wonder why drew is so driven to win football games he's driven for any competition and it's very important to him that he. You know and it's very important for us to have somebody that competitive. We laugh because it looks like they're in the third grade and that's okay because that's a little boy and still fighting but well. And and speaking of that he also said a lot of people picking up on the -- he says that he feels really good up and he can play another ten years. Sold the -- -- nations rejoicing at that the prospect of drew play until he's 45. Whether that's feasible or not but yeah. Ultimately our. Favre was 42 I think things -- it's not unheard of for a quarterback play. He's 34. Yeah -- 34 and not hear him say he's really 25 -- -- yeah. Right that's what he's and I feel I feel 35 ha ha if you know you feel good. Am ready to work every Dellinger says one of the other one the other big things that happened that a lot of fans are talking about we we had talked about going into this. Training camp. About some of the veterans especially Champ Bailey the the quarterback who we picked up from from the Denver Broncos. And how he was gonna -- well he had what would be considered via play of the day. Yesterday. He strip the ball from fullback Eric lowering. Raphael bush safety -- bush then. Kinda hit the ball and kept it in play. And then Bailey recovered. So the fans all cheered at that it's like any of the guys still got moves and can still strip the ball and he would woody woody needs to do -- Funny thing with his motivation for parent boring stiff arm exactly and yet he was angry. State farm a veteran right so now he's set our UNICEF -- -- -- -- the on Syria will quickly and that is when you do that to a better and so. The I was really good fans have a lot of applause about that something else. Just recently that I -- beat them on Twitter. Coach Sean Payton. He is he's a fan favorite fans love me gets along really well the fans there's a picture now out on Twitter. Make him holding it West Virginia license plate. That says who -- An actual fan from West Virginia that's their license plate and they brought it to the show him. And the woman who tweets the picture routes as I was with my son in had to show him a license plate. And the captioned by the saying it is we haven't seen all the license plates in West Virginia but we're pretty sure this is the best one out -- an accurate so he held it it's a quick take a picture that we. So that's what they did and it's it's getting well everywhere -- Lots of good things happening in West Virginia and were happy form and we love all that communication and -- gonna continue those trends. Before we go back over to upset news. Let's go let's look at these movies camera Q what I'm interested because I did -- in the loosening. He did yes we can talk about that as I haven't and I'm like really yeah. Wow OK number one really lets our number fives Scarlett Johansson what's the surprise or just Freeman when -- doing tonight. Planes piracy came in at number five. With over nine million. Obviously countrywide the what I really wanted to go see had not sought I've not seen yet but I saw the first one the purge anarchy. Just under ten million my daughter's side that it was better than the first really kind of like the first -- a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sixteen point four million. Number two brand new this week. Just under thirty at 29 million was Hercules 2014. And number one Melissa McCarthy right Lucy. By now on our list -- Afghanistan. Where is -- the sexiest woman on the planet yes. No she's not in this one now or -- don't you know what -- thinking of Tammy you're thinking of -- -- got confused that's not bad girls names on our news is the one where it's happening -- him today. -- -- -- relatively little woman who learns to -- at the total opposite who learns to use and not 10% of her brain like most like me. Right well learns to ramp it hurt eventually a 100% and is essentially a super human. Right you're learning to use to know now is running over them that don't don't you -- I. I thought Tammy girls' names snorkel right. And Tammy is in the theater by the way but -- is good it's different and I think everybody who walked out of the theater was. Asking questions you know sort of the meaning of at all because she's proposing and the scientist who restarting the brain. And that's Morgan Freeman's column gonna get together ever gonna Batman he's never been in bad and he brings the level up. Always like everybody was so easy reader on electric company with a kid up so I was listening to some of the people ask questions on just walked by and I said. I'm just. Gearing for 8% of the decisive vote would be at 20% what would -- be 30% and a 100% and her knowledge is incredible anyway I recommend it for what it's worth. But thank you -- You'll see Lucy not go Steelers. And Melissa I mean one Hercules did all right all things considered. It. Dwayne Johnson for a I think we talked about his phenomenal -- And double work -- he does everything for that he did for his. Double work -- 89 meals a day. Yes I need to be academic announcement via Ascot I mean by the every ripple shall. We have to get series. Let's talk about. The 61 year old man kills a 54 year old neighbor kicking in the door. And this happened in Jefferson Parish and apparently there'd been an ongoing feud between these two neighbors and in the middle of the night. The 54 year old neighbor according to police. Goes to the home of the 61 year old neighbor and starts kicking and kicking and kicking the door. And apparently another witness tries to get him to stop kicking the door he won't stop. -- 61 year old man opens the door. Fires one shot into the groin of the 54 year old neighbor who then dies as a result of the -- Police are continue to investigate they're not nominate charges have been filed