WWL>Topics>>7-28-14 3:10pm Angela: on making football safer for high schoolers

7-28-14 3:10pm Angela: on making football safer for high schoolers

Jul 28, 2014|

Angela talks with Dr. Joseph Gonzales of Children's Hospital, Hahnville football coach Lou Valden, and Seth Dunlap of WWL's Prep Football Roundup about rules to make high school football safer.

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A real pleasure to meet the new chancellor of Delgado. You could just see her face she is thrilled to be here and no question she's gonna make a difference. Exciting times happening in education Delgado went and for the whole area lucky for us that we have it. When we're moving on to another subject to think's gonna introduce and that's going to interest a lot of view. It is about high school football I'll certainly be part of this conversation give us a call 2601878. Four million. High school students in the United States suffered head injuries every year and that's according to the Centers for Disease Control. That may be one reason the state of California has a new law that will put some real limitations on middle and high school football teams. Law may be 2127. Means that schools will limit full contact practices. To ninety minutes today and only two per week. And prohibits contact practices. During the off season. The new law begins next January. It's designed to limit concussions and brain injuries. And was supported by the California. -- scholastic federation. But what it means for the teens the coaches in the game. That's what we're going to talk about for the next hour so again join us with your thoughts at 2601. Point seven. In studio we have -- Al hunt real high school state championship coach. And -- Dunlap are WW will host of prep football. And we're delighted to have doctor Joseph Gonzales. Pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Children's Hospital I feel we've got every expert we need right here. But. If this is just very interest. Do you see these as dramatic changes. I don't see that as dramatic changes I see it more as progress in the what's going on in the pro and college levels as well. You're started seeing more more limitations contacts which were put more more. Value into these athletes and we're trying to protect some of that value. And I think concussions are just kind of top of the pyramid. A lot of these. Balls and regulations. Are actually don't restricts almost the other entries that occurred during contractor was well -- can coach. Out of wanting -- in Louisiana has been on the forefront of sports concussions on -- just they have been very proactive. In this on a couple of years ago the principles passed a rule where are on an official ought to feel a rep re on a feel at peace if the kid takes it. -- hit -- ahead. He can remove that -- game and coach can't put him in -- -- he is cleared by athletic trainer our position. So they have taken that. You know proactive stance also a lot of schools do we with what we didn't say Charles parish which is impact testing. That's a test that athletes take prior to adopt tried to contact. On a computer and it measures hand eye coordination that sort of thing. And give every athlete. A baseline school so and athlete that's office ahead injury. Now that's another tool that a doctor or -- can use because -- keep taking the test until he reaches his baseline again. If -- had reached base line and that. Petrino. Will be reluctant to have you know that in return put. She doesn't -- did not know that were you aware of and a more as some of schools passed and it's as excellent tool to help make sure the kids go back losers. Significant cognitive deficits that can occur if they go back before it's ready at least we started CDs are older players kind of come through. And that there's some serious consequences if kids get a concussion two towns in the same game. The brains of sorority injured in -- and if you have a second caution it can cause a catastrophic of that and so. The rules like this are. Significant help to us -- -- introduced its two concussions in the same game if you get one concussion are you allowed back in the game. -- it and if it's identify the problem and allies if if it's not identified are if the -- kind of comes often has little woozy we try to. No we're covering games for trying to identify these kids so we see in the coming -- in their out and I'm out commands central pairs for implement that. And and have the rule to forget the kids helmet comes off he has to be removed from the game for a -- absolutely that they can check him. Because obviously of his helmet came off somebody human heads so run he's gonna have to commodity game for placement and check. In the NFL's been in the news for a lot of bad reasons the past couple weeks one good thing we can say is that they've really been the leaders on this concussion issue now. The reasons why this into custody issues and a spot like well certainly. The kids the priority in their health their children should be the priority to reason that this getting so much attention. Big part of it is the legal actions that can happen against the schools against the teams and of course against the NFL everybody knows the litigation it happened there so. A lot of