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7-28-14 2:10pm Angela: on Delgado

Jul 28, 2014|

Angela talks with new Delgado Community College Chancellor Joan Davis.

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I wanna thank god our three wonderful guys for the trending and again we're going to do that every day now at 1 o'clock. Kind of keeping up on what is trending and weathered sports news or social media. But now we're gonna do a mental shift and this is a lady I'm looking forward to getting to know. The Louisiana business community has made it very clear it needs skilled workers lots of them. 40000. In the coming few years for the expanding oil and gas industry. For the new health complex almost completed in downtown New Orleans with two new major hospitals. And for our ever growing world of terrorism. According to those we have interviewed there is no time to waste. Which is why it's great to hear of the growth and Delgado community college that is answering the call of business and industry. Joining us today is the new chancellor of Delgado. John of that Davis who just started this month and has literally hit the ground running. And I welcome you to -- WL and I welcome to New Orleans. Thank you so much I'm delighted to be here her so much about your show and and I I am on well bless your heart thank you but literally -- I thought about this. You did you have thirty minutes to breathe after you moved here and that it was just. I'm -- work I have hit the ground running I've been around laughing about the fact that I shouldn't Wear heels to -- session retained issue on track she goes out in order to sort of keep up I have a wonderful staff. And the people -- Delgado have just been so embracing and welcoming its made the transition. A lot easier than it could be you came you were the interim president of Shelton state community college and Tuscaloosa Korea I had an opportunity to go to my hometown of the year city where I grew up in -- service interim president for about thirteen months it was. It was a wonderful experience quite an honor while I love that you. And -- everything I've read -- such a great background but it was just the perfect mix of what is needed at Delgado at this time. The issue with the CEO of the Alabama technology network. And you also -- and a lawyer you so you were the legal counsel for the Alabama state board of education yes. When I came on as General Counsel and vice chancellor for legal and human resource is about thirteen years ago. I -- it as an opportunity to mix to things. I am the daughter of a two college administrators are both retired now. And but I have a low for education. And for learning and sell side as an opportunity to -- two things alone and have a passion for and that was education and the law. And so when this opportunity came around and and understand that there were other people competing for this. It just worked what you were saying. I understand also what Delgado -- yes. -- Delgado as a lot like Shelton state. They were both -- Arpaio to institutions. That are serving communities recovering from devastating storms -- Two years ago Tuscaloosa had a tornado came through in destroyed 12%. The of the city. -- and when I read about Delgado I realize that this is that city still recovering from Katrina. And it's an opportunity to give back to help. Put this city back to work to help people not only have a life but have a better life so win this position open and a I felt as though this was a way of me meeting mine my mission in life than just to help as many people without possibly -- and to whom much is given much is expected. And I thought this was just the place I need it to be -- your parents have to be so proud. They say that there they they did something right. They raced to get cute and and I'm very fortunate to have the parents that he would. Which grew up on a college campus. It's a wonderful place to be there's no we're. Better than being on on a college campus so much talent on so much potential. Every day is an opportunity to help people have a life it's a great -- -- absolutely -- -- so what -- your first impressions when you. Came down here and took a look at what Delgado -- I just thought it will it's just a wonderful place. And you indicated. We are growing by leaps and grounds here in New Orleans business and industry moving Ian. And while not every position requires a four year degree. Just about all of the higher paying positions are requiring some post secondary education. And so I just saw this as an opportunity to be Ian on the ground floor. New Orleans is taking off and I wanted to be a part of that movement. And so is just an opportunity for us to help people get the best opportunities available. Delgado hit struck a wonderful balance between academics and workforce development and that's exactly where I want. And that has always been the case -- he was as always in between I was unaware until I read some information that attempt. That the wonderful staff that you had the professor should have. And do not have to do was searched their focus is teaching our focuses on teaching and and we're sort of split into two key accounts. Either -- -- helping people use this as a starting point for their academic careers or it's a jumping off point for -- carriers in the technical areas and so -- are instructors are focused in on. Giving our students the best training and education that they can possibly. Now. Recently it was last week or so one campus opened or reopened I'm blanking out. Not the one that is at its gonna go in New Orleans east that's opening up in a couple weeks we have everything cutting an hour North Shore shore inside. Us. Very well attended. The community was so embracing and welcoming and so what we have done is we have expanded. Our slide okay -- on the North Shore. And it's much needed we had been targeting