in this case the sixty when he held a spacing on related charges. According to the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office. But they're poking at it and it likely that the district attorney's office will obviously the dish and up to what the final say but in May have the first say as well. On whether or not he should face charges the legal experts we've talked to. Say it's not clear cut who said. Now if he had gone into his home it would be more clear cut. But what it comes down to is determining if the 61 year old man perceived his life was at risk from the 54 world. To determine if he was justified in taking his life. Some have said. That. He should have just called 911. Don't open the door your -- not in danger. But it's the middle of the night it's been awakened the guys kicking and kicking and kicking and will not stop so. It's an interesting to see how the sheriff's office and the district attorney's office decided to proceed. On whether or not the 61 -- should face charges. For shooting killing the neighbor who winds -- taking. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue what's trending on this date right after this let's go to the newsroom. And we're gonna start with our top trending sports story Todd Manassas. Well we went through the it's like -- so we went through the you know the stuff with the saints and their there's some other things going on. Nationally locally the pelicans as well you know at the Davis yes he's -- starting with the team USA. You we are so -- and I'll say the two words again he's going to be proposing team USA in the World Cup not soccer. But it's called the Bebo I think it's Veba defy the World Cup in Madrid. Starting next month in August. And now of course -- coach money Williams is an assistant there the interesting thing on that shows the thought this weird Omar. Omare sick the new senator that they got he's going to be playing for Turkey in this is. And this spirit and that -- -- an NBA coach is assistant to a college now. -- -- okay trichet is the national team's coach a lot. Now gives him at least he likes to go on a course coach. Coach davis' you know he enjoy I mean an -- it's -- -- -- Coach Williams says that he enjoys having -- -- and that he gets some more work -- He can work with them he's OK with the other -- play with Turkey get to see him there as well also. You know he's really go on that and going -- forward former. New Orleans Hornets at the time coach Byron Scott nice man. Is the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers credit had to be streamed out had to be he's a play -- is a former player he becomes the seventh former lakers. Players the coach that team. Does that mean it's going to be a smooth run -- gonna win another championship. It's kind of a mixed results with ex coaches coaching however. -- the -- they wanted to think they offered him a four year deal in this some of the folks on Twitter look a lakers majority saying. It's really just a two year deal with the option to buy out as soon as the rank it's -- he's gonna get the guy he wanted some ideals that the coach they want so. That's good because of good basketball update we're gonna move very quickly over back to Jammer. Because you know you know that New Orleans -- really wanted to host Appalachia and we put in that. And we hire really you know yes he did put forward and he actually put a -- in to make via New Orleans home. The couple weeks ago he said that he would like to anchored CBS to -- balance of the mix they said. No staying in New York City so they go. There's a lot of tax breaks for them in New York City over eleven million I think. So that's that's why they're staying in yet eleven million tax credits another five million grant from the empire state development so. CBS is very happy to keep David Letterman and the holes about David Letterman but the late show. When it turns over to the new guy and owner Steven Paul bear in next year they're gonna keep it and unfortunately New York City. I would I would imagine on their part it's probably easier to get -- in New -- -- absolutely awful lot of mistrust are only now especially if you have a conflict in -- guess at the last minute -- this hour plus all the other late night shows are now in New York tonight shows in New York late nights in New York the -- shows in New York. But may be though you know the travel like some shows -- get down here for a week that degrade. And I think that you know just based on what you were saying. When they do if somebody doesn't show but you know something in New Orleans with a lot of talent sure they could pick up the phone hello would you come -- have a lot of hello -- yes. Right now that's OK so anyway it's it's been listing in New York but I'm I was very proud that we even attempt it surely -- I think it's great and hopefully -- come down here for a couple of weeks -- in early may be over Mardi Gras. Next year now that he's Smart -- and Stephen yeah -- I would -- Asia. Let's go back to news. Talked to me. Talk to me about something. Well and -- story that we debuted this morning it's doing very well on trending it's among what is trending now at WW well dot com is. All these concerts. That have been coming into world we talked about that before but. Will we learn now he is. It is building upon itself. You know you look at who's played here recently. Either standalone shows or as part of festivals. Prints Elton John Bruno Mars beyoncé and -- Eric Clapton Bruce Springsteen Lional Richie Christina Aguilera. This is all this year. And we still have coming up Justin Timberlake this Sunday. One republic after that Demi Lovato one direction and a sellout the superdome they think there's still some seeds left. But they think it's going to be a sellout Katy Perry Paul McCartney. I was talking to Ron Foreman who amongst many other things is the chairman of the Louisiana