these schools and especially the private schools. Could come under some big fire in the future if you're not taken these preventative measures so while it's a great thing all this is happening. On and no matter why we're doing and I think it's great I think one of the big motivating factors for a lot of these schools are relieved that money -- it comes down to. So but may we did a little bit -- -- that we didn't we didn't know about it before but I am glad it's happening now a lot of you talked and -- certainly is in California when my good friends is. Defensive coordinator assistant head coach and one of the big schools mountain San Francisco. And had a conversation with him. After. Daytona we're gonna do the show and he said that he definitely sees the need for more concussion awareness and high school but. Almost. To a man into coach every single coach cross that California is really disappointed in this rule com. I don't they don't want to limit. -- don't wanna. Have these limitations and what they wanna be able to practice. In the summer but for the. Yeah yeah yeah that's and it ends coach can probably attest to hear on his reasoning and I'm not saying this is my point of view I never coached for this is what he told me. Coach you can speak to this as well was that he felt that they were this and have enough time with the kids to prepare them for game situations. After and full contact after the slice it doesn't take effect until next or not this season but he feels like next -- going into the future that's -- Well once again I think it Louisiana and Texas and Florida we do it right we have sprint football. And they don't limit the contact between them at how many days you put ads so. On Louisiana we have ten days we can -- going January we can go on -- ten days and went full page ads and play and other school. And so you know that's got to change it right there where you can go out the problem I have would eliminating. A lot of full contact practice. Is it to instructional time. And when you're dealing with the sport that he asking cautions when you're dealing what is what we have achieved a catastrophic injury. You know you want fundamentals. To become -- habit. And those fundamentals cannot become habit it did not practice continuously continuously. On a football field so. How can you accomplish that though without putting the full pension. Or can you accomplish that. Armed without putting -- it's awfully difficult is it. And in Iran because you have to come in contact in and you get a chance the entry because you have people dying contact Joseph would I'll put him -- -- pay it. It's going to be interesting to come -- with different kind of -- -- calls and drills and stuff who took the comedy these regulations. And I don't think these regulations are -- Her coach is especially good coaches like yourself I think there for coaches that may not know as much may not be as educated they're out they're trying to help the team that may not be as have as much off. Fundamental skills and so you can in some kids and some real trouble and that's an obvious you vase that's well. You know on and on those can be will be different that are established program and don't be topped the supervisor accused but if you get that situation where. A coach is Ian Taylor -- -- lets kids going to their own drills then you can start have a kid with concussions not realized and so I think that's what they're trying to protect their trapped. One problem which states that don't have spring football. Is that they hit a beautiful contact and Osama. A lot of times they'll sending kids to full contact camps at colleges and that's on -- I would never do as a coach I would have a trust. Another coach to mop boy is in full count. And and that gets into a lot of issues where these kids are going a way to camps and they're doing contact injuries that may not be recognized -- The these coaches may not see these injuries that are current these camps and so that it's a real problem and you know the parents have to become. The regulators instead of the coaches and so it's gotta be through some way the regulations through -- coach education might have done here in Louisiana are parents to set stuff up and -- -- to be their own. Will Louisiana we can't run we can't go to full contact camps. Are we get ten days. In -- spraying during school and after that. We can do pretty much anything we want someone except hit. So we can practice we can throw gets other teams. A home you know obviously lift Enron and those sort of things because Louisiana biggest concern is heat related -- -- let's go to new precautions and everything else. We're gonna have to take a break I want everyone to stay with us and again give us a call 2601878. Any thoughts on a new law that's going to take effect in California. And how it might impact the game. Right after this. Well we're back talking about a new law that's not going to be instituted in California. Starting in January. Which is gonna limit full contact football practices to ninety minutes today this is in junior and senior high schools. And only two per week. And prohibits contact practices during the offseason. Brings up a lot of questions about one what does Louisiana due to is this the is this