about maybe 18100 students. If our projections continue as we think they would. We're going to top out at about two outs and that's tremendous yes my mind was blown really actually years ago I didn't now just after the storm. That. It was almost 20000 students in a -- Delgado system. And -- second only to LSU yes we are the largest community college in the state one of the largest in the nation. And I think we're second only to issue as -- he -- -- and goes and so we are working really hard. T bring back students and more on our. Enrollment targets are above what we expected. And we're hoping that will have a record enrollment that will soon be back at 20000 students and is it to people coming in from. Outside of the area or or your students pretty much. Of the area where the schools are a majority of them are of the area but we also. Offer distance education and so we have growing number of students from the area. Who are in rolling without. An enrolling and that's for the Internet yes right. What that fascinates me because all. I'll never experience at -- I mean I guesses on an old school as they get. But but that is the trend that is what's happening that is a growing area as a matter that after the storm and Ford deal with able to get back its physical. Many of our students in world online and sell our own line in Rome it just took off in the committees to grow. And are the majority of classes. Available that way or suggest a select number classes -- we have a number of classes programs that are available online and they continue to grow as we get more and more it -- Want everyone to stay with -- we're gonna continue our get to know the new chancellor but also talk about what. When everyone is talking about and that is the need for. Quality students trained students. And the business community is crying out stay with this financial on WW. Our special guest today is not chancellor -- event Davis who is the new chancellor of the Delgado community college and I -- new -- I was thinking she'd been here a couple of months she's been here 22. Days. This is -- very meaningful that you would take time out I really mean think because I know you must not overwhelmed them and you got a tremendous amount of experience but. Delgado as we've just been talking about almost 20000 students in all these various campuses and continuing to expand its big yes that's. So we can get your back. Like six during the months and say OK now what he's like exactly. But let's talk about what. It has become a very big topic of conversation in this community. And that is business and industry all over. Louisiana screaming. For well trained employees. And concerned. That there may not be enough. And because of the expansion of some of that oil and gas properties in particular but also this this incredible medical complex that is. Hope -- -- and -- to drive vibe but it's been a long time in the works and it's gonna be reality and it's gonna be a positive. And soul and an opportunity I think that's it for people interested in everything from doctors to nurses dates and everything in between. Is Delgado then positioning itself. To answer that call. Most definitely we have been working very closely with business and industry. Talking to damn about what their needs are. The the crime that we've been hearing as you indicated is that they don't have individuals who are ready to to go to work. Who have the proper training. And as a matter of fact I think we've done our jobs so well and we've been so successful in meeting their needs that. Before we can get students graduating. Business and industry are snapping them up they're they're just that will prepared so we've been working very very closely. I'm just about every week since I've been here I've had at least two meetings. With someone from from theories industries to talk about what that needs our I think our biggest problem is being able to meet them now. Geek -- me if for instance though of a meeting you don't have to give the name of the company that. What that that dialogue he has. Basically they wanna talk about the curriculum making sure that our students are taking the exact course worker getting the exact type of experience that they need. I just recently I was over at our maritime campus. They actually have simulators. That have been set. To make sure that their pilots have the proper training that they need. We've also said assembly lines -- that our students will know what that's like it. And how to address those issues. Of course in nursing and healthcare. Is huge. And it is a huge demand right now our students have been very working very closely with hospitals and being able to go into the individual hospitals and indeed -- their practical nursing. We've done. Just about all that we can think. To make sure that that the needs of business and industry are adequately met. And yet you still have four year programs for someone who wants to. Say a major in English major in math most definitely we -- we are we also have articulation agreements with just about every four year institution. -- in New Orleans or in the region. So if you wanna start out with us we can get she was far she want to go out. We have programs set up even in high school level in our dual enrollment programs so that students can come out of high school. With college credit or ready to go out into the workforce. And so I think that we have just about. Something for every one -- product. And that's that's really what they're hoping for the -- when the first semi interviewed someone from out of losing an associate of business and industry lobby thought it was. This is serious -- Sweeney 40000 people in certain length of time yes and how we gonna do it. And it was like the trains coming in and it's now I was very fortunate my predecessors. And maybe Lee Solomon one had been working really hard. To make sure that we