statement exposition district. And he said they're getting calls now from promoters all over the world who are standing up and going we adamant their -- and records for attendance and revenue in new warrantless. Where many of the big shows have skipped -- before you have to go to Houston or Atlanta to see some of the big shows in Dallas. While now he says they're Colin and saying the numbers don't -- we wanna come play New Orleans so. This may just be the beginning and I know Jammer probably has some more information when he's hearing from the reps from the groups an all black but. These concerts that like coming in -- -- That's the bottom line I think you know obviously they do sell tickets when they come here depending on who it is I mean but they love coming here. We have great facilities for everybody to come and play there's no excuses for that -- no matter what size as the year have been the venue you want. But everybody wants to be in New Orleans in the -- have a great time in the week. Well I mean you know that's the big -- I think what maybe they have they have started to realize that the big knock with the New Orleans for years for giving concerts in here ways to do. Music radio was that. New Orleans is a what they call walk uptown. People don't buy a lot of advance tickets for things in this city. They wait until they either dead that night just by him at the Gator walk up and so forth I think it's changed just a little has changed a little bit they get but that makes promoters nervous and you for years that's why they don't wanna come where. It's -- is gonna sell the poorest city in one of the porous states in the nation and has a lot of poverty here so they were concerned if there's enough disposable income but. Suddenly -- him what do you what the last concert remember at the superdome. And now we've had two back to back and -- big rumors. About two or three more shows that are looking at playing the superdome berries and remember with the beyoncé. There was another concert outside Yangon and today it is and it was right after essence and they were really afraid that. There wouldn't be enough disposable income that the account it would literally cannibalize each other and that. People would have to choose I'm gonna go secrets -- Lional Richie -- essence are -- gonna go see beyoncé and Jay-Z a couple weeks later at the superdome. I'll tell you what that people had no problem. You know pelting down 400 bucks for really good seats and I'm like wow. Well but I wonder how many people just like you you were saying we didn't use we'd have to go to Houston. How many people in Houston are coming here for them. And that's how we draw especially if you happen I love this other monies coming here in concert -- -- -- here. And that's just great for all of us we get that tourism influx. We get to go see great shows we don't have to travel to go see him and if Ron Forman is right this thing's gonna last a quietly because it's gonna keep building on itself as long as people here can afford to go to the shows. And they keep especially in the Superman is like U2 and Rolling Stones -- have to because I remember in the superdome and those -- forever ago now. We've had two big shows in the superdome we have another one about to happen and salad out and the stock that more Margaret sister play in the super. Well you know I'll tell you being out their for the Jay-Z and beyoncé thing for the concert there were people from all over the region and they came from Tennessee. They came from Alabama they came from Mississippi they came from Arkansas they came from. Probably Texas I mean we -- out there talkative people so they've come from everywhere not just New Orleans with a -- short of the West Bank. They're coming from regional areas and -- driving in and spending the weekend. And spending the weekend and I think that's the Q please don't misunderstand me. It would be like even if we had the same facilities in Birmingham which you wanna spend the weekend in Birmingham. Not so I thought is that we're doing a lot of parents but -- I -- and please feel stay with us everyone you are trending continues. And Dave Collins and top Manassas and Jammer and we are trending and I wanna go back to new real quick. It's more of a national thing but I think it's important because we are becoming more aware of shaking hands and exchange of germs and this is a great story it was -- it's. When actually did the research they wanted to find out if you slap high five shake hands -- -- a fist bump. How much bacteria. Germs goes from one hand the other and I guess it's not surprising but it's interesting to note that far less. Miniscule lead a miniscule amounts of germs exchanged when you first. And I've been noticing more when I heard the story. You know. Three people last night gave me -- fist bump that otherwise Bollywood have in the past shaken my hand. And I don't know if it's because of Howie Mandell and his journal phobia. Who -- who really was the one to nationalize fist bumping. As an alternative to shaking hands because he's afraid you're gonna apparently kill him shaking his hand because he can't go wash and use you know -- some kind midterm. -- -- -- -- It's very uninteresting you know that the man who founded Wendy's Dave. You talk with a man who sounded like a wonderful guy no longer with -- one guy. But did not believe in shaking hands for the same thing it was the first time I'd ever seen. He would a good story on years ago at one of the Wendy's outlets in all of its employees are standing near. And he's you know he's very gregarious he was trying to teach them personality part. And -- but never extend your hand but it Dave Thomas fist pump. He did not respond that I think if you was -- today -- now and promoting fist I'm Beatrice okay. -- -- -- Serious and one number one for entertainment not -- other social stuff. One of the