the direction that the nation is going. We have with the stuff that Dunlap who brought the very good point. That maybe these changes it is about but it's also about let's look at safety of kids we are so pleased to have coach -- Belden. -- -- hi yes the winning team and that doctor Joseph Gonzales with children's hospital and all orthopedic surgeon. This is the do you think this is the wave of the future I'm just curious I know that you'll live and breathe it I'm just a fan I just watched. But when this thing hit with the NFL. It just brought to mind yes we knew it was brutal in its top and that's with the game is but then you start hearing about all these things with concussions. And I thought van gee I wonder if that will prevent parents from wanting their kids to play football in junior high and high school. So I asked the coach have you heard or seen any movement at all of parents reluctant. To let their kids. I think the young age a lot of parents are reluctant to let the kids play rec football. Home and put. A lot of these laws legislators -- make laws without asking people involved. You know talk to coaches talked to medical professionals find out how many kids kicking collection to practice before you make a rule. On your talk that a helmet companies. That now all -- a helmet companies now. I have better equipment it's all designed to -- hit it's that it's a glancing blow so to prevent concussions that sort of thing. Alone you know we are image and impact testing so does a lot of things that people are doing to. Are a lot of things that coaches are doing proactive. To limit on market cautions that take place you know the one thing as a coach. You know. We all we want to win by. You know you don't win a few players don't play. So you can you can't play if you if you -- get concussions and how about that sort of thing so we all wanted to do is much we can to protect our health problems. And and also yet to realize in these kids -- -- put in other sports and just as likely get hurt those other sports as well. And so in what happens -- a lot of times they want my own market to be a good athlete so I'm gonna make him. Play sports year round this one's four and then I make transition men's football later on assistant building and then they get hurt -- Other areas and then that limits and there. We're finding out that the more different sports supplies actually the better they do because you're you're changing their conditioning and they maintain their endurance. Also to -- to realize that that's what's his search and we can't fix everything. We can make him better boredom or bring them back so it's more about preventive measures announced. House of prevention is worth a pound -- it and then really it. The stuff they're doing what the regulations that it may go overboard in some aspect and stuff -- good coaches who do want to try to prevent network morning start -- thousand. Proper -- techniques and things like that and the right equipment and that's the best thing you can do -- I know that a lot of what has been brought up in California from proponents of this law and I try to take you view or I stand back here a little bit saw -- coach -- The coaches are saying there is in California now the slot taking place. That there to push back against this is they're not going to be able to field competitive teams the counter arguments that bear. Is that are the priorities really straight afterward about fielding competitive teams. Compared to. Children's health I know that's that's the big debate and it's tough you know I'm a football guy your -- -- football guys I mean that's that's what you do that's part of my job so loved the sport -- to me be a tough question I can't imagine. How what you go through trying to answer that on a daily basis the coach. We -- as a coach. Ward at two toughest decision you ever have to make is how much contacting him. You know obviously you don't wanna lose good play practice is as far as -- argument that we care more about women and we do. About kids you know I had a great great job and a great Ron. As high school coach because young men volunteered to play football. So next to my wife and my family my -- play as -- support of people in my life they kept me employed so. You know I want to do everything I can to make sure keep -- -- that's why would we have -- while we run everything is. Revolves around injury prevention that's what we take the steps. That we take on it is not just me or you know people say good coaches but I think both quote especially in the wheezing and we have some outstanding programs. I think most coaches do. Pretty much what we do would haunt him. Red carpet look based on that though they're very specific thing they're talking about in California. Which would limit full contact practices to nine minutes today let's just take that how would that affect you. It would make me it would make it very difficult for me go -- with -- One you know it's it would make it very difficult to evaluate. To put the best players on the field. Obviously you wanna have success you know thirty to Q school and it's important that you win and so especially goes on to a season ticket holders. So it doubt -- biggest thing is just an evaluation from an evaluation