were able to address the -- here. And so I -- economic good thing and wonderful ground work has been delayed and we're just continuing to do the best that we can. It is when you say assembly line is that also for like manufacturing. We are working. Very closely with the manufacturing. Industry. Team develop a center for excellence so that our students leave radio into the workforce and address their needs as well. Did you we have talked. That many times on. You know the overall value with education. I mean and we can electoral laws that all we want and it's you know I believe and it's so strongly as I know you do. And yet if this becomes so very very expensive. And and young people are now left with huge debt and the concerns that. You know we're lucky in the series the read these jobs are coming up the -- but for others. Not -- And what do you how do you say to a student. You need to invest in yourself even though when you get out you may not make the salary that you want spots. Or you're going to have this -- for maybe ten years. We have been. Working with not only students but with their parents yes. To help them to realize that this is. Valued. That they are able to come into classes that are usually much smaller than. And they would be if they were at a university or some of that colleges and -- Get one on one attention. Come out wind. A fabulous degree or fabulous training. And and be ready to move to the next level either because we've got an articulation. Agreement. Or because they are just very well prepared they're ready to move on to get the year for years degree four year degree or maybe. Even some of our graduates have gone on to graduate degrees. I ran into a lawyer just the other day who tell me he got his started -- Also because we realize that not every student once a four year degree. But just about every one I know wants to be a productive member of society in and provide for their families. We're able to help people go out and get higher paying jobs. And so that they are they're able to not only take -- their families but but but contribute to our community. You know there was the discussion that. Something you just said not everybody. Wants to go to four years and I'm -- is -- and that and that's okay sure because there are fabulous programs but. Have often said. Other than my husband the single most important person in my life is air conditioning yes and yes a plumber yes and you know he almost wanna say. These jobs are sexy. These jobs are vitally important yes and but how to attract them. And the reason I felt that is was a phone call we got from a caller one time who has the company and held discouraged he was really excuse me. Because he would hire somebody for a -- young people and was gonna train and he said and believe me I train. This person has a job for life and they wouldn't show up the next day because their friends and settle you don't wanna do that. Sure we have worked very hard and either. Going to high schools to junior high schools elementary schools to let them know these types of careers are out. We had a student returned recently who showed us he is -- it. -- first paycheck after graduating from Delgado and I thought to myself the wrong profession. Because he was making really good money here he was just when he when Euro he would and so I think they it. Part of our responsibility and part of our goal is to get the word. That if you decided that she want to go or -- other than four year degree round. We've got some some careers and we can help you with that Delgado -- and you can make a bleary good living. Let me -- that is the greatest thing if you could get your graduates to come back with their first paychecks and then do a whole wall. Yes of paychecks yes and that would be this career this Korea this -- this job this job this job. It would hit the kits some of them have made me reconsider my home Kirk Gibson insists that the basics of saint nobody it's it's. You know I'm I guess I'm concerned as some others are that we're gonna lose these crafts yes these skills that. Were always going to mean I mean you can computerized only so much it. Actually in a lot of what I am hearing from business and industry is that this is an aging workforce. And a lot of them are beginning to -- to retire baby boomers are are now leaving the workforce. But it's leaving a lull in the scales and you don't have anyone who can move up into these positions and so they need us now more than ever to help prepare. That the next generation of worker. That is right and help with anybody who's listening especially wonderful businesspeople who may be facing. Of how to white pass on my work to someone else or. Your concerns about trying to find he'll give us a call 260187. -- 260187. -- again we're talking with the new chancellor Delgado community college. We're gonna go down to the newsroom but we'll be back so again give us a call I'm Angela on WW. Well our guest today is the new chancellor of Delgado community college. Joan event Davis. We're delighted to have her on her 22 day on the job. I just marvel that you have done this and again very appreciative but what we're talking about is. Sort of the new wave of mean to. Four. Not young people and not so young people that will go into. Careers that art. That are the what you call state. Skills yes that kind of hit -- high tech gas field high skilled. And again whether it is. Plumbing or working sheet rock or whether it is nursing a weather is. We just talk about the vet tech program you all have which is fabulous and I remember I did the story on the man they brought in hand. And he said -- reception need in Louisiana. For a vet tech program. That instantly. The veterinarian to the ones who really got together -- at Delgado. Encouraged just like you're meeting with other industry people here that needs with the veterinarians in town were saying