singers the 21 year old singer from one direction. Now people listening may have somebody in your family that loves one direction. And this holds only situation and Israel and Gaza Strip hitting everything it's like you know no matter what lifestyle you're in every part of the world. Zain one of the people from one direction declared. On his Twitter hash tag free Palestine. And that is gone viral like crazy he's getting threats. Ever since last night -- continues to evolve from there. I wonder if you'll ever do another political types statement. A -- even knew what it meant. Well. I. Now -- -- well he's an active Muslim and he's from that you know from the area there in the Middle East. And Rihanna actually did 12 last week and it was removed with any statements. So somebody in her camp was like probably not a good idea mister. You know let the politicians do that you just do your job in this year's B singers. But this I felt very strongly about it and it's still like an earthquake you know in -- in the one direction and you haven't heard rams we have not heard from them again. It'll be as early but they know what he will respond if at all or just. Totally shift gears and go to something all the other four members of one direction tweeted anything about it. Nothing yet except that happened last night quality Europe puzzlement if you like would -- -- do you. OK let's go back to our sports world. You have goodies. I got a couple of goodies. This one on a national level saints fans and we always talk about how wonderful we we've been the saints are and how wonderful we know the saints are and how we're not you know getting very well nationally we're getting recognition. Albert -- agree with nfl.com. Has said. The saints entered 2014. He he spent some time up their training camp and wrote this article and it's getting a little bit of a bumper around the area. The saints have supreme confidence and have a championship. Swagger. Move up good -- it it got the swagger. He said and I quote this is the first. Normal. Off season they've had since they won the Super Bowl when you think about it. You hadn't really long celebration after winning with a Mardi Gras parade in Marty Gruntal and on and and in every champion will tell you at all hangover as Super Bowl -- does exist because you wanted everywhere you go to the White House -- on all the and there everywhere it never stops it seems like all of a sudden the season starts again on it. Then they have the player lockout. For the next -- then you get the bounty gate with no head coach. Then you get the head coach coming back and the distraction that. So this is that your verdict sold out in that right this is the first normal offseason he said you know the Jimmy Graham thing really wasn't that big distraction. So this is their first normal offseason so everyone on the team feels. Normal they feel like they fell before the 2009 season. And they got that championship swagger so he said. They're probably one of the teams to really watch out for in the NFL a lot of people are paying attention. Because everyone's looking at the niners in the Seahawks. Who -- speaking of the Seahawks have Marshawn Lynch. Beast mode their big running back and ran over us we -- well they always show the the earthquake -- when he ran over that he's holding how. He's not showing up at at training camp. Pete Carroll's disappointed. The owners upset what he says he wants more money now that looks like the Seahawks aren't budging. In what they wanna do and paying more because they just renegotiated his contract to two years ago he's under contract is not a contract it's not a year -- reaching out of the top five none of running it and he's under contract. And what that 151000 dollars a day he's in fine. Sitting out so he made just. You know he may join up maybe it's because he just wanted to of the training camp. He may show but season but how much of the decline will that have on him or if he does it out what effect does that was it an easy chemistry -- So every day he doesn't go its 151000. And he doesn't ever play it's still 151000 today in a -- that little ways the big salary that he got. And add -- to do the math but I wonder Israelis always talking to him. Or do you think this is an original fifteen million a year. Six I don't think I think when Jamaal Charles got his big extension -- economic well I need to get 12 images -- were work a couple of other guys and you know. It's all about what I mean opening week. Yeah Marvin Benard is mr. money yes yeah 105000. We don't pocket it yet and we're still trending stay with us everyone I'm Angela under the don't do well. And from day -- top Manassas and Jammer who I can't thank enough. Final thoughts. Now they've got a high note trending nationally is an invention -- made that allows you to fill 100 water balloons that once sanitize them for you. And he got a butt to kick starter money for this. It will not be in my house because if I give my kids the ability to fill 100 watermelons they will throw 101 of Clinton -- -- Very good -- I would just say hey all all all the artists stay away from all the political stuff and just have fun. Smart most NFL training camps are ordering that right now the -- under -- SLU and you well I'll vote. Voted to win their conference in football this year so that's really good that is very very proud especially when we say were you know LSU is that these these two colleges are coming -- Doing great but again not L -- -- rebuilding right there and rebuilding and a rebuilding but we only -- it surprises could support sure I mean they've got a lot of good things that rebuilt. OK we're going to be doing a cache content I just wanna think Dave Collins top Manassas and jam are once again. We're going to be doing this every single day at 1 o'clock so what you're out there and you wanna know what's trending join -- 1 o'clock every day.