standpoint. In two. Developing the fundamentals. They keep you safe and gained. By those fundamental becoming app. You just. You know I have signed on. On wall my office. Count me out to get. She'll meet our -- involved me in -- -- I'm happy. So the only way. You know we do everything we have posters on water tell the proper way to to block it back to keep -- head -- head up and keep our football. We what we -- on the video proper way to attack Wii video that -- watch the video. In case someone says we didn't -- on the video. A home. You know we probably fit players or equipment to make sure and every now and it will go -- we have talked a couple days will go by -- political -- -- -- -- To make short -- Home. But it's basically them without wanting to keep them safe is those habits that developed a practice and you can't do it and let you you -- You have to -- practice and and and also this woman when most covered teams. I never had a coach come up to me when the kid out and fussed at me cheaper and was worried about one team they all -- on what that they just put in the next. Player and they went from there -- such -- which is still pretty good job is as far as. Being okay with and -- for injuries and things like that much that you want -- best players out there. Secondly I mean I think. Also when I tell. Any kid whenever there injured and are trying to give back the huge field of play at the same amount -- -- -- full game. If you're not practice in the saint Thomas takes place full game the star running through endurance issues at the end. And so while -- that Tom that the coaches can do a full practice nine minutes. You may seem sourcing more injuries they're not used to playing for two hours two and a half hours to hear that you may start seeing entries at that Tom and they may start losing some of their habits and their focus and a technique. Stay with this everyone we have to break for news but will be back talking football high school football right after -- Over talking with the experts when it comes to high school football we have that coach salute Belden from -- -- high. Doctor Joseph Gonzales saying -- orthopedic surgeon at Children's Hospital. And -- Dunlap was double to -- well prep sports and we're talking about this new law that just passed in California that will take effect in January. Limiting or giving some limitations. Full contact practices to nine minutes today only two per weakened and the coach later good point that you cannot assess. In that amount of time also enjoyed what with the doctor was telling us that. There isn't the thought that if you were not. Practicing the length of time of the game that ultimately your endurance would be affected that's -- which is -- But it also prohibits contact practices during offseason so I'd like to ask the coach. Just on that point how would it affect you. If we would not allow contact at all -- on our that would be devastating because that's really when you evaluate took place. Once you get indices and it's it's not about a valuation play it's it's not about being G-8. It's about -- Friday night opponent. So that off seasons critical -- and days of spring football. A critical and evaluate players and and really if you can't evaluate players. You know you have some kids -- -- and are given ample chance maybe a younger kid. Two -- -- to -- Arnold play so from that standpoint it's critical that you have to have conduct you have to have contact. But I think one reason. That. On that goes against their rule if you look over the years at people better suffered catastrophic injuries playing football. I'll make it tackles most of the time. It's an offensive player. Who made it tackled after return so well and so on us that sort of thing in my experience that's it so -- -- the kid. Who who in -- audio we've been offered to play is tackle but not every day. But a lot of -- catastrophic injuries. All of our players like offensive on running backs and making a tackle after and a interception and a -- and -- when you get tired. What you taught proper way to tackle so when you when you look at catastrophic injuries and it's guys that don't tackle every day. That shows you indeed why you have to have contacted you have to practice those fundamentals every single day. Except you'd mentioned your friend in California. Who is -- football coach to defensive. Is concerned -- said that all the other coaches are too did they not sit down and talk to the coaches about this. Date they did but the public pressure there was so overwhelming. I mean that the politicians -- the support of the public and one thing I think. That this really shines a light on and this goes back not only to this but what happening in the NFL what's happening in college right now. It is there's been talk over the years about you know is apathy gonna kill high school sports is you know just. The popularity of certain sports decline is that -- this issue. Money wise will be the one that has the chance to deal rail. All of high school sports in a big way it's just gonna take. And I think everybody realizes that it's almost like it's just too distant to even think about but I think it's a lot closer than people give credit for. Word that 11. Time all it's gonna take is one time with a