we need -- -- And he said that's -- you know ride out of school at 45000 dollars a year churn but. On top of that. I have found that. Business and industry here in New Orleans. Have been so supportive of our programs. Which is why it's just been this wonderful collaboration. They will donate equipment zone that our students can have state of the art equipment in there actually rating to go to war. Working on the equipment that they will work on when they let me go out into the workplace real world stuff real world. And you were saying that so many of the professors over there have been in the business. That their teacher yes it is great to not only get the the the academic side. Or. The written portion. But they've actually been here they've been in the plants they've they've worked on that on -- boats they've. They've done the -- And so they can actually tell you this is what she will face we -- you going to the workplace that the nursing staff. Have have been in the hospital they dealt with the patients -- is just a wonderful opportunity for our students and help with anybody out there -- who's listening -- -- -- Fired -- I have a proud to doctor Delgado graduate Mike. -- -- -- Angela. Or call -- graduated. Almost thirty years ago and the treaty and the -- go wrong. I graduated and so it's going electrical construction. Was able go on licenses would work hospital. In transition onto the Asian company and because directory tree. And I'll. Oh my and so happy to hear that -- positive experience it to others that we we can -- and have great odds that we seem to be. It is. Costly. One walked into the -- while there. There. Sixty. School board's meeting and we. Should look. -- and I don't. Our children. And the only one. That went. And. It's just not -- that but something must have inspired you somebody may be a Delgado that. Just captured Julian said I can do this. Well. Quite a while mark and he's worked well. And -- -- -- tree country. And electric captured but I. Interest and I want. To pray now just seek or expect that people ought. And he was probably the biggest inspiration from -- they'll. Will it keep going and you're still keeping going good for you. But it is about investing in yourself it's it's believing in yourself. It's knowing that you can have this better like you talk about chancellor almost definitely end and then having that the school that. Offers the the way there that it's people like Mike. Keep -- going to work at all. And he. Goes to -- does. -- it should not look at the school. On the and the it would take it was eat and that means -- you don't. You know. And personal life is important. But this is -- beaten in the walk on and they. And look at -- 35 dollars and I think it's great is Mike thank you very very much for calling in story. And we have Richard from Slidell another deal got to graduate. -- -- -- I'll call you for talking about shortage of all people all applied industrial -- when you had a gentleman on. That were asking about you know it telecommute from industry that we needed more skilled. Ari I went my father thank god in -- success on get out of college -- you're going to gaga. Went there for air conditioning refrigeration. Ended up -- -- -- Oilers. In not a Jack sporadic ought to go to college graduate it was sociology degree work -- industries could not make it good enough -- I went back to my craft and Joker. I ended up. -- -- -- -- work they -- under house and now. And what I'm saying is that. We've really I talk to young men all we hear personally had my -- comes a month marketed it does not make a lot that had -- -- And couple emotional about industrial training program. For. Our original four operated oil refineries solid that they absolutely straight schools and to build build. That everybody doesn't need to -- before you agree. I make more than most. Popular college guy got a master's degree asked me out and -- in the appeal. So. I think we are high school level up we need distraught to -- -- kids. All the college that we needed. Give them their bill would go to college. They go to betray each school. There there's definitely. So -- industry. Yes I sure do Richard yeah social would be. But I really cannot. So I am not about how thankful I am. Went to joke my dad did what he did force it ago. And I'm making Robert I'm not. That's great. I'll take you could be you could literally do public relations for. What you've accomplished in your life to inspire others in your Dylan. Yeah I and -- I just can't encourage young people and not not the -- it's always for urgent to provide enough money. Depending on agree. Which you yet but. I'm not discourage you -- -- their arms saying I think. Louisiana's got sold many. Primaries in and we -- old crap I do my console that is now. That I had done not travel and help people learn how to operate equipment. And the biggest issue -- is to attitudes of -- Hey it's not a whole lot more given to him then my generation. And I think it's it's almost. They need to be a look at what motivated about why not learn and want to go out impulse. And a soul at all at the. Yeah well you are. Wonderful Richard to call and I I truly appreciated call in any time. Well thank you -- In Dublin June everybody out there and young people -- or handle what's gonna acumen. That's absolutely right go for it stay with us everyone will be right back. While we're talking with the the new chancellor of Delgado community college Jane Davis let's go to our caller real quick Mike. -- -- One which some aren't sure. Young people are. You can do whatever you put in my two weeks running. Much. Because. I wanna be. If you want. You to view and leakage. And now ma am glad about do we do. Accounts -- That you Egypt yet somebody. Else -- In there. And played. Oh -- and -- -- see and be at a level of success that you want these. What me. I mean I didn't take them out. It's