parent or a player who gets hurts. Right or wrong coaches whose bitter about their follow the rules are not to sue a school also a school districts to school stay organization. Like the LH SAA. And really take the litigation take them to court. And all of these organization these schools will be scared to death to fuel these teams anymore. For fear of the money that it's going to cost them and I think what you're seeing in the NFL right now the unifil is a multi billion dollar industry the LH SAA on the high school. The local schools and there certainly. Can afford even a fraction of that litigation so I know and I talked to a lot of ED's off the record. Coaches off the record it's possible. A little bit that the possibility of litigation and I don't think you've ever basic thing like this coach but certainly that's got to be in the back your mind. Are scary thing is. That whenever legislature comes no rules. It's always to regulate high school sports. But it. As -- mentioned you know it is so many sports now. That almost moving away from high school's basketball but no one regulate age you basketball no longer regularly travel bait bonds let baseball teams. No one regulates our select seven on seven passing. Leagues those sort of things anyone. You know where those kids are out and having contact and plays sports and it's not someone that's that Iran. You know a professional educator like -- would be buyer -- Quote yeah and if I can just defend football here for a minute there's so much focus on football and the last couple years since these concussion issues that come to light. But I play I didn't play football and after my junior high years. Basketball I've played a huge concussion cuts concussion issues there soccer which is being number two sport popularity wise. Among our youth today. Huge issue with concussions there so just because all the focus is on football. These other sports have issues too on that moms should be inordinate you -- speak to that. Why I think you really kind of you lose focus I think instead of regulating the coaches and sports either regulate have certain protocols like saint Charles -- where he put in about. Test these kids before and should be all athletes not just football but coaches do their job there there 41 particular these kids and on out there to be malicious and and it goes into the true high school sports not the necessarily slick teams are not there are some select few up and I really do but there's some that. -- and you tend to get a lot of overuse injuries with some of these teams but. They don't regulate return to play that don't regulate criteria for physicians physicians really released on. This law doesn't have anything to do with that I just regulates the coaches now think that's where this ball misses the point. If you wanna put in if you want really protect these kids. Put an atomic listen this is the time we should wait to go back they need to be seen by opposition we should all do these testing before hand and let medicine dictate when I go back instead of -- prevent the coaches from properly teach in the care and the one thing that I don't get to go back to understand why they're just regulating football I'm sure you see basketball players and soccer but it is as -- I'm sure has -- to do with that the NFL and the loss to the camp through and they're trying to prevent this in our Q has becoming we see -- basketball and soccer and volleyball. And coach like what he said cheerleaders I mean there's there's all of them out there and unfortunately all these kids who get missed there's so much focus on football they're doing a much better job picking up these kids to football. And not these other sports it's always keep these unrecognized injuries happened these others. Sports as well. You know I have to again speaking from the -- point of -- the perception is football is more violent. More violent and basketball more violence in soccer not -- believe everything you're saying. Concussion city on these other sports but it is what draws us to football often is the roughness. Well but also to football's just out there means what. But we loved watching what democracy is always on the big screen and what we don't see is always other kids -- -- these. Tons of other sports enormous now on this is to protect them an opportunity to protect them. Absolutely stay with the second on we'll continue our talk right after this. New rules going into effect in January in California for junior high and high school football we've been talking with. Talking about this with a very well known coach Lou Belden from not just not just industry. -- bill high. Doctor Joseph Gonzales of Children's Hospital in -- on lap with our WL prep sports a couple of quick things. How do you enforce these rules. You know it's good to have rule Australia. From from high school basketball officials perspective I know we go through extensive training on helping enforce the rules certainly the coaching staffs in the medical professionals are on the side. But we are. Trained -- that it is one of our big responsibilities now as officials. And it's got to be you know tenfold with football officials which I'm not a part of that. Preventing concussions and getting these kids out of the game if