extraordinary degree. But on the background it prevents me from you know gone. But it's. -- -- of and they -- to equipment Obama. -- -- And you know -- -- -- want to encourage people you know if you looked -- and so you can do in the future. Cookies. Outlook. And that there is going to go because they want. People that -- sitting in. To succeed you -- and right bill wage all of the future and he had been through that. And I applaud them and one. -- Vs everybody. Make quality waited. Mike you or something else I'd do is congratulate you for getting out of that truck. And are now living a great life. You are to be applauded thank you so much for your call you you know -- he he brings up something that we were gonna talk about. It is how do you motivate. Young people junior high high school perhaps who don't have a focus. How do you. Grabbed them. That's why we're going into the schools. And we are talking to them about what their options are we found it where we're going not only to the high schools but the junior high schools sometimes elementary schools. And not only are we talking to students were also talking to their parents -- coliseum had mentioned about how they're. Their fathers the mothers and encourage tempted to attend school they don't have. If you think it appears to buy and you can usually get students to -- and and so we're doing as much outreach as we possibly can and -- and we're also letting people know that that there are options. And we can help you to achieve your dreams I tell people all the time are working entering factory we help people realize victory keeps. Getting someone to have a drink. That people who have a dream you know that's wonderful and sure and you've created that road for them. But for for people who don't have dreams and -- is something the other -- -- alluded to. Motivate them to be good workers yes and not everybody has that not everybody has seen that yes so how do you teach that it. That's part of the beauty of having instructors who have actually worked in the industry. Quite often we fan and find that a lot of our instructors turn out to be role models that some of your -- have mentioned them. After we get students to realize that that they can make a good living in will -- war in Indian industrial arts. In the maritime industry. In nursing and in others they come on they were with our instructors. And they realized. And this some. I wouldn't mind having a life like hand and so we're able to motivate them and and to get them to realize. That it doesn't matter where you come from where you -- it's about where you are and where you want ago. Beautifully said. In our final minutes here you have a new campus opening very sound yes in New Orleans east yes are Cindy collier. Campus was the story. After the storm and we are very pleased that nine years later we are able to re open campus and we're very proud -- And we hope that it will serve as a beacon to others and attract other businesses and in industry and others to come back into that neighborhood and it's going to be teaching all aspects are going to be specialized. -- is it will be fairly. Specialize of course we will offered the usual -- it courses a general education courses we -- off also offer basic. Adult education. So if you need your high school equipment -- Or and maybe you need help with English because it's a second language who offered those type of course as. We will also offer many of our technical courses for example. Eating and cool -- the barber the cosmetology. And our LPN program costs will be house. See and that's it and their jobs just waiting in the job just waiting. And we have to mention also. For people who just like to go to school and learn something -- short you have all kinds of courses that are non credit courses that. Everything from cooking to bidding against exactly we have a great culinary arts program feared that that offers what we all. Like scales. I need to Vista may be spending time ordinary arts program that's -- also everything from it is to -- -- with that finances. And we offer about a hundred courses. That are available. To take. Just for the fun just for the fun of that learning computer yes yes it's there had Delgado. Thank you thank you so very much on your 22 day. As chancellor means a lot and they're gonna love it here and -- and you. And I think the community is gonna -- issue and I'm very pleased to -- here and thank you so much hoped to visit with you get yours and absolutely. Will be right back stay with its financial under the W well. Well I hope you've got the message that it is never too late never too late. Not to dream and to know that. -- you can be something you can do something and you are needed I think that's the bottom line. And Delgado was there on its many campuses. Not to accommodate that and we have the chancellor. Joan Davis with us and first told about the phone number if anybody wants to call and we must remember there is financial aid available most definitely and if you call our admissions office our counselors can help you want to do the process. He'll be with completing the application form. Are you have to do is -- and that number is viable for. 6715012. And if you wanna go online you go to DCC. We're Delgado community college DCC. Dot edu correct and you can apply online high gear theory is and capacity for online registration most definitely okay were gonna pump that up. And not it's just the world ensures I think that's it exactly just like that wonderful man who was in the truck and got out. Are you have to do is decide you. -- Again continued success to do in our last fifteen seconds your dream in five years. Is to see -- to continue to grow and to make new on the the most. It -- place it can possibly be with that we're well trained people. Terrific go to -- I think the chancellor -- get her back stay with this will be right back.