they are contest is a huge focus now so it's it's a collaborative effort from the coaches. The medical professionals and honestly officials are -- are all lies on and that's how it's gonna. Thank you Andrew you're speaking about Heidi and who's gonna make sure people want -- into practice. Well. So you know the only thing is -- to have administrators that self report. You know other people had noticed other people practice in internment but really that's almost impossible. Unless us parents who were watching a practice because they say full contact. But there's a ball same thing about parents. You know so. And I don't think you have to regulated as much I mean. Coaches realize their mentors and so there follow the rules. And coming most of largest could Gaza are good women who are doing these these jobs and they don't follow the rules for the most part and so I don't think it to regulate as much and also to. As an officiating things like that they don't wanna see their kids hurt anymore anybody else they're gonna do whatever it takes to kind of keep them with them once. No I'm just sensing for relief from what you said -- about your friend in California. Who may -- these teams aren't going to be. As competitive because they're going to have these limitations and how does that affect them when they compete against teams that don't. Have these limitations. I think that's where. Agree or disagree with that the rule the law. That at least everybody will be on the same playing field there in that states although to be frank when I first saw -- -- -- first reaction was that's the slow it never happened in Louisiana. I'm just the way it was structured. But like I said because every every school there his school my friend Brent coaches there in California every school he's gonna compete against will be a level playing field so competitive wise competitive disadvantage nobody's gonna be -- that competitive disadvantage. But he has certainly rates very good points on that you need the time to teach kids proper tackling technique stuff like that so. You know it's a lot of things like about it decision. And normally happens with a move on to college that's and and and -- and the changes are different they're so. You all -- California gives them in the same boat but and they go and play in Oklahoma or Texas and also has a different. Different a different world -- do you think that other states will pick up on this. Our prior waits in the top pans out California you now. Yeah well it's nineteen other states now so -- spreading like wildfire I know Alabama has I don't know the exact -- Alabama -- a little more restrictive than we have here. In Louisiana. Never say never saw us as I was likeness of the first when it's some read the article again the first thing out but it's not gonna happen here no way both think. Coach you've been coaching nuisance since 1979. To agree here nineteen sitting on what major changes have you seen -- in assessed to be like -- well. More and more and more changes. Well and markets seen one day David is happening in Louisiana. Because we have going football. We've we've used to have twenty days and pads. And and we can get to scrimmage is involved now we're down ten. Ten days and -- and once spring game which we had to fight to get this spring game back. And then you limited to how many days and Osama annually of one scrimmage. So we have been legislated down how many days we can compete but I think that's more heat related issue. And the problem with. You know. Legislators. And it's something that you pointed out was I think pass a law was gonna force it. Delegate electricity is back and reports it is not at a loss to enforce laws that are -- -- Louisiana legislature so. You know. Did -- -- -- people around what I want to make sure you nipple contact. Looking at -- -- -- mandatory met its value penalized. Do you see any changes that should be named. I think with some of the things that are out there today. On -- impact casting. I think it should be required. That all schools watches tape blocking and tackling video. Home and had a place on all to say that they did optic. You know Alec FAA does come and every school. And checked to make sure kids you know protective vehicles in order to do the job that. But delicacy also sends out warn people that don't you which had and I think if you don't have those posters. A law. They you don't have those posters displayed in your locker room it should be fine he should have that home right now. Helmet is good for three years that it needs to be reconditioned but I set my helmet to wherever you. So maybe dale just a could do something like that where every helmet have to be recertified. Every single he'll look at it could have cracks that sort of thing. I -- think I'm so sorry we're out of time but I wanna thank you coach Lou Belden Seth you wonderful man and doctor Joseph Gonzales. Interesting discussion that will be talking about it for awhile thank you very much and we'll be right back. Want to thank again those wonderful people who talked about the football doctor Joseph Gonzales and coach Lou Belden and our own set Dunlap. We'll see you tomorrow stay with this because at 1 o'clock every day we're going to be trending thanks for listening.